Gardner Dozois offers his collection of the best science fiction stories from 2009 - 27th

Alexander Irvine's "Seventh Fall" takes us on the road with a traveling minstrel who earns his way through a post-apocalyptic world performing old plays. He looks for books from the past and for pieces of his own past without much hope of finding either. Dominic Green's "Butterfly Bomb" takes us to an isolated planet where an old man lives alone with his granddaughter. When a slave ship steals her away, he calls on skills from his youth to attempt a desperate rescue. Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette's "Mongoose" provides an over-the-shoulder view as a professional exterminator and his companion battle a troublesome infestation on board a space station. It shows us what a Pip and Flinx story might be like if written for adults. Albert Cowdrey's "Paradiso Lost" is an old soldier's letter to the son of a comrade-in-arms about the adventures of his youth and the roots of his cynicism. It has a similar tone to Joe Haldeman's The Forever War. James Van Pelt's "Solace" tells two stories linked by a candleholder owned at different times by the main character of each. In the past a young man survives a snowstorm while faithfully standing his post. In the future a young botanist endures the challenges and confusion of repeated awakenings during a colony ship's many centuries of travel.

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection
"Turing's Apples." Stephen Baxter. Sibling rivalry and first contact. One of Baxter's best so far. ++ "From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled." Michael Swanwick. A man among bug-eyed aliens who deal in trust. Typically Swanwick: full of irony and a boatload of postmodern literary tricks. Quite entertaining, though. + "The Gambler." Paolo Bacigalupi. News reporter takes big gamble on writing social-justice piece in hypercapitalized information economy. Good character piece, less of a downer than the usual Bacigalupi. + "Boojum." Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette. Seat-of-your-pants swashbuckler on living pirate ship in outer space! Complete with a plucky heroine and a ship weirder than anything in Pirates of the Caribbean. + "The Six Directions of Space." Alastair Reynolds. Space-faring, multiverse-exploring Mongol Empire! Reynolds does it again: mind-blowing vastness of space and time, awesome scientific speculation, fine and subtle characterization. ++ "N-Words." Ted Kosmatka. Neanderthal clones suffer racist slurs. Kosmatka is a fine writer, but this one tries too hard to win my pity for the Neanderthals. o "An Eligible Boy." Ian McDonald. Jane Austen for guys in near-future India. Another fine writer turns to boring (though occasionally funny) social commentary. o "Shining Armour." Dominic Green. Boonie village has one huge secret weapon. I found myself cheering at the end. ++ "The Hero." Karl Schroeder. Young man goes on quest to save the world(s). Eye-popping descriptions and skilful plotting keep this one moving to an explosive finale. Adventure space-opera at its absolute best. ++

"Evil Robot Monkey." Mary Robinette Kowal. Evil Robot Monkey throws around... The End. "Five Thrillers." Robert Reed. A thrilling story full of wonder and excitement, in five parts. The protagonist is bad-ass x5. Robert Reed is too: this guy gets a story published every two weeks (on average), including this rather long novella, and they're all either good or great. ++ "The Sky That Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black." Jay Lake. Yeah.. the title makes more sense than the story. Lake is usually good, and maybe this is "good," but I couldn't wrap my head around it. "Incomers." Paul McAuley. Bildungsroman on a moon of Saturn. Fast-paced, but affords plenty of room for thought: in other words, an average McAuley story. + "Crystal Nights." Greg Egan. Billionaire creates virtual species, but he's no god. To quote Paul Di Filippo, Egan writes "quantum poetry." Beautiful story. + "The Egg Man." Mary Rosenblum. Dude smuggles eggs into Mexican village in climate-changed future, but witnesses his old friends' sad decline. As always, Rosenblum succeeds in creating more atmosphere than a Ridley Scott film; and her characters really get to you. + "His Master's Voice." Hannu Rajaniemi. Dog and cat team up to be man's best friends. Excellent writing and charming story make this entry from new writer Rajaniemi one of the best in this volume. ++ "The Political Prisoner." Charles Coleman Finlay. Political officer ends up in prison on Soviet-inspired isolationist colony world. Finlay has a knack for interesting characters; this a fine example. ++ "Balancing Accounts." James L. Cambias. Robots! In Space! I've never seen robots more convincingly rendered (that includes you, WALL-E). ++ "Special Economics." Maureen McHugh. Chinese girl gets job at evil corporation: the kind you can't really quit. McHugh creates an unlikeable character, but somehow kept my attention. + "Days of Wonder." Geoff Ryman. A Million Years From Now: equine matriarchs roam the plains. Like most stuff Ryman writes: so much unthinking emotion that I stopped caring pretty soon. o "City of the Dead." Paul McAuley. Crazy old biologist has strange bond with mutant ferrets. Surprisingly good combo of the modern western (think "The Three Burials of Melquiadas Estrada") and hard sci-fi. ++ "The Voyage Out." Gwyneth Jones. Woman on mysterious space voyage discovers some unsettling secrets about herself and her lover. Lyrical and intimate, and ultimately quite chilling. Very effective. + "The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm." Daryl Gregory. Iron Men rule the skies in alternate-world Baltic lands. Rip-roaring war story with a kind-of superhero ethos hanging around the edges but affecting everyone. + "G-Men." Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Alternate-history mystery starring J. Edgar Hoover, RFK, and LBJ! Never saw a more crooked bunch... an entertaining who-dunit. + "The Erdmann Nexus." Nancy Kress. Ageing physicist faces psycho mystery. The idea feels at least 60 years old, but it gives steady proof of Kress's never-faltering quality. ++ "Old Friends." Garth Nix. Arborial samurai! Simultaneously depressing and entertaining story from an author I'd never read before. + "The Ray Gun: A Love Story." James Alan Gardner. Boy meets Ray Gun, etc. Truly astounding coming-

"Sea Change". about two decades a day. A couple of aliens try to unearth a profound secret on the distant planet of a glorious but dead civilization. + "Butterfly. millennium-spanning saga about a plutocrat. figuratively and literally. I said it. her quest to terraform Venus. Falling at Dawn. including a race of talking beasts that never repeats the same word twice. A haunting yet entertaining demonstration of how the pace of scientific progress is relative." Aliette de Bodard. "The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small". much of this epic tale of all-out intergalactic war was wasted on me due to its epic amount of scientific terminology and concepts. I think). Subtle philosophical insight. C Chris Roberson." Gord Sellar. too dense for the human mind to encompass. follows the aliens' mind blowing grand entrance. and bioengineered reality. Another alternate-history mystery: a "Mexica" magistrate searches for both a murderer and her own soul in Fenliu (=Los Angeles. Unsavory traders butcher floating. NR Una McCormack. BKen MacLeod.. a Bay Area car dealer and his trusty Prius are propelled backward in time. Grotesque and violent images punctuate the narrative. "Of Late I Dreamt of Venus". + "The Tear. C Gwyneth Jones. "Against the Current". With the waking nightmare atmosphere of a Twilight Zone episode. "Alien Archeology". A+ Neal Asher. "Finisterra". This time the star is the dazzling landscape of Mars as it undergoes terraforming. "Lighting Out". hard science story with thick atmosphere and rather thin plot. + The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection David Moles.). and her quiet male companion. In an alternate world with no Western civilization and dominated by a vast Oriental empire. mountainous organisms in this ominous but perhaps overly detailed slice of far future life. but surprisingly little action. "The Ocean is a Snowflake. an aspiring bureaucrat believes an obscure political prisoner who visited a civilization across the ocean holds the key to advancement. McDonald never does anything small. Who knew aliens would like jazz? This is a toe-tappin' good read and a convincing argument for the appreciation of jazz (yes. BJames Van Pelt. A+ Ian McDonald. As human ambassadors assist two hostile races from a distant planet in settling their political dispute. A+ Greg Egan. "Saving Tiamaat". Alas. cutthroat tactics abound. I *really* hope this French writer shows up more often in English-language publications. Neatly capturing the feel of life when humanity has morphed into a blend of reality. From lots of science to hardly any in this chilling depiction of growing pains for the rich and snobbish in the near future. C John Barnes. probably THE best of the year. "Glory". B Robert Silverberg.of-age tale. ++ "Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons' Blues. A thrilling space adventure and battle of wits unfold following the discovery of an invaluable and dangerous relic. A work of genius. "Verthandi's Ring"." Ian McDonald. Manifold personality on a literally cosmic scale. Superb execution of the "it could almost happen to you"motif. An unexpectedly moving story. virtual reality. along with fascinating embellishments. A+ .. The author weaves a tender love story into this riveting. The third straight far future. nonetheless. does he? This story is almost too rich. Four Billion Miles Away".

A Justin Stanchfield. designed by an alien M. "Hellfire at Twilight". An Indian youth. A+ Tom Purdom. "The Sledge-Maker's Daughter".Ted Chiang.without even trying. but the historical narrative is rich beyond measure. "The Skysailor's Tale". The time travel subplot is somewhat contrived. "The Mists of Time".) B Elizabeth Bear. A Kristine Kathryn Rusch. and alien combat slightly beyond their comprehension. Technology advances but politics. "Last Contact". The end of the universe poignantly experienced by a mother and daughter in an English garden. tests the mettle of a band of explorers from Earth. One form of zealotry is exchanged for another in this sideways . business. "Of Love and Other Monsters". B Ted Kosmatka. An enigmatic wall on a Saturn moon. A Alastair Reynolds. Truth rings loudly in this tragicomic morality play. Bio science with dramatic punch! B+ Pat Cadigan. "The Immortals of Atlantis". Escher. "Craters". The sad but lyrical autobiography of a damaged and lonely alien. (A brush with alternate realities will do that to you. A woman is abducted by aliens to train dogs. C Michael Swanwick. An ailing scientist unwittingly lets loose a determined nanovirus that is infecting and steadily destroying mankind . "Laws of Survival". a story within a story within a story. B Greg Egan. trapped on Earth in more ways than one. A Vandana Singh. A brilliantly composed alternate history. and human nature remain the same when a shop owner in a broken-down future Eastern Europe launches a breakthrough enterprise. "The Prophet of Flores". In the aftermath of a devastating war. B Nancy Kress. B Ian McDonald. "Steve Fever". A Bruce Sterling. Subtly spine tingling. set in the British colony of America in the early 1800's. A down and out slum dweller gets a visit from an icy immortal on a recruiting mission. "Nothing Personal". Suspenseful. B Brian Stableford. "The Accord".The delicate balance of a far future world where life and afterlife commingle is disrupted by an anomalous stranger. Surprised this theme isn't more prevalent this year. Slow developing combination whodunit and character study of an aging cop suffering from the mother of all midlife crises. Spellbinding portrayal of what it might be like to confront the complete unknown. a dying robot soldier asks a boy to complete her rather peculiar mission. in which an old man tells the tale of his amazing journey aboard a vast military airship. "The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate". Exotic metaphors add dreamy texture to this tapestry of time travel. "Kiosk". "Sanjeev and Robotwallah". "Beyond the Wall". set in ancient Baghdad. History comes alive as two time travelers observe a naval skirmish between a slaver and a British warship. A Kage Baker.C. brutality. medieval like England grapple with privation. and rampant confusion are all I gleaned from this jargon laden whirlwind of adventure. with a fittingly enigmatic flavor. robotics wars. time traveling cyborg infiltrates the secret rites of a princely pagan in 1774 England. A sense of impending doom fills the air when a bookish. B Keith Brooke. Villagers in a far future. Terrifying and tragic extrapolation of life after several more decades of escalating Islamic terrorism. A Stephen Baxter. for purposes that grow more mysterious even as they become more clear. "Tideline".

The stark. a rebellious digital teenager plays a high stakes game of chicken with her controlling mother. A haunting glimpse behind the curtain reveals that being the Creator ain't all it's cracked up to be. inhospitable terrain of Mars almost comes alive as two stranded young colonists struggle to get home. Some things never change. Omnipotent immortal is sorely tempted as he tries for a humble human life in Depression Era America. and insanity. Elegant vignette about a boy and a roach-like alien assassin explores the mysteries of personal relationships and the nature of good and evil. Heartwarming celebration of life about an ordinary family man's relationship with his dog. A gloomy future America reverts to 19th century conditions thanks to the excesses of science and the deficiencies of religion. B "Incarnation Day. B The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection VOL V-VI "I. B "The Big Ice. A+ "In the River. set against the backdrop of a perilous future. "Dark Heaven"." by Walter Jon Williams. Albeit touching and romantic." by Michael Swanwick. Two weary prospectors. B . Masterful blend of science. a disastrous romance flares up and out between a famous dancer and a diplomat who happens to be an ethereal artificial intelligence. sensitivity and suspense. the plot doesn't quite measure up to the fascinating premise of a man who crosses over into a parallel universe to reconnect with his dead wife. subtlety. and learns far more than he bargained for." by Alastair Reynolds. one well past the end of his rope. "Roxie". a battle of wits between a sentient coral reef and a sentient rowboat raises mind-bending questions about the nature of intelligence in a digitized future. Against the exotic backdrop of Delhi. "The Shining" goes to Venus. Frustrated astrophysicist on verge of losing bid for tenure observes an object in space that grows curiouser and curioser." by Justin Stanchfield." by Cory Doctorow. In a future society where parents raise virtual children." by Robert Charles Wilson. C "Tin Marsh. C Robert Reed." by Ian McDonald. C+ Benjamin Rosenbaum & David Ackert. B+ "Kin. In this homage to Asimov. B "The Djinn's Wife." by Bruce McAllister. B "Where the Golden Apples Grow. each other. "Stray". B+ "The House Beyond Your Sky. A Gregory Benford. Row Boat. B "Bow Shock." by Kage Baker." by Gregory Benford. liquid-filled ship. A homicide cop in Mobile follows a murder trail to colonizing amphibious aliens. battle the elements." by Benjamin Rosenbaum." by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold. B "Signal to Noise. B "Julian: A Christmas Story. Unfathomable (no pun intended) squid-like aliens welcome a genetically altered human scientist aboard their six-kilometer (as editor Dozois calls it) where Creationists have the upper hand. A frozen ocean of ice plays host to a scorching battle of wits between two politically powerful sibling rivals.

Creepy. When alien conquerors occupy a Wisconsin hamlet. A richly textured portrait of the distant future." by Carolyn Ives Gilman. C "The Highway Men." by John Barnes.. but this one goes whole hog. A+ "Every Hole Is Outlined. and I felt every ounce of pain and humiliation while accompanying a fallen tycoon on his way to rock bottom. Frozen Scotland. Several stories herein explore genetic engineering." by Paul J. C "Nightengale. A "I Hold My Father's Paws. Memory seller strikes deal with a manipulative client. as Americans change species for reasons ridiculous and--at least in one case-sublime. well-constructed story about a bizarre religious cult gives new meaning to the concept of forced conversion. in which worried travelers hope to outrun the fire and earthquakes that are consuming what little is left of their world. By far. B+ "Yellow Card Man. Long tunnel. by Ian McDonald.." by David D. Rich atmosphere adds weight to thin plot as artificial intelligence . B+ "Life on the Preservation. forcing her to make a supremely difficult choice." by Ken MacLeod." by Greg Egan. Squalid Bangkok is particularly hellish for its former Chinese masters." by Jack Skillingstead. the most amazing character in this page-turner about adventurers invading a deserted hospital ship to retrieve a war criminal is . Rousing adventure pits one genetically engineered assassin against another on a prison in a remote corner of the solar system. A "Good Mountain. victorious Nazis attempt to circumnavigate the globe in an immense aircraft." by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette. In 1950.M."Far as You Can Go. Queen Elizabeth's censor gets a supernaturally rude awakening." by Paolo Bacigalupi. C "The Ile of Dogges. Highly effective use of local idiom. Levine. B "Dead Men Walking. In a broken down future world. "Groundhog Day" with scant uplifting tonic and a cataclysmic twist. A "Okanoggan Falls. C "The Town on Blighted Sea. Dellamonica. McAuley. B "Damascus. and encounter something unexpected in any alternate universe." by A. A virtually immortal couple's efforts to contact a mysterious life form span hundreds of thousands of years." by Alistair Reynolds." by Stephen Baxter. A+ "Riding the Crocodile. Mathematicians aboard an interstellar cargo ship encounter ghosts. a scavenger and his profoundly human robot companion risk what little they for a place in the sun." by Daryl Gregory. the line between friend and foe becomes blurred. receives a glimmer of hope from an unlikely hero. Superlative plot and characters. ravaged by terrorist-inspired war and global climate shift. precious little cheese." by Greg Van Eekhout." by Robert Reed. A "The Pacific Mystery. with a perfect ending." by Mary Rosenblum. the ship itself! A+ The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Third Annual Collection VOLUMELE I-II The Little Goddess. B "Home Movies. Sick goings-on between the vanquished and their squid "allies" in a human refugee camp. Simultaneously tender and terrifying.

but astounding issues of self-identity and consciousness get in the way. Sexual politics under cover of fiction. literally. by Vonda N. A family tries to heal after the daughter's strange drug overdose. but not in the usual way. except for a few lingering old souls. by Michael Swanick. When computers record your every move. by Alastair Reynolds. Courageous or crazy? A space reverend makes first contact with sentient mud. C A Case of Consilience. by Gene Wolfe. by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold. by Chris Beckett. for his geologically unstable city. C Piccadilly Circus. grim. A Beyond the Aquila Rift. In a barely alternate world. Medieval characters and atmosphere. tracking a suspect is easy. and feuding.. what they really need is an operator's manual.. Big Business casts its sinister shadow--is all hope lost? Superb speculation with a timely message. Bold predictions about the fate of man over the next seven hundred million years are made stirringly immediate and personal. the famed naturalist combs Atlantis for a rare and most peculiar bird. but I need one myself to make sense of it. this one aboard organic ships. D La Malcontenta. by William Sanders. Present Tense. by Hannu Rajaniemi. by Mary Rosenblum. C Camouflage. B In the Quake Zone. Dank. B Triceratops Summer. McIntyre. Figuring out what to do with him--a bit harder. Brokeback Chinatown. Heartrending and mind bending! A+ The Canadian Who Came . Pithy tale of a man who sees trouble ahead. adventurers live by their wits in sunny Siberia. by Robert Reed. Against the dismal backdrop of global warming. Snappily written but routine whodunit aboard an immense space ship full of immortals. Even when Earth's energy sources are reduced to plants. by Bruce Sterling. B Amba. by Ken MacLeod. Humans use abandoned alien technology to comb the Milky Way. C The Calorie Man. B Search Engine. by Daryl Gregory. The maids on a mystical medieval Mars are merrily minus men. NR .complicates life in 2034 India. Near-future speculation seems too true to be good. An anomaly at the bottom of a remote British Columbia lake suggests a missing space explorer may still be around. B Deus Ex Homine. A Second Person. by David Gerrold. mostly. A Little Faces. C The Children of Time. by Harry Turtledove. by Stephen Baxter. C The Blemmye's Strategem. by Paolo Bacigalupi. A Audubon in Atlantis. This one is about artificial intelligence implants. A monstrous master of the occult stirs up Hell during the Crusades. A poignant story set in a desolate future London where virtual reality is more real than reality. by Liz Williams. C Comber. Dinosaurs cause trouble for humans. Another all female society. but as one ship captain learns the hard way.

B Burn. Zzz. The shadowy nether regions of their own minds prove more baffling and dangerous than even the anomalous black hole being explored by two space scientists and a ship captain. C The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Second Annual Collection VOL III-IV "Inappropriate Behavior" by Pat Murphy. Unsavory adventure seekers hunt off-limits prey--and their guide--on an exotic planet where danger lurks everywhere. D "Shiva in Shadow" by Nancy Kress. One of the most memorable characters I can remember. by Joe Haldeman. In a future USA where reality. A+ Zima Blue. By Elizabeth Bear. time and the Internet freely mingle. by Gwyneth Jones. thanks to a cigarette SNAFU. Zzzzz. NR The Clockwork Atom Bomb. art. Zzzz. some (much needed) humor in this collection! A Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck. by Peter Watts and Derryl Murphy. by David Moles. The Fulcrum. Two Dreams on Trains. plus fresh thinking on the meaning of work. Fast paced and exciting. A+ . Life on this chaotic alternate Earth is only slightly less perplexing to the characters than to me. a mysterious artist reveals his secrets to a spunky journalist. Slice of life about a man in the new Chrislam world order who discovers an odd cultural relic in his basement. Puff piece about an old woman who smokes her way to stardom. I'm neither smart nor schooled enough to make heads or tails of this one. and self. some kids never grow up-literally. In a submerged and subdued future New Orleans. where men fight with mixed success for the simple life in a remote corner of a culturally and technologically complex galaxy. Brilliant juxtaposition of infinite space and interior man. Weapons of mass destruction hijinx in a politically complex future Africa. Stunning characters and atmosphere. Finally.The Great Caruso. B Angel of Light. by Chris Roberson. by Neal Asher. Spot the looney! A mental patient must overcome her sane doctor to save a shipwrecked anthropologist. C "The Third Party" by David Moles. C Gold Mountain. with the hero getting caught in the crossfire big time. A+ Planet of the Amazon Women. B "Start the Clock" by Benjamin Rosenbaum. by Dominic Green. by James Patrick. In the far future. by Alistair Reynolds. by Steven Popkes. A "The Voluntary State" by Christopher Rowe. a poor boy sandwiched between a rock and a hard place tries to make his mark. Planet resembling early 20th century Earth beset by space faring capitalists and socialist missionaries. Struggles of a young firefighter on planet Walden. Mayfly.

yet he serves up story after story dramatizing the futility of science--a rather hopeless vision. a tangled nightmare of social collapse and personal despair in the face of a gruesome alien attack. or less? A "The Clapping Hands of God" by Michael F. Bioengineered super humans render the animal kingdom obsolete. mesmerizing and elegantly crafted in all respects. C "Scout's Honor" by Terry Bisson. Dismal picture of life in our near future. and fear. The call of the wily. C "Mother Aegypt" by Kage Baker. intolerance. Tender interplay between a horribly disfigured boy and a surgeon with new techniques and mysterious motives. A profanity-laced narrative seriously detracts from this already marginal story. A "Men Are Trouble" by James Patrick Kelly. Old man teaches his granddaughter a bitter life lesson in this complex and mystical vignette. A "Mayflower II" by Stephen Baxter. B "Leviathan Wept" by Daniel Abraham. almost unbearable to read. Technology collapses and society reverts to the "Old Ways". real. The entire religious and political evolution and devolution of Western culture play out in microcosm aboard a starship where generations of humans are escaping to a new home twenty thousand years away-all related. Elegantly plotted time travel story in which a scientist becomes best buds with a Neanderthal. And some natives they are! Superb space adventure with lots of action and a great ending. Chilling. on a distant planet being mined by a company from Earth. A "Synthetic Serendipity" by Vernor Vinge. yet danger fills the air. C . will science make us more than men. The artfully drawn aliens are fascinating. Hard-boiled detective story just can't get off the ground. Characters leap off the page in this medieval spellbinder about black magic true and false. Grim and fatalistic alternate history with Lenin and Jack London up to no good in Sitka. Baby boomers flounder in the new Net society. Cowdrey. alas. but a surprising visitor disturbs their illusions of grandeur. Davies."The People of Sand and Slag" by Paolo Bacigalupi. Poignantly asks. A "Tourism" by M. John Harrison. A "Sitka" by William Sanders. Earth is dominated by avian aliens who have plucked away all the men. to say the least. Gritty lowlifes hang out in a seamy otherworld bar with nothing much to do but generate more atmosphere. The natives are restless." Apparently this is the totality of his conception of faith. which Mr. C "The Tribes of Bela" by Albert E. A+ "Riding the White Bull" by Caitlin R. so reluctantly. Kiernan. The author captures the mood of Delhi as dwellers past and future come alive for a current day resident who can't quite understand what he sees. Scientists travel through wormhole to secretly observe a planet inhabited by gentle humanoids. Dozois describes as "bigotry. Flynn. with the rationalistic and cynical vigor so typical in this edition. Still. B "Skin Deep" by Mary Rosenblum. B "Delhi" by Vandana Singh. when terrorism rules as if by design. This one rings uncomfortably true. A "The Defenders" by Colin P. D "Falling Star" by Brendan Dubois.

Does a man's past determine his future? This question takes on new complexity for a clone of Gordie Howe in this richly textured character study. Serial killer of pregnant women pursued by pregnant cop on the extensively colonized Moon. Raunchy account of hormonal `60's teenager accidentally whisked away to distant yet eerily familiar points unknown. dark and dangerous ocean."The Dragons of Summer Gulch" by Robert Reed. . Droll widower pops into an alternate reality where everything's the same. Feminist editorial masquerades as fiction. B The Ice. but intriguing nonetheless. Slice(s) of life for a "massively parallel human" is somewhat over my head. a perfect balance of humor and horror. Charles Stoss. B The Bear's Baby. the line is sharp between disease and cure. B It's All True. Howard Waldrop. Gore galore. Hamilton. A fantasy world resembling the Old West has all sorts of characters scrambling for control of some relics--for all sorts of reasons. Judith Moffett. Nancy Kress. Albert Camus plies his existential trade in an alternate world where the French Empire rules all. Future farmer harassed by bizarre genetically engineered squatter(s?). A June Sixteenth at Anna's. C Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty First Annual Collection Off On a Starship. Sizzling narrative doused by lukewarm ending. but play dirty with humans. A Ej-Es. C The Green Leopard Plague. D "Footvote" by Peter F. Melancholy widower deteriorates watching his wife in a holographic history. For the strangely afflicted colonists on a remote planet. elegantly ended. Environmentally correct aliens clean up Mother Earth. Steven Popkes. Snappy narrative. Melancholy.but which is which? B The Bellman. intriguing plot. B "Ten Sigmas" by Paul Melko.. William Barton. except completely different. this one a brilliant academic. D "Sisyphus and the stranger" by Paul Di Fillipo. A Calling Your Name. Clever parody of old pulp sci-fi. Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Walter Jon Williams. Cambias. Political intrigue and a desperate fight against cosmic forces in a far-flung pan-galactic empire. B "The Oceans of the Blind" by James L. and fascinating alien adaptation at the bottom of a deep. John Kessel. This first contact story has three wonderful elements: snappy shifts in point of view between the aliens and humans. 1940's cinema legend wooed by time traveling 2048 talent scout. Comically composed. complete with crazy cosmic ending. B "Investments" by Walter Jon Williams.. A+ "The Garden: A Hwarhath Science Fictional Romance" by Eleanor Arnason. Intrepid widower. B Rogue Farm. John Varley. Angry leftist editorial with barely the pretense of masquerade.

then has a tough life. D Awake in the Night. remarkably compact. Paul Melko. John C. A Singletons in Love. B Strong Medicine. A man battles inscrutable monsters and the very weight of time in this haunting and surreal tale of adventure. Immortal sales rep for a future corporation does some supernatural horse trading with William Randolph Hearst. Memory retrieval in a far future corner of the Milky Way reveals an alien's fantastic secret. James Van Pelt. A+ Flashmen. B Birth Days. Jack Skillingstead. Man sacrifices his life for science. and mysteriously. Digital uploading may be hazardous to your health. Robert Reed. Mankind's recovery from nuclear holocaust takes centuries. gruesomely. so it does also. In a far future fiefdom. Kage Baker. Humans battle inscrutable aliens while readers battle inscrutable lingo-laced narrative. Shayne Bell. almost. Curious mix of SF and fantasy as a downed fighter jet's nasty computer lords it over of a village full of elves. B The Cookie Monster. Zzzz.postulates a new world order after some mayhem over a breakthrough in bioengineering. everyday products form creepy wireless networks and harass humans a little and a lot. B The Eyes of America. WARNING. C The Fluted Girl. C Dear Abbey. Geoffrey A. C Dragonhead. Joe Steele. Dubious Darwinian premise merely prop-for-ganda. Michael Swawnick. Eons hence. Harry Turtledove. In this ironic and incisive vignette. Well. Vernon Vinge. no cheese. servants are cruelly and bizarrely bioengineered at the whim of their lord. Group consciousness makes falling in love problematic for future humans. Paul Di Filippo. One victim plots an escape-of sorts. Earth languishes in perpetual darkness. Landis. Wright. A+ Welcome to Olympus. M. A+ The Long Way Home. It could happen to you. Hearst. a 2037 surgeon contemplates suicide after being rendered obsolete by nanotechnology. and for a few men. Mr. Recessive homosexuality gene turns out to be dominant. I think there's a good story in here somewhere. Terry Dowling. Technology and satire rage on when the presidential race pits Thomas Edison and Samuel Clemens against William Jennings Bryan and Nikola Tesla. C Anomalous Structures of My Dreams. Passengers on a 2010 Antarctic cruise ship die suddenly. Nick DiChario. Stalin-type beats FDR in 1932 and all hell breaks loose. William Shunn. Two scientists travel to the end of time and bear witness to the ecological sins . A+ Send Me a Mentagram. Long tunnel. A poignant and philosophical love story. Can a maverick doctor figure it out in time? B And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon. A+ King Dragon. B Night of Time. B Dead Worlds. Geoff Ryman. In the near future. Dominic Green. Terry Bisson. the light of civilization a mere flicker as well. Paolo Bacigalupi. Stop whining! A hospital patient dying of AIDS gets a roomie who's really sick.

C The Old Cosmonaut_ by Ian McDonald. heartrending character study of a couple dealing with Alzheimer_s. Political intrigue aboard a Soviet-flavored military spaceship where each officer seems to have his own insidious agenda. Quite the conundrum! Great characters. multi-dimensional far future world. C+ The Political Officer. plot. killer sex and socio-political equality. dense.A. A To Become a Warrior. Life stinks for Gen-Y geriatrics. Sorry. a new cure. Paul McAuley. CCoelacanths.. Nancy Kress. light plot. Fast-paced narrative with fascinating characters and street jargon. diabolical schemes. Molly Gloss. and its unsettling side effect. BLambing Season. B+ Halo. Weighty speculation on the fine line between evolution and devolution. Bruce Sterling. Another promising premise wasted in an inconclusive. who just doesn_t understand her! CIn Paradise. Geoff Ryman. Maureen McHugh. Chris Beckett. Heavy atmosphere. so they hack their way out. An old cosmonaut_s pipe dream of pioneering Mars is strangely fulfilled. social commentary and psychological exploration. John Kessel. Men on a vast matriarchal lunar colony must chose between easy. natural and supernatural. USA circa 2022_Romance in the land of the not so free and the home of Homeland Security. A The Clear Blue Seas of Luna. Zzzz V. Kindhearted shepherdess encounters alien. C The Passenger. and something sorely lacking in this volume_humor. Engaging but essentially routine yarn about a space ship salvage crew whose strange new passenger is either malevolent or cute as a button. snappy dialog.Robert Reed. Charles Stross. CThe Most Famous Little Girl in the World. but not even close to Sterling offerings from previous volumes. sweeping and lighthearted novelette aptly closes this volume. A . In a socially stratified future England. A Year's Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection Breathmoss.of man. Overlong coming of age story set in a far future world inhabited almost completely by women. Cacophonous. overly subtle plot.O. Realistic. Charles Finlay.Ian MacLeod. C Stories for Men. Variously constructed humans subsist in a hostile. hard science narrative concerns a cybernetic teenager who flees to Jupiter to escape Mom. The grim backdrop of war and terrorism over the next seventy years is much more interesting than the story about two cousins who take a lifetime to patch up their differences. Well constructed. Vivid characters. Gregory Binford. B Presence. a gang of world-shifting thugs offers an alienated lowlife some ancient means of payback. A (mumbo) jumbo ode to terraforming.

C . All you need to enjoy this AI saga of making babies the new-fashioned way is a couple doctorates in quantum theory and philosophy. "Neutrino Drag".. Gripping. This fantasy story about evolution unfolds about as rapidly. and at long last. A majestic tale of an inscrutably sentient ocean and its interplay with humans both kind and evil. A+ 8.. James Van Pelt. D The Whisper of Disks. far in the future. Top-flight character development.Whimsical. Well drawn setting but well worn plot.. set in a desolate 2011 Denver. A+ 6. Turn the page. Read at your own risk. Can happiness ensue? C At the Money.. Kage Baker. a crisp. This one has it all: brilliant concept. "More Adventures on Other Planets". and touching look at the aftermath of an allout biological war. fast paced story set in San Diego features two unforgettable aliens. Zzzz 2. D 3. a potter literally pieces together a theory of how her rodent-like race of homosexual furballs came into being.Depressed and unpleasant scientist gets more depressed and unpleasant on a big virtual reality project. Well crafted horror. Better late than never. John Meaney. B Turquoise Days.. A page-turner with unforgettable imagery. Stories 4-8 too silly. A wry and refreshingly brief look at the digitalization of man. "Glacial". nature yarn about mountaineers who let a giant alien bug tag along on a tough climb. Zzzz Agent Provacateur. confusing. "On K2 with Kankaredes".Zillions of worms tunnel innocently through ice on a distant planet.. C A Flock of Birds. "The Chief Designer". realistic.. clear ending.. Eleanor Arnason. far. Monotonous tale of cosmic radioactive waste arbitrage in an ultra-free market far future. In (yet another) female dominated society. poetic.. A boy alters and unalters history around WW2. A The Potter of Bones. Super. Ultracreepy goings-on in a remote logging town in the 1930_s. C The Hotel at Harlan_s Landing. suspenseful plot.Winters Are Hard. The Bryonic Woman: genius makes jillions thanks to her jazzed up genes. "New Light on the Drake Equations".More fact than fiction. 5.Richard Wadholm. C Singleton. "The Days Between". Walter Jon Williams.How do you take a story about a hermit sitting on a mountain waiting for aliens to contact him. Michael Swanick.Nightmarish space travel story marred only by its ultimate pointlessness. B+ The Millennium Party.Mildly interesting man vs. pass the Prozac.or do they?? Only their mad scientist knows for sure. Alexander Irvine. Greg Egan... and/or unoriginal for me. a mesmerizing and poignant account of the man who launched the Soviet space program.. Man has self physically altered so he can sleep with she-wolves and slaughter wild elk.. CSlow Life.. A+ Year's Best Science Fiction: Nineth Annual Collection 1. solid characters.. A plucky explorer discovers life on Titan. and make it interesting? Not this way. Alistair Reynolds. Steven Popkes. boring.. B 7. C 4.

They should have called it a book two stories ago. Dozios was on break. B 14..Alternate history story has a sweaty Philip K. Moves at the speed of mud.. "May Be Some Time".. Read at your own because of the author's brilliant use of old-time British idiom.. Anna" by Kate Wilhelm. C 12. "Undone".. "Into Greenwood".. A 20...The Middle Ages make a comeback way in the future.. there's another notable Dick in the mix that we just don't hear from enough these days.. believe it or not. "Russian Vine".. Sterling conjures up intriguing characters and astonishingly vivid prose. "Interview: On Any Given Day".Near-in-the-future mogul (suspiciously reminiscent of Bill Gates) pollutes the Internet with diabolical. Moving character study with an elegant surprise finish. snappy. "Isabel of the Fall". and nightmarish reality. "Know How..Heroic British explorer from 1912 gets frozen in Antarctica and defrosted in 2045 NYC.. "The Real Thing". Scary. graphically violent...Maybe if I were smart enough to follow this convoluted story about time travel and shape shifting. A tongue-in-cheek look at the love-hate . reality-bending commercialism. but cleverly written. Zzzz 11. Dubious premise supported by shaky explanations and flimsy plot. B 16. not much happens after that. and literally multi-dimensional view of the Trojan War.Aliens gain upper hand on Earth by making humans illiterate. Convincing science and fascinating characters combine to create a totally believable --yet utterly alien--world. Can Do"..... However: the story is worth reading. "Solaris" it's not. A "At the Cross-Time Jaunter's Ball" by Alexander Jablokov. Hey-just like one of his characters! Plus. D 13. Seemingly straight fictional account of East meets West in 1860's Japan explodes with a supernatural surprise at the end. A chimp with a teenager girl's brain must fend for herself after her brilliant father/creator dies. "The Two Dicks". Unfortunately.Weird life in an alien ocean..This one must have sneaked in while Mr..Bittersweet. "One-Horse Town". B "Dream Baby" by Bruce McCallister. "Raven Dream".... gothic fable thick with religious overtones.Well written. "Moby Quilt". D Year's Best Science Fiction: Fifth Annual Collection "Rachel in Love" by Pat Murphy. "The Human Front". As usual. I still wouldn't like it. D 19. "Marcher". A young volunteer nurse in Viet Nam begins having prophetic nightmares about soldiers getting butchered in combat. A poignant exploration of the best and worst in human nature. A "Forever Yours. A 10..Mind-blowing concept: sentient trees! Actually this spellbinding story is chock-full of great ideas.Think they have problems now? Wait until you catch this terrifying glimpse of what's in store for the next batch of American teenagers. Gimme that old time Linux! Thematically heavyhanded. Dick struggling to escape a confusing..What does it mean to be human? What is love? What are the implications of genetic engineering on our very souls? Amusing story about the world's smartest petri dish packs a philosophical wallop! A 18. B 21. B 15. 22...Promising alternate history set in World War III Scotland takes a turn for the absurd three-quarters of the way through. world-within-a-world story of loss and redemption.. sinister. B `"Flowers of Edo" by Bruce Sterling. World-weary divorced graphologist falls in love with an unknown woman's handwriting. Ingenious science blends surprisingly well with gloomy. A+ 17.

McAuley. a madman-or an opportunity. Brilliant scientific speculation (humans bioengineer everything. Thought-provoking alternate history: in a somber. Zzzz. C "Moon of the Popping Trees" by R. Wow. A lighthearted adventure about climbing Everest. Saint Augustine's long lost son returns from Cathay to confront him with what we know as modern scientific knowledge and gadgets. In the near future. The dying Augustine bitterly rejects him and them. Soldiers in a surgically advanced near future can't get injured badly enough to buy a ticket home. A couple of misfits-one human. Zzzz. The psychodrama is slightly less compelling than in his earlier Best contributions. revolving around a female Soviet soldier who is the sole survivor of an all-out nuclear war. cannibalistic gore stands in stark contrast to a tender exploration of the human condition. C . save for a handful of artful hackers who can manipulate their intricate computer identification systems. Mysterious offworld traveler/adventurer drops in on a backwoods Earth village and stirs the pot big time. A+ "The Temporary King" by Paul J. The Lone Ranger. Squid-like entities enslave Earth. a faltering Pennsylvanian army captures a traveler from our world. As with oh. As in Butler's "Bloodchild" from the Second Annual. Wells' Martians get off track and land in a sleepy Texas cow town. anti-Catholicism and anti-capitalism. The cure for cancer leads to an even more horrific disease. Kelly's aliens enslave humans far more subtly than Silverberg's. C+ "Perpetuity Blues" by Neal Barrett. the cleverest of them all falls into an even cleverer trap. While in Los Angeles. so many stories in this volume. Flynn. Won't You Come Out Tonight" by Ursula K. but still good. How will we evolve over the next six million years? That's the subject of this spellbinder about an eighteen-foot tall human diplomat who comes to a planet of inferior canine creatures to hammer out a peace treaty. dazzling plot. A bit of whimsy about Tonto and his labor of love. "Buffalo Gals. B "The Morning and the Evening and the Night" by Octavia E. The soldiers can't decide whether he's a spy. and fantastic characterization. the point eludes me. A journalist is lured back to Viet Nam to meet the ghost of his former squad leader. D "America" by Orson Scott Card. B "The Forest of Time" by Michael F. C "Shades" by Lucius Shepard. Or something like that: paradoxically. B "Glass Cloud" by James Patrick Kelly. A few of H. this clearly and skillfully written narrative is a thematic hodgepodge of environmentalism. the cooters fire up their flame-throwers. B "Night of the Cooters" by Howard Waldrop. "All the Hues of Hell" by Gene Wolfe. Zzzz. Zzzz. and dialog crackling with trenchant social and political satire. Snappy narrative peppered with humorous Old West jargon. LeGuin. With Indians on the verge of annihilation at Wounded Knee. C "Ever After" by Susan Patwick. Girl reared by magic coyote. Garcia y Robinson. with which a tight-knit group of young afflicted must come to terms. Not nearly as good as Robinson's previous Best contributions. C "Diner" by Neal Barrett.relationship between artist and critic is the highlight of this meandering story about a man cut adrift in an ever-changing sea of alternate worlds. Sickeningly violent slice of a meticulous murderer's life. True to form. A "The Million-Dollar Wound" by Dean Whitlock. Jr. mysticism. including the furniture). C "Mother Goddess of the World" by Kim Stanley Robinson. "The Pardoner's Tale" by Robert Silverberg. but the Texans stay cool. B "The Faithful Companion at Forty" by Karen Joy Fowler. B "Angel" by Pat Cadigan. we see the "gritty underside" of a fairy tale-a Cinderella story of deadly court intrigues and sinister magic. but just as surely. D "For Thus Do I Remember Carthage" by Michael Bishop. and metaphysics under the growing influence of an inscrutable alien presence. one not-team up to get more out of life. Girl reared by degenerate uncle. God sends us a message. The author's first published story is a tour de force of well-articulated hard science. B "Candle in a Cosmic Wind" by Joseph Manzione. Butler. C "Dinosaurs" by Walter Jon Williams. his future. but not the one we want to hear. a medicine man has relativistic visions of peace that baffle a local schoolteacher. The Lord reenacts his Incarnation to avenge the sins of Western man. Full of surprises! A+ "The Emir's Clock" by Ian Watson.G. a frustrated architect ponders his broken marriage. Jr. "Halley's Passing" by Michael McDowell. As Dozois observes. balkanized North America.

Brilliant plot construction and writing keep you engaged all the way. Provocative. "Great Wall of Mars"--A cult of humans with networked implants battle unnetworked humans for survival. "R & R" by Lucius Shepard. Intrepid. well framed in a compelling story.. A 5. "Hatrack River" by Orson Scott Card. B 3. but the plot is pretty thin. lots of tequila. "Strangers in Paradise" by Damon Knight. A 4. "Against Babylon" by Robert Silverberg. Can a story be too well written? Formidable story but florid prose: weary American soldiers fighting a war of attrition in future Central America get serious battle fatigue. poetic character study. in-your-face prose. great characters. "Patient Zero"--Nightmarish account of a dreadful near-future. A real page turner! A . and makes some strong statements in only fifteen pages Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourth Annual Collection 1. "Obsidian Harvest"--Another future world detective story set in England. Cadigan's portrait of virtual reality is ahead of its time. Confusing plot. Great plot.. Confused and rebellious future teenagers literally go digital instead of getting pierced or tattooed. "Pretty Boy Crossover" by Pat Cadigan. I got serious metaphor fatigue. "A Colder War"--Alternate Cold War history with aliens causing major problems for both sides. Well developed characters.Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection Good: "Going After Bobo"--Heartwrenching. sometimes violent story laced with mysticism set in 1805 Pennsylvania. Does a seemingly innocent pioneer girl merely see the future. "Crux"--Dark detective story/social commentary set in a brutal post-holocaust future dominated by the Orient. great speculation on the potential of the human mind. where the Aztecs dominate the world--human sacrifices. Lots of action. "On the Orion Line"--Man versus powerful and inscrutable aliens deep in space. with a fast paced and tighty knit plot. "The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O"--Time travel with two amazing characters. but highly realistic narrative keeps it interesting anyway. "Radiant Green Star"--Another violent future world dominated by the Orient. exhausted pilot fights raging brush fires in Los Angeles as alien space ships land with intentions unknown. Add hard-boiled prose in the tradition of Dashiell Hammett (his "Red Harvest" is great) and you have something unforgettable.or shape it? Thought-provoking. Great: "The Suspect Genome"--Future world whodunit. What makes this one extraordinary is the premise. B 2. set in an England where police work has been somewhat privatized. fast paced and straightforward plot. feathered capes. far in the future. Man visits enchanting Earth-colonized planet only to discover its dirty little secret. This time it's a traditional mystery combined with a poetic coming-of-age story. Quite violent.

death. "Into Gold" by Tanith Lee. B+ 8. "Video Star" by Walter Jon Williams. B+ 26. Too high on the ambiguity scale for me. A 21. Why do so many sci-fi writers write about Ernest Hemingway? C20. C 18. The author's own description is perfect: "(A) Wodehousian romantic comedy about the death of the scientific method. "Surviving" by Judith Moffett. "Sallie C" by Neal Barrett. Absolutely chilling. Tense. dissolving into a network of drug-dealing and otherwise criminal gangs. A military pilot is hard-wired for combat. A poverty-stricken street hustler has his world closing in on him as he slowly and steadily runs out of money. "Snake Eyes" by Tom Maddox.. Like I said. Complex. well plotted. C 22. Zzzz Year's Best Science Fiction: Second Annual Collection 1. "Sea Change" by Scott Baker. "Tangents" by Greg Bear. Haunting prose creates an aura of impending doom. Dreams. then spend lots of time probing each other's psyche while swinging naked from trees. D. Alien tourists blend in with humans on a visit to the Midwest and do a whole lot more than take pictures. "The Beautiful and the Sublime" by Bruce Sterling. America is in disarray. I'm not kidding. "Tattoos" by Jack Dann. Roman warlord falls for sultry witch in a remote corner of the crumbling Empire. set in a crumbling Washington. NR 19. madness and memory converge on a sad and lonely soul in New York. "The Prisoner of Chillon" by James Patrick Kelly. poignant story of a young soldier struggling to survive a nerve- . "Fair Game" by Howard Waldrop. "The Winter Market" by William Gibson.. On the other hand. I figure. is so hard to read I didn't read it. this one is kind of predictable. even worse than it's actually turned out. Too incongruous. Boy with unique mathematical insight makes very hard contact with life in the Fourth Dimension. Depressed New England woman married to brutish professor gets a chance to clean up her past when she returns to her undergraduate campus. A+ 11. Incongruous historical figures meet up in an Old West Saloon. this one. C10. Loveable boy in future Venice is drawn to mysterious sea creatures.6. Extremely sad story about a devoted mother whose sweet four year-old daughter is gradually being pulled away by strange. C15. "And So to Bed" by Harry Turtledove. C 23. "Jeff Beck" by Lewis Shiner. B 13. "Night Moves" by Tim Powers. fantastic. B 24. Zzzz 17.. Unfortunately. reality. set in nuclear war-torn America. Jr. Exceedingly well-written: the noose tightens with every sentence! A+ 25. doesn't have a prayer. Despite the religious motif. "Fiddling for Waterbuffloes" by Somtow Sucharitkul. Simultaneously lyrical and gruesome tale about life. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? C 9. This story. ironical plot totally counter to my expectations. A+ 14.. "Grave Angels" by Richard Kearns. A12. A 27. What would it be like to play like Jeff Beck? Promising premise promptly peters out. C7. "Covenant of Souls" by Michael Swanick. "Chance" by Connie Willis. unseen forces. "The Pure Product" by John Kessel. and the sometimes grim consequences of getting what you wish for. "Down and Out in the Year 2000" by Kim Stanley Robinson. written in Elizabethan English. he can't pull his altered head out of its nosedive. This would make a great movie. Female writer and woman raised by chimps become friends." Lots of unforgettable characters and dialog. B 16. "The Gate of Ghosts" by Karen Joy Fowler. foolproof. "Salvador" by Lucius Shepard. thought-provoking. but the war gets cancelled like a TV show.C. My favorite story in the book. The author gets it right on artificial intelligence: very cool. My second favorite.A daring con man bursts on the scene with a foolproof scheme to rip off two of them.

abrasively written. laced with irony. Brief but emotionally powerful examination of medical transplanting ratcheted up a notch. "Twilight Time" by Lewis Shiner. Butler.Two Southern California misfits fall in love as they uncover lethal secrets lurking in the burgeoning Internet. The world's first total personality transplant causes massive confusion for the recipient. Complex.. Loathsome entomologist manipulates sister and clone brother in attempt to keep them from participating in an experiment to scientifically verify the existence of God. Dann. Their uncomfortably realistic tale of woe is perhaps more relevant today than when it was written. A widower haunted by his past gradually finds happiness on a business trip to a tropical island. Lynn. LeGuin. Set in the near future. shocking. "Interlocking Pieces" by Molly Gloss. 10.. Set around 1984. tension and complexity of human ones. Romantic fairytale set on an alien planet with a complex. A 11. "Black Coral" by Lucius Shepard. so NR. B 8. leaving us with an indigestible hash of hopeless negativity. "Pursuit of Excellence" by Rena Yount. C 3. Bleak and shadowy. Suspenseful. Sterling's vivid imagination and descriptive brilliance carry this Mechanist/Shaper story about a high stakes terraforming contest among posthuman sects. C 14. "At the Embassy Club" by Elizabeth A. C 13. this spooky speculation on computer networks makes for an interesting read in 2003. "The Sidon in the Mirror": tricked-up linguistics in the dialog detracts from an otherwise passable story.and the reader. "Trinity" by Nancy Kress. Man and woman with rich psychic powers connect for a longdistance mental yet highly sensual affair. and sad. nostalgic.or something. "The Kindly Isle" by Frederik Pohl. LeGuin paints an extraordinarily vivid picture of a future barter based world. A man from a politically oppressive near future time travels back to a defining moment of his youth and encounters things expected and unexpected. Same problem here as in her First Annual contribution. Crop researcher looking to cure world hunger fails spectacularly. "A Message to the King of Brobdingnag" by Richard Cowper. In just a few pages. Shepard kicked off the Fourth Annual with the formidable "R & R". Wormlike aliens love humans. D19. Great realism lies at the heart of this strange tale: the interspecies relationships have all the depth. "Foreign Skins" by Tanith Lee. Standard space opera fare about a crippled space ship limping home from Jupiter's moons. it's a film noir in print: the protagonist's eleventh-hour confession reads like Fred MacMurray's clipped narrative in "Double Indemnity". Twisted love triangle onboard an interstellar passenger ship. featuring a pair of tragic. not for their minds. Not a big fantasy fan. Young British boy in Colonial India becomes a man (quite literally) in a . surreal jungle. "Bad Medicine" by Jack M. "New Rose Hotel" by William Gibson. well crafted. drugs. B 22. A nasty American on a decaying Caribbean island gets his during a heavy-duty bender of drinks. D 12. "Press Enter []" by John Varley. but this effort is stronger. dizzying kaleidoscope of terror. a barely comprehensible.. highly ritualistic Oriental-like culture. A+ 2. "Blued Moon" by Connie Willis. and voodoo.. Kress roasts atheists and believers with equal gusto. "Friend" by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel. with evocative characters and an impressive catalog of 1950's Americana. Twenty-first century married couple struggle with the harsh socio-economic realities of bioengineering their progeny. but mercifully short story about a psycho-invasive rock and roll creative process. but for their bodies. "Bloodchild" by Octavia E. The day of reckoning draws near for a twenty-first century gangster holed up in the New Rose Hotel.racking guerilla war in a lush. Thought-provoking examination of where the boundaries lie-or don't lie-between physical and spiritual love.. B 23. A 6. A 7. "Trojan Horse" by Michael Swanick. "The Map" by Gene Wolfe. Not for the squeamish. Beautifully written with a brilliant ending that is subtle. cynical or outright cataclysmic perspectives so prevalent in short sci-fi. C 5. B+ 18. A+ 21. A15. This one takes a lighthearted look at the unexpected side effects of improper hazardous waste disposal. as seen through the eyes of a young. B 9. "Rock On" by Pat Cadigan. "The Affair" by Robert Silverberg. "Sunken Gardens" by Bruce Sterling. D 17. A 16. appealing characters and plot: a refreshing change from the gloomy. However-fuzzy plot undermines sharp characters. "Promises to Keep" by Jack McDevitt. Tautly written. "The Trouble with the Cotton People" by Ursula K. A+ 4. A lush. B 20. plain spoken traveler.. in a most unusual way. Man in the spiritual wilderness seeks truth by participating in a violent Indian exorcism ceremony. But wait! Everybody around here is happy--and he thinks he knows why. also about troubled soldiers in a future Central American war. touchingly human patients.

Jr. C- . Zen-like finish.. the slow birds inhabiting this far future. actually) into a magical illusion. Skillful combination of mystery. After exercising my brain on "Hardfought".. reptilian demigods. A+ 26. C "Man-Mountain Gentian" by Howard Waldrop. but alas the plot is predictable.supernatural trial by fire when a mysterious woman secrets him away to her world of shape changing.. Lafferty. The author's eye for imaginative detail is remarkable. Wonderful plot. C 25. Features one of the most terrifying and palpable images I can recall in science-fiction. Curmudgeonly scientist on Mercury has an unusual relationship with his female colleague¡and his space probe. entertaining story with a couple marvelous characters and an appropriately enigmatic. A+ Year's Best Science Fiction: First Annual Collection "Cicada Queen" by Bruce Sterling. Dozios' preface says it well: ". far future technomedieval world at the crossroads. but here. Speaking of powerful images. Quirky." Bear pushes scientific speculation to the imaginative limits. C "Multiples".. A+ "Vulcan's Forge" by Poul Anderson. A "Beyond the Dead Reef"¨ by James Tiptree. suspense. by Richard Silverberg.. the bombardier in an alternate reality sweats out his bombing run to Hiroshima. choppy and above all silly time-travel story about an underachieving entrepreneur. (Alice Sheldon). "A Cabin on the Coast" by Gene Wolfe. Court intrigues abound in this highly stylized. A "Full Chicken Richness" by Avram Davidson. and through it discovers the terrible reality beneath. Psst: imaginary characters populate alternate realities. As always Silverberg writes with great clarity. Sumo wrestlers in 2014 find new applications for Zen. vivid and realistic in both description and characterization. A. "The Lucky Strike" by Kim Stanley Robinson. A+ "Manifest Destiny" by Joe Haldeman..a brilliant tour-de-force about the interplay between science and history that takes us simultaneously to the far reaches of the universe and deep inside the hearts of our distant descendants--people so changed by the consequence of a millennia-long war that they have become nearly as alien as the enigmatic enemy they fight. along with the strange doom they portend. If you think dating is tough with only one personality each. Robinson seems to favor stories about men slowly being squeezed in a vise of hostile circumstances. Clever. A+ "Slow Birds" by Ian Watson. The offworld dialect is highly distracting. "Company in the Wings" by R. A "Hardfought" by Greg Bear. Excellent hard science. Taut.on a distant dying sun. and science as a bored SETI physicist/administrator gets out of his rut grappling with a cryptic message from space and an equally cryptic warning from a predecessor. Spine-tingling science-horror with a diver stranded out beyond a ghostly and ghastly reef. C "Cryptic" by Jack McDevitt. Youthful anti-hero takes on cunning villain to aid damsel in distress in a frontier mining town. action-packed. Man on holiday with his girlfriend walks (swims.. Sharply written. making the whole thing hard to follow. In this one. well crafted characters. B 24. pastoral Earth are utterly fascinating. cleverly written memoir about fortunes--material and ethereal--in the Old West. fantastically finished.. I enjoyed taking a breather with this amusing. A "The Sidon in the Mirror" by Connie Willis. his premise seems completely implausible.

Martin. More fascinating science from Bear. Ingenious concept (with apologies to Oscar Wilde). A. the inevitable doom tightens its grip. I could find no redeemable qualities beneath the carnage. and the seductive vampire princess to whom they are drawn. Lafferty. C "Hearts Do Not in Eyes Shine" by John Kessel. Opposable thumbs up! A+ "Nearly Departed" by Pat Cadigan. Dire consequences ensue for both him and the universe. sentence by sentence. "The Monkey Treatment" by George R. as two thrill seeking. gothic voice speaks hauntingly in this melancholy story of a loyal but aging servant. F"Knight of Shallows" by Rand B. Impossible to put down--simultaneously funny and frightening. Thoroughly disgusting "character" study about a teacher who rapes his orangutan student.") Tanith Lee's brooding. Opposable thumbs down. 2:29: "Now Master.well. A "Her Furry Face" by Leigh Kennedy. Grisly tale about some very literal mind games in a future Paris casino. and immortality as seen from each of their three very different perspectives. A troubled man's exciting journey through alternate realities ends up taking a wrong turn on Plot Street. Young marine biologist in the Caribbean agonizes over the imminent loss of his mutant friend to the sea. Similar in structure to Robinson's story from the fourth edition. and a page-turning narrative to boot. A brilliant but appallingly rash researcher allows some of his intelligent. (Title from Luke. genetically engineered microbes to set up shop in his body. to say the least. where bit by bit. Zzzz "Black Air" by Kim Stanley Robinson. C "Gemstone" by Vernor Vinge. C "The Cat" by Gene Wolf. How this monkey business got in here qualifies for Best Mystery of 1983. perfectly constructed plot. Although Laffety's idiosyncratic style isn't for me. The life story of an alien rock moves along at the speed of. Lee serves up dark reflections on love. are mixed. I did like his description of the villain as having "arms like a python. mortality. this story is about a lovelorn 367-pound gourmand who signs up for a rather unique weight loss program. Troubled turn-of-the twenty-first married couple attempts to rekindle their romance by torching their memories of each other. as seen from the eyes of a spiritually sensitive youth dragooned into service. Lee. unforgettably ghoulish images. A"In the Islands" by Pat Murphy. Reality blurs for a man watching a melodrama in a bizarre bar. witty. A . you may let your servant go in peace. adversarial gamblers play their hearts out. Literally. his streetwise replacement-to-be."Golden Gate" by R.. B "Carrion Comfort" by Dan Simmons. "Down and Out in the Year 2000". fast-paced narrative. Disaster closes in on the crippled remnants of the Spanish Armada in the frozen North Atlantic. Creepy cold-hearted senior citizens with psychic powers induce hapless nobodies to commit horrendous crimes--then turn on each other.." C "Blind Shemmy" by Jack Dann. A+ "Blood Music" by Greg Bear. C "Nunc Dimittis" by Tanith Lee. Not a big fantasy fan--can't venture a guess on the merits of this one. a rock. Unremarkable fare about a mind prober probing a dead poet's memories. R. Results. Like a Quentin Tarantino film: well crafted disgustingly graphic violence.

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