COFFEE PLANET (SAM) Analyse the potential and viability of the success of newly opened store Coffee Planet

(Sam) Mumbai Analysis of Coffee Planet Target Market a. Primary Target Market: The Primary target market for Coffee Planet in Mumbai is the young generation both female and male students from the ages of 18-34. This market is well educated and comes from middle class to upper middle class population. Since the location is close to the Mumbai University customers can have easy access to stores b. The Secondary Target Market: The secondary target markets are the, multinational offices; local people where highly paid consumers work therefore special marketing strategies will be used to gain their brand loyalty to Coffee Planet. 3. Analysis of the potential location The coffee shop is located in a highly sophisticated place whereby Mumbai University, multinational companies and small scale industries are based. The Coffee Planet will be located in Mumbai Santa Cruz (east). The buildings around the area are very contemporary and developed. The roads are in good condition to maintain easy access to our location. (A map of the location can be seen in Appendix.) IV. Planned Operation of the Proposed Business A. Proposed Organization Coffee Planet will be a privately owned business with horizontal organization. The store will have a manager and three employees that will rotate shifts depending how busy the store is during the day. Coffee Planet believes in an open and friendly work environment and all employees of Coffee Planet refer to each other as Baristas The store will open on 1st November with the legal paper work, licensing, and government approval should be completed in May of this current year B. Proposed Product/service 1. The Product Coffee Planet will sell a variety of coffee and tea beverages along with different types of pastries, confections, and baked goods, coffee-related accessories and equipment. The coffee shops provide customers with a pleasant place to come and relax, study, work, or have business meetings. Both locations will provided wireless Internet access in the stores so that customers can bring their laptop and continue their work if they wish.

and supply trucks. Pricing Competitive pricing is vital for the business to grow and succeed but definitely costs need to be taken into consideration. the skim milk option will not be offered in India because dieting is not a commonly accepted practice in the country. service. Indians tend to take more cream in their coffee. For example. Though it is possible to get a cup of coffee for 15 merely 5 rupees at small stalls on the street.Coffee Planet will customize the menu to fit the tastes of the local people. This use of penetration pricing will ease the business to slide into the market place. and in fact the mango is India’s national fruit. Proposed Strategies 1. Promotion Types of available media for marketing purposes which include everything from newspaper advertising to television ads. especially ginger and black clove. Transportation of goods The raw materials (coffee beans and tea) will be transported to Mumbai making use of India’s vast and efficient railway system. Because of the costs involved in start up. Direct mail advertising with promotional coupons will be used to reach the homes of the target market. The payment will be done in rupees so the price of coffee would be about 10 to 15 rupees. and environment 2. the promotion for the store has to be focused on our target markets. C. There are some common tastes preferences of the Indians known already. the price will be set to make the coffee affordable to the target audience. One of India’s favourite fruit flavours in mango. 2. Since this is a test venture and there is only one location of store being opened. transportation and imported goods. A new menu will be originated after several months of research and development. Sales brochures offering delivery services will be sent to the local call centres and big companies. The prices for all good will vary from each and every product with the use of pricing policy. Inspections of the crops will be taken into consideration to ensure the high quality and in maintaining standards. The coffee beans and tea will be bought from local Indian farmers in order to support the local agricultural economy. Billboard advertising on the roads leading to the store locations is a good way to increase awareness of the locations. Indians also like spices in their tea and coffee. and gain tax benefits. The inventory policy will be put into practise to keep the stores stocked but not over stocked to ensure freshness of products. save money in transportation and tariffs. Also. the success of the Barista Coffee company in India show that the customers are willing to pay for better quality. A large number of people have access to internet therefore a proper website will be developed to communicate the products and other social networking . Coffee Planet prices will be 20% lower than those of the other Barista Company. Indians will feel that they are being cheated out of their money if skim milk is put in their beverages.

This environmental campaigning will give Coffee Planet positive publicity. weakness. Face book and Orkut will also be used to keep the customer updated with the latest product and services Costs: Billboards: 1500 rupees per 10ft by 15 ft billboard ad. opportunities and threats of the Coffee Planet. SWOT ANALYSIS The SWOT analysis is a tool which will provide with an opportunity to examine the strengths. The competitive advantage is that there are no local competitors within the desired location KEY TO SUCCESS Innovation of a coffee culture in the desired location and its products. Sales Brochures: 3500 rupees per 2500 prints.Sites. Coffee Planet (Mumbai) will sponsor scholarship contests and cricket tournaments for the local students and make an annual large donation of Rs75. The establishment of Coffee Planet as a community hub for socialization and entertainment Coffee Planet will position itself as an educational resource for individuals wishing to learn about the benefits of the internet has to offer . The strengths of the coffee planet includes an efficient and knowledgeable staff The weakness of the coffee planet The strengths of the coffee planet will help to capitalize on the opportunities it includes a growing daily population of coffee drinking population COMPETITION The products of Coffee Planet faces competition with its local competitors such as Barista coffee company and Coffee café day. Direct Mail: 3000 rupees per 2500 prints plus stamps costs to mail directly to the homes. 000 to the local public school systems to enhance brand loyalty. services will differentiate Coffee Planet from its local competitor’s.

The popularity of the internet is growing increasingly those who are familiar with the information technology are well aware of how fun and addicting surfing the internet can be. contractors. . However it is situated nearby Mumbai University it could grab the attention of the target audience and build a new market for the products and services offered by the store. Those who have not yet experienced the internet need a convenient relaxed atmosphere where they can feel comfortable learning about and utilizing the current technologies. individuals depending upon their level of interest. Latte. However the 6W will help us to decide who is our target market. Students from downtown housing centres will use Coffee Planet as a place to socialize and discuss the internet sites Target Marketing: Target marketing means we are targeting particular audience group in form of small groups. The good news is that it does not currently face any direct competition from other cyber cafes in the local market. Coffee Planet competes not only with coffee retailers. natural juices to fit into the customers taste Where? Students had to go to west Mumbai to buy coffee.Great Coffee and bakery products Critical Issues The dual product/service of Coffee Planet business faces competition on two levels. young generation. There are a total of three cyber cafes within the desired area one located two in Kalina and nearby the Mumbai University MACRO ENVIRONMENT Many factors contribute to the large demand for good coffee. Who? Generally students. Coffee Planet seeks to provide its customers with affordable internet access in an innovative and supportive environment POSITIONING Coffee Planet will position itself as an upscale coffee house and internet service provider. desires because they are our potential customers. Mocha. The student population at the University is a main source of demand for coffee retailers. local authority are my potential customers because the coffee store would be located near the Mumbai University What? As the project is about coffee business various products would be sold such as the Cappuccino. but also with Internet service providers. cold coffee.

Resources 5. my potential customer will buy the products and it totally depends on the order of customers 7) RISK ASSESMENT: Risk assessment is examination of what factors are going to harm your project in present and future and by identifying those factors what precaution or steps are taken to minimize or avoid those risk factors. Pricing Low It is vital to conduct a competitor analysis before prices are structured because it has to meet the market requirements failing to do so will have an impact on project and sales 4. 26. Supply Chain Medium If there are problems with deliveries there are chances of Management loosing customers 2. FACTORS TYPE RISK 1. Financial Support High As the business is owned by a sole trader financial support of Management from the management may lack 3. Budgets High High Resources should be properly allocated and all the tasks should be completed on time otherwise costs will go up Budgets should be identified at the start of the project otherwise have to depend on other sources for availability of finance If the objectives are not met the outcome of the project may not be achieved 6. Project Monitoring and Controlling At this stage the Project manager has to make sure that the project meets the level of quality by regular checks and monitoring the process. Handover & Closure . Objectives of the High project 25. On the other hand he has to make sure that he achieve his goals with in the time limit and with out any add on costs which are possible due to the delays in the project.Why? The potential customers will buy products because the product is gaining popularity and in demand because the changing consumer attitude and taste How? Generally.

a further evaluation can be done in order to determine the case . As we provide the technical guidance and support. And also discussing about the problems and their causes in the project. schedules etc. to accomplish the objectives and goals of project. to mitigate risk. its contains review of the whole project and how the project has been executed and whether or not it has met its objectives. The owner of the project will need to study the report in detail and ensure that the project has successfully delivered its objectives. we can say that the project is well designed with all the essential project management tools like project definition. Project closure report should include: Final project report should show the original business plan which includes tasks. All the parties have to be included in the survey that involved in the project or affected by the project problem. feasibility. network diagram.The project closure report is produced in front of the project board at the end of the project. For individual projects it is necessary to identify the specific forces – procedures. as mentioned in the project definition document. the project is formally wind-up . Thus the ultimate objective would be to provide good quality products by taking quality standards into consideration. systems or behaviour and attitudes of individual and groups that help or hinder the project. • Description of final deliverables of the project • Analysis of the external and internal environment of the projectknowing the strengths and weakness of the project • 27. work breakdown structure etc.The board of the Sify’s spa will review the overall outcome of the project by identifying the project completion criteria and listing the outstanding activities or deliverables. . Project management plays a vital role for the company to grow and build its reputation. THE SUCCESS OF PROJECT The overall strategy for the project has been discussed earlier in this case. Evaluation After the handover of the project to the sponsor. By making project management a part of the firm it can give competitive advantage to achieve process. which obstruct the Sify’s Spa Project. Gantt chart. Conclusion To conclude. The analysis can be done by gathering information through questionnaires or interviews about the forces obstructing project performance.

to follow the low-cost high turnover approach to attract the potential customer. .Moreover. will help to gain the market share and sales. We have described earlier. we aim to provide first three services free of cost to the customer within the six months from the purchase date of the product which will add value to my project and overall business. If they are getting best quality with the low prices.

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