Meredith R.

Green, CPA Kitsap County Treasurer
Dear Taxpayer,

614 Division Street, MS-32 • Port Orchard, WA 98366-4678

February 2011

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Kitsap County Treasurer. Given that tax calculations are complex and continually changing, we thought it would be helpful to provide a somewhat simplified overview. Your bill is for taxes of all districts serving your property location. Kitsap County has 44 taxing districts, including fire, libraries, ports, schools, parks and utilities. To calculate taxes, district budgeted amounts for property tax revenue are divided by the value of all property in the district. This equals the levy rate that when applied to all properties, matches the district budget. Your property value times the levy rate determines your portion of the district taxes. District budget increases are limited to 1% of the previous year budget, plus an allowance for new construction. Additionally, maximum statutory levy rates will further limit most fire districts, and some port and park districts. Voters can also elect to pay additional taxes by voting for an excess levy or lid lift. We hear the question, “Why didn’t my taxes decrease as much as my property value?” The answer is that the individual parcel tax bills vary with the district levy rates, and the property’s value. The variations you see year by year are caused by the parcel’s valuation in relation to the value of all other parcels in the district, and the levy rate. For 2011 tax bills, the state levy used primarily to fund basic education increased 4.9% overall for Kitsap County, because, in general, King County assessed values decreased more than Kitsap’s, thereby shifting state taxes to Kitsap County. For Kitsap County, property values decreased an average of 4-7%, so if your assessed value decreased in that range, the County property tax portion of your bill should be about the same as in 2010. If your property value decreased less than that range, you’ll see an increase in your County property tax portion. In 2010, Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap and Central Kitsap School Districts all passed elections for maintenance & operations (M&O) levies, and Bainbridge also passed a capital projects/technology levy. As a result of these levies and scheduled changes in the bond levies, taxpayers may see the following changes in school levies: Bainbridge 7% decrease, Bremerton 3% increase, Central Kitsap 17% decrease, North Kitsap 1.5% increase. South Kitsap School District passed their M&O levy in 2009, thus will see a 3% increase in 2011. For more information, see So what does this mean for your individual property tax bill? Unfortunately, we can’t reach a specific conclusion. Your tax statement compares valuation and taxes by district for two years. Please visit our website at for information about property tax distribution, which you’ll see on the left-hand side under Property Taxes. Tax Distribution 101 option compares more tax history, which shows how valuation changes and levy rates impacted your tax bills. This year, we offer you the option to receive an October reminder and your 2012 property tax bills via email. To enroll, please complete the form on our website or on the reverse side of this document. If you provide your email address, the assessor plans to email your 2011 property valuation statement. Since being appointed to office in 2010, I’ve taken my twenty-four years of private sector experience and focused on providing service to the citizens and districts as efficiently as possible. We negotiated a reduction in the rate districts pay for the use of credit cards. Three individuals retired from the Treasurer’s office and only one person was replaced. To reduce expenses, this year’s return envelope was redesigned to eliminate the costly address change tab. In the future, by emailing statements to those who prefer this delivery, we save paper and postage. We will continually strive to efficiently collect and safeguard YOUR money. I am truly honored to serve as your Kitsap County Treasurer. If you have any comments or suggestions, please stop by, call us at 360-337-7135, or email We, as public employees, are here to serve you. Regards, Meredith Green and Staff
Tax Collections: (360) 337-7135 - Facsimile: (360) 337-4635 - District Services: (360) 337-4941 – Investments: (360) 337-7139 Toll free from: Olalla (253) 851-4147 – Bainbridge Island (206) 842-2061

From the Assessor I appreciate the opportunity to remind everyone that the assessed value, which is the basis of your enclosed tax bill, is our estimated market value as of January 1, 2010, almost 14 months ago. In most cases this is the same value we reported to you last summer. The residential and commercial sales used in our analysis can be found at: We will look at all of the sales that take place from January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011 to determine a January 1, 2011 assessed value for all 115,000 properties in the county. Expect to hear from us in about three months with the results of our analysis as it relates to your property. That new value will be the basis of your 2012 property tax bill. Sincerely, Jim Avery Kitsap County Assessor | 614 Division Street, MS-22, Port Orchard, WA 98366 | | 360-337-7160

From the Noxious Weed Program What is that noxious weed fee? The Kitsap County Noxious Weed Board is a state mandated program under (RCW 17.10) with the mission of minimizing the degrading impacts of noxious weeds. These invasive plants are causing catastrophic impacts to our waterways, shorelines, parks, roadways, septic systems, and private residents’ health and well being. Even landowners who don’t currently have weeds can be harmed by weeds that spread from adjacent lands. Seeds are carried by wind, water, vehicles, boats, animals and people. Funds will be used to create a county wide volunteer work force and to continue to educate citizens of the weed problems throughout the County. Everyone benefits when we control and prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Without action, many noxious weeds will continue to spread and control will only become more costly and difficult in the future. To find out more about noxious weeds in your area please visit for more information. Kitsap County Noxious Weed Program Coordinator | 345 Sixth Street, Ste. 550, Bremerton, WA 98337 | 360-307-4242

Email Enrollment or Change of Address
If you want to have your statements delivered by email or your MAILING ADDRESS has changed from the address shown on the enclosed tax statement(s), complete this form and return it with your payment. or by mailing it to us at 614 Division Street, MS-32, Port Orchard, WA 98366-4678. You may also make the changes by visiting our website Note: Completing a change of address does not change legal ownership.

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Name Mailing Address City Email Address** Date Owner’s Signature State ZIP

List of all Account Numbers affected by this change*

*Refer to tax statement for Account/Parcel Numbers

**By providing my email address, I agree to receive tax statements and valuation notices via email. Tax Collections: (360) 337-7135 - Facsimile: (360) 337-4635 - District Services: (360) 337-4941 – Investments: (360) 337-7139 Toll free from: Olalla (253) 851-4147 – Bainbridge Island (206) 842-2061

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