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JANUARY 15, 2011 - JANUARY 21, 2011

Miss Black USA Contestants The Hate the Hate-filled Happy Birthday Rev. Dr. King!
Visit Howard University’ B3 Dialogue Produces A7
Returning to the Job? Prince George’s Officials
Steele Predicts a Win Scramble to Curb Violence
By Zenitha Prince to take control of the House and 13 new
By George Barnette
Washington Bureau Chief senators. And across the nation, the party
AFRO Staff Writer
gained 690 new state legislators and several
Days before the 168-member Republican governors.
Prince George’s County
National Committee voted for its new “It’s a good record to have going into
officials are working hard to
chairman, Michael Steele seemed confident the vote on [Jan. 14],” Steele said. “We put
stem a tide of violence that
that he would be re-elected for a second investments in our grassroots, in our state
swept the county in the early
term. “I feel good. What’s not to feel parties, and it benefitted us by reenergizing
days of the new year. There
good about?” Steele told the AFRO in an our base, locking us into our core principles
have been 11 murders in the
exclusive interview Jan. 10. “We took a again and ultimately doing what our
first 11 days of 2011, causing
moribund, demoralized party that was members asked me to do ... win elections.”
a mad scramble among public
touted around the country as an endangered Despite that record, the censorious
safety and executive level
species just two years ago and through a chorus of Steele’s detractors has not waned.
lot of effort and by taking a lot of risks we The 52-year-old said that’s because he is a
“We will stop the
turned it around.” party outsider that cannot be controlled by
unacceptably high level
In 2009, Steele’s first year, the GOP the Republican Party machine.
of violence which has
secured three unexpected victories – the But, the former Maryland lieutenant
plagued our inner beltway
governorships of New Jersey and Virginia governor owned up to at least one of the
communities since the
and a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts. In sins of which his critics accuse him – his
beginning of the year,” said
the 2010 mid-term elections, Capitol Hill penchant for verbal blunders. “Part of it is
Interim Prince George’s
Republicans gained 63 new representatives the learning curve of coming to the job and
County Police Chief Mark
realizing the megaphone
Magaw in a statement. “This
is a lot bigger than you
Michael Steele’s will be a concerted, sustained
think it is, and that when
tenure as head effort that will include the
you speak a whole lot of
of the GOP will PGPD, Office of the Sheriff, Courtesy Photo
people listen,” he said. “I Southview Apartments were the site of one of 11 murders
be decided on municipal police departments,
tend to be very direct and in Prince George’s County in the first 11 days of 2011.
Jan. 14 and Federal agencies, and
open about what I feel and
how it will go is community & business calls to coordinate operations enforcement actions in
believe ... but as national
anyone’s guess. leaders. Together, we are a and meetings will be held Districts I, III and IV, the
chairman, people don’t
formidable force that will with community leaders to inner beltway communities
necessarily want you to do
bring calm to all segments of discuss what can be done. where many of the homicides
that. And so you learn to
our County.” Maj. Joseph McCann
temper that, and I have.”
As a result, Magaw has will coordinate all special Continued on A3
Steele was less
made several changes to the
willing to accept other
police department. Close

Pr. George’s Task Force

accusations against him.
to 25 detectives have been
He called criticisms
transferred to new divisions
of his fundraising and
or task forces, the PGPD and
management of the RNC’s
war chest “baloney.” While
several major donors
Office of the Sheriff will now
join forces to serve warrants, Helping LGBTQ Youth
all municipal police chiefs By George Barnette
AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File Continued on A3 will participate in conference AFRO Staff Writer

Haiti: A Year after the Quake, For years, there has been a lack of help for lesbian,
gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ)
youth in Prince George’s County. Now, there is help in the

Waiting to Rebuild form of the Youth Equality Project.

Ann Marie Binsner, head of the project, says there is
a need for groups like hers given the climate of county
Hear the AFRO on The Daily Jonathan M. Katz In the broken building where the man was residents towards LGBTQ persons. She says there is
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. Associated Press Writer found, workers hired to clear rubble by hand a two-fold challenge facing LGBTQ youth in Prince
found two other people’s remains. George’s.
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — The Meanwhile, about a million people remain “One would be their acceptance in our community,”
man’s body was face down, his white dress shirt homeless and neighborhood-sized homeless Binsner said. “We have a socially conservative community
shining like wax in the sun, as he was unearthed camps look like permanent where culturally, in particular, African-American youth,
in the ruins of a central Port-au-Prince shantytowns on the fields and who are gay or are questioning their sexuality, are facing
restaurant a year after the earthquake. plazas of the capital. A messages from their church community, home community
That bodies are still being found in rubble cholera epidemic or their families that it’s not acceptable and it’s not
AFRO File Photo/J.D. Howard

is a sign of how far Haiti has to go to recover erupted outside tolerable.”

from a disaster that left the capital in ruins and the earthquake Binsner says the kids are at a greater risk to go through
is estimated to have killed more than 230,000 zone that further emotional stress because they’re ostracized by
people. has killed the only communities and the only people they know.
As the dust was still settling from the Jan. more than So she said the second challenge would be putting more
12, 2010, disaster, volunteers and hundreds of Continued programs in place to help those kids.
aid groups flocked in with food, water and first on A4 “What’s missing is mental health therapy and support,
aid that saved countless lives. But the effort to social activities, centers where kids can come and just be
rebuild has been dwarfed by the size of the who they are, and more intense services where people are
tragedy, the extent of the need and, trained to support a young person in developing their own
perhaps most fatally, the lack of identity, she said. “So for kids who need counseling or
leadership and coordination of more intensive health treatment, that also is lacking.”
more than 10,000 disorganized non- A 2007 Maryland youth risk behavior survey showed
governmental organizations. 13 percent of youth are bullied due to perceived sexual
The international community orientation. The survey showed that youth are twice as
“has not done enough to support likely to be bullied upon entering high school then by the
good governance and effective time they enter the 12th grade.
leadership in Haiti,” the aid group Those numbers, coupled with the fact that the
Oxfam said in a recent report. Maryland Department of Human Resources estimates 20
“Aid agencies continue to bypass percent of older foster youth in the county are LGBTQ,
local and national authorities in the have people statewide saying the need for more resources
delivery of assistance, while donors for LGBTQ youth is of paramount importance to the
are not coordinating their actions or county and the state.
adequately consulting the Haitian “I’m a mother of four children, three of which are
people.” A year after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, teenagers and I know firsthand how difficult those teenage
Less than 5 percent of debris most of the affected region is still in shambles as years can be,” said Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley.
has been cleared, leaving enough to less than 5 percent of the rubble has been cleared “They’re even more difficult for LGBT youth, especially
Join the AFRO on fill dump trucks parked bumper to and dead bodies are still being found.
bumper halfway around the world. Continued on A3
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A2 The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011

AFRO National Briefs

BET Co-Founder Blasts appeared to be a success
the two freshmen students –
UGA’s first Black enrollees –
history makers in the nation’s
responsible fatherhood and
mentoring at an awards dinner
on Jan. 14. Joshua DuBois,
that there’s a storm ahead of
It started on New Year’s
Civil Rights Movement. special assistant to President Eve in Arkansas, when 5,000
Oprah’s OWN Network with viewers. But BET co- Graduate student Mary Barack Obama and executive birds fell from the sky and
for Lack of Diversity founder Sheila Johnson had Frances Early, who registered director of the White House hundreds of thousands of
After posting stellar few encouraging words for for classes several months Office of Faith-Based and fish were found dead along
ratings during its debut Winfrey and her burgeoning after Hunter-Gault and Neighborhood Partnerships, is the Arkansas River. More
weekend, Oprah Winfrey’s network, citing too few Holmes, also made her mark the event speaker. dead birds were found in
anticipated OWN network African-American faces as the first African-American “Fatherlessness is an Louisiana, Canada, Japan,
Courtesy Photo graduate student at UGA. epidemic, and we know for Italy and Sweden, while
In honor of UGA’s many children both young massive fish die-offs were
Sheila Johnson desegregation, the school will and old that the effect of its reported in New Zealand,
Your History • Your Community • Your News among the lineup of featured host a series of celebratory pain runs deep. In America South Carolina and Maryland,
The Afro-American Newspapers experts. and educational events today, more than 24 million where at least 2 million dead
Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters
“The only advice that I through Feb. 28 with the children are unable to call fish were discovered in the
2519 N. Charles Street
say, let’s open up your circle theme “Celebrating Courage.” their father’s name in the Chesapeake Bay.
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602
410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297 a little bit more. You know, According to school officials, next room,” said Kenneth Despite the apocalypse we love the Dr. Phils. We love the events honor “not only… Braswell, executive director theories, environmental experts
the Suze Ormans. Let’s open the pioneering students who of Fathers Incorporated, in a have said that the animals are
Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892 up. There are other people,” broke the color barrier, but prepared statement. “That is
Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II
Johnson said during an of those who supported them why Fathers Incorporated was
Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr. interview on “Tell Me More,” and those who came after.” formed. We are committed
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222
and NPR talk show. “And The opening week of to make a difference and get
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200
there’s also African-American anniversary events brings fathers more involved in their
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales experts out there that I think back to campus some of the children’s lives daily, no matter
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289
she should start bringing on key figures from 50 years ago. what the circumstances.”
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246 her show that can reach even Hunter-Gault, a journalist and The dinner will launch
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235 a wider audience.” the partnership with the
Advertising Account Executive
While Winfrey has White House, a network of Courtesy Photo
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274
not responded publicly to private and public grass-roots
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242
negative assessments of the organizations, corporate dying of natural causes.
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265
new network, she had this to partners and a high-profile In Maryland, state
Community & Public Relations Manager
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243 say about OWN’s purpose honorary board. environmental officials
Editorial and goals: “OWN is the attributed the fish deaths to
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu network of self-discovery, Worldwide Fish and Bird ongoing frigid temperatures
connecting people to each Deaths Create Confusion and an overpopulation of the
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277
Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119 other and to their greatest A rash of dead birds and affected species, juvenile
E-mail: potential,” said Winfrey in a fish found worldwide has spot fish. “Spot may have
Global Markets prepared statement posted Courtesy Photo
caused some to believe that difficulty surviving in colder
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220 on her website. “We tell real Charlayne Hunter-Gault the apocalypse is upon us, but temperatures, and the species’
susceptibility to winter kills
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager life stories that are emotional environmental experts claim
and entertaining. We present NPR foreign correspondent, is well-documented,” the
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116 it’s a natural phenomenon.
Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager moments of transformation led a lecture at the school on Maryland Department of
“Personally, I definitely do
Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266
that inspire action.” Jan. 10 that was shared online the Environment said in a
believe we’re in the End of
Production Department - 410-554-8288 via a live feed. statement. “A rapid drop in
Days, and I believe there is a
UGA Celebrates lot of evidence of that,” Steve water temperatures apparently
Washington Office
1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723 50th Desegregation Fathers Group Launches Wohlberg, an author and caused cold water stress.
202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297 Anniversary Year-Long Initiative with theologian that has written Surface water temperatures
General Manager Fifty years ago, Charlayne White House several books about the end of in the bay have reached about
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116
Hunter-Gault and Hamilton Fathers Incorporated, the world, told The New York 0.5 degrees Celsius according
Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
Holmes endured quizzical a New York-based agency Daily News. to Md. Department of Natural
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions:
stares as they registered for which seeks to remedy the “On the Earth today, Resources Bay Program
Customer classes at the University of effects of absentee fathers, there’s a lot of violence, and a monitoring data, which is the
Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226 Georgia. America’s history of will announce a year-long lot of corruption,” Wohlberg coldest December recording
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282 racism and segregation made slate of activities to encourage said. “Indicators are flashing in 25 years of monitoring.”
November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washington Afro-American A3

A2 Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain NephewA3
The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 15, 2011 January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011 The Afro-American
By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi- posted fliers bearing his photo-

Prince George’s Officials Scramble to Curb Violence

AFRO Staff Writer connection with the murder of cious vehicle. The man noticed graph around the city. On
Hudson’s mother and brother. the vehicle while walking his Sunday, Jennifer Hudson asked
Jennifer Hudson and other The white, 1994 Chevrolet dog. According to the Chicago for the public’s help in finding
relatives from A1identified
positively Suburban with Illinois license Tribune, the boy had been shot her nephew. In her MySpace
multiple times in the back seat blog, she thanked fans and sup-
are happening. of 26-year-old Maurice Valentine on Jan. 6 in Seat Pleasant.
of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- porters for their prayers and
County Executive Rushern Baker, going through his Citizens
tered providedmurdered
to Hudson’s an accurate description of Taylor as he offered a $100,000 reward to
first major crisis on the job, said he has kept a close eye on allegedly
brother, was fledtowedthe scene.
with theHe was apprehended soon after. anyone who returned the boy
the violence and said is in constant contact with the police boy’s “This
a textand book is example
being of the community and police alive.
department. department
processed byworking
evidencetogether techni- quickly to solve a murder,” Since the investigation,
“Clearly we’re concerned about it. The police chief is on Magaw
cians andsaid in a statement.
workers. The body “Residents were willing to get Hudson – who gained stardom
top of it,” Baker told WTOP radio on Jan. 11. “I had a meeting involved
was and giveand
later removed us thetaken critical
to information we needed right after appearing on “American
yesterday with the police chief, the state’s attorney, the sheriff away.
the Cook A County
detective was on scene within a minute, and patrol
Medical Idol,” and then won an
and we’re coordinating our efforts.” officers quickly
Examiner’s office.set up a perimeter, allowing us to capture the Academy Award for her role in
Baker has also been meeting with community leaders since murderer
Hudsonwithin and other 10 minutes
family of the killing.” the movie Dreamgirls – has
the violence erupted. He paid a visit Sunday to Community of membersOn Jan. 11, the
arrived police
at the officials announced the arrests of
Medical stayed out of the public eye.
Hope Church in Temple Hills in an outreach effort. Vincent Eugene Miles, 29, and Neil Elmore Lawrence, 31, in
Examiner’s office mid-after- The Chicago Tribune report-
“I think we’re doing everything we can in terms of reaching connection with the Jan. 5 homicide of 30-year-old Terrance
noon to identify the body. Julian King, Jennnifer Hudson’s nephew. ed that a parade of cars moved
out to the public,” Baker continued. “Clearly, there needs to be Calvin Hunter at Southview Apartments Given the choice between look- in Oxon for
A spokesman Hill. theThey
the murders but is being held in Monday morning, past the
past her family’s home
more done, not only on the part of the police department, but ing directly at the body
also announced the arrest of Donte or
viewing toldDouglas,
the newspaper 18, in connection
that Hudson jail for parole violation after
also on the part of my office. We will be reaching out to the with theitJan. on a9wall-mounted
homicide of 21-year-old Corteza Warren news vans, reportersCourtesy and curi- Photo
faith community and to community groups and asking for Photos
Courtesy their Livingston in Forestville. All three have been charged with Prince George’s County Executive Rushern ous
Baker onlookers.
says he
help because that’s where we’re going to get the leads to close
Jennifer Hudson and her mom, Darnell Donerson who “She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment.”
first-degree murder. needs the public’s help in solving the 11 Neighbors stood
quietly and
was cases.”as well as her brother, Jason. A 12th killing occurred the night of Jan. 11, but police reflected on the
That kind of cooperation led to the first arrest in connection officials
video say itthewas
screen, self-defense.
family chose An intruderstrong
“remained was shot trying
for her fami- being Baker said he
convicted of hopes
attempted to have arrests
violence. in other cases soon.
the the 11of hermurders.
7-year-old James Edward plateTaylor,
X584859 17, was was found
arrested on to break-in
the a Lanham-area
latter. According to the” Initial
and reports
was clearly indicate the
its leader. Sourcesand
murder within his administration
vehicular hijack- said a formal
In front of theannouncement
and charged
nephew Monday, withjust firsthours
degree murder in the West
Chicago’s shooting Sidedeath
after incident Hudson
Tribune, was justified. said, “Yes, “She held hands with her fami- ing. mayCook follow later records
County this week. show home, men in heavy jackets
after his body was found in a police received a 7 a.m. call that’s him.” ly,” the spokesman said. “It that he pleaded guilty to both and hooded sweatshirts came to

Steele Fights
Predicts a Win
was obviously a very emotional charges health care in 1999.and He takewas thealsocost in hand
kiss the twin and white
“way crossesmore” bar-

moment.” of litigation
convicted out offorthe
in 1998 mix? ... ing
posses- unofficial
the names supporters
of Donerson among and
The boy – the son of Julia sion
Howofdo a stolen
you have motor vehicle.
a discussion the 168 committee members,
Hudson, Jennifer’s sister – had He on washealthreleased
care and from prison in
demonize Steele said he’sis confident he
Continued from A1 “Everybody sick of going
been missing since Friday, 2006 after serving
one side and then ignore
seven years can get stuff the 85 votes
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
through like Artisha
withheld their donations to during his term, he added, individual, it’s the position depthadiscussion
when relative found of howJulian’s for the attempted murder and
another? If we’re going to to win.
West, a former resident of the
the RNC, an unprecedented “Do people not realize that our party leadership the legislation would affect
grandmother, Darnell car hijacking charges.
have Thetheboydiscussion
remained let’s have “I fully
area told theexpect
Tribune. to “We
win all
numberAlanof Kingindividual donors and
we nowDallashave Cowboys two Black players No
arguedObama’s from thecampaign very is Donerson, discrete groups 57, andsuch his asuncle,
small missing have
AFRO Staff Writer Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, trying to distance him from the it honestly,”a longheweekend
said. in come the vote on Friday,these
to stick together. All
helped the committee Republican members of beginning,” he qualified. “We Jason Hudson,
businesses and29,how shotadding
to death through
And if GOP young
but if children are dying, and
out-raise its Democratic
among the names submitted to
Congress? We have Hispanic
group, saying, “Barack Obama
believe individuals [and not inmillions
his grandmother’s
more to the home
health in which police and leaders
volunteers for what?”
I don’t, there’s always
Presidential candidate John election officials. Never Organized with ACORN.” the 7000 block of South Yale
McCain’s attack “The problem–is
on ACORN governors
Hurd saidthat those we’ve
workers, who But Obama’s ties to ACORN run
they don’t Community
Associated control the money helped
were doingelect;those we’ve thingsgot “I fully expect to win come the vote on Friday, but if I don’t, there’s always something to do.”
without long and deep. He taught classes
An Amber Alert – a desig-
I raise,” Steele
Organization for said
Reform of his
Now – Hispanic and
ACORN’s African-
knowledge or permis- for ACORN. They even endorsed nation for high-risk missing
critics. the success of the
confirms American
sion, were fired.members of state the for
him government]
President. should be insurance
children system
– was issuedwouldFriday not are honest about his something to do,” he said,
As in thethe
organization, mid-term
head of the legislatures
“The evidence [and]that localhas office
sur- making
But now ACORNchoicesisabout where
in trouble. after Julian was discovered the
lead to higher premiums, accomplishments, he should vowing to remain in politics.
group says.the GOP powers holders
faced now.
so far showsThere’s they been
faked and how they
Reporter: Thereget arehealth care.” missing
at least chairman said.
after the“How
murders. do you be elected, Steele added. “I always have a plan B, C
be have their ideas
is testimony to theabout unprecedented
work forms to get paid attentionfor work they There was no
11 investigations real the
across in- have aarrested
Police nationalWilliam
discussion on With 27 public endorsements and D ... I’m not going away.”
we’ve howand andsuccess
with which we’ve paid to
didn’t do,really
not tobuilding
stuff ballot the country involving thousands of Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
had,” Maudemoney Hurd, should be of
president relationship
boxes.” ACORN, to the shepoint
said, is the potentially fraudulent ACORN father and estranged husband
spent for the 2012 presidential where we can actuallyperpetra-
ACORN, said in an interview victim of fraud, not the get forms. of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
with But he has different
the AFRO. people
tor of it. elected ... that’s a sight Announcer: Massive voter Southside apartment several
ideas, Steelethissaid.
attack“My started,
viewwe moreHurd saidthey’ve
than the onlydone thingsup to fraud. And the Obama campaign hours after the murders.
of itjust announced
is every state thatshouldwe had bogus are the charges them-
this point.”
paid more than $800,000 to an Balfour’s mother, Michele, has
registered 1.3 million new vot- selves. And factcheck. org ACORN front for get out the vote told reporters that her son had
be the beneficiary,” he said. Expectations that he would
ers,” she said. “That’s just to say agrees. efforts.
“I learned a very important be Ita concluded,
lightning rod to attract
“Neither Pressuring banks to issue risky
nothing to do with the slayings.
that someone’s running scared Balfour remains a suspect in Jason Hudson
lesson from
because of ACORN’sHowardsuccess.” Dean; I Blacks innor
ACORN droves to the GOP
its employees have loans. Nationwide voter fraud.
McCain, what whoheis did to revive
running for werefound
been “silly” andof,
guilty “unrealistic,”
or even Barack Obama. Bad judgment.
broken on and demoralized
the Republican tick- he added.
charged with, “Again
casting that’s that
fraudulent Blind ambition. Too risky for
et, lashed out Party.
at ACORN ... He said,
in the old silly mindset that some
votes.” America.
final we need
debate againsttoBarack play in the
The party
problem seem came to about
have –pri-
Obama, contending so hethe didn’t if we have
group “is marily because a Blackof the man way or Since McCain’s comments, SQUARE HIGH
on the verge states like North
of maybe perpetrat- ACORNwomen, operates.
or Hispanic Rather or Asian
than ACORN’s 87 offices have been
ing one ofand Virginia.
the greatest frauds in candidate
rely or leader
on volunteers, in the
it pays peo- bombarded with threats and
voter ... We have to be relevant
history in this country, party then everybody in that
ple, many of them poor or unem- racist mail.
to every voter out there so we
maybe destroying the fabric of community’s suddenly going
ployed, to sign up new voters. The day after the presidential
have to state the case.”
democracy.” The idea was to
wake up and be Republican,” help both those debate, vandals broke into the,
Steele became verbally a non-partisan being registered and
he said. “The reality of it is those doing organization’s Boston and Seattle
Web site, found those claims to the registration. offices and stole computers.
agitated when asked the party has to work [to build BREAD NOT ON THE LIST
be “exaggerated,” with “no evi- Maud explained, “We have a After a Cleveland representative
about contentions that as those relationships] and you
dence of any such democracy- zero tolerance policy for deliber- appeared on TV, an e-mail was
the RNC’sfraud.”
destroying first African- can’t
ate fake it, you
falsification can’t skate
of registration.” sent to the local office saying she
American chairman,
Hurd believes the McCain he did around
Most news accounttoneglect
it, you have actually to “is going to have her life ended.”
not attract
charges wereenoughpolitically Blackmotivat- pointengage.”out that ACORN is A worker in Providence, R.I.,
ed. Hispanic voters or make Steele’s
required by law efforts
to turn to in all reg- received a threatening call say-
She said,outreach
“Because to those
it’s low- engage forms.
istration Black And voters they mayalso fail ing, “We know you get off work
and moderate-income “What? Are
people, benote
to stymied,
that it however,
was the organiza- by his at 9” and uttered racial epithets.
you people
and kidding of me?
color,...I believe
That is the tion,stance on social
in many issuesthat
instances, that first A caller to one office left a
McCain campaignhe said. thinks those greatly the
brought impactphony theregistrations
African- message on the answering
voters Saying
are goinghis firstto voteofficial trip to American
the attention community
of authorities. such machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
as chairman was to Harlem
Democratic, which is not neces- as his opposition to President calling to let you know that
The McCain camp apparently
and pointing to other efforts
sarily true.” Obama’s
isn’t interestedhealth care reform.
in those fine Barack Obama needs to get

Want a free
to help minority candidates
ACORN is no stranger to points, preferring
“It’s not my stance as an to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted)
controversy. ing ads that seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
For 38 years, the non-partisan to ACORN, thereby undercutting (expletive deleted). You guys are

organization has fought for social his political support. fraudulent, and you need to go to

checking account?
and economic justice for low- McCain: I’m John McCain hell. All the niggers on oak trees.
and moderate-income and I approve this message. They’re gonna get all hung hon-
Continued With
Americans. from 400,000
A1 mem- Announcer: Who is Barack eys, they’re going to get assassi-

ber families organized Obama? A man with “a political nated, they’re gonna get killed.”
those in high school,into thatmore
are being tormented and taunted by

Raise the green flag.

than 1,200 neighborhood chap- baptism performed at warp Another message said, “You
ignorant bullies, sometimes on a constant basis.”
ters in 110 cities nationwide, speed.” Vast ambition. After col- liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive
Binsner says her group has been
ACORN has over the years seen lege,working he movedhard to address
to Chicago. deleted). Welfare bums. You
this issue. She says from big things
its share of criticism while advo- Became a community like providing mental
organizer. guys just (expletive deleted)
cating professionals
affordable housing, to social outlets,
There,the Obamaproject methas started to come to our country, consume
living much
wages, needed for
healthcare support
the forTalbot,
the kids. part of the Chicago every natural resource there is,
One thing and
underserved— the group has done branch
while organ- and will continueHe
of ACORN. to was
do isso and make a lot of babies. That’s
hold voterdances for the kids. Many times the kids
impressive thatare he wasunable asked to to Today, everyone is looking for ways to save
all you guys do. And then suck
izing registration drives.
But none school
has been dances or other social
as withering trainactivities
the ACORN with a same-sex up the welfare and expect every-
money. That’s why M&T Bank is offering a M&T Totally Free Checking
and without
baseless as this ridicule.
one. The projectWhat has adidplan ACORN to hold them
in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
With theafter hostingelection
presidential two last year.
engageThein? next dancebanks.
Bullying is planned bills for your great kids.freeI jus’ say let account. With M&T Totally
for February and the project is hoping to spread the word.
less than two weeks away, Intimidation tactics. Disruption your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a classroom.
ACORN’s“We are becoming known,” she said. The kids are
detractors allege the of business. ACORN forced move. Just let your children die.
Free Checking, you’ll also get many convenientFun learning opportunities No minimum balanceSimple
are everywhere. requirement
things like
beginning to learn about us. They’re beginning to trust us
organization has engaged in mas- to issue risky home loans. Forget about paying for hospital counting and identifying shapes activate a child’s learning ability,
enough votertoregistration
come to our fraud The feel
after They
events. samelike typesit’s of just
loansa that
place bills for them. extras I’mthat not gonna
makedo life a little easier. Not to and help them enter No monthly
school more service
prepared. charge 1
That’s why PNC
the reported caused the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I
where they discovery of bogus
can be themselves. founded Grow Up Great and its Spanish-language equivalent Crezca
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you mention all die.” a strong bank in your corner. So raise Free 100M&T Web Banking ®2
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Hurd thinks the hate calls will
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cease soon. the green flag. And know M&T is here to help. Free M&T Mobile kit at aBanking
“Happy, Healthy, Ready for School” PNC branch. It’s filled
“In two weeks, I think these
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I think ittoday. with all kinds of simple, everyday things you can do to help a child
Stop by any learn. Together, we can work with our communities so an entire
will be harder for us to get our
name back on good graces generation won’t just grow up... but grow up great.
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A4 The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011 January 15, 2011 - January 15, 2011, The Afro-American A3

Haiti: A Year after the Quake

Bellerive said he is

AFRO File Photo/J.D. Howard

disappointed by the slow
delivery of funds. He said
Continued from A1 the delays may be caused by
3,600 people, and an electoral Progress has been slow expeditiously, hundreds of uncertainty surrounding the
crisis threatens to break an across the board, starting with thousands of Haitians will question of who will succeed
increasingly fragile political the omnipresent rubble. still be in tent camps during outgoing President Rene
stability. The U.S.-based RAND the 2011 hurricane season” — Preval.
The promise of a better organization said donors and which runs from June through “Perhaps some donors
Haiti remains just that. the Haitian government are November, the report said. say, ‘Let’s wait until we know
“The problem is that at a responsible for more not being It does not help that the exactly who will be there for
certain point the international cleared. Haitian workers are fees collected by customs the next five years,’” he said.
community gave the not given personal equipment officials — such as those This photo of post-quake conditions in Haiti, taken Preval’s government, weak
impression they could solve while heavy lifters have been blocking the large rubble- May 2010, are representative of the current conditions to begin with, was decimated
the problem quickly. ... I blocked by customs officials removing equipment — are in the country and the status of the efforts to rebuild. and never really recovered.
think there was an excess of at the border, the report said. one of the few bright spots Ministries were relocated but
optimism,” said Ericq Pierre, The government has also not in a Haitian economy that were not able to replace vast
Haiti’s representative to the designated sufficient dumping was already the worst in the a unified Creole-language Clinton’s U.N. Office of the numbers of staff killed in the
Inter-American Development space. hemisphere before contracting curriculum have not yet come Special Envoy to Haiti. Some quake or the material lost in
Bank in Washington. “Unless rubble is cleared by 7 percent over 2010, to fruition. $3.2 billion in public funding the destruction.
according to the World Bank. Instead, schools have is still owed. Preval has been seen by
! With nowhere to build, opened here and there. The United States had most Haitians as ineffective
construction of new housing About 80 percent of children originally pledged $1.15 at best, and many observers
has barely begun. Even Oxfam attending school before the billion for 2010, but moved have criticized him for being
said earlier this year it would quake are going to class again, nearly its entire pledge to 2011 responsible for a lack of
be too complicated to address said UNICEF Haiti Education following delays in Congress leadership within Haiti.
the key underlying issue of Chief Nathalie-Fiona and the Obama administration. “Everyone is talking about
sorting out Haiti’s broken Hamoudi. UNICEF planned Clinton was supposed to the resilience of the Haitian
system of land ownership, to build 200 semi-permanent take care of the governments. people, and everyone is taking
where several people will hold structures to teach in, but only In July he told AP he would advantage of that resilience,”
seemingly equal claims to the finished 88 by the end of 2010 contact donors the following Bellerive said. “It’s going to
same plot of land. because an ongoing cholera week to remind them of their end. Success for me is to do
Internationally financed outbreak diverted its effort. promises, and again expressed the basic, the minimum, so we
inspectors have certified The reconstruction effort frustration when payment was can really build a future. And
houses where people can overall is hampered by the slow through the summer and we have to do it right now.”
return, but indications are that failure to deliver or spend fall. As the anniversary arrives,
few have — at best many of billions of expected dollars But as the year came to an Haitians will remember that
those leaving the sprawling in aid. Americans donated end, even the United States — day of sorrow with a Mass
camps are merely moving their more than $1.4 billion to help whose secretary of state is his in front of the destroyed
shacks closer to where they earthquake survivors and wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton cathedral, still in ruins.
used to live. rebuild, but just 38 percent — had paid just a fraction of In an Op-Ed to Haiti’s Le
Meanwhile, only 15 of that total has been spent what it promised, pushing off Nouvelliste newspaper, Pierre
percent of needed temporary to provide recovery and nearly $1 billion in money asked that on the anniversary
shelters have been built, with rebuilding aid, according to pledged for 2010 to 2011. itself, foreigners leave Haitians
few permanent water and a Chronicle of Philanthropy Bill Clinton has had three alone.
sanitation facilities. survey of 60 major relief prominent, simultaneous “I ask only one day per
The earthquake was an organizations. roles in Haiti’s rebuilding: year, from 2011 on, to enable
opportunity to completely Governments have not co-chair of the reconstruction us to mourn our dead ... to try
remake a broken education done better. More than $5.3 commission with Prime to understand how and why we
system where only half of billion was pledged at a Minister Jean-Max Bellerive; got where we are,” he wrote.
school-age children were March 31 donor conference U.N. special envoy for Haiti; “We need to find some peace.”
enrolled, mostly in bad private for a period of 18 months. and head of his Clinton
schools that often charge Only $824 million — about Foundation, a major donor. Associated Press writers
predatory fees. a quarter of the public money But on his recent trips to David McFadden, Ben Fox
Plans from the Inter- not including debt relief — has Haiti he has been left merely and AP television journalist

what if
American Development been delivered, according to expressing frustration that Julia Galiano-Rios contributed
Bank for safer buildings and former U.S. President Bill more is not getting done. to this story.

I have
questions about how
my child
is learning?

Early Stages can help.

We offer free developmental testing for children ages 3 to 5 who live in
the District of Columbia. Our family-friendly center is staffed by a team of
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Call us at 202-698-8037 or visit

to make an appointment for your child.
January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011, The Afro-American A5

His imprint on the world is indelible. equal access to health care and a sound I was a high school senior when Rev. Martin I was a toddler at the height of the Rev. Dr.
In life, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a education, the just administration of the Luther King Jr. was assassinated. I never really Martin Luther King’s career and only four at the
poet-warrior-priest who led and inspired a law and other matters of parity. And he has came to terms with the fact that this non-violent time of his assassination. I have no memories of
movement. Armed with the cotton-covered inspired leaders of all races to pursue a vision leader was violently murdered.  Dr. King’s King when he was alive or of his assassination.
mallet of non-violence, he led a multi-ethnic of change. murder invoked rage across the nation and in my Thankfully he was a prolific writer and
army of soldiers in a battle against the evils of In honor of his memory and in own community. I remember seeing National speaker and because of it, he lives for me.
justice and inequality. For that cause he gave commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Guardsmen with rifles, stationed every 10 feet, Rev. Dr. King was a visionary and a
up family and personal time, for that he was Jr. Day, AFRO staff members share their as I traveled down Baltimore’s Pennsylvania strategist. He knew his vision was lofty and,
vilified and pilloried, for that he gave his life. memories of the civil rights giant: how he Avenue on my way to church. It is ironic that during the time he embarked on it, well out of
In death, Dr. King’s legacy lives on, inspired and transformed their lives, where and violent protests occurred after Dr. King’s death reach of his contemporaries. But he knew he
prompting generations of activists to seek an how they learned about his death and what his even though his life focused on non-violent and was responsible for trying to lead people there.
end to disproportionate Black unemployment, legacy means to them. peaceful demonstrations. For me, the struggle He was clear no lasting change or movement
he lead in life seemed distant and far away, but towards his vision of a world of equals –
in death the struggle became real and close-up. with people judged by the content of their
As I think of Dr. King I can’t help but I learned of Dr. King’s death when my As I grew older, I was able to fully appreciate character – could come through violent protest.
recognize his legacy and what he meant to my mother, aunt and I were shopping at the Giant the non-violent manner in which he waged the So strategically – with his words, speeches,
parents’ generation. on Baltimore’s Minnesota Avenue (which is no struggle for civil and human rights. sermons, writings and public organizing – King
My parents were both born and raised in North longer there) for groceries, some of which were Daniel C. Moore shaped public perception and delivered messages
Carolina during the height of the Civil Rights for my grandparents. My aunt had gone to get Sr., 60, Archive of chastisement, guidance, reflection and hope to
Movement. Whenever we’d go back to visit my her car while my mother finished checking out. Technician the entire world.
dad would show me the old movie theater, where Outside waiting, as my aunt was coming to pick King’s words have shaped the lives of
they’d have to sneak in the back and sit in the us up, we saw her car suddenly hit the curb, then many and through them, his vision lives on.
seats in the balcony because they had the worst straighten up. My mother and I were wondering His thoughts on poverty guide my thinking and
views. what was wrong with her. When she pulled up actions. His passion for non-violence is the
My mother showed me the one-classroom and we opened the car door, she told us she had foundation for my belief that all conflicts have
school, with dirt floors, that she attended as a just heard on the radio Dr. King had been killed. a non-violent solution if you are willing to look
young child because there was no integration of We rode to my grandparents’ in utter shock. I long enough and work hard enough to find it.
the schools. can’t even remember if they had already heard the Talibah Chikwendu, 47, Executive Editor
Both buildings are still standing today, but news by the time we arrived or if we had to break
it’s a testament to Dr. King’s activism that both it to them.
parents lived long enough to be able to walk As a child it was difficult to understand the Dr. King represents to me the justice and
through the front door of the theater and see full impact of that moment. As an adult, I equality that we as Black Americans have
integration of schools in person in Caswell believe that although there were many sought over the many years; for he led this
County, N.C. who fought the fight and paved the powerful movement that impacted all citizens of
It’s one thing to read about Dr. King’s impact. way for equality before, during and the United States.
However, it is an entirely different experience after Dr. King’s time, he was to me My fondest memories of Dr. King relate to
when you can feel and touch it for yourself. the greatest catalyst for change in his extraordinary ability to articulate his words
Those experiences provided a framework for this country. People, especially during his speeches and made me want to
how my parents raised my two sisters and I and, African Americans, were ready for emulate him in some small manner. As I have
therefore, I feel someway more connected than change. I don’t think he could read his written words, I have been motivated
many people my age, especially ones whose have achieved what he did if to climb every mountain, challenge every
families have lived in the North for quite some that wasn’t the case, but barrier that had been put before me to reach
time. he was the galvanizing my goals in life. And when we heard about the
My mother is no longer with us so I got force. A man of assassination of Dr. King, a group of us students
very emotional the night President Obama won vision, wisdom, of were in the Jackson State University Student
the election. Not because a Black man was course, faith and Union and we all begin to cry, trying to figure
elected president, but because I just imagined the great courage…I how this could happen…there were no answers. A
conversation we would’ve had that night about will always admire small demonstration erupted on campus; I was
how her experiences growing up would’ve led her him. a willing participant. The pain of the loss of Dr.
to believe a night like that was impossible. Denise Dorsey, King continues to give us hope for the future.  
I thank Dr. King for giving me that moment. 55+, Production Edgar Brookins, 63,
George Barnette, 29, Staff Writer Manager AFRO File photo
See more tributes on Washington Office Manager

The Computer Science Department-

Professor Bo Yang, PhD with students

2 0 11
Take a look at Bowie State University.
Achieve your educational and career goals spring.
Register or apply today!

• Spring Session 1: January 24-March14

• Spring Session 11: March 28-May 19
• Spring Session 111: January 24-May 20
For more information, call 301-860-3415. Schedules are located at
A6 The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011

Community Calendar
Jan. 13 Dr. King Town Hall Meeting on the King legacy and
The United Negro College
Fund and the Washington
Inter-Alumni Council hosts
this celebration featuring
Jan. 19
Steve Harvey Book Singing
Borders, 1801 K St., N.W.
D.C. 6:30 p.m. Comedian
Business Golf Luncheon
Renditions Golf Course,
1380 W. Central Ave.,
Davidsonville, Md. 11:30
keynote speaker Dr. John and radio host Steve Harvey a.m.-1:30 p.m. Harvin Golf
Jeffery Osborne First Baptist Church of special performances. For Management Group will
Birchmere Music Hall, Glenarden Worship Center, more information: www. Silvanus Wilson Jr., the will join fans to celebrate his
be kicking off the year by
3701 Mt. Vernon Ave., 600 Watkins Park Drive, executive director of the New York Times best-selling hosting a business golf
Alexandria, Va. 7:30 p.m. Upper Marlboro, Md. 12-2 White House Initiative on release, Straight Talk, No luncheon. The guest speaker
Enjoy the soothing sounds p.m. WHUR 98.3 and First 28th Annual Dr. Martin Historically Black Colleges Chaser: How to Find, Keep will be avid golfer Jay
of R&B crooner Jeffery Baptist Church will host this Luther King Jr. Birthday and Universities. The event and Understand a Man. For Davidson, president and CEO
Osborne. $65. For more town hall meeting entitled: Celebration will also include live musical more information: 202-466- of the Baltimore Grand Prix.
information: 703-549-7500. “Generation Y is the King Martin’s Crosswinds, performances. For more 4999. $45 in advance, $55 at the
information: 202-635-1957. door. For more information:
Dream Still Relevant?” This 7400 Greenway Center Drive,
Jan. 15 Jan. 20 410-300-6511.
event will feature discussions Greenbelt, Md. 8:30 a.m.
Poetry Extravaganza 2011
Martin Luther King
Library, 901 G St., N.W.
D.C. 1-4 p.m. This 15th
annual tribute will celebrate
the life and legacy of the
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr. The event will include
poetry, music, food, book
signings and more. For more
information: www.4caapa.

Taking Your Dreams From

Design to Destiny
Northwest Conference
Center, 20 F St., N.W. D.C.
8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Learn
how to attain success and
utilize tools and strategies to
help you take your dreams
from design to destiny. For
more information: www.

Dating 101: Where’s My

Bowie Public Library,
15210 Annapolis Road,
Bowie, Md. 1-3 p.m. Learn
strategies to help you find
your Mr. or Ms. Right
through discussions and
workshops. $15-$23. For
more information: www.

My First Love
Annie’s Art Gallery,
5814 Allentown Way, Camp
Springs, Md. 8 p.m.-12
a.m. Enjoy an evening of
romance at Annie’s Art
Gallery, complete with
amazing artwork, scented
candles, open wine bar
and live entertainment. For
more information: www.

How to Become a Life

Bowie Public Library,
15210 Annapolis Road,
Bowie, Md. 3-4:30 p.m.
Register for this class
and learn how to become
a life coach. $35. For
more information: www.

NBC 4 Health and Fitness

Walter E. Washington Macy’s is proud to sponsor
Convention Center, 801
Mount Vernon Place, N.W. The Boston Children’s Chorus 8th Annual
D.C. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. NBC 4
anchors and reporters will
kick off this annual event
Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Concert,
displaying healthy eating
and fitness techniques. Event “ Walk Together Children.”
will conclude on Jan. 16.
Check your local listings for air date of this nationally televised event.
For more information: www.
Every day Macy’s partners with organizations to
Jan. 16
MLK’s 82nd Birthday not only improve the communities we serve, but to be
LaFontaine Bleu Catering,
7963 Annapolis Road,
a shining example of diversity, caring and commitment.
Lanham, Md. 3 p.m. The
Prince George’s County
Chapter of the Southern
Christian Leadership
Conference will host an
awards banquet celebration.
The keynote speaker will
be Dr. Mickey L. Burnim,
president of Bowie State
University. For more
information: 301-773-1274.

Jan. 17
MLK Celebration
Hylton Memorial Chapel,
14640 Potomac Mill Road,
Woodbridge, Va. 11 a.m.
The Prince William County
Alumnae Chapter of Delta
Sigma Theta Sorority will
host their 26th annual King Macy’s is proud to support the arts, education, environmental causes and so much more.
Day Celebration featuring Visit our website for more information and to learn how you can help.
the Martin Luther King
Community Choir. For more
information: www.pwcacdst.

6120099A.indd 1 1/4/11 12:50:35 PM

January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011, The Afro-American A7

Celebrating the Life and
Legacy of an American Icon
On Jan. 17, our nation will one of our nation’s greatest
pause to celebrate and honor strengths.
the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin This year, on Aug. 28 –
Luther King Jr., one of our the 48th anniversary of Dr.
most admired leaders whose King’s landmark speech at
vision, strength and courage the Lincoln Memorial – we
helped bring about historic will dedicate a new memorial
change to our country. to him on the National Mall
Born 82 years ago, Dr. along the Tidal Basin and near
King showed a nation that the Lincoln Memorial.
nonviolence can bring about In dedicating the memorial
social justice. From the to Dr. King, we will be
Montgomery bus boycott to helping to ensure that future
the formation of the Southern generations will come to know
Sen. Benjamin L. Christian Leadership and appreciate his legacy of
Cardin Conference to his arrest justice and equality for all
and incarceration in the people. Dr. King wrote from
Birmingham jail, Dr. King never wavered in his determination the Birmingham Jail that
that all people be treated equally and fairly. “injustice anywhere is a threat
As we celebrate his life, we need to remember his call to to justice everywhere.”
action in the struggle for civil rights. He once said: “History Dr. King understood that we
will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of are all connected as brothers
social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, and sisters and that we must
but the appalling silence of the good people.” We are a diverse find a way to live together, or as he said, “Perish together as nation.
nation in which 1 out 3 Americans is a member of a minority fools.” As we celebrate his life and legacy, we join together in
group. Today, we celebrate that diversity and recognize it as giving thanks for the inspiration and guidance he has given our Benjamin Cardin represents Maryland in the U.S. Senate.

The Hate that Hate-filled Dialogue Produces

(TEWire) - While political waters. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Huckabee have called
conducting a town hall Let’s be very clear: This is not the first time deranged President Obama a socialist. To call President Obama a socialist
meeting in Tucson, Americans have lashed out against the social order. Most or compare his actions to those of Adolph Hitler is inaccurate,
Congresswoman Gabrielle recently, in 1995 Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and irresponsible and dangerous.
Giffords (D-Ariz.) was Michael Fortier bombed the Murrah building in Oklahoma At the tea party “code red” rally against health care reform
shot in the head Jan. 8. She City, killing 168 and wounding 450. Anti-abortion violence in Washington, protesters carried signs stating “Warning: If
struggles for her life in an killed Dr. David Gunn in Florida in 1993 and Dr. Barrett Brown can’t stop it, a Browning can,” referring to Sen. Scott
Arizona hospital. Giffords Slepian was murdered in his home in New York in 1998. The Brown’s (R-Mass.) health care vote and a Browning firearm.
was among 13 people difference today is that seemingly responsible politicians On March 20, 2010 as Representatives John Lewis (D-Ga.)
wounded in the melee and political commentators are contributing to this problem and Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) were leaving the Cannon office
that killed six, including by injecting irresponsible hateful political diatribes into the building they encountered members of the tea party protesting
Arizona’s chief federal political discourse. the health care reform bill. As the protesters exchanged words
judge, a 9-year-old girl and This is not a First Amendment “free speech” issue. This with the congressmen, some of the protestors called them a
an aide for the Democratic is a matter of responsible Americans demanding a higher “nigger” and spat upon them. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.)
Dr. Wilmer J. Leon lawmaker. The country standard of dialogue and holding individuals accountable for was called a “faggot.”
III prays for the recovery of the inflammatory fear mongering diatribes that have become Republican leadership has refused to repudiate and
the individuals who were accepted as legitimate political speech. disassociate themselves from the dangerous and incendiary
wounded and mourns the Former GOP vice presidential nominee and former Alaska comments of their surrogates. Instead, they seek to improve
loss of those who have died. Gov. Sarah Palin posted a map on her Facebook page that used their political position by riding the wave of anger caused by
It has been reported that the attack was carried out by gun sights to indicate congressional seats that her PAC was fear and prejudice. They have been conspicuously silent for too
22-year-old Jared Loughner. His motivations are unclear at “targeting” for the mid-term elections. Coincidentally, Palin long. Through their silence they are betraying America.
this time. Officials are looking at his MySpace page, YouTube listed Congresswoman Gifford’s seat as one of the top “targets” By allowing threats of violence to become an accepted
videos, and other Web postings looking for a motive. Some because of her support for health care reform. Palin regularly form of political persuasion, violence is becoming part of our
postings indicate Loughner is a very troubled individual. He calls for her supporters to “Reload!” during her speeches. political reality; the hate that hate-filled dialog produces.
posted the following on YouTube, “I know who’s listening: There’s no evidence that Loughner ever saw this site or heard a As Dr. King once said, “We will have to repent in this
Government Officials, and the People…Nearly all the people, Palin speech but we know that sick individuals like Loughner generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the
who don’t know this accurate information of a new currency, thrive like bacteria in an environment of political hatred. bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.”
aren’t aware of mind control and brainwash methods ...” Palin also tweeted her endorsement of an article by Thomas
There is no nexus or direct connection between Loughner’s Sowell that compares President Obama to Hitler. She also Dr. Wilmer Leon is the producer/ host of the nationally
attack and the inaccurate, hateful, and inflammatory language argued that President Obama’s establishment of a BP escrow broadcast call-in talk radio program “On With Leon,” and
that is being accepted as responsible political dialogue. One fund could result in his administration embracing Nazi-like a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Howard
cannot deny, however, that anti-government and anti-Obama dictatorial powers. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) has made University in Washington, D.C. Go to or
rhetoric contribute to a dangerous undercurrent in treacherous similar Hitler-Obama comparisons. e-mail:

Shooting Has Direct Ties to Political Rhetoric

Connecting the dots between extremist rhetoric and Letters to the Editor The Constitution stands as a protection against the tyranny
of government by a minority of the self-interested. Those who
the violence last Saturday is not a difficult job. Though the question the relevancy of this document have every right to agitate
mainstream media continues to tip-toe around it, the fact is the sake of the mother’s health. But in ALL of these cases the effort for its amendment but only through the proper channels; they
Arizona Democrat was targeted for political reasons by a troubled can be made to save both lives. Medical science has developed far should never be allowed to change it by fiat or to ignore it.
and imbalanced young man with illogical anti-government past the days when killing the child for the sake of the mother is By reading the Constitution aloud in Congress, the
feelings. necessary. There are some extreme cases such as toxic infections Republicans have focused public attention on the need for a
Back in May 2010 Sarah Palin targeted, using gun sights, 10 where the child cannot be saved. But, that doesn’t mean that the serious course correction, and on the timeless values we are meant
Democrats she wanted to see lose re-election, Giffords was one of child must be deliberately killed. Every effort to save the life to live by.
those Democrats. Now, people are dead, including a judge and a of the child can be made. Plus the mother will be much safer in Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt
9-year-old girl, and Giffords is in critical condition. Giffords and the care of a life-saving hospital team than she would be at an Baltimore, Md.
the judge who was killed were both vocal opponents of Arizona’s abortion clinic.
anti-immigration law. Back during the health reform debate hers Rape is a horrible crime. The punishment for rapists should A Rural Perspective on 2010
was one of the offices vandalized. The judge, John Roll, had been be severe. We should give great compassion and support to the What an interesting year. The Affordable Care Act passed
receiving police protection due to ongoing death threats due to victims of rape. But, in the cases where pregnancy occurs, does last March. It remains controversial, with polls showing
the fact that he recently presided over a controversial immigration this include abortion? about half the American people supporting the law and about
case. Giffords herself had previously expressed concern about You cannot answer this question honestly without considering half are on the other side. Of course, nearly a third of those
swastikas appearing in rallies. the humanity of the unborn child. Genetic science has shown us responding negatively believe that reforms did not go far
The tragic mass shootings was obviously politically motivated, the absolute uniqueness of every human embryo at even its earliest enough. Increasingly, as provisions such as doing away with pre-
but the folks (and elected officials) fueling this rage with stages. Even though this child’s conception came as the result of existing conditions for kids and tax credits for small businesses
rhetoric are still free, still infecting us with their vitriol, and the a crime, the child is not the criminal. Does this child deserve the that provide health care to their employees are implemented,
mainstream media is not asking any of the anti-immigrant right death penalty because of the crime of its father? understanding and support rise.
wing to explain themselves. We can expect nothing but talk (hot The victim of rape has severe emotional pain to deal with. Is We developed a landmark series of reports on the unique health
air) from Congress and back to normal next week, self-proclaimed adding the guilt of destroying another innocent victim the solution care challenges rural communities face. This ongoing series
Republican experts and anti-Muslim and anti-immigrants or does it add even more anguish to the situation? ( was crucial in
crusaders will be back to spreading hate in books, movies, Steve Casey ensuring that those unique challenges were part of the health care
websites, cable TV and speaking engagements. WHY DELETE Stonewall, La. debate.
A SUCCESSFUL PLAY FROM YOUR PLAYBOOK! Sadly, as We released groundbreaking reports on the importance
the Republican Party and its tea party wing continue their anti- Reading the Constitution of grocery stores in rural communities and key strategies for
government conspiracy campaigns, the other “Timothy McVeighs- Many years ago a survey of high school students revealed that retaining them (
in-Waiting” will begin to surface. a majority of students identified the following quote as coming We kicked off a major initiative to help the next generation of
Walt Hill from the Constitution: “From each according to his ability and to family farmers and ranchers; USDA’s Rural Microentrepreneur
Petersburg, Va. each according to his need.” Assistance Program was launched, providing crucial investment
Contrary to popular opinion and legislative practice, the in rural small business development; and we’re in a pitched battle
Roe v. Wade Anniversary quotation is from the writings of Karl Marx. with meatpackers over livestock market reforms that protect family
Jan. 22 will mark the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Ignorance and miseducation concerning the Constitution has farmers and ranchers. We helped nearly 2,000 family farmers,
court decision that has resulted in the destruction of over 55 had disastrous consequences in American society. Today this ranchers and others submit comments to USDA on those reforms.
million unborn lives—the largest holocaust in the history of misunderstanding is widespread among elected officials and has And, while America battled the worst economy since the Great
mankind. led to a take-from the rich-and-give-to-the-poor mentality that Depression, more people supported the Center for Rural Affairs
Let’s take a look at the two “hard questions” the pro-abortion benefits neither and is contrary to the constitutional guarantee of financially over the last three years than at any time in our history.
crowd hurls at the pro-life crowd to justify the multimillion-dollar private property. We have much to be thankful for, and we have great hope for 2011.
industry of abortion: What about saving the life of the mother? Another provision of this founding document is equality John Crabtree
And, what about cases of rape? before the law, irrespective of membership in any “preferred” Center for Rural Affairs
There are cases where a child has to be delivered early for the group. Lyons, Neb.
A8 The Afro-American , January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011

your grocerie s,
your choice le...
your schedu
REEE Deliver y
Going Under the Knife: Statistics
On First Orde
Go to in a single trans
mum purchase ery Area restrictions appl
*With $50 mini

Show Rise in Plastic Surgery for

omers only. Deliv
New online cust

Black Women
Playoff By Stephen D. Riley
AFRO Staff Writer
Savings The price of beauty has always
Rancher’s Reserve® been high for some women.

Boneless Beef
Bottom Round Roast From fancy shopping sprees to
lb Or Bottom Round Flat Sold high-dollar makeovers, going
glamorous has always taken a lot
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of time, money and hard work.

Rancher’s Reserve®
But according to statistics, women
199 lb
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Boneless Beef
Chuck Roast
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are no longer settling for just the
occasional makeover anymore;
they’re now going full steam
169 ahead with various methods of
100% S. BE
199 lb
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Rancher’s Reserve®
Boneless Beef
Shoulder Roast Safeway
Boneless Skinless
Chicken Breasts
Club Price
plastic surgery to better their looks
and heighten their sex appeal.
The biggest trend, however,
Frozen. 4-lb. bag at $6.76 ea. or

circles around African-American

Frozen Chicken Wings $1.99 lb.
Sold in a 4-lb. bag at $7.96 ea.

women, who have seen a 5 percent

Pork Loin
increase in the number of plastic
Blade End Roast
Or Assorted surgeries since 2008, according to
the American Society of Plastic
Pork Loin Chops,
Extreme Value, $1.49 lb.
Or Pork Loin Chops,
Extreme Value, $1.99 lb.
Surgeons (ASPS).
The number of plastic surgeries

29 88¢ among African-American women

Large Hass
Courtesy Photo/
rose from 942,571 in 2008 to
Club Price
SSAVE up to 79¢ ea.

According to the American Society of Plastic

lb 985,907 in 2009, the last available
Surgeons, surgery among Black women is on the
Club Price update. So what’s caused the
increase? Experts vary in their
explanations. The ASPS listed the
it’s a trend some feel could have damaging
most common procedures during the last two
years as breast reduction, liposuction and
4 UUtz Potato Chips
7 to 10-oz.
SSelected varieties. nose-reshaping, not quite along the lines of “I think that these young women, these
superstars, are over sexualized and they
the skin lighteners and Botox injections that
Club Price CClub Price: $2.00 ea.

promote the idea that as a woman you have

has exploded among celebrities. According
to promote your sexuality more than your
to the ASPS, the most common minimally
7 Rancher’s Reserve®

1 99 character,” said Marita Golden, an educator


invasive procedures over the past few years

In the

Boneless Beef S
Shady Brook Farms
and award-winning novelist who has written
Ground Turkey included Botox/Dysport, injectable fillers and
lb 20.8-oz. Regular or Italian. several pieces on intra-racial racism and
chemical peels.
S Whole in the Bag.
cultural identity.
Club Price
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Regardless of the surgery type, one
“I’m really sick of the oversexualization
SSignature Cafe®
Chicago-based plastic surgeon said plastic
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of females in general and I think for young

ea 2 Each: Drumsticks,

surgery procedures are on the rise. “I

BBreasts, Thighs and Wings.
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African-American women, it’s especially

definitely have [seen an increase],” says
dangerous because they’re vulnerable in the
plastic surgeon Julius Few, director of the
first place because of self -concepts.”
Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Golden believes those self-esteem
“I’ve seen a number of women of color
concepts are a contributing factor to the
coming in now understanding that there’s
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more technology available to meet the unique
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of color are trying to do everything they can
to look marketable and look their best. I think

in plastic

value and
Black women.
are still wrestling
beauty in a
that habitually and regularly denigrates our
that assuming the economy stays stable, it’s a
worth and physical beauty no matter what
trend that will continue.”
we look like,” said Golden. “Black women
Few said he often receives requests from
in 2011 are still dealing with the same issues
women hoping to emulate the bodies and
that we were dealing with 100 years ago.”
faces of their A-list celebrity icons. From
Gabrielle Union to Janet Jackson, drawing
For more on Marita Golden visit www.
style and motivation from a superstar has

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JANUARY 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Wednesday, January 12 thru Tuesday, January 18, 2011.
ALL LIMITS ARE PER HOUSEHOLD, PER DAY. Selection varies by store.
January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011, The Afro-American B1

Go-go music After Vincent Gray was

legend sworn-in as the District’s
Chuck Brown
performs at
sixth mayor, a city-wide Mayor Vincent Gray, Council Chairman Kwame Brown
the gala celebration took place and Councilman Marion Barry
at the Washington
Convention Center to
signal the beginning
a new era. Also sworn-
in was City Council
R&B singer chairman Kwame Brown
Raheem DeVaughn and other members of Jamie Foster Brown, Sister2Sister
performs the City Council. magazine publisher and Big
Good food, music Tigger, WPGC radio personality
and a steady flow
of dancing made
the evening a
Trina Alexander Eaddy
and Terra Smith
Miss DC
USA 2011 Prince George's County
Tiffany and Avery Brown, TAG - Heather Executive Rushern Baker
Mississippi Enterprises Swann speaks with a guest

Mark Jones, Ward 5 school board; J. Jioni Palmer, ANC Ward 5; Dari Ruff, Jimmy Sanders,
Candice Sanders, Telesa Via, Elliott Ferguson and Andre Scott Fahn Harris, Selliestean Worsley and Carolyn Jones
Photos by
Rob Roberts

Photos by Danita Delaney

Over 12,000 people gathered at the Donald Lawrence, CeCe Winans, Karen
Verizon Center in Northwest Washington Clark-Sheard, Marvin Sapp and Fred
to witness the finale of the “How Sweet Hammond. GFC Chorale from Greater
the Sound 2010 Search for the Best Greater Zion Church’s Voice of First Church of Chicago
Church Choir in America.” Presented by Destiny from Los Angeles, Calif., was
Verizon, the showcase culminated a 14- named the national winning church
city tour that inspired and uplifted those choir and received the $25,000 grand
who participated and brought gospel prize. Washington, D.C.’s Greater Mount
music to a national audience. Calvary Men of Valor received the most Voices of
Some of the biggest names in gospel popular church award for $5,000. Destiny
music were in attendance, including members are
with news of Apostolic Community
their win Life Choir of Oakland,
BeBe and
Calif., sings “Nobody
CeCe Winans
Like Jesus”

National runner-up, GFC Chorale, received $15,000

Burning Bush International Mass Choir

of Detroit sings “Stir up the Gifts”
The National People’s Choice award winner, Greater
Mount Calvary Men of Valor Choir

Voices of Destiny of Los Angeles, Calif., performs

Kera Pigue, Karrie Hudson

and Brooklyn Hudson of Silver
Spring, Md.
St. Mark’s Sanctuary Baptist Church of Memphis, Tenn., performs

Gospel celebrity artists Marvin Sapp,

CeCe Winans and Donald Lawrence Washington, D.C.’s Greater Mount Calvary Men of Valor Choir
kicked off the show. Winans and
Lawrence served as event emcees

Hundreds of residents from the DMV crowded into the Verizon Center for the “How Sweet the Sound” gospel competition
B2 The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011

Tim Lacy’s ‘Another Viewpoint’ on

Bison Fall in 5-Game Red Hot Lady Firebirds Win 9 of Last 10 Games
Losing Funk By AFRO Staff

The UDC Lady Firebirds

41.2 percent
(seven of 17)
from beyond
day for the Lady
Firebirds, led by
freshman guard
McGill led the team with
her usual double-double of
15 points and a game-high
women’s basketball team has the three- Julissa Anderson 14 rebounds. She also had
won nine of its last 10 games point line, who finished a game-high 14 rebounds,
and is currently on its third surprising with 14 points, and was named the New
three-game winning streak of considering making four of Years Classic tournament
the season after a big win over UDC seven shots from MVP. McGill also recorded
the Central State University averages beyond the arc. a double-double of 13 points
Marauders on Jan. 9. only 27.8 Graduate and 11 rebounds in the first
UDC (10-6) used its percent student Niqky game of the tournament as
impressive defense and shooting Hughes added UDC edged King College,
Courtesy Photo/UDC
three-point shooting to take from long 12 points, 66-62, on Jan. 8.
UDC’s Lillian McGill and
Courtesy Photo/ out CSU, 67-54, in the New distance this shooting 50 UDC will hit the road
Julissa Anderson
Howard Media Years Classic tournament in season. percent from this weekend to take on
Washington, D.C. But it was three-point Philadelphia University on
Howard’s Alphonso Leary had a decent performance The Lady Firebirds shot just that kind of a offensive range. Senior forward Lillian Jan. 16.
despite the Bison’s loss to Coppin State on Jan. 10.
By Perry Green
AFRO Sports Editor
Cam Newton, Auburn Edges Oregon for BCS Title
By Perry Green who held Oregon’s LaMichael James, the top-ranked running
The Howard Bison extended their losing funk to five games AFRO Sports Editor back in the nation, to fewer than 50 yards rushing. Auburn’s
after their latest trip up i295 to Baltimore. Howard fell to the defense was led by 298-pound defensive tackle Nick Fairley,
Morgan State Bears, 75-62, on Jan. 8, and then followed up The No. 1 ranked Auburn University Tigers captured the who blew up every running play that came his way. Fairley
with an 84-53 loss to fellow Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference 2011 Bowl Championship Series college football title after finished with four tackles for a loss and was named the
(MEAC) opponent Coppin State on Jan. 10. edging out the No.2 Oregon University Ducks, 22-19, on Jan. Defensive Player of the Game.
The Bison made it a fairly tight game against the MEAC 10 at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas finished with 363
defending champion Bears, despite being undermanned. Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton passed passing yards and two touchdowns, despite the loss. His coach,
Howard’s Mike Phillips had a career performance of 25 points for 265 yards and two touchdowns, while also rushing for 64 Chip Kelly, said the team is disappointed they didn’t play
against Morgan State, while teammate Dadrian Collins added tough-gained yards, but it was his Auburn teammates who better, but they’re already thinking about recuperating for next
14 points. But the Bison ran out of gas in the second half, stole the national stage. season.
allowing MSU’s deep talented squad to run away with the win. Auburn freshman tailback Michael Dyer was named the “When it comes down to a field goal at the last second,
It was a similar outcome on Jan. 10 when Coppin State ran Offensive Player of the Game after rushing for 143 yards. The you can always point to a play here, a play there, but it really
away with a lopsided victory over Howard. The Bison simply freshman had two long runs that set up 10 of Auburn’s points. doesn’t do much for you,” Kelly said. “We’re a forward-
didn’t have enough manpower to keep up with the Eagles. “I was going out there, trying to make a play,” said Dyer, thinking operation, and we’ll learn from this thing and move
Coppin State’s Michael Harper scored a game-high 18 points, who wears jersey No. 5 because his brother was 5 years old forward.”
while his team outscored Howard, 40-16, inside the paint. when their dad died in a tragic car accident. “I just kept my As for Newton and the Tigers, they plan on continuing
The two-loss road trip to Baltimore dropped Howard to feet moving… I prayed before the game and I know my dad their celebration of pulling off what no one would have
2-13 overall, and a conference-worst 0-3 MEAC record. But was here with me tonight.” expected just months ago. “Anything is possible,” Newton
the Bison still have plenty of games to try to save their losing Dyer was the most outstanding offensive player in a game said. “I guarantee five or six months ago that no one would
season, starting with a Jan. 15 matchup against Norfolk State that was expected to deliver a lot more points on the scoring bet their last dollar that Auburn would win the national
University (2-12 overall, 1-2 MEAC). board. Yet both teams played stout defense, especially Auburn championship. And now we’re standing here.”

Celebrating 50 Years of
Revelations at all

Tue., Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.; Fri., Feb. 4 at

7:30 p.m. & *Sat., Feb. 5 at 1:30 p.m.
JUDITH JAMISON Anointed / Cry / The Hunt / Revelations
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Wed. & Thu., Feb. 2 & 3 at 7:30 p.m.
Masazumi Chaya
ASSOCIATE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Night Creature / The Evolution Of
A Secured Feminine / The Prodigal
Robert Battle Prince / Revelations
Sat., Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. &
Sun., Feb. 6 at 1:30 p.m.
Three Black Kings / In/Side /
Forgotten Time / Revelations

*Explore the Arts: Join a free post-performance

discussion with members of the company following
the Feb. 5 matinee.
Funding for Explore the Arts is provided by
the U.S. Department of Education.

Programming subject to change.

Tickets from $30 at the Box Office or

Charge by Phone (202) 467-4600
FEBRUARY 1–6 TTY (202) 416-8524
OPERA HOUSE Groups (202) 416-8400
Order online at


January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011, The Afro-American B3

‘Kam’s Kapsules’: Weekly Film Previews on

Miss Black USA Contestants Visit Howard U. Hospital to Promote Healthy Hearts
Ten of the nation’s most beautiful women will visit Howard
University Hospital on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to
charm patients, talk intimately with their female peers,
advise young girls on achieving their dreams and to
encourage women to take care of their hearts.
The women, Miss Black USA and nine
contestants, are in town for the annual Red Dress
Photo Shoot, when the ladies adorn beautiful
red dresses for a special promotional pageant Miss Black USA contestants Courtesy Photos
But Osas Ighodaro, the reigning Miss Black students and women from throughout the Washington live a healthy lifestyle to avoid heart disease in the future,”
USA, and contestants Miss Black Delaware, community beginning at 10 a.m. Some will perform Thompkins said.
Miss Black Illinois, Miss Black Georgia, Miss during their two-hour presentation. This year’s pageant, which will feature 40 contestants, will
Black Iowa, Miss Black Indiana, Miss Black One message that they particularly want to drive be held Aug. 8 in the District of Columbia, a repeat location of
Louisiana, Miss Black Massachusetts, Miss home is that of the importance of developing healthy last year’s contest. In the past, however, the event, which began
Black Minnesota, Miss Black Mississippi and habits to protect hearts. in 1986, has been held in such disparate locations as Banjul,
Miss Black Virginia said they want to do more than Heart disease is the number one killer of women, Gambia in Africa, Las Vegas and Atlanta.
smile for the camera. Thompkins said. One in four women die from heart Thompkins said the contestants have a lot to share with
“The women who compete as well as the disease annually. That is particularly true of African- those with whom they visit.“These women are not only
organization strongly believe that service is a American women. “We are on a mission to close beautiful, they’re highly intelligent,” she said.
part of who we are,” said Lana Thompkins, that gap, because we know heart disease can be For example, Miss Black Indiana and Miss Black USA are
spokesperson for Miss Black USA, in a prevented,” Thompkins said. pursuing their master’s degrees, Miss Black Louisiana has a
prepared statement. “We felt it was fitting to do So, for the past three years, the organization master’s degree in public health from Tulane University and
something in tribute to a man who through his has partnered with the Heart Truth Campaign, an Miss Black District of Columbia is a certified pharmacist with
service changed America for the better. We initiative of the National Heart, Lung and Blood a doctorate of pharmacy degree from Howard University.“They
couldn’t think of a better place to do that Institute and the U.S. Department of Health have a lot to say,” Thompkins said. “They are really looking
than at Howard University Hospital.” and Human Services. “We want to encourage forward to meeting Howard students and other people from the
After visiting with hospital patients young women, Washington community.”
Monday morning, the women will gather Osas Ighodaro, the particularly The event is free and open to the public. Seats, however,
in the hospital’s Tower Auditorium for reigning Miss Black USA young black are limited. To register, call 202-865-1375 or e-mail tdeyo@
an intimate chat with Howard University women to

Reader’s Corner
American Uprising - The Untold Story of America’s
‘Everything is Everything’
Largest Slave Revolt Artists revisit late soul singer Donny Hathaway decades after death
Many Americans are familiar with the slave revolts led
by John Brown and Nat Turner, but the story of the greatest By AFRO Staff Whalum said the artists hope to
act of slave resistance in American history has never been reflect on Hathaway’s enduring legacy
told, until now. In his narrative American Uprising: The Donny Hathaway as the 32nd anniversary of his untimely
Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt, 23-year- was the quintessential death approaches. “Donny’s faith, his
old author Daniel Rasmussen provides a groundbreaking musician and a lyrical struggles, his convictions were raw and
contribution to the historical record. Based on the author’s godfather of sorts to evident in every phrase,” said Whalum.
Harvard thesis, which won three separate awards and caught legions of R&B artists “He meant it. And we feel it. We still
the attention of scholars across the country, American who say his singing – an do.”
Uprising employs extensive original research to provide a ear-melting baritone – is Hathaway’s “struggles and
multi-dimensional portrait of the American South just a few everything a voice ought to be. Despite convictions” came to a head Jan.
years after the Louisiana Purchase. his resounding impact among music 13, 1979, when passersby found his
On Jan. 8, 1811, a group of sugar plantation slaves aficionados and a Grammy Award lifeless body sprawled outside the
violently rebelled along the River Road outside of New for Best Pop Performance by a Duo Kirk Whalum; Donny luxury Essex House hotel in New
Orleans. Led by slave driver Charles Deslondes, as well as or Group with Vocals, Hathaway’s Hathaway (inset) Courtesy Photos York City. According to reports,
two other slaves, Kook and Quamana, the slaves marched name fell just below the ranks of Hathaway leaped to his death from
on the practically defenseless city during the plantation superstardom and he never garnered the international acclaim the building’s15th floor. At age 33, he left behind a wife, three
owners’ annual period of revelry and celebration preceding of fellow ‘70s contemporaries Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder daughters and a coffer of music, the impact of which remains
Mardi Gras. Enlisting additional slaves as the march and Isaac Hayes. pertinent in life and death.
proceeded, Deslondes’ group, armed with guns, cane knives But Kirk Whalum, an 11-time Grammy Award-nominated
and axes, sought to strike a death blow to the heart of the saxophonist and songwriter, invoked the former Howard
region’s seat of power and establish a Black republic on the University student’s essence on his latest release, Everything
shores of the Mississippi. is Everything: The Music of Donny Hathaway. “The very first
As the 200th anniversary of the rebellion approaches in song I learned, besides ‘Amazing Grace,’ was ‘Everything Is
January 2011, American Uprising shares the story of this Everything,’ said Whalum, whose Everything Is Everything
elaborate plot and the slave army’s dramatic march on the album is nominated for the Grammy Award’s Best Pop
city, as well as its shocking conclusion. Instrumental album, in a statement. “Throughout my career
“This book would be a major accomplishment for any Donny’s voice haunts my every note as some Gospel tutor,
historian; for an historian at such an early stage in his career, some Soul mentor with extremely high expectations repeating:
it is breathtaking, said noted historian Henry Louis Gates ‘You got to mean it. Every note.’”
Jr. in a statement. “Rasmussen’s scholarly detective work Highlights on Whalum’s tribute album include “You Had
reveals a fascinating narrative of slavery and resistance, but To Know,” featuring a heartfelt ballad from the late singer’s
it also tells us something about history itself – about how daughter Lalah, and the bittersweet “We’re Still Friends”
fiction can become fact, and how ‘history’ is sometimes featuring Musiq Soulchild, who frequently references
nothing more than erasure.” Hathaway as a powerful influence in media interviews. The CD
Final word: History is an ongoing story. Don’t miss this also includes collaborations from a who’s who of contemporary
new chapter. jazz masters such as Rick Braun, Jeff Golub and Christian
In stores now. For more information visit danrasmussen. McBride.

How to Change a Neighborhood: Mr. Outlaw’s Story

About How He and His Family Change Not One But Two
William Outlaw
has become a powerful
figure in Washington,
D.C.’s Capitol Hill
Sweet Honey Tickets

In The Rock
neighborhood. He’s not $12
a pundit or congressman
Children’s Performances
and few outside
Saturday, January 15
the city’s corridors
at 1:30pm and 4pm
recognize his name. His
People‘s Congregational
impact, however, is no less important. United Church of Christ
For years, Outlaw, 83, has turned his living room into 4704 13th Street NW
a veritable storehouse for his neighbors’ packages and Washington, DC
envelopes. After thieves stole several mail deliveries from
stoops on his block, Outlaw offered his home for temporary Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra
safekeeping. The retired restaurant owner also offers to
watch neighbors’ homes and clean sidewalks while they
Wynton Marsalis
vacation. Sunday, January 30 at 7pm
His story is now etched in a colorful, comic book-style Kennedy Center Concert Hall
children’s book by Carolyn Koch. The 48-page hardcover
Marsalis is “hard to resist.”
book follows Outlaw’s life as he grew from a child to a
~ The Washington Post
Navy man, husband, activist and grandfather.
Final word: Heart-warming local story ideal for kids
(and parents, too).
Available now. For more information visit
truestoriesforkids. Tickets • (202) 785-WPAS (9727)
B4 The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011

medical records to expanding the primary care workforce.

Anacostia Community Museum

Juan Williams, FOX news political analyst and “Fox News
District Organizations Honor MLK’s Legacy Sunday” panelist, is the featured speaker for the 26th Annual
Martin Luther King Jr. program presented by Smithsonian’s
Howard University Anacostia Community Museum on Jan. 14 at 7 p.m.
The Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum will
Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the Department of Health present Juan Williams, FOX news political analyst and
and Human Services and the nation’s highest ranking health “Fox News Sunday” panelist, as the featured speaker for the
official, will be the keynote speaker for the Howard University museum’s 26th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. program on Jan.
School of Divinity Spring Semester Convocation at noon on 14, at 7 p.m.
Jan. 18, in the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel. Williams’ remarks addressing the topic “King Alive: His
Sebelius, who leads the principal agency charged with Dream Lives on Today” will
keeping Americans healthy, will discuss the implementation of Dr. Martin Luther be followed by dialogue with
the Obama Administration’s historic legislation, the Affordable King Jr. Photo Essence magazine’s Washington
Care Act, as a continuation of correspondent Cynthia
the nation’s civil rights struggle “We welcome Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and her Gordy at Baird Auditorium
during the university’s annual leadership in ensuring that all our citizenry are franchised in in the Smithsonian’s National
weeklong celebration of the mind and body, as well as spirit for the healing of the nation,” Museum of Natural History at
legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Pollard said. 10th St. and Constitution Ave.
Luther King Jr. “Only a holistic and progressive understanding of religion N.W.
Alton B. Pollard III, dean that is concerned with the totality of life - body, mind and soul The event includes a
of the School of Divinity, - in the face of continued inequities, can be relied upon to guard performance by Taratibu Youth
said having Sebelius as the the critical interests of our communities.” Association Steppers, a pan-
convocation keynote speaker Since taking office as secretary, Sebelius, governor of African performance group
reflects the school’s mission of Kansas from 2003 to 2009, has been at the forefront of efforts based in Washington. Two
Kathleen Juan
tending to society’s spiritual to build a 21st century health care system, from putting a new of Williams’ books will be
Sebelius Williams
Courtesy Photo and physical needs. focus on prevention and wellness to promoting electronic Continued on B5 Courtesy Photo
January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011, The Afro-American B5
available for sale and signing. senior finance major with Andre Lamar Smith, a senior in the Marvin Center Dorothy said Tapscott in a prepared scholarship.”
“Historically, we have a passion for spoken-word pursuing a double major in Betts Theatre, 800 21st St., statement. “This is what The ceremony includes
presented speakers whose poetry and co-founder of the psychology and music with N.W. people should think about the awards program and
work or life represents GW Griots; Bianca Neri, a a concentration in vocal Michael Tapscott, director during this holiday, and a dessert reception. This
an aspect of Dr. King’s senior international affairs performance; Catherine of GW’s Multicultural the students and staff that event is free and open to the
philosophy, and this year who served more than 400 Zatorski, a sophomore Student Services Center, we honor today are living public. To RSVP, contact the
we chose Juan Williams hours of community service studying international affairs lauded the honorees for their reflections of Dr. King’s Multicultural Student Services
who offers a less traditional during the 2009-2010 First with a minor in emergency various accomplishments. dream. We applaud the Center at 202-994-7010 or
viewpoint,” said Camille Lady Service Challenge and health services and Mayra “Dr. King is the epitome award winners, the King For
Giraud Akeju, director of received the Gold Level Espinoza , GW’s university of leadership. He lived in Commendation winners and more information on all MLK
the museum, in a statement. President Volunteer Service coordinator of student a purposeful, principled each of the nominees for their celebration activities, please
“This very difficult economy Award as well as the Mayor’s involvement. They will be and values-driven manner dedication to others through contact the Multicultural
and fractious political climate Community Service Award; awarded Jan. 13 at 4:30 p.m. that inspired the world,” service, leadership and Student Services Center.
have yielded a variety of
voices seeking to overcome
the vexing problems of today.
We are not monolithic and
different approaches provide
food for thought.”
A journalist for more YOU’VE GOT
than 25 years and a
former Washington Post FRIENDS IN
columnist and White House
correspondent, Williams
made international headlines
recently after being released
from his position as an NPR Is your multicultural or woman-owned
senior news correspondent business ready for the inside track to
over remarks he made on success in the retail industry?
FOX’s “O’Reilly Factor.”
We’re looking for stars like you!
He has also written six
books, including the New
York Times best-seller, The Workshop at Macy’s is now
Enough: The Phony Leaders, accepting applications for our
Dead-End Movements, and Spring 2011 Program. Select high
Culture of Failure That potential participants will take part in a
Are Undermining Black 4.5-day intensive training course, led by
America—and What We Can Macy’s seasoned pros and star partners,
Do About It, which ignited and designed to help you succeed and
debate with its analysis of
sustain growth in the retail industry.
African American leadership,
culture and the lessons of the
Civil Rights Movement. For more information and how
Gordy writes the popular you can be a part of it,
“Obama Watch” blog go to
for Essence covering the
policies and activities of the Lisa Price
White House and Congress, Founder of Carol’s Daughter
quarterly magazine features A Macy’s vendor
and the monthly roundup page
called “Ten Things We’re
Talking About” covering 10
hot news stories. Named the
National Association of Black
Journalists’ 2009 Emerging
Journalist of the Year and one
of the NAACP’s 2010 “40
Under 40,” Gordy previously
served as the news editor for
Admission is free, but
seating is limited. To obtain
more information or make
reservations, the public may
e-mail or
call 202- 633-4875.

George Washington
An army veteran,
community health director,
feminist scholar, aspiring
opera singer, multicultural
mentor, spoken word poet
and an education activist
who has completed more
than 400 hours of community
service are the recipients
of The George Washington
University’s 2011 Martin
Luther King Jr. Award. The
GW MLK Awards and a
special event featuring PBS’
Tavis Smiley on Jan.13,
will kick off a week-long
celebration of Dr. King.
Other events include the
annual MLK Day of Service
on Jan. 17, where nearly
500 GW students will
spruce up several Ward 8
schools including Ballou
High School; MLK Day of
Speeches at Kogan Plaza on
Jan. 18 and an MLK oratory
contest on Jan. 20.
This year marks the 24th
year that GW community
members will be recognized
as stewards of Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr.’s vision of
equality, compassion and
empowerment. The 2011
MLK student awardees are
Cameron Bell, a senior women
studies major who received
the GW Undergraduate
Feminist Scholarship Award
for her academic paper
exploring black women’s
sexuality and hip-hop culture;
Brian Hawthorne, a graduate
student studying within the
Graduate School of Political
Management; Adam Layne,

6120342A.indd 1 12/23/10 9:55:48 AM

Columbia (∫District∫) after
the former property owner, address is 6010 Execu- filed with the Register of
Robert McCamey, failed to tive Boulevard, Suite Wills, D.C., 515 5th
pay taxes on the property. 900, Rockville MD Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
The named Defendants may 20852 was appointed
have had an interest in the Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
personal representative 20001, on or before
subject property prior to the

of the estate of Aaron June 30, 2011. Claims
The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011 District¬s acquisition. Of

these Defendants, Unknown Kimche, who died on
October 15, 2010 with a
against the decedent August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American
Personal Representative of shall be presented to the
will, and will serve with-
the Estate of Robert undersigned with a copy

ll aad 410-554-8200
McCamey, deceased; Un- out Court supervision.

known Heirs and Devisees
to the Register of Wills
All unknown heirs and or filed with the Register
of Robert McCamey the Un-
h e i r s w h o s e

al l
known Personal Repre- of Wills with a copy to

sentative of the Estate of
Catherine N. McCamey, de-
whereabouts are un-
known shall enter their
the undersigned, on or
before June 30, 2011, or Buy it
Buy it •• Sell
Sell it
ceased, and the Unknown
Heirs and Devisees of Cath-
erine N. McCamey could not
appearance in this
proceeding. Objections
be forever barred. Per-
sons believed to be Swap it
Swap it •• Lease
Lease it it
be located despite an exten-
sive search.
to such appointment (or
to the probate of de-
cedent¬s will) shall be
heirs or legatees of the
decedent who do not re- Rent it
Rent it •• Hire
Hire it
On motion of the Plaintiff, on ceive a copy of this no-
filed with the Register of

this 2nd day of November, tice by mail within 25
Wills, D.C., 515 5th

rr ee ss uu ll t s
2010, it is hereby OR- days of its first publica-
DERED that Plaintiff¬s Mo- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor tion shall so inform the
tion to Allow Service by Pub- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
lication on defendants Register of Wills, includ-
20001, on or before ing name, address and
Unknown Personal Repre-
sentative of the Estate of June 30, 2011. Claims relationship.
Payment Policy for legal notice LEGAL
o b e r t M cNOTICES
C a m e y, d e - LEGALthe
of Publication:
Payment Policy for legal shall be presented to the

ceased; Unknown Heirs and December 31, 2010 AFRO Classified minimum ad rate is $26.74 per col. inch
advertisements Devisees of Robert undersigned with a copy Name of newspaper: 1 Col.
McCamey and all those to the Register of Wills (an inch consists of up to 20 words). Mail in your ad on
notice advertisements claiming under them as well or filed with the Register
Washington Law Inch form below along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER to:
Effective immediately, The Afro Ameri- as on the Unknown Per-
sonal Representative of the of Wills with a copy to Reporter
can Newspapers will require prepay- Estate of Catherine N. the undersigned, on or Ida Virginia Hart Up to WASHINGTON AFRO-AMERICAN CO., 1917 Benning
before June 30, 2011, or
Effective immediately,
ment for publication The
of all legal notices.
McCamey, deceased; Un- Personal Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002-4723, Attn: Clsf. Adv.
known Heirs and Devisees be forever barred. Per- Representative 20 Words Dept.
Payment will be accepted
Afro American Newspapers in the form of Catherine N. McCamey,
and all those claiming under
sons believed to be
heirs or legatees of the
of checks, credit card or money order. them, is hereby GRANTED
decedent who do not re-
will require prepayment for
Any returned checks will be subject to a
and it is further.
ORDERED that Unknown ceive a copy of this no-
12/31, 1/7, 1/14
tice by mail within 25
$25.00 processingoffeeallandlegal notices.
may result in
Personal Representative of
the Estate of Robert days of its first publica- Superior Court of
1 2 3 4 5
the suspension of any future
Payment will be accepted in advertising McCamey, deceased; Un-
known Heirs and Devisees
tion shall so inform the the District of
Register of Wills, includ- District of Columbia
at our discretion. of Robert McCamey, and all ing name, address and 6 7 8 9 10
the form of check, credit card those claiming under them;
the Unknown Personal Re- relationship.
Washington, D.C.
Date of Publication:
or money order. Any returned presentative of the Estate of
Catherine N. McCamey, de- December 31, 2010
Administration No. 11 12 13 14 15
checks will be AD NETWORK
subject to a ceased, Unknown Heirs and
Devisees of Catherine N.
Name of newspaper:
processing fee and may & McCamey, and all those Washington Law Decedent 16 18 19 20
AUTOMOBILE claiming under them, cause
Reporter W. Alton Lewis Esq
in the suspension of any
their appearances to be en-
Robert J. Tyrrell
DONATION Buy direct From timber
tered herein on or before the
31st day of January 2011 Personal
1450 Mercantile Lane
Suite 155
future advertising at &..SAVE!!!
company our dis- otherwise the case will pro-
ceed as case of default, pro- 301-984-4790
Largo, Maryland 20774
Attorney NAME
cretion. Woods, views, streams, vided a copy of this order of TRUE TEST COPY NOTICE OF
TRUCKS, RV’S. trails. So many deer/
publication be published at
least twice a mouth for three
12/31, 1/7, 1/14 NOTICE TO
LUTHERAN MISSION turkey the natives call consecutive months prior to
SOCIETY. dona- ‘em pests! County road Washington Law Reporter, Superior Court of AND NOTICE TO
with power. Excellent and Afro-American News- the District of CLASSIFICATION
tion helps local families paper. District of Columbia
with food, clothing, owner financing with Bruce D Beaudin PROBATE DIVISION
Annette V. Riley, whose (Room, Apt, House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:
address is 13403 United
shelter. Tax deduct- 10% down. Call Now JUDGE Washington, D.C. Lane, Bowie MD 20720
11/12, 11/19, 12/10,
ible. MVA licensed. 877-526-3764 wvtim- 12/17, 1/7, 1/14
20001-2131 was appointed personal
Administration No.
LutheranMissionSoci- representative of the Superior Court of 410-636-0123 Superior Court of
Jessie Bell Green
estate of Emma L.
the District of
District of Columbia
or toll-free 1-877-737- the District of Decedent November 22, 2010 with PROBATE DIVISION
REAL ESTATE Columbia Thomas H Queen Esq a will, and will serve Washington, D.C.
8567. Civil Division
Case No. 0009548-10
530 Eighth Street, SE
Washington DC 20003
without Court supervi-
sion. All unknown heirs
Legal Advertising Rates
Administration No.
DONATE VEHICLE: ARIZONA BIG IN RE: Attorney and heirs whose
whereabouts are un- Effective October 1, 2006
Jan Wepsiec
known shall enter their Decedent
CERY COUPONS, $99/mo., $0-down, Applicant NOTICE TO appearance in this Kenneth Rosenau Esq
Your Choice, NOAH’S $0-interest.Golf Course, ORDER OF CREDITORS proceeding. Objections PROBATE DIVISION
1304 Rhode Island Ave Superior Court of
Nat’l Parks. 1 hour from PUBLICATION AND NOTICE TO to such appointment (or NW Washington DC the District of
Shelters. Advanced Tucson Int’l Airport. Richard Keith Barksdale Willie C. Green, whose
to the probate of de-
cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe
(Estates) District of Columbia
Veterinary Treatments. Guaranteed Financing. having filed a complaint address is 855 21st
NO CREDIT CHECK! for judgment changing Street, NE, Washington
filed with the Register of
Wills, D.C., 515 5th
NOTICE OF Washington, D.C.
Free Towing, IRS Richard Keith Barksdale DC 20002 was ap-
APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor NOTICE TO Administration No.
TAX DEDUCTION. (800) 631-8164 Code name to Richard K.B. pointed personal repre- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . CREDITORS 2010ADM1198
Non-runners 1-866-912- 4043 www.sun- Turner and having ap- sentative of the estate of 20001, on or before AND NOTICE TO Helen R. Powell
GIVE plied to the court for an Jessie Bell Green, who June 30, 2011. Claims PROBATE NOTICES
Order of Publication of died on May 24, 2010 against the decedent Kenneth Rosenau, Es- Thomas S. Donnelly
the notice required by with a will, and will serve
DONATE YOUR SERVICES - law in such cases; it is without Court supervi-
shall be presented to the
undersigned with a copy a. Order Nisi quire whose address is
1304 Rhode Island Ave- $
1990 perM insertion
Street NW $180.00 the
Superior Court of
3 weeks of
VEHICLE RECEIVE MISC. by the Court this 8th day
of December 2010.
sion. All unknown heirs
and heirs whose
to the Register of Wills b. Small Estates (single nue, publication)
NW Washington$ 50 Suite per200 insertion District of Columbia
or filed with the Register DC 20005 was ap- Washington DC 20036 PROBATE DIVISION
FREE VACATION DONATE YOUR CAR ORDERED, that all per- whereabouts are un- of Wills with a copy to c. Notice to Creditorspointed personal repre- Attorney Washington, D.C.
VOUCHER. UNITED sons concerned show known shall enter their the undersigned, on or 1. Domestic sentative of the estate of$ 60 per NOTICE OF 20001-2131
Fast, Free Pickup. Run- cause, if any there be, appearance in this insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
BREAST CANCER before June 30, 2011, or
2. Foreign Jan Wepsiec, who died APPOINTMENT, Administration No.
ning or Not! Maximum on or before the 16 day proceeding. Objections be forever barred. Per- on July 11, 2007 with a $ 60 per insertion
NOTICE TO $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
FOUNDATION Free of January 2011, why to such appointment (or sons believed to be d. Escheated Estateswill, and will serve with-$ 60 per CREDITORS
Tax Deduction. Live insertion $ 360.00 John perRobert Crenshaw
6 weeks
Mammograms, Breast the prayers of said com- to the probate of de- heirs or legatees of the AND NOTICE TO
Cancer Info www.ubcf. Operators - 7 Days! plaint should not be cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe decedent who do not re- e. Standard Probatesout Court supervision.
All unknown heirs and UNKNOWN HEIRS $ 125.00
Samuel C. Hamilton
granted; provided that a filed with the Register of ceive a copy of this no- h e i r s w h o s e William H. Jackson, Metro Plaza One,
info FREE Towing, Cancer Fund of America copy of this order be Wills, D.C., 515 5th tice by mail within 25 whereabouts are un- whose address is 1726 Suite 620
Tax Deductible, Non- - Help fight cancer. Call published once a week
for three consecutive
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
days of its first publica- CIVIL NOTICES
known shall enter their Montana Avenue, NE 8401 Colesville Road
Runners Accepted, Now 800-390-8178.
tion shall so inform the appearance in this Washington DC 20018 Silver Spring MD
weeks before said day 20001, on or before Register of Wills, includ- proceeding. Objections was appointed personal 20910
1-888-468-5964 in the Afro-American. June 30, 2011. Claims ing name, address and a. Name Changes 202-879-1133 $ 80.00
to such appointment (or representative of the Attorney
JUDGE against the decedent relationship. estate of Helen $R. 200.00NOTICE OF
AD FUNDS TIGHT??? A TRUE COPY TEST: shall be presented to the
b. Real Property to the probate of de-
Date of Publication: cedent¬s will) shall be Powell, who died on APPOINTMENT,
BUSINESS - Check out THE 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 undersigned with a copy December 31, 2010 filed with the Register of October 26, 2010 with- NOTICE TO
OPPORTUNITY DAILY CLASSIFIED to the Register of Wills Name of newspaper: Wills, D.C., 515 5th out a will, and will serve CREDITORS
CONNECTION. For Superior Court of or filed with the Register
of Wills with a copy to
Afro-American FAMILY COURT
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor without Court supervi- AND NOTICE TO
the District of Washington Law Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . sion. All unknown heirs UNKNOWN HEIRS
$199 per day - Get Ad Columbia the undersigned, on or Reporter 20001, on or 202-879-1212
DOES YOUR BUSI- before and heirs whose Alvin Thomas Carter,
Placement 5 Days Per Civil Division before June 30, 2011, or Annette V. Riley June 30, 2011. Claims whereabouts are un- whose address is 12714
NESS NEED MORE Case No. 0009951-10 be forever barred. Per- Personal
Week in 14 Major Daily DOMESTIC RELATIONS
against the decedent known shall enter their Brandywine Road,
FOOT TRAFFIC??? IN RE: sons believed to be Representative shall be presented to the appearance in this Brandywine, Maryland
Newspapers in Wash- Dinalu Ulysses heirs or legatees of the 301-809-0121
Advertise with us in undersigned with202-879-0157
a copy proceeding. Objections 20613 was appointed
ington, Maryland and Auger Economides decedent who do not re- TRUE TEST COPY to the Register of Wills to such appointment personal representative
over 97 newspapers Applicant ceive a copy of this no-
DC. Space is limited - REGISTER OF WILLS or filed with the Register shall be filed with the of the estate of John
across Maryland, Dela- ORDER OF tice by mail within 25 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 a. Absent Defendantof Wills with a copy to Register of Wills, D.C., $ 150.00
Robert Crenshaw, who
Call now for immediate PUBLICATION days of its first publica-
ware and DC. Reach 5.2 b. Absolute Divorce the undersigned, on or 515 5th Street, N.W.,
$ 150.00 on August 27, 2010
placement today CHANGE OF NAME tion shall so inform the Superior Court of before June 30, 2011, or 3rd Floor Washington, with a will, and will serve
million readers weekly Dinalyu Ulysses Auger Register of Wills, includ- c. Custody Divorce be forever barred. Per- D.C. 20001, on or be- $ 150.00
410-721-4000x19 or the District of without Court supervi-
for as little as $14.95 per Economides having filed ing name, address and District of Columbia sons believed to be fore June 30, 2011. sion. All unknown heirs
visit our website: www. a complaint for judgment relationship.
paper in our 2x2 Display PROBATE DIVISION heirs or legatees of the Claims against the de- and heirs whose changing Dinalu Ulys- Date of Publication: Washington, D.C.
Ad Network. For more ses Auger Economides December 31, 2010 20001-2131
To decedent
place your who do ad,notcall
ceive a copy of this no-
re- 1-800-237-6892,
cedent shall be ext. pre-262 whereabouts are un-
sented to the under- known shall enter their
information contact us name to Constandina Name of newspaper: Administration No. Public
tice byNotices $50.00
mail within 25 & signed
up depending
with a copy to onthesize appearance in this
Ulysses Auger Afro-American
at 410-721-4000 x19 or LEGAL NOTICES Washington Law
2007ADM1165 days of its Legal
Baltimore first publica-
are $24.15of Willsperor filed
inch. proceeding. Objections
Economides and having Jan Wepsiec tion shall so inform the with the Register of Wills to such appointment (or
visit our website: www. applied to the court for Reporter Decedent There is
Register of no flat
Wills, rate —with
includ- 1-800
a copy (AFRO) 892 to the probate of de-
to the under- SUPERIOR COURT OF an Order of Publication Willie C. Green Kenneth Rosenau Esq For Proof ing name, address please
of Publication, and signed, on or before
call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 244 will) shall be
THE DISTRICT OF of the notice required by Personal 1304 Rhode Island Ave relationship. June 30, 2011, or be filed with the Register of
COLUMBIA law in such cases; it is Representative NW Washington DC Date of Publication: forever barred. Persons Wills, D.C., 515 5th
day of December 2010. TRUE TEST COPY
December 31, 2010 LEGAL NOTICES
believed be heirs or LEGAL
N.W., 3rd Floor
Civil Action No. Attorney Name of newspaper: legatees of the decedent Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
SERVICES 0008282-10 ORDERED, that all per-
sons concerned show 12/31, 1/7, 1/14
NOTICE OF Superior Court of Afro-American who do not receive a 20001, on or before
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA APPOINTMENT, the District of Washington Law copy of this notice by June 30, 2011. Claims
1350 Pennsylvania Ave, cause, if any there be, NOTICE TO District of Columbia Reporter mail within 25 days of its against the decedent
Valley National Loans NW on or before the 26th Superior Court of CREDITORS PROBATE DIVISION Kenneth Rosenau Esq first publication shall so shall be presented to the
Washington DC 20004 the District of
Bills, Debts, Financial a municipal corporation
day of January 2011, AND NOTICE TO Washington, D.C. Personal inform the Register of undersigned with a copy
why the prayers of said District of Columbia UNKNOWN HEIRS Representative Wills, including name,
problem! Let us help! Plaintiff complaint should not be PROBATE DIVISION
20001-2131 to the Register of Wills
v. Kenneth Rosenau, Es- Administration No. 202-387-8680 address and relation- or filed with the Register
Quick low rat Personal, granted; provided that a Washington, D.C. quire whose address is 2007ADM1165 TRUE TEST COPY ship. of Wills with a copy to
Business Auto Debt con- copy of this order be 20001-2131 1304 Rhode Island Ave- REGISTER OF WILLS Date of Publication: the undersigned, on or
published once a week Administration No. nue, NW Washington
solidation, Home loan THE ESTATE OF ROBERT
MCCAMEY, for three consecutive 2010ADM1191
Decedent 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 December 31, 2010 before June 30, 2011, or
DC 20005 was ap- Kenneth Rosenau Esq Name of newspaper: be forever barred. Per-
Bad credit ok. No ap- deceased weeks before said day Annie C. Ferguson pointed personal repre- 1304 Rhode Island Ave Afro-American sons believed to be
Superior Court of
plication fee Apply call. UNKNOWN HEIRS AND
in the Afro-American. Decedent sentative of the estate of NW Washington DC the District of Washington Law heirs or legatees of the
that pursuant to SCR Nakia V. Gray Esq.
1 877 674 6660 ROBERT MCCAMEY 205(b) notice be sent to 6404 Ivy Lane
Jan Wepsiec, who died 20005 District of Columbia Reporter decedent who do not re-
UNKNOWN PERSONAL on July 11, 2007 with a Attorney PROBATE DIVISION William H. Jackson ceive a copy of this no-
REPRESENTATIVE the applicant's creditors Suite 400 will, and will serve with- Personal tice by mail within 25
NOTICE OF Washington, D.C.
by registered or certified Greenbelt MD 20770
CATHERINE N. MCCAMEY, mail and that proof of Attorney
out Court supervision.
All unknown heirs and
APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131 Representative
days of its first publica-
tion shall so inform the
NOTICE TO Administration No.
deceased service of mailing be NOTICE OF h e i r s w h o s e TRUE TEST COPY Register of Wills, includ-
made in the manner pro- APPOINTMENT, whereabouts are un- REGISTER OF WILLS ing name, address and
vided in SCR Probate NOTICE TO known shall enter their UNKNOWN HEIRS Decedent 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 relationship.
Rule 19(b). CREDITORS
appearance in this Kenneth Rosenau, Es- Thomas S. Donnelly Date of Publication:
AKA proceeding. Objections quire whose address is Superior Court of December 31, 2010
plastic, never used. Orig Carolyn M. Taylor A TRUE COPY TEST: UNKNOWN HEIRS to such appointment (or
Name of newspaper:
1304 Rhode Island Ave- 1990 M Street NW the District of
price $3000, Sacrifice 8224 Crest Road 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 Ida Virginia Hart, whose to the probate of de- nue, NW Washington Suite 200 District of Columbia Afro-American
Laurel, MD 20723-1032 address is 5219 11th
$975. Can deliver. Call and Superior Court of Street, NE Washington
cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe DC 20005 was ap- Washington DC 20036 PROBATE DIVISION Washington Law
filed with the Register of Washington, D.C. Reporter
Bill 301-841-7565 RONALD G MCCAMEY the District of DC 20011 was ap- Wills, D.C., 515 5th
pointed personal repre- Attorney
Alvin Thomas Carter
17 42nd Street NE
District of Columbia sentative of the estate of NOTICE OF 20001-2131
Washington DC pointed personal repre- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Personal
PROBATE DIVISION Jan Wepsiec, who died APPOINTMENT, Administration No.
Cherry Bedroom Set. 20019-4572 sentative of the estate of Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Representative
Washington, D.C. on July 11, 2007 with a NOTICE TO 2010ADM1217
Defendants Annie C. Ferguson, who 20001, on or before 301-257-6269
Solid Wood, never used, Order for service 20001-2131 died on April 7, 2009 June 30, 2011. Claims
will, and will serve with- CREDITORS John Robert Crenshaw
out Court supervision. AND NOTICE TO Decedent TRUE TEST COPY
brand new in factory by Publication Administration No. with a will, and will serve against the decedent All unknown heirs and UNKNOWN HEIRS Samuel C. Hamilton REGISTER OF WILLS
boxes. English Dovetail. The object of this action is 2010ADM1206 without Court supervi- shall be presented to the 12/31, 1/7, 1/14
Aaron Kimche h e i r s w h o s e William H. Jackson, Metro Plaza One,
to remove a cloud on the sion. All unknown heirs undersigned with a copy
Original cost $4500. Sell title of the real property lo- Decedent and heirs whose
whereabouts are un- whose address is 1726 Suite 620
to the Register of Wills known shall enter their Montana Avenue, NE 8401 Colesville Road Superior Court of
for $895. Can deliver. cated at 5033 Meade Street,
NE known for tax and
NOTICE OF whereabouts are un- or filed with the Register appearance in this Washington DC 20018 Silver Spring MD the District of
Call Tom 240-482-8721 APPOINTMENT, known shall enter their of Wills with a copy to
assessment purposes as
NOTICE TO proceeding. Objections was appointed personal 20910 Columbia
Square 5201, Lots 85, appearance in this the undersigned, on or Attorney
CREDITORS to such appointment (or representative of the Civil Division
situated in the District of proceeding. Objections before June 30, 2011, or NOTICE OF
to the probate of de- estate of Helen R. Case No. 11-0000005
AIRLINE ME- Columbia. The property was AND NOTICE TO to such appointment (or be forever barred. Per- cedent¬s will)
will) shall
shall be Powell, who died on APPOINTMENT,
acquired by the District of UNKNOWN HEIRS cedent’s IN RE:
CHANIC - Train for Columbia (“District”(∫District∫)) after
to the probate of de- sons believed to be filed with the Register of October 26, 2010 with- NOTICE TO Tia Lynnisha Garrett
Robert J. Tyrrell, whose cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe heirs or legatees of the
high paying Aviation the former property owner,
address is 6010 Execu- filed with the Register of
Wills, D.C., 515 5th out a will, and will serve CREDITORS Applicant
Robert McCamey, failed to decedent who do not re- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor without Court supervi- AND NOTICE TO ORDER OF
Maintenance Career. pay taxes on the property. tive Boulevard, Suite Wills, D.C., 515 5th ceive a copy of this no- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . UNKNOWN HEIRS
900, Rockville MD sion. All unknown heirs PUBLICATION
FAA approved program. The named Defendants may Street, N.W., 3rd Floor tice by mail within 25 20001, on or before and heirs whose Alvin Thomas Carter, CHANGE OF NAME
have had an interest in the 20852 was appointed Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Financial aid if qualified subject property prior to the personal representative 20001, on or before
days of its first publica- June 30, 2011. Claims whereabouts are un- whose address is 12714 Tia Lynnisha Garrett
tion shall so inform the against the decedent known shall enter their Brandywine Road, having filed a complaint
- Job placement as- DDistrict¬s
i s t r i c t ’ s acquisition. Of of the estate of Aaron June 30, 2011. Claims Register of Wills, includ- Brandywine, Maryland
these Defendants, Unknown shall be presented to the appearance in this for judgment changing
sistance. CALL Aviation Personal Representative of
Kimche, who died on against the decedent ing name, address and undersigned with a copy proceeding. Objections 20613 was appointed Tia Lynnisha Garrett
October 15, 2010 with a shall be presented to the
Institute of Maintenance the Estate of Robert
will, and will serve with- undersigned with a copy
relationship. to the Register of Wills to such appointment personal representative name to Tia Lynnisha
McCamey, deceased; Un- Date of Publication: or filed with the Register of the estate of John
(866) 823-6729. known Heirs and Devisees out Court supervision. to the Register of Wills shall be filed with the Ellis and having applied
December 31, 2010 of Wills with a copy to Register of Wills, D.C., Robert Crenshaw, who to the court for an Order
of Robert McCamey the Un- All unknown heirs and or filed with the Register Name of newspaper:
known Personal Repre- h e i r s w h o s e the undersigned, on or 515 5th Street, N.W., died on August 27, 2010 of Publication of the no-
of Wills with a copy to
MASSAGE THERA- sentative of the Estate of whereabouts are un- the undersigned, on or
Afro-American before June 30, 2011, or 3rd Floor Washington, with a will, and will serve tice required by law in
Washington Law without Court supervi-
PY - Learn fast, earn Catherine N. McCamey, de-
known shall enter their before June 30, 2011, or Reporter
be forever barred. Per- D.C. 20001, on or be- such cases; it is by the
ceased, and the Unknown sons believed to be fore June 30, 2011. sion. All unknown heirs Court this 3rd day of
fast. Financial aid if Heirs and Devisees of Cath- appearance in this be forever barred. Per- Kenneth Rosenau Esq heirs or legatees of the Claims against the de- and heirs whose January 2011 hereby
proceeding. Objections sons believed to be
qualified. A new career erine N. McCamey could not
be located despite an exten- to such appointment (or heirs or legatees of the
Personal decedent who do not re- cedent shall be pre- whereabouts are un- ORDERED, that all per-
Representative known shall enter their
is at your fingertips. Call sive search. to the probate of de- decedent who do not re- 202-387-8680
ceive a copy of this no- sented to the under- sons concerned show
On motion of the Plaintiff, on tice by mail within 25 signed with a copy to the appearance in this cause, if any there be,
Centura College 877- this 2nd day of November,
cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe ceive a copy of this no- TRUE TEST COPY days of its first publica- Register of Wills or filed proceeding. Objections on or before the 7th day
filed with the Register of tice by mail within 25
206-3353 2010, it is hereby OR-
Wills, D.C., 515 5th days of its first publica-
REGISTER OF WILLS tion shall so inform the with the Register of Wills to such appointment (or of February 2011, why
DERED that Plaintiff¬s
Plaintiff’s Mo- 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 Register of Wills, includ- with a copy to the under- to the probate of de- the prayers of said com-
tion to Allow Service by Pub- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor tion shall so inform the
ing name, address and signed, on or before cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe plaint should not be
Attn Hunters/ Inves- lication on defendants Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Register of Wills, includ-
relationship. June 30, 2011, or be filed with the Register of granted; provided that a
Unknown Personal Repre- 20001, on or before ing name, address and
tors: BEST¬BUY IN sentative of the Estate of June 30, 2011. Claims Date of Publication: forever barred. Persons Wills, D.C., 515 5th copy of this order be
AMERICA! Mountain R o b e r t M c C a m e y, d e - against the decedent Date of Publication: December 31, 2010 believed to be heirs or Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
published once a week
ceased; Unknown Heirs and Name of newspaper: legatees of the decedent for three consecutive
Land! From $995/ Acre. Devisees of Robert shall be presented to the December 31, 2010
Afro-American who do not receive a 20001, on or before weeks before said day
McCamey and all those undersigned with a copy Name of newspaper:
to the Register of Wills Washington Law copy of this notice by June 30, 2011. Claims in the Afro-American
claiming under them as well Afro-American against the decedent
as on the Unknown Per- or filed with the Register Washington Law Reporter mail within 25 days of its Newspapers.
sonal Representative of the of Wills with a copy to Kenneth Rosenau Esq first publication shall so shall be presented to the JUDGE
Reporter undersigned with a copy
Estate of Catherine N. the undersigned, on or Ida Virginia Hart Personal inform the Register of A TRUE COPY TEST:
ORDERED, that all per- to the probate of de- UNKNOWN HEIRS
sons concerned show Superior Court of cedent¬s will) shall be Russell J Bacon Jr.,
cause, if any there be, the District of filed with the Register of whose address is 11714
on or before the 7th day District of Columbia Wills, D.C., 515 5th Brookeville Landing
of February 2011, why PROBATE DIVISION Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Court, Mitcheiville,

the prayers of said com- Washington, D.C. Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Maryland 20721, was
plaint should not be
granted; provided that a
Administration No.
20001, on or before July
7, 2011. Claims against
appointed personal re-
presentative of the
January 15, 2011 - January 21, 2011, The Afro-American
copy of this order be 2010ADM1225 the decedent shall be estate of Elizabeth D

published NOTICES
a week LEGAL
presented the under- LEGALwho
for three consecutive Decedent signed with a copy to the November 24, 2010 with
weeks before said day Attorney Register of Wills or filed a will, and will serve
in the Afro-American NOTICE OF with the Register of Wills without Court supervi- MBE/WBE
Newspapers. APPOINTMENT, with a copy to the under- sion. All unknown heirs Subcontractors and Suppliers
JUDGE NOTICE TO signed, on or before July and heirs whose Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC, Miamisburg,
A TRUE COPY TEST: CREDITORS 7, 2011 or be forever whereabouts are un- OH is interested in receiving quotes from qualified
barred. Persons be- MBE/WBE subcontractors and suppliers for the
District of Columbia Bureau Chief
1/7, 1/14, 1/21 AND NOTICE TO known shall enter their
UNKNOWN HEIRS lieved to be heirs or appearance in this Filtration and Disinfection Facilities Upgrade -
Superior Court of Barbara V. Hubbard, legatees of the decedent proceeding. Objections Phase 3 - Electrical Improvements at the Blue
the District of whose address is 3609 who do not receive a to such appointment (or Plains AWWTP 5000 Overlook Ave. Washing,
Columbia Hamilton Street, Hyatts- copy of this notice by to the probate of de- D.C., bidding on January 19, 2011. Opportunities
are available for Specifications Divisions 1 thru 16.
This person will be responsible for reporting on local, national
mail within 25 days of its cedent¬s will)
will) shall
shall be
Civil Division ville, MD 20782 was ap-
pointed personal repre- first publication shall so
filed with the Register of Plans available online: and international newsworthy events, serving as the departmental
Case No. 10-9630
IN RE: sentative of the estate of inform the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Please Fax quotes to 937-910-9910 attention Eric
personnel manager and monitoring the progress of articles in pro-
Wills, including name,
Shawnique Pitt John Shaw Toole, who
died on May 20, 2008 address and relation-
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Yerian. Contact telephone 937-910-9900. cess and upcoming editions of the newspaper.
in case of Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC
Sean Mervyn Pitt without a will, and will ship. 20001, on or before July 9900 Springboro Pike
Date of Publication:
Applicant serve without Court su-
pervision. All unknown January 7, 2011
14, 2011. Claims against
the decedent shall be
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 This person will also be responsible for maintaining several
PUBLICATION heirs and heirs whose Name of newspaper: presented to the under- Equal Opportunity Employer blogs, producing and anchoring webcasts, features writer for
CHANGE OF NAME whereabouts are un-
known shall enter their
Washington Law
signed with a copy to the
Register of Wills or filed
supplemental publications, copyediting and proofreading, newsroom
Shawnique Pitt having
filed a complaint for appearance in this Reporter with the Register of Wills administration, reviewing the public e-mail inbox, helping to co-
judgment changing proceeding. Objections Lyn Dyson
with a copy to the under-
signed, on or before July
∫Subcontractors∫ ordinate and addressing tour groups on their visits to the company,
Sean Mervyn Pitt name to such appointment (or Hamel Builders, Inc. has a bidding opportunity for
to Sean Mervyn Garcia to the probate of de- Representative 14, 2011, or be forever the new construction of a 3-story, 91-unit wood coordinating internship program, and representing the company at
Jr. and having applied to cedent¬s will) shall be 202-270-2850
barred. Persons be- framed building called Alabama Avenue Senior
Housing. The project is located at the intersection
public events.
the court for an Order of filed with the Register of lieved to be heirs or
Publication of the notice Wills, D.C., 515 5th REGISTER OF WILLS legatees of the decedent of Alabama Ave. & Naylor Rd. SE Washington,
required by law in such Street, N.W., 3rd Floor 1/7, 1/14, 1/21 who do not receive a DC 20020. An outreach meeting is scheduled for
Thursday January 20th 11:30AM-1:30PM at the
The minimum qualifications for this position include a bachelors
cases; it is by the Court Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . copy of this notice by
this 30 day of December 20001, on or before July Superior Court of mail within 25 days of its Hamel Builders DC office. If interested, please degree in journalism and three (3) years practical experience.
2010. 7, 2011. Claims against the District of first publication shall so contact Matt at or
the decedent shall be District of Columbia inform the Register of 410-379-6700.
ORDERED, that all per-
sons concerned show presented to the under- PROBATE DIVISION Wills, including name, Annual salary of $52,000. Send all resumes to:
cause, if any there be, signed with a copy to the Washington, D.C. address and relation-
on or before the 2 day Register of Wills or filed 20001-2131 ship.
John E. Leister

To Advertise
of February 2011, why with the Register of Wills Administration No. Date of Publication:
the prayers of said com- with a copy to the under- 2010ADM1251 January 14, 2011 The AFRO American Newspapers
plaint should not be signed, on or before July William Eric Johnson, Name of newspaper:
granted; provided that a 7, 2011, or be forever Sr Afro-American 2519 N. Charles St.

copy of this order be barred. Persons be- Decedent Washington Law Baltimore, MD 21218
published once a week lieved to be heirs or W. Alton Lewis, Esq Reporter
for three consecutive legatees of the decedent 1450 Mercantile Lane, Russell J. Bacon Jr. e-mail:
weeks before said day who do not receive a Suite 155 Personal

copy of this notice by Largo, Maryland 20774 Representative
in the Afro-American.
that pursuant to SCR mail within 25 days of its Attorney 1-301-218-2990 No telephone calls will be accepted.
205(b) notice be sent to first publication shall so NOTICE OF TRUE TEST COPY
applicants creditors by inform the Register of APPOINTMENT, REGISTER OF WILLS
registered or certified Wills, including name, NOTICE TO 1/14, 1/21, 1/28
mail and that proof of address and relation- CREDITORS
service of mailing be ship. AND NOTICE TO CH2M HILL/Western Summit Constructors DC Joint Venture is soliciting bids
made in the manner pro- Date of Publication: UNKNOWN HEIRS from MBE/WBE subcontractors and suppliers certified through Federal, State or
vided in SCR Probate January 7, 2011 William Eric Johnson, Jr. local municipalities for the following DESIGN/BUILD project:
Rule 19(b). Name of newspaper: whose address is 805 District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Main Process Train, RFP
JUDGE Afro-American Parrot Court, Hyattsville, # 100120
A TRUE COPY TEST: Washington Law Maryland 20785 was ap- Bids, required EPA forms, and current MBE/WBE certifications are due no
1/7, 1/14, 1/21 Reporter pointed personal repre- later than :
Barbara V. Hubbard sentative of the estate of January 17, 2011 @ 2:00PM MST
Superior Court of Personal William Eric Johnson, Submit Bid to:
the District of Representative Sr. who died on Novem- CH2M HILL/Western Summit Constructors DC Joint Venture
Columbia 301-779-0560 ber 16, 2010 without a c/o Western Summit Constructors, Inc.
Civil Division TRUE TEST COPY will, and will serve with- 5470 Valley Highway
REGISTER OF WILLS out Court supervision. Denver, CO 80216
Case No. 9944-2010 (303) 298-9500 / Fax (303) 298-9501
IN RE: 1/7, 1/14, 1/21 All unknown heirs and
h e i r s w h o s e Contact: Brian Beyer
Ronald Nathaniel Little Bonding may be required.
Applicant Superior Court of whereabouts are un-
ORDER OF the District of known shall enter their Specific Crafts, Trades and Materials include but are not limited to: Sitework,
PUBLICATION District of Columbia appearance in this Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Wood & Plastics, Thermal & Moisture Protection,
CHANGE OF NAME PROBATE DIVISION proceeding. Objections Doors & Windows, Finishes, Specialties, Equipment, Furnishings, Special
Ronald Nathaniel Little Washington, D.C. to such appointment Construction, Conveying Systems, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation.
having filed a complaint 20001-2131 shall be filed with the
for judgment changing Administration No. Register of Wills, D.C., CH2M HILL/Western Summit Constructors DC Joint Venture intends to negotiate
Ronald Nathaniel Little 2010ADM1224 515 5th Street, N.W., with qualified MBE/WBE firms and will, at its sole discretion, assist in obtaining
name to Ayyub Shuaib Joyce Biggs Washing- 3rd Floor Washington, bonds, lines of credit and insurance.
Sulaiman and having ton D.C. 20001, on or be-
applied to the court for Decedent fore July 7, 2011. Claims MBE/WBE Goals have been established for this project as follows:
an Order of Publication Wesley L. Clarke against the decedent MBE - 32% WBE - 6%
of the notice required by 1629 K Street NW shall be presented to the
law in such cases; it is Washington DC 20006 undersigned with a copy Potential MBE/WBE Subcontractors and Suppliers are to submit copies of their
by the Court this 28th Attorney to the Register of Wills certifications and required EPA forms to Karen Calabro at fax # (303)298-9501
day of December 2010. NOTICE OF or filed with the Register or by email- no later than 2:00PM MST on January
ORDERED, that all per- APPOINTMENT, of Wills with a copy to 17, 2011.
sons concerned show NOTICE TO the undersigned, on or
cause, if any there be, CREDITORS before July 7, 2011, or CH2M HILL/Western Summit Constructors DC Joint Venture is an Equal
on or before the 1st day AND NOTICE TO be forever barred. Per- Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
of February 2011, why UNKNOWN HEIRS sons believed to be
the prayers of said com- Joyce Moreland, whose heirs or legatees of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA WATER AND SEWER AUTHORITY
plaint should not be address is 2901 32nd decedent who do not re- REQUEST FOR BIDS
granted; provided that a Street, SE Washington ceive a copy of this no- INVITATION NO. 070110
copy of this order be DC 20020 was ap- tice by mail within 25 REHABILITATION AND UPGRADE OF THE
published once a week pointed personal repre- days of its first publica- FORT RENO PUMPING STATION
for three consecutive sentative of the estate of tion shall so inform the
Joyce Biggs Washing- Register of Wills, includ- The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is soliciting bids for Invitation
weeks before said day No. 070110: Rehabilitation and Upgrade of the Fort Reno Pumping Station.
in the Afro-American ton, who died on ing name, address and
Newspapers. November 15, 2010 relationship.
without a will, and will Date of Publication: The following listing enumerates the major items of work included in the contract:
that pursuant to SCR
205(b) notice be sent to serve without Court su- January 7, 2011 0
Replacement of the existing Pump Control Panel.
the DC Chief of Police pervision. All unknown Name of newspaper: 0
Replacement of the existing surge valves and installation of pressure sustaining
and to the DC Depart- heirs and heirs whose Afro-American valves.
ment of Corrections by whereabouts are un- Washington Law 0
Installation of an altitude valve.
registered or certified known shall enter their Reporter 0
Replacement of the electrical service, emergency back-up generator, pump
mail and that proof of appearance in this William Eric Johnson Jr controls, three existing variable frequency drives and electrical equipment at the
service of mailing be proceeding. Objections Personal pumping station.
made in the manner pro- to such appointment Representative 0
Installation of power and communication conduits.
vided in SCR Probate shall be filed with the 240-441-6094 0
Upgrade of two remote pressure sensing sites.
Rule 14(b). Register of Wills, D.C., TRUE TEST COPY 0
Removal of all hazardous materials from the pumping station. All existing paint
JUDGE 515 5th Street, N.W., REGISTER OF WILLS shall be either removed or encapsulated.
A TRUE COPY TEST: 3rd Floor Washington, 1/7, 1/14, 1/21
1/7, 1/14, 1/21 D.C. 20001, on or be- The project requires completion within 820 consecutive calendar days.
fore July 7, 2011. Claims Superior Court of
Superior Court of against the decedent the District of This project is estimated to cost between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000.
the District of shall be presented to the Columbia
District of Columbia undersigned with a copy Civil Division The date for receipt of bids is February 9, 2011.
PROBATE DIVISION to the Register of Wills Case No. 0000158-11
or filed with the Register This project may be funded in part by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, D.C. IN RE: (EPA). A Fair Share Objective for Minority and Women’s
Women¬s Business Enterprises
20001-2131 of Wills with a copy to Terri Thompson
the undersigned, on or participation in this work of 32% and 6%, respectively, has been established.
Administration No. Mallett The program requirements are fully defined in USEPA¬s Participation by Dis-
2010ADM1218 before July 7, 2011, or Applicant
be forever barred. Per- advantaged Enterprises in Procurement under EPA Financial Assistant
Theodore E. Powell ORDER OF Agreements - May 27, 2008.∫. ”.
Decedent sons believed to be PUBLICATION
NOTICE OF heirs or legatees of the CHANGE OF NAME The Davis-Bacon wage determinations shall apply.
APPOINTMENT, decedent who do not re- Terri Thompson Mallett
NOTICE TO ceive a copy of this no- having filed a complaint DC Water Owner Controlled Insurance Program will provide insurance.
CREDITORS tice by mail within 25 for judgment changing
AND NOTICE TO days of its first publica- Terri Thompson Mallett Bid documents are available at the Department of Procurement, 5000 Overlook
UNKNOWN HEIRS tion shall so inform the name to Terri Allyn Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20032. Sets of Bidding Documents can be
Barbara P. Hale, whose Register of Wills, includ- Thompson and having procured for a non-refundable $100 purchase price each, payable to DC Water.
address is 712 Quade ing name, address and applied to the court for Payment must be in the form of a money order, certified check or a company
Street, Forest Heights, relationship. an Order of Publication check. Documents can be shipped to Bidders providing a Federal Express
MD 20745 was ap- Date of Publication: of the notice required by account number.
pointed personal repre- January 7, 2011 law in such cases; it is
sentative of the estate of Name of newspaper: by the Court this 7th day The DC Water Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is a secured
Theodore E. Powell, Afro-American of January 2011. facility. Persons intending to pick-up Bidding Documents are to contact the
who died on August 22, Washington Law ORDERED, that all per- Department of Procurement at 202-787-2020 for access authorization.
2010 without a will, and Reporter sons concerned show
will serve without Court Joyce Moreland cause, if any there be, For procurement information contact Mr. Carlo Enciso; email carlo.enciso@
supervision. All un- Personal on or before the 12th, (voice 202-787-2029).
known heirs and heirs Representative day of February 2011,
202-257-9730 For technical information contact:
whose whereabouts are why the prayers of said
unknown shall enter TRUE TEST COPY complaint should not be
REGISTER OF WILLS View DC Water website at for current and up coming
their appearance in this granted; provided that a solicitations.
proceeding. Objections 1/7, 1/14, 1/21 copy of this order be
to such appointment published once a week

Strictly Personal
shall be filed with the Superior Court of for three consecutive
Register of Wills, D.C., the District of weeks before said day
515 5th Street, N.W., District of Columbia in the Afro-American

Pen Pals
3rd Floor Washington, PROBATE DIVISION Newspapers.
D.C. 20001, on or be- Washington, D.C. 0
that pursuant to SCR
fore July 7, 2011. Claims 20001-2131 205(b) notice be sent to
against the decedent Administration No. the applicant's creditors
shall be presented to the 2010ADM1248
Edyth V. Anderson
by registered or certified Truthful man seeking spiritual pen pals. Womb my emana-
undersigned with a copy mail and that proof of
to the Register of Wills Decedent service of mailing be tion. Law is unification. Breath, knowledge and conscious-
Alan Scott Gregory
or filed with the Register
of Wills with a copy to 7600 Georgia Ave NW
made in the manner pro-
vided in SCR Probate ness! William Piggie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312
the undersigned, on or Washington DC 20012 Rule 19(b). ---
before July 7, 2011, or Attorney JUDGE

Lonesome Hearts - Pen Pals

be forever barred. Per- NOTICE OF A TRUE COPY TEST:
sons believed to be APPOINTMENT, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28
heirs or legatees of the
decedent who do not re- CREDITORS Superior Court of To have a notice published in the Strictly Personal Section,
ceive a copy of this no- AND NOTICE TO
the District of
District of Columbia
write the message you want printed in the space below.
tice by mail within 25
days of its first publica- Lyn Dyson, whose ad- PROBATE DIVISION Enclose ten dollars ($10.00), check or money order for 25
dress is 5327 East
tion shall so inform the
Register of Wills, includ- Capitol Street, SE
Washington, D.C.
20001-2131 words. NO CASH PLEASE. Additional words will cost 50
ing name, address and Washington DC 20019
was appointed personal
Administration No. cents each.
relationship. 2010ADM1252
Date of Publication: representative of the Elizabeth D Bacon
January 7, 2011 estate of Edyth V. An- Decedent
Name of newspaper: derson, who died on Winfred R Mundle Sr,
Afro-American December 10, 2010 with Esq
Washington Law a will, and will serve 901 6th Street SW
Reporter without Court supervi- 314A
Barbara P. Hale sion. All unknown heirs Washington DC 20024
Personal and heirs whose Attorney
Representative whereabouts are un- NOTICE OF To answer a Lonesome Heart notice, enclose a check or mon-
known shall enter their
appearance in this
ey order for $2.00 for each letter you wish to have forwarded.
REGISTER OF WILLS proceeding. Objections CREDITORS NO CASH PLEASE. Be sure to include the fox number of
to such appointment (or AND NOTICE TO
1/7, 1/14, 1/21
to the probate of de- UNKNOWN HEIRS the person you wish to contact.
Superior Court of cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will) shall
shall bebe Russell J Bacon Jr.,
the District of filed with the Register of whose address is 11714
District of Columbia Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Brookeville Landing
Court, Mitcheiville,
All letters, queries and notices should be sent to:
Washington, D.C. Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
20001, on or before July
Maryland 20721, was
appointed personal re-
Administration No. 7, 2011. Claims against
the decedent shall be
presentative of the 2519 N. Charles Street
estate of Elizabeth D
Baltimore, MD 21218
John Shaw Toole presented to the under- Bacon, who died on
Decedent signed with a copy to the November 24, 2010 with
Attorney Register of Wills or filed a will, and will serve
NOTICE OF with the Register of Wills without Court supervi-
APPOINTMENT, with a copy to the under- sion. All unknown heirs
NOTICE TO signed, on or before July and heirs whose
CREDITORS 7, 2011 or be forever whereabouts are un-
B8 The Afro-American, January 15, 2011 - January 15, 2011