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edu University Studies in Sweden FE 1 SE-833 83 Stroemsund Sweden To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Marie Curatolo and I am a senior in the Program on the Environment at the University of Washington in Seattle who will graduate in June 2011 with departmental honors. I am writing to express my interest in the Master’s Programme in Sustainable Business Management at Lund University. I found out about this program from Professor Christine Ingebritsen as a student in her Environmental Norms in International Politics class. She may be contacted as a reference at I believe that the environment is salient in every academic discipline and every part of life. This belief has led me to pursue this programme. Business frequently comes into conflict with sustainability as it struggles to balance sustainable behavior with profits. I want to rise to the challenge and bring sustainability into business and exemplify successful integration of the environment with a seemingly conflicting discipline. I hope to bring my background in environmental studies into the business world and develop the skills necessary to implement environmental ideas in new and effective ways. As an undergraduate, I experienced the foundation-building that led me to pursue a career in sustainability. I have experience in the natural sciences as well as the social sciences. In addition, I have specifically chosen courses that focus on writing development and have experience doing issue analyses, research, and formulating clear and effective communications. I have an extensive background in psychology with a focus on animal behavior. This has given me training in biology, statistics and quantitative sciences, empirical research methodology, as well as a hands-on perspective of the science that informs environmental decisions. I am currently pursuing my interest in environmental law and policy and have sought coursework on conflict management, ethics, international studies, and other topics related to policy. This has complimented my scientific study to form a holistic academic experience. With further training in sustainable business management, I can take these ideas and put them in practice working with a business to create a functioning example of sustainability as a viable and compatible value in every part of society. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would love the opportunity to discuss this program further and am available via email at and by telephone at 00-1-630- 229-3365. Sincerely, Marie J. Curatolo