Samuel Christian Hahnemann was by any standards a glorious eccentric, and his restless life story is mirrored in the chronological headlines.

10 April 1755- Hahnemann was born at Meissen, in southeast Germany, at approximately midnight.
So, at least, Hahnemann himself always maintained; but the entry in the church register at Meissen records the birth as having occurred on the morning of 11 th April, and this later date was adopted by some homeopaths and gave rise to disagreement about the right day to celebrate the Master’s birthday. It is curiously appropriate that the inventor of homeopathy should have arrived in this world already equipped with a future occasion for controversy. Hahnemann’s father was a craftsman who worked in the famous Meissen pottery trade. He was not very well off, so that it was with some difficulty that the young Samuel persuaded him to allow him to become a medical student. As a boy he was put briefly to work for a Leipzig grocer.

Summary of Hahnemann’s life and main publications
1755 Born at Meissen. 1799 Qualifies in medicine at Erlangen. 1782 First marriage. 1782-1805 Years of wandering. 1790 Cinchona experiment. 1806 Publishes ‘Medicine of Experience’. 1810 Publishes first edition of “The Organon”. 1811 Settles in Leipzig. Provings which result in publication of ‘Materia Medica Pura’. 1821 Moves to Kothen. Period of semi-retirement. Publication of ‘The Chronic Diseases’. 1830 Death of first wife. 1835 Marriage to Melanie. Moves to Paris. 1843 Death in Paris.
Here, I am giving astrological analysis of our master Samuel Hahnemann, taking birth date 10th April 1755 at 11:55 pm at Leipzig. Name Sex B’ Date Time of Birth (Standard) Time Zone/Country B’ Place Latitude Longitude Standard Longitude Local Time Correction War/Summer Time Correction Local Birth Time Siderial Time Sun Rise (Local) Sun Set (Local) Sun Rise (Standard) Sun Set (Standard) Samuel Hahnemann Male 10-04-1755 (Thursday) 23.55.00 (Ishta- Kala 46.02.13 Ghatis) Germany Leipzig 051:20 North 012:23 East 015:00 East -00:10:28 +00:00:00 23:44:32 12:59:47 05:19:39 18:38:59 05:30:07 18:49:27 1

Tithi Paksh Shalivan Shak Samvat Vikram Samvat Yog Ayanamsa (N.C.Lahiri) Sun Sign (Sayan) Lagna- Lagna Lord Rashi- Rashi Lord Nakshatra- Charan Nakshatra Lord Balance of Dasha (Vimsottari Mahadasha) Avkahda Chakra Varna Hansak Vashya Nakshatra Charan Varg Akshar Yoni Gana Yunja Nadi Ayan Gol Ritu Nirayan Planetary Longitudes Planet Asc. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu Uranus Neptune Pluto Rashi Scorpio Aries Pisces Aquarius Pisces Leo Aquarius Capricorn Virgo Pisces Aquarius Cancer Scorpio Degrees 24:25:58 00:16:37 22:46:54 16:47:39 10:46:21 19:09:52 14:33:35 07:52:10 08:52:03 08:52:03 13:12:27 15:29:45 26:48:18 Dir.

Amavasya Krishna 1676-1677 1811-1812 Vadhriti 20:26:26 Areis Scorpio- Mars Pisces- Jupiter Revti-2 Mercury Mercury 9 yrs 2 Months 14 Days

Brahmin Vaari Jalchar Revati 2 Sarp Do Gaj Dev Purva Antya Uttar Uttar Basant

Dir. Ret. Ret. Dir. Dir. Ret. Ret. Dir. Ret. Ret.

Nakshatra 18 Jyestha 01 Ashwini 27 Revati 24 Shatabhisaj 26 Uttara Bhadrapad 11 Purva Falguni 24 Shatabhisaj 21 Uttara Asadha 12 Uttara Falguni 26 Uttara Bhadrapad 25 Uttara Bhadrapad 08 Pushya 18 Jyeshtha

Pad 3 1 2 4 3 2 3 4 4 2 1 4 4

Rashi Lord Mars Mars Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Sun Saturn Saturn Mercury Jupiter Saturn Moon Mars

Nak. Lord Mercury Ketu Mercury Rahu Saturn Venus Rahu Sun Sun Saturn Jupiter Saturn Mercury


Aspects Considerations Sun Conjunction Moon It makes oneself very subjective. He tends to overtext physically. He may have states of depression. Desires peace and harmony around him. Sun Semisquare Mars It makes very quarrelsome and argumentative. Impulsive in actions and at times reckless. Sun Square Saturn It indicates that one may have faced hardship and oppression. As a result, ego may be affected and one may become self pitying and pessimistic. Sun Trine Pluto Progressive and reformatory urge. After any crisis one is always able for self regeneration. Moon Trine Neptune Lot of personal popularity. Love for travel. Makes imaginative and artistic abilities. Moon Trine Pluto Gives success and achievements. Many a times, makes the words turn out to be true and prophetic. Vision of future becomes realistic. Mars Opposite Jupiter May have gambing instinct. May be reckless and extravagant at times. Makes rebellious and at times prone to exaggerate. Mars Conjunction Uranus May be high strung, nervous, stubborn and irritable. Needs freedome of thought and action, makes energetic and will develop original working methods. Mercury Sextile Saturn Makes one approach all work very methodically. Has a very orderly mind and able to organize with great detail. Has sense of responsibility and very cautious. Mercury Trine Neptune Visionary, very sympathetic and compensative. Refined and may has artistic and poetic interests and abilities. Jupiter Opposite Uranus Head Strong, rebellious and opinioned. May exaggerate a lot and be tactless. Will experience losses because of premature actions. 3

Jupiter Square Pluto Makes arrogant and fanatical. Will have conflicts with those in authority. May get extravagant and tend to squander. Venus Conjunction Mars Strong vitality. Charismatic and self-confident. Loves excitement and sports and is by nature very optimistic. Venus Opposite Jupiter Self conceit. Intensely driven to seek a partner and very demonstrative of one’s charms. Will tend to has self indulgent habit. Saturn Semisquare Uranus Restless, argumentative and grustrated at times. Has philosophical ideas. Indicates lack of concentration and illogical reasoning. At times,. May be very impulsive and aggressive. Saturn Opposite Neptune Makes one inhibited, self-deluding and moody. May tend to be hypochondriacal. Will be subjected to criticism and mat develop an inferiority complex. Saturn Semisquare Pluto Makes very harsh disciplinarian. May become egoistical and unsympathetic. At times, may have depression and must guard against self destructive tendencies. Uranus Square Pluto Subjects one to upsets, great changes, upheavals and violence. May even has fanatical and destructive tendencies. General Predictions General Characteristics Due to lord ship of Mars, they are particularly determined individual. They have strong likes and dislikes. They like rational thinking, convincing argument and scientific explanation. They cannot keep idle and hate gossip. Do not interfere with others matters unless it concerns them. They are short tempered. Can be revengeful if their friends try to harm them. Being a watery sign they have sharp intelligence and dynamic energy to complete their job. They are very reliable. They keep secrets though they appear frank, plain and blunt. They may have unusual interest in mysteries of nature as well as in psychic subjects. They have intense feelings and emotions. They are able to diagnose correctly. They can be very good in medical field or export/import. They will enjoy life to their entire satisfaction. Specific Characteristics You are likely to experience a lot of changes in life. May have a lot of energy and should try to be more constructively engaged, else you may squander it unproductively. Physical characteristics The native has a well proportioned body, hands are generally long. The stature is above average. They have a broad face commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body. They have a very good personality. Wealth Characteristics General indications for wealth are very good. You will be very lucky in money matters and will gain through an inheritance. You should try to budget and save, as there are indications that you may become extravagant. Inheritance You are likely to inherit. You are sure to have a very peaceful later life. Education The general indications for education are very good. You are likely to be serious and studious. Your hard work is liable to bear fruits. You may achieve some form of distinction in your educational career. 4

Career Opportunities Scientific careers- limited. Commerce- Good Arts, Social works ,Home science etc.- excellent Business Opportunities You will be successful in business or political fields. You are likely to have good influence and contacts in the right places. You will also be interested in social and professional works. Marriage Due to influence of Shukra, you will most probably get married early. You will have a harmonious and happy married life. You love children and indications are towards a large family. Health You will normally have good health. But due to position of Ravi, you may have a weak constitution. Social You have friends who will be very helpful in times of need. You are likely to be involved in some kind of group or social service, which will give you great personal satisfaction. Thus we can see Dr. Hahnemann’s astrological analysis is very similar to his real life span.