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EarSaver Headband Pattern (Not to scale)

1. Prepare two pieces of fabric that are 2 by 6 inches rectangles.

2. Take the right sides of the fabric and face them towards each other and pin 3 sides for ⅛-¼ inch seam.

3. Sew ⅛ to ¼ seam following both long sides and one short side leaving the other to flip to the right side.
Trim corners of seam for corners.
4. Carefully turn to the right side, use a pen or chop stick to push out corners and iron out seams to

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5. Fold in fabric on the open end about ¼ - ½ inch and iron.

6. Add an outer seam starting halfway on the open side all the way around the rectangle past the starting
point to the corner and secure the stitch.

7. Add two buttons on each end to complete the earsaver.