Srikanth Chowdary
Experience Summary:

Srikanth2msbi@g Mobile: 91-9900468261

 2.2 years of professional experience in Data Warehousing using market leading ETL tool
suite SSIS.

 Having knowledge on SSRS and OLAP tool suite SSAS.
       Worked on all phases of data warehouse development lifecycle, from Analyzing requirement, implementation and testing. Exceptional background in analysis, design, development, customization, and implementation and testing of software applications and products. Demonstrated expertise utilizing ETL tools, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and ETL package design, and RDBM systems like SQL Server. Responsible for all activities related to the development and implementation of ETL processes for large-scale data warehouses using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Involved in preparation of unit test cases and supported during system integration testing. Hands on experience in tuning Data flows, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in various levels like targets, sources and tasks. Extensive knowledge on Data Warehousing Architecture & Concepts.

Technical Skills: ETL Tool OLAP Tool RDBMS Languages Operating Systems : SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). : SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). : SQL Server 2005/2008. : SQL and T-SQL : Windows 2003, XP.

Professional Experience:

 Working as a Software Engineer in Technosoft Corporation, Bangalore from OCT 2008 to Till
Date. Educational Profile:

 Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) during the period 20032007.

Funnel. Windows Xp Apr 10 to till date Description: Royal Bank of Scotland serves more than 9 million private individuals and corporate clients in the UK. to identify the customers who are at potential risk of default. The solution focuses on using all information at the point of originations to understand the servicing aspects of the business. Review of the documents and ensure its prompt delivery to the Business for approval. join etc. Sequential File.Y. Having exposure to raise the RFC to move the code to different environments. and Data Stage Administrator. The Retail Credit Risk Solution focuses on risk management through the lifecycle of the customer from the point of originates to the time of default and recovery. Roles and Responsibilities:     Understanding the business functionality & Analysis of business requirements. The information forms the basis for further analysis of delinquency and performance during the customer lifecycle. India and a growing number abroad. Data Stage Manager. The servicing business works on the customer information available at the point of originations like joining scores. Used most of the stages such as the Transformer. look-up. demographics etc.     Created Job Sequencer for dependency jobs and to run the jobs by using parameters. etc. Aggregator. . Involved in the development of Data Stage jobs. ETL Developer MSBI. target stages and processing stages like Aggregator.  Developed parallel jobs with collection of all source stages. Transformer. Data Stage Director.   Involved in Unit Testing and Test plan preparation to meet proper testing activity. Datasets. Worked on Data Stage – Data Stage Designer. SQL Server 2008. Running and monitor the jobs in Director. Involved in the preparation of the Detailed Design documents.Srikanth Chowdary mail. Viewing Log for the jobs and cleaning up the resources using Director.com Srikanth2msbi@g Mobile: 91-9900468261 Projects Undertaken: Project #1 Client Role Environment Duration : Risk Management System : : : : Royal Bank of Scotland. Peek.

 Involved in code review and testing.  Fixing the Issues that come out of Integration Testing. real-time view of the company to help enable more informed and timely decision-making. Inc. Audit. Singapore SSIS 2005. store procedures. SQL SERVER. reporting. Data Cleansing.  Extensively used BIDS to develop Packages for extracting.  Created system for capturing. tables.  Applied performance-tuning logic to optimize Package performance. Derived column. The integration of voluminous data into the warehouse and providing reports with reasonable performance standards is a continuous challenge.com Srikanth2msbi@g Mobile: 91-9900468261 Project #2 Client Technologies Used Role Environment : SingTel Consumer and SME : : : : SingTel. integrating. USA Role : Environment : Duration : .Srikanth Chowdary mail. Pivot.  Build efficient SSIS packages for processing fact and dimension tables with complex transforms and type 1 and type 2 changes. transforming and loading data into SQL Server database. Look Up. Row count . SQL Server 2005. and functions. Responsibilities:  Analyzing the Business Requirement Specification document from the client. Project #3 : Sales Data Mart ETL Developer SSIS. and correcting error data. Windows XP : Jun 09 – Mar 10 Duration Description: The challenge was to have an Analytics infrastructure that provided executives with key metrics and a single. The main objective was to leverage the CRM implementation to provide a 360 degrees view of customer and sales data at a reduced cost. SQL SERVER.  Testing and debugging of code.  Design and develop SSIS packages. Conditional split. Sort. Oledb command. Multicast and Data Conversion. implement best practices to maintain optimal performance. views. configuration files. ETL Developer SSIS.  Used different transformations like aggregate. Windows XP Oct 08 to Jun 09 Client : Nordstrom.Y.

This information is being used by a group of business analysts and senior managerial personnel.  Used different transformations like aggregate.  Used different Control Flow Tasks like Execute Sql Task. Multicast and Data Conversion. Data Source Views and Cubes.  Proficient in implementing all transformations available on the SSIS toolbox.com Srikanth2msbi@g Mobile: 91-9900468261 Description : Nordstrom. Data Stage was used as an ETL tool for extracting the Data from various sources running on SQL Server databases and load into SSAS Data Warehouse. Audit.  Experience in creating master and child packages.  Build efficient SSIS packages for processing fact and dimension tables with complex transforms and type 1 and type 2 changes. and Flat file using DTS utility. Inc. For Each loop Container.Srikanth Chowdary mail. Creating Aggregations and Storage Locations for the cube. The end users for analyzing the sales of the Nordstrom Company use the Data Mart. Sort. This project deals with the distribution of historical sales. Conditional split. Look Up.  Experience in Importing/Exporting Data from various data sources like Excel.       Backing up and restoring the database.Y. Pivot. Oledb command. Creating Perspectives in the cube. Row count . customers and financial centers on daily basis. Writing Calculations using some functions in the cube. Fixing the Issues that come out of Integration Testing. Designing Data Sources. Data Cleansing. Roles and Responsibilities: Responsibilities:  Excellent skills in implementing ETL Packages using SSIS 2008/ 2005. financial and marketing data to brokers. Derived column. package configurations and logging. is an upscale department store chain in the United States. Data Flow Task and Different Container like Sequence Container. .

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