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there is Tñitlóne Uving^ true, and Infinite God, creating

and sustaining all things, visible and invisible, whose Essence is diffused

throughout the universev and whos* Mind and Conscdousness constitute
the Soul of Man.

2. 3 fenoto that the uunity

nity of God’s creatíon manifests in three ex-
pressions: in the Macrocosm as Light, Life, and Love; in the Microcosm
as Soul, ego, and body; in the material sciences and arts as thesis,
synthesis, and antithesis, All of these are symbolized by the Triangle.

3. 3 fenoto that the Divine Wisdom of God, as made manifest by

the laws of na ture, justifies our faith in the Omnipotence, Omnipresence,
Goodness, and Love of the God of our existence.

4. 3 fenOtD that when God breathes into the Body of Man, the
Breath of Life, Man becomes a Living Soul. The Soul of God, resident
within a mortal body, is the perfect essence of the Universal Soul that
flows through successive human incamations. Henee, in all that is real
and vital, all Mankind is a Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.

5. 3 fenO ll) that the 0esh alone may err, and mortal mind may sin;
and for each error or sin, flesh and mortal mind must compénsate;
for Man is bom in Soul-Goodness, but in mortal ignoran ce, and from
the ignorance alone must Man be redeemed and saved.

6. 3 fenoto that the visible Fratemity of the Rosicrucians is an

inspired school for the niumination of the mortal mind and the joy of
the Soul. Its authority is found in the joyous response of the Soul of
Man and in the Inspiration and Direction received from the Masters,
visible and invisible.

7. 3 fenoto that the High Initiates of the Fratemity are representa-

tíve of the Invisible Masters of The Great White Brotherhood, and are
the Servan ts of God.

ü>alutem ^unettó QEttangult!

(The Rosicrudani have no blind falthí ar unproved beiiefs. Through the knowledge oí Uws, and the tbility
to demónstrate them, the Roscradana kn a* certain fundamental principies which constitute their creed. The
foregoing statement of such prtndpiM * u unammously adopted at an International Conventi on of Rosicrudani
held at the AMORC Temple, R o s c r e a * Park. San José, California, during the week of July 23rd to 30th, 19X.)