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What do you want? What is it you really want out of life? Why did you decide to download this report today? Those are the questions. Aren’t they? What can the Internet do for you, your family, and your life that’s never been available before? The answer to that question is likely why you’re here. It’s funny. If you start searching for things like internet business, internet marketing, or make money online, you’ll find thousands of sites promising you almost instant riches from the internet. They’re lying to you…because they know it’s such an enticing pitch. They promise you simply have to buy their product – and money will automatically flow into your bank account. No work required. Or simply follow their proven foolproof system. It’s as easy as pie. The reality for most people is radically different. That dream of a passive online income turns into a nightmare of wasted hours and money, chasing the elusive dream of automatic effortless income. The $47 leads to multiple $1,997 purchases…as you tell your spouse this next one will be different. Maybe this one contains the secret I’ve been looking for. I was just missing one little piece. They’re really selling HOPE. People hope for a better life. The majority of us believe there is an easier way. Others are successful online. And many of them make it look effortless. Why can’t you do it? Why are there so many roadblocks in the way keeping you from
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your dreams and the lifestyle you know you deserve? In this report, I’m not just going to share hope. I’m not going to try to sell you on another set of secrets. Instead I’m going to share the truth with you…and no matter how radical that truth sounds to you, it is the answer you’re looking for. This report can open the door to the Internet Lifestyle for you – if you’re willing to do what it takes. And the first step here is to have an open mind. Some of the information I provide you with here may not agree with everyone else you’ve heard. You may have to drop some of your expectations for “quick money” online as it takes time to build a real business. You may hear me talk about “hard work” which all those quick and easy sales letters avoid like the plague. I also promise you the strategy revealed here will require you to grow as a person. To reach the success you want will require change on your part. And that’s not always easy. Jim Rohn said… “If y ou go to work on y our goals, y our goals will go to work on y ou. If y ou go to work on y our plan, y our plan will go to work on y ou. Whatev er good things we build end up building us.” Your online goals will change you as a person. There is no shortcut or other way around it. To get from where you are today to where you want to be is going to require you to experience new things, to change, and to grow as a person. You will be a totally different person one year from today if you follow my advice. Your lifestyle can be totally different within the next one to three years. Opps…you might have noticed it above. I didn’t say your lifestyle would be totally different next week. I said it takes one to three years to make the change. It could take even longer…especially if you fight with the personal change required inside yourself. OK. We’ve now eliminated all those “easy money” wannabees from the report. I could almost hear the rush as people left this report to go back to their internet search. That $10,000 seminar sounds so much more enticing if they’re willing to tell you what you want to hear…all about the overnight riches. There are
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or your passion to succeed. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. And while I can help guide you in the right direction.MyMarketingCoach.a lot of people willing to lie to you so they can push those “hope” hot buttons and get you to open your wallet wide to them. it’s impossible for me to pinpoint every possible mistake you could ever make. Many people have done it. but I ALWAYS tell my clients to give themselves at least one to three years to change their life. I can’t predict how long it will take you. Is it possible to succeed quicker than this? Of course it is. I don’t know Page 6 . The last thing I want to do is produce any heartbroken beginners. your skills.

I had very little computer experience having only used an old commodore 64 when I was young. Bills piled up and little was coming in. and network marketing. selling satellite dishes door-to-door. I worked all kinds of odd jobs including delivering newspapers for the local Palladium-Item newspaper. it’s pretty simple. If you’ve never heard my story before. and how to get around those Compuserve Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.Every Mistake in the Book I Made Every Mistake in the Book…And Discovered a Few Unique Ones of My Own. one-on-one sales. Way back in the dark ages…eons ago…in a year called 1996. Today we have high speed internet. My wife must be an angel of patience as she suffered through all of it while I built up a collection of failed business opportunities in the basement. direct mail. Even with all the mistakes I’ve made.MyMarketingCoach. I had tried everything to succeed. I’ve still became successful online. but it got the job Page 7 . I bought my first PC – an old Pentium 75 from Best Buy. I was a college dropout (from a Bible college no less – but that’s a story for another time). We were in debt. I tried dozens of ways to make extra money including direct marketing. But it was what I needed to pave the way to success online. and delivering pizzas for Little Caesars. how email worked. Then the Internet changed everything for me. and much of it came from me trying to succeed with all these different opportunities. In addition. It took me a few weeks to get the hang of how to even use the computer. I first started online. And it didn’t take that long. Then I only had an 28k modem. a lot of debt. That first PC was ancient compared the computers we have today. Up till my adventures online.

Orders came in and I processed them manually through an old credit card system. Little did I know those humble beginnings would change my life and make it what it is today. In addition you can hire outsourced fulfillment and workers to help you in the process. I put up little ads on Compuserve message boards and people would email me for a free report. Today automated online tools do most of this work. this doesn’t eliminate all your work. fulfillment. Mark Victor Hansen. You’re the one who sets the direction. and pr agent. You are the CEO of your Page 8 . I put up the ads.MyMarketingCoach. Those reports were sent INDIVIDUALLY as I didn’t have a sequential autoresponder like we have today (the autoresponders we use today automatically build an email list and contact them for you). Since there wasn’t any automation I did almost everything by hand. In the very beginning. WOW – that’s a lot of work when I think about it today. I sent them reports. I duplicated and sent out the products.message boards. you’re often the marketing department. I processed the sales. I replaced my job within the first month of action (but of course replacing the $8 an hour I earned delivering pizzas isn’t a huge income). It simply frees up your time to concentrate on the most important elements – the building of your business and the marketing. I also included sales pieces for those products I was selling. By working hard (yes I put in some 12 hour days and 6 day weeks in the beginning) I was able to push toward success very quickly. And 6 months in business was moving quite smoothly as I learned how to have my email list managed with software on my computer (no more individually emailing out reports). I’m so thankful I was willing to do what it took in those early days. In the reports I sent out. The very first product I sold online were some items I bought licenses to such as self-help VHS videos (videos of people like Bill Myers. and others). I recommend getting the bookkeeping and technical elements outsourced as soon as possible. But unlike what many preach to you. I followed up. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. but that still leaves you with the big job of marketing.

What will be your expertise? Today is the day of the specialist. online credit card processing. But wasn’t there less competition back then? Of course. I tried something else. And the majority of them have high speed internet connections. but look at what I was willing to do. “Was it easier back in 1996 when you first got started?” To that I answer a resounding NO WAY. Remember you’re starting off as a small business. We take for granted things that would have been a miracle back then: automatic email follow-up. There wasn’t any guidance or direction of what you should do. You don’t need ten thousand customers this year. EASY to manage websites. and virtual assistants ready to handle the technical aspects. We will cover more about later. It wasn’t easier. I was willing to put in the hours it took to establish my Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. You can easily carve out your piece of the pie. But there were a lot less customers too! Everyday new customers are coming online from around the world.We Have So Many More Tools Available Today You may be wondering. Basically it was all just guessing which path was best. But it does mean you have to do some thinking to find out where you should establish your expertise and plant your flag. I was willing to put myself out there and TRY multiple techniques to find out what worked and what didn’ Page 9 . You don’t need a million dollar budget or a large staff to get started. If something didn’t work. Everything I did back then was by trial and error…a lot more error than anything else.

MyMarketingCoach. If y ou wait for inspiration y ou'll be standing on the corner after the parade is a m ile down the street. but sometimes it’s presented as some mysterious object you have no control over. And I was willing to keep doing a boring routine if it helped me reach my goals (post ads. that happens. email reports. it’s next impossible to stop it. It’s that practice and skill build from the daily writing that enables the “viral post” that travels like speed all over the internet. followup).business online. Once the momentum gets Page 10 . but routine is the m om entum that keeps a m an going. Yes. but it’s not that overnight success like so many talk about.” Ben Nicholas You often hear people talk about the importance of getting momentum in their business. “Most of life is routine .dull and grubby . Instead it’s the natural occurrence for those who dig in their heels take action in that direction every single day. Maybe a big guru in the field sees your site and sends it out to your list. Or someone loves your post and it ends up all over the Internet. and you light to Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.

Momentum is working for you… But unlike many who leave momentum to chance. They don’t spend time on forums. Come back and write some more. It’s so small it’s a lot like the little netbooks but with more power and easy to use. All the foundation you’ve built over the past several months (or years) pays off. In fact. They’ll sit in front of that computer screen and write even when the “inspiration” doesn’t hit them. Your traffic multiplies. The great copywriter Eugene Schwatz had an egg timer he would use when he wrote. They don’t answer email. instead of sitting there watching TV waiting for inspiration. For example. surf the web. they sit down in front of that computer and write. I can take it out by the pool and write.The Internet Lifestyle is ALL About Momentum You’re just moving along day-after-day in building your business.MyMarketingCoach. Write for your 33 minute period and then take a break. I don’t use it to answer email. And it’s true. you’re the one in control. I know it’s time to write. They don’t surf the web. As soon as I turn that puppy Page 11 . Personally I have my own little laptop – a little 13 inch HP that weighs a little over 4 lbs that I use just for writing. or play video Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. They write when they’re in their writing spot. Then it happens. When they want to write. He says your mind will wear out quickly without a break. You business grows seemingly overnight. Focused work is hard work. Sales come flooding in. Each writing session was 33 minutes and 33 seconds. I dare you to find anyone who is a considered a great author who doesn’t sit down daily and knock out a certain number of words. they have a designated writing spot. they learn to control the inspiration and channel it toward their work. but it’s exactly what you need for your business. because that is ALL I use it for. And they have a set time period when they write.

You’ll modify the website you put up today. just type blah. often I’ve deleted the entire first page a beginner wrote. You’ll make changes in it. no matter how I feel at the time. I said FORCE. That’s NORMAL so don’t fight against it.” Get started taking action by writing SOMETHING. It’s a result of the momentum you build up as you’re writing. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. But as you force yourself to get started. after the writing period is done. It’s my little writing laptop. It’s painful to stare at that page. A lot of times in editing you may end up deleting the first couple of paragraphs you wrote because they were just the warm-up. Watch how much you accomplish if you FORCE yourself to write during this entire Your brain works quite a bit like an engine. Later on. It has to get warmed up and start pumping. If you don’t have anything to say. your brain will come into alignment and get moving with you. Or it will sit there staring at a blank page. The same rule applies to your products. start writing. Expect it and take advantage of it.0 usually isn’t that great? It has bugs. It’s almost magical. So get moving and start writing. blah. I’ll copy it over my home network onto my memory stick to bring it to one of my other computers. That was their warm-up period as they were getting started and into the flow. Inspiration doesn’t just magically appear. You’ll refine it once you get feedback from your visitors and customers. you’ll come up with additional ideas and thoughts you can add in during the editing period. Page 12 . A blank page is the worst thing in the world. That’s part of how I’ve trained my brain that it’s time to write. As soon as you have your computer on and your word processor open. Those little pistons in your brain get all corroded and out of practice. Your stupid head will try to tell you that you don’t have anything to say. In writing sales copy for websites. but it only occurs because you’ve laid the foundation first. blah…maybe type “I don’t have anything to write yet. You’ll add to it. When it gets time to edit what I wrote. It means what you first type likely won’t end up in the final version. And that’s what I do on it. Don’t allow it for a second.MyMarketingCoach. Momentum Is Your Business Ally This type of writing momentum applies to other aspects of your online business as well. Have you ever noticed that any Software 1. So just get moving.

more relaxed business with a six figure Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. It takes a lot of power to get those wheels turning in the beginning. but it is a reality in business. You can hear the strain as it starts. That’s why it’s important from the beginning to really consider what you want from your internet business. But what if they waited until the software was perfect first? First of all. NOTHING is perfect. Have you sat there and watched as an old train gets started. You work in a similar fashion. Being a perfectionist is the most sure way to NEVER get anything accomplished. Get moving and get momentum behind Page 13 . they’d never know it was perfect or not until customers got their hands on it and found every way possible to break it (beta tests don’t find all the problems).0 and it continues on down the product development line. In addition. Getting yourself moving is always the hard part. It’s hard to stop it once it has made its way past the starting point. You have to get it out there and moving before you can ever perfect it.It isn’t that customer friendly. Improvements come as it hits 1.1 and 2.MyMarketingCoach. One of the mistakes I originally made in my business was not thinking about where I was going. You’re like an old freight train. but where is it you want to go? Is your goal to have a large growing multi-million dollar business with multiple employees or a smaller. You know where you’re at right now. Momentum will keep pushing you forward even when you relax on the power you’re putting out. the company would likely run out of money in the development phase without any money coming in. This isn’t an excuse to put out shoddy products. I think of an online business as similar to a train. the momentum will carry with through. You’ve got to pull all that baggage along with you. It’s the nature of business. Once you have things flowing and you’re in the ROUTINE it’s much easier to keep it going. I got the business moving and then I felt like I was just along for the ride. But once it’s moving.

com Page 14 .income that provides what you want for you and your family? It’s an important question. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.MyMarketingCoach. because it becomes the basis of everything else you do in your business.

In addition. They have a vision they want to see happen. Basically there are two kinds of entrepreneurs: growth mavens and lifestyle gurus. but they have the dream of moving into their office with multiple employees surrounding them and pushing the vision forward. Simply put. They may start today out of a home office to keep the expenses down. They’re ambitious and see themselves someday competing with the Fortune 500 companies out of a lush corporate office. It’s a great book that covers a lot of the mistakes people make when working at home. That is not a part of their vision or their plan for business.Growth Mavens Versus Lifestyle Gurus I first heard the terms “growth mavens” and “lifestyle gurus” from the book “The Home Office From Hell Cure” by Jeffrey A. they enjoy the work they’re personally doing and don’t ever want to “promote themselves” out of it into managing others. The growth maven is the kind of entrepreneur who has the big dream. And they’re totally fine with the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world earning more who are willing to take on that corporate responsibility. They want to employ people from their community and motivate them to push forward with the vision. Talk about a big corporate office and they’ll be sick to their stomachs. They also would be happy to never move out of their home office.MyMarketingCoach. They might not make millions per year but they can earn a very respectable six figure income and possibly even push a little way into the seven figure level. They have NO desire to have any direct employees (they use outsourced workers only). Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: Page 15 . Landers. The lifestyle guru is of a completely different mindset. they wouldn’t be satisfied to “stay small” and stay in their home office.

it would be a nightmare. one of the most exciting elements for a lifestyle guru personality is when you can generate royalties. Which Personality Are You? If you don’t decide which type of entrepreneur you are and build your business accordingly. but they weren’t happy. That’s why I’ve had to learn how to use virtual assistants and technology to grow the business even when I’m not working. having a “growth maven” company would be insanity for me. That’s their bread and butter. I would encourage someone to hire an outsourced worker. They wanted to hire an employee instead (even with all the hassles I see involved there). since I’m fully on the lifestyle guru side.Personally. They wouldn’t feel like they have enough control over the workers. because it’s a radically different personality from me. I enjoy what I do. this was confusing to me at first. There have been years where my plans were how I was going to slow down the number of clients in one element of my business or sell that portion off to someone Page 16 .” Since I coach entrepreneurs of both types. It surprised me that anyone would choose to have employees. I love producing videos. I’m 100% on the lifestyle guru side. I love writing. what if I took someone who was a clear growth maven and tried to stick them into my home business where I don’t have a single official employee (outsourced workers many of them in foreign countries such as the Philippines)? They’d likely go stir crazy. for a couple of years I felt there was something wrong with me. And along the same lines. By the way. Everyone else had all these huge visions and these big growth plans. And I love coaching clients. Employees – yuck. and passive income coming in from work you’ve done in the past. Just the thought of having them around makes me upset. I’d still HATE my life because it’s not me…or what I want. If I had to go into an office and be responsible for two dozen employees (even with a professional manager you are still “responsible” in the end) along with working long corporate hours. Even if the company was bringing in $20 million a year. and they wouldn’t feel the company’s vision is “big enough. For example.MyMarketingCoach. long-term commissions. In fact. you can end up building someone else’s dream business. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.

the lifestyle guru would give up in frustration or run for the hills if they had to have the corporate structure the growth maven wants to build. Then build your business based on a life you’ll love. Let’s say we time travel 5 or 10 years into the future. On the other side. Let your imagination run free. Because it’s not just about the money – it’s about the lifestyle you Page 17 . It’s an important lesson. Decide which lifestyle fits you best. With good training they can be MORE productive than the outsourced workers. the growth maven would consider what the lifestyle guru wants as failure.Yet I’ve seen the results they get from having employees. How do you see your company? Are you still working full-time at home or do you also have an office you possibly go into a couple times a week? Do you have staff or is everything outsourced? Are you a well known brand or do you have a smaller number of clients and a good reputation? Have you built an enduring legacy out of your business or do you simply have consistent creative work with a collection of customers who enjoy what you do? Most of the time. And they fit the growth maven’s personality and vision. Don’t let anyone else’s dream for your business cloud your senses…and cause you to build a monster you don’t want. It’s not their dream and it’s not affecting/helping enough people. It’s not big enough. And your lifestyle may not be what I want for myself. Which one are you…and what type of business is right for you? Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Not everyone is like you…and everyone has their own vision for what they want out of their business.MyMarketingCoach.

This means more than anything else that you must have a native curiosity about the subject. this likely isn’t a business concept I’ll pursue on day one. Of course you can innovate and bring in new ideas. And that’s the key. are you passionate about the subject? Notice I didn’t ask if you’re a premier expert on the subject. The business model needed in that market is important to what you choose. whatever you see is likely what you will have to build to be successful in this field. If I have a growth maven personality. More than likely I’d need to partner with a call center to go deeper in this project. Let’s say you want to create an information product in the subject (my favorite business model). You could find a collection of experts and do an interview series. When you look at your competition (top ten in Google and then on the Adwords side). that means I’ll likely have to team up with an outside call center. because your expertise will grow in anything you focus on for years. that’s fine. You’re curious and want to keep digging. It’s the most practical and honest way to look at what your future holds. For Page 18 . I’ll build up my in house sales team and build that business. it’s important to take the step above because you might find some businesses just don’t fit the mold you want. You don’t have to be “the expert” today. on the next few pages you’ll see that I like to research my market first and see what the competitors are doing. You don’t have to be the expert to create the product. I’ve done many products as interviews both in doing a group of different experts and also digging in deep with one expert.Intersection of Passion and Profits The next step after figuring out what type of business you want to build is figuring out what business you should be in.MyMarketingCoach. Even though very few people cover it. If I don’t have a contact to help me set this up. but when I look in the top ten of the Google results (both free and paid) and notice every single one of them has a phone sales process? They collect leads and have people follow-up in a long series to make the sale. but consider your future business by what you see today. remember you will be dealing with this subject for years to come. But if I’m the lifestyle guru type. In addition. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. What if I have an idea for a business.

And I wanted to know more. make your list now. Nothing should be marked out at this point. So I took advantage of my curiosity for the subject and really dug in deep to find out every step in the process. I wanted to find out how to improve my interviewing skills. Was I the expert there? No. That means he is a premier expert on that subject. But I was very curious about the subject. What subjects have ALREADY interested you for years or will you stay interested in the future? Make a list of work experience. Now I sell that as one of my products (he does also). Just let all the ideas flow using your work experience. Use the judge of curiosity as the road map. This report will be waiting for you until you get back. DON’T judge them yet. Pull out a blank sheet of paper and write all your ideas down.For example I did a 4 hour interview with Fred Gleeck on how to do interviews (available at http://www. But doing a one off product and studying a subject for years are two different things. and interests as Page 19 . and interests. OK. You’re back now.myinfomastery. Do it now. hobbies.MyMarketingCoach. “What value can I add to the world?” Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Although your school is going to be the school of life here the commitment is very similar. Hopefully you did your first assignment and you have a list of possibilities (none of which have been marked off yet). Next you’ll ask yourself the question. and he has done over 700 products based on interviews. Make a list of what you’d love to be able to study intensively for years…such as if you were going to college on the subject. What is it you want to “major in” for your business? Unless you’ve already chosen your subject.

You have passion and energy that is unique to you. They could have continued taking those advertiser’s money and kept the bid prices higher. What did Google want? They wanted affiliates who added their own unique slants. It has to be not just about what you can produce for yourself and your family. Usually when Google does this. Working night and day to build the momentum in your business won’t be worth it if it’s only about the money. Have you heard about all the “Google slaps?” People call it a Google slap when Google goes through and eliminates a group of advertisers by raising their bid prices to a ridiculous level like $10 per visitor. What unique value can you offer the world? That’s what makes the internet so exciting. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giv ing of my self and ev ery thing that arriv ed into my life. content. Was it all affiliates who were targeted? Nope. Instead they canceled all those advertisers because in the long-term the Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: Page 20 . For example. and value before the click. they didn’t see that as adding value to the transaction. You have skills and gifts no one else has. If the affiliate simply linked over to their merchant. they do it to a whole series of advertisers at once. Google has a long-term view that we need to model in our own businesses.Add Value to the World “When I chased after m oney . There is no one else just like you. There are things that get you fired up that don’t excite others around you.” Wayne Dyer How can you best add value to the world? You’re a unique person. Your business isn’t limited just to your local area. It’s to have advertisers who help their searchers find what they’re looking for. Their goal isn’t just to have advertisers. It has to be about something deeper if you want to last. then I was prosperous. And you’re here for a purpose…not just to make money. And there are people out there searching for the value you can provide. but also what you can do for your customers and clients. I nev er had enough. several times they seem to have targeted affiliates. It is a worldwide business you can run from your kitchen table.MyMarketingCoach. They targeted all those affiliates who Google feels were NOT adding value to the transaction.

You’ll find as you start marketing whatever products and services you choose that one of the biggest motivators in almost every market is low selfesteem. What knowledge in your life can you share with others? What curiosity can you build on to empower the world? What is that you’re passionate to talk about to all your friends? What value has been put into your life that is the key to your online business? Here’s another exercise. Contact 5 to 20 of your friends/coworkers. not the whole Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. You can send them over an email so it’s a little less scary to ask for this response. but it’s not always true. Ask them what they rely on you course of action is helping the end searcher find what they want. Will It Be Profitable? I’m not someone who says. Even the video game manual helps them pawn the noobs (win the game). So ask your friends and co-workers. The “make money online” manual gives them hope and confidence in themselves. They’re looking for value. “Do what you love and the money will follow. Let them describe to you what value you can provide the world. You’ll find that often other people are better at spotting your strengths than you are.” Your lack of self-esteem will get in the way here also. People buy products to feel good about themselves. but they will give you some direction and a few clues to what you can follow. The beauty product makes them feel beautiful Page 21 . The likelihood is they won’t give you the complete solution. “pwn da newbs. I guess I could write it. The majority of us are “too humble” to see our strengths. Ask them what skills they see as coming naturally to you. What I found is what you love often becomes a PORTION of your business.” I’d really like to say that. You’re the one to give it to them.

thing. If your goal is simply to sell low cost ebooks (maybe you love writing those) but you can’t find any ebooks that can afford to advertise on Google Adwords or aren’t listed well in the Clickbank marketplace. But what if you don’t have the talent (value you provide to others) or what if you do have the talent but you just love painting? If I told you to do what you love (paint). Some of those aspects like bookkeeping can be outsourced (or hired) from day one.MyMarketingCoach. They wouldn’t subscribe. http://www. I like to spend some time looking to see what’s already selling. Here’s where you go to do your homework: 1.paypal. You can build a business around a subject you have passion for and something you enjoy doing. I don’t ever like being the pioneer in a brand new market. The visitors wouldn’t buy. yet that’s a requirement if you want it to be profitable to you. then you might be in the danger zone. but it’s likely you’ll have aspects to the business you don’t enjoy. You have to balance all these principles together.” What I later learned in both of these situations is there was a reason there wasn’t anyone advertising there. 2. That’s why I told you earlier that you need to figure out what business models are succeeding in a field.htm 3. Accept the Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Several times while researching a market I was extremely excited when I found there weren’t any Google Adwords ads. Other aspects like the marketing will often require you to do it at least during the initial growth phase. a lot of people love to be Page 22 The market was “wide That would mean you don’t have to market as most people who love art don’t love to market. Will it fit your personality and business style? Do you have a natural curiosity toward the subject? What value can you provide to others? And are others making money from it today? For example. Sometimes you still have to do some things you don’t enjoy – at least until you can afford to outsource it. https://www. And they were a waste of money. Now onto to profitability. and the money would follow.

When you’re searching for potential keyword phrases. I might look for a keyword phrase such as “Canon HV40 review” because it definitely means someone is considering buying this camcorder soon. In addition you will find some information products that make it into this list. you know they’re doing a lot of sales (as Paypal can’t track other sales if they use other payment processors or have their own merchant account). On eBay you can find out what the hot items are. but even if you’re planning on a doing an information product you can still see what industries and subjects are hot sellers on eBay. Paypal Shops allows you to see how many Paypal sales a store has made. While Clickbank uses a complex scoring system for their gravity score (basically each separate affiliate making a sale counts as a point but those points degrade over time). Choose category “Books” and then “Nonfiction” to find out what big nonfiction books are selling. if I sell camcorders (or am an affiliate for camcorders). For example. http://pulse. purchase.000+ transactions. The Clickbank marketplace allows you to search in categories and by keyword phrase to find what digital products are being sold. A majority of these products will be physical products with a very small margin on them (eBay attracts bargain shoppers). http://www. 5.MyMarketingCoach. or even ebook. also try adding in a few modifiers like review. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. On the Google keyword tool. Again look for subjects that have a good amount of sales to prove that the business model is effective. So if you go to a website selling fishing lures and it shows that they have 5.4. they allow you to search by gravity score. you can find out what people are searching Or someone could be looking for “online video ebook” which means they’re looking to spend money to learn how to do online video. In All the above links help you find what is ALREADY Page 23 . buy. on average higher gravity scores means more affiliates are making sales for those products. So when I’m researching the market I like to look for higher gravity scores as proof those products are selling well.ebay. All of those phrases mean someone is looking to purchase something.

For example if I had a site about camcorders I’d definitely be looking in the best sellers for electronics to find out what I should cover. Even if you don’t sell any products of your own. you will still sell affiliate products from others and need to know what’s Page 24 . I also will search other categories for potential ideas.Over on Amazon you can find the bestsellers in any category. You can find out a LOT about what people are really buying online by spending a good amount of time in the Amazon best sellers section. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Normally I start in the book section to see what book sellers are hot (if people are buying one book they will buy others).MyMarketingCoach.

What’s Your Story? My final qualification for choosing the market I want to work in is whether I have a story that fits into the market or not. the owner of the company. and never gets bullied again. hates what she sees. and then does an about face all the way down to 120. It was to sell products produced by others. Think about the story I share…about how I came out of dead end jobs like delivering pizzas to setup an online business. I taped into that story of the pizza delivery driver turned success online. builds a ton of muscle. Look at any good advertising and you’ll find it’s focused heavily on the “story” of the product. it’s a story you see very Page 25 . or on a case study. Note: this is often how I come up with product ideas in my own business by looking at the same difficulties I’ve had to overcome. Those are examples of the “rags to riches” story. Later on they chose to share it with the rest of the world. They wanted to solve their problem first. Look at weight loss ads as another example.MyMarketingCoach. While it doesn’t always fit. How many weight loss or muscle building ads have you seen where the author talks about his/her transformation story. For example. A problem needs a solution. many inventions were created because of a problem the inventor had in their own life. If you have a problem it’s likely others do also and are looking for a solution you can help them with. The 300 pound mother takes a good look at herself. But I was so successful doing this that people started asking me to teach the same methods I was using. My original intention wasn’t to teach others about online business. Often the story is the reason why the business was created. because it is MY STORY. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Loser tries everything but eventually finds the secret to success. Our “hero” confronts an obstacle. The skinny 100 pound weakling gets sand kicked in his face.

Those dirty Democrats in office are out to destroy your money through inflation. After trying all the normal routes.MyMarketingCoach. The underdog becomes the winner. That story is your competitive advantage! Do you have a life changing event.whatever that may be. initially loses against it. but it definitely makes you stand out more in the market…especially if you don’t have any other strong competitive Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. or passion that could be channeled toward an enemy? This isn’t 100% essential. You get ANGRY when you think of what is being done to people in your market. Maybe it’s the greedy Wall Street bankers taking your money. Another type of hero is the “reluctant hero” story. I’ve seen this one DOZENS of times in the financial field.” I’m sharing them with you because I want you to choose a market that you have TRUE STORY to share. You’ve probably noticed this one occurring quite often in “health” type issues. a failure to success experience. Because of the need and the reality of the situation must take action and help others. This is the person who initially doesn’t want to get involved. A person experiences the pain of loss or the pain of an illness either in their own life or in the life of someone close to them. You’re on a mission to confront these enemies and share the truth with your Page 26 . Perhaps it’s all the jerks in Congress. These are just a few of the common stories people work from in their business. In health this one is used as the greedy pharmaceutical companies who are lying to you.” This one fits best especially if you have some life changing event – something that occurs that makes it easier to take action than sit on the sidelines any longer. And you can funnel that righteous anger into helping people achieve the results you know are possible for them. I’m not giving you these so you can sit there and think up a “story. finds the secret. and overcomes. They get pulled into the story because of some defining “moment. A third type of story is the “us versus them” fight. they do everything they can to find the solution eventually stumbling on some methods to help others with the problem. This one can best be used WHEN you become very passionate about the subject.

MyMarketingCoach. Picking a market you have a strong story in gives you that advantage from the beginning. but you’re ahead in the game from day one. and you can make use of those talents. They have an extreme advantage in some way…or they’ve developed an advantage over time (they developed the advantage before they had the income). but take a step back. That’s why I told you to ask OTHERS what they rely on you for. Or perhaps you simply use that strong story as your advantage. Here are the five points to picking the right market for you: 1. Or maybe they’re an seo guru who knows all the latest tricks to get their site to the top of the search engines. Eventually the prices drop to a razor thin margin and only the biggest most cost conscious competitors survive (does Walmart ring a bell). . Perhaps the affiliate has that super sized email list they’ve built over the past couple of years. You’re unique.advantages to work from. You have advantages others don’t have. Look at affiliate marketing as an example here. You may say that you don’t have an advantage. Dump that false humility and start building a real business. You’ll still have to develop your other skills. equal completion simply results in everyone being turned into a commodity and the prices start dropping. 3. NONE of the above occurs overnight. They were skills developed over time they turned into an advantage. Being just another average Joe in a competitive business is a sucker’s game. 4. Look at the top affiliates out there. Or perhaps they dug into Google Adwords or other forms of paid advertising. Everyone claims you can make a lot of money as an affiliate. This really all comes back to the core question…what’s your advantage? What’s Your Advantage? I don’t like entering any market where I don’t have an advantage. Does it fit my personality and business style? Will it be fun and work on my natural curiosity? Can I add additional value to others? Have others already proven it to be a profitable business model? Page 27 Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. 2. and learned exactly what makes good campaigns tick.

and a couple of clients are in three or more markets. Of clients I work with. When you have all 5 YES’s.” You have to know what actions to take. which we’ll cover in a few moments. do it. That’s OK. Get started moving. But once you know the right actions. And it’s why people often use the cliché. “Just take action. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.5. No matter how much time you put into research you don’t know enough. Don’t sit around wondering for years. For example. I don’t suggest you get the “perfect” site up from day one because you don’t know enough about your market. That’s a key principle here. Do I have an advantage in the market such as a story? We’re looking for 5 YES answers to those questions. move forward. Don’t wonder. almost everyone of them is in at least two markets. That experience combined with finding out more about your market over time will help you make any necessary changes as you go. You’ll learn more once you put the techniques you know into practice. Your site will change as you find out things about your visitors you didn’t know before. But nothing happens until the day you decide to get Page 28 .MyMarketingCoach. And don’t worry about it yet. The market you start in isn’t always going to be the one you stay in. It’s only once you start moving in the market and corresponding with your visitors that you find out deeper and more relevant information. and how your writing style as you go. The fear everyone has is. your ad copy. “What if I choose the wrong market?” My answer is SO WHAT? So what if you don’t choose the perfect market for you on the first try. You’ll refine your design. Get momentum moving in your business. Don’t wait.

com or Wordpress. I provide a ton of free content.The Beginner’s Online Blueprint There are dozens of free sources for putting up websites or getting in front of customers such as Blogger.mymarketingcoach. and then promote anything else out of your site and your list. This means your own domain name. Weebly. But I’m not going to recommend you start with any other those. It’s not a large factor in seo. Everything else you do will flow into this site. and deeper training to both the free list and the product specials I offer. This means your next step is keyword research. The bullseye keyword should become the center of the information you produce. Any social media sites you participate in such as Facebook or Twitter will point back to this site (network with people on these sites but always pull them back to your site). training Page 29 . It also lets your visitors know your site is what they’re looking for. Instead you need to start with your own home base…your base of operations for the web that you OWN and control. If you’re not already a free subscriber to my list. If you promote affiliate programs. Wordpress.MyMarketingCoach. and so on. but having your primary keyword phrase in your domain name can help with overall ranking. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. We need to know what audience we’re after BECAUSE we’re going to use this keyword phrase in our domain will point back to your main make sure to get on the list. the majority of what you do will be to pull people back to your you may do so directly in some of your advertising. I don’t want to go too deep into keyword research here as I cover that in depth in some of my products you can find over at http://www. get them on your list. Any other sites you put up (such as on Blogger.

com In addition I’ll often use one more keyword tool called Google Wonder Wheel. Google Keyword Tool: https://adwords. but we’re not talking about Adwords right now. I find a majority of the subjects I want to cover in the keyword results that come up…both the related keywords and the “additional keywords to consider” that come up at the bottom of the What page rank do they have (it’s a little green bar about halfway across the Google toolbar and it would show anywhere from 0 to 10 as the score)? If you only see 1. A couple of 4’s and 5’s means you’re going to have a lot more work cut out for you (and if you’re a new domain name it may take at least 6 months to a year to stand a shot at top rankings under this primary term). Page 30 . Download the free Google toolbar at http://www. Does this keyword phrase give a good description of what I want to talk about? In addition. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.Here are two free keyword tools. good luck. You can see a video of me demonstrating this tool here: http://www. Right there in the Google keyword tool you can see how competitive each of the terms is for Google My goal in choosing a bullseye phrase is that when I search that one phrase on the Google keyword tool. If you’re seeing all 6’s and higher. We’re talking about going for free search engine rankings. I like to look at the competition for these Wordtracker Free Tool: then it’s going to be easy to rank under this (that page should direct you to the correct version for your browser). Along with all the other features. this allows you to view the Pagerank of sites you visit. Do a search in Google for the primary keyword phrase you’re considering for your domain name and You’re going to have to narrow down your focus to a tighter niche as you’re competing with companies that probably have much bigger budgets than you and it’s simply not worth the time. and 3 scores. Visit the top 3 to 5 sites.

com/ Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Eventually you may generate too much traffic for a shared host and have to transfer over to a virtual private server or a dedicated server of your own. I highly recommend you install a Wordpress blog on your site.” For example name if someone else owns it. Even if you don’t setup a site on your own name today. Most of the short domain names are long gone so I’ll often try little prefixes on the domain name such as “my” and “ Page 31 . It’s so much easier to work with than normal HTML pages. you will lose a small portion of your traffic over to the .theterrydean. That’s what everyone thinks of when they type in a domain name.95 up to $100): http://www. Now you need to setup your website. There are a lot of good places to reserve your domain name. If you’re just starting out. Your priority is the . You have your domain name and web host. Put in one of your ideas for a domain name and let it give you additional possible suggestions.Domain Name & Web Hosting Now choose your domain name. and there are thousands of themes – both free and premium. You’re looking for a domain name that has your keyword phrases in which is one of the lowest priced hosts I’ve seen (along with having excellent customer support). but I just use http://www. I recommend http://www. This will allow you to manage all the content on your was already taken so I own you should go with a shared hosting plan. A good little lesson I learned from that is to RESERVE your own name (and your business name) if they’re name. Spend some time at the free theme directory: http://wordpress. is easy to remember and spell. you’ll own it for when you do. The basic design of your site will be referred to as a and fits your business.MyMarketingCoach. but you won’t have that problem starting out. So while the other domain extensions can be Then review some of the premium options (generally a premium theme can be purchased for $19.

com you can have dozens of designers competing to design a new theme for your site. By going through a design service like http://www. A free theme or even a premium theme is much better for getting started. For example.MyMarketingCoach. As your business grows and budget allows you can also have a custom theme designed for your site.99designs.Less people will be using the premium themes of course and they often have much better options built into Page 32 . I have a Pro Plus All-Theme membership to http://www. The only reason I’m not recommending this for you starting out is because you will better establish your site direction as time goes on.studiopress. And you don’t want to spend that custom theme price upfront and then have to change it a few months down the road. It’s hard to decide exactly what you want until you’ve been producing content for a while and get more experience with your Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. I’d consider their individual themes worth the price just because of the additional training videos and support they provide to all their theme owners.

Once you’ve decided on a unique message to provide your audience with. In addition. What links will you provide in your regular tweets? I’m sure you’ll link to other people’s sites and Page 33 . You decide to grow your followers on Twitter. Your goal in social media is to participate and PULL people back to your main site. Part of your game plan for market domination is to expand your message into as many different sources as possible. I’d rather have one email subscriber who regularly reads items at my main site than 10 facebook fans or Twitter followers. You correspond with others on Facebook but the goal of your posts and contact is to get people OFF Facebook and back to your core site. Everything else you do will flow back into this site. your main website you’re building now. Guess where you link back to from your Twitter bio? That’s right. The same is true on your Facebook fan page. It gives you a basic understanding of the plan we’re following to dominate our market. This means your posts on your site become teasers to pull more of your audience over. This means we will take advantage of the traffic on Youtube (Youtube gets more searches than any other search engine other than Google). but you’ll also tweet your blog posts and keep pushing people back to your primary site. As we post videos to Youtube we’ll also embed these videos into our main blog site. Take a look at the graphic on the next page. the very first element in the description on every single one of our videos will be a link back to our main site.Your Home On the Web This website is your home base. From your main site you push them heavily to join your email list and then you make your offers from here. you then extend outward to every traffic source – pulling them back to your main site. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.MyMarketingCoach.

com Page 34 .Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.MyMarketingCoach.

So attention and trust are now the commodities you trade in. Social media is constantly growing. They come online looking for information. The internet is changing. why am I asking you to create more of an authority site? It’s simple really. Where a “blog” type site may do extremely well and get 10% of their visitors to subscribe to their Page 35 . You grab people’s attention by providing them the information they’re looking for and you do in an entertaining manner (using true stories of your experience or those around you is an excellent way to add value and quality to your content). For example. a minisite like this can often get 20%.theterrydean. Here I’m simply trying to get you to join my email list. They want to research the subject – and often confirm the right choice of what to buy. Search traffic is a key element of my overall traffic plan. You either purchase that product or you leave. http://www. 30%. But you’ve also got to overcome that second hurdle – trust. “minisite?” A minisite is a simple website that often simply sells one product.Authority Sites Versus Minisites Have you ever heard the term. or their money? Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www.monthlymentorclub. There is more competition for your prospect’s attention than ever before. or even 50% of the visitors to subscribe to the list (depending on the traffic source of course). their email address. And the hardest problem we have to overcome is a lack of attention. You’ll often see a popover or slide in type ad offering the option to join an email I sell one product on the site. but there are also more prospects than ever before (so don’t get worried that you have competition). And their biggest problem is TRUSTING who to listen to. No matter what market you’re in. So this gives people a secondary option if they’re not prepared to buy the product. You can also see another example of a minisite at http://www. Why should they trust you with their attention. That’s the only option you’re given.MyMarketingCoach. These types of minisites have the best conversion rate possible. you have competition. So if minisites do so well for both generating subscribers and making sales. Join the list or is an example of a minisite. The majority of these people don’t come along looking for more stuff to buy.

And that’s with very well written sales copy. but people do…just like book covers. and experience demonstrates my expertise. If I run PAID advertising. I still use minisites. you can’t judge it. I tested this years ago and the design of the website made little to no difference. It doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your content rich authority website is the way you demonstrate your expertise online. Giving your full contact information builds that trust. Showing testimonials from satisfied customers is another way. my background.MyMarketingCoach.This is based off the credibility you build around your business and website. This is different than just a few years ago. you can build trust by showing a site full of content demonstrating your expertise. You can’t judge a website by its design.theterrydean. In addition. simple to use. testimonials. In recent tests over the past year the design of the website has the ability to increase sales by 50% to 100%. All of my paid ads are much more effective when Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Note: I tested running paid ads on both PPC and other other blogs to send visitors directly to the main page of my What is one of the best ways to be perceived as an expert? Write a book. I’ll have them drive visitors to a minisite that goes for the product sale with no other distractions. But the volume of content on my website also demonstrates it along with the design of the site. The same is true of your design today. it is still focused on one goal. you’re the expert. But it does have to be Page 36 . They work the best for conversion. and demonstrate your expertise in the subject. This was NOT worth the cost. If you’ve written the book on the subject. So when I have an affiliate promote my product. People say. but the truth is that many people do. “You can’t judge a book by its cover. This credibility can be built a multitude of different ways from showing a picture of you with your family (or your pets) to talking about your experience or your degrees. A book cover makes the sale or loses it. So they always go to a minisite with one purpose whether it’s on my main domain or on a separate address like http://www. In other words. I’ll send the visitors to a minisite landing page.” And they’re right. and you saw me link to a couple above. I don’t want any distractions for my paid visitors.

It’s not fast enough so they change to PPC advertising.MyMarketingCoach. It’s my main site that has other sites referring traffic into it. Quit it. They found it MUCH MORE profitable to go DEEP in just a couple of businesses. It’s my main site that ranks well on the search engines. What do I mean by building deep? I mean you don’t rely on just one product. You’ll see me use links to these other sites in social media sources at times. They found over time that it was too difficult to keep up and work on all these different businesses at once. Instead of having multiple different minisites you’re trying to drive traffic Page 37 . You sell multiple items. You don’t make just one sale to your visitors. They’re not getting any buyers through their free articles. you focus your Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. They jump here and there with their ideas. I have a couple of clients who were in more than a dozen different markets. It’s my main site that people link to in their social media posts. The Power of Focus The #1 reason for the failure of beginners is a lack of focus. BUT the majority of links I’m building…go right to the main authority site (probably 80%). so they jump somewhere else. They lose money the first two weeks so they try free article marketing. You create or link to multiple different products. They try building a list for a couple of weeks. You have to build DEEP not wide in your business.driven directly to a landing page designed specifically for that goal (generating a new subscriber or making a low cost product sale).

Your main authority site has two goals. You could divide your attention and try to drive traffic to 10 different sites. So what do you think my goal is on those social media sites? ☺ My second goal on my main authority site is to send visitors over to the other products I offer. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Let’s say you have 10 products or affiliate programs you want to promote.MyMarketingCoach. an email subscriber is worth at least 10 times as much to me as a follower on social media sites. It’s number one goal is to build your email Page 38 . Look back at the chart I showed you a few pages ago. You’ll find that 75%+ of the posts on my blog link over to at least one of my offers. I also mix in links to my products/services right into my posts. Build a large audience here at the main site and use that to promote everything else you offer. Or you can focus your primary goal as building traffic to your authority site and then promote these different products from your main site.core attention on your main authority site. It’s all about focus. I can post banners on my main site for the other products I offer. As I mentioned. Then you use that home base to promote all your other products/services (which may be on minisites).

All these “less popular” terms BEAT the one or two big keyword phrases over time…and they all surround the core subject you choose for your site. Watch this video showing how to use the wonder wheel to come up with content ideas: http://www.without all the super-serious competition. Instead the traffic comes in from thousands of search terms with much lower search numbers. but it is simple.Your Writing Blueprint The reason most people don’t start an authority site (personally I use Wordpress blogging software to produce regular content) is because they believe they don’t have anything to say. What is a long-tail phrase? They are those 3 or 4 word phrases (possibly even longer) which are much easier to rank for. Go back to your keyword research tools…the Google keyword tool and the Wordtracker tool. but there could easily be 5. I looked at the current top listings and I see VISA and Mastercard along with a site called What you’re going to do with all these tools is find a series of long tail keyword phrases to write your posts (that is some nice positioning for that site). There is a lot of work involved.” When you look at phrases like this.MyMarketingCoach.terrydean. they have a Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. A longtail phrase is “credit cards for people with bad credit” or “credit cards for college students. How in the world will they produce enough content for their site? It’s simple once you put together a system.000 much lower volume phrases that give you a couple of searches each month…and a large number of phrases giving you a few hundred searches per month. Let’s take “credit card” for Page 39 . What’s your chance of ranking well for that term? Not very good. make use of the Google Wonder Wheel. The majority of traffic at your site from the free search engines doesn’t normally come in from one or two big phrases. That “big keyword phrase” might give you several thousand visitors per month. Here’s a little secret to search engine positioning that almost no one talks about. In addition. Notice that I didn’t say it was easy. I just checked the Google keyword tool and there are over 20 million searches a month for those words..

Simply consider what your customers would be searching for as they get closer and closer to making their buying decision. If you sell information products. But what do we know about “credit cards for college students?” A good way to come up with the long tail phrases is to add “buyer” keywords to your searches. In fact.” Your goal right now is to search and find 50 to 100 longtail search phrases to talk about on your blog. book. it’s much easier to write these articles because you know exactly who you’re writing Page 40 . almost any business you’re in is going to have a series of words buyers start adding into their searches. The longer the search phrase. The average searcher starts very general in their search phrases. Some great terms to look for in your longtail results are words like order. but they refine their search to more and more specific till they find what they’re looking for.” Here’s a couple I didn’t mention above that are obviously people looking to buy: “Dog training tools. CD. The first advantage is if you choose wisely you have a shot of ranking for these terms when you don’t have a chance going for the major phrase “credit card.” “dog training equipment. online. and shipping. They could be young or old…live in the US or Zimbabwe. the more targeted the customer is…and the closer they are to a buying decision (in most cases). reviews.much lower number of searches. buy. add to that list words like ebook. For example. delivery. and coaching.” “dog training supplies.” and “dog training products. compare. Who is searching for “credit card?” It could be anyone. BUT there are some big advantages to these types of terms. You don’t know anything about them.MyMarketingCoach.” “dog training DVD.” and “dog training video. shop. under “dog training” I find “dog training book. Use all the tools listed above to come up Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. DVD.” In addition.

Type the words “How to…” into the Google search box along with a keyword from your market to see what suggestions come up.MyMarketingCoach.with these phrases. you have several options as well. or in searches Current news – What is being discussed in the news or on TV in your industry right now? What’s hot you can cover? Become a Content Monster Once you create your list of 50 to 100 ideas. Here are a few more ways to search and think about what you’re going to write about. You can purchase private label rights content and have it edited (never use it word for word). Definitions – What terms do people not understand in your market? Break them up and write a post about each. FAQ – answer frequently asked questions you see in forums. Make sure to put the search phrase in the title of the post and use it at least once in the article itself. It will be a struggle the first few times you sit down to write your post for the day. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. but you’ll get faster. it’s time to get to Page 41 . If you hate writing. in blog comments. Eventually you’ll get it down to just 15 to 20 minutes per post. or software programs by name). It might even take you an hour or more to write a 500 word post. You can hire an outsourced writer to do your writing for you. If you wrote 6 days a week. Personally I really love the Google Wonder Wheel for this purpose as it is “mindmap style” to help you come up with all kinds of variations. Give yourself a goal of at least one new post a day for the first 90 days. books. that’s over 70 longtail search terms you’re going after. Or you could even create videos using a webcam or screen recording program instead of doing full articles. The basic system for writing I use is to think of a story or illustration to base the post off of (to grab attention and hold the readers interest) and then I’ll often break it into several points on the subject as you come to the end. Or you can buy a voice recognition program like Dragon Naturally speaking to speak out your articles instead of typing them. Review products in your market (specific products.

The ability to persuade and sell your products/services is really the “ultimate” skill that will drive your business. You need incoming links and traffic. Anchor text simply means that when they link to me at http://www. Submit videos out to all the video sharing sites. Post to forums. How you generate those links is not part of this free report.MyMarketingCoach. then don’t do it.” It’s a lie. Send out press releases. you also need to do the next step. you need other sites “voting” for you. Hire someone to set you up with profiles on hundreds of Page 42 . If your site links to me using that text. In addition to producing your post of the day. Some quick possibilities is to write and submit out an article linking back to each of these posts. And this is just getting warmed up. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Find someone who knows how to sell…and they can write their own ticket.It’s your choice. Then generate incoming links to that post. Bookmark the post on some of the do-follow social bookmarking sites. Remember this is all about your lifestyle. Trade links with other sites.” Your goal each day is to write a post. You’ve probably heard the statement.terrydean. Internet business is the anchor text The site with the most high quality votes is the one who usually ranks at the top. they link to me using “anchor text” like this: internet business. it is another vote for my site as being about the subject “internet business. Post answers on Yahoo answers (and the other answer sites). Post relevant comments on other people’s blogs. But in traffic generation. Whatever fits your personality and your budget. “Content is king. Links are the key element today. The way they vote for you is by linking to your site using “anchor text” that has your keyword phrase in it. Content isn’t really king. If you couldn’t imagine anything worse than sitting at your laptop writing articles for your site. If you want your site to rank higher on the search engines. Use one of the other options…and concentrate on building your business. content still isn’t king.

No matter which method you’re using to get links to each of your new posts. make sure you’re using the correct anchor text. Your goal is to generate traffic from the search engines from everything you write – not just the big keyword phrase you’re using on your primary domain name. Note: Notice we want to generate incoming links to each new post – not just our primary domain name.MyMarketingCoach.There are a lot of ways to generate links to your site. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. The anchor text is the longtail search term you’re trying to rank for. Make it a goal of trying to get 5 new links to each piece of content you post to your Page 43 .

Personally I’m not interested in just having a bunch of followers.0 sites like Blogger. If you spend all day producing content for Twitter. I’ve seen people on Twitter who build lists of 30. Whose owns that site? Twitter does. It’s there’s. concentrate instead first on your own site. Then share cross promote ALL your different web 2. I don’t want to waste a minute on unproductive activities or continue any advertising which isn’t producing a healthy return. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. This means each time you post on your main site you add a link to it over on Twitter and Facebook. Have you noticed how many of those courses are now being sold on Twitter? Good grief! It’s obviously something people desperately want. who’s business are you building? I’ll give you a hint. Each time you do a video (and doing videos is really easy now with pocket cameras like a Flip HD that costs under $200).MyMarketingCoach. Think about it this way. I want to turn that time spent into income for my business. you’ll link back to your main site. And that means you need to pull those people off of Twitter and onto your site. I hate wasting time and money…so I ruthlessly test everything in my business.Footprints All Over the Web Instead of producing incredible content for all these other Web and For quite a while I resisted any use of the social media Page 44 .0 sites back with your main site.000 followers.000 followers. Instead you need to use Twitter as a tool to participate in conversations and pull people back to your site…your home base of business. So you’re building Twitter’s business instead of your own. It’s not yours. Why? Because all I saw was a bunch of hype occurring on them along with people wasting their entire day on these sites. yet they’ve never sold anything except their Twitter course on how to build 30.

Build your audience. For example. but you may have already established the habit of daily content production. It addition you can “quote” some of your best ideas and share those in “sound bytes” on these sites instead of sitting there trying to come up with witty things to say. That’s OK too. Each morning your FIRST priority is getting that content done for the day. Basically you produced your BAIT first. and other sites LINKING back to your content for the day. Your site will continue to grow even if you drop to only once or twice a week. on Facebook. And there is another point here. Rule #3: Give yourself a set time period to participate in these sites. Keep it up. Then you go into the other sites you participate in armed with this already finished bait to use to pull people in. Make sales for whatever you offer (your own products and services or affiliate products).com Page 45 . Rule #4: Share sound bytes on these other sites – some of the best quotes and pieces of information from your own website to tease them over. Don’t leave Tweetdeck or any other tool open all day bugging you while you do other work. NOW your head is full of ideas you can share on Twitter. set yourself to one hour a day for these sites.MyMarketingCoach. Produce content for yourself first – then participate in the social media sites as secondary sources. After you’ve produced daily content for the next 3 months you can pull back a little and produce less if you want. After you produce the content for your site. Rule #2: Your goal on these sites is to participate in the conversion (reply to others and get involved in ongoing discussions) while subtlety pulling people back to your site. Obviously all your comments won’t be about the article you wrote (that would just annoy your readers. Build your list. but some will be about it). Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Don’t make that same mistake. There are several rules to using social media to your best advantage: Rule #1: Your site has priority. There are tens of thousands of people out there working their butts off to build these sites instead of building their own.It’s the same with all the other social media sites.

” That isn’t entirely true. They visit our site where our goal is to get them on our email list.MyMarketingCoach. Someone may see your post on Twitter and immediately jump in to buy your product or service. How are we going to turn all this traffic into income? Your first goal at your site is to turn your visitors into subscribers. likes. and I’ve also seen tiny little lists of just a few hundred subscribers who could earn several thousand dollars from a single mailing. In addition you’re participating on several of the social media sites. because the money is really in the relationship with a list. The best asset in your business is your BUYERS list…those who have purchased from you. I’ve seen some business owners with very large lists who had trouble turning them into income. We continually post good sound bytes of content to get them to our site. Then with our email list we’re going for the sale. and trusts you. Our goal is to turn as many of these subscribers into buyers. Even if you’ve only been online for a short period of time. They follow us there. Do you see the progression going on here? We meet people on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. you’ve probably already heard the Page 46 . The next best thing is your subscriber list…those who trust you enough to share their email address with you and read what you have to say. to turn them into customers. “The money is in the list. Of course you can and will make sales anywhere in that process. But that is not where the majority of your sales will Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. You’re building an audience that knows.Build Your Email List So far we have you writing daily and generating incoming links.

Immediately after you subscribe to my list I make you an offer to purchase one of my lead generation products. you’ll receive your free gift by email. Make sure your subscribe box is very visible on every page of your site (notice how if you visit any of my content it shows up on the top right). It’s basically a funnel where you’re pulling people from one level of relationship to the next. This is because of the VALUE of having a buyer’s list being so much greater than just free subscribers. For example. Once you’re on my You also want to post this free offer in multiple ways on your main site. “I sure wish I could get on another email list. We could even go deeper than customers to where you have your hyperresponsive customers who buy everything you have to offer (you’ll find 80% of your profits are generated by a small 20% minority of your best customers). These messages point back at a Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. I also use an ad that slides in for my list to get you to subscribe. I give an audio interview about living the Internet lifestyle when you subscribe to my list…it’s the next step up from this free report and I share more in depth information on this system and how I profit from it.come from. grab it here: http://www. Along those lines we always provide them with some kind of gift to get them to join.mymarketingcoach. I’d much rather turn you into a buyer as soon as possible so I make you a great offer right out of the gate. Our first priority on our website is to get people to join our email list. Nobody is sitting around thinking. It’s obvious the primary goal at my site is to get you to subscribe to my list. If you’re not already on my Page 47 . You will also receive a series of automated followup messages over the first couple of weeks you’re a subscriber. This may mean focusing your home page on getting people to subscribe like I do at the link above.MyMarketingCoach.” What they are excited about is when you offer them some kind of benefit rich gift.

They never provide you with any value. the more you make…as long as you’re building that relationship with your subscribers.lot of my past content to get you up to speed along with providing you resources and other tools to help you build your business. I have other clients who only mail once or twice a week. Often I’ll use the EXACT same content for the email I send out and the post to my Page 48 . and they’re simply burning out instead of building up their list. The more you mail. In addition this software allows you to track open rates. and more. Notice I didn’t say you had to mail that often to be successful. These messages follow my model of giving you good quality information you can immediately use along with making special offers of my best products to help you progress faster. Too many people have simply turned their email lists into one sales offer after another. The clients I have with the highest incomes from their list mail on average 3 to 4 times per week.MyMarketingCoach. The title on the blog is going to focus on a keyword phrase for the search engines while the subject line of the email will focus heavily on getting the readers curious enough to open the email. After this initial period you’ll also receive regular messages from me several times a week. but they often have trouble coming up with that volume. The two companies I Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. I provide you GOOD quality information you can use. clickthroughs. That’s the key principle here. Here’s a quick tip to make the content flow easier. That’s OK also. All those email messages you send out to your list can also be turned into the blog posts on your site. The only thing I might change is the subject line. don’t worry. You can get double duty from them. sales. Many could do well mailing 5 times a week. Are you surprised at how often you can mail out? Don’t be. Today there is such easy software to make all the above possible. Basically I’m providing you with information to help you catch up with where my other subscribers are at while building up our initial relationship with each other. If running a list sounds difficult. but do note that I said the MOST PROFITABLE clients were mailing more often. How often can you send out messages to your list? It all depends on how often you have good quality information to provide along with how interested your prospects are in the subject.

MyMarketingCoach.netofficetoolbox.recommend to use for managing your email marketing are http://www. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: Either of them will do an excellent job. Aweber’s advantage is they are cheaper for smaller lists (under 500) and they have more tracking tools built into their Page 49 .com or http://www. The advantage on Netofficetoolbox is they actually cost less for a larger list…and they allow you to also integrate your email marketing right into your shopping cart and affiliate program (all in one tool).

etc. These products flow right out of the content you’re normally creating for your site. DVDs. membership sites. Profit Point #2: Ads for your own products on the website and to your email list. Profit Point #3: Work promotions and offers into your content pieces for both your list and your website. membership site. The majority of my clients sell some type of information products in their business such as books. You can run ads built right into your site (such as in the sidebar or beneath the posts) for your own products. etc. make them a low cost offer to turn them into a customer. Profit Point #1: After someone subscribes to your list. You could even make an offer for an affiliate product…even better if its an affiliate program that provides you with a monthly continuity income. But you could offer anything else here as long as it is low risk and often lower cost to get that initial impulse sale. these could be advertised on your site and to your list as well.Where’s the Beef? Up till now we’ve been constantly talking about your audience… because your audience leads to your income. CD of the month. So where’s all the money? You can now earn multiple streams of income from this one flowing system.). The best case scenario is if it is some type of continuity offer where you deliver something each money in exchange for a monthly fee (for example a print Page 50 . ebooks. In my business this is always an information product I offer. Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. If you sell physical products. They just go much deeper in depth and provide people the exact step-by-step solutions they’re looking for to their desperate problems.MyMarketingCoach.

They understand you need to make your business profitable. coaching. but it’s all part of living the Internet Lifestyle. You can also sell banner ads to others on your site. All you do is post their ad banners and let Google manage all your advertising while sending your share of the money. edit.Notice how I’ve made several recommendations throughout this ebook? Many of those are affiliate links or links to my own products. If you have an affiliate program you’re promoting on your site. top sponsor ads in your emails. web design. Many people find themselves providing services such as writing. The first one is because its often quicker to get to a full-time income offering some kind of service than waiting to generate enough traffic to make affiliate or product sales. Why in the world would I dare suggest you trade your precious time for money by providing a service? There are 2 reasons. once you’ve done the work to get good search engine rankings. I know that’s a shocker. traffic keeps coming in. people will not mind you including a few affiliate links. video production. and produce videos. to pay the bills at first. This could be as simple as signing up for the Google Adsense program and posting their ad spots onto your website. For example. and then I see if they have an affiliate program available to me. A writer doesn’t need 100 customers. you keep generating sales without doing anything else. They may only need 3 to be successful if they generate a lot of business from each. blog setup. You can work these links right into your content. I find what I believe to be the best tool or resource for my Page 51 . As long as you really are giving them the best solutions (not the most profitable for you).MyMarketingCoach. Which one do you think is easier to generate fast…3 customers or 100? That’s right. Profit Point #5: Offer services to your visitors. etc. The 2 nd reason you may want to provide services is because you ENJOY doing them. Profit Point #4: Sell advertising. Maybe you LOVE to shoot. Why would you give that up and take on all the other hassles of running an effective business just to earn a little more income? If you only shoot videos Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. I think the dream of most internet entprereneurs is fully passive income that comes in whether they’re working or not. and even have sponsored posts (where someone pays you to review their product or offer for your audience). OK.

Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. I love being on the inside and seeing the test results from my techniques applied in each business. The reason I choose to coach people to a more successful online business is because I enjoy it. So you choose to offer a service to others of creating their online videos.for yourself. I wouldn’t feel as fulfilled and enthusiastic about my Page 52 . and more time doing everything else involved in the process. you’ll find yourself spending less time doing video. I find it FUN to work in all these different types of businesses. If I gave that up and only produced training materials for my customers.

when your business starts generating enough for you to go parttime on your job or even quit your job. You reinvest the first money that comes in back into growing your business faster. In addition. Unlike a job which pays you for 40 hours of work at the end of the week (or whatever pay period you’re on). and even ten years in the future? Am I building equity in my business from my actions today? Rearranging your mindset to think like that is a total transformation from the “get rich mentality” so many try to force feed down your throat. “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” Albert Einstein Compound interest in your business simply means that you use the opportunities that come to keep expanding your business. your investment grows on its own whether you’re watching it or not. Look at your internet business just like you would a large financial investment. Instead of building their own asset (their website and their list) they’re sending visitors DIRECTLY to the affiliate site. It is a large investment – often of your time which is your most valuable asset. you use that opportunity to invest more time in building your business. one year in the future. But don’t dismiss this material because you received it for free.” Warren Buffet That’s very wise advice from the world’s best investor. It’s all I have room for here.Where To Next? You’ll notice that I just covered a few of the basics in this report. I’m always thinking long-term. Since I look at my business as an investment. This means they’re not building an kind of long-term business for Page 53 . I see the same from affiliate marketers. “Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years. Is what I’m doing today going to pay off one month in the future.MyMarketingCoach. There is a ton of life changing info in here if you use it. What can I do today that will payoff for years into the future? Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. They’re building a business for them instead of for themselves. I see people misusing the social networks every day. For example.

That’s one element I’ve always prided myself on…sharing not just my successes.Following the advice I’ve given you in this report is one of the ways you can invest wisely for the future. Have the patience to allow it to pay off for you…your lifestyle…and your family. At my site you can find products available to help you with each of these elements to building your business – from the initial website set-up to creating your own unique products to writing effective sales copy and participating in social media. Follow it with daily steps. My goal here wasn’t to share with you every step and every tool (I’ve written thousands of pages of information and recorded hundreds of hours of video over the years to share each step). Your Marketing Coach. Take this opportunity to join my list and take part in the free content I release on growing your internet lifestyle business each and every week. It was to point you in the right direction and get you focused about how to use each tool available to you now. be willing to invest in materials to help you take each step to success.MyMarketingCoach. but my mistakes as well. all over everywhere without ever getting focused and following a longterm investment plan for their online business. Then as your business grows. check out my main site at http://www. The number one reason people don’t build a successful business is they get distracted. Thank you for taking your time to read through this report. Develop the plan. They jump here and there. You just don’t always hear about everything leading up to the big success. Basically you’ve been handed a bird’s eye view of how to build a successful Page 54 . Terry Dean Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. Overnight success stories take years to develop. In addition to what I’ve shared with you I encourage you to go through it again and again until you understand all the concepts I’ve revealed here.

If you haven’t already done so. LLC .com. make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and pick up your free reports at http://www. Enjoy Life!” Way too many business owners accept long hours and stressful work as the only way to make it. “Earn More. Within a few years he was also consulting with home based Here are a few of our pages to check out: The Monthly Mentor C lub – Free Internet Lifestyle Audio: http://www. which is dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs in the 10 key principles of success in business and life. and million dollar corporations. If you have any questions about MyMarketingC oach. .MonthlyMentorC Page 55 . LLC . Work Less. was created in 2006 as a solution for entrepreneurs who are overworked. You can have a great income and have a full life as well.You can have free time to spend with your family. our products/services. It doesn’t have to be that way.mymarketingcoach. This business was founded on three basic truths: . One-On-One Consulting/Coaching – http://www. LLC . and not earning the kind of income they want in their business..MyOwnWebMentor.Who Is Terry Dean Terry Dean started his online business from scratch in 1996. local companies. or this website. and he founded MyMarketingC oach. These three facts were put together to develop our slogan. . He went from delivering pizzas for a living to building a million dollar Internet business promoted primarily through the Internet.mymarketingcoach.You can have a profitable business. then you’ve come to the right place. please use our support system at: oachTerry Twitter: http://www. MyMarketingC Youtube C hannel: http://www. His original company and websites were sold in 2004.You can enjoy your business and your life. Being a workholic isn’t required…and it’s not even healthy.twitter.MyMarketingCoach. If any of that describes you.

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