Gateways to the Gods By Steve Mitchell Author and Director of the new film Dragons and Rings The

question of who constructed the ancient and sacred sites of England and indeed the world, and more importantly, why, has vexed modern historians and archaeologists alike for well over a century. And yet the answer may be found in mathematics that is thousands of years old, and up to the minute science that is arriving at remarkable conclusions and world shaking results every second. When science and spirituality went hand in hand, explaining the mysteries of the universe, Pythagoras was credited with discovering the mathematical and sacred properties of the simple triangle and circle, even though these are demonstrated in Egyptian and much older architecture and design. The relationship between the triangle and circle not only goes a long way to explaining the curious effect of sacred space on the human psychology and psyche but ties directly into the fundamental laws of the inter-dimensional cosmos and maybe even affects our ability to access and travel it. The phrase I think therefore I am, credited to Rene Descartes, implies that to have a conscious sense of self you have to have a reflection or second point to compare yourself to. These subsequent two unique points in effect manifest the polar universe as we know it, where the second point becomes a holographic projection of our inner self from that assumed reflection. Between these two points it is possible to draw a line of singular dimension, which in itself can only be measurable as a finite existence by referring to a third point. The third point manifests a two dimensional existence, exactly like a triangular surface, which cannot only be reflected and rotated in its own dimension to create an infinite number of shapes, each one of which is a holographic projection of the previous, but when perceived from a fourth point at orthogonal right angles to the previous three, manifests the third dimension of solid. Again, choosing a fifth point of reference this solid can be rotated and moved in the fourth dimension of time, and so forth, ad infinitum. Maxwell’s four equations of electrodynamics, which are taught as standard to every physicist and engineer up to and indeed beyond higher degree level, and are accepted as the standard by even Einstein himself, forming the basis of his time and space theories, are a bastardised and truncated form of an original twenty equations developed in the 19th century. The original postulation that time wasn’t straight but curved and that space isn’t a vacuum but rather a mass free force, which operates in this curved time to effectively create force and mass as we understand it, and subsequently matter, is reflected in the latest conclusions of quantum physicists. Like Pythagoras, quantum theory seeks a singular particle of existence, the building block of the universe if you like, giving it the name quark. Upon discovery it was found that these quarks were actually pairs of particles in constant vibration, which therefore demonstrated the properties of both a solid and a wave. What we now know is that the matter of the universe is actually energy, and furthermore, quantum scientists conclude that not only does this energy display a

form of consciousness but that it seems to be arranged in a matrix like structure, exactly like the Pythagorean points of reference at multidimensional right angles to each other. This matrix structure of energy defines the physical world that we sense around us and of course us, our bodies, as well and yet we don’t seem to be aware of it! In actuality our brain and senses process all this information but project it holographically in such a way that makes sense to us as matter, light, electricity, sound, gravity etc. If we take a stone circle as an example of a sacred space it is possible to perceive that each stone could represent the points of various two dimensional structures like the Pythagorean circle and triangle. Because the stones are actually energy structures in themselves, they are interacting with the energy that defines this planet, and indeed universe, generating more forms of energy at multi-dimensional right angles and making universal connections to the stars and other dimensions. Coincidentally they connect to us as well, especially when in the close vicinity or inside of these sacred spaces. Energetically to us then, sacred spaces manifest standing waves of light, sound and various energies of particular frequency that have an effect on our physical self, and which cause anomalies such as time distortion, out of body experiences and a range of psychological effects. On top of that, we effectively become part of their energy fields and their inter-dimensional connection, allowing us, with the right understanding and balance of our own energetic states, to follow that connection to other inter, or indeed inner-dimensional states of being. Recent archaeological discoveries suggest that the technology that existed over 500,000 years ago may have not only been more advanced that we think it is today, but maybe, on certain levels, more advanced that the technology that we are shown today. Taking this into consideration, is it not possible that at their time of construction, ancient sacred sites were not only aligned to stars, and maybe other dimensions, because mankind was aware of the inter-dimensional function of the energy that creates our world of matter and therefore that the sites themselves could be used as gateways to these inter-dimensional states. Furthermore, since the entire of creation is what we have named God then maybe these sites are access to what the Esoterics call Godhead and what some refer to as bliss. What I believe is happening here is that the proportional dimensions of sacred spaces, defined by their component material parts, create or amplify particular frequencies, much in the same way that the relative position of holes in a tube create sound frequencies when the tube is blown that correspond to a musical scale. In a stone circle it is the king or key stone that fulfils a similar role to the Pythagorean reference point in its interaction with the parent circle in defining how the circle can be used to access multi dimensional space. By accessing and using certain techniques hidden in esoteric lore that have been passed down from generation to generation, we can not only become aware of those frequencies and energies but interact with them and finally take charge of our own destinies and walk through the gateway to the gods.

Steve Mitchell is the author of the new DVD Dragons and Rings available from and other major outlets. He is the guiding light behind the successful band Soul Path who have been featured on several major TV productions recently.

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