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Our heart’s desire is to labor with and invest in health professional students in the context of community and the local church to advance God’s kingdom for His glory. We feel this to be one of the most strategic things we can do with our team, and can’t imagine doing anything else with our lives. God directed us to Dundee through personal relationships and prayer. Foreign students account for up to 20% of students there, with most returning home after training. A majority of the course work and training is completed in Dundee, so we will have up to 6 years to pour Christ into our students. We feel God has gifted us to work with students, and uniquely positioned us to reach them. Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) has invited us to partner with them in setting up a discipleship based ministry on the medical campus in Dundee, with the future goal of multiplying this to every medical campus in Scotland, the UK, and eventually the world. We have both been active in a discipling ministry on the medical campus called Medical Campus Outreach (MCO). Jennifer came to faith through this ministry, and Scott has experienced tremendous spiritual growth as a result of his involvement. We experienced what Paul describes in Thessalonians 2:8 “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” Our continued growth toward Christ’s likeness is fueled by the demonstrated love of Christ modeled in this community of believers. Our teammate, Megan, had a similar experience of growth in the knowledge and love of God within the ministry of MCO. After realizing the abundant ways in which God had shown us the bene ts of living in a biblical community and the fruits of discipleship in this context, we were convicted to share this with the world. Looking across the nations we saw a multitude of students that were dying without knowing the hope of Christ. Our hearts were broken. We knew that we had to do something! If we could reach health providers with the Gospel, not only would their lives be transformed, but our e orts would be multiplied 100 fold as they minister to their patients in the name of Christ. We understood that God had prepared us to train health professional students overseas to be disciple makers, answering for us what our role in the Great Commission would be!

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Our Roles
• To support and aide the local body of believers in the formation of a discipleship ministry on the Medical/Dental Campus in Dundee. • Build relationships on campus and in our home. • Find part time clinical positions at the University as a platform to model compassionate, caring, and competent medicine and dentistry. • Lead small group discussions, and host bible studies in our home.

Pray for Us
• Finish strong where God has us now, and leave the US in strength. • Continued preparation of our hearts for service overseas. • Movement of the Spirit in the hearts of the students in Dundee. • Complete our financial and prayer support team building. • Part time jobs within the University/ Health system in Dundee.


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Scott & Jennifer Stadalsky Address: 1610 Dotterers Run Charleston, SC 29414 Phone: 843-697-4377 email: clemumd@yahoo.com Web: www.scott-and-jennifer.blogspot.com