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A PROJECT REPORT Submitted to the FACULTY OF DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of

Master of Business Administration
IN Finance

Anna University Chennai 600 025 June 2010

k (Reg. the work reported here in does not form part of any other project report or dissertation on the basis of which a degree or reward was conferred on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate. Accredited By NBA New Delhi) Affiliated to ANNA UNIVERSITY. SR ENGINEERING COLLEGE ii . New Delhi. 12208631004) II MBA VEL TECH HIGH TECH DR.VEL TECH HIGH TECH Dr. BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that the project report titled “A study on comparative analysis of LIC and BSLI” at KARVY STOCK BROKING LTD is the bonafide work of Mr. Baranidharan. Chennai – 600062. No.k who carried out the work under my supervision. Sakunthala Engineering College (Approved By AICTE. Supervisor Head of the Department Submitted to Project and Viva Examination held on ____________ Internal Examiner External Examiner Baranidharan. Certified further that to the best of knowledge. Chennai Avadi. RR & DR.Rangarajan Dr.

associateship. in partial fulfillment of requirements of Anna university for the award of the degree in Master Of Business Administration is my original work and that it has not formed the basis for the award of any degree.AVADI. diploma or any other similar title. (Baranidharan.k) ABSTRACT iii . CHENNAI . fellowship.600062 DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project entitled “A study on comparative analysis of LIC and BSLI at Karvy stock broking ltd”.

The sample size of Taken for the study is 100. insurance is no more seen as only a tax saving product but also as a product which provides a financial solution for the customer. The detailed analysis was made with the findings and appropriate suggestions and recommendations were given. both in terms of investment pattern and attitude of investors. Anova table. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT iv . The project titled “A STUDY ON COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF LIC AND BSLI” at Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. Ranking method. The various data collected were compiled and the major findings were noted. chisquare test. The survey is based on primary data. Purposive research and analytical research design is adopted in conducting the research study. One sample run test. which was obtained by scheduled method. and chart techniques.In Indian markets seeing a sea change. The analysis is done with help of statistical tools like percentage analysis..

A. EVANGELINE. and VEL TECH HIGH TECH DR. (Auto).D for giving me the opportunity to undertake the project. B. ABILASH. v .Tech.S.SUNDARESAN. I extend my sincere thanks to almighty God.V. I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mrs. Ph.SR ENGINEERING COLLEGE for supporting me through proper direction and guidance with flexible manner to bring out this project as successful one. (Elect).E. RR & DR. I feel proud to thank my Organizational guide Mr.E. K.T. (U. VEL TECH HIGH TECH DR. I am indeed grateful to my project guide Mr. suggestions and support during the project period.S. Department of Management Studies.E.I am highly indebted and grateful to the Chairman Dr. RANGARAJAN. HOD. RR & DR.K. Chennai for his valuable guidance. B.V. M.KISHORE KUMAR MBA.D. Debashis Datta at Karvy stock broking ltd. Lecturer. PhD.SR ENGINEERING COLLEGE for providing valuable suggestions during the course of study. my Parents and Friends for endowing me with their immense blessings and helping towards the successful completion of this project.) and Principal Dr. Director Mr. (Mech). M.

vi .

NO Abstract Acknowledgement Completion Certificate List Of Tables List Of Charts S.Research Methodology Data Collection Method Sources of Data Sample size Research design Statistical Tools TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE NO.TABLE OF CONTENTS S. IV V VI IX X PAGE NO. 1 11 16 17 18 19 48 53 53 53 54 54 54 vii .NO 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 -INTRODUCTION Company Profile Objective Of the study Need Of the study Scope of the Study Limitation of the study 2 3 Chapter 2 – Review of Literature Chapter 3 .

4 Chapter 4.Conclusions Summary of Findings Suggestions & Recommendations Conclusions 93 94 95 6 Appendix Bibliography Annexure 96 97 viii .Data Analysis and Interpretation Percentage analysis and Inferences Ranking Method Chi square test Anova table One sample run test 55 55 75 83 86 91 5 Chapter 5.

8 4.1.3 4. 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73 75 ix .4 4.1.LIST OF TABLE TABLE NO 4.11 TABLE NAME Investing in Insurance Sector Company Policies Customer Level of Importance Percentage of Interest Reason for Investing in LIC/BSLI Investment in BSLI better than LIC Investing in BSLI is better Investing in LIC is better Company launching new product BSLI will have a high growth rate in future Ranking Method PAGE NO.1.6 4.2 4.7 4.9 4.1.1 4.5

5 4.LIST OF CHARTS TABLE NO 4.1.10 TABLE NAME Investment in insurance sectors is good option Preference of company policies Customer level of importance in ranking method Percentage of interest Benefits to invest in LIC BSLI BSLI Better investment plan than LIC Reason for investing in BSLI Reason for investing in LIC Information about the new product Growth rate of BSLI in future PAGE NO.8 4.1.6 4.3 4.7 4.9 4. 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 x .2 4.1.1.

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