Bryony Whitehead


The Fashiona ble Goths
‘Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.’ - Paul Simon, The Sound of Silence 1

the most prominent being bisexuality. sneakers. velvet. Dress code is mainly black with skinny jeans. It’s a tall man in black leather trench coat and enormous black boots. Goth and Metal. this emergent culture attracts a younger generation. We’re on the hunt for emo-haters. they are also meant to adopt masculine qualities.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 emo (і΄мəц): stands for emotional kid. An emo kid is expected to accept various philosophies. lace. footless tights and dead straight hair chopped haphazardly at different lengths. Punk and Metal are finding this new emerging culture distasteful. 2 . An emergent subculture claiming independence from Gothic or Punk influence. Females mainly wear short skirts. complete with oversized silver buckles. Very technologically advanced. * * * “Is this a fucking emo fashion show?” barks an aggressive male voice at our backs. Influences include Punk. the ancient ones whose life-long devotion to Goth. The beautiful people are out tonight and they’re here to celebrate a fetish – Angels and Demons. and tight tops for male Emos who are also expected to be more emotional and accept a feminine side. Shining black PVC. Has been met with disapproval from other subcultures in the form of emo-haters. I can feel his breath hit the back of my neck with the force of his exclamation. striped tops. leather you name it. I smile nervously and quickly elbow my way through the crowd.

bringing back our drinks. “What is it that gets your back up about emo?” I ask her.” is another sneering remark that a diehard Goth guy aims at us. We make our way down the stairs to get to somewhere quieter and decide to convene on the first landing where we’re able to hear each other reasonably well without needing to yell into each other’s ears. Her long. a white corset and my fringe is pulled over my right eye. “This. dark hair and black clothing is typical of a serious rock chic. not to fit in. Punk and Metal. we had just parked and were making our way to the entrance of the club when a girl greeted Jared. They’ve appropriated the look. The thrill of going against the grain is worth the hisses and dark stares. I’m in a black flared mini-skirt. She pulls her head back as if I’ve just opened a can of decaying worms and with a smirk she says. These are the lucky few white middle class kids who can afford to go out to the malls and buy all the kit that’ll make them look dark. Yet. Said to have emerged in the mid-eighties as a sub-genre of punk. She wears a black leather choker and has several piercings in the lobes of her ears. But besides looking dark. the consensus among the subcultures is that Emo is pretty shallow. Jared. a new and decidedly more ‘poser’ version has grown. These are the kids with their lives served to them on a silver platter. and from what Jared is saying. Danielle makes her way through the crowd to us and I introduce myself. I do remember her. “You know that girl I greeted earlier in the parking lot?” Jared asks me. she is the emo-hater I am hoping to interview. He has just bumped into her again. wears dark seventies skinny-leg jeans and tight fitted long-sleeved vest with large black and red stripes.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 “Only Goth women wear colour. but have no idea what it really means to identify with the subcultures of Goth. The two of us are dressed up in clothing typical of the Emo kids. These poor little privileged children of the suburbs. emo is meant to be the more emotional side of the subcultures.” and pulls her hair over one eye in an exaggerated side parting and 3 . this original emo faded out in the late nineties and in its place. typical of an Emo guy. A guy friend of hers tags along and joins in the conversation. We’re probably wearing way too much colour for this party. boots. University is theirs for the taking. with no one to understand their big problems. but we’re here to stir up a reaction.

What is she into? She says she is mainly into hard rock. as long as you wear some make-up and dye your hair! Before long. this generation needs to reinvent its identity. He comments that emo is definitely new to South Africa and that it is part of the alternative culture that has been adopted by the younger generation. becoming as acceptable and laughed at as being hippy is. it might poke out your eye’ kind of style. here comes the new popular culture! Anyone is invited. By doing that. This sorrow indulges the most depressed teenager’s need for sadness and allows that sadness to be worn on the outside in the form of an outfit. she answers. They want to be. A Metal head with long black hair and crazy eyes comes up the stairs and comments on it. the Punks and the Metal heads are fading out. is a wish-washy version of the real thing. It’s not a ‘careful my mohawk. As young white people. and many times before tonight that the following of the subcultures are mostly white people from the middle class. I look on at Danielle and Chris: These are the emo-haters? More like emo-grumblers. like the mohawk is the signature punk hairdo. When I ask her to elaborate. a hairdo and a couple of scars. kids are able to identify with a bigger cause. Perhaps one way of doing this is to adopt the principles of emotional gothic culture. This side parting over one eye is typical of emo kids. I’ve noticed tonight. I ask Chris whether he thinks this is because white kids are beginning to react to their circumstance as white people in South Africa. Chris has an awesome mohawk tonight. “Because they’re not hardcore.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 laughs. Where is the aggression? What happened to weeding out the bad ones? Looking at the crowd tonight. Watch out everyone. It’s not going to happen. Much better than the one you had before. Danielle’s guy friend introduces himself as Chris. “Hey dude. it’s the trademark hairdo. Superficial? Perhaps. it would seem Cape Town’s underground originals: the Goths. Again his answer is a ‘definitely’. It must pay for the sins of its fathers and also find its own way in life. as apposed to what it is not. new hairdo. which is one of reflective sorrow for the world. but they just aren’t.” Chris just smiles and blushes raising a hand to brush through his stripe of hair self-consciously. but more understated with far less gel. the true 4 .” I suggest that defining what emo is.

they’d quite readily inflict bodily harm on them. This strange sublimation. or at least those that I have spoken to. there at the door is a women waiting with a cash box. is ‘god’. we have to wonder why it is emerging. but the windows upstairs are pitch black. and whether it is good or bad. there is a chat room in which members violently slate emo. There are no car-guards in sight and the doors to Hectic on Hope look firmly shut. we make our way to a small bar called Hectic on Hope in Gardens. if read backwards. reflection. a rock club in Johannesburg. With a sigh I decide to at least get out of the car and find out if I’m missing something. I won’t be able to get an idea of what gives this once-a-week club legendary status. They suggest that if they were to see an Emo in the street. there are many websites that encourage hatred of this new offshoot of subculture. As we walk closer. Hectic opens its upstairs section to all those who are in love with the night. On Facebook. At eleven thirty we arrive outside the pub. Emo is taking over. Those from the underworld. As we journey 5 . a mere fifteen rand and make our way across the black and white-tiled dance floor to the bar. Even so. We pay the small entrance fee. on the furthest wall. EVOL is ‘love’ spelled backwards. My heart sinks. the way that they dress and wear there hair.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 subculture will be a shadow of its former self. They have posted some disturbing cartoons on their website that deride the Emo principles of bisexuality. the phrase ‘Oh god’s love’ is twisted to read ‘Evol dog ho’. I can see a warm glow of light from one of the downstairs windows. this twisting the expected unexpectedly seems to be EVOL’s overall theme. On The Doors’ website. swear it’s one of the definitive haunts in Cape Town. a group called the Anti Emo Federation (AEF) actively discusses and encourage hatred of Emos. Not all of the Emo-haters are from alternative culture. Every Friday night. * * * Friday night. Emo-hating is rife on the internet. upstairs on painted on the DJ box is the word ‘dog’ which. On the black dance floor. If I don’t get a shot at seeing EVOL tonight. The street is almost deserted bar one or two cars. We walk up steps on the side of the building and to my delight and relief. the night before the fetish party.

In an eerie red light that bathes the DJ cage. I can see a couple collapsed on coaches in what looks like a separate chill area. Before I’m finished trying to explain myself. it is definitely a place where drugs may very well be found. she has to dress like one too. she is also alternative. down some stairs (two beats compete with each other. I thank him and turn to go. The seventies guitar riff that is squealing through the speakers echoes in this garage-like place. images? She smiles in an ‘I’d like to help you but I’ve got no clue what you’re talking about’ way. and suggests that I speak to Wentsel. We walk past them and from the sickly sweet blue cloud that hangs over them. She directs me passed the fluorescent lights and couches that float in clouds of blue haze. thinking of the times when I’ve felt that way and have been able to lie back and relax and be completely happy with my life as it is. His girlfriend and her friend are much more game to chat about alternative culture than Wentsel was. At the bar. yell over the boom-boom of the music) to the bar lady.” An 6 . I see relief spread across his face. I realize their content is marijuana-induced. They look at each other and roll their eyes heavenwards and Joné says. ascribing to just one subculture seems impractical. piercings and sleek black bob make her distinctly alternative. (the music gets softer here). Although I’m sure that EVOL wouldn’t encourage this in their club. Joné’s response is similar. I introduce my cause and myself but Wentsel seems to regard me with a measure of suspicion. I order our drinks and lean over the high bar counter to speak (no. but two fighting one another) and passed three foosball machines into darkness. he stops me and suggests I speak to his girlfriend and her friend who are sitting just outside. but as I do. Does she know anything about alternative culture? Does the word ‘emo’ conjure up any comments. Her dark make-up. With her blonde hair and petit nose ring. but not distinctly Gothic or Punk or Metal.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 over that dance floor. I ask them to describe emo to me. The area is illuminated with purple fluorescent light. For Jeanine. and we sit talking about what it means to both of them. the disc jockey on the second dance floor since he is bound to know more. she enjoys aspects of all of them and doesn’t feel that because she’ll listen to punk or Goth. there is not one song. “It’s the fashionable Goth. That couple looks perfectly content and I envy them. memories. Wentsel is choosing songs.

heavy make-up. The tortured.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 interesting label. the more male the girls are. wearing a bloodied t-shirt. head thrown back. Jared and I move back up to that first dance floor. crazy vibe that is not dark at all. Androgyny reigns. or a strong seventies rock sound. Do these people know what they’re talking about. the ‘poser’. The posters are of alternative archetypes. or are they missing something important about emotional kids? 7 . People are arriving and slowly begin to fill up the dance floor. there are nice airy gaps between dancers. Even when EVOL is full. The dance floor is lit up by colourful lights that scoot across the floor in dazzling formations. A younger guy wears a paper bag over his head. I’ve read somewhere that a dance like that is meant to express euphoria: Let’s open wings and go flying around the dance floor. no self-respecting Goth would dress up to be fashionable. and to say that Goth is fashionable is to imply that it’s not serious about itself. only the subcultures would invent a dance like that. since Goth epitomizes seriousness. That. Emo is described as the ‘fashionable’. A sad face is drawn on the bag and I wonder if this is the emo archetype. I find it difficult to tell the difference between male and female since both are wearing skinny jeans. On one of the walls. Firstly. By now the blue haze has cleared and Jared and I sit on one of the couches under the fluorescent light and wait for a crowd to start building up. laughing a Buddha laugh. A women in a corset. the ‘shallow’. All of it has a really fun. all the better. arms outspread across the entire dance floor. can’t be the case. Wherever I go. the more female the guys are. staring questioningly right at me. A middle-aged man. Their dancing consists of jumping. one that brings with it much controversy. You need a lot of space on the dance floor to do that. hopping and ‘flying’. of course. many posters are pasted. I recognize very little of the music coming from the DJ booth upstairs. imitating an Andy Warhol-style silk screen. sneakers and striped or checked shirts. his eyes squeezed shut and his hand clasped on each thigh. faceless one whose depression leaves him without an identity or unable to choose one…. Most of the songs have an eighties synth-style sound to them.

both wear black and both have scars all over their wrists. under the TV sit the pretty young dark ones. Kélene is a self-proclaimed lesbian. she greats me with a casual wave of her hand. Mel’s relationship with Kélene is an unlikely one.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 * * * I must speak to a real Emo. They met in ‘clinic’. She wears a large black and grey striped zip-up sweater and sips tentatively at a black cup of coffee. until she met Kélene. while Mel has always thought if herself as heterosexual. They talk to one another animatedly and touch each other tenderly. they tell me how they met over a pair of nail scissors and cigarettes (both items illegal in clinic). Together they murmur and croon to one another. sizing me up from her little patch of the booth we sit 8 . When I meet Mel and Kélene. so Sunday morning at eleven I’m outside a glass box – the smoking section at a coffee shop – in a large shopping centre. Mel and Kélene haven’t yet seen me. As I walk up to the table. glasses framing her make-upped eyes. a safe haven where people unable to cope with life can take time out. her hair pulled back in a messy pony-tail and her fringe parted in the middle and tucked behind her ears. who is about seventeen lifts her big bright eyes up at me. Kélene is seventeen and Mel is twenty-three. They both agree it was love at first sight.suggests I meet her good friend Kélene who she is sure must be a real Emo. all the ‘I don’t care about lung cancer and emphysema’ people can puff away at their nicotinned brand of choice and sip on some caffeine. but their age discrepancy is not felt in any obvious way. it opens and I stumble inside this quarantined. Kélene. the crusty old man reading his newspaper and in the darkest corner. With cigarette in hand. Both sport dark hair that falls past their shoulders. This is the glass cage where all the rebels. but finally after some firm coaxing. I struggle to open the door because the handle has collapsed.a friend of mine . climate-controlled ‘smoking room’. so Mel . Here sit the irresponsible parents puffing at their Gauloises while a toddler plays on the floor with his hand-me-down dinky cars. The three of us have arranged to meet and chat about Emo. Here sit the unhappy couple.

I get the feeling that although she is quite keen to tell me her story. Kélene should be obsessed with matric holiday and her boyfriend.” Mel adds. it is all about Kélene. at my appearance. I wonder what she will be doing once she is done with highschool. At her age. Today. We start to chat about her compositions. That seems an easy question. “You’re matriculating this year right?” Yes. Mel and I fill the silence with meaningless small talk. Someone sensitive enough to recognize the difficulties of reality. But the question to ask yourself is how far did that so-called rebelliousness reach? Did a skollie 9 . young. so that even though it’s a picture with essentially no foreground or background – just one depth – the texture that is captured makes the piece come alive. Kélene now falls into silence. she is also suspicious of my intruder-like formality. but her identity reaches further than that and being someone who is unable to ignore the world’s pain makes her identify with Emo culture. To many. not pain and depression. She comments how Kélene has really thought about the lighting and how the photograph captures the texture of the road. Why capture every day things though? “Because we take them for granted. “the stuff that most people wouldn’t even think twice about. From the animated conversation she was having with Mel earlier. she’ll go to college to study photography. Mel proudly tells me of the incredible sensitivity that Kélene shows in her work. she is just another kid trying to finish school. Nothing is too small to go unnoticed. I feel her eyes picking at me. her own work is emergent. I turn to this young and cautious looking girl and ask her. Once I’ve fortified myself with a sip of coffee. at my gestures. She is the one who brought us together and that brings the light into her eyes. Kélene is particularly concerned with photographing everyday stuff. Like Emo culture. Mel’s favourite one is of a line for a stop sign repainted on the tarmac. as we are around this table. She could be just another matric pupil trying to break out of highchool. right now.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 in. she is. because every little bit counts. We all go through feelings of rebelliousness when we’re younger right? Right. touching Kélene on her knee. Shy at first. Kélene doesn’t say much and instead. experimental.” Kélene offers.

which from an Emo’s point of view. I wonder how that is so. any teenager could feel that way about their parents. Kélene’s philosophy is. accentuating the ‘t’ in ‘hate’. as if she finally released the incredible uneasiness that is life. So instead of trying to look on the bright side. Kids smoke marijuana on the field. There is a sense of achievement for her. “Life sucks and I know it. It’s living life to it’s fullest. and there is a lot of depro if you are an emo person. sending one’s life into a monotonous cycle of self-mutilation and blood loss? It is human nature to fight against the unpleasant.” ‘Depro’ is the slang for ‘depressed’ so I learn. tik-users take hits in vacant classrooms. If reality is so overbearing. “Do you want to know how my dad deals with the fact that I have an eating disorder? He tells me to eat healthy and exercise often.” she states matter-of-factly. why live through it? Why this boring sense of resignation that seems to rule Emo philosophy? Surely that attitude only perpetuates the problem. She struggles with an eating disorder and cuts herself on her arms and legs. “When I decided to tell my mom that I have an eating disorder.” She rolls her eyes. “I hate my dad. but I’m going to face that without turning a blind eye to any of it”. is pretty fucking empty. Like there are no tomorrows. Are you more likely to be Emo if you’ve gone through major trauma as a child? I ask Kélene to describe her relationship with parents. I smoke marijuana now and again. “Do you do drugs?” I ask her. “Yes. I can even deal with the idea that being positive is merely a way of trying to escape from that reality.” Her attitude is that life is meant to be experienced for what it is and part of life is drugs. we were standing chatting in the kitchen. “Emo-kids are the ones who go out and buy all the stuff and get dressed all in black. Kélene’s story isn’t unique.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 cigarette behind the bicycle shed send your heart thumping with euphoric bursts of adrenaline? Or was that the least of the deeds you did or thought of doing? At Kélene’s school there is major drug abuse.” She says. And she 10 . “There’s a difference between emo kids and emo people. but they don’t know what it’s like to feel depro or they don’t really care. Inner-turmoil made physical. Fine. since they both sound like the same thing to me. and I’ve done tik once. but her life has been a tumultuous roller-coaster ride of reflection and turmoil which she is often unable to deal with. I can deal with the idea that reality is overbearing. she deals with it all head on.

They are her scars and she’ll be damned if she is going to have them fade. without trying to cover that up with a lie. The cutting is common to Emo and Goth. Emos seem to enjoy wallowing in despair over things like that. * * * “Not all of us cut ourselves.” Stef’n is a Goth and also the manager and DJ of the only Goth club in Cape Town. Going through some photos on his computer. many of us have a bad relationship with our parents and we have to learn to live with that behind a smile. “These are pictures that very few people have seen. “Emo is not allowing denial. we come across pictures of his own bleeding wrists. “It’s accepting reality for what it really is. the kind that mean that the cuts were more like deep slashes than superficial scratches. when reality gets overbearing and when it’s so beyond comprehension that they cannot feel it anymore.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 was really supportive at first and then all of a sudden she started screaming at me and told me I was just being a drama queen. cutting is a way to bring reality closer. but Kélene will hear none of it. Her left arm is a patchwork of this dark scar tissue. That’s the relationship I have with my parents. Kélene pulls her sweater off of her left shoulder and there on her bicep are dark scars. pain seems to indulge a major Gothic philosophy: that pain is part of pleasure. It’s Mel’s turn to offer an answer. We need only remember Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols and his cutting frenzies on stage.” So. Gotham. cutting. Her mum has bought her tissue-oil which is meant to help the scars heal. but it exists in each all the same. For Stef’n. I know that for Kélene. as it is with Punk. fresh from its vessel. 11 . a trophy to show that she has suffered some of the pain of reality. Perhaps they are a memory.” Mel clarifies. She shakes her head and remarks. ” Stef’n tells me. or slashing at their own flesh is one way to manifest the pain physically. The blood in the pictures is luminous red. That’s why.” Taking on a positive attitude is the equivalent of being in denial about how bad reality is. Perhaps the subcultures choose to cut for different reasons. Sensuality incorporates pain and this is how cutting comes to form part of Gothic hedonism.

I get out my car and walk up the front steps to ring the doorbell. You can tell a lot about someone by looking into their eyes. “Come in. His reaction to my question. I might begin to understand where Emo comes from. A latch is unlocked. ready to greet me. But there on the side of the door is an electric buzzer. I went to the army when you still had to. A muffled phony bell ring echoes behind the door. a German Shepherd-cross behind him. he later tells me is amongst his family and in this house. holding his arms close to him and saying politely. Stef’n is himself a true Goth. I arrive outside a house in Greenpoint as the sun is going down. His adopted family is the Gothic community in Cape Town and their house of worship is Gotham. Stef’n is adamant that you can tell if someone is Goth by looking deep into their eyes. that dull clunk. cat clasped to his breast. “I’m older than you think I am.” is a nervous tucking of black hair behind an ear. they don’t necessarily want to be filled with sadness. 12 . You can be Goth whether you dress up or not. In fact his mother and father never knew that Stef’n was a Goth until recently. Soft footfalls on wood. “Would you like to go out or should we stay here?” I opt for staying here.” Stef’n says to me.” But. a tiny club tucked away in Observatory. I want to see him where he is most comfortable and that. There is much beauty to be found in the darkness. “Rather ask me specific questions. but they are. many Goths have had something sad happen to them. throughout the interview. both ear lobes carrying various pieces of silver and eyebrows shaved off. clunk noise come closer and closer. According to him. his life philosophy. Someone inside has heard me. It’s his mantra. in fact.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 “Darkness can be so exquisitely beautiful. “Define Goth. I was finished school in the eighties. From the look of things. looking forward to the brassagainst-brass clang that will awaken the vampires. I’ve come here to hear his opinion on Emo as well as to learn what it is that defines Gothic culture. I reach for the brass knocker. Perhaps if understand that. ” he lisps from behind his many piercings. The family he speaks of is not the one he grew up with.” Stef’n confesses to me in his soft Afrikaans accent. Stef’n keeps adding to a list of things that define Gothic culture. the front of the house was painted a long time ago. but the old paint gives the place a look of authentic neglect. With dead straight black hair. I pull myself out of my reverie and press it. the door handle turns and there Stef’n is. it is very hard to define what Goth is. as if the vampires were actually living behind that door.

it’s because those who visit the club are his family. not the way that Goths do anyway. especially when you wear it every day. * * * Emo-haters are all around us at this fetish party. and that makes being around many people bearable for him. his hands clasped and his shoulders slouched facing his glowing computer screen. They move provocatively. but even then. I would choke at a bill of R 3500. snake-like. but certainly no difference in principal. he only visits a hairdresser once a year.” and that’s why there is antagonism towards Emos. There is no price too high for perfection.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 “I have social disorder. So how has he been able to run a club – a place where you necessarily come into contact with strangers – for so many years? Stef’n doesn’t skip a beat. Granted. and yet we join them. The gorgeous corseted girls spend a lot of money on their outfits and appearances. Well then. slowly. no bodily hair is allowed. what does Stef’n think defines Emo’s? “They don’t really love the darkness. He is happier spending days on end in his room than he ever would be venturing out into public. it costs three thousand five hundred rand to get his hair to be as dead straight and black as it is. Make-up can only be the best quality. All of this is expensive to upkeep. I know I do and I know that a lot of other Goths do too. “Most Goths think that they are really ugly. he is an outcast by choice. Although they shouldn’t. dancing amongst them as an Emo couple. so hair removal is necessary and they pierce their bodies often. Their hair is black. How different is it really between the Goth’s cost of looking beautiful and the image-conscious Emos? The difference I see in this is perhaps a preference for certain styles and trends.” Stef’n frankly states. He can’t stand walking amongst strangers. moving their 13 .” Bad self-image means that a Gothic beauty regime costs a pretty penny. I see many parallels between those who call themselves Emo and those who call themselves Goths. In Stef’n’s case.

As the crowd grows. the wolves and vampires have a new cousin they must learn to live with. Yes. Emo is here to stay. Emo is growing at a huge rate. The world grows smaller and the luxury of denial gets more difficult when the thing you want to dislike is in your face every day. I am forced against a beautiful Goth woman and for a moment I see the archetypes of Gothic and Emo culture meshing without choice. Sisters of Mercy’s song ‘Vision thing’. Like it or not. 14 .Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 drapes of clothing with a swoosh of air. The cage dancers show the white of their eyes and the crowd seethes against itself in a tangle of black. Stef’n is DJing tonight and he has chosen a great song.

the boy’s streaming tears stop and he looks down at his feet. the darkness beats against their skin. Without thinking twice. The tears stream down his face as he takes hold of her outstretched hand and he lifts him gently to his feet. warming them to their cold bones. Suddenly. to the sun’s edge. The snake keeps uncoiling as if an endless serpent lies beneath that dark underbrush. Beneath the dark underbrush. The wind of change carries him and the ever-uncoiling snake. In the vision. She sees the determined look he gives to the sun and understands. Both boy and maiden look at each other in despair. the boy lifts the blue flashing snake above his head 15 . Together they look up to the horizon and see the black sun trying in vain to arouse itself. for her life. The Gothic maiden lets out a piercing scream that echoes all the way to that horizon. he seizes its head. he sees coiled a snake as if dormant. Their future is dying as they look on. The snake arches its body in alarm. He lifts his eyes up to this dark siren and they fill with tears of gratitude.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 Epilogue My journey has led me to places beyond the black curtains and I see a vision. And then the sun seems to collapse. making sure that the maiden does not lose her footing. flashes of blue light come from its mouth and with its head in his one hand and the hand of the maiden in his other. it reaches the sun and for a moment. First slowly. and only pausing to let the maiden’ hand go. gently. the boy runs to the sun. exhausted from that one last effort. The boy’s hair is black and it covers his face in a swish of black. They reach the edge of the world. up to the sun. She must run with him. the boy leaps up. The boy and maiden run. With a blow of such might that the earth is shaken. chasing the dark sun’s dying rays. a beautiful Gothic maiden reaches her pale and delicate hand out to a little boy huddled in a corner.

the sun warms their skin and the boy with the black fringe is able to sit up. his breathing becomes full. In an instance. the earth and the Gothic maiden all thank him for his courage.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 and plugs this life source deep into the sun. Behind her tears she starts to see the boy stirring. His body comes crashing down beside the maiden and she falls to him in the greatest despair. his blue lips becoming red once more. The sun. Slowly. He begins to fall backwards to earth. the sun darkens further. In her crying she does not see the sun blooming new life. Word count without Epilogue: 5082 Word count with Epilogue: 5562 16 . and the boy feels hopelessness creep into his bones.

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com Kélene Poyurs Cell: 076 220 0874 Email: the.Bryony Whitehead whtbry002 Mon Cheri Fourie Cell: 082 669 9555 Mel Stockland Cell: 084 833 9400 Email: 18 .com Stef’n Cell: 082 429 5033 Email: bluminstrel@gmail. Whitehead whtbry002 References Anti Emo Federation http://www. 27/05/2007 Andy Radin. 19/05/2007 19 . 19/05/2007 The Doors Night What the heck is emo anyway? http://www.

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