Operating ASSETS: Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable–net Other receivable Pledges receivable–net Inventory: Purchased Donated Prepaid expenses and other assets Investments Property and equipment–net Interfund balances Total Assets LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS: Liabilities: Accounts payable Construction payables Deposits Accrued expenses Notes and loans payable Annuities and trust payable Total liabilities Net assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ $ 502,379 239,741 202,131 614,955 90,453,724 235,731 300,000 7,456,613 (293,024) $ 99,712,250 $ $ 2009 Specified Time or Purpose 511,797 150,555 13,888,764 457,263 336,455 15,344,834 $ $

as of September 30

Endowment 3,818,601 (43,431) 3,775,170 $

Total 1,014,176 239,741 202,131 150,555 614,955 104,342,488 235,731 4,575,864 7,456,613 $ 118,832,254 $ $

Operating 409,038 388,130 108,028 371,818 58,809,580 192,721 400,954 5,383,132 (644,127) 65,419,274 $ $

2008 Specified Time or Purpose 703,852 278,808 13,405,231 492,190 579,242 15,459,323 $ $

Endowment 3,710,285 64,885 3,775,170 $ $ Total 1,112,890 388,130 108,028 278,808 371,818 72,214,811 192,721 4,603,429 5,383,132 84,653,767

Our Board
At MAP International, we are blessed with talented and dedicated board volunteers from across the country and around the world.

Thanks to our donors!
Without you, MAP International could not serve over 33 million of the world’s poorest people in over 117 countries. Thank you!!


Immanuel Thangaraj

484,051 316,737 598,035 4,403,481 5,802,304


364,183 364,183




484,051 316,737 598,035 4,403,481 364,183 6,166,487


242,125 1,286,798 111,060 691,707 610,925 2,942,615


386,522 386,522




242,125 1,286,798 111,060 691,707 610,925 386,522 3,329,137

Chairman Managing Director Essex Woodlands Health Ventures Menlo Park, CA Amb. (Retired) Edwin G. Corr Vice Chairman Senior Research Fellow (Emeritus) University of Oklahoma Norman, OK Chok-Pin Foo Treasurer International Finance Consultant Bellevue, Washington Ingrid Mason Mail, M.D. Secretary Physician, Internal Medicine Indianapolis, IN Michael J. Nyenhuis President and Chief Executive Officer MAP International Brunswick, GA Dale Hanson Bourke President CIDRZ Foundation Chevy Chase, MD Bobby W. Bowie Senior Vice President (Retired) Federal Paperboard Company St. Simons Island, GA Jacqueline Rene Cameron, MD, MDiv Attending Physician Horizon Hospice and Palliative Care St. Joseph’s Hospital Assistant Professor Department of Religion, Health and Human Values Rush University Medical Center Associate Rector for Outreach and Education Church of the Atonement Chicago, IL

J. Welby Leaman, J.D. Senior Advisor Inward Investment Policy U.S. Treasury Department Washington, DC. Bonnie R. Leetmaa Livingston, Ph.D. Management Consultant Newport Beach, CA Jorge Ernesto Maldonado Rivera, D.Min. Author/Missionary Evangelical Covenant Church La Coruna, Spain Philip (Phil) J. Mazzilli, Jr. Chief Financial Officer (Retired) Equifax Canton, GA Celette Sugg Skinner, Ph.D. Professor and Chief of the Division of Behavioral & Communication Sciences University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Department of Clinical Sciences Associate Director for Population Research Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center Dallas, TX David E. VanReken, M.D. Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Indiana University School of Medicine Pediatrician Forest Manor Health Center Indianapolis, IN Cheryl A. Vaught, Esq. Attorney and Manager Vaught and Conner, P.L.L.C. Oklahoma City, OK Miriam Khamadi Were, M.D., MPH, Dr.Ph. Physician Chair of the National AIDS Control Council Nairobi, Kenya

93,909,946 93,909,946 99,712,250 $

64,828 14,915,823 14,980,651 15,344,834 $

3,775,170 3,775,170 3,775,170

93,974,774 14,915,823 3,775,170 112,665,767 $ 118,832,254 $

62,476,659 62,476,659 65,419,274 $

67,293 15,005,508 15,072,801 15,459,323 $

3,775,170 3,775,170 3,775,170 $

62,543,952 15,005,508 3,775,170 81,324,630 84,653,767

STATEMENTS oF ACTIVITES yeat ended September 30
Unrestricted SUPPORT AND REVENUE: Contributions Donated inventory Donated property and equipment Donated securities and other assets Government grants Handling charges and service fees Investment income (loss) Other revenue Gain on sale of land and building (Note 6) Total Support and Revenue Temporarily Restricted 2009 Permanently Restricted 2008 Total Temporarily Unrestricted Permanently Restricted Restricted Total


MAP International Headquarters 4700 Glynco Parkway Brunswick, GA, USA 31525 tel: 912.265.6010 800.225.8550 fax: 912.265.6170 e-mail:

5,935,993 292,343,572 102,534 32,360 904,212 3,248,801 75,657 92,403 302,735,532


706,281 130,326,630 25,656 131,058,567




6,642,274 422,670,202 102,534 32,360 904,212 3,248,801 101,313 92,403 433,794,099


4,902,800 277,536,009 376,767 266,335 1,106,878 4,090,363 (281,521) 85,461 3,208,181 291,291,273


1,768,070 95,920,263 (219,639) 97,468,694




6,670,870 373,456,272 376,767 266,335 1,106,878 4,090,363 (501,160) 85,461 3,208,181 388,759,967

RECLASSIFICATIONS: Net assets released from restrictions EXPENSES: Program services: Essential medicine distribution Disaster and disease management Community health development Supporting activities: General and administrative Fund-raising Total Expenses Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year $









262,884,105 82,602,250 53,636,872 399,123,227 622,461 2,707,274 3,329,735 402,452,962 31,430,822 62,543,952 93,974,774 $

(89,685) 15,005,508 14,915,823 $

3,775,170 3,775,170

262,884,105 82,602,250 53,636,872 399,123,227 622,461 2,707,274 3,329,735 402,452,962 31,341,137 81,324,630 $ 112,665,767 $

417,225,813 5,783,258 48,994,186 472,003,257 568,460 3,431,740 4,000,200 476,003,457 (83,737,686) 146,281,638 62,543,952 $

(3,505,804) 18,511,312 15,005,508 $

3,775,170 3,775,170 $

417,225,813 5,783,258 48,994,186 472,003,257 568,460 3,431,740 4,000,200 476,003,457 (87,243,490) 168,568,120 81,324,630

MAP promotes the Total Health of people living in the world’s poorest communities

Our Mission

From Michael
To our Supporters:
Resilience Like so many others, MAP International had a tough year in 2009. Responding to the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, businesses and nonprofit groups of all types pulled back on expansion plans, cut costs and restructured to meet the new reality. We were not immune from this at MAP. I will remember 2009 for two things – we made some difficult decisions to adapt to the new economy, and we did this without compromising the quality of our programs. Consider this list of accomplishments: • We provided medicines and medical supplies valued at nearly $400 million to medical teams serving literally millions of people in the world’s poorest communities. • Many thousands of people learned to live healthier lives through our training programs in eight countries. • Charity watchdogs continued to give us their highest ratings for efficiency and effectiveness. • Our external auditors confirmed our excellent management of our resources. In a good year, this level of accomplishment would be outstanding. In a tough year . . . it is amazing. I have my great Board of Directors, fantastic staff, compassionate donors and committed partners to thank for that. Most of all, we collectively give God the glory for the great things he has done. Three times this past year I visited impoverished communities in Africa and Latin America. There, the global economic collapse does not mean much. Regardless of the state of the world’s financial system, people who live in slums and poor villages struggle daily for clean water, enough nutrition, basic health care and more. What I find in such places is an amazing resilience – the ability to bounce back from adversity. You know, I saw that in the MAP team this year as well. We bounced back from a tough economic climate to bring hope and healing to millions around the globe.

2009 On the Ground &
Provided medicines and
medical supplies to hospitals, missions in 119 countries. clinics, and short-term medical

Taking Action
treatments available to poor people in neglected communities.

We’re accountable
to our supporters, the people all over the world in the poorest communities, and the following organizations who have examined MAP International and affirm our commitment to good stewardship:
For the 11th year in a row, Magazine

promotes the Total Health of people living in the world’s poorest communities by partnering to: Provide essential medicine Promote community health development Prevent and mitigate disease, disaster and other health threats

Helped make 35 million

has recognized MAP with a nearly perfect score of 99% for charitable commitment and fundraising efficiency. The continues to list MAP as a US charity that meets its stringent test for Standards for Charity Accountability. Because we exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in their causes, MAP is recognized as a “Four Star” nonprofit by independent charity evaluator. member of the America’s premier MAP a is charter

of medicines and medical supplies, valued at $393 million. 5446 Short-term Medical Packs were taken to 93 countries by 4485 medical mission teams. Bolivia • Trained more than 60 Health Promoters and Health Guardians who then returned to their communities to provide health and hygiene education, health monitoring, and basic medical care where no other health services are available. • Conducted 21 workshops on H1N1 flu prevention and treatment. Provided 8341 child checkups. Provided vaccinations for polio, penta, measles, and other infectious diseases. Ecuador • Working with government agencies to increase vaccination rates and other health development goals. • Conducted vaccination campaign against Hepatitis A in a joint program with the Ministry of Health and the training of over 500 HIV and AIDS prevention educators who then trained 5509 people in 139 training workshops. • Launched a series of sexual abuse prevention workshops for daycare workers responsible for over 1000 children from Quito slums. Honduras • Expanded into remote communities by providing essential medicines and the promotion of community health development. • Working in partnership with the Hospital Evangelico, MAP International has expanded its work in Siguatepeque and surrounding communities.

Distributed 911 tons

of health development services through MAP staff in eight country offices. Relief shipments were sent in response to Southeast Asia earthquakes. Ivory Coast • The country is on track to eradicate Guinea worm infestation. In 2010, the country should be declared free of the disease by the World Health Organization. • Continued Buruli ulcer education and treatment program. MAP has helped build a model program that is being introduced throughout the region. Kenya • Continuing a five-year project to reduce poverty and improve health in the Esonorua region of Kenya through diseases prevention and clean water projects. Uganda • Continued to operate clinics in camps in the Gula region for as many as 50,000 persons displaced by longterm warfare and social disruption. • 150 community health workers, including village health teams (VHT), youth leaders, teachers, and church leaders were trained to help to mitigate the impact of malaria, diarrhea, and HIV/AIDS. A new health center was constructed to serve a total of about 7000 people. Indonesia • Continued a program to prevent and treat tuberculosis, one of the island nation’s most pressing health problems. • Building on the successes and relationships established when MAP provided tsunami relief in 2005, a mobile clinic on a boat now provides healthcare to remote islanders in the Telo region.

Organized a wide range

an accreditation agency dedicated

to helping faith-based charities earn the public’s trust. And MAP is recognized by dedicated

to the development, dissemination, and adherence to high standards in the delivery of medical products to underserved people and disaster victims around the world.

Healthcare Partners

Bolivia Ecuador Cote d’Ivoire Ghana United States Indonesia Kenya Uganda Honduras

Research Driven. Quality Committed. Customer Focused.

Antibiotics, Vaccinations, Clean Water, First Aid, Supplies, Disaster Relief, Emergency Health Care

Michael J. Nyenhuis President & CEO MAP International

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