R12 Inventory Consumption Transactions Flow

Draft 5 Last Update on 04-26-2010 Note 1093731.1 Consigned Inventory Model
----------1. RECEIPT------------------------2. CONSUMPTION -------------------------3. CONSUMPTION ADVISE-----------







Transaction Processing
Processing Flow Note 741477.1

Reference Relationships


Consume Material Explicit Supplier Relationship
PO_HEADERS_ALL Blanket Purchase Orders/Agreements MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES_DETAIL Owned Material

User Input: Run Create Consumption Advice Implicit by Rule Implicit Default

PO_APPROVED_SUPPLIER_LIST Overridden by PO: Automatic Document Sourcing Profile


Mark complete or error.


LEGEND Manual Step Module Program Table Relationship / Flow Business Area See another diagram


INV_THIRD_PARTY_STOCK_PVT INVVTPSB.pls Create consumption records when use material.

Other Processing Columns BATCH_ID: Group transactions together in a run of the consumption advise.R12 Inventory Consignment Flow Quick Help Table .1 Unprocessed Consumption Advise Select count (*) from mtl_consumption_transactions Where nvl (batch_id. it was run successfully E: Yes.'E'). common issues. CONSUMPTION RELATIONSHIP MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS TRANSACTION_ID joins to TRANSACTION_ID in MTL_CONSUMPTION_TRANSACTIONS TRANSACTION RELATIONSHIP MTL_CONSUMPTION_TRANSACTIONS TRANSACTION_ID joins to TRANSACTION_ID in MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS DIAGNOSTICS Consignment Diagnostic (Section 3-3) .1 Consignment FAQ from Inventory Point of View * Includes information like critical consignment patches. COMMIT. diagrams.'E'). it was not yet run. Resubmit Error Consumption Update mtl_consumption_transactions Set batch_id = NULL Where batch_id is NOT NULL And consumption_processed_flag in ('N'. FAQ Note 406390. it ran but had an error. COMMON SQL Note 406390. ERROR_CODE: Short-name code of an error. etc. diagnostics.Processing Details and Troubleshooting MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES_DETAIL Consumption Flags OWNING_TP_TYPE: 1 / Consigned OWNING_ORGANIZATION_ID: Supplier Site ID Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Flags PLANNING_ORG_TYPE: 1 / Consigned PLANNING_ORGANIZATION_ID: Supplier Site ID MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS Blanket Reference TRANSACTION_SOURCE_ID: ID of Blanket Purchase Order MTL_CONSUMPTION_TRANSACTIONS Consumption Processed CONSUMPTION_PROCESSED_FLAG tracks if consumption advise was run for a record and the result: N: No. -1) <> -1 And consumption_processed_flag in ('N'. ERROR_EXPLANATION: Details of the reror. Y: Yes.

CONSIGNED_BILLING_CYCLE: Optionally tell consumption advise to wait this number of days before the next run.Processing Details and Troubleshooting (Continued) PO_APPROVED_SUPPLIER_LIST This table relates the item.R12 Inventory Consignment Flow Quick Help Table . OWNING_ORGANIZATION_ID: This is the organization with the agreement. Item.1 How Can The Receiving Diagnostics Script Be Run From Within The Oracle Application? . then consumption advise generates purchase orders INSTEAD of releases. DIAGNOSTICS Note 423279. Blanket combination. Interesting Columns ASL_ID: Primary Key CONSIGNED_FROM_SUPPLIER_FLAG: Enables consignment LAST_BILLING_DATE: Lists date the consumption was last run. VENDOR_ID: Supplier id. CONSUME_ON_AGING_FLAG: PO_RELEASES_ALL Holds release information generated by consumption advise to track amount used and what needs to be paid to the supplier. organization. PO_ASL_ATTRIBUTES This lists the choices selected for this ASL. and supplier. Note: If the blanket is a Global agreement. Interesting Columns ASL_ID: Primary Key USING_ORGANIZATION_ID: Will be same as owning unless global then -1. ITEM_ID: Inventory Item ID.

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