This is regarding Mathias Lester (Tice – Cherokee name).

This is from a letter from his attorney, dates Feb. 14, 1925, from his attorney Dedes S. Spaulding. In this letter Mr. Spaulding spells out Mathias Lester’s indian heritage. “His father’s name was Thomas Lester (Fridy, Cherokee name) whose father was Bill Lester (Knichit, Cherokee name) Bill Lester was a full blooded Indian and was scout under General Washington and a member of the Eastern Cherokee Tribe. Abner Lester was a half-breed Indian and was under General Jackson at New Orleans. He was Tribal Judge or Chief of the Eastern Cherokee Tribe, that is, he heard disputes and settled differences of the tribe. Abner Lester was enrolled as an Eastern Cherokee Indian and was born in Kentucky Pike County, at the mouth of the Card Creek, on Levasue River."

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