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How to Introduce a Speaker

The proper introduction of • Avoid jokes or being too Explorer post. Tonight, we are
people presenting programs to familiar unless you know the honored to have a speaker
the post is important. Explorers speaker well. whose experience and back-
expect qualified speakers, and a ground will highlight these
• Include the subject of the
proper introduction lends pres- careers. After graduating from
speech, why this subject is of
tige and sets the tone of the the Georgetown University
interest to the post, and why
meeting. Here are some School of Law, our speaker was
this speaker was chosen to
suggestions: assistant U.S. attorney for Ohio
present this subject.
for three years before joining the
• Before the introduction, con-
• Give the speaker a sincere legal staff of the General Foods
tact the speaker or someone
buildup, but don’t embarrass Corporation. She belongs to the
who knows him or her to get
him or her by overdoing it. American Bar Association, Cor-
correct name (and pronun-
porate Lawyers League, and
ciation), title, job and family • Save the speaker’s name until
United Fund Board, and chairs
background, education, last. (This usually is a signal
our County Legal Aid Society.
organization memberships, for him or her to step for-
She received the Governor’s
honors, hobbies, and any ward.) Climax your introduc-
Medal for Juvenile Justice and
special interests or abilities. tion with the speaker’s name.
was elected to the Georgetown
Condense this information Pause before stating it, state it
University Outstanding Alumni.
into a brief and appropriate clearly, and raise your voice a
Currently, she is the director of
introduction. Practice giving bit: “I am pleased to present
General Foods’ legal depart-
your introduction. Be sure to (short pause) . . . Mr. Donald
ment, serves as counsel to the
pronounce the speaker’s Smith.”
board of directors, and has
name correctly.
• Thank the speaker after the extensive legal experience in
• Be brief. You are the intro- presentation. copyright law, patents, and
ducer, not the speaker. product liability. Leisure time is
• Avoid clichés or stilted phrases Sample Introduction spent with her husband and
sons either restoring their Victo-
such as, “This speaker needs The following is an example rian home or skiing in Colorado.
no introduction . . .” or “We are of an introduction that incorpo- “It is a pleasure to present
gathered here tonight . . .” rates some of the suggestions . . . Jane Smith.”
from the previous section:
“Careers in corporate law
are of great interest to our