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- CHIEF HONCHO Philly Jam Liberty City Records 2008




Jam IV

Executive Summary
The 2008 “Philly Jam” concert is significance is necessary to those in
the largest independent artist the entertainment industry. “Philly
concert and entertainment Jam” will set the stage for
networking event in the Tri-State thousands of college students, loyal
area. This event is the first of its music lovers and a wide array of
kind to showcase the most prolific inspiring artists and professionals.
rising stars and talent in the region. Liberty City Records and The Artist
The goal of the concert is to provide United are seeking financial
a platform for entertainment sponsors for this event to help shift
professionals to network and create the ranks of success. In conjunction
a great opportunity for businesses to with local/national media outlets, we
market with the most diverse in will promote sponsor products,
mass media, the entertainment services and artists while
industry. Most of all “Philly Jam” establishing future joint business
will create exposure and branding ventures with those involved. With
prospects for local artists that we corporate marketing going into a
will soon discover and those who we new direction and the entertainment
know and love. This year’s theme industry being used as a forefront
“Life, Music, and Brotherly Love” will this event will indeed become the
provide unique marketing blueprint for this booming
possibilities. With this event being collaboration. Bottom line: if your
held in Philadelphia, the heart of a product or company is being
thriving music and entertainment represented or of any use to music
scene “Philly Jam” unlocks the lovers and the people of
door to a one of a kind opening to Philadelphia you have to be at
connect to a target audience whose “Philly Jam”!
Philly Jam will provide the following opportunities:
 Create awareness and establish a new market for your product lines and services.
 Educate potential consumers about your products and services.
 Increase sales, branding, and distributing opportunities.
 Strengthen your perception as a community asset, supporter and a major player in the entertainment

This promotional concert is established to overall provide businesses the chance to market in a major, highly populated, culturally diverse
city with an appreciation for great music. “Philly Jam” will provide a rare opportunity to investigate and evaluate the advertising and
promotional influences in regards to the entertainment business. Our mission is to promote the lifestyle of music and the people that live it
on a daily basis. The “Life, Music, and Brotherly Love” “Philly Jam” movement wants you as a sponsor!!

Event Theme HISTORY:
“Life, Music and Brotherly Love”. Philly Jam

responsibility to create a “Brotherly Love” is the

movement to address and blueprint of unity, which is
tackle these problems. thought to be lost due to
One of the most powerful the lack there of in hopes
tools to connect with the of being restored in this
people is music. With beautiful city of
performing artists from Philadelphia. This event
The 2008 “Philly Jam” Philly and surrounding will bond our community,
concert will be based areas the concert will help artists and the businesses Liberty City Records created
around the theme of “Life, identify and spark new that provide services to Philly Jam in 2005, to provide
Music, and Brotherly consciousness on these the city and surrounding upcoming talent with a large
Love”. In a nation full of issues that we face as areas. With this theme in concert style platform to get
cities facing economic Americans. “Life” is mind your company will be exposure in their target
devastation, dwindling something to be valued presented with an market and to better unify the
educational systems, high and represents the authentic opportunity to artists. Philly Jam became
crime rates and many freedom of speech that we show your support and the the most popular independent
more social dilemmas, are blessed with in this genuine interest in the concert in the area. The first
“Philly Jam” has a country to enlighten and lives of the people of this year Liberty City welcomed
thriving purpose and encourage, people, and great metropolis. 2,800 patrons with street
promotions only!

The New Culture of Music & Marketing Now in its 4 year with over
2,500 attendees each year,
Philly Jam is ready to rock!
In the new age of are hip-hop artist “Common”.
business, innovative In an exclusive partnership popular soft drinks have branded
marketing procedures are with Lincoln Navigator, performing artists. The rise of brands in
essential for a company to “Common” appeared in popular music is directly tied to the rise of
continue to prosper. With the nationally televised hip-hop and its’ achievements which
entertainment industry broadcasts, also radio and harnesses pop culture to hone brand
swinging into a new mode of print advertisements which images. The trend of association of
selling products, major debuted nationwide during product by entertainers has become a
companies such as HBO, the November 25 , 2007 major selling point in magazines,
Nike, and Cadillac have NFL Sunday Night Football television commercials, radio ads,
capitalized on this new on NBC, later to appear on billboards, and events everywhere in the
venture. The Hip-Hop general market and urban world. Nevertheless, a new style has
industry alone is generating schedules. Companies such emerged in the music industry as more
over 60 billion a year in as Pepsi have launched their independent record labels and
revenue. Such examples of own entertainment online entertainment companies are growing in
this ever flourishing industry communities and like other popularity and revenue.
Projected Marketing Tactics
1. Press Releases: 2. Flyers/Posters:
 A comprehensive, all inclusive press  A collaborative “street team” will be formed
release will be created and distributed to conduct “guerilla” marketing strategies.
through email, established entertainment  Individual teams will be dispatched to
and media contacts, mailings and face- separate marketing zones broken up into
to-face to selected media delegates on geographic areas as well as focal points
local and national levels including; clubs/lounges,
 List local and national media outlets such college/universities, shopping areas, urban
as: The Philadelphia Inquirer, The clothing stores, and highly concentrated
Courier, The Metro, Vibe, The Source, areas.
XXL and more.  Direct marketing will be conducted by the
appropriate organizations and the artists
and record labels involved. A preferred
internship program will be established from
which a team of apprentices from select
neighboring universities will be formed. This
will provide boundless experience to the
students of our communities

3. Internet: 4. Radio Commercial Ads:

 HTML postings and bulletins will be  Radio commercial ads that consists the
created and posted on major networking music of featured artist’s participating and
sites such as, event info will be aired on major local,, radio stations as well as the hottest, and more. internet podcasts and radio shows.
 Mass emails will be sent through  Radio targets include: Power 99FM, Q
individual networking pipelines on 102, Philly 100.3 The Beat, Temple and, networking University Radio, PNC Entertainment
sites, company directories and University radio, and more.
email servers and event boards.
 Banners for the event will be posted on
over 30 websites including involved
sponsors, artists, and entertainment
company sites
 All bulletin board, posting and forum sites
such as as well as
Philadelphia entertainment and lifestyle
websites will be utilized as well.

5. Newspaper/Publications Ads: 5. Artists “Plugs” and Branding:

 Print ads that are comprised of images of  Provide artists and potential media
featured artist, sponsors and event info support contacts with marketing materials
will be placed in all local publications. such as T-shirts, stickers, and etc.
 We will generate interview/article publicity  Establish recognition of artists, DJ’s,
about the event on behalf of popular prospective supporters and entertainers
artists, reputation of sponsors and the to “plug” the event during all broadcast
organizations involved. opportunities.
The entertainment industry, 17 to 35 spend over 25% of Villanova, Saint Joe’s,
with the concentration of the their earnings on products, prominent corporate
hip-hop market will services, and events affiliated companies, and an overall
interconnect the largest with entertainment. balanced culture.
population of attendees for With “Philly Jam” being in Philadelphia and its
“Philly Jam”. “Philly Jam” conjunction among the surrounding areas consist of a
will focus primarily on a target nation’s 6 largest city and the population of 7.3 million, with
audience full of vibrant college 5 largest metro area, any and eight major counties in PA;
students, loyal hip-hop fans, all marketing efforts would Philadelphia, Chester,
young corporate create a maximized effective Delaware and Bucks Counties,
entrepreneurs, media rate. Philadelphia is the host of in Southern New Jersey;
professionals and more. over 1.5 million residents and Camden, Gloucester and
Statistics show that the target major universities such as Burlington Counties.
audience between the ages of Temple, Penn, Drexel,

Hug-n-dablock Entertainment Inc

6519 Lincoln Drive
Philadelphia PA 19119

P. 215-381-9718
Bios This year’s "Philly Jam" concert is set with the purpose of making an impact
on the city of Philadelphia. With the theme of "Philly Jam" being focused on the
"Stop the Violence" movement; "Philly Jam" will premiere the most influential artist in
the area. The selection committee of "Philly Jam" has been critical with selecting
artist this year that have lyrics and music to enhance the message and appeal that
pinpoints our "Stop the Violence" movement. Montana Blak; the founder of the
"Philly Jam" concert series and a reputable Philly Hip Hop veteran; headlines this
years event along with other affluent artist from Philadelphia and the surrounding

Of the Legendary Roots Crew
A native of Camden, New Jersey, is best known for his beat box. This Grammy
Award winning artist has taken this fundamental element of hip-hop to a whole new level.
With the use of electronics and vocal percussion he creates energizing music that gets the
crowd rocking and wondering how does it.
His upcoming album, Loss 4 Wordz, showcases his
talent. This release has features from Kayne West, Musiq
Soul Child, The Gorillaz, Peedi-Peedi and many more.
Originally a member of the Philadelphia based group,
Schoolz of Thought, he joined the Roots in 1998. Since then
Scratch has toured the world and has shared the stage with
Jay z, Ludacris, James Brown, Usher, and Kanye West, to
name a few. He has also appeared on numerous platinum
You can catch Scratch hitting the stage at
“Philly Jam IV”, it is an experience to see him do his thing live!

Bunjii (Bun-gee) - implies adrenaline rush; thrill seeker; risk taker

Bunjii is an energetic hip-hop rock band with a fresh new musical perspective.
Three friends from Willingboro, New Jersey, Big Yount, Joey Majors, and Mercury have
come together to form the front men of this unique band. In order to achieve a hypnotic
mixture of electronics and live instruments they assembled the band consisting of several
members: Trev, John, Ray-Ray, Stevo and Philly 100.3 The Beat’s own DJ Jay Ski.
These Rawkis Records recording artists recently released their self entitled
album, Bunjii. This edgy distinctive release showcases powerful rock influenced beats
coupled with hard hitting rap lyrics displays their musical perfection. Not one sample is
used in this release it is simply their very own creative sound.
One Stage this group gives off an indescribable musical energy. Fans can see
they have an undeniable balance. You will never catch Bunjii without an energetic,
cutting edge performance. Especially at “Philly Jam IV”!
Production & Song Writing Movie Scores
(By Artist)
Anthony Anderson’s King Ransom
E40, Benzino, Lil Flip, Raekwon, Morris Chestnut’s The Cave
Band Resume Raptile, Erykah Badu, Claudette,
Peedi Crack, Juelz Santana, Theme Songs
Chingy, Grump
MTV- P.Diddy’s- Making of the Band
Montana Blak
LIBERTY CITY “Mawlie Blakwell”.

Hug-n-dablock Entertainment
Headlining this years event
will be Montana Blak with his
recent release of "Where's
the Check" pt.2 going on
3,000 sales in 3 weeks. On his
fourth album release and sixth
mix tape release, Montana
Blak is very in-tune with the
residents of Philly. He stays
active on stage throughout
Philadelphia and the
surrounding areas. Coming experiences to create real Montana Blak does this
from the inner city and a hip-hop. His unique rapper every time he touches the
poverty stricken household he swagger expresses microphone or hits the
Liberty City Records was has many outreach events individuality as well as his stage. He delivers
established in 2005 by Tramar regarding the artist and the diverse lyrics. Being an unstoppable energy and
Roberts aka Montana Blak. As an youth of the community. He emcee is simply not spits with a precise flow.
artist himself, he wanted the freedom feels giving back through having the ability to put He currently has
to records and create songs with out music has a positive effect. words on paper but is numerous hits being
limitations. Conventional labels have As an artist Montana is an having the diversity to played on internet radio
a lot of power over what an artists extremely talented emcee. He constantly reinvent stations from Philadelphia
releases and sometimes even what draws from his life yourself as a hip-hop and all over Europe and
they record. Quite honestly most of lyricist. Asia.
them have stayed away from the core
and purpose behind hip-hop and its
Tramar structured Liberty City The Authentic
Records to allow artists the freedom
they need to create good music. The A native of New Jersey
"The Authentic" known
roster of artists stretches from reality now residing in
for his swagger dipped in
hip-hop to grimy street rap, with out reality and unspoken Philadelphia, “The
forgetting the smooth sounds of R&B. message of people just Authentic” represents a
Each artist adds a unique flavor and is being themselves. "The unique balance of the
an essential asset to the team. Authentic" with singles on streets and their reality.
There is way more to this indie label underground and Internet He has an extremely
then recording and releasing DVD’s, radio stations from New York sharp confident flow
CD’s, and Mix Tapes. LCC Family to the UK and currently coupled with his own
hosts several networking events and touring through Tri-State for style that catches fans
night life parties throughout the year, his current release "Reality on all levels.
not to mention they sponsor several of it all" Mixtape and his
community events annually. upcoming album "Life and
As a company Liberty City Records Liberty" on Liberty City
makes a point to give back to Records
communities and support the Stop
The Violence movement here in
Philadelphia Along with these explosive acts: well-known big event DJ Truff will
hit the turntables and local artists such as Associated, Eternal Life,
the R&B beast Fortae, Street Spitta’s own Big Lou, Dreams to
Reality’s R-Dot, and Hustler Music’s Smitty Blanco will provide the
proper performance and hype to make this year a classic. With your
assistance through a sponsorship we plan on doing just that.
SP G Signature/Platinum/Gold
 (5) All access VIP passes for the  Sample audio commercial  Logo/verbal shout-outs on “Philly
event (Signature Level) written/recorded by “Philly Jam” Jam” mixtape cover/flyers
 (3) All access VIP passes for the artist (Signature/Platinum Level)  Email blast will be sent out with
event (Platinum Level)  Logo placed on all marketing music downloads to multiple
 (2) All access VIP passes for the material (i.e. websites, my A&R’s, DJ’s, etc.
event, posters, promo
 (2) min. Company spotlight *(Allow material, flyers, commercials, and
a rep from the company to speak event banners)
on stage and promote/introduce  Vendor Booth/Space (i.e.
products) (Signature/Platinum showcase products, giveaways,
Level) info sessions, etc) S Signature: $2,500.00
 Printed “Philly Jam” T-shirts  (1) promo model to assist with
(company logo printed on shirt) vending space and handing out P Platinum: $2,000.00
 Executive Summary of Show company materials
*(Write-up of event, collection of  (3) Half-priced admission tickets to G Gold: $1,500.00
articles, images) event (Signature/Platinum Level)
 Company profile on “Philly Jam”  Verbal plugs by host/DJ/artist
website (Signature/Platinum throughout event

S B F Silver/Bronze/Friends
 (1) All access VIP passes for the  Logo placed on all marketing
event material (i.e. websites, my
DJ’s, etc.
 (3) Discounted admissions to, posters, promo material,
“Philly Jam” (Silver/Bronze Level) flyers, commercials and event
 (1) Discounted admissions to banners) S Silver: $1,000.00
“Philly Jam” (Friends Level)  Logo/verbal shout-outs on “Philly
 (2) Half-priced admission ticket to Jam” mixtape cover/flyers B Bronze: $500.00
event (Silver/Bronze Level) (Silver/Bronze Level)
 (1) Half-priced admission ticket to  Vendor Booth/Space (i.e. showcase F Friend: $100.00
event (Friends Level) products, giveaways, info sessions,
 Verbal plugs by host/DJ/artist etc) (Silver/Bronze Level)
throughout event  Email blast will be sent out with
music downloads to multiple A&R’s,
Create Your Own
If you are interested in being a sponsor  Access to “Philly Jam”
on this event but none of the above  Verbal plugs by host/DJ/artist
packages fit what you are looking for throughout event
we will gladly work to reach an amount  Logo/verbal shout-outs on “Philly
that best fits you. We are also looking Jam” mixtape cover/flyers
for companies that are interested in  (1) Half-priced admission ticket to Customize
donating gift cards, prizes, food and event
more. Please feel free to email  Vendor Booth/Space (i.e.
amounts and benefits are negotiable. showcase products, giveaways,
info sessions, etc)

Hug-n-dablock Entertainment Inc

6519 Lincoln Drive
Philadelphia PA 19119

P. 215-381-9718