Enjoy the conversations that this game may bring. Communication with loved ones and friends is such an awesome thing. The questions are from a wide range. Understand with time answers may change. Each time that you play, You’ll be able to say “I know you more now than I did.”

Melange 4D

Pull the jar out whenever you want to get to know someone better. or just want to have fun! . Fold them and place them in a jar.THE GAME Directions: ©2002 Cut the blocks into strips. have a conversation starter.

Which do you prefer smooth. crispy. Describe the last item you purchased $30 or over. . or crunchy? Describe your favorite summer. How would people describe you? (honestly) What is the most misunderstood part of your characteristic? Describe your favorite beverage.What television character best describes you? Describe an example of God’s awesomeness in your life.

What book are you currently reading? Why? Who knows you better than anyone else (besides God and your mother)? What is your main goal in life right now? . What's more important hair. nails.Compare where you are and where you thought you'd be at your age. or toe maintenance? Who did you think you'd marry. but circumstances changed? Name something you're glad you grew out of. Name two of your trademarks.

How will you explain death to your children? What element of marriage do you look forward to (besides the physical)? Black. Deacon/Deaconnes Board. or Pastor's Aide? . charcoal.What is the next big event in your life that you are planning for? Compare where you are spiritually and where you were a year ago. navy or chocolate? What smells remind you of home? State one complement about your church home. Usher board.

amusement park. Tunk. Go fish.) Tell the person to your immediate right something you admire about them. State your full name and any nicknames you have. The beach. etc.) Answer any question the person on your left has for you. or home? Is it a sin to play cards? (Spades. ministry.Name one relationship/friendship you're sure you'll always have. Croutons or bacon bits ? .) What has God assured you about your future? (Position. (Familial relationships don't count. etc.

or none? How do you feel about pets? What’s your favorite? Name your favorite types of music.What is your favorite salad dressing ? Have you had you appendix or tonsils removed? Have you ever gone skinny dipping (besides in the shower)? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Who are your best on-line friends? One pillow. . two.

What is the worst thing someone could do at the dinner table? Babies. infants.)? Name your favorite place to chill. pre-teens. children. .What is your dream car? What was your first car? Name your favorite toothpaste. teenagers. toddlers.etc. or young adults? Which stage do you prefer with which to deal? Do you get along with your family (siblings. Name your favorite food.

Name your favorite soft drink.”) What is your “bad time of day”? What is your favorite time of year? . Name your favorite ice cream.Name your favorite place to visit. What is your favorite type of family game to play? In your opinion. why do sane people prefer to marry the insane? (Do not use any answer that resembles “Opposites attract. Name the reason you believe God has formed a friendship between you and your best friend.

or Reebok? Name your favorite subject in school. . Name your favorite movie of all time. Say one nice thing about the person who is sitting in the room. Name your favorite tv show of all time. Nike. Name what is "different" about you.Adidas. Name your least favorite subject in school. Name your favorite sport to watch/tolerate.

and loved ones)? .The political party you must support (even by default). If you were stranded on a deserted island. What is your middle name? What is your favorite season? What is your favorite holiday? Who is your favorite author (besides God)? List three items that you always have in their purse or pocket. what are the three things you couldn’t live without (besides food. List three things you would never fail to find in their refrigerator. water.

What is your shoe size? If you won a contest and the grand prize was the services of either a cook or a housekeeper for a year. which topping(s) would you want? Who did you have a crush on in grammar school? What would you say is the most fun you and another person in the room has ever had? . which would you choose? When drying a load of towels. do you use fabric softener? What condiments do you put on a hot dog (even if you don’t eat it)? What’s the most bizarre thing that ever happened to her involving the opposite sex? If you were ordering pizza.

Name the worst feeling in the world. .What would you say is your best quality? What would you say you admire most in yourself? What is your current living arrangement? What's on your mouse pad? Name your favorite magazine. Name the best feeling in the world. Name your favorite smells.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? the second? Rollercoasters -scary or exciting? Pen or pencil? How many rings before you answer the phone? Future son's name Future daughter's name Chocolate or vanilla? .Name your favorite soundtrack.

what would it be? . would you give it? Girl-would you ever ask a guy for his shirt? If you could have any job you wanted.Do you like to drive? Fast or slow? Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Storms -cool or scary? Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Guy-if a girl asked for the shirt off your back. what would it be? If you could dye your hair any color.

I asked God _______________________.Have you ever been in love? What is on the walls in your room? Is the glass half empty or half full? Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? What's under your bed? Fill in the blanks: One day I was feeling really ___________________. His reply was _________________________________________. How do you pronounce Amen? Ahman or Aeman or Aemen? Have you ever considered a friend as a potential spouse? .

a feature presentation. What do you adore about one of your parents? What do your nieces or nephews call you? How do you feel about life: a classic. a coming attraction? Name something you believed in as a child and later found out you couldn’t have been further from the truth. brown family.Perm or natural? Long or short? Clear. red-family. . or no nail polish? Describe the last day you spent at work.

Name your favorite fruit. What do you plan to do with your income tax check? What would you be embarrassed about if your parents knew? Describe your last spiritual blunder.Name a Bible story that fascinates you. Math or Science? Music or Gym? Will you and your mother hit heads regarding the plans for your wedding? .

or more money? Name your favorite age and what you remember about being that age. A spouse’s feelings and opinion should be considered in another spouse’s friendships. casual or gym shoes? What do you need: more patience. more love (compassion). . True or False Dress. embarrassed. True or False Describe the worst argument you’ve had with your best friend.Never marry someone your mother doesn’t like. or hopefully non-existent. How do you feel about your parents’ sex life: proud.

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