First 2-3 words of Title Psychological Effects of Dog Ownership



Review of a Study conducted by Krista Marie Clark Cline Stefanie Grundy Introduction to Psychology

First 2-3 words of Title 2 This study was conducted to make a correlation between pet ownership and depression. the year of the publication appears in parenthesis following the identification of the authors. four. for example. When the names of the authors of a source are part of the formal structure of the sentence. Subheading Subheadings are formatted with italics and are aligned flush left. Charles. dog ownership has the potential to both decrease and increase depression. both the authors and years of publication appear in parentheses.” (Cline 2010) Role stain theory was examined in this study and also tested. Smith (2001). dog ownership has never specifically been proven to affect well being of a human. & Johnson. the worse their well being will be. 2003). or five authors is cited. Anderson. all authors are included the . While it has been proven in many studies that owning a pet can benefit a person’s well being. The full source citation will appear in the list of references that follows the body of the paper. Hypothesis The researcher had four separate hypothesis in her study. depending on the circumstance under which people own dogs. When the authors of a source are not part of the formal structure of the sentence. Role strain theory is basically a way to measure the well being of a person based on how many roles they fill. When a source that has three. for example (Smith and Jones. separated by semicolons. Citations Source material must be documented in the body of the paper by citing the authors and dates of the sources. 2001. The researcher hoped that this study would prove that owning a dog influences a person’s emotions. It is said that the more role obligations a person has. “Based on classic theories of social psychology.

2003). use the first author’s surname and “et al. If there are six or more authors to be cited. When a source that has two authors is cited. both authors are cited every time. 2001).1 . When that source is cited again.First 2-3 words of Title first time the source is cited. See the example in the following paragraph.” the first and each 3 subsequent time it is cited.” are used. the first author’s surname and “et al. This was affirmed again in 2003 by Professor Anderson (Anderson. A longer quote of 40 or more words should appear (without quotes) in block format with each line indented five spaces from the left margin. always include the author. and page number as part of the citation. Charles & Johnson. Use of this standard APA style “will result in a favorable impression on your instructor” (Smith. When a direct quotation is used. A quotation of fewer than 40 words should be enclosed in double quotation marks and should be incorporated into the formal structure of the sentence. year.

Commas separate all authors. 3. Most reference entries have three components: 4 1. pages (for journal article) or title. Entries are organized alphabetically by surnames of first authors and are formatted with a hanging indent. 149-150.” for remaining authors. list the first six and then use “et al. The Trey Research Monthly. city of publication. Chicago: Lucerne Publishing. volume. Source Reference: Includes title. 2. . If no publication date is identified. 53. Year of Publication: In parenthesis following authors. M. journal. publisher (for book). Charles & Johnson (2003). (2001). When there are seven or more authors. Authors: Authors are listed in the same order as specified in the source. using surnames and initials. Writing a successful paper. Smith. If no author is identified. The impressive psychology paper.First 2-3 words of Title References Anderson. the title of the document begins the reference.” in parenthesis following the authors. with a period following the closing parenthesis. use “n.d.

5 .First 2-3 words of Title 4.

6 .First 2-3 words of Title Appendix Each Appendix appears on its own page.

First 2-3 words of Title Footnotes 1 7 Complete APA style formatting information may be found in the Publication Manual. .

First 2-3 words of Title Table 1 Type the table text here in italics. start a new page for each table [Insert table here] 8 .

First 2-3 words of Title Figure Captions Figure 1. Caption of figure 9 .

[Figures – note that this page does not have the manuscript header and page number] .

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