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Healthcare Hashtag Twitter Transcript
From: Thu Jan 13 17:45:00 PST 2011
To: Thu Jan 13 19:15:00 PST 2011

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RNchat #RNChat starts in 10 minutes! Join us nurses, students, and all who are interested
Thu Jan 13 17:50:02 PST 2011

FrisoRaemaekers @RNchat @onlinenursing Hey Terri, (3am again...) It's gonna be an inactive #RNchat for me. I've
got a nightshift at the ER. Have fun tonight
Thu Jan 13 17:52:32 PST 2011

onlinenursing @leavittm @FrisoRaemaekers hope you all can make some of it, #RNChat - thanks for checking
in :) !
Thu Jan 13 17:53:09 PST 2011

onlinenursing This should be as interesting as last week - apparently there is another standard chat that uses
the same letters in hashtag #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 17:59:37 PST 2011

chemosabe morning all Glen Downunda, from the clinical floor, so maybe distracted #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:00:45 PST 2011

rnchat O.K. Let's get started w/ #RNChat - introductions first - reminders to come in a minute. Welcome!!!
Thu Jan 13 18:01:01 PST 2011

RBK1217 Evening! I'm multi-tasking too but am anxious to participate. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:01:47 PST 2011

PamelaKline Hello Pam Kline from MI. I'm a Legal Nurse Consultant. Sounds like great topics tonight :) #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:01:52 PST 2011

onlinenursing Terri here from Missouri - Nurse, NP, nurse educator, and finishing up being a student again for
hopefully the last time - #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:02:56 PST 2011

rnchat Reminders for #RNChat - answer topics w/ T1, T2, etc. & don't forget your hashtag ---- #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:03:01 PST 2011

onlinenursing @PamelaKline @RBK1217 @chemosabe - Glad to see you guys here! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:04:16 PST 2011
RNchat T1 - up in just a minute. Feel free to chat :) or keep up the introductions. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:04:56 PST 2011

holisticnurses Hey there! Amy from NY. I work as a telehealth nurse in homecare. Also an MSN student. Hello,
hello everyone! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:05:03 PST 2011

PamelaKline @onlinenursing @PamelaKline @RBK1217 @chemosabe ~Thanks, glad to be here! #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:05:13 PST 2011

EllenRichter Hi there folks! Just got back from walking my dogs! All ready for #RNchat! Ellen from south Florida,
a critical care nurse
Thu Jan 13 18:05:58 PST 2011

RBK1217 @holisticnurses Telehealth nurse - sounds interesting! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:06:15 PST 2011

PamelaKline @EllenRichter ~ Hello Ellen & Amy! #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:06:43 PST 2011

EllenRichter Oh @PamelaKline I see you came back for another chat! Great to have you! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:06:44 PST 2011

onlinenursing @EllenRichter Hey Ellen! Glad the dog is taken care of :). You are one of the only states w/o snow
Thu Jan 13 18:06:55 PST 2011

holisticnurses @onlinenursing I say the same to you! Great topics. Hearty agenda. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:07:02 PST 2011

PiaAnh Hi. Pia from Denmark. Ready for #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:07:20 PST 2011

EllenRichter Hi @onlinenursing & RBK1217 & @chemosabe #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:07:52 PST 2011

holisticnurses @RBK1217 Yeah, I love it. Lots of tech use mixed with pt education. Great for visual thinkers with
great ears. :) #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:07:56 PST 2011

PamelaKline @EllenRichter ~ It's so much easier with it being a set date! How's the weather in FL tonight?
Thu Jan 13 18:08:03 PST 2011

RBK1217 @EllenRichter @onlinenursing @chemosabe Hi Ellen! Hope you're well tonight. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:08:38 PST 2011

EllenRichter Hi @stacey9546 are you at the chat tonite? #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:08:50 PST 2011
holisticnurses @EllenRichter Hi, Ellen! Love to the doggies. Hi Pamela! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:08:54 PST 2011

RNchat Would help if I put in the hashtag #RNchat - technical difficulties to night :).
Thu Jan 13 18:10:14 PST 2011

RNchat T1 #RNChat from post by Theresa Brown Re: standing orders do we need
more- is it really nursing practicing medicine?
Thu Jan 13 18:10:46 PST 2011

EllenRichter Yes, go nursing! Hi @piaAnh! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:11:12 PST 2011

RBK1217 I'm a research RN, travel a LOT! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:11:19 PST 2011

onlinenursing T1 - Interested to see what Ellen has to say about legality of standing orders CMS doesn't like
them so much #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:12:43 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 I loved the @theresabrown post. I do NOT feel we are practicing medicine by following
protocols & standing orders~they guide care #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:12:45 PST 2011

holisticnurses T1 Standing orders were necessary when I worked in Hospice. Needed to treat symptoms swiftly
and appropriately for comfort. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:13:06 PST 2011

PamelaKline T1~ I think standing orders are important for patient safety- also saves time in critical situations.
Thu Jan 13 18:13:11 PST 2011

holisticnurses @RBK1217 Congrats! Research sounds interesting too! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:13:31 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 So many predictable pt outcomes that can be quickly treated based on standing orders,
avoiding wait times for MD callbacks #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:13:48 PST 2011

lperk Hi. I'm always reading but today I'll pop in and hopefully have something to contribute #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:14:01 PST 2011

RBK1217 Loved the post. Without standing orders, I would have been 'stranded' many times. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:14:17 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke T1 #RNChat-medical care would disintegrate without standing orders-silly to think otherwise!
Thu Jan 13 18:14:26 PST 2011
EllenRichter @lperk Welcome! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:14:59 PST 2011

onlinenursing T1 - fear of litigation has gotten a little out of hand, that coupled w/ EHR has cut back on standing
orders/nurse ability(part 1) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:15:05 PST 2011

EllenRichter @RNchat I see we may have to block a few unwanted visitors after the chat #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:15:45 PST 2011

holisticnurses T1 The clearer the standing order, the safer the practice. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:16:01 PST 2011

hjluks Standing order very useful in mny circumstances... so are new SMS technologies to reach MDs
pronto! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:16:17 PST 2011

hjluks @EllenRichter @RNchat not me I hope... pardon the brief intrusion :-( #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:16:49 PST 2011

RNchat T1 - so, if you could add another standing order set to your practice area what would it be & why?
Thu Jan 13 18:17:18 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 @onlinenursing Why would standing orders cause more litigation? They are usually
straightforward & based on measurable data #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:17:21 PST 2011

PiaAnh But they can also be dangerous for patients, if used by young and inexperienced nurses. Standing
orders is to be used with care. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:17:35 PST 2011

RBK1217 T1 I guess I'm more than a little frustrated with the fear of litigation. I bet we all feel that fear.
Thu Jan 13 18:17:53 PST 2011

onlinenursing @hjluks Welcome to #RNChat - nope, I think Ellen means the other chat going on with rnchat in
the hashtag :).
Thu Jan 13 18:18:10 PST 2011

PamelaKline @EllenRichter~ I agree. #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:18:19 PST 2011

hjluks Pain mgmt... very complex these days, with nerve catheters, PCA, oral meds too. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:18:42 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse Finally I get to make an evening #RNchat . Hello everyone
Thu Jan 13 18:18:45 PST 2011
EllenRichter @hjluks LMAO no not you, silly! We have some extracurricular "marketing" going on during our
chat #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:18:51 PST 2011

onlinenursing @EllenRichter -agree completely Re: litigation-however that is defense h/c sys has taken 4
removing some standing order sets w/ EHR #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:19:37 PST 2011

EllenRichter @visiting_nurse Great to see you again! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:19:39 PST 2011

PamelaKline @visiting_nurse ~ Hello! #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:19:41 PST 2011

hjluks You can NOT halt all litigation period... checklists and standing orders, properly verified and
followed will protect you #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:19:51 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T1 it be construed that nursing is making a medical prescriptive decision in some locales which is
beyond the scope of practice #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:20:31 PST 2011

EllenRichter @PiaAnh T1 Young & inexperienced nurses can make mistakes in many more areas than
following standing orders. Thats a different issue #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:20:40 PST 2011

hjluks If you work in hcr u will be sued... sad reality... your records will clear you... if u acted
appropriately... #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:20:51 PST 2011

lperk T1 I am in ambulatory setting w detained juveniles. We rely on standing orders. It would be a huge
pain wo them #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:21:53 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse thanks for the warm welcome #Rnchat glad to be back@onlinenursing @PamelaKline
Thu Jan 13 18:21:59 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke T1 #RNChat: as long as team approach to orders: and appropriate follow-up, better for patients,
nurses, and docs!
Thu Jan 13 18:22:41 PST 2011

PiaAnh @hjluks Exactly. Proper pain medication can be extremely difficult to do properly if you have
standing orders. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:22:44 PST 2011

RNchat Great points all #RNChat - T2 up in just a minute (great blog post on this topic by Canadian nurse
@torontoemerg )
Thu Jan 13 18:23:24 PST 2011
RBK1217 Litigation scares aside, as long as the standing orders are appropriate, they're very important to
treat the pt properly. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:23:28 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T1 we deal with this issue in some states re: flu immunization cannot have a standing order even
though CDC and others recommend it #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:23:51 PST 2011

hjluks young and inexperienced make same type of errors as older RNs and MDs who become careless
due to repetition... chklists VIP #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:23:55 PST 2011

PiaAnh I think we do need more standing orders, to treat patients faster. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:25:26 PST 2011

chemosabe T1 having trouble keeping up...but imo standing orders are the MO instruction/prescription, what's
the diff with order at the time? #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 13 18:25:28 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 Of course, any facility's standing orders should be reviewed by a medical committee for
safeness & appropriateness & acceptance #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:27:08 PST 2011

onlinenursing @chemosabe article-standing vent weaning protocol-could see where something complex w/many
outcomes might b more diff,still needed #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:27:31 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 and standing orders should be based on current standards of practice. Standing orders need
frequent review for continued use #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:28:40 PST 2011

RNchat #RNChat T2 another Theresa B article - Is there a divide among hospital
units? Does it risk patients?
Thu Jan 13 18:29:29 PST 2011

chemosabe @onlinenursing in my exp, that would not be a SO. more about drugs for symptoms or premed for
procedure. is rv'd by committee #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:29:49 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke T2 divide/wall common at all levels. difficult to overcome without open-minded people and
communication! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:30:44 PST 2011

holisticnurses T2 I found the comments of this article just as intriguing. I do think "turf" wars exist but it's silly from
RNs and MDs. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:30:45 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse GR8 ARTICLE! BTW #RNChat T2 another Theresa B article - Is there a
divide among hospital units? Does it risk patients?
Thu Jan 13 18:31:00 PST 2011
chemosabe T2 lol - we have huge divide between programs - Thoracic and Cardiac sworn enemies!!! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:31:02 PST 2011

hjluks Good night all... enjoyed stopping in to RN_Chat... All you nurses make us docs look good!! thanks
! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:31:37 PST 2011

RBK1217 T2 Amen - turf wars are alive and well! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:31:51 PST 2011

PamelaKline @hjluks ~ Have a great night! #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:32:10 PST 2011

onlinenursing @hjluks - Thanks for stopping by! Join us any Thursday #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:32:25 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T2 yes when I was LTC felt inferior to acute when I moved 2 med/surg I felt inferior to CCU, when
moved to CCU felt inferior to ICU #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:00 PST 2011

onlinenursing @chemosabe Tee hee - It sounds like North Carolina and their allegiance to college basketball
teams #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:05 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2 I think every unit runs like a small village; each feels that their staff is #1. Its hospital subculture.
It shouldnt affect pts #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:13 PST 2011

chemosabe T2 our turf wars relate difrectly to funding allocation...not between HC professions. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:15 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke T2 not always turf war, sometimes just misunderstanding #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:35 PST 2011

holisticnurses @chemosabe Agreed. And when floating to another ward (surgical to medical), it wasn't always
easy. Worst experiences in nursing. T2 #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:41 PST 2011

EllenRichter @hjluks Thanks for your input tonight! It was information we appreciate hearing about! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:50 PST 2011

PiaAnh I work at a surgical ward and have a rotation system with our medical ward. It's been a good idea
for both patients and personal. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:33:50 PST 2011

RBK1217 @Visiting_Nurse ..and so on and so on and so on.... Don't mean to make light, but you're
completely right on. I felt same. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:34:03 PST 2011
EllenRichter @visiting_nurse LOL oh no. We appreciate you here!! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:34:08 PST 2011

chemosabe @onlinenursing go ummm .. Duke! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:34:59 PST 2011

stacey9546 @EllenRichter There are some things the doctor should not be bother with in the middle of the
night .good reason for standing orders #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:35:08 PST 2011

RBK1217 @PiaAnh Fascinating. Our facility tried that, but nurses were really uncomfortable on 'other' floors.
Out of their element. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:35:13 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2 Patients should only be dealing with nursing care results. They shouldnt be affected by "walls"
staff create. Its our insecurity #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:35:38 PST 2011

lperk Exactly! RT @DrDeanBurke: T2 divide/wall common at all levels. difficult to overcome without
open-minded people and communication! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:36:23 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke T2-being uncomfortable sometimes necessary to "grow"-need support/empathy from
peers/supervisors #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:36:27 PST 2011

onlinenursing @chemosabe - I am a UNC fan myself :) #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:36:58 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T2 I agree it should be all about the pt. by boundary less collaboration and cooperation with all in
the healthcare setting #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:36:59 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2 I think its a great idea to cross train nurses in 2 opposite areas! Everyone will attain a new
comfort zone & harmony might ensue #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:37:03 PST 2011

PamelaKline @DrDeanBurke I agree with you on that. #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:37:19 PST 2011

PiaAnh #rbk1217 We have a fairly large patient flow between our departments so that the nurses believed
it was necessary. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:37:23 PST 2011

RBK1217 @DrDeanBurke T2 I agree that support would have to come from supervisor/peers. That was our
problem when we tried it. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:37:55 PST 2011
BAGebb @SarahStewart there is also #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:38:17 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T2 I loved my cross training experience 2 it made me a better practitioner but at the same time
sum of my cohort wr < thrilled #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:38:33 PST 2011

chemosabe @lperk @DrDeanBurke that is the problem, we create silos and close our minds! As @ellenrichter
sed culture is diff to break #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:38:37 PST 2011

EllenRichter @DrDeanBurke Great responses to T2! Too many good ones to RT them all! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:38:59 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke @chemosabe closed minds are usually small minds, IMHO #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:39:39 PST 2011

bthenextstep @rnchat just noticed the chat going on on my Tweetdeck. Evening everyone!! long time no tweet!
Thu Jan 13 18:39:51 PST 2011

chemosabe @DrDeanBurke NO DOUBT!! mostly in cardiology of course ... jk #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:40:31 PST 2011

onlinenursing Hv 2 share-my 9 y/o & 6y/o hv decided to make a rock band tonight! Listening 2 one on drums-
other on electric guitar.Cracking me up! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:40:36 PST 2011

lperk @DrDeanBurke so true! T2 #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:40:45 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2 I agree--communication & open-minded nurses can help overcome any "walls" built between
units. We have more important work to do #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:40:47 PST 2011

PamelaKline @bthenextstep Hello, great that you could join. #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:40:57 PST 2011

EllenRichter @onlinenursing LOL!!! Our kids keep us sane? Insane? Whatever...right? ;) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:41:28 PST 2011

onlinenursing @bthenextstep Hey Sean! Welcome to #RNChat!!!!
Thu Jan 13 18:41:42 PST 2011

chemosabe @bthenextstep ... now it will get interesting... #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:42:12 PST 2011
EllenRichter @bthenextstep Hey stranger! Write it down: EVERY THURSDAY NITE @ 9 PM EST! :) Its simple
now! So remember us! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:42:15 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T2 but the unknown and uncomfortable for some is fear which can be quite paralyzing and un-
motivating to make a change. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:42:19 PST 2011

bthenextstep #Rnchat I'm back pedaling to catch the latest topic....
Thu Jan 13 18:42:26 PST 2011

RNchat Great conversation - T3 up in a couple of minutes to finish us off tonight. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:42:44 PST 2011

bthenextstep @EllenRichter I'll remember it. now sure how much I'll attend. odd week this week. glad to be here
now though! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:42:54 PST 2011

holisticnurses @bthenextstep Hey there! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:43:30 PST 2011

EllenRichter @bthenextstep Yes, welcome! Didnt mean to yell, LOL~ :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:43:31 PST 2011

bthenextstep @EllenRichter that was yelling? lmao. c'monnnnnn. :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:43:49 PST 2011

onlinenursing @bthenextstep talking about unit divides based on Theresa B's article -
Thu Jan 13 18:44:03 PST 2011

bthenextstep #RNchat wowsah.. thanks for the warm welcome everyone. miss this place.
Thu Jan 13 18:44:24 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke @bthenextstep more yelling in weight room, huh Sean! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:44:26 PST 2011

EllenRichter @bthenextstep He he he....well, know what they say about caps. ;) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:44:29 PST 2011

bthenextstep @DrDeanBurke lol... i'll plead the 5th on that one doc. ;) #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:44:50 PST 2011

chemosabe how did this become all about #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:45:32 PST 2011

holisticnurses T2 Anyone hear of/experience any programs that bring nurses together from diff. depts? Just
curious. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:45:46 PST 2011
bthenextstep @chemosabe lol.... #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:45:56 PST 2011

PamelaKline @chemosabe I agree, LOL! #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:46:04 PST 2011

bthenextstep so. is T2 still on the table? #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:46:11 PST 2011

RNchat T3 Truth About Nursing posted best/worst media 2010 awards does media
affect nursing image &shortages of staff? #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:46:37 PST 2011

EllenRichter @holisticnurses T2 I'm sure it happens. At my last facility, CVICU nurses & CCU nurses didnt play
well, so we were mixed together #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:46:46 PST 2011

bthenextstep T2 I loved that article. very true. I hate to admit the 'cliques' that we all encounter #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:46:48 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke @holisticnurses T2 great question! good idea! tried it in OB/OR cross training-very difficult #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:46:55 PST 2011

lperk @holisticnurses I like this question. Would be great to find a model program that works! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:47:01 PST 2011

EllenRichter @holisticnurses T2 Mixing our staff for 6 months really ironed out lots of the "issues" which were
silly anyway #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:47:24 PST 2011

PiaAnh @holisticnurses We are doing it right to translate that into the hospital? #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:47:37 PST 2011

chemosabe T2 my hospital as senior nurses "away day" 4 times per year to get off campus and do strategic
and network planning #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:47:46 PST 2011

bthenextstep T2 makes you wonder why we can't instill a diff mindset in the newer generation. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:47:54 PST 2011

holisticnurses @bthenextstep Human nature. :( #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:48:05 PST 2011

visiting_nurse @EllenRichter thanks for the appreciation:-) I love #RNChat - it's so engaging & just a great way 2
connect with a diverse group of nurses
Thu Jan 13 18:48:07 PST 2011
bthenextstep T2 besides... walk in another unit's nurses shoes.. you'll feel very diff about them after. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:48:21 PST 2011

holisticnurses Time is probably an issue. RT @DrDeanBurke: @holisticnurses T2 great question! good idea!
tried it in OB/OR cross training #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:48:45 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 OF COURSE the media affects our image. duh. lol #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:48:51 PST 2011

SarahStewart @BAGebb Have you got details of #RNchat? Time etc?
Thu Jan 13 18:48:56 PST 2011

EllenRichter @visiting_nurse Yes I agree. This chat really brings nurses from all corners of the world together.
And we all have similar issues! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:49:05 PST 2011

holisticnurses True. Don't make assumptions. RT @bthenextstep: T2 walk in another units nurses shoes.. youll
feel very diff about them after. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:49:15 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 more concisely, not a whole heck of a lot of positive images. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:49:20 PST 2011

RBK1217 @bthenextstep T2 So true! Never as sympathetic as when we have to walk in others
shoes....especially if heels are involved. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:49:33 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 do I realllllly need to bring up Dr. Oz?? #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:49:36 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke T3 Media affects everything! otherwise why "People Mag, National Enquirer " sales? #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:49:52 PST 2011

onlinenursing @SarahStewart #RNChat - every thursday night at 9pm ESt - 1 hour - great topics - all nurses
welcome :)
Thu Jan 13 18:50:25 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 I don't think there is a nurse out there that doesn't have to answer pt's ?'s about what they saw
on TV/movies. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:50:43 PST 2011

chemosabe @cherylalice #rnchat on now, thanks for ff mention
Thu Jan 13 18:50:54 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 very misguided and horribly misrepresented. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:51:01 PST 2011
bthenextstep @RBK1217 love the heels part. well said. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:51:19 PST 2011

onlinenursing @bthenextstep - Dr. Oz - that was shocking. I was surprised #RNChat - Read Sandy Summers
book on nursing & media it was very compelling
Thu Jan 13 18:51:28 PST 2011

EllenRichter T3 I really doubt that our nursing shortage has to do with the current TV portrayals of nurses.
Image, maybe, but shortages? No. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:51:45 PST 2011

SameConspiracy T3 #RNchat Media portrayals definitely influence how the public perceives nursing. If nurses are
shown as drunks & sluts, people believe it.
Thu Jan 13 18:52:06 PST 2011

chemosabe T3 had soapie on in oz in 70's called young doctors - nurses all young thin gorgeous - trying to
land the doctors (part 1) #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:52:21 PST 2011

onlinenursing @EllenRichter - Interseting-Sandy did survey of middle schoolers and found that none would be
nurse but many doctor - media to thank #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:52:44 PST 2011

holisticnurses T3 I'm on the fence abt fictional media portrayal of nurses. I mean the Dr. Oz thing was horrific but
I watch "House" b/c I like HL. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:52:55 PST 2011

SameConspiracy #rnchat Also, JoAnne from Denver peeking in. Home sick tonight.
Thu Jan 13 18:52:59 PST 2011

onlinenursing @onlinenursing If I could only spell 'interesting' geez! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:53:06 PST 2011

chemosabe T3 (part 2) except the seemingly heartless matron - that could surprise - but ultimately got pushed
down the escalator shaft #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:53:20 PST 2011

holisticnurses @SameConspiracy T3 YES, we talked about this before. Why must all nurses on TV have
relationship issues!?! Can't she just be an RN? #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:53:38 PST 2011

EllenRichter T3 Maybe people get the wrong ideas about nurses from TV but once they are admitted & depend
on us, their perceptions usually change #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:53:54 PST 2011

SarahBethRN Sad I missed #RNchat tonight, looks like there were some great topics discussed.
Thu Jan 13 18:54:04 PST 2011
holisticnurses T3 Or HE be a nurse? (not enough characters). #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:54:14 PST 2011

PiaAnh @EllenRichter But the image and attracting new students are interlinked i think #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:54:16 PST 2011

SameConspiracy @EllenRichter #RNchat T3 Docs have long been shown as the heros, think of the few TV nursing
heros, "Hot Lips Hulihan," etc.
Thu Jan 13 18:54:22 PST 2011

DrDeanBurke Great topics tonight, goodnight all! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:54:30 PST 2011

visiting_nurse T3 I am just conflicted in general about media and portrayal of nurses. to Ellen's point that it does
depend on us #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:54:37 PST 2011

chemosabe ooops sorry that was elevator (lift in oz) shaft #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:54:40 PST 2011

onlinenursing @chemosabe Baw ha ha-Isn't that why you became a nurse?1 land yourself rich doctor lady?
Thats why we all become nurses right? #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:54:43 PST 2011

onlinenursing @DrDeanBurke Night! Thank you for coming and for your great insight - #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:55:01 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 Its the dbl edgd swrd thgh isn't it? we wtch the 'mdia' for entertainment, bt then scoff at hw
nursing is 'fictionally' portryd? #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:55:06 PST 2011

EllenRichter @DrDeanBurke Great that you joined in! Loved your input! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:55:30 PST 2011

chemosabe t3 my standard line to patients is "don't believe everything u c on TV or movies!" #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:55:37 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse T3 I am not sure that we have a national image that everyone can agree to because we are indeed
that diverse of a group #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:55:47 PST 2011

SameConspiracy #Rnchat T3 Heroes influence what children dream of becoming. More MD heroes are shown than
Thu Jan 13 18:56:20 PST 2011

holisticnurses T3 Perhaps it's even more than fictional portrayal, there's not a presence of RNs in media. Eg.
Experts on CNN, talk shows, etc #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:56:55 PST 2011
Visiting_Nurse T3 we still have discussions that r occurring between those that enter because of $ and those that
enter because of altruistic duty #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:57:07 PST 2011

bthenextstep @holisticnurses great point! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:57:09 PST 2011

EllenRichter T3 Just remember, the TV shows are a business--show business. How boring if nurses played real
nurses on TV? People want to see dirt #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:57:30 PST 2011

onlinenursing I don't know about the rest of you, but I became a nurse because of videos like Mariah Carey's
video (1980's night tracks baby!) #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:57:32 PST 2011

SameConspiracy @holisticnurses #RNChat T3 I can't understand. Most nurses I know don't have huge issues. If I
had TV nurse issues, I'd have a breakdown.
Thu Jan 13 18:57:56 PST 2011

SarahStewart @onlinenursing Is there a supporting #RNChat info website?
Thu Jan 13 18:57:58 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 I think nursing needs to accept that hollywood will always misrepresent anything medically
relevant. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:58:22 PST 2011

PamelaKline @onlinenursing LOL, me too. #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:58:23 PST 2011

chemosabe T3 personally the only med based show I have ever liked or thought realistic is #scrubs #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:58:26 PST 2011

holisticnurses @bthenextstep thx, sir. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:58:39 PST 2011

Thu Jan 13 18:58:53 PST 2011

EllenRichter I agree! RT @bthenextstep T3 I think nursing needs to accept that hollywood will always
misrepresent anything medically relevant #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 18:59:10 PST 2011

chemosabe @onlinenursing not me married an RN, who became a pharma rep! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:59:12 PST 2011

holisticnurses @bthenextstep Yes, b/c it's Hollywood. They still think "According To Jim" is funny. My apologies
to "According to Jim" fans. :) #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 18:59:22 PST 2011
bthenextstep T3 but to go so far that the media influences staffing issues? shortages? hmm. far stretch in my
book. #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 18:59:59 PST 2011

RNchat Wow, the hour has flown by! We will say our goodbyes and give any words of wisdom. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:00:08 PST 2011

holisticnurses @SameConspiracy Spoiler! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:00:09 PST 2011

chemosabe @EllenRichter @bthenextstep NO hollywood will always misrepresent everything! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:00:16 PST 2011

bthenextstep T3 but then again.. lets look at pos. media = the military gets tons of recruits by good advertising
don't they? #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:00:37 PST 2011

bthenextstep tis always fun being here!!! thanks for the welcome and chat everyone! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:01:04 PST 2011

EllenRichter T3 I feel as a profession we must be able to turn a cheek & laugh at the ridiculous images
portrayed in media. #Nurses know better! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:01:05 PST 2011

PiaAnh @chemosabe And that show, shows independent nurses who take care of problems themself .
Thu Jan 13 19:01:08 PST 2011

onlinenursing @holisticnurses ROFL!!!! #RNChat :)
Thu Jan 13 19:01:08 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse @EllenRichter yes #Nurses know better and have a sense of humor! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:01:49 PST 2011

holisticnurses @EllenRichter Right, fight the good fights! Staffing, nursing education, funding for nurse-led
programs. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:02:36 PST 2011

onlinenursing Read an article today how more sexual abuse of nurses because public thinks its o.k. based on
media image #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:02:39 PST 2011

EllenRichter @holisticnurses T3 Yes I agree with you about needing to see more #nurses as news people, talk
show hosts, radio hosts #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:02:47 PST 2011

PhilBaumann @SarahStewart here: - Transcripts are &
http::// #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:03:14 PST 2011
onlinenursing Thanks for coming everyone! Great international chat tonight! GO NURSING #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:03:27 PST 2011

EllenRichter Yes! RT @holisticnurses: Right, fight the good fights! Staffing, nursing education, funding for nurse-
led programs. #RNChat #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:04:03 PST 2011

PiaAnh @onlinenursing please say that was a joke, please #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:04:15 PST 2011

EllenRichter @bthenextstep LMAO! Ha ha.... :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:04:18 PST 2011

holisticnurses T3 I appreciate the Truth About Nursing website tho. The topics are relevant and unite nurses re:
image. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:04:29 PST 2011

RNchat Thanks for coming and Phil will get these great transcripts up soon and let us know about it.
Thu Jan 13 19:05:04 PST 2011

PamelaKline @rnchat Thanks for hosting. I really enjoyed the chat! #Rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:05:47 PST 2011

EllenRichter @holisticnurses Yes lets share that link! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:05:53 PST 2011

bthenextstep #RNChat I kid.. I kid.. sorry. had to break the tension there.
Thu Jan 13 19:06:03 PST 2011

chemosabe @holisticnurses I like the concept - feel it is a little too sensitive though, as in my feelings r hurt lets
fight it out? #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:06:10 PST 2011

EllenRichter @philbaumann I know!! Sex crazed women loitering here tonight, eh? #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:06:21 PST 2011

PiaAnh Goodnight to all and thank you allowing me to join. #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:06:26 PST 2011

bthenextstep @RNchat going to try my best to regularly attend if I can. miss these chats. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:07:21 PST 2011

EllenRichter @PiaAnh Glad you came! Come any Thursday at this time! Bring other #nurse friends! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:07:25 PST 2011
onlinenursing @PiaAnh Which, a joke about the M. Carey video!Yes a joke...well,maybe a joke.I want 2B in
a video too & make lots of $-call Doc Oz #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:07:27 PST 2011

onlinenursing @bthenextstep @chemosabe @EllenRichter All cracked me up tonight on #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:08:14 PST 2011

bthenextstep @PiaAnh @onlinenursing good grief yes! whew... sorry. Guess most here know my candor.
Thu Jan 13 19:08:27 PST 2011

onlinenursing @bthenextstep Baw ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:08:52 PST 2011

chemosabe @holisticnurses was thinking that when re-read - Truth about nursing Website. Just
something that feels more victim than solution #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:08:58 PST 2011

PamelaKline Good night all :) #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:09:01 PST 2011

bthenextstep @onlinenursing always a good time. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:09:02 PST 2011

EllenRichter @onlinenursing Great host! Thanks so much for these terrific topics & I loved that U shared
links during the day! That really helps #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:09:21 PST 2011

EllenRichter @PamelaKline Gnite GF! So happy you are coming to the chats! Arent they terrific? And you
are a great participant, Pam! #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:10:06 PST 2011

PiaAnh @onlinenursing No the article about sexual asulting nurses. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:10:23 PST 2011

EllenRichter @PiaAnh Oh geez, is it really 3 AM there? Sorry to hear that! :( #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:10:28 PST 2011

onlinenursing @EllenRichter - thanks! You are the best propaganda and nurse thinker around. Thank you
for coming! #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:10:32 PST 2011

holisticnurses Here, here! Bravo to @onlinenursing for spectacular hosting. Take care, everyone! Always
learn a bunch each chat. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:10:46 PST 2011

onlinenursing @PiaAnh Nope that was real. Want me to send you the link on the article? #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:10:47 PST 2011
chemosabe @holisticnurses yeah I know, and applaud. Just sceptical? #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:11:00 PST 2011

onlinenursing @holisticnurses Glad you and your great mind could make it - #RNChat - keep up the great
Thu Jan 13 19:11:11 PST 2011

PamelaKline @EllenRichter Yes, they are!! I had a diff time trying to RT some of yours, said they were too
long, LOL. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:11:21 PST 2011

chemosabe @onlinenursing Thanks Terri - did not even realise u were moderator tonight. seemless...
Thu Jan 13 19:11:42 PST 2011

Visiting_Nurse Night 2 all of #RNchat. Thank you 4 allowing me 2 participate now off to do some work.
@onlinenursing agree the links help shape my thoughts
Thu Jan 13 19:12:06 PST 2011

PiaAnh @onlinenursing Yes please. That would be great. #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:12:08 PST 2011

EllenRichter @chemosabe LOL at the start of the chat, we had a few tweeters who were dropping
unasked for links to some alleged "dating" sites #RNchat
Thu Jan 13 19:13:02 PST 2011

SameConspiracy #meangirls "You all have to stop calling each other sluts& whores. It only makes it OK for
guys (media) to call you sluts& whores #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:13:35 PST 2011

lperk #RNChat thanks! As always, interesting discussions.
Thu Jan 13 19:13:59 PST 2011

chemosabe @EllenRichter ah missed that bit! #rnchat
Thu Jan 13 19:14:23 PST 2011

JoshGriffin @SameConspiracy You and #meangirls lol #RNChat
Thu Jan 13 19:14:34 PST 2011