Closing the loop

on Chemtrails
By Craig Brown

We have dangerous levels of aluminium in the rain and soil that should not be there. Where does the aluminium come from? Where do these planes take off? Who is behind it all? This report is the result of my own observations and research into the global chemtrail phenomenon and is a theory inspired by independent researchers and film makers who have dedicated their time and energy into exposing this horrible crime against the Earth and humanity. I hope this report can add an important piece to the puzzle.

On the 22 of November, 2009 I was sitting on the second level balcony at the Lennox Head Hotel on the east coast of Northern NSW, Australia overlooking the Pacific Ocean at approximately 11:00 am when I looked south toward the headland and saw a strange aeroplane flying quite low, straight out to sea. It was a large and unusual plane, not like any I had seen before in Australia,

The observed plane had a long body from tip to wing and a short wing span, white with a blue tail. As the plane flew out to sea it made an ascending hook turn back towards the land, climbing high as it continued its path. I noticed the plane head north up the coast towards Byron Bay, I also noticed chemtrails in the sky above, and they had been spraying the area all morning. It was a busy weekend in Byron Bay at that time of the year, people were everywhere. As I sat watching this plane I did not make the connection between it and the chemtrails that had been occurring all morning. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes later my eyes caught sight of another plane, same style, same trajectory, and same flight path.

Not my photo but the same unmistakable shape as the planes I saw taking off on 22 November, 2009.

certainly not the same style jet as the international and domestic jets we see here. This one looked obviously different, probably the only reason I had noticed it.

It was then that my curiosity was aroused but I still did not make the link between the planes and the trails in the sky. Then a third, about 10 to 15 minutes later. Same style, same trajectory and same flight path and the penny finally dropped. The trails in the sky were from these planes. I could literally watch as they made their way up to altitude and commence spraying. If only I had my camera on me, I left it in the car! When I got home I Google Earthed the area to see if any airstrips were around that these planes may have been taking off from. I found two, Ballina domestic airport and an old WW2 Air Force base further south at Evans Head. I concluded that the planes could not have taken off from Ballina as it is a small, regional domestic airport and they must be using the old air force base, it made sense, I was convinced. I made a prediction that the wind direction may have a role to play in where they were taking off from so I thought if the wind is predicted to be flowing south to north then the planes would take off from the base and spray the skies drifting the chemicals over the populated regions to the north, mainly Byron and the Gold Coast in south east Queensland. I took a trip to Evans Head to see the base but I was disappointed the base was all grass and abandoned. Over the next few weeks I made several trips to Ballina airport with my camera but every time I went no sign of the distinct looking planes. I was 100% sure the planes I saw that day were the chemtrail planes and I still am. The runway at Ballina runs in exactly the direction the planes were travelling out to sea and Lennox Head is just north of the headland. I had to conclude Ballina airport was the only take off point

Alumina, the fully refined powder/dust at the end of the Bayer process.

with a renewed vigour I decided to investigate again but in a different way. We now know from rain, snow and soil sample testing the chemicals being sprayed above us are inorganic and toxic and are mostly aluminium with some barium and strontium and some others. With the finger pointing at aluminium production as the culprit and the source, I chose to start my investigation with that industry and see where it would take me. So, if the chemicals sprayed in the sky was a toxic waste by product from the aluminium manufacturing process as many are speculating, rather than chase these planes around the country I would learn more about aluminium production.

possible for these planes despite my earlier doubts. I gave up trying to catch them as it was becoming too expensive to drive down for nothing. One year later after seeing the film ‘What in the world are they spraying’ I realised I had potentially seen something very few if any people would have seen, the planes taking off and spraying the sky. Many people are awakening to the chemtrail phenomenon but few can claim they have seen them taking off or know where they are taking off from. So,

Aluminium Production
Aluminium was discovered around 1808 and became known as a precious metal. It was more expensive than gold and silver, very difficult to extract and very expensive to produce until around 80 years later. It has only been mass produce for the last 120 years and the process of extracting the alumina from bauxite ore remains largely the same after all these years, only the scale of operations has increased.

One of the worlds largest bauxite ore mines where bauxite is mined for the extraction of alumina.

Aluminium is processed from alumina (aluminium oxide) which is extracted from bauxite ore of which Australia is the largest producer of bauxite in the world and has the largest bauxite mines in the world mining 35-40% of the world’s bauxite ore. Its bauxite production is expected to reach about 68 million tonnes in 2010-11 compared with 60.9 million tonnes in 2005-6. Most of Australia’s bauxite is refined into alumina locally and has 5 bauxite mines, 7 Alumina refineries and 6 major aluminium smelting plants. Australia is also the largest producer and exporter of alumina in the world exporting 80% of alumina to the global market. Australia’s alumina production is expected to reach about 21.1 million tonnes in 2010-11, compared with 17.8 million tonnes in 2005-6. With an expected 17.3 million tonnes exported (80%) in 2010-11 it is expected to generate revenue of $6.68 billion in that year. It takes 4 tonnes of bauxite ore to produce 2 tonnes of alumina and 2 tonnes of alumina to produce 1 ton of aluminium. Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals in the Earths crust and the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon. Aluminium is never found in nature in its natural state. Approximately 90% of alumina (aluminium oxide) is used in the manufacturing of aluminium and the remaining 10% is sold to third party industries. Aluminium production from bauxite ore is a three step process. Step 1 extracts the alumina from bauxite ore in the refining and manufacturing plants usually using the ‘Bayer Process’. It was the invention of the Bayer process that enabled the mass production of aluminium and consequently the price of aluminium dropped by over 80% effectively taking it off the precious

Left: an alumina refining plant (the Bayer process) Right: an aluminium smelting plant (the Hall/Heroult process)

metal list but it is still known as a precious metal today (precious to who?). In the Bayer Process, finely crushed bauxite ore is mixed with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) which is used as a ‘flux’ and placed in a `digester.’ High temperatures and pressures in the digester cause reactions in the ore / sodium hydroxide mixture. The result is dissolved aluminium oxide and ore residue. The residues, which include silicon, lead, titanium, and calcium oxides, form a sludge called red mud in the bottom of the digester. The red mud ‘by-product’ can be further refined itself to extract these metals or disposed of as land fill and remains a huge environmental disposal problem. The aluminium oxide extracted from this process is dried out through a process called ‘calcination’ and refined to form the pure, very fine, fluffy white powder, alumina. Alumina has a consistency ranging from fine (like talcum powder) to course (like salt). About 90% of this refined powder; the ‘actual product’ from the refining process (the Bayer process) is shipped to the smelting plants and turned into molten aluminium through the second step of production. The remaining 10% is further refined and becomes ‘specialty alumina’, a chemical grade alumina which has a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. From Alcoa’s web site‘Cemical grade alumina products are produced by adding another

processing step at varying stages of the refining process depending on which product is being produced.’ Specialty alumina has applications as diverse as purifying water, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, artificial marble, paper sizing, ceramics, abrasives, petroleum processing, plastics and a fire retardant in carpets. The second step in aluminium production is a process known as the Hall-Heroult process. It is the process where the alumina is smelted into molten aluminum to be cast into all the uses we see today. In the Hall-Heroult process the alumina is dissolved in large carbon lined vats or ‘pots’ of molten cryolite. Naturally occurring cryolite is too rare to use on this scale and is usually produced at the plant as a synthetic called sodium hexaflouroaluminate. Some aluminum fluoride is also added to aid the process. The mixture of molten cryolite, alumina and aluminum fluoride has a very high DC electric current passed through it, a process called electrolysis. This causes the aluminum to liquefy and separate itself from the mixture and can then be siphoned out and cast into any imaginable shape which is the third step. I believe there is a toxic byproduct from this synthetically produced cryolite or sodium hexaflouroaluminate and aluminum fluoride that cannot be reused and is deposited into the drinking water supply in many areas around the world since this by-product cannot legally be disposed of anywhere else.

Scars on the Earth: ‘red mud’ is the waste left over from alumina refining and remains a huge environmental problem.

The Hall-Heroult process of electrolysis is the reason why aluminium plants are massive consumers of electricity and need to be situated close to a cheap energy supply usually close to large regional towns. They cannot be in remote areas situated close to the bauxite mines for this reason. The plant needs to keep running 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round from day one as the cost of shutting down the plant and starting back up again is astronomical. If there is a power outage for more than 4 hours the aluminium solidifies and parts of the plant need to be rebuilt, this is done at a huge cost to the plant. Aluminium refineries and manufacturing plants are usually located near shipping ports for exporting the alumina and aluminium products, but not always. There is always one or more regional airports close by.

aluminium from bauxite ore means that recycling is an attractive and sustainable alternative and has since commanded a healthy percentage of the market. Approximately 40-45% of aluminium is recovered in the world today for recycling. Recycling aluminium only uses 5% of the power needed to produce and is simply melted down and recast; far less expensive and energy intensive than creating new aluminium through electrolysis of aluminium oxide which must first be mined and extracted from bauxite ore through the Bayer process. Aluminium can be recycled 100% and indefinitely, it does not lose its quality in the process and can be used for any product that new aluminium is used. There is enough recyclable aluminium in the world today to massively reduce the need to continue bauxite mining operations or primary aluminium production. It is the perfect recyclable material. The major corporations desperately don’t want to shut their refineries down so they needed to find alternatives for the use of alumina. Today alumina is used and is found in just about everything! They have created an industrial bottomless pit full of this stuff and now someone stands to benefit greatly by purchasing alumina and spraying it into the atmosphere and there is enough of it coming out of the bottomless pit to continue spraying well into our grandchildren’s future and beyond. In nearly all cases the mining corporations and the aluminium smelting

and recycling corporations are the same corporations. What does recycling aluminium mean for the mining and refining corporations since the recycling process completely bypasses the need for mining bauxite ore, completely bypasses the need for the primary refining of aluminium oxide through the Bayer process and massively reduces the amount of energy consumption by some 95%? Recycling aluminium begins and ends at step 3 with no degradation of quality whatsoever in the final product. So if 40-45% of aluminium production in the world comes from recycled material, doesn’t that mean the mining corporations involved in the mining of bauxite ore have lost potentially 4045% of their revenue since the alumina produced from the primary refinement is not needed? More aluminium is used by the beverage industry (beer and soft drink cans) than any other industry using aluminium and 50% of the aluminium it uses is recycled! The construction industry claims that 20% of its total aluminium use comes from recycled aluminium. Of course alumina is also sold to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as just about every other industry for a huge amount of uses and i believe it is the sale and distribution of this ‘specialty alumina’ that needs our closer attention.

The Paradox
Since the 1960-70-80’s there has been a strong campaign to push aluminium recycling into our awareness, mostly through the recycling of aluminium beverage cans. Recycling centres popped up every where and children and adults alike were encouraged to recycle aluminium cans and other products and still are. Recycling is a good thing and everyone was getting in on the act. Today we now have two ways of producing aluminium, 1, from bauxite ore and 2, from aluminium scrap recycling. The huge expense in refining

Since recycling aluminium has been on the rise since the 1980’s and recycled aluminium is ‘just as good’ as new aluminium, shouldn’t we see a drop in the rate of bauxite ore mining and primary alumina production? What would happen to these corporations if 80% of aluminium was recycled? What would happen on the stock market? Are these corporations being ‘propped up’ by someone somewhere, somehow? Both these industries are ploughing along with increased production and profits. But let’s be clear on one thing here, the demand for aluminium products is decreasing or at least remaining stable based on market trends. China is a big player in these industries also and we have an oversupply of alumina where production is in excess of consumption. Doesn’t that seem strange when it is the perfect recyclable metal? There is a problem here which needs answering. If the rise of aluminium recycling has offset the need for both mining and refinement of ‘new’ aluminium and there is no need for the use of the alumina particles (aluminium oxide) in the manufacture of that 4045% recycled but the rate of mining and refining of alumina continues to increase, where is the excess of pure refined, fine and fluffy white solid particles of alumina (aluminium oxide) going? Often we see an increasing amount of alumina being produced without the industrial demand for it.

Karl Bayer

Friedrich Bayer

day and in 1958 erected the worlds largest neon corporate logo above its headquarters in Leverkusen. From a distance it looks like the logo is projected onto the backdrop of the sky at night. Just before WW2 Bayer joined forces with another chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant IG Farben and together formed an influential conglomerate largely funding the German Nazi regime and owned 42.5% of the company that manufactured Zyklon B, a chemical used in the gas chambers at Auschwitz and other extermination camps as well as using slave labour to continue business operations during the war. After the war IG Farben was split for its involvement in Nazi war crimes and Bayer reappeared as an individual corporation. Bayer executive and war criminal Fritz ter Meer was sentenced to 7 years prison by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and upon his release was made Chairman of the Board of Bayer in 1956. Today Bayer AG is a health care and chemicals group represented by over 350 companies on every continent and employing approximately 117,300 people. There are four main business arms, health care, agriculture, polymers and chemicals.

Bayer AG
The Bayer process, the principal means of extracting alumina (aluminium oxide) from bauxite ore was invented by Karl Bayer in 1887. Karl Bayer was the son of Friedrich Bayer and his partner Joann Friedrich Weskott. Friedrich Bayer was the founder of the Bayer AG Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Company founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863 and is known worldwide for its revolutionary product Aspirin and is less known for its one time product Heroin in a bottle. Today, Bayer has its headquarters in Leverkusen, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany. In 1904 Bayer adopted the ‘Bayer cross’ logo which it uses to this

The Bayer AG logo at Leverkusen and Fritz ter Meer fifth from the left in the presence of ‘you know who’.

The Board of Management is the company’s highest ranking group of individuals and a 20 person Supervisory Board oversees the Board of Management. Employees from inside and outside the company, as well as representatives from subsidiaries, industry organisations, banks, unions and research organisations make up the Supervisory Board where each member holds one vote in the decision making. Bayer is a publically owned company and has nearly 500,000 shareholders who individually have very little influence on the company’s business directions. The company is notorious for producing pharmaceuticals and chemicals that do more harm than good and are flooded with ongoing lawsuits filed against them for damages including horrific birth defects, sickness and death as a direct result of their products. Bayer has its fingers in every diabolical pie you could think of and is heavily involved in biotechnology. Being old friends with Monsanto Chemical Corp, in 1954 Bayer AG formed a joint venture with Monsanto which was called Mobay Chemical Corp but Bayer AG has since bought Monsanto’s 50% share. The pair continues to team up and work their craft in animal, seed and crop genetic modification and cloning (remember Dolly the sheep? one of Bayer AG’s handy work along with a company called PPL). Now, as much negative attention is focused toward Monsanto, it turns out that Bayer AG is just as much an overfiend of the industry. While the negative attention is absorbed by Monsanto, Bayer AG and friends can market themselves

as an ‘Earth friendly, health care’ corporation. The Company is also into polymers, plastics and petrochemical products where it is in bed with DuPont amongst others and is now extending its pervasive business activities in electronic commerce. Some of Bayer’s gifts to the world simply beggar belief and its crimes against the Earth and Humanity is staggering.

see they cannot deny the spraying is going on because everyone can see it so they need to continually wrap it up in a lie and disguise it. They are happy to talk about geoengineering programs carried out by the government or rogue scientists or crazy billionaires because it can still hide the very simple truth that the perpetrators behind these chemtrails may simply be bumbling intellectual idiots with inconceivable solutions to their own industrial problems, so long as its win-win for them and they continue to make profits they don’t care about anything else. In the film ‘What in the world are they spraying’ they admit that the spraying should and will continue for a long time and say that if they stop it could have a long lasting more detrimental effect on the environment and the Earth would be unable to return to the state she was in before they started.
(01:24:10 and 01:25:16 into the film)

The chemtrail planes and their take off points.
In the beginning of the film ‘What in the World are they Spraying’ the Geoengineer David Keith explains that the planes used to carry out the spraying operations can either be built specifically for the task or they can be older disused passenger jets that have been modified for the task and work just as well. (07:12
minutes into the film)

The latter is certainly true in the case of most chemtrail planes. The powers behind the chemtrail spraying had a huge dilemma and needed to think carefully about how to disguise the phenomena since it remains one of the most tangible of all the One World Order operations. In other words, everyone on the planet can see them doing it! Also they only have one degree of separation from the truth with these chemtrails. That degree of separation is condensation trails, or ‘contrails’. Since this has been swiftly debunked and a ten year old can see that these trails are not water vapour trails, the perpetrators are on very thin ice. You

It’s as though they are saying ‘we have started; now if we stop it would be worse than what it was before we started’. This cannot be true as the natural world would simply balance herself out if she is ever given the chance would she not? If the aluminium in the chemtrails is the fine fluffy alumina from the aluminium refinement plants and these plants are operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round producing alumina in excess of industry demand, then they literally have a never ending amount of this stuff to spray in the sky. Of course they are going to continue to spray for a long, long time. Mining and aluminium company shares remain reasonably stable so shareholders are none the wiser and there remains an abundant amount of this aluminium oxide to buy and they can continue their geo-engineering programs and crimes against the Earth for years to come.

This telephoto shows the unmistakable size and shape of a Mcdonnell Douglass MD-series former passanger jet aeroplane engineered to spray chemtrails. These are not ‘contrails’.

The Planes
Above: this plane is preparing to board passengers and is what we normally see in our skies in Australia.

Below: why is there a Mcdonnell Douglass MD series aeroplane at a large regional domestic/RAAF base airport just 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) from Australia’s largest aluminium smelting plant?

Below: another Mcdonnell Douglass at the same airport/air force base about to enter a hanger. Not sure what the smaller planes are or are used for.

I have identified the chemtrail planes I saw on 22nd November 2009 as McDonnell Douglass MD-series. Most are now outdated and are in storage. McDonnell Douglass is now owned by Boeing. According to David Keith in the film any former passenger jet can be modified to spray so not all chemtrail planes are McDonnell Douglass MD-series, they just happened to be the particular planes I saw at that time in this part of the world. They are former passenger jet aeroplanes most likely purchased privately by the industry who pay contractors to spread alumina particles and other heavy metals across our sky. The planes are always

elusive as they take off from one regional airport and land at another to re-load, re-fuel and then take off again they never spend much time in a hanger and they have no ‘home’. They still need long bitumen runways but obviously could not take off from large international airports. Regional airports fit the bill nicely. Who goes to a regional domestic airport other than to catch a plane? Most regional domestic airports have plenty of time in between flights. Most chemtrail planes are privately owned former passenger jets of many

different styles, shapes and sizes and that is exactly what airport staff would be told, no more questions asked. This is also why nobody notices that something is ‘out of the ordinary’ when they take off; they do not raise suspicion. At the very least these planes could be explained away to staff as ‘training planes’ used by pilots in training to ‘clock up hours’ before taking on the responsibility of carrying passengers. Obviously a pilot in training would not be taking off from an international airport to ‘clock up hours’. Remember this chemtrail phenomenon is very tangible and as always the only place they can hide what they are doing is in plane sight, pardon the pun. It’s in our face and again we keep missing it. They exist within the everyday operations of the airport, hidden between domestic flights but there for everyone to see. The industry is desperately trying to protect itself from us and they obviously need to lie about this because of its sinister nature. If the ‘cat got out of the bag’ the entire structure of the plan, heavily reliant on the mining and aluminium industry would slowly die and all other related and reliant industries and systems would fall the same way like dominoes. Without bauxite mines they have no alumina, without alumina they have no other abundant, alternative material needed for the poisoning of the planet, with no adequate way of poisoning the planet they cannot justify the need for genetic modification of seeds or animals or any other diabolical plan like geo-engineering for that matter. If the consumers and shareholders find

Is there a plan to ruin the Earths fertile organic soil so only Bayer AG, Monsanto and friend’s genetically modified seeds can grow? You bet and it is well under way. Is the aluminium in the chemtrails merely a ‘byproduct’ of the manufacturing process? No, it is ‘the product’ fully refined as it is at the end of step 1 (the Bayer process) of refinement. If segments of the alumina pie are sold to the perpetrators we should have a ‘paper trail’ unfortunately this information is not for free (perhaps to protect something obvious?). Is there a chemical reaction between aluminium in the air and fluoride in the water and when the two combine inside us, causes all sorts of physical and neurological problems? Is there a mass de-population agenda afoot? Is it geo-engineering? Yes, but only in part. The focus on the geo-engineering side of this can work in their favour as it creates a little more smoke and a few more mirrors which buy time for this program to continue while we are focusing our attention in areas that are in part irrelevant such as Government. Governments cannot do anything about this. Governments are registered corporations trading for profit ‘legal entities’ and should be seen as subsidiaries to the large multinational corporate entities of this world. Governments are in place to absorb our energy and ‘take the hit’, this allows the people behind the corporate giants and the perpetrators of the chemtrail phenomenon to continue

out about their plan and exactly what their investments are funding common sense and better judgment would eventually prevail, let’s hope, and we will all abandon mining, aluminium and chemical corporations and their subsidiaries and all of their products and the structure along with their diabolical plan will collapse.

Global climate change is to geoengineering what WMD’s were to the war on Iraq. Chemtrail spraying is not necessarily being carried out by the Government so the government can truthfully deny they are responsible; however they certainly know about it so they cannot truthfully deny it is happening. Ask yourself why aluminium is a ‘precious’ metal when it is the one of the most abundant metals in the Earths crust. So who on Earth believes it is precious?

the plan largely unchallenged. Wikipedia has a list of all the aluminium refining plants around the world along with who owns them and their latitude and longitude positions on the Earth. Just type in List of Alumina refineries into the search bar and you will see. Take a look at these refining plants on Google Earth, the ‘red mud’ is unmistakable, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all and they are massive! Oh, and there is always a regional airport close by. Rio Tinto Alcan is the largest bauxite mining and alumina refining company in the world and was once controlled by the Rothschild family (maybe still is?). The United Nations seem to control many other refineries around the world. Also it is logical to suggest that the chemical cocktail in these planes could be mixed and prepared at the refining plant as ‘specialty alumina’ and transported to an airport for load up in the planes. To do this they must have a system or rotation in place and why not have one or more regional airports close to the source? Such a relentless spraying program would

not work if there were not an efficient system in place. Once the planes are loaded up with chemicals they can hop from one airport to another across the country returning to the airport closest to a refining plant to re-load with more chemicals and obviously there must be trucks delivering this stuff to the airport, perhaps at night? Just as the aluminium smelting plants must run 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round so must the spraying programs and such is the relentless nature of the spraying these planes would spend very little time on the ground and therefore very hard to find and keep track of. Furthermore, looking like various standard types of passenger jets that have been modified internally for the task, who would be the wiser? If they looked like military jets alarm bells would ring would they not? The observations and findings in this report are very much a theory but it is my hope that someone out there can take parts of this theory and investigate further. I sincerely believe the loop is closing in on the chemtrail phenomenon and we are close to

exposing the perpetrators. I still have faith in common sense and critical thinking but its imperative we find that elusive missing link between the mining and refining corporations of alumina and the chemtrail spraying. At the very least I hope this report adds a major piece to the jigsaw puzzle and an aid to the crucial education process. Follow the money, it is the right of the shareholders to know who the company is trading with and we should have a paper trail that will expose the perpetrators if these mining and alumina refining corporations are legitimate. Remember these are publicly owned corporations. We need to stop funding our own destruction and abandon these corporations NOW. I will leave you with one final rhetoric; isn’t the weather just beautiful when there are no chemtrails in the sky? Peace.

Craig Brown.

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