FEBRUARY MEETING - Friday, February 17th, The Red Lion Hotel, Eureka

11:30 to 1p.m. Menu: C h e f‟s C h o ice $ 1 4 .0 0 ; S e rvice ch a rg e , p ro g ra m a n d b e ve ra g e o n ly: $ 6 . Y o u w ill b e co n ta cte d
by telephone. Please let caller know your choice.

Volume 31, Issue 2 February 2006
 Lesley Craig, President  Colleen Hedrick, Program Chair

P resid ent’s M essa ge - Lesley Craig
This past week was exciting with new faces in top posts – Alito, Boehner, and B e rn a n ke . P re si e n t B u sh ‟ S ta te o f th e U n i n S p e e ch w a s h e a rtfe l b o l , e n co u ra g d s o t, d i g a n d u n i n g . R e a d C h ri W e n n e rh o l ‟ A m e ri n i re p o rt w h i e n d o rse s h i b e le fs. n ti s m s ca sm ch s i Our January luncheon meeting had an excellent turn out of 60 people – R e a d N a n cy‟ s co m m e n ts o n R o n n i P e le g ri is p re se n ta ti n . If yo u h a ve n o t ye t re n e w e d yo u r m em b e rsh i e l n‟ o p for 2006, a membership form is enclosed and an update from Membership chair, Margaret Stafford, is provided. W e w i a l o f o u r m em b e rs co u l a tte n d o u r m e e ti g s… . S e e o u r C h a p l i ‟ re p o rt. T e l sh l d n ans e phone Chair, Diana Mendes, is looking for additional callers to contact members. Delicious desserts have been scheduled by our Ways and Means Committee! Upcoming events include the Spring Conference and an Advocacy workshop in March – j i u s! A n d … … … … w h a t a b o u t on th o se e a rly su ffra g e tte s a n d to d a y‟ fe m i i s n sts? Read all about this and more in The Redwood Alert We have a busy year ahead of us – let us all be part of a team which makes a difference.



Never mind the weather, Never mind the rain,

W e’re all in th is to geth er

The Redwood Alert

Whoops we go again!

Our Guest Speaker, Dr. Phil Kurzner, Is running for the office of California State Insurance Commissioner.
His platform of reform includes the following:
1. Enforce insurance anti-fraud and abuse laws, and improve prevention of insurance fraud. 2. Contain insurance costs using market-based solutions. 3. Provide leadership for true health care reform. 4. Assure fair and reasonable insurance reimbursements to fire, earthquake and casualty victims. "Some people go to Sacramento to be something - I'm going to do something." -- Dr. Phil Kurzner, (Continued on page 5)

Thank you ladies! January's White Elephant sale netted $211.00. Thanks to everyone who brought & bought.

February is our traditional Bake Sale for St. Valentine's Day.
I encourage all of you to bring a home baked dessert. And, we have been blessed to receive some special items that belonged to Linda Jonckheere's mother. As some of you know, Linda & Michael are leaving for Montana and can't possibly take everything with them. Thank you, Linda. You are a great Republican and friend. We will miss you.

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Membership Report - Margaret Stafford Total regular and sustaining members currently number 150. Of that figure,12 are new members and one is a transfer in from Orange County. In addition, there are also 5 women associate members and 12 men associate members. The names of the new members are: Mary Bareilles, Gloria Barnwell, Grace Bergman, Laura Cent, Paula Cunningham, Shirley Glavich, Shelle Goldan, Joanie Harvey, Cindy Lewis, Patti Pedigo, and Paula Provolt. The person transferring from Orange County is Patricia Welch (as of March 1st). The names of the associate women members are Kristi Fulton, Margie Handley, Linda Hays, Alice Morgan and Eleanor Parsons. The associate men are Chet Albin, Robin Arkley, Corky Cornwell, John Craig, John Fullerton, Harvey Harper, Bob Masino, Roger Miller, Glenn Peake, Jerry Scott, Bart Smith and Tom Stafford. Thank you all for your membership and generous support for our club. Your extremely generous checks

are very much appreciated. Our goal in 2006 is to increase our membership. Last year we had 268 members. For those of you who haven't sent in your renewals, we would appreciate your doing so as soon as convenient. You might also want to think about giving an Associate Membership for your husband or significant other or a Gift Membership for a friend. One of the benefits of being a member of ERWF is receiving our excellent Newsletter each month. It keeps you informed as well as entertained. It is one way of showing your support for the GOP. This is an election year and the newsletter is very helpful to keep you well informed. We want to make our members feel welcome at our meetings. I appreciate hearing from members with their suggestions and concerns. Remember you are all important. PLEASE KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS COMING IN.

Diana Mendes Telephone chairman The telephone committee made a gallant effort to contact ALL members prior to our January 20, 2006 meeting. Thank you, ladies! Continuing this personal contact with our members is a p osi ti ve b egi nni n g for the new year and enables even those who are not able to attend meetings to feel as though they are part of ERWF. The committee currently consists of Diana Mendes, Shirley Gatzke, JoAnn Kaney, Leana Schnell, Shirley Rocha, Delores Theuerkauf, & Kay Peake. We REALLY need three additional callers, and I am asking for volunteers, please! Call Diana Mendes, 725-2732 and leave a message, or E-mail at toot ydm @aol.c om I would love to hear from you.

Eureka Republican Women, Federated; 2006 Membership Form
Name_______________________________________ Home Phone ________________ Address _____________________________City _________________ Zip ___________ Work Phone ______________________Fax _________________Email _____________ Dues ________ Regular - $15 ________ SUSTAINING - $20 ________ Associate (men) - $15 Membership _________Renew ________ New

I would also like to make a donation of $ ___________

Eureka Republican Women, Federated; Gift Membership Form
From _________________________________________________________________ T o (N e w M e m b e r‟ N a m e ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s Address _______________________________City ______________ Zip _________ Telephone___________________ Email ___________________________________ Please complete FORM'S and mail with check to: ERWF, 3411 Martha Ct Arcata, CA 95521-4884

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The Republican Philosophy: We believe: That the right of individuals to achieve the best that is within themselves as long as they respect the rights of others, is the source of our nation's strength. That government exists to protect the freedom of opportunity in which each individual's creative ability can flourish. That government activities should be limited to those things which people cannot do at all, or as well, for themselves as individuals. That the most effective government is government closest to the people. That those who cannot provide for themselves should be assisted, but that every effort should be made to help them become self-supporting, productive citizens with pride in their independence. That equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity belong to all citizens, regardless of race, creed, age, sex, or national origin. That the preservation of our Nation and the security of our citizens depend upon the Constitution, the laws, and the courts, and that respect for them is the responsibility of every individual. That government is accountable for maintaining sound money and a responsible economy. Individual rights, liberties and properties are continually eroded when citizens are oppressed by excessive taxation, inflation, government waste and overregulation. That government is responsible for national defense and that only a strong America can remain a free America. That it is absolutely essential to maintain a strong national defense posture in order that we may at all times negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness, in our continuing efforts toward world peace and friendship. That these concepts are the foundation of our national strength and that the Republican Party, which is committed to their preservation, is the Party of today and the Party for the Future.

Chaplain's Inspiration - Rita O'Connell
Our club continues to enjoy growth and enthusiastic participation, for which we are grateful. All of our members and supporters are important to our organization, whether or not they can take active roles. This month we send greetings to Jackie Mottaz with the hope that she will soon be able to attend meetings. We want Jackie and others to know that we value their support. God bless you all, and God bless the United States!

Dates to Remember:
Feb 17 11:30a ERWF luncheon/ Ex. Board -The Red Lion,

CFRW Northern Division Spring Conference and Leadership workshop Rancho Cordova, March 2-4 Guest speakers: Jeff Katz, KNEW Talk Show Host Sharon Hughes, former Santa Rosa RWF President & radio personality. Y o u ‟ i vi d … .W e w o u l l ve to ta ke a ca rl a d o r re n te d o o two!... All expenses paid. H e re ‟ a n o p p o rtu n i to m e e t m o re R e p u b lca n s ty i Women, to be inspired and motivated in Republican activities. Contact your President, Lesley, at 445-0828 for more information. Registration deadline is February 15th so act soon! Advocacy Workshop – Sacramento, March 21

20 P re si e n t‟ D a y d s March 2-4 Northern Div. Spring Conference/Leadership Training, Sacramento 17 ERWF luncheon/ Ex. Board -The Red Lion, 11:30a (a S t. P a tri s th e m e ) ck‟ 20-21 Advocacy Workshop, Sacramento April 21 ERWF luncheon/ Ex. Board -The Red Lion, 11:30a (Plant Sale) May 14 Good Friday; 16 Easter Sunday 19 ERWF luncheon/ Ex. Board -The Red Lion, 11:30a (May baskets)

In case you are wondering about our membership tea… .. th e Board has decided to move it to October 20th – more exciting news about that later!

Trea su rer’s R ep o rt - Eileen Amos
Balance 12-31-05 $3,764.55 $3,331.00 $1,102.60 $5,992.95 Income Expenses Balance 01/31-06

There will also be some Marie Callender specials at the Feb. 17th luncheon. Of course, they cannot compete with your home-made delicacies!

V O L UM E 3 1 , IS S U E 2 A fte r th e m e e ti g … … … . E R W F m e m b e rs, n Shirley Rocha and Minnie Wolf stay behind to further question and discuss her visit to China with guest speaker, Harbor Commissioner, Ronnie Pellegrini (on left)

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TELEPHONE (707) 443-2781 FAX (707) 443-0608


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William Tufts Odonnell PO BOX 771, Bayside, CA 95524 Phone: 707-442-4117 E-Mail: billjr@odonnell.ws “L ast O n e O u t, T u rn O ff th e L i h t” g About the St. George Reef Lighthouse (On VHS or DVD)

Video Production, Web Design & Host

Go to: www.CreationFamily.com

S n i p ets fro m th e b o o k, “W o m en W h o M ake th e p W o rl W o rse:… … … ”.- Linda Jonckheere d The following are excerpts from a great book by Kate O ‟ e i e , N a ti n a l R e vi w W a sh i g to n E d i r. T h e ti e o f B rn o e n to tl th e b o o k i “W o m e n W h o M a ke th e W o rl W o rse : a n d H o w s d Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, F a m ii s, M ii ry, a n d S p o rts.” T h e se sn i p e ts m a ke m e le lta p think this is a book we should all read. “T o d a y‟ fe m i i a tte m p t to e n n o b l th e i d e m a n d s b y s n sts e r w ra p p i g th e m se l s i th e su ffra g e tte s‟ p ri ci l d ca m n ve n n pe p a i n fo r th e ri h t to vo te . T h e y a rg u e th a t yo u ca n ‟ b e g g t pro-women without being pro-choice. But the radical aborti n vi w s o f to d a y‟ fe m i i lke K a te M i e l a n … a n d o e s n sts i ch m Eleanor Smeal betray the staunchly pro-life views of Ameri ‟ e a rle st fe m i i ca s i n sts. In fa ct, th o se p i n e e ri g a cti sts o n vi w e re u n i rm l o p p o se d to a b o rti n … fo y o T h e R e vo l ti n , a w o m e n ‟ p a p e r p u b lsh e d b y S u sa n u o s i B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, referred to aborti n a s „ id m u rd e r‟ a n d „n fa n ti d e .‟ … In a l tte r to Ju la o ch l i ci e i W a rd H o w e i 1 8 7 3 , S ta n to n w ro te , „ h e n w e co n si e r n W d that women are treated as property, it is degrading to

women that we should treat our children as property to be d i o se d o f a s w e se e fi T h e se co m m i d w o m e n p u t sp t.‟ tte their money where their pens were by refusing ads for abortifacients. The modern day successors to Anthony and Stanton are Feminists for Life, an organization determined to recl i th e l g a cy o f A m e ri ‟ e a rle st w o m e n ‟ am e ca s i s-rights activi sts, b u t „ e b u n ki g th e m yth th a t 1 9 th ce n tu ry w o m e n ‟ D n s rights supported abortion is a constant challenge, especially for historians faced with prejudice and political corre ctn e ss.‟ . … It is Serrin Foster, the dynamic president of Feminists for Life since 1994, who is faithful to the legacy of Ameri ‟ e a rle r w o m e n ‟ m o ve m e n t. R e co g n i n g th a t 2 0 p e rca s i s zi cent of all abortions are performed on college students, F o ste r l u n ch e d F e m i i fo r L i ‟ C o le g e O u tre a ch P ro a n sts fe s l gram and keeps up a grueling schedule traveling to camp u se s, w h e re sh e ‟ re m a rka b l su cce ssfu l i ch a n g i g s y n n stu d e n ts‟ m i d s a b o u t a b o rti n . P l n n e d P a re n th o o d n o a ca le d F e m i i l n sts fo r L i ‟ „ u e sti n A b o rti n ‟ ca m p a i n fe s Q o o g „ e n e w e st a n d m o st ch a le n g i g co n ce p t i a n ti-choice th l n n o rg a n i n g .‟ zi

The Humboldt County Central Committee held elections in January for 2006. The new officers are as follows: Chairman- George Benzel, 1stVice-Mike Bailey, 2nd Vice- Mike Harvey, Sec.- Vee Sorenson, Treasurer- Joe Bonino. 1st Dist- Joy Finley, 2nd Dist- Heather Massing, 3rd Dist- Sam Trumbull, 4th DistGayle Fulton, 5th Dist – Jerry Juark. We would like to welcome newly elected members, Heather Massing & Claudia Lima to the committee. The Central Committee thanks all of the Republican Women who have so generously donated their time to our many projects. Working together brings success! Again this year we will be calling you to help us register voters, work in the fair booths, and work on the very important upcoming elections. Please volunteer to help wherever you can. Just say Yes!! We need YOU!! You are also invited to our meetings held on the second Thursday of every month. Gayle Fulton, Central Committee. Phone 443-5369)

VO L UM E 31, IS S UE 2
(Dr. Phil Kurzner - Continued from page 1)

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Dr. Phil Kurzner has been Chief of Service, Department of Urology, West Los Angeles Kaiser Foundation Hospital since 1989. In 1999 he chaired the California Commission on Aging. In 2000 he chaired the California Senior Workers Advisory Council. With a B.A. in Political Science from Stanford University plus an M.D. from Baylor College of Medici e , H o u sto n , T e xa s, D r. K u rzn e r‟ e xp e ri n ce s & kn o w l d g e i b o th th e p o lti l a n d m e d i l fi l s m a ke h i a fi n g n s e e n i ca ca e d m tti ca n d i a te fo r C a lfo rn i S ta te In su ra n ce C o m m i o n e r. D o n ‟ m i h i p re se n ta ti n a t o u r n e xt m e e ti g !! d i a ssi t ss s o n

2006 Board of Directors – We are here for you!
Positions President 1st V-President 2nd V-President Rec. Secretary Names Lesley Craig Colleen Hedrick Vee Sorenson JoAnn Kaney Shirley Gatzke Eileen Amos Sonja Hauxwell Phone 445-0828 268-0101 822-2359 839-7763 839-2600 442-4834 668-5260 E-mail Lesleycraig@sbcglobal.net colleen1516@sbcglobal.net veesign@aol.com djkaney@sbcglobal.net Russgatzke1@aol.com smileygop@yahoo.com deetbc@quik.com

One Nation Under God!

Treasurer Director-at-large

THE REDWOOD ALERT 2006 Advertising Rates
Space is currently available for advertising. Issue Year Business Card-$10 or $90 year Quarter Page- $20 or $180 year Full Page $75 or N/A year
Please contact: Kay Peake 442-5554;764-3021

E-mail: gopdiva@bigfoot.com Prepayment is required Ad Copy Due Date: Last Thursday of each month. Published copies: 180/400 local distribution.

Advertising – Kay Peake We have wonderful advertisers who support our R e p u b lca n vo i i th e R e p u b lca n W o m e n ‟ i ce n i s bulletin. Let us all thank them with our support! See their ads. If you want to advertise in The Redwood Log, contact Kay Peake at 764-3021.
Bulletin / Co-Editor “ C o -Editor " Publisher " Advertising " Mailing Lesley Craig Colleen Hedrick Bill O'Donnell Kay Peake (team) 445-0828 268-0101 442-4117 764-3021

The Redwood Alert Eureka Republican Women, Federated c/o Eileen Amos 3950 Tess Court, Eureka, CA 95503


HONORING OUR MILITARY FAMILIES - Chris Wennerholm We would like to recognize our ERWF families with members in the armed forces. If a member of your family is currently in the military, please let Chris Wennerholm (725-2020) know so you can be introduced at our next meeting. Perhaps you might like to share information about them, where they are stationed, and their latest news. We not only honor and support our troops, but their families as well.

Opportunities for our Port of Humboldt Bay - Nancy Flemming
Commissioner Ronnie Pellegrini, Humboldt Bay Harbor and Recreation District, gave a dynamic presentation at our January luncheon. Her report on her trip to China with Governor Schwarzenegger was inspiring. Our exposure to other ports is so important to our future. To be the only port represented on that trip gave us such a prestigious position in future discussions in Sacramento, as California begins to look at expanding our port systems beyond the congested ports, like Long Beach and Oakland. Ronnie was a terrific ambassador for us and our Port of Humboldt Bay. Ronnie reported that the commissioners will be observing other small ports like Grays Harbor and Savannah to learn their successful strategies for expansion of services and facilities. I w o rke d w i G ra ys H a rb o r a s m e m b e rs o f th e “C ru i th e W est”, a m a rke ti g co n so rti m fo r th e w e st co a st. T h a t th se n u group created close relationships that have been paying off. As ports create relationships with one another, business gets done! W e h a ve o p p o rtu n i e s w i p o rts i C h i a , th a n ks to R o n n i ‟ su cce ssfu l m a rke ti g tri . ti th n n es n p We also have opportunities to build relations with one of the most successful ports in the world, our Sister City port of Kamisu, Japan, and in our Sister City port of Nelson, New Zealand. Creating good relationships creates good business--in any field! T h a n k yo u , R o n n i P e le g ri i fo r cre a ti g n e w fri n d sh i s i C h i a … .a n d S a cram e n to ! e l n, n e p n n

Besides holding the position of Parliamentarian on the ERWF Board of Directors, Nancy is running for Humboldt County Supervisor, 4th District. Read more about her at http://nancyflemming4supervisor.com/

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