MARCH MEETING Friday, March 17th, the Red Lion Hotel, Eureka

11:30 to 1p.m. M e n u : C h e f’s C h o ice $ 1 4 .0 0 ; S e rvice ch a rg e , p ro g ra m a n d b e ve ra g e o n ly: $ 6
Please call telephone chair, Diana Mendes at 725-2732 if you do not hear from anyone by March 15.

Volume 31, Issue 3 March 2006
 Lesley Craig, President  Colleen Hedrick, Program Chair

P resid ent’s M essa ge
Lesley Craig
Last month, at the 11th hour, our guest speaker, Dr. Phil Kurzner, dropped out of the race for California State Insurance Commissioner. Margie Handley stepped in as speaker. As chairman of the board for the Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits, Margie gave us insights into the development of their new rural hospital. The coordination & cooperation with Mendocino College, UC Davis, reputable surgeons, and an enthusiastic public has been most rewarding. All sectors of the Willits community are working together to raise ten million dollars for the new complex. (see upcoming events) Eureka has the Marina Center funded by private enterprise. What an opportunity to clean up the Balloon Track! Multi-zoning will bring new jobs and new property and sales tax revenues. T o d e lg h t th e “G re e n s”, th e l n d sca p i g w il fo cu s o n n a ti ri a ri n ve g e ta ti n to e n h a n ce th e i a n l ve p a o slough running through the site. Home Depot, as part of The Marina Center, will attract shoppers to Eureka -- w h a t a b o o n fo r a l b u si e sse s! (“l ca l ke e p i g ta x d o la rs l n o s n l l ca l T h e o "). mixed land use promotes energy efficiency with people living closer to their work – like the old days before urban sprawl!! I attended the second meeting at City Hall. People lined the walls waiting to express their views. Over 80% were in favor of the development and 4 of 5 councilors voted to support the General Plan Petition by Security National. This is a positive first step. L e t’ a l p u l to g e th e r fo r th e g o o d o f o u r co m m u n i a n d e m b ra ce th i e xci n g p ri te e n te rs l l ty s ti va prise project. For further information contact or phone Brian Morrissey or Randy Gans at 707-476-2713. Their website will be opening shortly at W e ’ a l i th i to g e th e r! re l n s



The Redwood Alert

our guest speaker
Haider Ajina will be giving us an update on Iraq. Haider has ongoing contact with family and friends in Iraq and is in a continual process of monitoring news sources in Iraq. These contacts provide a picture of conditions in Iraq that are seldom if ever offered b y th e m e d i . D o n ’ m i th i o p p o rtu n i Read on page 4 in this bulletin a b o u t “Iraqis a t ss s ty! d em o n strate cal i g fo r S h i te & S u n n i u n i ” And come with your questions. ln i ty. Haider Ajina is a financial consultant with Smith Barney in Eureka.

WAYS & MEANS - L u n ch fo r tw o at G al ag h er’ I sh P u b ! - - Joy Finley l s ri

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who have a little Irish in them or who have kissed the Blarney Stone. March 17th will serve as this month's opportunity drawing. We will raffle off "Lunch for T w o " a t G a la g h e r’ Iri P u b i O l T o w n . T h e re i a ru m o r o u t th e re a b o u t a certain Leprel s sh n d s chaun who may be attending. Stay tuned for more. Ladies & Gentlemen, you constantly amaze me by your generosity and commitment to ERWF. F e b ru a ry’ m e e ti g w a s a n o th e r ca se i p o i t. We added $244.00 to our coffers! s n n n Thanks especially to Linda Jonckheere who donated some spectacular estate pieces and to those who baked goodies. Thanks to all of you who make this Club successful!

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Membership Report Margaret Stafford
become active in our organization and hope you will truly feel connected. Guests at our February meeting were: B il O ’ o n n e l, l D l Madison Powers, Deborah Peterson, and our guest speaker, Margie Handley, an associate member of ERWF. Thank you for your generous donations.

This month you will notice a PINK DOT beside your name if you haven't paid your dues. This will be your last time to receive the ERWF newsletter if you don't renew your membership. SO, please send in your renewal checks so you won't miss a single edition of our great, informative newsletter. Regular and sustaining members currently number 182. There is a total of 18 new members. Those not previously acknowledged are: LENORE ANVICK, BERNICE HUSTON, DEBRA DANIELSON, KAREN GIACOMINI, SANDRA POWERS and JANET THOMAS. Welcome to our club. We encourage you to




Not much gets lost at our meetings B U T … … ..A t o u r F e b ru a ry 1 7 th m e e ti g n a nice black button was turned in to Margaret Stafford. Please contact her if it belongs to you.

Education report – Sheryl Fearrien – The teacher with a mean yardstick!
Did you know that the Democrats are completely responsible for Civil Rights in the United States? That was news to me also! As a teacher, I subscribe to several children's periodicals. When the latest issue of KIDS DISCOVER arrived, it looked promising...the title theme was CIVIL RIGHTS. Hurriedly, I opened it and began reading. According to the misinformed editors/writers, Civil Rights are the brain child of Lyndon Johnson and his Democrat cronies. One hundred years of Republican hard work was not even mentioned in any form! Not only did they 'forget' to mention that the Republican Party was founded to OPPOSE SLAVERY, but Republicans were always the party that the vast majority of blacks called their home, until LBJ. L yn d o n Jo h n so n ’ D e m o cra ti b u d d i s D ID s c e NOT support him in Civil Rights! The REPUBLICANS passed his civil rights legislation. After the 1960s, civil rights became identified with the Democrats but with a very different twist. No longer was it viewed as equal opportunity to work hard and make a great life for oneself. From the 1960s forward, Civil Rights has been high jacked by the Democrats and made into a "victim mentality" issue - the kind-hearted Democrats are only too ready to provide subsidized incomes, housing, and first in line for college admittance, job placement, etc. (or so the Democrats would have them think.) Thanks to the Democrats, the black family is primarily destroyed. Young black men don't marry and support their pregnant girlfriends because they can make more money on welfare if unmarried! And the list goes on and on! I cancelled my subscription to KIDS DISCOVERY and wrote them a letter explaining why - they had lost credibility with me on Civil Rights by failing to get the facts straight! How I'd like to take a yardstick to them! My challenge to all of you is this...the next time you hear, see, or read something that you know is not correct, CALL THEM ON IT! Together, we can get the real story out.

Co lleen ’ Co m m en tar y s Colleen Hedrick The Plot Sickens We are yet again being subjected to huge servings of baloney by many members of congress and a whopping segment of the media. Their combined efforts makes it abundantly clear that too many in both arenas are convinced we are way too dumb to size up them and the issues they are convoluting and trashing. W h a t a fu ro r o ve r th e D u b a i sh i p i g co m p a n y’ p n s business administration of the United States ports at New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Miami. This is not a new development. Many U.S. ports function under foreign business administrations. This particular arrangement was approved in November 2005. No one expressed alarmist views on either side of the aisle at that time. This has probably become ballistic primarily because most of co n g re ss, th e m e d i , a n d th e p u b lc h a ve n ’ kn o w n th a t a i t much about the functions of the ports. Further, for many of their number, any topic of attack on the administration is enough to make them look frantically for tea to throw overboard. They have given us ample reason to b e w e l a w a re th a t kn o w i g w h a t th e y’ ta l n g a b o u t i l n re ki s no prerequisite to talking a whole bunch, particularly if th e re ’ a n o p e n m i i a n e l cti n ye a r? A n d n o o n e s ke n e o remembers to say the United States Coast Guard will be handling security in those ports as they do in all the other ports. The country of Dubai is a primary supporter of our country in ways that are uniquely important in our efforts in that area. This Dubai business is investing billions in this enterprise. Do you have even a sliver of a belief there's any intent to blow-up that investment and lose long term profits? T h a t’ a n a b so l te n o -brainer and I wish the oppors u tunists would shut up and grow up.

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NOTABLE QUOTABLES "Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic. But will they keep it, or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction." : Thomas Jefferson "Occupants of public offices love power and are prone to abuse it.": George Washington , Farewell Address "If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." : Winston Churchill GOP TRIVIA -The Party's first president, Abraham Lincoln, was elected in 1860. There have been 18 Republican presidents. President Lincoln was also the first president born outside the borders of the thirteen original states. He was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, on February 12, 1809. -The term "GOP" dates back to the late 1800's. The fi refe re n ce to th e R e p u b lca n P a rty a s th e ” G ra n d rst i Old Party" appeared in Harper's Weekly in 1876. The first abbreviation, GOP, was cited in a New York Herald story in 1884.

Chaplain's Inspiration - Rita O'Connell
Conservative, Cal Thomas, in a recent column, recalled past efforts of the National and World Councils of Churches to involve their members in politics. In many cases, frustrated Christians broke ranks with their denominations. They thought - rightly – that the primary charge left by Christ was to preach the gospel to all the world. Beyond that, He commanded His followers to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit prisoners and pray for those who persecute them. These are indeed great challenges. Sadly, some evangelicals are putting them aside to join forces with environmentalists. Neither Thomas, nor any other thinking person, litters the world or opposes clean air and water. But let us not lose our perspective! We, as Christians ,are called upon to clean up the planet through the eternal message that cleans up our own lives and the lives of those whom we can influence. Thanks to Cal Thomas for reminding us.

March 17th ERWF luncheon meeting, Speaker Haider Ajina March 19-21 The C F R W B o a rd o f D i cto rs’ M e e ti g a n d 3 1 st Advocacy Workshop at the Hyatt Regency, re n downtown Sacramento. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been invited to speak during the luncheon on March 21. April 21st April 29th June 6
th th

Upcoming events:

ERWF luncheon meeting - Candidates for District 4 Supervisor: Bonnie Neely & Nancy Flemming. Plant sale. Rhody parade (an opportunity to get our message out) Primaries T h e th i “W ilts B l ck T i ”– major fundraising event for the Howard Memorial Hospital. rd li a e

August 19

V O L U M E 3 1 , I S S UE 3

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The Humboldt Co. Republican Central Committee held its annual Republican of the Year Dinner on February 16th.
It was a great success due in part to the two excellent honorees: Red Emmerson, as the Republican of the Year, and Mike Harvey, as the Volunteer of the Year, drew a full house of very excited Republicans. A big thanks goes to Rex Bohn, our MC for the evening. He always has great stories. We also heard a wonderful speaker, Abel Maldonado, who is running for State Controller. He is a young, energetic, Hispanic Republican who could easily be Governor some day. Check him out and help if you can! The Central Committee is encouraging all of you to sign up to help on the upcoming campaigns. Fortuna City Council election is in April and our primary is in June. Everyone needs help so please join us!! Sheri Katz, our Voter Registration chair will be calling on you to help register new Republicans. Please say yes when she calls. We want to win and we need more Republicans!

One Nation Under God!

Odonnell Entertainment®
William Tufts Odonnell PO BOX 771, Bayside, CA 95524 Phone: 707-442-4117 E-Mail: “L ast O n e O u t, T u rn O ff th e L i h t” g About the St. George Reef Lighthouse (On VHS or DVD)

Video Production, Web Design & Host

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Trea su rer’s R ep o rt - Eileen Amos
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SERVING HUMBOLDT COUNTY SINCE 1932 group is a strong suspect) wanted to achieve. This attack was supposed to plunge Iraq into sectarian mayhem and senseless massive killing. This did not happen. A few over zealous individuals attacked Sunni mosques (8-11 Sunni mosques burned and small arms fire hit about 100) and killed Sunnis (120-160). There is no excuse for these retaliations; they are exactly what the enemies of democracy and freedom in Iraq want. It is playing into their hands. Let us remember that Iraq is the size of California and has over 25 million people. Every neighborhood has at least two mosques. Considering this the retaliations are small while tragic. Demonstrations in Baghdad (in spite of the curfew) called for national unity. Combined Sunni & Shiite prayers were held all over Iraq. This is a sign of a people united not divided, a people with a common cause (defeating terrorism), a people with a common goal (self rule through democracy, rule of law & freedom). The terrorists are bringing about their eventual demise by uniting Iraqis. We witnessed this effect on 9-11. Americans were united and developed the strong resolve to fight terrorist. Let us not forget that we were attacked not so long ago. (If you want to receive regular updates from the Arab newspapers, email Haider at He will add you to his undisclosed list)

“ Iraqis demonstrate calling fo r Sh i te & Su n n i u n i i ty . ”
Our guest speaker on March 17th, Haider Ajina, regularly emails translations from Arabic headlines and newspapers. Below is an extract of news from the Iraqi Arabic newspaper "Al-R a a ’ o n F e b ru a ry 2 6 th. The I” tra n sl ti n w a s e d i d b y m e to a lo w sp a ce fo r H a i e r’ a o te l d s comments. “M a n y Ira q i ci e s w i e sse d l rg e d e m o n stra ti n s ti tn a o after Friday prayers (yesterday). These demonstrations were calling for national unity, not being pulled into civil war after attacks on Sunni mosques as retaliation to the b o m b i g o f th e S a m a ra S h ite sh ri e .” n i n The article continues throughout in similar vain quoting gatherings ranging from 500 in Mousul, over 3000 in Hillah, hundreds in Al-koot, 15,000 in Amarah, 10,000 in Basra. In all cases, the people, Sunni and Shiite, came together after Friday prayers, led by religious leaders, calling for a united front against terrorist activities, condemning violence, and rejecting sectarianism. Banners condemned attacks on mosques, shrines and churches.

H aid er’ co m m en ts; s
We have much more evidence of a strong national unity movement in Iraq. This is exactly the opposite of w h a t th e b o m b e rs o f th e S a m a ra S h ri e (A l rq a w is n za ’

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I s All Abo u t Access t’ Nancy Flemming
We need to create the infrastructure for access to Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, and Internet for every household, business and school in this district. We need affordable (or free!) access to Broadband not only for homes and businesses but for more efficiency with law enforcement and safety officials. We can work together to be ahead of the curve in maximizing the best of living in our beautiful rural community while being connected to the rest of the world through innovative technology. That technology can help us to:

 Increase Emergency Response effectiveness  Stimulate economic development  E n co u ra g e “in h o m e ” b u sin e sse s  Maintain and grow our population base, our children could stay here!)  E n h a n ce o u r M e d ica l S e rvice s (“d ista n ce ” m e d icin e fo r ru ra l a re a s a n d clin ics)  Revitalize our Small Business community (create global customer base)  Create networks of public advocates
 Transform government as we know it In working with the Redwood Coast Rural Action group, we have already initiated this process. We hosted a Technology Forum at Redwood Acres and have worked to acquire grants to move this project forward. Technology is crucial in our plans for economic development and the General Plan as we move forward. (196)

F o r fu rth er in fo rm atio n , visit N an cy’ w eb site at s

SACRAMENTO: I was scanning the internet to find an important piece of legislation to zero in on for this report, when I discovered February 24 was the final day for new bills in the state legislature. These bills were pouring in at a tremendous rate. How do we keep up with such a barrage of legislation? Sorry to say, it is a very difficult thing for anyone to do. There are four bills alone that address Identity Theft. SB 13871388-1389 and 1390. This is a big problem, and it is easy to be skeptical as thieves usually find a way around rules. The significance of the above bills are they add penalties to those caught in Identity Theft. They are worth backing. US SENATE: Senator McCain is at it again. After the McCain/Feingold bill that p ro h i i d fre e sp e e ch d u ri g e l cti n s, h e h a s a u th o re d a b il S B 2 1 2 8 , “L o b b yi g b te n e o l n T ra n sp a re n cy a n d A cco u n ta b ii A ct o f 2 0 0 5 ”. T h i cru e l h o a x a g a i st th e A m e ri n lty s n ca people has little to do with reforming lobbying and has everything to do with stripping us of our 1ST Amendment Rights. If passed it will hinder watchdog organizations from informing the general public about what is going on in Washington.

“G o ve rn m e n t i n o t s reason, it is not eloquence--it is force. Like force, it is a dangerous servant and fe a rfu l m a ste r”. George Washington

*Contact our State Senator and urge him to support SB 1387-1388-1389 and 1390. *Contact our US Senators and urge them to not support SB 2128.

Have you read, "REBEL-in-CHIEF" by Fred Barnes?
It takes you inside the bold and controversial presidency of George W. Bush. I couldn't stop reading it and have passed it on (You can be #101 on the waiting list, or order it on line from Lesley.

V O L U M E 3 1 , I S S UE 3

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Humboldt Bay Maintenance Dredge Project

An update for us from Ronnie Pellegrini, Division 1 Commissioner, Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District
After several attempts to kill the maintenance dredging project for Woodley Island Marina, City of Eureka Marina, and numerous other City of Eureka Inner and Outer Channel sites, by Humboldt Baykeeper, the California Coastal Commission voted 6-3 to grant our last remaining permit for the project to move forward. At the S ept em ber Coastal Commission meeting in Eureka, the Humboldt Baykeeper eleventh hour “re d h e rri g ” a le g a ti n s n l o about widespread dioxins in Humboldt Bay, prompted the Coastal Commission to request further testing be done before the Coastal Commission would consider the project, or else deny it altogether. Further testing was performed with input from many state and federal agencies and at a cost to the Harbor District and the City of Eureka of $150, 000. As suspected, the results of the new tests showed no human health risk associated with the project. The Coastal Commission staff was satisfied with the results and placed the item on the February agenda for action by the Commissioners. Two days before the Coastal Commission meeting, Pete Nichols, Humboldt Baykeeper project manager, and Fred Evenson, attorney with the Ecological Rights Foundation, requested the Harbor District agree to and sign a contract abandoning the practice of sending bay dredge spoils into the surf zone at Samoa, among other conditions and in return they would not file a lawsuit against the Harbor District and City of Eureka, delaying the project indefinitely. The board of Commissioners, instead, passed a resolution stating its commitment to look at all viable environm entall y and fisc all y responsible alternatives for future maintenance dredge projects. Many community members showed support for the resolution and to move forward in a positive direction. Because of time constraints given by the federal government with a dr e dg e wi n d o w f ro m November through March, is appears unlikely we will accomplish the dredging this window period, which makes it likely the project will begin November 2006. All of the delays have made a very bad situation for commercial and recreation boaters. But the good news is, we have all the required permits and will move forward as soon as we are allowed.

Dr. Henry Morris
The ‘Father’ of the Modern Creation Science. Co-Founder of Institute for Creation Research (ICR). Went Home on February 25, 2006 at the age of 87. He had just completed updating the New D efender’s B ible in January. ICR is the reason we still have Private Schools & Home Schools in the state of California.

More information: or

Requests from members at our meetings. (They filled in a yellow 2006 Informational planning agenda form at the tables – thank you) 1. A workshop/educational session on how a bill be comes state law. (steps involved) 2. An educational presentation on the purpose & influence of lobbyists – state & Fed levels. 3. Voting polls watchers. 4. “Y o u n g R e p u b lca n g ro u p ” o n H u m b o l t S ta te & C R ca m p u se s. i d 5. Move around town for meetings - Samoa for alternate months and the Wharfinger too.
HONORING OUR MILITARY FAMILIES Chris Wennerholm We would like to recognize our ERWF families with members in the armed forces. If a member of your family is currently in the military, please let Chris Wennerholm (725-2020) know so you can be introduced at our next meeting. Perhaps you might like to share information about them, where they are stationed, and their latest news. We not only honor and support our troops, but their families as well.

ADVERTISING – Kay Peake We have wonderful advertisers who support our Republican voice in the R e p u b lca n W o m e n ’ b u le ti . i s l n Let us all thank them with our support! See their ads. If you want to advertise in The Redwood Log, contact Kay Peake at 764-3021.

VO L UM E 31, IS S UE 3
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George W. Bush: Faith in the White House
DVD Was $19.99 Now $14.99 ea. (2 to 4) $12.99 ea. 5 & Up $10.00 ea. (Limited Quantities)
Includes Shipping & Sales Tax. Description: The life of George W. Bush has been a faith-filled journey that's taken him from the bar room to the Oval Office! Like no other president before him, he has publicly demonstrated his faith on the job. Witness his life-transforming dedication to God, his daily application of Scripture, and his reliance on prayer. This powerful non-political program offers an insider's look at George W. Bush's remarkable journey of faith. Approx. 77 minutes. Not Rated. NTSC. Bonus Features: (Some you need the internet); Additional Bush Insider Interviews; Bush Faith Statements from Speeches; Historical Faith Documents; Recommended Reading List; Responses to Fahrenheit 9/11 To order send check to: Creation Family Bookstore, PO BOX 771, Bayside, CA 95524

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