(Starting in June, our meeting will be held the third Thursday of each month)
M e n u : C h e f‟ C h o i $ 1 4 . P ro g ra m a n d b e ve ra g e o n l $ 6 . s ce y Please call Diana Mendes, Telephone Chair, 725-2732 if you do not receive a call by May 16th

Volume 31, Issue 5 May 2006
 Lesley Craig, President  Colleen Hedrick, Program Chair

W e se e th e si n s i o u r stre ets: “Y es, on T – vote local g n co n tro l It so u n d s re a so n a b l , b u t, a cco rd i g to o u r Guest Speaker, Robert ”. e n Zigler, Measure T “strikes at th e co re o f th e D em o cratic p rin cip le o f F reed o m o f S p eech ”. Those against Measure T describe it as patently unfair, u n co n sti ti n a l su rre p ti o u s a n d u n d e rh a n d e d . D o n ‟ m i o u r m e e ti g o n F ri a y 1 9 th May, tu o , ti t ss n d when Robert Zigler will address us on this issue and of his concerns on the undermining of The Constitution of The United States. Robert A. Zigler, an attorney at law with offices in Fortuna, specializes in Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Real Property law, and does some business law. He has practiced law in Humboldt County for 29 years. Through his love for Political Theory, he has studied most forms of government in existence in the world today.

Our Guest Speaker:


The Redwood Alert

What a wonderful turnout we had at our last meeting for the big debate for the office of District 4 Supervisor! With the Primary Elections ta ki g p l ce o n Ju n e 6 th , se e “It‟ a l a b o u t n a s l V o ti g ” o n p a g e 6 . n ERWF also has its own primary – the election of a nominating committee. The co m m i e ‟ fi ste p w il b e to n o m i a te o n e o ffi r fo r e a ch e l cti o ffi (S e e o u r 2 0 0 6 tte s rst l n ce e ve ce ERWF Elected Officers, p. 2). If you are interested in being on the committee, please call me. The Rhody Parade has come and gone – see our pictures on pages 4 & 5 – Thank you again to Nilsen Company for the flatbed, hay bales and generator; Sherwood Forest Nursery, Westgate Nursery, and Harper Motors; our ERWF ladies for signs and support – and their men folk for muscles; the Military representatives & their Patriotic music CD - they were delighted to b e i vi d to j i u s o n o u r fl a t; „ b ra h a m L i co l ‟ p a re n ts a n d ch id re n , M a d i n P o w e rs fo r n te on o A n n, l so the balloon décor; & all the enthusiasm displayed while we greeted onlookers and waved our A m e ri n fl g s e n ro u te . W e w o n th e “R h o d o d e n d ro n P a ra d e C o m m u n i tro p h y fo r 2 n d p l ce . ca a ty a We have followed up with thank you notes, and with delicious cookies baked by our Chairman of Membership, Margaret Stafford. Correction!! In our April issue I mentioned the wonderful address at the Advocacy workshop o n th e P .A .T .R .I.O .T . A ct b y U .S . A tto rn e y, S co tt M cG re g o r… ... O o p s! I re ve rse d h i n a m e i s n the article! It should have been McGregor Scott! My apologies to Greg and to his parents, our own local Jerry and Mary Scott! We had a chuckle about that. McGregor Scott grew up in this area and some of you will remember him. Thank you for the phone call Jerry and thank you for b e i g su ch a n a rd e n t su p p o rte r o f E R W F . P l a se se e Je rry‟ a d i th e b u le ti a n d su p p o rt h i n e s n l n m and all our other advertisers and community helpers.

Ways & Means Joy Finley The overnight stay at Benbow Inn with the round of golf
gift certificate, donated by Jack McDonald, was won by our Ways and Means chair, Joy Finley! She has since beat a hasty retreat to Hawaii!! A second prize, a large Dieffenbachia, kindly donated by Sarah Bogenreif, was won by JoAnn Kaney. The Opportunity Drawing made $320. The plant sale profited by $68.10. At our May 19 meeting there will be opportunity drawings for May baskets & other surprises. Bring your spare change!

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Upcoming events:
May 14th May 19th May 29th June 6th June 6th June 14 June16th June18th July 4th

Mother's Day E R W F l n ch e o n m e e ti g . T h e R e d L i n ; S p e a ke r: R o b e rt Z i l r; “N o u n o ge o n M e a su re T ” US HOLIDAY: Memorial Day Primary Elections US HOLIDAY: D-Day Flag Day ERWF luncheon meeting. The Red Lion; Brian Morrissey & Randy Gans; The Marina Center. Father's Day US HOLIDAY: Independence Day

APRIL MEETING HIGHLIGHTS – JoAnn Kaney, Recording Secretary
The April 21, 2006 meeting in the Evergreen Room of the Red Lion Inn was attended by 105 members and guests. President Lesley Craig introduced candidates for Humboldt County 4 th district Supervisor, Nancy Flemming and incumbent Bonnie Neely and set the ground rules for the debate. The candidates alternated answering eight questions posed by Pres. Lesley with time for rebuttal. Many areas were debated such as affordable housing, campaign finance reform and Balloon Track development. Several members of the media were present to record the responses. A motion was made and passed by a show of hands to move the monthly meetings to the third Thursday of the month. This new schedule will allow us to use the Evergreen Room on a permanent basis. This change will take effect on June 16, 2006. C h a p l i C h a i R i O ‟ o n n e l, a n n o u n ce d M a y 4 th as National Day of Prayer. an r, ta C l

Positions President 1st V-President 2nd V-President Rec. Secretary Treasurer Director-at-large Names Lesley Craig Colleen Hedrick Vee Sorenson JoAnn Kaney Shirley Gatzke Eileen Amos Sonja Hauxwell Phone 445-0828 268-0101 822-2359 839-7763 839-2600 442-4834 668-5260 email Lesleycraig@sbcglobal.net colleen1516@sbcglobal.net veesign@aol.com djkaney@sbcglobal.net Russgatzke1@aol.com smileygop@yahoo.com deetbc@quik.com

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Monday, May 29, is Memorial Day, set aside to honor millions of fallen Patriots – generations of American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coastguards men and women, who served their country w I t h honor from 1776 to this day. Please honor those uniformed Patriots who stood and fell by their oath in defense of our Constitution. You can honor fallen veterans and their families, by joining with other Patriots placing flags at your nearest National Cemetery (generally done on Saturday before Memorial Day). DO remember to pause at 3 PM (Your local time) on Memorial Day, and offer remembrance and prayer for these great Patriots. T E D D Y H A D IT R IG H T T h e o d o re R o o se ve l s i e a s o n Im m i ra n ts & b e i g a n A M E R IC A N 1 9 0 7 : t‟ d g n

“In th e first p la ce, w e sh ou ld in sist th a t if th e im m igra n t w h o com es h ere in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin . B u t th is is p red ica ted u p on th e p erson ’ b ecom in g in every fa cet a n s A m erica n , a n d n oth in g b u t a n A m erica n … T h ere ca n b e n o d ivid ed a llegia n ce h ere. A n y m a n w h o sa ys h e is a n A m erica n , b u t som eth in g else a lso, isn ’ a n t A m erica n a t a ll. W e h a ve room for b u t on e fla g, th e A m erica n fla g… W e h a ve room for b u t on e la n gu a ge h ere, a n d th a t is th e E n glish la n gu a ge… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the A m erica n p eop le.” Theodore Roosevelt, 1907 Odonnell Entertainment®
William Tufts Odonnell
PO BOX 771, Bayside, CA 95524

Trea su rer’s R ep o rt - Eileen Amos
Balance 3/31/06 Income Expenses Balance 4/30/06 $5,329.17 2,448.10 2,096.97 $ 5,680.30

Phone: 707-442-4117 E-Mail: billjr@odonnell.ws
Video Production, Web Design and Hosting

“L ast O n e O u t, T u rn O ff th e L i h t” About the St. George g Reef Lighthouse (On VHS or DVD)


Paid for By Friends of Nancy Flemming

V O L U M E 3 1 , I S S UE 5

Page 4

Rhody Parade 2006

Abraham Lincoln a.k.a. Joe Bonino, Army, Air force, Marines

Getting ready – Thanks to Nilsen Company

Our driver, Manuel & son Thank you for the car, Mr. Harper

This is fun! Thanks for the plants Sherwood Forest Nursery & Westgate Nursery

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Bring on the music! Patriotic music accompanied us.

JoAnn Kaney, Margaret Stafford, Lesley Craig with trophy.

The children were delighted with the trophy

Yes! We are the Eureka Republican Women!

V O L U M E 3 1 , I S S UE 5

Page 6

May 8th, First day to request absentee ballots

IT ’S A L L A B O U T V O T IN G !

May 22nd, Last day to register before the June primary May 30th, Last day to request absentee ballots June 6, 2006, PRIMARY ELECTION DAY Information obtained from California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW), www.cfrw.org, an excellent source of information

According to the standing rules of the ERWF:
Section IV. Endorsements: 1. The club does not make a pre-primary endorsement if there are two or more Republican candidates for the same office. 2. However, each member except the President and First Vice President, may work for the pre-primary Republican candidate of her choice. 3. The club does not make an endorsement of, or give financial support to any Republican candidate for a non-partisan office. a. LOCAL Bonnie Neely and Nancy Flemming running for 4th District Supervisor. Other local races: District 5 supervisor – all Democrats District Attorney: Gallegos and Dikeman – both Democrats – you decide! Yes on Measure T – vote NO! b. STATE INITIATIVES on the primary ballot: Bond Measure Proposition 81 California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2006. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute Proposition 82 Preschool Education. Tax on Incomes Over $400,000 for Individuals; $800,000 for Couples. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

The CFRW has recommended a NO vote on both initiatives. A way to become better informed Visit The Republican Party of Humboldt County website at www.humboldtgop.org . Click on Links & Resources for a plethora of political information on the local, state, national, & federal levels. You can also go directly to www.gop.com for th e w i si e ch a ts, b o o kca sts a n d th e P re si e n t‟ w e e kl b ro a d ca sts. re d d s y MICHAEL K. ROBINSON JEREMIAH R. SCOTT, JR. ATTORNEYS AT LAW
SCOTT, ROBINSON & PAVLICH 1118 SIXTH STREET EUREKA, CA 95501 TELEPHONE (707) 443-2781 FAX (707) 443-0608


ADVERTISING – Kay Peake W e h a ve w o n d e rfu l a d ve rti rs w h o su p p o rt o u r R e p u b lca n vo i i th e R e p u b lca n W o m e n ‟ b u le ti . se i ce n i s l n Let us all thank them with our support! SEE THEIR ADS THROUGH OUT THIS ISSUE. If you want to advertise in The Redwood Log, contact Kay Peake at 764-3021.

VO L UM E 31, IS S UE 5
Membership Report Margaret Stafford (NOTE: As of April 30th)
We now have 242 Members

Page 7

WELCOME to our new members: ELIZABETH

A n e w m e n ‟ A sso ci te m e m b e r i R O B E R T M IC H E L I, s a s which makes 18 Associates. Thank you for your generous donations and for your willingness to help when called on. Margaret Stafford

Does one size fit all? Would the only supermarket in town sell the best and freshest products? Would the only hotel provide the most relaxing amenities? And what if there was only one newspaper? Would it report th e n e w s w i o u t tryi g to sl n t th e re a d e rs‟ o p i i n s o r th n a no would it print letters to the editor from the wide spectrum of opinions? For the longest time, Humboldt County residents had no real choice in selecting a local, daily newspaper. Increasingly, it became easier to believe that the opinions and slants on stories were the majority views. Thankfully, those days are over. The new kid on the block, The Eureka Reporter, is giving The Times Standard some well-deserved, friendly competition. Competition keeps everyone on their toes and more conscious of their end product! My family especially enjoys comparing the same events from two different persp e cti s e a ch m o rn i g . H o w re fre sh i g ! E u re ka ‟ ye a rve n n s long sesquicentennial celebration and the historical, eyewitness accounts of the 1906 earthquake have made for some interesting reading. Next week, with Easter Vacation Week and STAR T e st W e ek b e h i d u s, I‟l i tro d u ce b o th n e w sp a p e rs to n l n my students for a specific purpose. I want to show them that there IS more than one opinion on any number of topics. Reading two articles about the same event will help students work on critical thinking skills and debating the merits of each story. Yes, competition is good, particularly when it comes to the news!

Quotes by Abraham Lincoln
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves . You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.

FLY THE FLAG Though the flag may be flown any day, here are the year's special Flag Days:
every Election Day every New Year's Day, Jan. 1 Presidential Inauguration Day, Jan. 20 Lincoln's birthday, Feb. 12 Washington's birthday, Feb. 22 Easter Sunday Mother's Day, 2nd Sunday in May Armed Forces Day, 3rd Saturday in May D-Day, June 6 Independence Day, 4th of July Labor Day, 1st Monday in September Patriot Day, September 11 (half staff all day) Constitution & Citizenship Day, Sept. 17 Columbus Day, October 12 Veterans' Day, November 11 Thanksgiving Day, 4th Thursday in November Christmas Day, Dec. 25


Memorial Day, May 30 (half staff until noon) Pearl Harbor Day, December 7

The Redwood Alert Eureka Republican Women, Federated c/o Eileen Amos 3950 Tess Court, Eureka, CA 95503

Numerous polls have expressed displeasure without lax border security and illegal immigration, even though there is a concerted effort on the part of some questionable organizations to push a new immigration policy onto the legal citizens of America.       Those wanting the Federal Government to get tougher on illegal immigration – 80% Those who oppose making it easier to become an American citizen – 62% The number who do not want immigrants to be permitted to have drivers licenses – 72% It was discovered that 75% favor major penalties on employers of illegal immigrants. The worry that illegal immigrants increase the likelihood of terrorism – 70% Those who believe the White House and Congress should place securing our borders as a top priority - 92%.

So we have to ask, why, if these polls are correct, does Congress seem so reluctant to do anything about illegal immigration? The answer of course, has to be politics. The DEMOCRATS look at illegal aliens as an easy way to pad their vote totals and their philosophy requires victims and a dependent population. REPUBLICANS tend to be hesitant to crack down because they fear alienating the Hispanic vote and some claim more Republicans are in positions to hire illegals at low wages. No matter the ill-conceived reasons for inaction, our Republican leaders and all Americans should face up to the fact that there is a definite crime problem relating to illegals and they are causing a tremendous strain on our health care system. Vee Sorenson