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Goose Creek Friends Meeting July 6, 2020

Outside Meeting

We will be holding an in-person outside Meeting for Worship in addition to our regular on-going
Meeting via Zoom, starting this First Day, July 12. This Meeting for Worship will take place on the
Meeting House front lawn under our shady tree canopy. It will start on our regular schedule (starting at
9:45 am).

Due too on-going concerns about the coronavirus situation, we continue to encourage attending
Meeting for Worship via Zoom, as the lowest risk alternative. However, we are also offering in-person
outside Meeting for Worship for those who are comfortable. In order to minimize any impact to our
attenders, this meeting will have the following conditions:

 Anyone with known symptoms of Covid-19 or in suspected contact with someone with Covid-19
within the past 14 days are not be permitted to attend the in-person outside Meeting.
 Attenders are required to bring their own seating, face masks and disinfectant. They are also
encouraged to bring water for hydration.
 Attenders are required to sit no closer than 6 feet from another attender. Members of the
same household may sit together.
 Attenders are required to wear face masks covering nose and mouth at all times.
 There will be no direct contact between attenders, such as passing of items, shaking hands, etc.
 Meeting will only be open to adult attenders at this time.
 Attenders are encouraged to use the bathroom at home before attending the in-person
meeting. However, one bathroom in the Meeting House will open for emergencies; attenders
are requested to not enter the Meeting House unless necessary. A clear pathway will be
designated to the open bathroom, and guidance and disinfectant will be provided.
 There will be a Facing Bench for the outside meeting, in addition to the Zoom Meeting.
 Announcements for both the outside meeting and Zoom meeting should be forwarded via email
to Cameron Hughes, who has volunteered to aggregate them for posting on the List Serve by
Monday evening.

In closing, in-person Meeting is a next step toward a re-assembly of our Meeting for Worship. It is not
without restrictions or inconveniences. This will be done on a trial basis for the month of July, and
reviewed at our August Meeting for Business.