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FrcdElsenberger's BackonTrack
Planto PutourGommunlty



ReformElectionFinancingRules. ... p.3
CreateanlndependentlntegrityCommissioner ... p.4
DevelopalobbyistRegistry .. p.5
EndRedHillExpresswaylegalBattle. ..... p.5
Hire an IndependentAuditor .. p.6
StongleadershipandSupportforCrtyStaff.. ...... p.6
GiveCommunitiesaVoice. ., p.7
ImprovingPlanning&DecisionMaking ..... p.7
Making City Hall Work Better p.8

lll. JOBS,GROWil&
ilmf . ....... p.9
DealingWithlncreasingPropertyTaxes. .... p.9
Fairness& Equalityfor Tenants p.lO
SupportinglocalFarmers.... ...... p.10
CreatingJobs& Strengthening our Economy . . p.ll
Transportation.... ..p.12
PublicTransit p.lz
HamiltonPortAuthority.... .p.13
HamiltonlnternationalAirport .......p.13
Gettingour Fair Shareof Funding. . . . p.l4

PIACETOtlVE . p.l5
A HealthierGreaterHamiltonArea. . . p.l5
A CleanerHamilton . . p.l6
ImprovingAir Quality p.l6
WasteManagement p.l7
MorePoliceonour Streets p.l7
EndingPoverty p.l8
Community & SocialServices p.l8
Seniors p.18


SmartGrowth&ManagingUrbanSprawl ....p.l9
Harbour&WaterfrontDevelopment..... ...p.20
& Culture p.zL
Film& Television p.22
McMasterlnnovationPark.. .p.22
TakingPrideinourNeighbourhoods.. ...... p.23
ImprovingourDowntownAreas ..... p.24

2 RealChoice.RealChange.
Planb putourGommunls
FrcdHcenberge/s Bac[onTnclr

"We mustraisethe bar on expectations.

Our residentsand businesses expect
open,honestand transparent government,goodinfrastructure, well defined
processesfor citizeninputand goodvaluefor theirtax dollars."

Thereare4 keycomponents
to Frd Eisenberga'sPlan(detailsarediscussed
in laterseclions):

l. Accountability& Integrity

2. Jobs, Growth & EconomicDevelopment

3. A Better Placeto Live

4. Building a BetterFuture

We don't expect politicians to be pafect. We do expectthem however to make decisionsthat are in our best
interests.You work hard for your salary and for your family, and you rvant to knowthat the money you are
sendingto city hall is being spentproperlyand wisely.

After years of inaction, b,rokenpromisesand questionablebehaviour, public confidencein the integrity of

Council and actMties at City Hall has beenshaken.Council should firnction as a team where all membershave
acc€ssto the sameinformationat the sametime. This is not the case- in ftct, just last month, Councillors
discoveredthe Mayor had information on the legionnairesoutbreaktrat tre ciroseto keep to liimself. This
behaviourcreatesdistrustwithin City Hall urd underminesthe team.Our electedCouncillorsmustreceive100
percentofthe information 100percentofthe time.

We must act now to adop specific measuresto ensuretransparency,fairnessand accountability in City

processes.Thereis no bettertime to demonstateto the public that electedofficials areheld to'rt*drtdr th"t
placethe public intaest aheadof their ovm.

We deservepoliticians that look out for our best interests.For too long, deeppocketsofspecial interestshave
given certain peoplean unfair advantageduring election campaigns.

After the last election,urd for the first time in Ontariohistory- since 1867- chargeswere laid against
a sitting
Ma_Yorfor breaking clearly defined election laws. His conviition sentthe messageloudand clear-- we
end questionablepracticesand createfiansparent,honestand fair electionrules.

9yrpri:ingly' after being convicted,Larry still doesn'tget it. He took donationsfiom peoplethat didn't exist.
took more money from his fiiends than the law allou'ed. But after all that, t arry ritrs'eO to reform
{e election
financingand donationrulesarguing'you can't changethe rulesmidstream.'That-isnonsense.Council
Agenda'sand Minutesprovethat changesto theseruleshave beenon the table sinceSeptember2004-
two full
yearsago - hardly midsbeam!

Over the past two years, in basements,shoppingmall food courts and in the editorial pagesof our
newspapers,peoplehave askedfor changeto elestion finance rules. Both Toronto and Ottau/lamade
necessarychanges- Hamilton did not. we must act now to restorethe public hust.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will wo*with oouncitb:
'l Ban all corpcrateand union donationsto candidatesseekingelection;
* Requireall candidaiesto revealtheir list of campaigndonis beforethe election;
* Encouragethe hovince to reform municipal eledio; financinglaws and campaigndonordisclosure
* Implementelection reformsthat give anyonewith tre desireand ambitionto run for public
office a frir and equal opportunity.

Createan IndependentIntegrityCommissioner
After years broken promises,peoplehave becomeskeptical of politicians, It has gottan so bad thd in a recent
survey of parentson careerchoicesfor their chil&en, pareritsoverwhelmingly said they did not want their kids
to becomepoliticians.

It's fime to make ethics and ethical behaviour in politics the norm not the exception.A stong first stepto win
back the public tust would be to appoint an Integrity Commissioner.Ftramilton'sIntegrrty Commissioner
would focus on preventing ethical violations before they occur.

The Commissionerwould advise Cormcil on 0reir obligations under existing byJaws, corporatepolicies, a new
code of conduct and relevant legislation governing ethical behaviour. Formal complaints would be accepted
fiom membersof the public, Council and city staff. The Commissimerwould not handlecomplaintsaboutcity

Integrity or Ethics Commissimersarenot a new idea.The provinceof OntarioappointedCanada'sfirst

Integrity Commissionerin 1988.Sinc.ethen all provincialand territorial governm€nts,and the fueral
government,havecreatedsimilar positions.Even Nunawt with a populationof 30,780and Newfoundlandwith
a populationof 515,591have similar Commissimers.

Provincial legislatian alreadyexists allowing Council to hire an independentIntegnty Commissioner.In March

2004,the City of Toronto becamethe first municipality to do just that.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I wlll worlcwlth @uncll to:
* Restorepublic tust by ceating an indepardeirt Integrity Commissionerthat reports to taxpayers,not
to the Mayor or Corurcil;
* Mandatethe Integrity Commissionerto developa CodeofConduct for the Mayor and Council similar
to that enactedby the City of Toronto in 20M;
* Prohibit electedofficials from acceptingfees,gifu or personalbenefits directly or indirectly fiom their
* Ensurethat no memberof Council participatesin decisionmakingthat could furthertheir own private
interestsor improperly furdrer the private interestsof anotherperson;
* Make available the Integrity Commissioner's annual report to the generalpublic online;
* Compelthe Mayor and Councilto publicly disclosetheir financial interestswithin 30 daysoftaking
office similar to federal membersof parliament;
* Expand the investigative and disciplinary powers of the Integrity Commissioner once legislative
authority permits.

Developa LobbyistRegistry
City Hall strould sfive to be open, accessible,ethical and accountable.In its dealingswith lobbyists, the City
should improve its relationship by implementing contols thd will help ensureCity decision making processes
are fair and open.

The framework to contol lobbyist activities could consist of: a formal registry for people who lobby the City; a
code ofconduct setting out ethical standardsand appropriatebehaviour, and whe,nprovincial legislation alloun,
a systemofinvestigation and enforcement.

In a landmark inquiry into Toronto's computer leasing scandal,Madam JusticeBellamy concludedthat a

lobblst registry would prwent fresh episodesof corruption from tainting politics at City Hall.

Hamilton can leam a great deal fiom this inqury, and should take similar stepsto endthe daysor cronyism and
special interestpresswe.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI wlll workwlth councilto:
* Createa Lobbyist Registryusing existingprovincial legislationto help providetansparancyin the
lobbying process;
* Limit lobblng activrty at City Hall to those registeredin the Lobbyist Registry;
* Prohibit former electedmunicipal members,their immediatestaffand senior civil servantsfrom
lobbying for three years after leaving their positiur at City Hall;
* Make the lobbyistregisty availableto the public online;
* Expand the mandateof the Lobbyist Registry to investigateviolations once legislative authority

End Red Hill ExpresswayLegal Battle

In April 2004,68 peopleincluding local citizens,Membersof Padiament,Cabina Ministers,federal
employeesand Canada'sAttomey Generalwere namedin a $75 millior dollar action. The lawsuit was
launchedby the City of Hamilton over delaysin consfuction ofthe Red Hill Creek Expressway.

When the casebegan,Council was told it would costabout$450,000.By the end of June 2006,thecity had
alreadyspent$154,766.56with no resolutionin sight.

We needthe federalgovernrnent'shelp to completeprojectsin our community.Endingthis lawsuit shouldbe a

priorrty becauseit's in ttre best interest of local ta:eayers.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will workwith councilto:
* End the lawsuit againstthe federal govcrnment, its employeesand former politicians;
tt Put the past behind us and hing our community together after years of divisive debate;
* Tear down the barriers createdbetweenlevels of governmentby this legal actiur.

6 RealChoice,RealChange.
Hirean lndependentAuditor
Year after year the City of Hamilton experiencesa fimding shortfall betweenthe money it has and the money it
needsto fund programs.In three short years,we've drawn more than $20 million from otn financial reserves
evenafterthe provincetoppedup transfersto City Hall. We're in worseshapefinancially now it is time for

To move forward we needthe help of an independentauditor to: provide an objective analysisto Council on
the stateof the City's finances; figure out how we are spendingour money and wtretherwe are receiving
appropriatevalue, and how to better manageour limited resources.

Currently, severalOntario municipalities have appointed independentauditors to conductvalue for money

audits. Theseauditors report to the taxpayer and are given the authority to find efficiency and cost savingsin
all deparfinents.They are alsoresponsiblefor assistingCity Council in holding itself and its administators
accountablefor the value of money in City operations.

Although theseauditors do not cunently have a broad rangeofpowers, the servicesthey provide are paying for
themselvesmany times over. It is time the GHA took the next step.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I will wo* with council to:
* Appoint an IndependentAuditor that reports to tsxpayersnot the Mayor and Council;
* Mandatethe Auditor to conducta value for moneyaudit of all Council expendinues;
* Make availablethe Auditor's reportsto the generalpublic online;
* Expand the power of the IndependentAuditor once legislative authority permits.

In my discussionswith city staffover the past few months, I have heardtime and again that it would be
refreshingif staffwas allowedto enforcethe City's by-lawsand be supportedby thoseswom to upholdthem.

To put our City on the right tack we must achieveefficiency, effectivenessand innovatior to producemuch
neededcost-savings.We can do this by encouraginginput from City employeesrarhounderstandtheir day-to-
dayjobs and processes best.

Our successdependson our ability to createa culturewithin the corporationaroundthosevaluesand amongall

employeesthat is driven by the city manag€rand the managementteam.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will work witr councilb:
* Implement an incentive program to reward employeesfor identifying cost-savingideas;
{. Intoduce PerformanceRwiew Teams.Unionized and salariedemployeesfrom various departnents
would work on teamsproviding input m innovative and cost effective ideas;
* Establish a working group of electedmembersrepresmting the municipal, provincial and federal
governmentsin the GHA. This groupwould review the City's goalsand prioritiesand focustheir
respectivegovernmentson working togetherto realize our objectives;
* Establish a Youth Council that identifies youth priorities and promotesyouth actMties;
* Establistra Mayor and Councillor for a day programto allowyouth to experienceCity Hall. This will
encourageinterest in our commwuty and its future wtrile cultivating tomono\tr's new leaders;
* Supportthe work of city staffand their enforcementof municipal by-laws;
* Reward employeeswith fast-trackedcareerpaths in the corporation for efficient, change-orianted
women and menthat are genuinelycommittedto public service.

a Voice
Community can be defined by the care peopletake of the place they live. The GHA has a long, proud and
distinguishedhistory of communities - all of which needto be heasuredand preserved.

Regardlessof wherein the GHA we live - Ancaster,Binbnook,Carlisle,Dundas,Flamborough,Glanbnook,

Greenville,Lynden,Rosedale,StoneyCreek,Tapleytown,Vinemount,Waterdown,Westdale,Winonaor other
community, amalgamationshipped away representationunnecessarily.We must find a way to give the GHA's
legacycommunitiesa viable and responsiblevoice.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will workwith auncil to:
* EmbraceCommunityAdvisory Councilsandprovidethem with authorityover definedlocal issues
that preserveand enhancea senseof community and identity. I have pushedfor the creation of these
* Establisha public consultationprocessto determinethe role, responsibilityand membershipof
CommunityAdvisory Councils.The processwould be led by an individual agreedupur by Council;
* Maintain Area Ratingswhich calculatethe tax rate basedon the preferredservicelwel definedby the
CommunityAdvisory Council in conjunctionwith electedrepresentatives;
* Rstrewour relationshipwith our legacycommunitiesto ensurethey havea stong voice and active
role to play in building a strong,healthyGHA;
* Create a Volurteer Corp to give intaested residentsthe opportunity to get involved at Community
Centres,Arenas,Libraries,and in helpingto beauti$ public spaces.
* SupportBusinessInvestme,nt Areasthroughoutthe GHA;
* Ensurethat our growing ethniccommunitiesare full and equalpartnas in the dwelopment of our
communityand are encouraged to participatefully in the political process.
* Supportand encouragethe HamiltonCenfrefor Civic Inclusion- a communityinitiative that uses
resourcesharingand communityparfrrashipsto createan openand inclusivecommunity.

l"mptoving DecisionMaking
A strongcommunity-based planningprocessthat emphasizesthe importanceandrelevanceof city planningis
crucial. Thereis a desperateneedin our communityto developa planningmodelthat successfullyengages
peoplein the planningand developmentprocess.Doing this will improvecommmity building and encourage
'buy-in' for future developmentand other initiatives.

The processwhich led to decisionson Aerotropolis,the Lister Block and Maple LeafFoodswas seriously
flawed. Decisionswere unnecessarilyrushed,public consultationwas limited, and discussionswere conducted
largelybehind closeddoorsand appearedto benefitselectindividualsat the expenseof local residsnts.

facing City Hall is the largepacentageof seniormanageme,nt

Another challe,nge and Council'stime day-to-
day businesscunently consumes.Although we needto dealwith importantdaily business,senic management
and Council shouldbe focusedon lmg-term planning.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I wlll work with council to:
* Increaseresourcesin the PlanningDepartment.We are critically short of professionalplannerswhich
has lead to unmanageableworkloads and slow-downs in process;
* Implementopenandtanspare,ntdecisionmaking processes that allow for meaningfulpublic
consultationsand thorough debate;
{. End reactivedecisionmaking and costly 'band-aidsolutions'throughproperplanning;
* Focus senior bureaucratsand Council on long-rangeplanning and priority management;
* Empowerjunior level staffto carry out the City's day-to-day activities.

MakinBGity Hall Work Better
Taxpayersare frusrated with City Hall. Taxeshave rise,nby more than l0 percentsince 2003, yet service
lwels have not improved. The simple fact is that Hamilton tfl(payers are not gefring value for their money.

We already know that City Hall doesnot generateenoughrevenueto cover {he costsof maintaining - let alone
expanding- the servicesit offers. After nearly l0 years, it strould be obvious that we cannot wait for things to
get better on their own.

To move the GHA forward, we must assesswhy the city behavesthe way it does.This assessmentmu$ include
a full review of how the bueaucracy is organizd namely who doeswhat and why. For us to succeed,we must
of thosewho consruneour City's
changeleadershipat City Hall. We must also determinethe o<pectations
goodsand services.

In many cases,wasteful spendinghas becomeenfenched, and all too often attanpts made by city staffto
improve the systemare ignored. City Hall must ernbraceexperimentation,risk-taking and empowercity staffto
get things done.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will wor* with councll to:
* Review andjusti$ all existing City programsfor cost necessityand efficiency;
* Createan Expenditure Review Committee with a mandateof finding waste and simplifying
governmentstructureat city hall;
* Ensure customersatisfactionand service is at the forefront ufien City departnents deal with residents.
A Provide residentswith compliment/complaint forms at all offices and online for customersto provide
their commentsabout City servicesthey've received;
* Revieweverythingthe city ownsto ma,rimizevalue by selling swplus lan4 buildingsand otha non-
essentialholdings that are taking up resourcesthat could be better used elsewhere;
.& Deal with staffing shortagesin the Planning Depar0nentdrat result in needlessand costly delays for
developersand citizensalike;
* Streamlinebureaucracyat City Hall and eliminatered hpe that hindersgrowth within the existing
urban boundary;
* Imposeterm limits of two four-year terms for the Mayor and Council;
* Freezethe Mayor's salary for fie first two-years of the four-year terrr;
* Eliminate the tax free portion of the Mayor and Councillors salary;
* Depoliticizethe Mayor's Office and guaranteedirect communicationbetweenthe Mayor and Council;
* Re-establishthe Parking Authority as an independentboar{
* Review the cun€nt parking strucnre to improve efficienry and fnd savings.On revenuesof $4.5
million, the City realizedonly $422,000;
a Hire a Chief Information Officer who will setthe City's strategicdirection for information
management,information technology and guidelines to improve service delivery.

Eachand everyday some25,000peopleleavethe GHA to go to work in other communities.That's 25,000
peopleuiho eat lunch,go shopping,fill up their carsand spendmoneyoutsideour community.And eachyear,
hundredsof graduating studentsfrom McMaster, Mohawk and other institutions leave the city and their
familiesto do the same.

And the news for somehas beenevenworse. In the past few years, peoplewith good paying jobs in the
manufacturing sectorhave lost their jobs, only to end up ununployed or working three minimum wagejobs to
make endsmeet.

Yet somehow,our cit5/'sleadershipthinks that job creationand economicopportunityare on the right fiack.
After threeyearsof inaction,this Februarycamementionof 2,500newjobs a year for the next five years-
then in Oc'tober,a promiseof 1,000newjobs a year for the next foursyears.It is no wonderthat peopleleave
the GHA in searchof employment.The simple fact is that the cureflt Mayor just doesn't get it.

DealingWith IncreasingPropertyTaxes
Taxpayersare frustated by the millions of dollarsthe City haswastedon endlesstask forcesand studiesm the
sameissues.The simplefact is thereis no shortageof greatideasto move our communityforward - the
problan is a lack of leadershipto maketheseideasa reality.

Over the years,our commercialand industial tax basehas dwindledleavingus overly dependenton our
residential tax base.At one time 70 percentof our tax basewas commercialtoday residential taxpayerspick up
70 pacent of the burden.The result is nwer-endingreside,ntialtax increasesdespiteclaimsto the confary.
Since2003,residentialtaxeshaveincreasedmore than l0 percent.This is unsustainable and must stop.

The time hascometo confrontthe hard tuth aboutour City's financial position.Hamiltm's physicaland social
infrastucture is deterioratingandthe city is ch'ronicallyshortof money.Since2003 we've begunto depleteour
reserveswhile othermunicipalitieshaveaddedto theirs.

Amalgamationpromisedcostsavingsfor municipalities- savingswe haveyetto realize.We cannot wait any

longer for otherlevelsof govemmentto solveour financialproblems.We musttakethe leadf conductinga
comprehensive review of how and wherewe spendmoncy. Our goal shouldbe to identify and realizethe cost
savingsproposedtfuough amalgamation.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will work with council to:
a Identify and realizethe costsavingsproposedthroughamalgamation;
* Give the independentAuditq a mandateto conduct a value for money audit to determinewho, what,
where,when andhow taxpayersmonsy is being spent;
€s Manageour financesresponsiblyand stopdepletingowroserves;
A Work to reducetar<esby delivering servicesmore efficiently and effectively;
.:. Make City Hall relevant and effective for residentsby delivering servicesthat peoplewant and need.

10 Real Choice,Real Change.

FairnessandEqualityfor Tenants
Tenant householdsaccountfor a fifth ofor population and eam halfthe averageannual income of
homeouners. Thoy also contribute a greate,rpercentageoftheir income torrards property taxes.

The City cunently taxesmultiresidential buildingsat a rate 2.74limes lhat of single-frmily homes.Sincetaxes
are paid by landlords and te,nantsdo not get tax bills, many are unar /arehow much they pay in properly tax.
This results in undue financial hardstripand a higher rate of poverty among tenants.We must act now to bring
aansparencyand ensureftirness and equality to tenant taxation.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will wo* with councilto:
* Conduct a rwiew of city servicesprovided for tenantsto determinethe appropriatetaxation level
basedon servicesreceived;
.:. Provide tenantswith their tax bill so they know how much they actually pay in tax;
* Develop an action plan to createequity in taxation for tenants;
* Enforce property standardsat multi-residential units to help protect tenants;
* Encourageparticipation of tbnantsin the recycling and green cart programs.

The GreaterHamilton Area is fortunateto have prime agricultural landstogether wittr facilities for food and

Agriculture is a billion dollar a year industry in our commumty with sigrificant potential for growth and
diversity. We produce werything in the GHA from grapesusedin award winning Ontario wines, to peaches,
pearg apples,stawberries, corn, charies and almost everything in between.

To many living in the rural communities, agriculture is part of everyday life and is an industry with temendous
opportunity to enhanceboth the qualrty oflife and our local economy.

However, due to urban sprawl, many ofthese fragile lands are being destoyed. Our community must dwelop a
plan to protect fragile lands without dependingon the province to do it for us. Local frrmers know better than
land developerswhat lands are best suited for agficulture. We must act now to help local farmers and to protect
this fiagile resource.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will wortwith couneilto:
A Inoease the awarenessof the importanceof agriculture in our community;
* Effectively limit urban sprawl to protect prime agricultural lands;
* Work with the province to fix inconsistenciesin the greenbelt. Cunently, somefragile land is
excluded from the greenbelt while other land not suitable for agriculture is protected;
.!. Developa'buy local' initiative to promotepurchasinglocally grown oops.

RealGhoice,RealChange. 11
A strong and vibrant economywill give us the resourceswe needto support important commrmity building
initiatives. We are fortmate to have taditioral industies like manufacturing,agriculture and tansportatior thd
are international in scope.We also have top notch educational,health servicesand researchfacilities that
provide a catal$ for growth by creating new employment opportunities for our graduates.

To build a sfrong economy,we must get the fimdamenals right. First we must not forget about our current
businessesand entrepreneurswho are alreadyconfiibuting to our local economy.In today's global economy,
jobs and investmentcan pick up and leave on short notice - so we must stay competitive.

If we want to attract business,we must learn to run City Hall like a business.In other words, we should run our
City efficiently andproductivelywith a focuson resultsandputting the customerfirst. For years,our City's
leadershave saidthatjob creationandattractingnew businesswas a top priorify. But you'd nwer know it. For
years,Hamiltonhasbeenout-spenton EconomicDevelopmentby neighbouringcities smallerthan we are.

Right now Flamiltonspendssignificantlylessthan Kitchener,Barrie, London,Windsor,Burlington andyes,

evenBrantfordon EconomicDevelopment.This must change.To atfact jobs and new business,we must do
more thanjust talk about it. The fust step is to remove Economic Dwelopment from the Planning Departrnent.

I proposeestablishinga city-ownedprivately managedEconomicDevelopmentAgenry similar to the

successfulHamilton Utility Corporation.This new Agenry would be properly fundedand follow an aggressive
and measurableeconomicdevelopmentstrategy.Both London and Bwlington haveimplementedsimilar
modelsand experiencedtemendousresults.

West of Toronto,Mississauga,Oakville and Burlington haveall experiencedthe ripple effectfrom Toronto-

now Hamilton is losing out to Brantford.It's time that peoplein the GHA hadjob opportunitiesat home-
insteadof spmding countlesshours commutingoutsidethe city.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I will worl<with council to:
* RevitalizeEconomicDevelopmentby creatinga new city-ownedprivately managedAgencysimilar to
the Hamilton Utility Corporation.This non-profit agenq would be fundedandmandatedby the City;
A Establishan aggressiveand measwableeconomicdevelopmentsfategy to attact and activelypursue
targetedindustryand commercialentaprises;
A Match spendingby othermunicipalitieson EconomicDwelopment- by doubling our current
spendingfrom $1.45to $3 million per year;
* Createa BusinessDevelopmentoffice to assistnew immigrantslooking to openbusinesses in our
community.This office would providelicensing,by-law, planningand financingadvice;
* Develop a plan for Filn & Television Production that encouragesproduction companiesto shoot in
the GHA in orderto qualif for the l0 percentbonusunderthe OntarioFilm & TelevisionTax Credit;
* Expand EnterpriseZonesto help rwitalize the most economically distressedareasof our community.
EnterpriseZonesincludetax incentives,performancegrantsand loansdesignatedto geographicareas;
* Createan e-Commercestrategyto atfracthigh-techcompaniesand high-techjobs;
+ Work with local businessleadersto identit/ growth opportunitiesin existingindusties;
* Establisha joint strategywith McMasterto atfact biotechnology and bio-medicalopportunities;
* Developa'Buy Local' campaigrto encouragelocal businesses to purchaselocally producedgoods.
This would stimulatejobs, opportunityand new tax revenues;
* Ensurethat EconomicDevelopmentdecisionsfollow the fiple bottom line, (TBL) waluation proccss,
balancingeconomicconcernswith socialconsiderations andthe environment.

L2 Real Ghoice.Real Change.

Transportatiur affects all aspectsof our daily lives. Whetheryou live and work in the GF{A or commuteto
work elsewhere,our systemor rodways and public tansit impacts eachof us daily.

Our commmity has unparalleledaccessto water, rail, air and land hansportation. Developing an integrated
transportationplan will enableus to maximize our use of the various modesof transportationavailable, and
will help make the G}IA a transportationhub that will enableus to better attract new businessesto our

Public hansit is an importantmunicipal serviceto any community.The HSR providesmuch neededtransit
serviceto local commutersin Hamilton. In recentyears,the HSR has experiencedan increasein rider ship due
to the intoduction of severalinnovative passes,suchas the undergraduateand Employer Commuter pass.

But ifyou've had the chanceto usethe HSR latety, you know first hand that improvementsare neededto make
the servicemore convenientand userfiiendly. Many of the problemsthe HSR is experiencingarerelatedto a
lack of firndingwhich fanslatesinto reducedfrequencyand scheduling.In the monthsto come,the City will
receiveits shareof the federalgastax rebate.This will amountto millions of dollars.

Other municipalitiesin the goldenhorseshoeplan to usetheir rebatesto intoduce or expandcommutertansit

services.Hamilton must follow suit to bring funding levelsfor transitin line with thoseof othermunicipalities.

Public transit whether bus or rail plays an important part in the GHA. Moving forward we must invest
additional resourcesin the HSR, and lobby VIA and GO Transit to expandtheir servicesin our community.

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Mayor I will workwith council b:

* Workwith the provincialgovernmentandnewGreaterTorontoTransitAuthorifyto extendGO

Transitserviceto EastHamiltonandbeyondto Niagar4
* Make purchasingbuseswith the lowestpossibleemissionsstandardfor the HSR fleet;
* Get daily VIA rail servicein Hamilton. Eight VIA trains passttnough our City every weekday
stoppingin Grimsbyand Burlington- let's useexistingfrcilities to bring backVIA s€rviceto GHA;
{. Use 100% of the federal gastax rebateto improve public transit and roadwaysin our community;
a Add buseson the B-Line to handleinoEasedvolume during peakhour demand;
* Install bicycle racksm Main line busesto aid local commuters;
* Createa working group of major transportationproviders - ship, tuck, air and rail (STAR) - in the
GHA to develop a fransportationplan;
* Infoduce dedicatedbirycle laneswheneverroad and sidewalkreplacementis required;
a Infoduce dedicatedbus lanes on major routesto help speedup service and increasevolume;
.:r Expandthe commurity wide network of trials to promote walking and cycling;

Hamilton Port Authorlty

The Hamilton Port is well positioned to becomeone ofthe bestports on the great lakes.Traffic congestionon
our roadways,the high cost ofjet fuel, and the shortageoftuck drivers createshuge potential to provide cost
effective movement of goodsproducedin the golden horseshoe.

We already know Toronto has no interest in dweloping their Port for shipping and navigation. That leavesour
Port as the only major shipping altemative in the golden horseshoe- a major opportunity we can not ignore.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI wlll wotl<withcouncilb:
* Continue to developa healthy working relationship with the City;
* Supportthe Port in realizing new shipping and shipping related commercial opportunities.

Hamilton InternationalAirport

Hamilton lntsrnational Airport is becoming an important part of our local economyand our overall
hansportation plan. Ow airport has significant potential to provide cargo servicesand new passengerserviceto
popular destinations.In the last decadeour airport has seenten-fold growth in cargo and passengervolume.

1n2002, a report recommendedthat the City should spearheadinitial developmentof the airport lands within
the existing urban boundary.This recommendationwas put forward due to the agricultural, environmental,
social impactsand cost ofservicing the entire3000 acresidentified.

Although airpct expansionmay seemlike a good idea on paper,the processby which the proposed
Aerotropolismovedaheadwas seriouslyflawed. Despiterecommendations to the contary and with little
regard for the residentsanoundthe airport, City leadershipdecidedto push atreadwith plans to developthe

With plans for Aerotopolis now delayedfor pahaps severalyears,the new Council has the chanceto do urhat
should have beendone from the start - engagein thorough public consultations.Before any decision is made,
we must also have open and fiank discussionswith the operatorsofthe federal priority airport, Pearson
International in Toronto.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As ttayor I wlll wor*wlth auncll to:
f. Openthelinesof communicatim
* Engagein frorough public consulations to determine future developmenton lands aroundthe airport.
The province made their position clear on this project. Now GHA residentsneedthe samechance;
* Develop specific criteria for new commercial and indusfrial employment lands aroundthe airport to
ensurethat job and revenuecreation will justifr investment in infrastructure by the municipality.

$etting our Fair Shareof Funding
Over the past few years, Ontarianshave becomeacutely aware of the funding gap betweenthe federal and
Ontario governments.Ontario's aggressivecampaignput the fimding gap on the radar screenof the federal and
all provincial governments.Hamilton must do the samewith the province.

We all agreethat provincial downloading of social servicescreateda financial strain on municipalities. During
the last provincial election, the current governmentpromised to correct the imbalance.Yet nearty three years
later, social servicescontinue to be funded by municipalities and the GHA still has an annual fiurding shortfrll
of up to $19 million dollans.

Surprisingly, just last month the currsflt Mayor indicated that he had taken a positive 'first step' in buitding a
relationship wittr the province. After nearly three years in office taking 'first steps' at this late date is totally

After years of chronic financial strain, it is just plain inesponsibleto seekanything lessthan our fair shareof
stable, long-term fimding from the province.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will wort with cv.uncilto:
* Get our fair shareof stable, lurg-term funding from the provincial governmentto addressthe GFIA's
tunding gap;
* Make surethat the GHA receivesits fair shareof all federal and provincial funding programsand
* Rebuild our relationship with the provincial and federal governments.Barriers were oeated I the
Red Hill Expresswaylawsuit and the perceptionof dishonestyresulting from the Mayor's ongoing
legal battles and conviction for violating provincial election act legislation.

RealChoice.RealChange. 15
A strong community provides opportunities for all citizens to live their lives to the fullest. It provides ample
opportunity for early and ongoing education,a robust economywith oppornmities for long term gainftl
employment, and cultmal and recreatiural opporturities to foster an active healthy lifestyle.

To createa vibrant and stong community we must ensurethat a range of opportuities exist for all citizens
regardlessof where in the communrtythey live or their economicbackground.Creating a healthy, clean
cornmunity that provides serviceswtrere and when they are neededshould be our goal.

A HealthierGreaterHamiltonArea
Healthy communities are clearly defined by how we care for those in need. Whether challengedby health
issues,disability or economic circumstances,a healthy community provides a broad rangeof support services
to thosethat require than.

Making swe every person in the GHA has accessto a family doctor and to top quality health care is our most
urgent concern.Curently some 60,000 residentsin the GHA do nd have a family doctor. This is unacceptable,
and City llall must do somethingabout it.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As ttayor I will worl<with councilb:
A Consida a new community health cente with the provincial govemment to provide healttr servicesto
people on the south mountain. The health centrewould be similar to St. Joseph'son King Street;
':' Recruit 100 new doctorsover five yearsto addressthe doctor shortageand accountfor retirements;
':' Support the Hamilton Academy of Medicines submissionto the Ministry of Health asking for funding
to atfact new doctors. Currently Brantford and Budington are consideredunder-servicedareasand
receive special finding fiom the province for doctor recruitment. Hamilton is not consideredunder-
servicedby the Ministry even though many of our doctor's are in researchand development-not in
frrll-time medicalpractice.

A GleanerHamilton
Our Harbour is a huge resourcefrom an environmentaland economicperspective.For many years however, it
has also beenconsidereda toxic hot spot.

During my time as Chairmanof the Hamilton Port Authonify,we developeda plan to capand fill RandleReef.
This plan was acceptedby the majority of stakdroldersas the preferredsolution. The next stepwas to develop
a long-termrestorationand revitalizationplan.

Although this soundspretty straight forward, restoring the Harbour to Remedial Action Plan, standardsis not
an easyor ino<pensivegoal. In fact, moving forward will requiresignificantupgades and rehofitting of the
City's wastewatercollection and treatmentfacility. Thesenecessaryimprovementswill come at cost much
greater than our water and sewerrates can support. That is why we cannot do it alone. We needthe provincial
and federal governmentshelp.

For the pastthreeyears,we haveseenlittle progresson this exhemelyimportantand symbolicprojectfor our

Community.Our greatestenvironmentalachievementwill be the remediationof RandleReefand the delisting
of our Harbouras a toxic hot spot.ft's time to move forward,

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As MayorI will workwith councilto:
* Establisha Public ConsultationProcess,wtrich includesharbourindustriesand other levelsof
governmentto acceleratethe Hamiltm-HarbourWaterQuality Improvementhoject to reducethe
cleantime haizon fiom 35 to l0 years;
* Pursuethe federal and provincial governmeritsto provide money and resourcesrequired to delist the
harbouras a toxic hot spot;
+ Support innovative storm water management,wata collection and reduction strategiesto reducethe
impact from urban dwelopments;
A Invest in our WastewaterCollectionand TreatmentFacility to help reducethe ammoniaand
phosphorousdischugesthat are harmingour Harbour'secosystem;
€. Comple{ethe rernainingCombineSewerOverflow Tanksas identifiedin the WastewaterInvestment
Needs Strategy.
* Upgrade our WasteWater TreatmentPlant to ensurethat all wastewater receivesprimary treatment
prior to being discharged.

Studiesby Health Canadaand other agencieshave linked a number of airbome containmentsto significant
respiratory health problems. Although we can't solve air pollution by ourselves,there are somestepswe can
take to reducevehicle emissionsand improveair quality.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I will work witr couneilto:

* Reduceunnecessary idling in the City by passinga by-law limiting idling to no morethanthree

minutesin a given 60 minuteperiod-just like the City of Toronto;
* Make surethe City's vehicle purchasingpolicy considersfuel efrciency, emissionslevelsand
environmentalbenefitsin additionto lengthof service;
* Encourageand firnd tee planting programsthroughout the GHA;
* Supportthe expansionof a community-wide network of trails and linkages to promote walking and
cycling throughoutthe GHA;
* Pursuethe developmantof a major district heating plan using wasteheat from industry to heat public
and private buildingsin the downtowncore.

RealGhoice.RealGhange. 17
Waste Management
When it comesto wastemanagemcnt,the Greata Hamilton Area is very fortunate. We have institr$ed
successfulrecycling programswhich have resulted in diverting a large amount of uaste fiom our landfill. We
also rely on our o\^mlandfill ftcility rather than sendingwasteto Michigan.

Prior to amalgamdion, the region of Hamilton Wentworth initiat€d a Waste ldanaganent SteeringCommittee
and public consultationprocessthat resulted in our cunent waste managementand diversion targets.We must
continueto minimize our landfill useby working towardsreachingour goal of 65 pacent wastediversion.

Moving the GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I wiil wort with ouncil to:
a Establish
a PublicConsultation
hocessto dwelopa long-term
A diversion target of 65 percentof waste tom the landfill;
Work towards meeting our r^xaste

MorePoliceon 9ur Streets

We all agreethat safe streets,safeplaygroundsand safeschool yards are the bedrock of a healthy community.
We also agreethat everyonehas the right to be safe from crime.

In May 2005, the Hamilton Police Servicereleasedtheir Year End Statisticd Report on Crime. The reput cited
a decreasein all offencecategorieswith the exceptionofrobberies.All in all, this report showeda significant
reduction in criminal activity over the past l0 years.

Although we have made significant progrcssin making ou city safer over dre last decade,there is still more to
do. We can target the crime'related problemson our steets resulting from drugs, gangsand violence. We can
increasepolice presanceand enforcementfor speedingand other summaryoffences in the rural and suburban
areas.And we can support downtovm core revitalizatior by helping residentsand visitors feel safer dovmtown.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I wlll wort<wlth councll to:
* Get our fair shareof stable funding to hire up to 100 new police officers over the next four years
through a new federal governmentcost sharing plan;
* Deploy 25 new officers in the downtown cue;25 officers throughout the city to deal with specific
offences- like robbery, and up to 50 new officers in rural and suburbanareas;
* Install up to l0 new camerasin the downtown conealmg JamesStreetNorth and at the foot of Hess
* Renew our focus to get drugs offour streetsand ensurelhat proper oommunity-taseOinitiatives
relating to education,prevention and addictions treatnent srdst.

18 Real Choice.Real Ghange.

One in five people in our community are living in poverty. As a community, we know that daling with poverty
is key to both our economic and social development.The future health of our community dependsas much on
pov€rty reduction as it doeson other poliry initiatives.

The Flamilton Roundtablefor Poverty Reduction, (IIRTR) is a group comprisedof community membersand
representativesfrom business,voluntary organizations,and the public sec{orand funding bodies. It is
impaative that the City of Hamiltur continue to support and collaboratewith ttre HRTR.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As tayor I will worlcwi/fncouncilto:
* Support the Hamilton Roundtablefor Poverty Reduction;
€c. Shift our emphasisfiom trying to alleviate to preventing poverty in our community;
* Build consensuswith local poverty groups and developa stategy to help prevent poverty;
* Adopt bestpracticesusedin othercommunities
A Continue to educateurd inform the citizens of ways to help

& SocialServices
Ontario is one of the only jwisdictions in Nqth Americathat hasplacedthe costof social servicesand social
housingsquarelyon the shouldersof the municipaltaxpayer.The downloadingfrom the provinceto the
municipalitieshascausedan increasingfinancial burdenon our municipaltax base.

The identifiedshortfall is some$19 million dollarsannually.For the pastseveralyears,we havebeenfortunate

in that the Ontario govemmenthas coveri:d someof the shortfall on a y€ar-tGyear basis.But we are starting to
fall behind. We are also challengedby the fact that the province continuesto regulate programsthat they no
longer fund. Theseever-changingstandardsare also leadingto increasedcostsfor municipalities.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Mayor I will wor* wlth auncil to:
* Pressurethe provincial governmentto take the social servicesand housing programsoffthe municipal
tax baseor to pool with othercommunitiesin the goldenhorseshoeto help balancethe burden;
.:. Get our frir shareof stable, lorg-term funding from the province to addressthe ongoing $19 million
dollar gap. We need a long-term solution to this problem in order to properly budget for our future;
* Insist on additional fimding fiom the federal and provincial governmentsin recognitiur ofthe
increaseddemandsfor serviceson older communities.

Peopletoday are living longa than wer before. With this comesthe needto ensureservicesare available and
accessibleu,trenneeded.As baby-boomersstart to retire, we must considerthe things we dependon in our
daily lives through the eyesof seniors.We must also work to createan environme,ntfrat supputs individuals in
their desireto maintain their independencefor as long as possible.

Movingthe GreaterHamiltonArea Forward

As Itapr I will worltwith councilto:
* Support efforts by the Ontario Association ofNon-profit Homes and Servicesfor Seniorsto get
increasesin provincial funding for lurg-term care facilities;
* Lobby the provincial governmentto keep its 2003 election promise to increasethe pa diem for
residentsof long term carefrcilities by $4,084per resident.
€. Continueproviding adequatelang term carefacilities for seniorsliving in the GHA.

RealChoice.RealChange. L9
Over the next thirty years, 80 percent of Canada'spopulation and economicgrowth will be concentated in the
major city regions of Toronto, Murtreal, Hamilton, Vancouver, O6awa, Calgary and Edmonton. Although
2036 seemsfar ofi we needto start planning now to make the GFIA a place our childre,nand grand children
will be proud to call home.

Over the past few monthg I have met with thousandsof people acrossthe GHA - and they all agreedon two
things. First, there is no shortageofgood ideasttrat could tansform our Crty for the better, and second,people
want their leadersto tackle problemshead on and stop 'just talking' about them.

In the months and years ahead,we needto establishand follow a clear and positive direction that will produce
a sustainableCity. Proper planning, discipline and a love of the GHA will move us forward together.

SmartGrowth& ManaglngUrbanSprawl
After three years of sprawl growth, the time has cometo bring an intelligent balanceto the way in which our
City develops.Looking ahead,we know our community will experiencesignificant growth over the nefi ten to
fifteen years - and we must plan and preparefor it.

The expertsagreethat urban sprawl is a costly developmentsfategy that increasesinfrasfucture development,

repair and maintenancecosts.Knowing thesefrcts, the current Mayor has encouragedsprawl growth - to the
dismayof many rtual residentsand the provincialgovemment.

Moving forward, we must start managingour developmentland in an intelligent and sustainablemanner.Urban

sprawlmust be limited, while revitalizatim of the downtowncoreand redwelopmentof brown fields is
encouraged.Basedon our City's financial state,it is inesponsibleto spendmillions of dollarsexpandingsewer
and water servicesto new land rryhenwe have plenty of servicedlurd within our boundariesready to redwelop.

Focusing on revitalization and redevelopmentwill enableus to increaseour tax baseat very little cost. This
will shengthenour City's financialposition,promotecivic pride and enhanceour imageoutsidethe GFIA.

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Mayor I wlll workwlth cr,uncll b:

* Promoteour City anddwelopmentopportunities to privateandpublicmonry lenders.Many

businesses wantingto locateor expandin the GHA areunableto securefinancingasmanylenders
will not financebrownfield projectsor projectsin dovmtownFlamilton;
.3. Awardmunicipalbankingservicesto financialinstitutionsttratactivelyfinancedowntovmandbrown
fi eld developmentprojects;
* Combinelice,nsing andredevelopment incentivesfor commercial parkinglotsto promote
redevelopment anddiscourage furtherdemolitionthatresultsin mue parkinglots in thecore;
* Reducedevelopment chargesfor all infill andhown field projectsto helppromotethewiseand
efficientre-useof our existinginfrastucture;
':. Ensuregreenfield dwelopmentchatgescoverthefirll costsof necessary infrastuctre andservices;
* Followthetiple bottomline standardby ensuringthatEconomicDevelopmeirt decisionsconsida
economic,socialandenvironmental issuesfrirly andequitably;
* Adhereto Smartgrowthprinciplesby rejectingcallsfor firdrer urbanboundaryexpansion until we
developa significantportionof landwithin our oristingboundaries;
* Reducerural andsuburban taxesby increasing thetax basein thedowntowncore;
* Enhancesupportfor all BusinessInvestmentAreasthroughortthe city;
* Createincentiveprogramsto encourage dwelopmentandbeautificationin our downtowns;
+ Extendthefagadeimprovement grantprogramto includeall thedovmtownareas.
* Utilize Vision2020asa roadmapfor sustainable futuregrowth;

Harbourand W?terfrontDevelopmen!
Duringmy time m Council,I wasinvolvedin therestorationandredwelopmentofthe WestHarbour.
Togetherwith ottrerson Council,we negotiatedtre purchase
of shorelinelandsfromCN. Wethensecured
fundingfor thedevelopment of thewaterfianttail fiom CootesParadisgunderthehigh levetbridgeto the
Harbourfront Parb Pier8 andbeyond.

Today,theCN landstogetherwith the formerindustial sitefromthehigh levelbridgeto Pier8, is pahapstre

mostsignificantfuttnewatafront dwelopmentsite.

TherearemanyBrownfieldpossibilitiesfor this landincluding:sustainable housingpoweredby altonative

energysources;work-livespacesfor artistsandoaftsrnan;commercialandrgail opportunities; museums
reflectingfre historyof rail andhistoricalstripbuildingoncedoneat Beasl€ylandingjust belowDundrnn
castle,andmuchmme.This landcouldbecqnea majortouristatbaction- orjust a placefor localresidentsto

Workingin parhershiptogetrer,theCity andthe HamiltonPortAuthoritymustdwelopa planto getother

landownersonsidein the dwelopmentof newcommercialandrecreational opportunities
to ourlrnterftont.

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Nayor I will worl<wldt auncil b:

* Forma development corporatimthat wouldhamessthevisionandwisdomof numerousstudies

conducted overtheyearsandrecommend a planto moveforward;
!.. Revitalizethewaterfrontandimprovepublicaccess;
.& Workwith arearesidentsanddwelopersto createrecreationalopportunities
thatrespectthe local
communitywhile appealingto the surromdingcommunityasa year-rounddestination.

RealGhoice.RealGhange. 2l
& Culture
TheGreatertdamiltonAreais hometomanygreatartists,anterlainers,
importantcontibtrtionsto our citiesidentity.

Thereis plentyto celebratein our localartscommunity- fiom our SymphonyOrchestaandOpaa,to the

manyculturalfacilitieslike HamiltonPlace,TheafieAquariusandtheConventionCentre.Otha exciting
facilitiesincludenewandexistingArt GalleriesandthebeautifullyrestoredArt Galleryof Hamilton,not to
mentionthefabulousbookstores,art gallaiesandartistsstudiosin thoJamesSteetNortharea.

Buildingon our solidfoundationrequiresstong leadership

andthenecessary resources that our cultural
communitydemands. It is onethingto opena newvenuqbut quiteanolherto sustainit. To build uponpast
success,our artscommunityrequiresongoingstablesupportanda planfor the future.

Time andagain,theavailabilityof recreational andculturalopportunitieshasprovento bea majorreasonu,hy

individualsandbusinesses chooseto locateto onecommunityoveranother.Qualityarts,€nt€rtainmerit,
sportingandculturalactivitiesis an importantaspectto our City's EconomicDevelopment stdegy - we cannot
affordto takeor artsandcultwal communityfor granted.

Movingforwar4 theCity mustwork togetherwith theartscommunityto fosterdwelopmentof thearts,

encourage andcoordinationbetweenartists,advocatefor theartsbeforepublicandprivate
anddevelopa long-termplanto furthertheartsin our communitywhereverpossible.

As residentswe too havea role to play,ondit is quitesimple- uilrenyou go to anart gall€ry,bookstore,

theate or otherart or culturalweirt, takeyour kids,anddo it often!

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Mayorlwlllworl<with couneitb:

* Launcha comprdrensive culturalplanningreviewto dwelop I ten-yearstrat€gicplanto definethe

role of theCity in supportingttreartsandculflre;
A Strangthen theArts AdvisoryCouncilto advocate for theartsandarich culturallife in theGHA;
A Encowage theArtsAdvisoryCouncilto workwith thenewEconomicDevelopment Agencyto help
promoteartsandculturein theGHA;
* Supportthe em€rgngJamesSfteetNorthartsandculturaldistrict.
.8. Parherwith localschoolsto helplink aspiringartistsandentertainers with thelocalartscommunity,
interestedbusinesses andorganizatiurs;
* Identifyandquantifythevariot$Arts andCultureactivitiesthroughoutthe GHA

22 Real Choice,Real Ghange,

Film & Television

Film andTelevisionis a growingindusty in our cqnmunityin lorgepartdueto lhe manyadvantages

to productioncompanies shootingin theGHA. Since1999,theFilm LiaisonOfficehasbeenquiteeffectivein
atbactingvariousfilm andtelsvisionprojects.

Our locatiol andproximityto Tordrto,themultimediaandtelwision brmdcastingprogramsat Mc,lvlaster and

Mohauiktogetherwith theregionaltax oedit bonusundertheOntarioFiltn & Telwision Tur Creditprovide
the GFIAwith fte buildingblocksto becomE a regionalcenfiefor filrn andtelevisionpnoductiur.This is
anotheropporturif that couldhelpusbuild ow artsandentertainment industry.

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Mayor I wlil wortwlth @uncll to:

* Developa planfor Filn & Televisionhoductionthatencourages productioncompanies to shootin

the GHA in orderto guafiryfor the l0 pacentbonusunderthe OntarioFilm & Telwision Tor Crediq
A EstablishunderthenswEconomicDwelopmentAgencya Film & Telwision DwelopmentOfficerto
* Identifr vacantcommercialpropertiesthatcouldhousea filrn studioandproductionfacilities;

McMasterUniversitycontinuesto leadtheuny in researc{r
housedonthe forma Camcosite,savesasan excellentexampleof successfulbrownfield redevelopment.

TheParkwill build on McMasterUniversity'sreputatimasa cenfe of excellence in theareaof research.City

Hall hasgottenbehindthe projectby contibuting $5million towardsiteacquisitionandtheconstuctionof a
incubator,But thereis still muchmoretheCity candoto movethis projectforrryard.

Well overa yearago,the federalgovernment announced

thattlreOttnwalocationof CANMETwouldbe
relocatedto theMcMasterInnovatiurhrk. TheplanwasthatCANMETwouldbecomethemainanchortenant
of the InnovationPark.Wthout furthu delaywe mustmoveforwardandobtaina final commitmenton the
futureof the CANMETrelocationto the InnovatiorPark.

Thelurg rangeplanfor theInnovationParkwouldseea bicyclefriendly,taffic calmed,twe,nty-four

conmunitywith morethan 1.7million squarefeetof research
andamaiity space.It wouldbei placeto work
restandplaywhile encouragingcreativityandresearch.

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As ifapr I wIIl wort<with @unell to:

{' Supportthedevelopment of the InnovationParkthroughourCity plarningandlicensingdeparfinenb;

* Confirmthe federalgovernment's intentionto locatetheCANMETMaterialsTec{rnology Laboratory
astheanchortenantofthe InnovationPark;
* Createane-Commerce andhigh-techjobs;
sfrategyto athacthigh-tectrcompanies
* Establishajoint statqgywith McMasterto atFactbio,technology andbio-medicalopportunities;

RealChoice.RealChange. 23
Our Conmunityhasenviablenaturalbeautymostcitiescouldonly dreamof. TheNiagua EscarpmantBruce
Trail, the Wat€rfrmtandmanydher featuresarea naturalshowcase.

Throug[rurttheGHA, peoplearendicing that city-ovmedlandis not beingmaintainedproperly.Our.main

'first impression'of our community.Yet, orits off mainarterialroadways
roadlfiys providevisitus with a
suchasthi LincolnAlsrander parlnuay andtheQEWareovergrown.Floralandshrubdisplaysargundformer
.*iAp"fity namesareleft untended. ina orr kid's soccerfieldshavegrassthat is nottimmed oftenenough.
tvteanwhileprivateproperties,like theListerBlock,areleft for yans t6 det€'riorate.This is unacceptable'

Wemustrestorethebeautyof the GHA andrestorecivic pridein otr communrf.We candothis by settingan

ttroughouttheCity, andespeciallyin the dovmtowncore.

Takingpridein or Cmrmunhiesthroughbeautificatimandenforcement of foperty standaf-dswill-improve

our Ciiy's imageandmakepeoplefeel betteraboutwherethery Improring our imagewill urly helpwith
our EconomicDeveloPment Plans,

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Mayor I wlll worl<wldr co.uncllb:

* Publicizepropertystandards andengage the publicin helpingto eirforceCity by'laws;

.:. Launcha comprdiensive rwiew andrenewalof city by-lawsandenforcement procedwes- by-laws
setveno purposeif they'renot enforced;
* Replacenard numberswithnanssto fostera scnseof communityandreinforcethehistorical
of ourneighbourhoods.
sigrrificance New nrardnameswouldbechosenby citizensliving in theward
througha definedprocess;
* Enfor-ce propertystandards qr residential,commercialandcity-ownedpop.rty acrossfite GHA. The
ListerSl-oc[ was allowed to decaybecause propertystandards w€renot enforced;
{. Maintaincity-ownedlands,neighboyhoodparks,art€rialroadwaysanddher publicspaces to
improvethe cleanliness andimageof our community;
.!l O&elop a beautificatiqrstategyfor tre LinoolnAloranda Parkwayusingmanicuredcommercial
landscaping similarto thatalongtheGardinerExpressway in Toronto;
a Estabnihg"trr*y signageon the403andQEWwelcomingvisitorsandresidents hometo theGHA.
Signagecouldbesimilarto thosein Burlinglon, Brantford and St Catharines;
+ EfranlAte ,Adopta Boulevard'progun to help beautifycity boulevards with supportfiom the
* ilestorethe flowersandgreeneryto our manyboulevards thd wastakenawayafterthe 2003election-
Manyboulevardswerefully plantedand featrnedinigation systerns- let's bringthe beautyback!

lmprovingour DowntownAreas
For theGreaterHamiltm Areato functionproperlywe needto revitalizethedowntowncore.Everynew
businessor residentialpropertywe redevelopin the corewill inoeasethetax base,andhelpto reducetaxation
levelsin outlyingareas.Forthisreason,revitalizingourdowntowncoreis a majorprimty.

Pria to amalgamdion,the old city of Hamiltoninstituteda rangeof programsto stimulateredevelopment in

the downtolvncore.Theseprogramswaiveddevelopment charges,refundsdplanningapplicationfeesand
buildingpermits,providedgrantsto convertbasement, secondandthird floor ruritsto apar[nents,andceated
EnterpriseZonesthatallowedfor tax incremental financing.Theseprogramsresultedin continualprogressin
our dovmtovmcore- butthereis still moreto do.

Amalgamation broughttogethervariouscommmitieswith a numberof vib,rantdovmtownareas.Our suburban

andrural 'downtown'areasform animpchnt partof the localhistoryandidentity.Movingforwardwe must
areaccessibleandawilableto our otherbusinessimprovement areas.

Moving the Greater Hamilton Area Forward

As Mayor I will wor*with &uncil b:

* Institutefreeparkingin thedowntowncoreafter5pmweekdays andall daySaturdayandSrmdayto

helpsupportrestaurants andentertainment
facilitiesin thedorvntowncore;
* Continuerwitalizing our downtowncoreandreuseexistinginfrastructure andland;
.' SupporttheDowntovrnRenenalOfficeasthe singlepointof contactat City Hall for publicand
* Recognizeandacton themanyissuesfrcedby thevariousdowntownareasin our Community;
.! Supporttheeffortsofthe DowntownRenewalOfficeto improveotr manydowntownandbusiness
improvement areas;
a Managerrban sprawlto encourage reuseof existinginfiastucturein our dovmtovmareasand
confolling theescalatingcostof newinfrastructure createdby wban sprawl;

RealGhoice.RealGhange, 25