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1. RS-232 is a standard that applies to: A. serial ports B. parallel ports C. game ports D. networks E. digital frequencies Answer :A 2.

Comm A. B. C. D. E. ports use: (select all that apply) 9 pin male connector 14 pin female connector 25 pin male connector edge connector parallel connector

Answer :A, C 3. Before A. B. C. D. E. a modem transmits, it send a: RTS DTR DSR RQS TRX

Answer :A 4. RTS stands for: A. ready to start B. ready to switch C. request to send D. request to scan E. ready to set Answer :C 5. In modem terminology, CD stands for: A. collect data B. call data C. cease deliver D. carrier detect E. comm detect Answer :D 6. UART is a type of serial chip. Its letters stand for: A. unidirectional access regarding transmission B. universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter C. upper advanced real transfer D. unable all restore t-bits E. use all rom types Answer :B

7. Select A. B. C. D. E.

all true statements: com1 and com3 share com1 and com4 share com2 and com3 share com2 and com4 share com1 and com2 share

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Answer :A, D 8. In modems that support more than 300 baud, baud and bps do not mean the same thing. A. true B. false Answer :A 9. "bps" stands for bits per second. Baud is the number of discrete signals per second One discrete signal can encode more than one bit. Hence, a 9600 bps modem actually operates at 2400 baud. However, in common non-techie terminology, baud and bps are used synonymously, though that is not technically correct. These are all true statements. A. true A. false Answer :A 10. ________ is the term used to refer to the process of two modems establishing communications with each other. A. interacting B. handshaking C. connecting D. linking E. pinging Answer :B 12. ISDN stands for: A. internal select data nulls B. integrated services digital network C. interval set down next D. interior sector direct none E. inferior sector data net Answer :B 13. Your modem does not respond when you try to dial out. You try another modem on another computer and get the same result. What is the most likely problem? A. defective modem B. defective computer C. software bug D. bad phone line

E. virus Answer :D 14. You have a serial scanner connected to your computer configured to use com3. It is turned on. Your modem is using com1, and you can't dial out. What is the most likely problem? A. everything should work ok B. you have an i/o conflict C. you have a conflict with IRQ 4 D. you have a loose connection E. you have a conflict with IRQ 3 Answer :C 15. What is the i/o address for com1? A. 3e8 B. 3bc C. 5f8 D. 3f8 E. 008 Answer :D 16. What is the i/o address for com2? A. 2vb B. 2f8 C. 8f8 D. 330 E. e8e Answer :B 17. What is the i/o address for com3? A. 3e8 B. ff8 C. 5e8 D. be8 Answer :A 18. What is the i/o address for com4? A. 4e7 B. e8e C. be0 D. cb8 E. 2e8 Answer :E 19. Before sending data, a modem sends a request to send signal, or RTS. A. true B. false

Answer :A 20. ISDN uses _______________ technology. A. only digital B. digital and analog C. only analog D. neither digital nor analog E. mostly digital Answer :A 21. A COM port is a _______ port. A. parallel B. serial C. static D. multi E. scsi Answer :B 21. Modems use ________________ transmission. A. synchronous B. asynchronous C. timed interval D. ata E. bank Answer :B 22. CD-Roms typically hold ______ of data. A. 100 meg B. 500 meg C. 650 meg D. 1000 meg E. 350 meg Answer :C 23. The terms "red book", "yellow book", and "orange book" refer to: A. scsi B. ide C. floppy drive technology D. CD-Rom standards E. none of the above Answer :D 24. CD-Roms are read by _________. A. magnetic heads B. electronic sensors C. stepper motors D. laser diodes E. titanium servos

Answer :D 25. Which A. B. C. D. E. of the following can cause CDs to be misread? Select all that apply. smudges finger prints scratches cracks slight melting

Answer :A, B, C, D & E 26. CD-Rom drives typically have which of the following interfaces? Select all that apply. A. serial B. parallel C. ide D. scsi E. esdi Answer :A, B & C 27. CD-Rom drives have which connectors? Select all that apply. A. molex B. berg C. data cable D. audio cable E. arcnet Answer :A, C & D 28. In a computer with an eide adapter, where should you connect an ATA CD-Rom drive? A. on the floppy bus B. on the primary ide C. on the secondary ide D. on the scsi bus E. none of the above Answer :C 29. Your IDE CD-Rom drive is attached to the primary IDE adapter with our hard drive. How should its jumpers be set? A. as a master B. as a slave C. as neutral D. auto detect E. to 001 Answer :B 30. What does MSCDEX.EXE do? A. configures hard drives B. it's a scsi driver C. bios setup D. It's a CD-Rom DOS driver

bat: c:\dos\cdrom\mscdex /d:cdrom001 /l:e /m:10 /v This statement is in config.E. C. hard drive E. If a computer's bios allows it. What is wrong? A.sys: device=c:\cdrom\atapicd. D.bat is set too high config. it should work Answer :B . D. C.bat is invalid the device name is not the same in both files the "m" switch in autoexec. the "v" switch in autoexec. A CD-Rom drive always uses IRQ: A. 150 KBs per second Answer :E 34. speaker B. sound card (or motherboard if sound is integrated with it) C. B. you can boot from a CD-Rom. Your CD-Rom audio cable connects to the: A. E. B. 9 10 11 5 F. This statement is in autoexec. I just made it up Answer :D 31. bios Answer :B 35. power supply D. 186. true B. A single speed CD-Rom drive transfers data at: A. A.282 bits per second E. depends on the adapter it's attached to Answer :E 32. nothing. 100 bytes per second C.sys /d:cd001 Your CD-Rom drive is not working.sys is not using the dos directory nothing. 1 MB per second B. false Answer :A 33. 20 million bits per second D.

but this question deals primarily with most other PC makes and clones) A. unique id settings limited cable length parity passive termination active termination Answer :A. use a different IRQ E. B. replace each part one at a time. Whenever you have a hardware resource conflict. the boot hard drive must be set to id#: (as a side note. C. some of the older IBM SCSI PCs had to have the boot hard drive set to id 6.36. microprocessor. C. not use an id D. E. B. it will more likely be an IRQ conflict rather A. D 39. rerunning the diagnostic before replacing the next part. You have a PC with a SCSI adapter built into the system board It has only one connection (internal). use id 7 also C. and tape drive. 2 B. E. be checked for fleas Answer :B. replace everything at once and rerun the diagnostic D. of the following are SCSI issues? Select all that apply. B. The adapter you installed should: (select all that apply) A. 11 Answer :C 38. On some older SCSI adapters. ram. Now you have a PC with two SCSI adapters. 3 C. get another copy of the diagnostic program E. B. 0 D. and video card have seen better days. the bios sometimes has more of a problem controlling IRQs i/o addresses cannot conflict software tends to correct i/o conflicts software tends to mess up IRQs . run an exhaustive memory check Answer :B 40. and it reports that your hard drive. than an i/o conflict because: there are alot more i/o addresses than IRQs. 9 E. Your boss wants to connect a SCSI scanner to the PC. You run a super wing-ding diagnostic program on your PC. which is used for your hard drive. Which A. SCSI adapters normally use id# 7. which the onboard adapter is set for. CD-Rom drive. D. To resolve this problem you should: A. check to see if you have a software problem C. C. use a different id B. so you install a SCSI adapter with an external connection to support the scanner. D. D & E 37.

the last internal device on the chain B. 20 D. Single-ended SCSI or "regular" SCSI has one wire for each signal that needs to be sent along the SCSI bus.Answer :A 41. the last external device on the chain C. 7 B. up to 50 meters B. true B. up to 6 meters D. 20 D. up to 14 meters E. Differential SCSI cable lengths can be up to 25 meters. How many devices can be used on a single SCSI bus? Keep in mind that the SCSI host adapter counts as a device. SCSI adapters usually don't need drivers. false Answer :B 42. depends on whether both internal and external devices are used Answer :A 46. up to 3 meters Answer :C 44. A. Differential SCSI has two wires for each signal that is sent. A. 8 C. How long can single-ended SCSI cables be? A. the PC Answer :A. see number 54 . A. false Answer :A 43. the host adapter and one external device E. 7 B. A. B 45. up to 100 meters C. A. 10 E. 8 C. 10 E. just the devices that interface with them. How many devices can connect to the typical SCSI adapter? Assume is has only one data connector. Which devices should be terminated? Select all that apply. Most SCSI-2 devices will work fine with SCSI-1 adapters. Your PC has both internal and external SCSI devices connected to one SCSI host adapter. true B. the host adapter D.

C. as a master B. 100 Answer :C 51. 40 B. 101 E. Which A. 25 B. SCSI-2 cables have how many pins? A. false Answer :A 50.Answer :B 47. 25 C. Your first hard drive will still be the boot drive. A. 100 D. In addition to i/o port addresses. 40 E. SCSI adapters also use a range of rom addresses for their onboard bios. How should the second drive be configured? A. SCSI ids start with zero. as a primary . IDE cables have how many pins? A. 65 Answer :D 52. 010 B. as a secondary C. type of interface provides for the fastest data transfer? IDE SCSI parallel serial ISA Answer :B 49. 72 E. D. 011 D. as a slave D. A. 001 Answer :C 48. What is the jumper setting on a SCSI device to configure it to use the fourth SCSI id? Remember. E. B. true B. You are about to install a second IDE hard drive in a PC that has only one IDE adapter. 50 C. 50 D. 110 C.

jumper properly. C & E . On a flat data cable. 0 Answer :C 54. set id jumpers to all zeros. high voltage C. high level format B. auto-detect(or configure manually) in cmos. high level format.E. jumper properly. B. 2 E. high level format. a red or blue stripe means: A. high level format with /s switch D. auto-detect(or configure manually in cmos. partition C. set id jumpers to all zeros. hard drive system board ram DMA controller level 2 cache simm Answer :A. partition Answer :C 56. jumper properly. B. 15 B. that it's an IDE or SCSI cable Answer :D 57. Which A. auto-detect in cmos. jumper for id 0. high level format Answer :B 55. low level format. cmos setup. jumper properly. You are installing a SCSI hard drive that will be your boot drive. 4 D. partition B. D. 3 C. regular format E. null connection D. as auto-select Answer :C 53. high level format D. E. partition. of the following would be considered an FRU? Select all that apply. C. pin 1 E. partition. What is the maximum number of IDE drives that EIDE will support? A. low level format. partition. jumper properly. cmos setup. Which is the correct order of steps that need to be followed? A. partition. You are installing an IDE hard drive that will be your boot drive. Which is the correct order of steps that need to be followed? A. auto-detect(or configure manually) in cmos. set id jumpers to all zeros. low level format. high level format E. ground B. jumper for id 0. partition. high level format with /s switch C. high level format.

steady short beep no beep one long continuous beep tone steady long beeps one long. replace the level 2 cache simm D. C. replace the system board. Pick the best order you should follow in tracking down the problem. A. A. speaker Answer :E 62. and now suspect that it is hardware. rotate the ram B. B. replace the CPU Answer :D 60. replace CPU D. What beep codes could indicate a system board or power supply failure? Select all that apply. B 59. disable the CPU cache in cmos E. replace ram Answer :B 61. C.58. power supply E. check PC supply voltages. system board B. microprocessor D. replace the ram C. replace video card. What should you do first that could help you narrow it down to the component at fault? A. replace the monitor. D. check that PC fan is running. check that PC and monitor are plugged in. You boot your PC and don't get a beep. You have a system that periodically locks up. You have ruled out software. You have a PC with no video on a known good monitor. D. of the following would not be considered an FRU? hard drive IRQ controller any soldered IC floppy drive system board Answer :A. replace system board E. replace hard drive. B. replace the video card. check that everything's plugged in. two short beeps Answer :A. E. E. remove all option cards C. C & D . Which A. Most PCs give a single beep on bootup to indicate they are ok hardware wise. What should you check first? A. replace the power supply. try a different monitor B. check that monitor brightness is turned up. B. ram C. check that everything's plugged in.

manually input the sectors. crashed hard drive D. virus E. cylinders. C. You have an old PC that you decide to upgrade with a 1 gig IDE hard drive You find that you can't configure cmos to see the entire hard drive. corrupt operating system Answer :A. bad PC power supply B. bad system board D. B. it doesn't use an IRQ Answer :B 66. defective adapter card E. bad system board Answer :C 67. A. 15 D. defective microprocessor C. 6 B. defective ram (bank zero) B. D & E 64. You have a PC with no video. Select all of the following that could be causing the problem. bad data cable B. low AC outlet power Answer :C . use a device driver that makes the bios see the drive as simply a block storage device.63. and heads of the hard drive C. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be causing the problem? A. get a newer PC B. A sound card typically uses which IRQ? A. 1 E. incorrect jumper setting on drive C. What is the fix? A. The best you can do is 540 meg. A. put multiple partitions on the hard drive D. 5 C. loose molex connector D. faulty power at AC outlet C. or upgrade the bios if possible Answer :E 65. Your IDE hard drive is not spinning up when you turn on the PC What is the most likely problem. loose video card E. Your PC is continuously rebooting itself. make the bios think it's a SCSI drive E.

and still had no video. false Answer :A 70. 500 Answer :B 71. A. I can't think of any more words for these letters Answer :B 73. you're just pulling everyone's leg B. 10000 D. A. CPU. A virus can mimick just about any hardware symptoms you can think of. ESD is ___________. electric surge device D. I then replaced the IDE cable and fixed the problem. A. I once had a PC with no video. 30 C. electronic system driver E. electrostatic discharge C. A human cannot feel a static discharge as high as ____ volts. A. B. E. 50000 E. oh . A static jolt of as little of ____ volts can fry most any PC integrated circuit. 2000 C. What is EMI? (uh. electro-magnetic interference B. I replaced the system board. true B. C. the best way to prevent damaging your PC with static electricity? place your PC on a rubber mat wear leather soled shoes periodically touch a safe ground point on the PC to discharge yourself static electricity doesn't really hurt a PC wear an ESD wrist strap Answer :E 74. electronic stasis device B. and video card. Am I telling the truth? A. 50 Answer :A 72. 200 E. What's A. 200 B. electronic maintainence inquiry . forget it. you betcha! Answer :B 69. D. 1000 D.68.here we go again) A. 200 B. no.

When your hard drive crashes from any of the correct selections in the question above. cold and humid B. you don't worry. B. warm and humid C. A. EMI C. FYI E. you've got a surge protector on your PC C. or even VCR tapes or cassette tapes on top of speakers (or near any other source of magnetism) because of: A. A. power supplies . true B. you've got a surge protector on your PC and phone line to your modem D. warm and dry D. RFI B. hard drives C. false A 78.Answer :A 75. or from dropping it. Something as small as a ________ on a drive platter can cause your hard drive to crash. What's the best way to protect your PC. You should never put floppy drives. hard drives. EXE D. Select all that apply.001 micron high imperfection E. IOU Answer :B 79. it is known as head-to-disk interference. dust particles C. you have a lightning rod on your house B. cold and warm E. a . stop standing on it Answer :D 76. C & E 77. unplug the PC and remove phone line from the modem E. You're on your PC at midnight and an electric storm pops up. A. floppy drives B. accumulation of smoke particles Answer :A. you don't worry. human hair B. Which is the most difficult environmentally to dispose of? A. you don't worry. Static electricity thrives is which type of environment? A. or HDI. cold and dry Answer :E 80. finger print D.

damp sponge C. non-static compressed air Answer :E 83. 50. What should you use to clean the plastic cover on your monitor or PC? Select all that apply. WD-40 E. alcohol B. 110 volts B. you must discharge the CRT using a tool specific for that purpose. This is not good. what must you do first? A. make sure the monitor is not connected to a PC B.D. 5000 volts C. mild soap solution Answer :C. any small vacuum device C. regular backups B. Before you do the discharge.000 volts D. run chkdsk at least once a week D. reverse vacuum B. blow real hard on the system board D. run a regular diagnostic Answer :A 84. 15. What's the best way to do this? A. I trust. system boards Answer :D 81. use a lint-free cloth and wipe gently E. so you must occasionaly dust. make sure the monitor is turned off D. make sure the monitor is unplugged C. A CRT's grid voltage can be as high as: A. Dust in a computer actually increases the size of the magnetic fields inside it. A monitor's CRT (cathode ray tube) can pack quite a wallop of a charge even if it's been turned off for several days or more Before you service a monitor. periodically defrag it C. make sure the brighness is turned down E. A. E 82. CRTs E. run scandisk at least once a week E. 1000 volts Answer :C 85. lint-free cloth D.000 volts E. make sure your life insurance policy is paid up . What's the best way to protect your hard drive data? A.

20 B. A. transistor Answer :C 90. On PC power supplies. keyboard mouse cmos chips microprocessor adapter cards Answer :A. B. C. modem SCSI controller keyboard mouse monitor Answer :A. C.5 C. B 89. the PC will not boot. E. 15 . least likely to cause damage to which components? Select all that apply. of the following are both input/output devices? Select all that apply. C.25 . B 88. D. E.Answer :B 86. Which A. 10 . B. D. Which A. diode B. ESD is A. Which component stores an electrical charge? A. D. E. rectifier C. B 87. resistor E. the wire attached to pin one is usually: A. modem mouse keyboard SCSI controller video card Answer :A. D. B. of the following are input devices only? Select all that apply. 50 . B. blue or red blue or white red or black red or white white or orange E. 1 . capacitor D. C.110 D. If the voltage on pin 1 of the power supply is not in the range of ______ volts. Answer :E 91.

amperes E. ohms . AC DC amperage resistive trickle Answer :B 93. a slightly elevated voltage lasting from seconds to minutes or more B. -5 Answer :B 94. -10. The output voltages from a PC power supply are: A. -20. +25. +110. seconds D. Current is measured in units of: A. 2. B.F. -15.5 . volts Answer :A 97. complete power out lasting a few minutes D. -110. +10. -25 D. minutes E. +110. D. farads C. picto seconds Answer :B 95. E. power on lasting a few minutes E. nanoseconds B. amps C. +25. -110 B. A. +12. +20. A spike is a sharp and sudden rise in voltage It's duration is usually measured in: A. +110. alternating power out. has nothing to do with electricity Answer :B 96. a slightly decreased voltage lasting from seconds to minutes or more C. The output voltages of a PC power supply are in the form of _____ current. A brownout is defined as: A. +5. +20. helids D.5 Answer :E 92. -20 E. -12 C. Resistance is measured in units of: A. milliseconds C. ohms B. C. -5. volts B.

Voltage is measured: A. farads E. C. after checking resistance E. though a certain amount is tolerable You want to measure the AC voltage in a DC circuit. When AC is rectified to DC. amps C. it is difficult. only when you turn the device off first. B. then touch the correct meter leads to the corresponding terminals E. after breaking the circuit D. D. anti-neutrinos Answer :C 99. A. then connect your meter to the device in series. only when you turn the device off first. diodes Answer :B 98. farads D. neutrinos E. in parallel B. ripple . volts B. AC ripple is unwanted AC current where there should only be direct current. DC current D. E. after checking current Answer :A 100. Resistance is measured: in parallel in series after breaking the circuit after checking voltage after checking current Answer :C 101. Current is measured: A. AC voltage C. AC current E. in series C. so you set your meter to measure: A. DC voltage B. Capacitance is measured in units of: A. after checking voltage D. only on an open circuit Answer :B 102. if not impossible to get rid of all the AC voltage. in parallel B.D. then turning it back on C.

A 1xx (x can be any digit) POST error code indicates a problem with the: video ram or rom hard drive system board first adapter card Answer :D 108. D. B. D. . printer online standard test Answer :C 105. D. C 106. C. power on self test D.Answer :B 103. E. A. B. which counts system board ram first. E. B. C. A. POST is done when the PC is: (select all that apply) warm booted first turned on CTRL-ALT-DELETE booted restarted with the reset button giving a numeric error code Answer :A. D. particle of static transfer C. C. E. A 2xx POST error code indicates a problem with: ram or rom hard drive system board second adapter card cmos battery D. is stored in: ram microprocessor rom bios cmos 8259 POST controller Answer :C 107. printer online static test E. C. POST stands for: A. Anti-static plastic bags are: conductive non-conductive part rubber. A. positive operating system test B. C. A. The POST routine. E. part plastic 90% non-porous magneto-resistive Answer :A 104. E. B. B. A.

A. A 3xx POST error code indicates a problem with: mouse keyboard floppy drive video adapter monitor Answer :B 110. B. C. A parity error usually indicates a problem with: memory hard drive hard drive controller i/o controller power supply Answer :A 114. B. A. B. D. C. last numeric error code check: A 17xx indicates a problem with: cmos rom bios DMA controller hard drive or controller power supply Answer :D 112. A. How many bits in a byte? 16 8 255 10 2 to the 9th power Answer :B . A 4xx. or 24xx POST error code indicates a problem with: hard drive IRQ controller video adapter keyboard floppy drive Answer :C 111. D. B. E. floppy drive (see. E. D. B. A 6xx indicates a problem with the: A. A. C. E. 5xx. E. A. I kept my word) Answer :A 113. C. C. D.Answer :A 109. OK. D. E.

This association sets forth the standards for the PC card PC cards are: (select all that apply) A. CTRL-ALT-ENTER B. remove it and insert another. E. Just take my word for it. C 116. not plug and play E. C. used only in mainframes Answer :A. and it is caused by: (select all that apply) A. C. hot swappable B. F10 Answer :A. C. A. CTRL-ALT-S D. D & E 118. defective floppy drive E. plug and play D. The floppy drive uses which DMA (direct memory access) channel? 5 4 1 9 2 Answer :E 119.115. defective diskette D. B. Some of the ones used by various PCs are listed below. This is known as a "phantom" directory. D 120. A. PCMCIA stands for "personal computer memory card international association". line 34 on the floppy cable is bad B. A. D. DELETE E. D. and get the same DIR listing from the first diskett. failing hard drive Answer :A. To start the setup program (or cmos setup). . B. You do a DIR on a diskette. Type one PC cards: are used only in desktops are no longer being produced are the thinnest of the PC cards don't exist have their own power source Answer :C 117. Select all that are correct. not hot swappable C. The power connector on a floppy drive is called a: berg connector A. CTRL-ALT-DELETE C. E. there is usually a key or set of keys you must press simultaneously. bad microprocessor C.

defective printhead E. but this component should never be lubed: A. paper not advancing properly C. drive A or B on cmos settings Answer :C 122. E. the order for the connectors is: drive A. the mouse pointer is positioned via: GPS analog pulses pressure sensors friction detectors pulses of light . D. On a dot-matrix printer. worn platten D. adapter. A. carriage rails C. E. platten bearings B. D. B. printhead D. drive A drive B. sometimes dark. drive B tape drive connector. by: A. molex connector has no formal name mini-molex hybrid connector Answer :A 121. B. worn ribbon B. D. C. D. E. C. C. This is most likely caused by: A. depends floppy cables. This is most likely caused defective printhead worn ribbon paper not advancing properly defective carriage assembly worn platten Answer :B 123. B.B. adapter. drive A drive A or B. C. carriage bearings Answer :C 125. The print from a dot-matrix printer is sometimes light. E. The print from a dot-matrix printer is light and uneven. defective carriage assembly Answer :B 124. When you move a mouse. regular lube maintainence should be followed. A. paper advance bearings E. adapter. On most adapter.

that the printer is not jammed Answer :C 127. C. fusing phase D. the primary corona wire must emit a charge of: A. Answer :B 131. that the printer is online D. cleaning phase E. What comes between the conditioning phase and the developing phase? A. +6000 volts Answer :D 130. Your laser printer gives you an error code 50. D. This is usually caused by a defective: . -600 volts D. +15000 volts B. -6000 volts E. -1000 volts E. that all the cables are connected securely B. transer phase B. What is the first thing you should check? A. writing phase C. nothing Answer :B 128. +600 volts C. Your laser printer is on. but it won't print. A. negative positive alternating magnetic electronic pulse E. +110 volts D. there are six steps the printer follows. that the correct print driver is installed C. In order to place this charge on the drum. that the printer has paper E.Answer :E 126. + 12 volts Answer :C 129. you hear the fan running. -110 volts C. During the laser printer's conditioning phase a uniform charge of _______ is placed on the photosensitive drum. +1000 volt B. A. The transfer corona uses a/an ______ charge to attract the toner to the paper. B. In laser printing.

E. During the fusing process. remove the jammed paper Answer :A 135. B. C.A. A. D. E 133. You plug a power supply's connectors onto the system board You know you did it correctly because: A. Select the best choice for cleaning laser toner from clothing: warm soapy water alcohol dry clean clean cloth with cool water pure dishwashing detergent Answer :D 136. C. B. one is toward the inside D. toner is: dry pressed into the paper electrically bonded to the paper melted into the paper glued to the paper high pressure sprayed onto the paper . note where in the paper path the paper stops B. formatter board DC controller fuser assembly high voltage power supply laser unit Answer :C 132. then on again E. one set of black wires is outside. E. all are facing the power supply E. An important first step in troubleshooting which component in a laser printer is causing a jam is to: A. turn the printer off. D. E. A. Laser printer toner is composed primarily of: (select all that apply) particles of plastic resin saw dust talc ash iron oxide (rust) Answer :A. look up error codes D. E. it doesn't matter as long as they can be plugged in Answer :B 134. C. C. D. B. the two sets of black wires are together in the middle C. B. D. check all voltages C. the two sets of black wires are facing the outside edge of the system board B. A.

B. but not an SX Answer :B 140. Bus mastering takes this a step further by allowing a bus-master device to take charge of the data bus and send data to other devices. no B. E. EISA and MCA devices do not have jumper settings. A. false Answer :B 142. CMOS setup B. C. D. and also allows two bus master devices to talk to each other without requiring the services of the CPU. How are they configured? Select all that apply. in a DX. B. true B. Select A. A. yes. You can have EISA and MCA devices in the same PC. CMOS setup Windows setup through DOS dip switches EISA configuration utility or IBM reference diskette (MCA) Answer :E 141. C. A. A device which supports DMA is able to i/o with memory by and large bypassing the CPU. A. On the PC side. including memory. E. but only one device D. an installation utility from the manufacturer .Answer :C 137. yes C. How are they configured? all that apply. D. the printer port is a: 25 pin female serial connector 15 pin female parallel connector 25 pin male serial connector 15 pin female serial connector 25 pin female parallel connector Answer :E 138. PCI devices do not have jumper settings or dip switches. but only in a Pentium E. C. D. Does ISA support bus mastering? A. B. yes. yes. E. 8/16 16/32 4/8 12/24 32/64 Answer :A 139. ISA is a ___ bit technology.

they are always self-configuring Answer :A. B. D. through DOS D. B. A. B 143. false Answer :A 146. You can only place an MCA device in an MCA slot. Pick the correct choice for the 8088 CPU. Select each bus architecture that supports 32 bit data transfers. true B. Select each bus architecture that supports bus mastering. C. false Answer :A 144. C. A.C. C & D 147. B. A switching power supply steps down voltage by means of: transformers a network of resistor conduits turning off and back on in rapid cycles a network of capacitors there is no such thing Answer :C 149. A. false Answer :B 145. D. EISA PCI VLB MCA PCMCIA Answer :A. C. D. B & D 148. 8 bit data path . A. A. A. E. Windows setup E. E. true B. true B. A. You can place an EISA device in an ISA slot. 16 bit word size. E. You can place an ISA device in an EISA slot. ISA EISA MCA PCI PCMCIA Answer :B.

Pick the correct choice for the 80486DX CPU. E. run scandisk E. 16 bit data path 64 bit word size. 32 bit data path 32 bit word size. 16 bit word size. remove TSRs B. Where you would you load the mouse driver mouse. A. A. Before upgrading your operating system. backup your hard drive C. D. 32 bit data path 32 bit word size. B. 32 bit data path Answer :B 151. D. 16 bit data path 32 bit word size. 32 bit word size. comdiag B. 16 bit data path 4 bit word size. 16 bit data path Answer :A 150. D. E. C. 8 bit data path 32 bit word size. you should first: A. run chkdsk Answer :B 2. 64 bit data path Answer :C 152. 8 bit data path 8 bit word size. A. Answer :C 1. Pick the correct choice for the 80386SX CPU. What is the first CPU to include an internal math coprocessor? 386DX 486SX 486DX Pentium Pentium Pro E.B. 16 bit data path 8 bit word size. D. SDET E. E. 32 bit data path 32 bit word size. 8 bit data path 16 bit word size. MSD C.com D. 16 bit data path 32 bit word size. B. C. 8 bit word size. C. C.chk Answer :B 3. B.sys? . command. serial. What DOS program can you run to see which serial ports are detected? A. edit the startup files D.

D.ini system. D.sys msdos. are most TSRs loaded? autoexec.ini Answer :A . would you place mouse. D.A. E. B.sys autoexec.sys msdos.sys Answer :B 5. E. take status request D.com Answer :C 8. C. D. token set ready E.sys msdos. Where A. E.bat? config. is the "FILES=" statement placed? there is no files statement in autoexec. B. B. C.bat win. C.ini io.sys tsr. terminate and stay resident program C.com or mouse.bat system. Where A.sys Answer :A 4.bat win.sys you cannot load TSRs Answer :A 7. test status request B. Where A.bat config.bat in config. C.sys autoexec.sys in autoexec.ini config.sys in command. E.sys in msdos. C. B.ini io. What is a TSR? A. is the "BUFFERS=" statement placed? in config. E. config. D. token steady route Answer :B 6. Where A. B.

A. You must have himem. avoid i/o conflicts . compressed hard drives D. free up more extended memory C. When DOS is loaded high it is placed in the HMA (high memory area). free up more conventional memory D. A.9. in the first UMB Answer :B 14.sys. optimize DOS to run faster B. The reason you load DOS high is to: A.sys loaded before you can load DOS high. load dos high Answer :C 15.exe can cache which of the following: (select all that apply) A. To load DOS high you must place a statement in config. loadhigh DOS B. floppy drives E. device=DOSHIGH C. between 640k and 1024k B. hard drives B. Smartdrv. false Answer :A 13. This is located: A. lh dos E. A. false Answer :B 12. Himem. free up more expanded memory E.sys must be loaded before loading emm386. dos=high D. You can run Windows 3. cd-roms C. It is: A. anywhere in extended memory D.1 or 3. anywhere in expanded memory E. true B. false Answer :A 11. B & D 10. network drives F. true B. video devices Answer :A.11 without loading himem. true B.sys. tape drives G.exe. the first 64k above 1024k C.

between 1000k and 1024k Answer :A 17. C. anything up to 640k B. between 640k and 1024k Answer :A 20. anything above 1 meg D.exe C. anything between 640k and 1024k . D. paged memory B. above 1 meg C. Conventional memory is: A.sys D. between 512k and 840k D. anything above 640k D. rom bios E. CPU Answer :B 21. DOS D. The upper memory area is located: A. paged memory anything above 1024k anything above 640k anything accessed by rom anything above 1 meg Answer :B 18. anything below 1 meg C. Extended memory is: A. himem. only below 512k E. between 640k and 1024k B. Expanded memory is managed by: A. anything above 1024k E. rom bios Answer :C 19. ram controller E.Answer :C 16. emm386. B.sys B. anything below 1024k C. anything above 1024k E. DOS C. himem. Extended memory is managed by: A. emm386. Expanded memory is: A. E.exe B.

DOSVIEW C. E. LOADVIEW D. /ds D. What statement in config. Does this work? A. D. UMBs. hold down CTRL key and hit "T" Answer :D 26. You wish to see the hidden files in a directory and you type "DIR /A:H". /s B. DOS=UMB E. /show all E. conventional memory C. MEM /c E. B. What switch is required to show the subdirectories inside the directory where you typed the DIR command? A. or upper memory blocks are located where? A. anything above 640k anything above 1024k between 640k and 1024k in conventional memory in extended memory Answer :C 24. TSR-SHOW B. no Answer :A . HMA D. extended memory B. What DOS command shows which TSRs are loaded? A. DOS will load where? A. expanded memory E. UMB=true C. By default. UMB=DOS Answer :D 25.sys will allow DOS access to unused UMBs? A. yes B. UMB=1 D. device=DOSUMB B. there is none Answer :A 27. C. The DIR command shows a single directory listing. /sub C.Answer :A 22. above 1024k Answer :B 23.

expanded memory C. rom B. rom memory is minimized rom is used instead of ram rom memory is maximized rom cannot be used by the bios a copy of the bios is placed in ram Answer :E 32. extra memory systems E. D 30. chkdsk and scandisk B. attrib and dir E.sys E. D. chkdsk and attrib Answer :C 29. SCSI hard drive Answer :B 31. extra high memory D. What two DOS commands lets you know the presence of hidden files? A. chkdsk and dir D. ram C. IDE hard drive D. has nothing to do with memory Answer :B . C. msdos. What does XMS refer to? A.28.com C. cd-rom drive E. enhanced memory standard D. E. dir and scandisk C.com Answer :A. enhanced memory systems E.exe D. B. what happens? A.sys B. if you enable Rom Bios Shadowing. command. io. What are the two hidden DOS system files? A. io. expanded memory C. In CMOS setup. extended memory B. os2. extended memory B. has nothing to do with memory Answer :A 33. What does EMS refer to? A. Which provides the quickest data access time? A.

device=emm386.exe x=C000-CFFF B. load emm386. Memory that is paged from extended memory addresses to a 64k window in the upper memory area is known as: A. Virtual A. extended memory C. A.exe /ram D. load emm386. In addition to managing expanded memory.EXE to emulate expanded memory. In order for EMM386.sys? Select all that apply.C000-CFFF . B. device=emm386. D. device=emm386. memory cannot be paged in this manner Answer :A 37. C. C 38. virtual memory D. expanded memory D. conventional memory E.exe E. high memory E. device=emm386.exe also manages the upper memory blocks. false Answer :A 39.sys? A. E. you must load what into config. device=emm386.exe /X. true B.34. Memory that is paged out to the hard drive is known as: A. device=emm386. memory cannot be paged to the hard drive Answer :B 36.exe /noems Answer :A. emm386. which would you place in config. If you wanted to exclude the entire 64k upper memory block of the "C" segment from being used by DOS.exe /noems C. extended memory B. A.exe /x /C C.exe /C \X D.sys Answer :C 35.exe /exclude C E. expanded memory B. virtual memory C. device=emm386. device=emm386.exe B. memory is composed of ram and: a rom sub-system a bios extension a swap file DOS extensions himem.

What are the user configureable DOS startup files? A.sys Answer :B. sys a: sys c: a: sys boot a: boot /a sys /a: /boot Answer :A. B 42. F5 C.sys power. E. config. C. what key do you press to step through the startup files? A. F8 D. D. D. what key do you press to bypass the startup files? A.bat E.exe power. config.bat to halt its processing until a key is pressed? A. E. E. ALT E. C.dos B. stop B. TAB Answer :C 45.exe D.sys to enable power management on a laptop A. D 44.bat Answer :B 41. msdos.ini power. B. computer? power.com power. F4 B. Which statement is placed in autoexec. As soon as you see DOS starting.sys C. As you soon as you see DOS starting. F6 F5 F8 ESC CTRL Answer :B 43. From the "C" prompt you type: (select all that apply) A. D. B.Answer :A 40. What device driver must be loaded in config. hold . dosstart. autoexec. C. You wish to make a diskette bootable. B.

If SMARTDRV is not loaded you may reduce the number of allocated buffers in the "BUFFERS=" statement. /undo B. /uncompress C. /create D. smartdrv C. whoa Answer :C 46.C. /off E. /compress B. what switch do you use with DBLSPACE to do this? A. /restore E. /unpack Answer :B . /no-wb B. DOS 6.0. true B. /size Answer :C 50.2 and above allows for a compressed drive to be uncompressed. In DOS 6. /automount C. /mount E. /back D. smartdrv /double/? B. smartdrv /double-buffer E. smartdrv /db-function Answer :B 47. it cannot be uncompressed However. After you determine you have enough free space to "unravel" a compressed drive. What DBLSPACE switch is used to create a new compressed drive? A. pause D.EXE What can you type at the DOS prompt to find out if it's needed? A. A. You have an older PC that may or may not require the double buffering option in SMARTDRV. interrupt E. smartdrv /? /double-buffer D. What is the switch to use with SMARTDRV to cause it to disable write-behind caching on all drives? A. /c D. false Answer :B 49. /x Answer :E 48. /cache:off C. once a drive has been compressed using DBLSPACE.

C 54. there are also internal commands that are not files.com io.COM. of the following file types are run simply by typing them at the DOS prompt? sys exe bat com dat Answer :A. C. You type a valid executable file that you know is on your PC. D. dir D. D. copy B. B. scandisk C. verify D. An external DOS command is an executable file. such as XCOPY. B. but recovering one file is better than losing both.51.sys prompt. B. chkdsk B. B. Which A.EXE However. C. but are rather processed by COMMAND. What is wrong? A. chkdsk C. Only one file can have the cluster. but get the error message. D. file displays the DOS prompt? prompt command.EXE or ATTRIB. format E.sys msdos. system files are corrupt . chdir Answer :A. E. C & E 56.com Answer :B 55. What DOS program "fixes" cross-linked files? A. which means that fixing the problem will result in some data loss. E. "Bad command or file name". Which A. C. command makes a file read only? attrib +r "filename" read_only +r "filename" read_status /y "filename" readonly /y "filename" attrib /r "filename" Answer :A 53. Which A. Which of the following are internal commands? A. link /repair Answer :B 52. Cross-linked files are files which erroneously claim the same cluster. unlink E. E.

ramdrive. C.bat Answer :A 60. file contains the DOS kernel? io.com Answer :B 58. B. off-set code B.sys E.B. command. C. clustettes Answer :C 61.bat C. Where is this statement used? A.sys B. virtual. in DOS 3.sys has been accidently deleted Answer :E 57. autoexec. io.0 and some others. sectors D. C. vram.sys D. D. B.sys was the device driver used] A. sections E.ram D. A cluster is the minimum file allocation unit. config. vdisk. D. A cluster is composed of: A.sys command.sys E. E.sys autoexec. E.sys C.sys Answer :E 59.com msdos. msdos.sys B. E. most likely a virus the file is in a directory not specified by the path statement you typed an internal command used by a different DOS version config. virtual. partn fdisk format chkdsk cp Answer :B . Which A. ramdisk. "Loadhigh" or "LH" is used to load TSRs into upper memory. What command is used to partition a hard drive? A. What device driver is used to create a virtual (or ram) drive? [As a side note. conventional ram C. D.sys config.

not Windows 3. You must have the statement "lastdrive=x". What is the largest partition size that DOS supports? A. If you have data on a hard drive that you want to repartition. chg /label B. DOS parameters under Windows C. vol D.ini contains primarily: A. H D. vol C. used only by Windows 95. label /vol E. what should you do first? A. D. label B. E.sys if you have any drive letters beyond which letter? A. B.4 gig D. label /add .62.x Answer :C 64. C. 640 meg Answer :B 66. What command changes or adds a volume label? A.in config. 1500 meg E. G C. run scandisk run chkdsk format sys c: backup all files Answer :E 63. disp /vol C. The Windows file system. M E. desktop and application settings B. 4 gig B. E Answer :E 65. chk /label Answer :C 67.1 gig C. 8. What command displays a disk's volume label? A. Windows parameters used under DOS E. label E. vol /add D. with x representing a drive letter. 2. Windows system settings and device drivers D. C B.

16 bit Answer :A 71. A. both logical drives are deleted Answer :A 69. second drive becomes "F". Windows 3. How is Windows started? A. standing upright C.Answer :D 68. false Answer :B 73. You have a single hard drive that has an extended partition containing the two logical drives "D" and "E".0 supported? A.1 no longer supports which mode that Windows 3. second drive becomes "E". standard C. away from any bright light E. The Windows swap file can exist on a compressed volume. flat on their side B. logical drives are unchanged C. You add a second hard drive Which is correct? A. 386 enhanced E. standard mode C. true B. second drive becomes "D". Cooperative multi-tasking means that after a certain peiod of time. logical "D" is deleted D. 386 enhanced mode E. second drive becomes "D".com supports a number of switches to force Windows to start in the mode selected.com /s at the DOS prompt. A. in their original box D. You enter win. real mode D. swap mode Answer :B 72. false Answer :A . logical drives become "E" and "F" B. second drive becomes "F". What is the best way to store floppy diskettes? A. true B. Windows takes control of the CPU from one application to give it to the next one waiting to run. protected D. real B. Win. logical "E" is deleted E. safe mode B. not too close to the PC Answer :C 70.

drv=".sys file and find what missing? A.74.ini C. A.drv B. but when starting Windows. svga.sys.sys C. go to program manager. you locate the line in the proper file. go to file manager. which one of these is correct? A.com E. virtual memory settings.drv E.ini B. What file do you edit to allow this? A. device=win. irq=m:4196 C.sys Answer :B 79. got to control panel. swap file. win. which loads drivers into upper memory? . stdvideo. load=video. virtual memory D. your screen goes blank or is totally unreadable. virtual memory.sys to increase the scratch-pad memory used for interrupt handling? A. command. virtual memory settings B. settings Answer :C 75. win. got to control panel.sys Answer :B 77. vga. go to control panel. Your video is not looking the way it should. system. irq /m:1024 B. You decide you want Windows to startup using a standard driver which will work with your video adapter.sys D. Referring to #76. config. 386 enhanced.sys E. video. device=video. To change your swap file settings. Now complete the statement to load that standard driver.com D. swap file C. which starts with "display. swap file settings E. You know you have the proper video driver loaded You double check your config. Windows multitasking causes several interrupt requests to be sent to the CPU. You suspect that the proper driver is not installed for your video adapter.sys B.sys C. Your PC boots fine to DOS. the CPU doesn't need help handling IRQs Answer :C 76. In config. loadhigh=ansi. device=ansi. stacks=9.drv Answer :D 78.com D. winramirq=2048 E. vga.256 D. What statement can you place in config.

ini system. runs DOS programs in real mode D. programmed interrupt function C. B. Real mode is: A. run on unix machines only E. Windows file provides support for loading DOS programs? win. run in full screen or windowed E. program information file D. C. start-up directory B. exclusive Answer :A. provides Windows resources for DOS programs B. E. What is a PIF? A. 8088/86 mode C. What does the file winoldap do? A.A. C. does not exist Answer :B 81. D & E 84. loadhigh= lh= highload= device=high devicehigh= Answer :E 80. Windows uses PIFs to set the following parameters for DOS programs: (select all that apply) A. EMS memory C.com pif. used only in Windows D. XMS memory D. D. E. B.exe win. looks for the PIF for a DOS program C. processed information files E. D. B. C. Which A. run DOS programs in standard mode E. programmed information format Answer :C 82. loads the Winhelper program for DOS applications Answer :B . the same as standard mode B. programmed input file B.ini winoldap Answer :E 83.

In order for Windows to print.sys and emm386.85. If you are still having alot of GPF's you may want to run Norton's extensive memory checking utility to see if you have a bad memory chip. Finally. there are things that can be done to reduce them.sys with the statement: "devicehigh=himem. use file manager E. run chkdsk B. don't forget to check for a virus!] 89. run the latest version of DOS C. no. but it can be loaded high with "loadigh" C.sys into upper memory E. C.ini at the end of the file Also. How are lost clusters recovered? A. Is it possible to load himem.exe B.sys to increase the DOS environment size? A. dosincr=env /e:1024 /p B. Because almost no application is perfectly written. you must have a temp variable set. yes B. you cannot load himem.sys in config. and then change your swap file from temporary to permanent. run scandisk C. or General Protection Fault is usually caused when an application tries to read or write to the memory space belonging to another application. shell=c:\dos\command. What statement do you place in config. and because Windows itself is not perfect. add more ram D. yes.com /e:1024 /p Answer :E [GPF tips: sometimes errant applications will add giberish characters to win.sys is set to at least 50 E. there will be GPFs from time to time. they can't be recovered Answer :B 86.sys"? A. This test can take hours to complete And as always. use the Windows backup program D. shell=dos /1024 /e /p D.ini and system. Windows can lock up or produce GPFs. but you must include the /H switch Answer :D 87. try a generic video or mouse driver to see if the new driver is to blame Answer :A. Select all the following which can help to do this: A. winshell=dosenv /e:1024 /e /p E. If you don't shut down Windows properly it can cause lost clusters. but you must include the /LH switch D. B. make sure the FILES= statement in config. yes. A GPF. dos=env /e:1024 /p C. . D & E 88. use the latest versions of himem. sometimes it helps to upgrade the PC's bios. If the DOS environment size is not large enough to handle all the DOS and Windows environment variables. However. you may want to defrag the hard drive(backup everything first!).

hit the prtscr key E. edit the "print=" line in system. and now. install Win95 C. and have no filled in areas? A. install Win95 D. at a DOS prompt type "dir > prn" B. A. false Answer :A 90.A. Which A. You've got a couple of megs left on your hard drive. font type is infinitely rescalable? bitmap outline vector TIF PCX in a different directory than Win 3. install Win95 B. If you want to upgrade Windows 3.1 in the same directory as Win 3. C.bat > lpt1:" C. true B. install Win95 Answer :B 91. What is the Windows font type that consists only of line segments. raster Answer :B 94. You can't print from Windows. at a DOS prompt type "type c:\autoexec. DOS shuts down the printer function to preserve space for itself E. How can you test to see whether or not it's the printer at fault? Select all that apply. at a DOS prompt type "print dir" D. B 92. D. lined D.ini Answer :A. print manager needs hard drive space to spool print jobs until they're printed B. you can't print from Windows. Why? A. you must: A.1 in the DOS directory with the /old switch with the /DOS switch . install Win95 E.1 to Windows 95. The Windows kernel doesn't have enough space to load the print driver D. vector C. The DOS kernel turns off the Windows print function and loads its own smaller print functions Answer :A 93. bitmap B. E. outline E. all of a sudden. B. and save all your application settings. Windows can't expand its swap file enough to service its print function C. after a dir command.

E. matrix E. A. plotted Answer :A 97. C. C. fast. Which font type combines the properties of both vector and bitmap? A. B. B. A. D. outline matrix plotted fixed sputtered Answer :A 100. C. C. file extensions indicate a bitmap type file? Select all that apply. B. E. B. E. Which A. Truetype fonts are of which font type? matrix outline plotted vector truetype is not a font type Answer :B . B. Which A. false Answer :A 99. B & C 98. The image in a bitmap file is also known as a raster image. C. D. and small file size? vector outline bitmap raster lined Answer :A 96. BMP TIF PCX TRX PGM Answer :A. D. font type is composed only of dots on the screen? bitmap outline vector D. Which A. true B.Answer :C 95. E. D. type of font is characterized by poor quality.

A. C. 8 meg ram Answer :C 102.bak Answer : 105. A. A. C. E. E.com redit. What is the lowest version of DOS that will allow Windows 95 to be installed? 3. C. D. Select all the file systems that Windows 95 supports: vfat fat fat32 cdfs ntfs .dat system. What are the two files that the Windows 95 Registry is composed of? sys. B. D.bak user.da0 system. D 104. B.3 4. 386dx.com Answer :C.exe editreg. B. What are the two Windows 95 Registry backup files? sys. D. A.0 Answer :B 103. 4 meg ram D.0 5.101.exe regedit. what are the minimum hardware requirements to run Windows 95? A. C. E. 8 meg ram E.2 3.bat openreg. 386sx. 4 meg ram C. B.com reg.dat system.da0 system. 386dx.bak reg. 486dx2.com user. 486sx. A. D. What is the command file used to bring up the Registry editor? regist. B. E.exe Answer :E 106. According to Microsoft.1 3. E. 8 meg ram B. C. D.

1 to Windows 95. change icon Answer :C 111. D. then select the Log option B. D 107. go to icon key. right-click. icon E. debug /s /h /r [registry file] E. click correcsponding drive letter. Where can you find them on the Windows 95 desktop? A. file. Windows 95 doesn't need system.txt option D. . hit F5 as soon as Windows starts. How can you change an object's icon? A. Start.Answer :A. properties. Settings. then select bootlog. A. How can you create a log file that records the events on bootup? A. attrib -s -h -r [registry file] B.x programs that can't access the Windows 95 Registry.ini or win. change icon button B. C. change icon button C. Which command should you run from the Windows directory that will allow you to copy the Registry files? A. You are having problems when Windows 95 boots. but it can still use them to support 16 bit Windows 3. left-click. and now you can't see your program groups. open My Computer. System E. hit F2 as soon as Windows starts. You upgrade from Windows 3. B. right-click. Start. just use the copy command Answer :A 110. you should make a backup copy. C. Before you edit the Registry. Programs Answer :E 108. hit F8 as soon as Windows starts. then select Troubleshoot option E. My Computer B.ini. change icon button D. Explorer D. copy con [registry file] D. then select Boot-Log option C. short-cut tab. edit Registry to include a Log file on startup Answer :C 112. open Registry. as any incorrect change can make your PC inoperable. Control Panel C. E. attrib +s +h +r [registry file] C. hit F5 as soon as Windows starts. Which Registry key stores all of the system settings? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE HKEY_SYS_SETTINGS HKEY_PC_SETTINGS HKEY_LOCAL_COMPUTER HKEY_SYS_LOCAL Answer :A 109. B.

A. A.txt D. B. What is a good way to figure out what happened? A. C. false Answer :A 113. but yes. D. but yes. You are installing Windows 95. and it crashes or hangs during the hardware detection phase. C. E. 0 1 2 3 9 Answer :A. look at crashdet. D 116. Can you yes no yes.log Answer :C 115. look at detlog. B. 0 . Which ring allows the greatest access to the CPU? 0 1 2 3 9 Answer :A 117. but upgrade a Windows 95 PC to Windows NT? only if you had DOS installed as well only NT version 3. B. look at detlog. Most application run in which ring? 0 1 2 3 9 Answer :D 118.A.51 only if you run the NT_95 presetup program first Answer :B 114. look at crashlog. C. C. D. E. A.log E. Which processor rings does Windows 95 use? Select all that apply. D. D. true B.log B. E. B. look at crash.log C. Most device drivers run in which ring? A. E. A.

255 D. You install a super-wing-ding video card and driver. From what part of Windows 95 can you view device properties or remove them completely? A. then back on again Answer :C 120. press ALT-S as soon as Windows starts E. devices B. click "End Task" D. Explorer. B 122. settings B. display Answer :A. settings. type Win95 /s at a DOS prompt Answer :A. 256 E. select "Safe Mode" B. and the one you are currently working on freezes up. so that just the minimum configuration needed to run Windows 95 loads. control panel. end E. video. 260 Answer :E 121. edit video settings in system. utilities. settings D. start. F8.B. turn off PC. system. You have several application running. control panel. D. A. E. CTRL-ALT-DELETE once. 1 2 3 9 Answer :A 119. reboot the PC B. and you want to start it in "Safe Mode". select the offending program. right-click desktop. start. F4 D. A. C. settings . CTRL-ALT-DELETE twice. including its path? A.ini E. select. F5 C. programs. You are having problems with your PC. How is the display changed? Select all that apply. How do you do this? Select all that apply. properties. What is the maximum number of characters that a file name can have. What do you do? A. programs. video. settings C. control panel. E 123. 8 B. device manager C. click "ignore" and work on the other apps C. left-click start. 25 C. but your display hasn't changed.

2. how large can you create a compressed drive using Windows 95 drvspace? A. B. devices in "My Computer" Answer : 124. explorer. A. as long as DOS loads. 350k B. B. E. 8 gig Answer :A 127.1 File Manager has been replaced by what in Windows 95? Program Manager Device Manager System Manager Explorer Control Panel Answer :D 26. Without the Plus pack. G.1 gig D. 512k D. C. how can you get it back? F. H. 640k E. I. 512 meg B. D. run undelete from a DOS prompt run 95undel from a Windows 95 command line look in the Recycle Bin run recover. devices E. The Windows 3. D. 1 gig C.D. what is the minimum amount of conventional memory required? A. 470k C. Windows 95 can install Answer :B . J. To install Windows 95 from DOS. what is the best way to do this? win /a win /n netsetup netinstall it can't be done with Windows 95 Answer :C 126. To install Windows 95 over a network.exe you can't get it back Answer :C 125. C. E. If you delete a file from a windows on the Windows 95 desktop. A. 4 gig E.

Programs. go to Explorer. Startup C. system. E. view the System key in the Registry Answer :A. create D. Windows 95 gives you the opportunity to create a startup disk when you install it. select startup disk. ISA Answer :C. startup disk tab. IDE C. right-click a run file and drag it to the desktop. What is one of the first things you do? reinstall the printer reload the print driver disable EMF spooling disable EPP port disable ECP port Answer :C 132. C. properties. SCSI B. settings. D. should A. How are IRQ. D. go to control panel. if you skip it during installation.128. B. right-click desktop. MCA E. C. settings E. double-click "My Computer" C. create E. How do you create a shortcut? Select all that apply. open "My Computer". Which two bus enumerators are not included with Windows 95? A. However. startup disk. select shortcut . select startup disk B. D 129. system. A. and I\O port information displayed? Select all that apply. start. E. how can you create one later? A. add/remove programs. device manager. select new. go to System. A. device manager. run MSD D. then select "create shortcut". B. go to control panel. run Explorer. double-click computer B. You have trouble printing from Windows 95. "Hot Docking" means that: power must be off to remove\install a device power can be on to remove\install a device a warm boot must be done before a device is removed\installed a hot boot must be done before a device is removed\installed the power supply shuts down upon reaching a certain temperature Answer :B 130. from Explorer. B. control panel. DMA. VLB D. Bus emumerators build the hardware tree on bootup. B 131. A. create Answer :C 133. right-click "My Computer". properties.

fil B.myf C. You want Windows 95 to go straight to a DOS prompt as soon as it boots.C. but only NT 5. D. system. shortcuts Answer :A. thisis~1 E. thisismy. How is the file name displayed from the DOS prompt? A. this_is_my_file Answer :D 135. B.0 no Answer :A 136.dat C.ile D. Which file must you modify to accomplish this? A. C.exe D. You name a file "This is my file". control panel. B.sys=1 Answer :C 138. C. E.sys E. system. E. but only if NT is installed first yes. A. D. B. this.sys=0 bootgui=0 bootdos=1 boot. Can Windows 95 dual boot with NT? yes. run shortcut. thisis. Referring to question 37. which statement must you place in the file? no_graph=1 graph. control panel.ini D.com B. but only if Windows 95 is installed first yes. what happens to Windows? it runs in the background it goes into "sleep mode" it runs minimized on the Task Bar it is unloaded from memory nothing Answer :D . system. but only in a network yes. A. A. D. io. msdos. E. When you start Windows 95 in MSDOS mode. B 134. create shortcut E. C. settings.sys Answer :D 137. command.

B. caching. B. How do you map a drive letter to a network share? Select all that apply.139. select the file option. You have a network card with the connector in question 43. they are gone C. ethernet . D. they are stored in the TEMP directory. and decide to defrag your hard drive using DOS 6. What type of card is it? A. the pins being in two rows. ethernet E. caching boot drive properties. token ring C. double-click the network icon. In Windows 95. but one day you left a bootable DOS 6. You have a network card with the connector in question 43. C. settings. highlight an object in its dialogue box. You let it bootup DOS. where do you disable write-behind caching? system properties. troubleshooting device manager. they are compressed until Windows 95 is run again D. C 142. click "Map Network Drive" right-click the Network Neighborhood icon. You have a network card with only one connector. What happens to your Windows 95 long file names? A. What type of card is it? A. E. You usually run Windows 95 on your computer. click "Map Network Drive" start. file system. banyan D.22. they are hidden E. settings. dlc E.22 diskette in the floppy drive. arcnet D. ethernet B. Answer :A. E. and it also has a 15 pin female connector. settings. D. caching system properties. A. token ring B. performance. map this can only be done with NT or Novell A. double-click the Network Neighborhood icon. click "Map Network Drive" control panel. disable it must be done from a DOS prompt Answer :A 141. B. which looks like a place to plug an oversized phone core What type of card is it? A. and it also has a 9 pin female connector. decnet C. C. they are given a "dos" extension Answer :B 140. fiber optic Answer :D 143. it is not a network card Answer :A 144.

D. D. Thinnet coaxial cable uses what type of connector? RJ-45 AUI MSAU XR-2 BNC Answer :E 147. token ring fiber optic ipx/spx fddi Answer :B 145. A. C. E. C. B. cable noise cable shortage loss of signal strength unwanted signals on the network analog interference Answer :C 149. E. E. What is attenuation? A. A. B. D. C. E. B. B. A. E. Thick Ethernet cable uses what type of connector? Select all that apply. C. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector? RJ-11 XT-20 RJ-45 RJ-50 RP-21 Answer :C 146. D. C. E.B. C. B. What is used to boost a digital signal? amplifier digi-booster multiplexer booster repeater Answer :D 150. A. D. What is used to boost an analog signal? . D. RJ-45 AUI DIX DB-15 BNC Answer :B 148.

D. A. D. 1000 feet D. amplifier multiplexer booster repeater demodulator Answer :A 151. E. E. What is the specification for thick Ethernet? A. 10base2 is specification for Ethernet thinnet coaxial cable. B. C 152. E. 500 meters C. 1000 feet E. D. 328 feet D. 1000 meters E. T-base100 B. 50base10 D. B. 500 meters Answer :B. 50baseT Answer :B 155. 100 meters C. A. A. What is the maximum length of thinnet cable before a signal booster is needed? 185 meters 500 feet 1600 feet 1000 feet 1 mile Answer :A 154. 500 feet B. C. C. What is the maximum length of thick Ethernet cable before a signal booster is needed? A. B.A. What is 10baseT? specification for twisted-pair cable specification for cable terminators 10 megawatt transceiver specification for digital transmission 10 Mhz analog transfers Answer :A 153. 25 meters B. 2 miles . 10base5 C. C. What is the maximum length of twisted-pair cable before a signal booster is needed? Select all that apply. 100baseT E.

C. A. What can you use to do this? Select all that apply. A. A.1 802. What is the IEEE specification for Token Ring? 802. D. C. one computer in Atlanta and one in Amarillo connected through an ISDN line . D. D 160. use to A. D & E 159. What can you do this? Select all that apply.4 802.5 Answer :C 157.3 802. repeater B. A LAN is a local area network.2 802. B. C. B. C.5 Answer :E 158. A. Which of the following qualifies as a LAN? Select all that apply. gateway E. A WAN is a wide area network. you cannot connect PCs with mainframes in a LAN. several stand-alone computers on the same floor in a building B.2 802. router D. C. E.4 802. B. D. dual ring token passing beaconing 100 megabits per second data transfer uses fiber-optic cable Answer :A. You wish to join a Token Ring segment with an Ethernet segment.3 802. What are the characteristics of FDDI? Select all that apply. A. E. Answer :D 161. E. E. repeater bridge router gateway you cannot join token ring with ethernet Answer :C. You wish to connect your NT based LAN to an AS400 machine(main frame). D.Answer :B 156. What is the IEEE specification for Ethernet? 802.1 802. B. B. bridge C.

netbeui DLC Decnet IPX/SPX TCPIP Answer :B. requires only the WINS server IP Answer :B . doesn't matter if it's a slow protocol Answer :B 165. The binding order can affect a network's efficiency. If you have a DHCP server. These are the layers in this network model: 7. Your most used protocol on a network should be installed: A. C. C. becomes much more complicated B. 163. B. is automatically done by the DHCP server C. 6. first. When a protocol is installed. last B. A. D & E 164. requires only the default gateway E. last. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. D. this means that configuring client IP addresses: A. D & E 162. E. unless it's TCPIP E. One computer and two HP JetAdmin printers connected by an active hub using the DLC protocol E. This process is called "binding". unless it's TCPIP D.C. it is bound to the network card's driver. requires only the subnet and DNS addresses D. first C. 4. One NT server and one Windows 95 client connected by a direct cable connection Answer :C. 3. two computers on different floors in a building linked with an Ethernet connection D. 1. Network protocols are installed much the same way device drivers are in Windows 95. OSI stands for open systems interconnect. application presentation session transport network data link physical Which of the following protocols are routable? Select all that apply. 5. 2.

E. analog multimeter Answer :A 169. All the cable connections check out find.166. TDR B. C. What is probably the problem? A. or shorts? A. B. Most network problems occur at which OSI layer? network transport data link session physical Answer :E 168. A. B. D. A. The internet uses which network protocol? IPX/SPX LAT ATM Netbeui TCPIP Answer :E 171. install TCPIP on the Windows 95 PC Answer :C 167. All the hardware checks out fine. and all the drivers are properly loaded. network monitor D. crimps. A. the network drivers on the servers are corrupt C. E. What is the smallest unit of data transfer over a network? data bit byte packet data package megabit Answer :C 170. You are using the IPX/SPX protocol on your network. C. B. Which network troubleshooting tool tests cables for breaks. D. C. E. and your newly installed Windows 95 PC won't connect to any of the servers. digital multimeter E. protocol anyalizer C. your your your your floppy drive is defective diskette has a virus hard drive is no longer recognized as a boot drive floppy cable is bad . C. install TCPIP on the servers E. A. D. B. check the frame type on the Windows 95 PC D. D. the servers are not running IPX/SPX B.

false Answer :A . true B. A diamond icon with a short line through one side of it represents: IDE SCSI ESDI LPT1 Video port Answer :B 175. true B. they are fully plug-and-play. D. D & E 173. The Mac printer port is serial. A. The <.. B. Mac devices do not have jumpers or dip switches. A. C.> icon represents: SCSI IDE Video port Token Ring Ethernet Answer :E 176. A. E. A.E. E. your floppy drive is just being checked Answer :C 172. false Answer :A 177. C. D. B. Answer :B 174. C. A. B. D. unlike PCs which are parallel. D. B. This could mean that: (select all that apply) you've got a serious hardware problem you have a system software problem your SCSI controller is defective your hard drive crashed your ram is defective Answer :A. A. E. You get a sad face on your screen. E. This is because: the Mac is overheated you've got a system crash you've got an application error the Mac just detected a virus you accidently hit the ESCAPE key C. B.. C. You get a dialog box on the screen with a bomb icon in it.

B. A. software that extend's the Mac's system capabilities B. It is pretty much like the Windows 95 shortcut feature. which basically represents a file. a three digit alpha-numeric add-on to Mac files E. D. a plug-in for a Mac hard card Answer :A . software that allow Windows 95 to run on a Mac D. folder.178. The Mac Powerbook is based on what type of architecture? RISC CISC DISC XRCS XRSC Answer :A 179. D. or disk. What is an extension? A. E. Answer :A 180. C. a way to hide a file a system function used only by the operating system an icon creator doesn't pertain to the Mac C. B. A. a Mac application C. E. What is an alias? A duplicate file icon.

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