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2 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More • RiverCitiesReader.



COVID Controversies Require Critical Thinking

or nearly 27 years, the Reader has pro- local and national mainstream media, and public. No one questioned his reverse policy social engagement, and intrusions upon our
vided the Quad Cities with alternative blatant contradictions by trusted voices such guidance, or its odd timing. Regardless, constitutionally protected rights is ramping
news and perspectives. By “alternative,” as Dr. Anthony Fauci relative to mask-wear- most of our public sector leaders jumped on up and not receding, even though the critical
I mean alternative to the mainstream media, ing, only adds to the public’s collective anxiety the bandwagon without hesitation, or any measure of a lethal viral outbreak are death
and this unyielding mission has served the and confusion, especially when reliable, con- peer-reviewed science to support their own rates, which continue to decrease as positive
community well. This policy as it applies to clusive science is missing from the equation. advocacy. cases increase relative to COVID-19. This is
COVID-19 is no different, especially due to In recent articles advocating mask-wear- Meanwhile, recent published control stud- great news and should be celebrated, not min-
the vast volumes of information that are being ing en masse as a mitigation policy against ies have conclusively found that surgical and imized as a cautionary tale.
withheld, even censored, from the American the community spread of SARS-CoV2 and cloth masks provide little protection against The prolonging of extreme mitigations are
public. COVID-19, many advocates and reporters transmission of viruses and bacteria, but do no longer justified (if they ever were), so what
It is not necessary for agreement to appre- cite the same block of studies in support of the pose considerable potential negative health is the true purpose of continuing to derail
ciate information that makes us look at the policy. What advocates and reporters appar- consequences that deserve consideration, but society? This has emerged as the central ques-
issues of our time more closely, or differ- ently neglect to do, however, is review each instead are being largely ignored. For those at tion that we should all finally be asking.
ently. The more information, the better, for link for confirmation of their assertion(s). If greater risk from COVID-19, this is uncon-
informed decisions and opinions. The only they had, they would have learned that many scionable neglect on the part of mainstream
non-negotiable requirement should be evi- of the references do not mention masks, let media and designated “trusted voices,” espe-
Enter Contact Tracing
dence-based reporting, well-sourced and alone present a science-based random-control cially if we are led to wrongly believe we are Contact tracing is the precursor to a new
verified, then linked for readers to investigate study affirming the practice. (See this article protecting our loved ones at risk (RCReader. control grid based on health, as well as an
for themselves. Our mission statement has from the New England Journal of Medicine: com/y/covid1911 and extremely lucrative new revenue source for
always been “to make you think, not tell you covid1912). the public-sector agencies involved. Iowa
what to think.” alone received $100 million in federal distri-
And hopefully, readers have come to trust butions of funds for COVID-19 management,
our mission, and the information provided. to date.
Again, agreement isn’t the goal. Provid- The above information is presented to aide you in Contract tracing is a very legitimate proto-
col for getting control of a infectious disease,
ing information that isn’t available from the
mainstream media for readers’ consideration
navigating COVID-19 using your intellect, not your but it has definable limitations, most signifi-
is. So far, mission accomplished. emotions—rational analysis, not knee-jerk fear. cantly a strict window of time during an infec-
tion’s onset. Once it has run its course, contact
So let’s continue with the ongoing con-
troversies: SARS-CoV2 virus has still not tracing has no purpose other than looking
been purified, compromising all rt-PCR backwards (
and antibody testing and vaccine develop- In fact, of the links that do address airborne Among the potential dangers posed to the The contact tracing being proposed for
ment (please note that isolating coronavirus transmissibility of viruses, particles, and wearers of masks, especially for prolonged COVID-19 is light years beyond previous
genome sequences is not the same thing as droplets narratively, observations are preva- periods, are hypoxia, hypoxemia, Hyper- protocol for intervention in the spread of
purification of an original SARS-CoV2 RNA lent that masks, more specifically surgical and capnia (carbon dioxide toxicity), sores and disease. What is being proposed is basically
sequence from which all future sequencing cloth masks, are somewhat effective in stop- rashes around the mouth and nostrils, gum massive government surveillance, only this
should flow); increase in COVID-19 positive ping some macrobes (such as spittle), but are problems, and various unintended auto- program will operate in the open (parts of it,
cases with simultaneous decrease in deaths largely ineffective in stopping human aero- immune responses due to less oxygen and anyway) with public knowledge, permission,
(both from COVID and overall); mandatory sol projections that carry microscopic viral greater carbon dioxide, such as triggering and compliance.
mask-wearing; and contact tracing. particles. The best study for its rigorous and latent viruses (i.e. influenza) and bacterial Think of contacts as six degrees of Kevin
Interestingly, the inventor of the rt-PCR honest approach can be found at this Nature. infections. Bacon on steroids. The “army” of tracers have
Test, Kary Mullis, has openly warned that his com page ( The variables attributed to the dangers no obligation to tell the people it investigates
test should not be used for infectious-disease Yet it, too, is inconclusive on the efficacy of of mask-wearing are many and varied, and what, when, why, where, or how they are a
diagnosis due to the PCR test’s inability to masks as an efficient barrier for micrometer will impact people differently depending on candidate for “tracing.” And there is no gov-
confirm the amount of viral load present in a contaminants. health conditions, mask material, environ- ernor on the personal data the tracers are per-
test subject based on the testing sample alone This makes sense considering that viruses mental conditions, wearing time … . Pick one. mitted to collect, nor with whom it is shared,
( are 2.37 million times smaller than the diam- But don’t dismiss potential problems, because for what purposes.
What concerns skeptics regarding the eter of pores in most non-N95 respirators, there are less dangerous consequences, too, Thirty-five states have already admitted to
rt-PCR testing orbit is that any coronavi- while particles that carry the viruses are such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, double sharing private data collected from positive
ruses present in samples are getting counted 512 times smaller, and droplets are 8 times vision, and tinnitus – ringing or buzzing test cases, 10 of which have shared private data
as positive COVID-19 results, which, if true, smaller, easily passing through these porous ( and RCReader. with law enforcement, including Iowa. There
would be grossly misleading for obvious rea- barriers ( com/y/covid1914). is no reason to assume this won’t be the norm
sons, and certainly undermines a planetary This need-to-know information relative These potential dangers are not small for states. Most states, including Iowa, sell
pandemic-level response. to COVID-19 and masks is provided by the things, and deserve due diligence. Especially DMV data as a revenue stream. Why would
The purpose of this information is to CDC, the New England Medicine Journal, if there exists even the smallest controversy COVID-19 personal data be any different?
encourage readers to approach COVID with and significant other medical professional about the true inefficacy of masks in prevent- Massive resource allocation, a snowball
eyes wide open, and to question everything. sources, yet ignored by the mainstream media ing transmission due to reasonable weak- enlargement of the U.S. health bureaucracy,
Healthy skepticism is a virtue, not paranoia. and “trusted voices.” Until recently, CDC nesses in the protocol, including fit, material, trillions in new tax-dollar expenditures, and
The degree of incurious compliance is alarm- officials, including the National Institute constant touching and adjusting, and particle ever-increasing violations of constitutionally
ing in its magnitude, especially considering of Health’s (NIH) own Dr. Anthony Fauci, build-up, to name a few. protected rights, all justified by a virus that
the extreme response worldwide. Compliance openly discouraged the use of facial cover- The above information is presented to aide has a lethality factor of 0.05 percent or one-
in the spirit of safety is understandable, but ings in preventing transmission. It was not you in navigating COVID-19 using your intel- fifth of 1 percent, which is lower than most
the lack of questioning and deserved push- until the COVID curve was flattening that lect, not your emotions – rational analysis, regular influenza outbreaks.
back against the onslaught of inconsistent Dr. Fauci changed his position and began not knee-jerk fear. The fallout from shutter- Think, people!
information, incoherent reporting by our insisting upon nationwide mask-wearing in ing economies, schools, access to our elders,
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 3

Landmark Trial on Water Fluoridation & EPA on Pause

Until August 6
earch the for the word “fluoride” or best methodology. Everybody agrees that well as Dr. Kris Thayer. Additionally, he said asking one final question, “Under TSCA, can
“fluoridation” at every broadcast- these were rigorous studies and everybody the EPA never once attempted to determine the court find an unreasonable risk without
news-station Web site and the two (for agrees that these studies would be part of the an estimate of what the levels are that cause finding causation?” The EPA replied, “Yes.”
now) daily-newspaper Web sites in the Quad best available scientific evidence. The EPA neurotoxic effects. Connett added that the
Cities and you will not find one mention of a appears to have applied a standard of cau- EPA witness Dr. Donohue said the National Judge Chen’s
recent landmark trial over the controversial sation, which from my read of TSCA is not Institutes of Health funded-studies on which
practice of medicating local water supplies accurate. It’s not a proper allocation. It’s not the plaintiffs relied were “well conducted” Recommendations
with fluoride under the auspices of topically the proper standard.” and “warrant a reassessment of all existing” After stating, “The EPA appears to have
treating one’s teeth through ingestion. It’s The ending of the trial was unexpected as fluoride standards. applied a standard of causation, which from
another example of big pharma’s power and the judge asked the two parties to work out Then Connett concluded his statement by my read of TSCA is not accurate. It’s not a
influence over the media to not question the an agreement and suggested various scenar- showing the true extent of potential damage, proper allocation. It’s not the proper stan-
status quo. ios outlined below. stating there are 2 million pregnant moth- dard,” Chen continued by asking the parties
As we reported back in 2013 (RCReader. ers in fluoridated areas and over 400,000 whether they could discuss the possibility
com/y/fluoride1), the United States, which FAN’s Closing Statements exclusively formula-fed babies in fluoridated of an amended petition and re-assessment
fluoridates over 70 percent of its water sup- areas, all presently being exposed to fluoride- by the EPA, or start a new petition and have
plies, has more people drinking fluoridated Here are some of the points made by contaminated drinking water. the EPA conduct a proper review, leaving his
water than the rest of the world combined. Michael Connett during closing statements ultimate ruling until that was complete.
for the plaintiffs on June 17:
In the Quad Cities, we don’t even use the
“TSCA commands that the EPA not just EPA’s Closing Statements Michael Connett pointed out that the EPA
medical-grade sodium fluoride as the origi- has dragged their feet for a long, long time
nal 1952 contract with Iowa American Water protect the general public … if there is one The EPA’s attorney started by questioning (it has been 14 years since the NRC report
Company ( unreasonable risk, to just one susceptible whether fluoride posed a hazard. Early on in recommended that the EPA determine a
required. Instead, what we drink and bathe subpopulation, the EPA must take action to her closing statement, the judge stopped her new maximum allowable level for fluoride
with contains the poison substance that remove such risk.” – which became a very common occurrence in drinking water). Connett said plaintiffs
required several hazardous-material teams “It’s undisputed that fluoride will pass – and said, “The way you’re framing this is were in a situation where the EPA has made
to mobilize in 2011 when the toxin spilled through the placenta into the brain of the not helpful. I don’t think anyone disputes a political decision not to do anything, which
and started eating through the concrete in fetus. It’s undisputed that babies who are that fluoride is a hazard … the critical ques- is why we brought this petition in the first
Rock Island ( bottle fed with fluoridated water receive the tion is at what level it poses a risk.” place. He also expressed concern that for a
In 2016, under the Toxic Substances Con- highest doses of fluoride in our population It was at this point, that the EPA’s closing citizen’s group this is a massive undertaking,
trol Act (TSCA), a group of non-profits and pointing out that the plaintiffs have spent
individuals (including Food & Water Watch, four years building this case, and the concern
Inc. and Moms Against Fluoridation) peti- The judge concluded by asking one final question, is that the time and resources necessary to go
tioned the U.S. Environmental Protection through the process a second time would be
Agency to end the addition of fluoridation “Under TSCA, can the court find an unreasonable risk prohibitive.
chemicals into drinking water due to fluo-
ride’s neurotoxicity. The EPA rejected the
without finding causation?” The EPA replied, “Yes.” The EPA claimed that they couldn’t just
re-evaluate the plaintiffs’ amended petition,
petition. In response, in 2017, the groups because their guidelines for TSCA require an
represented by counsel from Fluoride Action impossible burden of proof that no one could
Network (FAN) began suing the EPA in Fed- at the moment of greatest vulnerability. It’s statement turned into a 40-minute inquisi- possibly meet to trigger a meaningful review.
eral Court. undisputed that fluoride damages the brain.” tion by the judge. First, he started asking They also claimed that the U.S. EPA does not
The federal trial pitting plaintiffs against At the start of the trial I said there are about the EPA’s claims that the animal stud- have the resources or expertise to undertake
the U.S. EPA over water fluoridation came three key questions that need to be answered. ies showed fluoride to be safe. This resulted a risk evaluation of fluoride neurotoxicity.
to a dramatic turning point last month on Is there a hazard? Is there a risk? Is the risk in him getting their attorney to admit that if Judge Chen then made clear that a lack of
Wednesday, June 17. FAN has argued that unreasonable? The answer [to all three ques- the studies found a moderate effect in adult resources is not an excuse, and said that if
fluoride’s ability to impact the development tions] is a resounding yes.” rats, then why wouldn’t there then be a pre- both parties can’t figure out a solution he’ll
of both the fetal and infant brain posed an “There is no dispute that the developing natal and neonate effect? This put the EPA in rule on it himself, as he’s been given the
unacceptable risk to millions of Americans brain is the most susceptible to neurotoxic a corner, causing them to ditch their line of power to do so. The judge said he will hold a
(and others) drinking fluoridated public- side-effects.” argument and admit that the human studies briefing with the two sides on August 6. This
water supplies. The dramatic moment came “The most likely explanation for the are in-fact more relevant. will be online and the public will be able to
when, after both sides had completed their observed adverse effects … is that fluoride The judge then reprimanded the EPA for watch.
summary statements, U.S. District Court is a neurotoxin at the levels found in fluori- challenging the reliability of Philippe Grand-
Judge Edward M. Chen in the Northern dated communities across the United States.” jean’s benchmark dose, but never taking the This recounting above of the proceedings
District of California surprised everyone by Michael Connett also pointed out that time to calculate their own to prove their from said trial is sourced in part from Fluo-
recognizing the key plank in the plaintiffs’ the experts the EPA relied upon, including point. The EPA quickly pivoted to an argu- ride Action Network’s press page found at
case and undermining the key argument in the two Exponent (consulting company) ment that the Canadian and Mexican cohorts The full tran-
the EPA’s case. employees, were not experts on fluoride, weren’t applicable to the U.S.; probably one script of the plaintiffs’ closing remarks is
The judge said, “So much has changed and that the agency did not call their own of the most spurious arguments heard from available at
since the petition was filed … two signifi- employees to answer key questions in the proponents. The judge intimated that he was EPA’s closing remark transcript may be
cant series of studies – respective cohort case. He was referring to EPA’s foremost aware of the new study out of California ordered from this list of docketed items at
expert on fluoride, Dr. Joyce Donohue, as proving otherwise. The judge concluded by
studies – which everybody agrees is the
4 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

NEWS By Mike Schulz

The State of Things: Rhythm City Casino Resort

Ryan Lounsbury, Marketing Director for the
Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport, dis-
Vol. 27 · No. 975 cusses the venue’s operations during this period
of social distancing. We spoke on Thursday, July 2.
JULY 2020
Rhythm Room Concerts
532 W. 3rd St. We’re back doing the Friday and Saturday
Davenport IA 52801 entertainment complimentary for guests, and we’ve added a comedy series that we’re doing this
(563)324-0049 (phone) summer starting in August. That’ll be on Thurs-
(563)323-3101 (fax) days, primarily, but we do have one show that’s
on a Sunday, and those will be ticketed shows.
PUBLISHING SINCE 1993 It’s something different for the property – we’ve
The River Cities’ Reader is an independently owned done large comedy acts in our Event Center, but
publication and website, dedicated to providing readers we wanted to try something new in our Rhythm still having a good time and they’re still putting not want to come back, and it’s good that they
and members the “keys to the Quad Cities’ culture.” Room, and it’s kind of been a plan of ours for a on a good show, but it’s definitely a different feel. are able to work with us on finding new dates.
while. Before all this started, we added a sound And of course, we ask them that even though It’s tough, though. I mean, we’re lucky that
Newly printed complimentary editions are available curtain around the Rhythm Room so we can they travel together, they try to ensure that they we’re a multi-faceted business, so we have other
monthly at select locations in the region. For a complete actually close it down and make it its own inti- maintain as much distance onstage as possible. revenue streams than the concerts. And if you’re
list, visit mate venue. So there’s no sound that’s leaked out But they’re traveling together, and so they’re a venue specific to entertainment, I can under-
onto the casino floor or into the Rhythm Room. hopefully doing the right thing – just like we stand the rush to try to get back to it. But I think
PRINT & DIGITAL ADVERTISING We’ve defi nitely had to adjust the seating.
Print advertising space reservation deadline is the 15th expect all Iowans and Illinoisans to do the right it’s important that we learn to develop other
of each month for the following month’s edition.
We’ve taken the occupancy way down – I think thing. Make sure that if you’re around others, revenue opportunities to try to get through
we can only put about 50 people in the Rhythm you’re adhering to the guidelines and social dis- the storm. Here, we did some virtual shows
Website & weekly e-newsletter advertising deadline is Room at this particular moment in terms of the
every monday for thursday placements. tancing so you don’t infect someone else. on our Facebook page – some live-streaming
complimentary shows. That’s because we have with some of our entertainment acts that we’ve
Visit to, obviously, distance the folks from the artists,
for full publishing calendar, but secondly, there’s no dance floor now, right? Event Center Concerts had where they did acoustic sets and answered
questions from customers and so on. That was
sponsorship opportunities, ad Because that wouldn’t be adhering to social-dis- Governor Reynolds has allowed for indoor fun, and on our end, it was a way to try to keep
sizes, and pricing. tancing guidelines. So we’ve actually closed our shows to happen, but you have to maintain social up with that free weekend entertainment.
dance floor down, and we removed all the tables distance in order for that to happen. Clearly, Or like with the curbside entertainment
PUBLISHER that were outlining the dance floor, as well. And that’s not something that’s easy to do, and with that’s happening now … . I mean, that was a
Todd McGreevy • of course, the traditional social-distancing mea- the caliber of acts that we book, from a financial heck of an idea, and in the community that I live
sures exist, where you’ve got to have the tables six perspective, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in, we’ve actually done it three different times
EDITOR & BUSINESS MANAGER feet apart and so on.
Kathleen McCarthy • to try to put that in place as well. Some venues with the RME [River Music Experience] – we’ve
Obviously, there’s also notation of maintain- around the country – and I’m sure you’ve seen had three different acts come to our community
ARTS & CALENDAR EDITOR ing six feet of distancing while in line at the bar, some of the news – are actually moving forward and perform for our little HOA development.
Mike Schulz • and there’s no outside food or beverage allowed with it, but then there are all these horrible pub- That was a great idea on their part, and I think
into the Rhythm Room because, of course, we licity videos where people are clearly not social it’s certainly worked well for everyone.
ART DIRECTOR want that to be a clean environment, especially
Nathan Klaus •
distancing from others. And obviously, we cer- You know, I’ve been booking entertainment
when we’re serving food in there. We’re not tainly don’t want to be the cause of a spread in since I was 17 (laughs), and from that per-
DISTRIBUTION & doing that now, because we can’t keep the envi- our community. So for us, it’s prudent to keep spective, we’ve never seen something like this
OFFICE MANAGER ronment as clean as we’d want to. With limited the Event Center closed for now, and make sure before. It’s just one of those things that we’re
Michael Locander • occupancy, we had to limit the services in there, we reschedule those [planned concerts], espe- gonna constantly be learning from, and the goal
too. And there are no groups of 10 or larger – cially with some of the good names that we had has to be to be patient with what’s happening,
IT-SYSMIN which doesn’t really matter, because we also ask
William Reveal
coming. and understand that with the decisions that
guests not to move chairs and tables so we can I mean Gladys Knight was going to be here we make as entertainment providers, we make
ADVERTISING SALES make sure we adhere to the social-distancing next week, the Beach Boys in August … . Both them because we’re thinking of safety. We’re not
Michael Locander • guidelines. were going to end up being sell-out shows. And going to put people in a compromised position.
I think, generally, the customers are very you just don’t want to put people who really want So I think that’s the biggest thing to remem-
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS excited to have the music back. I mean, it’s not to see these shows, and are concerned about their
Amy Alkon, Max Allison, Rochelle Arnold,
ber: Be patient, and make sure that you’re
often you get provided free entertainment in health, at risk. So relocating those to new dates adhering to the standards and practices that
Rob Brezsny, Pamela Briggs, Max Cannon,
Madeline Dudziak, Rich Miller, Loren Thacher this world. (Laughs.) And you know, we book certainly makes sense for us. We hope that we are being instituted by the government and
about 50 percent local musicians, and the other can open it again in October, but we’re still going that are right for your business. Because again,
PRINT COPY DISTRIBUTORS 50 percent are smaller touring acts from places
Cheri Delay, Greg Fitzpatrick, Marie Mack,
to continue to monitor what’s going on in the you don’t want to be in the position, like some
Jay Strickland like Nashville, Minneapolis, Milwaukee – we’ve community, and monitor what the governor is of these other venues around the country have
had bands up here from as far away as Florida. So providing to us. And hopefully October hap- been in, where now, all of a sudden, there are
the customers get to see something that doesn’t pens, because both of the shows we have sched-
these videos floating around talking about how
happen a lot in this area with a price tag of “free.” uled have been rescheduled from previous dates. horrible you’re doing from a social-distancing
And while I think the musicians are excited standpoint. You know, you always want to put
DO MORE. to be able to perform and get a paycheck again,
at the same time, I think they’re also still a little
Day by Day your best foot forward.

© 2020 River Cities’ Reader weirded out. Because with our set-up – with the Our goal is to keep that entertainment going,
dance floor being right around the stage – there’s and obviously we were excited about the shows Follow venue updates at
now a big gap between them and the customers. that we had booked, and we want to keep them and
So it’s a little different of a feel for them. They’re on the books. We haven’t had really any artists
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 5
6 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

JULY 2020
Covering July 10–August 5, 2020

Your event listing in print and online has been complimentary since 1993!
Send your events to
NOTE: All events listed are confirmed at time of publication. Please check with the venue ahead of arrival to ensure status of each event.

VISUAL ARTS Magnetic West: The Enduring Allure of the American Clay for Kids, ages five and up are invited to bring a Virtual Southwest Make and Take Crafts: Back-to-
West, the exhibit features over 150 photographs by… Figge parent… Figge Art Museum, 6pm Tue Jul 14 School Pen/Pencil Holder, an event in the Southwest
Art Museum, thru Thu Aug 13 Craft Night series with materials… Rock Island Public Library
Openings & Gallery Events Virtual Southwest Make and Take Crafts: Color Your - Southwest Branch, 6pm Tue Aug 11
Ralph Scott - Andrea Van Wyk - Terry Rathje, exhibit of Own Candleholder, an event in the Southwest Craft Night
Thursdays at the Figge, art-themed activities, discussions, Scott’s digital paintings, Van Wyk’s… Quad City Arts Art @ the series with materials… Rock Island Public Library - Southwest SEW Much Fun: Marker Holder, a do-it-yourself project;
tours, refreshments, and more; guests are invited… Figge Art Airport, thru Thu Aug 13 Branch, 6pm Tue Jul 14 materials and sewing machines provided courtesy of… Rock
Museum, 5pm Thu Jul 16 thru Thu Aug 13 Island Public Library - Downtown Library, 5:30pm Thu Aug 13
Seen and Heard: The Art of Empowerment, exhibit BB151 Illustration 2, Thru July 17 for grades 6 to adult,
Virtual Curator Talk: Dr. Jennifer Jankauskas, with the focusing on the major contributions of… Figge Art Museum, with instructor… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 10am Wed
Curator of Art at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts… thru Thu Aug 13 Jul 15 Call for Entry
Figge Art Museum, 6:30pm Thu Jul 16
Virtual Class: GC300a Oil Painting, On Wednesdays, with Quarantine Art Exhibition, all artists residing within a
Artist Talk: Andy Abeyta, join photographer Abeyta for a instructor Dave Anderson. Students will be taught… Bereskin 250-mile radius invited to submit… Quad City Arts Center,
talk about his exhibit “QC… Figge Art Museum, 6:30pm Thu Gallery & Art Academy, 9am Wed Jul 15 thru Wed Jul 29 thru Thu Aug 13
Jul 23 Classes
Virtual Class: GC300b Oil Painting, On Thursdays, with
Art in the Garden, Local and regional artists such as Open Clay Studio Membership, with instructor Claire instructor Dave Anderson. Students will be taught… Bereskin
jewelers, photographers, painters, woodworkers,… Quad Waterman by appointment: Monday & Wednesday… Gallery & Art Academy, 2pm Thu Jul 16 thru Thu Jul 30
City Botanical Center, 9am Sat Aug 1 Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 5pm thru Thu Aug 13
Virtual Event: Big Picture In the House, on Wedensdays MUSIC
Clay 101, July 11 & 18; learn the foundation of ceramics for grades 6-12; a new lesson and hands-on activity… Figge
using… Figge Art Museum, 10am Sat Jul 11 Art Museum, 10:30am Wed Jul 15 thru Wed Aug 5 Polica, concert with the synth-pop band from Minneapolis,
featuring a set … Codfish Hollow Barn, 7pm Tue Jul 21
Exhibits & Shows Oil Painting, on Saturdays; with instructor Dave Anderson; Camp Figge: 3rd-5th Grade, thru July 24; explore new
learn to see, draw,… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 9:30am frontiers in art-making with this… Figge Art Museum, Mon Virtual 49th Annual Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Susan Reinier: Shiny Objects, exhibit of oil paintings by Sat Jul 11 thru Sat Jul 25 Jul 20 Festival, July 31 & Aug. 1; bands scheduled to perform
the Iowa-based… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, thru Thu include:… 6pm Fri Jul 31 nd Sat Aug 1
Jul 30 Virtual Class: GC300b Oil Painting, on Saturdays, with Camp Figge: 6th-8th Grade, thru July 24; explore new
instructor Dave Anderson; students will be taught… Bereskin frontiers in art-making with this… Figge Art Museum, Mon Virtual Soul & Blues Festival, Summer of th Arts’ online
QC Pride Photographs by Andy Abeyta, the exhibit Gallery & Art Academy, 9am Sat Jul 11 thru Sat Jul 25 Jul 20 celebration of the Black experience through music... 6pm Fri
features 11 of Abeyta’s joyous and… Figge Art Museum, thru Jul 31 and Sat Aug 1
Sun Aug 2 AP113 Portrait & Draped Figure Drawing, Thru July 17 Claymation, Thru July 23 for grades 6-12, with instructors
for grades 6 to adult, with instructor… Bereskin Gallery & Art Laura Warner… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 9am Mon WVIK/QCSO Signature Series IV: Devil’s Dance, join
About Face: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture, the Academy, 9:30am Mon Jul 13 Jul 20 concertmaster Naha Greenholtz and pianist Marian Lee for
exhibit examines the lineage and influence between… Figge an… Galvin Fine Arts Center - St. Ambrose University, 7:30pm
Art Museum, thru Thu Aug 13 Camp Figge: K-2nd Grade, thru July 17; explore new Painting Exploration, Thru July 23 for grades 6-12, with Fri Aug 7
frontiers in art-making with this… Figge Art Museum, Mon instructors Pat Bereskin… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy,
David Van Allen: Assembled Portraits and Ron Meyer: Jul 13 9am Mon Jul 20 Shovels & Rope, concert with the folk duo from Charleston,
Jazz Noir-Images from the Iowa City Jazz Festival, South Carolina composed of… Codfish Hollow Barn, 8pm Fri
photography exhibits by the Cedar Rapids artists;… Quad Virtual DIY Birdseed Feeder, learn how to make an easy Virtual Intro to Pour Painting, Rachel will be teaching Aug 7
City Arts Center, thru Thu Aug 13 bird feeder with Rachel;… Silvis Public Library, 6pm Mon you the basics of pour painting!… Silvis Public Library, 6pm
Jul 13 Mon Jul 20 John Moreland, concert with the Oklahoma-based folk-
Didier William: Lakou, exhibit of mixed-media paintings rock singer/songwriter; $20-25… The Rust Belt, 7:30pm Wed
and prints by… Figge Art Museum, thru Thu Aug 13 Face Sculpting Workshop, July 25 & Aug. 1; this workshop Aug 12
focuses on sculpting… Figge Art Museum, 10am Sat Jul 25
Funktastic Five, concert in the Thursday Night Groove
Horse Camp 2, Thru July 30 for grades 4-12, with instructor series; with 6pm concessions… Schwiebert Riverfront Park,
Pat Bereskin.… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 9am Mon 7pm Thu Aug 13
Jul 27
Built to Spill, concert with the indie rock band based in
Fast Relief: A Printmaking Workshop, Aug. 1 & 2; with Boise, Idaho; $35… Codfish Hollow Barn, 8pm Thu Aug 13
instructor Joseph Lappie; make a… Figge Art Museum, 10am
Sat Aug 1

Oil Painting, on Saturdays; with instructor Dave Anderson;

learn to see, draw,… Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 9:30am
Sat Aug 1 thru Sat Aug 8 LITERARY ARTS
Photography with Your Cell Phone, Thru Aug, 6 for all “Dig Deeper: Read, Investigate, and Discover” Summer
age levels, with instructor Claire… Bereskin Gallery & Art Reading Program, reading programs for all ages; two prizes
Academy, 4pm Mon Aug 3 will… Moline Public Library, thru Fri Jul 31

Figure Drawing, on Fridays; with facilitator Lee White; draw “Imagine Your Story” Summer Reading Program, the
from a live… Figge Art Museum, 6pm Fri Aug 7 program encourages and motivates all ages to… Bettendorf
Public Library, thru Sat Aug 1
Clay for Kids, ages five and up are invited to bring a
parent… Figge Art Museum, 6pm Tue Aug 11 Online Mother/Daughter Book Club: One Crazy
Summer, a discussion of Rita Williams-Garcia’s book with
Drawing 101: Landscapes, Tuesdays thru Sept. 1; with Miss Amber, followed… Davenport Public Library - Fairmount
instructor Gloria Burlingame; get drawn… Figge Art Museum, Street Branch, 10am Sat Jul 11
Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles @ Virtual Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival – July 31 and August 1 6pm Tue Aug 11
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 7
Reader’s Theater: The Happy Journey, with Chuck Kate Shelley’s Train Rescue: Virtual Performance, Acting Out!: Virtual Acting Camp for Grades 7-8,
Oestreich; participants will read lines from four characters… Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre presents the live streaming of Morning Session, thru Aug. 1; join instructor Christina Farrell
Leach Park, 2pm Sun Jul 12 the story… Owl Glass Puppetry Center, 2pm Sun Jul 26 as she uses… Iowa City High School, 8:30am Mon Jul 27
Curious George: Let’s Get Curious!, introducing young
Online Book Discussion: The Underneath, a Get Lit Acting Out!: Virtual Acting Camp for Grades 7-8, children to the world of… Family Museum, thru Thu Aug 13
discussion of Kathi Appelt’s book; free; for information,… Afternoon Session, thru Aug. 1; join instructor Christina
Bettendorf Public Library, 7pm Tue Jul 14 Farrell as she uses… Iowa City High School, 1pm Mon Jul 27 Virtual Exhibit: Liberated Voices/Changed Lives,
Auditions & Camps visitors will travel back in time to… Putnam Museum &
Facebook Live: Weekly BookTalk Series, on Tuesdays; Four Stories, auditions for Robert Greve’s original drama Science Center, thru Thu Aug 13
our Information Services staff will be available to… Webinar _ A Leader, Leads: A Conversation with the running October 9 -… Playcrafters Barn Theatre, Sat Aug 1
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 3pm Tue Jul 14 thru Current George Washington in Hamilton on Broadway, thru Sun Aug 2
Tue Jul 28 history will have their eyes on us as we have… Timber Lake
Playhouse, 7:30pm Fri Jul 10 4th-8th Grade Musical Theatre Camp: “Heroes Vs.

Online Book Discussion: The Brief Wondrous Life Villains”, Mon.-Fri. thru Aug. 15; students work with our
of Oscar Wa, a Contemporary Books Discussion Group Webinar _ Casting with Courtney Hammond of Wojcik director, music director and choreographer… The Spotlight
discussion of Junot Diaz’s book; free;… Bettendorf Public Seay Casting, Courtney is an accomplished casting director Theatre, 9am Mon Aug 3
Library, 7pm Wed Jul 15 that brings warmth and… Timber Lake Playhouse, 5:30pm Virtual Quad-City Times Bix 7, participants will have an
Fri Jul 10 Acting Out!: Virtual Acting Camp for Grades 4-6, opportunity to compete in virtual… Downtown Davenport,
Virtual Last Monday Book Club, join Rachel through Morning Session, thru Aug. 8; join instructor Christina Farrell thru Sat Jul 25
GoToMeeting for Book Club; each person who… Silvis Public Virtual Camp Creamery: Merlin’s Apprentice & the as she uses… Iowa City High School, 8:30am Mon Aug 3
Library, 6pm Mon Jul 27 Deadly Dragon, thru July 17; a new take on our most Celebration Belle River Cruises, enjoy the sights of
popular… Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, 10am Acting Out!: Virtual Acting Camp for Grades 4-6, the Upper Mississippi River aboard the… Celebration Belle
Facebook Live: Weekly BookTalk Series, on Tuesdays; Mon Jul 13 Afternoon Session, thru Aug. 8; join instructor Christina Landing, thru Thu Aug 13
the Information Services staff will be available to… Farrell as she uses… Iowa City High School, 1pm Mon Aug 3
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 3pm Tue Aug 4 thru Virtual Workshop: Introduction to Screenwriting: Hauberg Estate Tours, on Fridays; docents conduct
Tue Aug 11 from Concept to Pitching the Script, Wednesdays thru interesting and informative tours of the… Hauberg Civic
July 29; with instructor Anthony Irizzary, for ages… Timber Center Mansion, 1pm thru Fri Aug 7
Online Book Discussion: The Professor’s House, a Get Lake Playhouse, 5:30pm Wed Jul 15

Lit discussion of Willa Cather’s book; free; for… Bettendorf Riverboat Twilight Sightseeing Cruises, enjoy the
Public Library, 7pm Tue Aug 11 Webinar _ Self-Tape Audition Workshop: Professional elegant, triple-decked riverboat for day,… Riverboat Twilight,
Quality from Home, there will be time for questions and thru Thu Aug 13
Online Event: Revolution, a discussion of Jennifer answers; $30; for… Timber Lake Playhouse, 6:30pm Fri Jul 17 Ballet Quad Cities School of Dance Virtual Classes,
Donnelly’s book in the Davenport Public… Davenport Public offering classes in Ballet Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Freight House Farmer’s Market, Saturdays 8am-1pm,
Library - Eastern Avenue Branch, 6:30pm Wed Aug 12 Acting Out!: Acting Camp for Grades 9-12, thru July Conditioning, Creative… Ballet Quad Cities School of Dance, Sundays 10am-2pm, Wednesdays 4-8pm; featuring fresh
25; join instructor Jessica Egli as she uses… Iowa City High thru Fthu Aug 13 produce, arts… Freight House Farmer’s Market, Sat Jul 11
School, 9am Mon Jul 20 thru Wed Aug 12

THEATRE Virtual Class: Dance Break! for Ages 5-8, Wednesdays

Virtual Workshop: Children’s Theatre Virtual thru July 29; drop-in class in which students learn… Geneseo Farmer’s Market, Saturdays thru Oct. 17; local
Performance Workshops _ Kid Detectives, thru July Davenport Junior Theatre, 10am Wed Jul 15 thru Wed Jul 29 vendors sell fresh produce, fabulous… 111 West Pearl St., 8am
Performances 24 for ages 7-12; follow in the footsteps… Timber Lake Sat Jul 11 thru Sat Aug 8
Playhouse, 10am Mon Jul 20 Virtual Class: Dance Break! for Ages 9+, Thursdays
The Turn of the Screw, Victorian suspense thriller by thru July 30; drop-in class in which musical-theatre lovers… Architectural Outdoor Tour, on Thursdays; for
Jeffrey Hatcher, directed by Lora Adams;… The Black Box Virtual Workshop: Children’s Theatre Virtual Davenport Junior Theatre, 4:30pm Thu Jul 16 thru Thu Jul 30 information, call for information, call 309-373-5080…
Theatre, Thu Jul 16 thru Sun Jul 19 Performance Workshops _ PopStar Party, thru July 24 Hauberg Civic Center Mansion, 7pm Thu Jul 16 thru Thu
for ages 7-12; inspired by Kidz Bop,… Timber Lake Playhouse, Aug 13
Six: Virtual Performance, Facebook performance of the 1pm Mon Jul 20
Broadway musical about the six wives…, 6:30pm Sat Aug 1 Trivia Night @ Crawford Brew Works, on Thursdays;
presented by Think & Drink Entertainment; general-
8 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

Webinar: Make Your Savings Grow, Do you feel alone


OTHER EVENTS in your struggle to save? Financial… University of Illinois

Extension - Milan, 6:30pm Thu Jul 30

Webinar _ More Than a Gut Feeling: How Diet Impacts

knowledge trivia… Crawford Brew Works, 7pm Thu Jul 16 Your Gut Microbiome and Health, join Leila Shinn,
thru Thu Aug 13 MS, RDN, to learn about the trillions… University of Illinois
Extension - Milan, noon Tue Aug 4
Viva La Divas Drag Show, featuring award-winning
performers from across the Midwest, the show includes… Webinar: Adventures in Edible Landscaping, This
The Circa ‘21 Speakeasy, 8pm Fri Jul 17 webinar will explore the use of plants that are… University of
Illinois Extension - Milan, 1:30pm Tue Aug 11
Hamilton Trivia Night @ Crawford Brew Works, be in
the room where it happens for trivia night… Crawford Brew
Works, 7pm Thu Jul 23

Shots ‘n’ Giggles, performers do shots and toasts with the
audience while playing… The Circa ‘21 Speakeasy, 8pm Sat
Jul 25
Goose Hollow Prayer Garden Open for Outdoor
Adult Chess Club, all of the materials needed for the game Prayer, at 1006 Western Ave., Davenport; for information,
are available… Bettendorf Public Library, 6:30pm Mon Jul 27 call 309-236-7113; free;… Goose Hollow, thru Thu Aug 13

Manscape Male Burlesque Revue, striptease and comedy Ecumenical Fellowship Church Luncheon, lunchtime
with the touring male performers; $12-15; for… The Circa ‘21 discussions on the first Saturday of the month; for… Bad Boy’z
Speakeasy, 8pm Fri Jul 31
Hamilton Trivia Night @ Crawford Brew Works – July 23 RME, noon Sat Aug 1

Astronomy in the Campground, join park staff and Davenport Compost, meet at 2707 Railroad Ave. in Webinar _ Fill Your Pantry: Preserving Apples at Quad Cities Social Action Committee, for information,
our friends from the Popular Astronomy… Illiniwek Forest Davenport for a Riverine… River Action, 6:30pm Wed Jul 29 Home, University of Illinois Extension nutrition and wellness call 309-236-7113 or e-mail;
Preserve Campground, 6pm Sat Aug 1 and Sat Aug 1 educators present a… University of Illinois Extension - Milan, presented by Ecumenical Fellowship… Bad Boy’z RME, noon
1pm Wed Jul 15 Sat Aug 1
Virtual Courage Ride for Sarcoma Cancer, virtual riders River Landscape Mosaic with Dr. Reuben Heine and
can participate in the Courage Ride… Sat Aug 1 thru Thu Dr. Norm Moline, a Channel Cat Talk hosted by River Action; Webinar: Best Kept Secrets for Financial Success, Victims of Animal Control, lunchtime discussions on the
Aug 13 participants tour the… Riverbend Commons Dock, 9am Tue Money comes in. Money goes out. Do you have money… first Saturday of the month; show… Bad Boy’z RME, noon Sat
Aug 4 and Thu Aug 6 University of Illinois Extension - Milan, 6:30pm Thu Jul 16 Aug 1
Jim Victor Memorial Junior Achievement Golf Classic,
held in honor of Victor, a great supporter of JA… Crow Valley Development in QC with Bill Ashton, a Channel Cat Talk Webinar _ Liquidity Management in the Great Victims of DHS, lunchtime discussions on the first Saturday
Golf Club, 7am Mon Aug 3 hosted by River Action; participants tour the… Riverbend Lockdown: Crisis on Main Street?, we will talk about of the month; show… Bad Boy’z RME, noon Sat Aug 1
Commons Dock, 9am Tue Aug 11 and Thu Aug 13 the dash for cash that has… University of Illinois Extension -
Pints for Pencils, one of CBW’s beloved servers Ashly Milan, 1pm Fri Jul 17 East Moline-Silvis Kiwanis Club Meeting, on Mondays;
recently and officially became… Crawford Brew Works, 3pm After the Flood: Building for the Future with Denise for information, call 309-781-2238 or e-mail wrsiess@mchsi.
Tue Aug 4 Browning, meet at Rock Island’s Sunset Marina office for a Summer Virtual Choir Camp: Grades 2-8, thru July 24; com… Genesis Medical Center, Silvis, 6pm Mon Aug 3 thru
Riverine… River Action, 6:30pm Wed Aug 12 students will learn introductory vocal techniques, rhythm,… Mon Aug 10
Mississippi Valley Fair, annual outdoor fair with contests, Quad City Symphony Orchestra, 10am Mon Jul 20
games, pageants, food, local bands,… Mississippi Valley Dropping of the Atomic Bomb and VJ Day, Bettendorf Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting,
Fairgrounds, Tue Aug 4 thru Sun Aug 9 commemorate the 75th Anniversary of World War II in this… Take It Tuesday: 3D Paper Butterflies, each week we free; for information, call 563-344-4175 or e-mail info@
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 3pm Wed Aug 12 will share a fun project for you… Rock Island Public Library -… Bettendorf Public Library, 5pm Thu
Downtown Library, 10am Tue Jul 21 Aug 13
Dropping of the Atomic Bomb and VJ Day,
commemorate the 75th Anniversary of World War II in this… Webinar _ The Role of Genetics/Epigenetics in the Moline Public Library Board Meeting, agendas are

LECTURES Rock Island Public Library - Downtown Library, 6pm Wed

Aug 12
Relationship between Nutrition and Cognitive Aging,
this presentation will focus on (1) How one of the… University
available prior to the meetings; minutes are available…
Moline Public Library, noon Thu Aug 13
of Illinois Extension - Milan, noon Tue Jul 21
Sylvan Island Area: History, Recreation, and
Sustainability with Dr. Norm Moline, meet at Sylvan Webinar _ Fill Your Pantry: Preserving Tomatoes at
Island’s bridge entrance in Moline for a… River Action, Wed Home, University of Illinois Extension nutrition and wellness
Jul 15 and Sat Jul 18
COURSES educators present a… University of Illinois Extension - Milan,
1pm Wed Jul 22 HEALTH
Col. Davenport and Early Settlement with Gena
Schantz, a Channel Cat Talk hosted by River Action; Take It Tuesday: Paper Roses, each week we will share a Webinar: Facing Financial Fears, Our financial fears Online: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
participants tour the… Riverbend Commons Dock, 9am Tue fun project for you… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown and personal biases can hold us back… University of Illinois Nutrition Classes, we have moved all our nutrition lessons
Jul 21 and Thu Jul 23 Library, 10am Tue Jul 14 Extension - Milan, 6:30pm Thu Jul 23 online until further… thru Thu Aug 13

The Center of Black Hawk’s Universe: History and Webinar _ Making Your Habits Stick: All you Need Take It Tuesday: DIY Dog Toy, each week we will share a Yoga on the Patio w/ Monique Jackson, on Sundays;
Archaeology at the Mouth of the Rock River with to Establish Lasting Behavior Change, learn what the fun project for you… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown beer and yoga mats come together as Monique… Crawford
Ferrel Anderson, meet at the Watch Tower Lodge’s west science says regarding scaling adherence to your… University Library, 10am Tue Jul 28 Brew Works, 10:30pm Sun Jul 12 thru Sun Aug 9
parking lot for… River Action, Wed Jul 22 and Sat Jul 25 of Illinois Extension - Milan, noon Tue Jul 14
Webinar _ Move your Way to a Better Day: How Figge Art Museum Blood Drive, held in the Mississippi
Beiderbecke and Bellson with Josh Duffee, a Channel Webinar: Living Carpets _ Ground Covers, Learn Exercise Can Combat Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Valley Regional Blood Center Donor Bus;… Figge Art
Cat Talk hosted by River Action; participants tour the… some new options for ground cover, including plants that… learn how you can use exercise to improve your mood… Museum, 11am Tue Jul 14
Riverbend Commons Dock, 9am Tue Jul 28 and Thu Jul 30 University of Illinois Extension - Milan, 1:30pm Tue Jul 14 University of Illinois Extension - Milan, noon Tue Jul 28

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Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 9
NEWS By Mike Schulz

The State of Things: The Grape

Life Wine Store & Lounge
Kevin Koster, co-owner (with wife Diane) of apart, and the tables set apart, and only two
the Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge in Dav- parties at the bar at a time … . Those kinds
enport, discusses the live music venue’s opera- of things. And the biggest thing we’ve done
tions during this period of social distancing. is negotiate with our performers, the musi-
We spoke on Thursday, July 2. cians, so that we’re charging a five-dollar
reservation fee, and that’s how we’re going
Staying Open to pay you. Because we’re operating with a
much smaller crowd, so we can’t pack the
We’ve been open ever since [mid-March]. house and pay you what we’ve normally paid
We did shut down, for in-store customers, you. But they’ve been pretty receptive to that.
prior to our having to – before restaurants Everybody’s been looking forward to
and bars had to close. About a week before, coming back and playing, and keeping
we did just because we saw the writing on the people away from the musicians – that’s
wall in terms of people being able to come in actually the hard part, because they want to
and drink. But we stayed open for retail sales say hello to them. But we want to keep them
and delivery and curbside and stuff like that. safe also, so we’re doing everything in our
People were buying a lot of wine, and we power to keep everybody safe and practice
have a nice-sized wine-club membership. social distancing as much as possible.
We’ve been in business for quite a few years, We’ve gotten great feedback from the audi-
and we’ve owned it for almost five, so our ence, and great feedback on how we’re han-
customers are very supportive. We’ve actu- dling it. You know, we sterilize every surface,
ally fared relatively well – considering. and anybody who leaves and comes back, we
wipe down the tables. We’re following all the
Live Music Returns CDC guidelines, you know, wiping the rest-
The first lounge concert we had [since mid- rooms down every 30 minutes – we’re staying
March] was back in June – Pat Foley played, on top of all those important things.
and then Greg & Rich played a little after
that. And Matt Barber is here tonight. I think Day by Day
they’re very thankful to be back playing live The turnouts haven’t been as big as maybe
in front of people. we expected, but it’s okay. You know, it is
But we did want people to know that we what it is. We’ll take our time. There’s no
shrunk our hours to a two-hour perfor- rush. We don’t want to go backwards.
mance from a three-hour performance. You know, it’s just the new normal. So we
We’re closing at 10 o’clock instead of closing just have to stay in there and adjust to the
at 11 and getting out of here at 12. So we defi- times and try to make it work. But make it
nitely shrunk things down to accommodate work while keeping everybody as safe as pos-
everyone, including ourselves. But we’ve sible. One thing about the Grape Life is that
made a lot of adjustments with how we do live music is part of our DNA, so we wanted
things, and we’re moving forward, and hope- to bring that back as soon as possible … but
fully we can accommodate people as much with caution. That was the big thing for us.
as possible. So we just changed how we did things, and
The first thing we’re doing now [for con- it’s going over pretty good. You know, slowly
cert events] is taking reservations. So we but surely.
have a reservation fee, and we’re keeping the
crowd down to approximately no more than
30 people in a room that holds 65. Our capac- Follow venue updates at and
ity is actually bigger than that – it’s actually
88 – but we keep everybody separated six feet
10 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

MUSIC By Max Allison

Let’s Play Desert Island!

A Music Reviewer’s Five Favorite Albums of All Time

arrying out the “What albums Things always change, and there’s no reason
would you bring with you if you to shake my fist at that cloud.
were stranded on a desert island?” But the very act of paring down your
thought experiment hits a little differently favorite albums will always have value as
in the year 2020. Who needs to pare down well. There’s something warm and cozy
their desert-island selections when every- about imagining those albums existing as
one has access to (almost) the entire history discrete milestones in music history, having
of recorded, commercially available music reached so many ears in their compact form,
on the device in their pocket via stream- entertaining outside of the framework of
ing services? You can type in a few words infinite availability and almost too-com-
and beam anything you could ever possibly fortable omni-selection that streaming has
want to hear straight into your dome. “But produced. With that in mind, here are my Captain Beefheart, Trout Mask Replica
what if there’s no cell service on your desert picks.
island?” you ask. “What if there’s no elec- changing time signatures of math rock, and Barin’ That” sounds like Chicago juke or
combine the tonality of Delta blues with footwork years before those styles took off.
tricity at all?” To this I respond, “How were 1) Captain Beefheart,
you planning on listening to your desert- the intricacies of prog rock and the free- “Where The Bud At?” showcases the dizzy-
island selections at all, then? On a magical Trout Mask Replica wheeling experimentation of Beefheart’s ing maniacal flows of Lord Infamous (RIP),
hydroelectric phonograph powered by a My instant go-to when someone asks longtime friend (and the album’s producer) while “Playa Hataz” and “Now I’m High,
tropical river?” me what my favorite album of all time is, Frank Zappa. I love Zappa too, but some- Really High” gather energy from the pres-
For some, the idea of the “album” itself Trout Mask shattered my mind when I first thing about his music has always hit me as ence of the entire posse trading off verses.
is fading away, propelled by many artists’ heard it back when I was like 14 years old. being distinctly of its time, caught in amber The music of Three 6 Mafia conveys a sense
general shift to a format of frequent single I remember reading about it on AllMusic, – partly due to the specificity of his lyrics, of victory over the bullshit that life throws
releases that aren’t necessarily tethered to which singled it out, as one must, as a pinna- partly due to the consistent Stravinsky-ish- at you. It’s about starting from nothing but
a big name project. When a project does cle of unique freak music and avant “rock,” ness of his composition style, which always making the absolute most of it, scraping
land, conventions of streaming services and buying the CD from Borders. I didn’t kept one foot rooted in the 20th-century together cash to record in a dingy studio
that pay royalties per track have created an understand it then, and I still don’t really classical canon. Beefheart was a rock ‘n’ with old gear, and coming out with genre-
atmosphere of “more is more” in the music understand it now, hundreds of listens later roller and blues poet, through and through, defining classics, born only from the raw
industry. Albums arrive out of the gate as – but to try to understand it is to miss the and however weird and ornate the songs he talent inside of you. Above all, it’s about the
mega-deluxe affairs often stretching past point. The album’s tension and its pure joy composed came to be, they always have a power of personality – what could be called
the 90-minute mark, bloated and leaking stem from the confusion it provokes and the primordial, lovably stripped down feel to “star power” – and how if you have that, the
filler content from the seams. (Remember improbable precision of the musical forms them, like they could reach you from a crew world is forced to pay attention.
hip hop skits in the ‘90s? They’re back. Or that create that confusion. It plays out like of your friends sitting on the porch and
maybe they never left.) This might be cause a finely stacked and multi-tiered birthday jamming. 3) Björk, Homogenic
to celebrate for some listeners. Of course, if cake, complete with terraces and archways,
My life would be so much emptier with-
you love an artist, why wouldn’t you want but that cake happens to made of dirt and 2) Three 6 Mafia, Under- out the music of Björk in it. A great illumi-
more more more of their output available pig shit.
at any given moment to stream? I’m never Beefheart’s voice and lyrics remain a
ground Vol. 1: 1991-1994 nator of truths and a catalyst to look at the
Probably the album that I listen to the world around you and the relationships in
going to put on my curmudgeon bifocals high-water mark for twisted, ranting rock
most consistently on a day to day basis, your life through a different lens, her work
and deride this movement away from the mania. Trout Mask’s jagged grooves and
Three 6’s original masterpiece isn’t really hits me with an emotional sledgehammer
traditional ~40-minute album paradigm. complex song structures predate the rapidly
an album at all, but a collection of singles right in the gut. I have certainly cried lis-
and loosies from their earliest recording tening to her more than any other artist,
projects, some of which original appeared partly due to the meanings and memories
as DJ Paul, Juicy J, or Lord Infamous solo that have accrued over more than 15 years
tracks, some of which were presented under of obsession, but mostly just due to its unre-
the Triple Six banner. The seeds of most strained beauty, along with the wisdom and
commercial hip hop styles that currently sit affecting nature of her lyrics. Homogenic
on the charts were planted with this music, is probably, pound for pound, my favorite
which heralds the birth of trap, the birth Björk album, though I could just as easily
of horror-core rap, the birth of the “Migos pick Post or Vespertine or Debut – all con-
flow” (a.k.a. the Lord Infamous flow), the tain “emotiona-a-a-a-a-al landscapes” and
birth of a sizable chunk of what we consider massive peaks. (See: the literal peak in Post’s
to be relevant in hip hop today. But that’s “Hyperballad.”) Albums before Homogenic
not why I love it. I love Underground Vol. 1 felt a little goofier, a little more reckless and
because every song truly slaps. fun. Homogenic dials in on this rarefied,
Paul & Juicy’s production never ceases even exaggerated emotional atmosphere in
to inspire me, with its chopped and looped which every tiny gesture seems like it could
vocal samples, rigid but eternally grooving spark a wistful reverie or a tantrum. It feels
percussion patterns, eerie synth patches, volatile but also mature, more in tune with
and conflicting tonalities. “N****s Ain’t life’s harsh reality.
Björk, Homogenic
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 11
I pick Homogenic because of its produc- much to the chagrin of many purist critics 5) Death, Individual
tion, which complements her vocal perfor- and fans. Listening to it now just feels like
mances and her lyrics so stunningly. At the spending time with a timeless classic that
Thought Patterns
moment of its release, it was her most overtly exists outside of any genre strictures or Chuck Schuldiner is an all-time musical
electronics-focused album, and while ear- trends. The chiming electric piano melodies hero for me. May he rest in peace. A genius
lier albums carry elements of dance music of Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, and Chick who could conjure up entire layered com-
styles, Homogenic feels more like an auteur’s Corea (what a crew!) cascading together in positions in his head, with criss-crossing
journey into electronic forms more con- their slightly skewed harmonies make sure guitar parts and hyper-intricate drum
nected to the experimental techno, sound that the sense of stasis is always tempered patterns, his approach to metal songwrit-
collage, and the avant-garde in general. That with some darkness. Dave Holland’s bass ing felt extremely personal and straight
production style coupled with complex and and Tony Williams’ drums are the lumber- from the heart. Far from the, well, bloody
nuanced songwriting that truly catches you ing pulse of the music, barely straying from gore found on early works such as Scream
off guard (“Jóga,” “Unravel,” and “All Neon cymbal splashes and one low note. This bed Bloody Gore, his lyrics and his sense of
Like” come to mind immediately) puts is the perfect background for Miles and songwriting had matured into more uni-
Homogenic a tiny sliver above the rest of her Wayne Shorter to blow their horns over, and versal and philosophical themes by the time
catalog. How could I be on a desert island the perfect winding path for guitarist John Individual Thought Patterns came along.
and not have access to “All Is Full of Love”? McLaughlin, the sessions’ true dark horse, Any semblance of Death as a shocking or Miles Davis, In a Silent Way
It could not be. to lead us down. violent project had faded away in favor of
While side A’s “Shhh / Peaceful” is the Schuldiner’s stoic, disillusioned viewpoint. four-minute song containing like five or six
His songs criticized violence and betrayal, discrete riffs that the band dives through at
4) Miles Davis, In a Silent real bread and butter of the album in some
a breakneck pace. Steve Di Giorgio on bass
ways, establishing that beautiful groove that called out false prophets, and dug into the
Way seems to coast along forever and letting the human psyche. On “Jealousy,” he shouted: and Gene Hoglan on drums is too deadly a
The perennial go-to within Miles’ catalog atmosphere thicken for 18 straight minutes, “Behind the eye / is a place no one will be combo for any mere mortal to reckon with.
when you’re in the mood to relax while still the B side is my favorite. Its sonata form, able to touch / containing thoughts / that DiGiorgio’s fretless basslines are more
being transported to different surround- with McLaughlin playing the title track cannot be taken away or replaced.” For real, audible than ever in these tracks, bouncing
ings, In a Silent Way is the Miles album like a theme song at the beginning and end Chuck. around the guitars with their own sense of
you can play for your friends who “don’t of the 20-minute piece, feels so warm and Individual Thought Patterns is my favorite groove and counterpoint. Hoglan on drums
get jazz” and still blow them away. Pos- lovely, while still maintaining that slight Death album, and maybe my favorite metal shows why he’s called “The Atomic Clock”
sessing an almost ambient lull factor and edge of darkness. “It’s About That Time” album ever, because of the complexity and with his blistering double kick runs. Every
a slowly unfurling structure, and featuring in the middle, the most animated section, the sheer constant whiplash of Schuldiner’s track on this album makes me lift my fists
an ensemble of both acoustic and electric jumps out of the speakers with that three songs in this era. Other than Death’s last above my head and/or air guitar, howling
instruments, its two 20-minute pieces were note ostinato phrase like “Wake up!” And album Songs of Perseverance, this is the along with Chuck, cursing the world while
one starting point for jazz fusion in the ‘60s, you do wake up. band at their most prog, with any given still loving life.

TH RO UG H AU GU ST 30 , 20

Be a part of an exhibition at the Figge!

Participation from the public is needed in
order for this exhibition to work, so visit
the Figge’s website for ways to play, add
to the conversation, and discover.

Participants simply send an email while in

the museum or from the comfort of their
home and will have remote control of the
gallery space.

Davenport, Iowa • 563.326.7804
12 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

OUTDOOR By Mike Schulz

Schwiebert Riverfront Park, Rock Island, IL

Out and About

Your Guide to Quad Cities Parks and Recreation Facilities

eel like hiking this summer? Or maybe Field Sike Park Middle Park baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, boat
picknicking? Or boating or biking or 3000 Field Sike Drive 2407 Middle Road ramp, disc golf course, horseshoes, four shelters,
kayaking or disc golfing or playing bas- playground, picnic shelter, grill. baseball diamonds, disc-golf course, garden, picnic areas.
ketball or running with your dog or pushing lagoon, picnic areas, recreation field, disc golf Duck Creek Park
Forest Grove Park course, Splash Lancing pool.
your kids on the swings … ? 3300 East Locust Street
6000 Forest Grove Drive
Whatever your outdoor wants and needs, playground, basketball court, picnic shelter, grill. Optimist Park playground, baseball field, 18-hole golf course,
our area’s many parks and recreation facili- 1130 Belair Road tennis and pickle ball courts, gazebo, bike trail,
ties can provide. The following is your guide Friendship Park playground, picnic shelter, grill. two shelters, flower garden.
to more than 120 great places to get some 5033 White Post Road
playground, shelter, sand volleyball courts, grill. Pigeon Creek Park Eastern Avenue Park
much-needed and much-deserved outdoor
7001 Schutter Lane 2900 Eastern Avenue
time in the Quad Cities, with the locations Hollowview Park picnic tables, recreation area, fishing spots. disc golf course, bike path, picnic shelter, recre-
delineated by city and mentions of specific 1700 Hollow View Drive ation trail, lagoon.
amenities included. If we’ve missed any local playground, recreation trail, picnic tables, shelter Sunny Crest Park
parks that you’re aware of, please share them 2204 Grant Street Emeis Park
with us at, and the infor- Hoover Park playground, basketball court, recreation area, 4500 West Locust Street
mation will be added to our online guide at 3223 South Hampton Drive picnic shelter. 18-hole golf course, playground, picnic shelter,
playground, baseball field, basketball and tennis basketball and tennis courts, disc golf course, Veterans Memorial Park
courts, picnic shelter, grills. recreation areas, concession stand.
645 23rd Street
Jetty Park Fejervary Park & Aquatic Center
BETTENDORF, IA Bettendorf Riverfront
baseball and soccer fields, sand volleyball courts,
recreation trail, playground, picnic shelter, Bill 1800 West 12th Street
recreation areas, bike paths, semi-private gather- Bowe Bandshell Stage. playground, picnic shelter, spray park, water and
Bettendorf Parks & Recreation: ing areas. drop slides, outdoor pool, sand play area.
563-344-4113, Wessel Park
Kiwanis Park 2720 Oak Street Garfield Park
4223 Greenbrier Drive 1224 East 29th Street
Crow Creek Park recreation path, rain gardens.
playground, baseball field, basketball and tennis playground, four baseball fields, three tennis
4800 North Devils Glen Road courts, recreation trail, picnic shelter, grill. courts, volleyball court, recreation trail, shelter,
playground, skate park, baseball diamond, six
picnic areas, six-acre dog park, nature and recre- Leach Park
DAVENPORT, IA concession stand.
ation trails, skate and bike park, dek hockey facil- 100 12th Street Glen Armil Park
ity, soccer field, disc golf course, quarry. picnic shelters, riverfront trail, swings, boat Davenport Parks & Recreation:
2355 Lillie Avenue
launch, fishing spots, grills. 563-328-7275, playground, baseball field, basketball court, rec-
Devils Glen Park reation areas.
1101 Devils Glen Road Lincoln Park
baseball field, disc golf course, recreation trail, 951 27th Street Goose Creek Park
playground, fire pit, picnic shelters, grills. playground, picnic shelter, recreation trail. Centennial Park
6000 Scott Street
905 West River Drive two playgrounds, baseball diamond, picnic shel-
Eagles Landing Park McLamarrah Park riverfront trail and bike path, boat launch, spray ter, recreation areas, spray feature.
2731 62nd Street Court 4100 Pinebrook Lane park, skateboard park, basketball courts, soccer
boat launch, picnic shelter, fishing spots, grill. picnic tables, fishing spots. fields, dog off-leash area, three shelters. Green Acres Park
Ed Scheck Park 5300 North Pine Street
McManus Park Cork Hill Park
playground, baseball field, basketball court,
4792 Mayfield Drive 1200 Mississippi Boulevard 1100 North Farnam Street picnic shelters, recreation areas.
playground, baseball field, shelter, grills. playgrounds, basketball court, picnic shelters, playground, baseball field, basketball court,
grills. picnic gazebos, funnel ball, horseshoes, spray Harbor Road Park
Edgewood Park
feature. 1230 South Concord Street
1400 23rd Street Meier Park
playground, baseball diamonds, basketball
playground, baseball field, basketball courts, 611 Holmes Street Credit Island Park
court, recreation areas.
tennis courts, picnic shelter, grill. playground, baseball field, basketball and tennis 2301 West River Drive
courts, picnic shelter, grill. two playgrounds, hiking trails, bike trails,
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 13
Herington Park Prairie Heights Park
935 Brown Street 53rd Street & Eastern Avenue
playground, basketball court, picnic shelter. playground, four baseball diamonds, picnic shel-
ter, recreation areas, concession stand.
Jefferson Park
1034 West 10th Street Prospect Terrace Park
playground, baseball field, basketball court. 1600 Prospect Drive
recreation areas, benches.
Junge Park
301 West 35th Street Ridgeview Park
playground, six baseball diamonds, six sand vol- 7000 North Division Street
leyball courts, basketball court, recreation trail, playground, baseball fields, basketball court,
shelters. picnic shelters, recreation areas.
Lafayette Park Riverview Terrace Park
700 West Fourth Street 1455 Clay Street
playground, basketball court. picnic gazebo, recreation areas.
LeClaire Park & Bandshell Schuetzen Park
400 West Beiderbecke Drive 700 Waverly Road
recreation trail, picnic shelter, performance sites, walking trails, picnic areas, shelter.
horseshoes, recreation areas.
Slattery Park
LeClaire Heights Park 4600 Northwest Boulevard
735 East 10th Street playground, disc golf course, basketball court,
playground, basketball court, picnic shelter. picnic shelter, recreation areas.
Lindsay Park Stampe Lilac Garden
2200 East River Drive 3300 East Locust Street
two playgrounds, basketball court, baseball dia- perennial and annual gardens.
mond, recreation trail, boat docks, Channel Cat
Water Taxi landing. Sunderbruch Park
4675 Telegraph Road
Marquette Park 134-acre park, hiking trails, bike trails, eques-
3200 North Marquette Street trian trails, off-road cycling trail, picnic areas,
playground, two baseball diamonds, recreation playground.
trail, shelters.
Van Buren Park
Monroe Park 300 South Elmwood Avenue
1625 West Third Street recreation areas.
playground, baseball diamond, basketball court.
Vander Veer Botanical Park
Nahant Marsh 215 West Central Avenue
4220 Wapello Avenue playground, flower and vegetable gardens, veg-
305-acre nature preserve. etable gardens, recreation areas.
North Gayman Park Veterans Memorial Park
2400 North Gayman Avenue 315 South Marquette Street
playground, recreation areas. recreation areas, benches, memorials.
Northwest Park West Lake Park
3500 North Division Street 14910 110th Avenue
playground, six baseball diamonds, basketball playgrounds, camping facilities (lakes currently
court, tennis and pickle ball courts, recreation drained for water-quality restoration project).
trail, shelter, concession stand.
Whalen Park
Petersen Park 2935 West 72nd Street
300 West Central Park Avenue playground, baseball fields, basketball court,
playground, baseball diamond, basketball court, picnic shelters, recreation areas.
picnic shelter, spray feature, recreation areas.
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Vander Veer Botanical Park, Davenport, IA • Photo by Farragutful / CC BY-SA (

14 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

OUTDOOR Continued From Page 13 By Mike Schulz

Out and About: Your Guide to Quad Cities Parks and Recreation Facilities
East Moline Parks: Moline Parks & Recreation:
309-797-0401, 309-524-2424,

Butterworth Park Ben Butterworth Parkway

1400 23rd Avenue 3000 River Drive
playground, basketball court, disc golf course, three playgrounds, 4.5 miles of trails, two boat
lagoon, fishing spots, picnic shelters, recreation launches, picnic shelters, flower gardens, fishing
areas, shelters, grill spots, fitness equipment.
Cottage Grove Tot Lot Browning Park
Seventh Street & Third Avenue 15th Street & 22nd Avenue
playground, recreation areas. playground, picnic shelter, flower gardens, mili-
tary commemorative stones.
Empire Park
751 North 20th Street Butterworth Dog Park
playground, rolle bolle courts, bike path, picnic 15th Street & Eighth Avenue
shelters and tables, recreation areas, grill. off-leash park, recreation areas.
Prospect Park, Moline, IL
Fire Station Tot Lot East End Park
42nd Avenue & 14th Avenue 15th Street & Seventh Avenue Riverside Park Denkmann Park
playground, picnic tables. playground, basketball court, picnic shelter, rec-
3350 Fifth Avenue Sixth Avenue & Fifth Street
reation area.
Garfield Tot Lot two playgrounds, baseball fields, tennis court, playground, picnic areas, basketball court.
18th Street & 14th Avenue Greenvalley Park sand volleyball court, picnic shelters, horseshoes,
fishing area, flower gardens, greenhouse, swim- Douglas Park
playground, basketball court, picnic shelters, rec- 70th Street & 55th Avenue
ming pool. 18th Avenue & 19th Street
reation areas. playground, baseball field, soccer fields, sand vol-
playground, baseball diamonds, picnic areas.
leyball courts, recreation trails, fishing spots, boat Stephens Park
Hereford Park launch, flower gardens, dog park, paintball area.
Seventh Street & 15th Avenue Eleanor Wallace Dog Park
400 13th Street
2738 78th Avenue West
playground, baseball diamond, picnic shelters Harold’s Landing playground, baseball fields, basketball court,
sand volleyball courts, picnic shelters, rolle bolle, secure fenced environment.
and tables, recreation areas, shelters. North Shore Drive & 52nd Avenue
boat launch, fishing spots, picnic area, recre- recreation trails. Hasselroth Park
Jacobs Northeast Park Sports ations areas. Stephens Square 78th Avenue West & 28th Street
playground, soccer field, picnic areas.
3011 Fourth Avenue Jefferson Park 18th Street & Sixth Avenue
playground, baseball diamond, soccer field, shel- 30th Street & 26th Avenue recreation areas, flower gardens, shuffleboard, Hauberg Gardens & Estate Park
ters, concession stand. recreation areas. benches. 1300 24th Street
Sylvan Island & Gateway Park walking trails, biking trails, outdoor gardens,
James C. Officer Park Karstens Park
Second Street & First Avenue baseball diamond, soccer field, picnic areas,
2300 Eighth Street Sixth Street & 23rd Avenue
recreation areas, fishing spots, picnic areas, rec- playground.
playground, basketball court, recreation areas. playground, baseball fields, basketball court,
benches, recreation areas. reation trails, John Deere Monument. Haymaker Park
Lincoln Tot Lot
Velie Park 96th Avenue & 14th Street West
Fourth Street & 17th Avenue Kiwanis Park
11th Street & 11th Avenue playground, baseball court, soccer field, basket-
playground, picnic tables, recreation areas. 18th Street & 13th Avenue
recreation areas, Spanish American War Memo- ball court, picnic areas.
playground, basketball court, picnic shelter, rec-
Millennium Park reation areas, benches. rial, benches. Hodge Park
Archer Drive & 34th Avenue
Wiman/Miss Patties Park 22nd Avenue & 35th Street
playground, pavilion, picnic shelters and tables, McCandless Park
Eighth Street & 35th Avenue playground, baseball diamond, basketball courts,
recreation areas. First Street & Seventh Avenue
playground, recreation areas, benches. tennis courts, volleyball court, outdoor gardens.
playground, basketball court, soccer field, picnic
Mitchell Park shelter, recreation areas. Lincoln Park
400 30th Avenue
playground, baseball diamond, basketball and Millennium Park ROCK ISLAND, IL 11th Avenue & 38th Street
playground, tennis courts, outdoor theatre,
tennis courts, pavilion, picnic shelters, recreation 79th Street & 34th Avenue
Rock Island Parks & Recreation: baseball diamond, bandshell, basketball courts,
areas. playground, picnic shelter, benches.
Radden Park Optimist Park
Longview Park Conservatory &
2200 Seventh Street 27th Street & 18th Avenue A
Alan A. Campbell Sports Facility Gardens
playground, baseball diamond, shelters, recre- playground, picnic shelter, recreation area, benches.
Andalusia Road & 29th Street West 1300 17th Street
ation areas.
Peterson Park baseball diamonds, soccer fields. greenhouse, conservatory, gardens.
Watertown Memorial Park 37th Street & Eighth Avenue
Ben Williamson Park Martin Luther King Jr. Park
1554 Eighth Avenue playground, picnic shelter, recreation areas.
44th Street & the Rock River 601 Ninth Street
playground, recreation areas.
Prospect Park walking trails, picnic areas, boat ramp. playground, picnic areas, outdoor stage.
Wiman Park 16th Street & 30th Avenue
Black Hawk State Historic Site Mel McKay Park
500 45th Avenue playground, pond, fishing spots, disc golf course,
1510 46th Avenue 92nd Avenue & Upper Ridgewood Road
playground, basketball and tennis courts, pavil- flower gardens, picnic shelters, walking path,
walking and hiking paths, picnic area, access to playground, baseball diamonds, basketball
ion, picnic tables, recreation areas. recreation areas, basketball court, baseball dia-
Rock River. court, soccer field, tennis courts, hiking trails,
monds, pavilion.
picnic areas.
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 15
14th Avenue & 36th Street
baseball diamond, picnic areas. Buffalo Bill Cody Trail
LeClaire Road & First Street, Eldridge
Rauch Park 25-mile trail, recreation areas.
400 16th Avenue (309)793-6300,
playground, baseball diamond, picnic area.
Camden Park
Reservoir Park 2701 First Street East, Milan
15th Avenue & 24th Street 38 picnic tables, three playgrounds, baseball dia-
baseball diamond, soccer field. mond, two disc golf courses.
Schwiebert Riverfront Park
100 17th Street Illiniwek Forest Preserve
bike trail, playground areas, waterfront prome- 836 State Avenue, Hampton
nade, open-air stage, interactive fountain, obser- wooded trails, camping facilities.
vation shelter, water sprays. (309)496-2620,

Shadybrook Park Loud Thunder Forest Preserve

83rd Avenue & Ninth Street West 19408 Loud Thunder Road, Illinois City
playground, baseball diamond, basketball court, 1,000-acre park, camping facilities, hiking trails,
soccer field, picnic areas. picnic areas, boating access.
Sunset Park & Marina
Sunset Road and 18th & 31st Avenues Scott County Park
playground, walking trails, baseball diamond, 18850 270th Street, Eldridge
volleyball court, picnic areas, shelters, boating 1,280-acre park, 12 picnic areas, baseball dia-
ramp. mond, playground, hiking trails, equestrian area,
camping areas, shelters.
Sylvan Slough Natural Area (563)328-3282,
4400 Third Avenue
Wapsi River Education Center
walking trails, biking trails, mountain-biking
31555 52nd Avenue, Dixon
432-acre complex, 225-acre forests and grass-
Weber Park lands, hiking trails.
Seventh Avenue & 30th Street (563)328-3286,
playground, picnic areas. Wildcat Den State Park
1884 Wildcat Den Road, Muscatine
camping facilities, hiking trails, picnic areas.

Josh Arnold
Thu, Aug 13 7:30 PM

Michael Winslow
Thu, Sep 24
6:30 PM & 8:30 PM

Mary Mack

Thu, Oct 22 7:30 PM

Tim Meadows
Thu, Oct 29
6:30 PM & 8:30 PM

Ryan Niemiller
Sun, Nov 15 6:30 PM

Todd McCommas
Thu, Dec 10 7:30 PM

For Our Full List, Show Details 7077 Elmore Avenue Davenport, IA 52807
and to Buy Tickets | 1.844.852.4FUN
Visit us at
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Canasta, on Tuesdays; $2-5; for information, call 563-386-

HEALTH 7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Tue Aug 4 thru
Tue Aug 11

Knitting & Crocheting, on Tuesdays; volunteer group; free;

Virtual Event _ Making Your Habits Stick: All You Need for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
to Establish Lasting Behavior Change, join nutritional Seniors), 12:30pm Tue Aug 4 thru Tue Aug 11
sciences researcher Jonathan Cerna to learn what the…
University of Illinois Extension - Milan, noon Tue Jul 14 Line Dancing I, on Tuesdays; $3-5; for information, call 563-
386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Tue Aug 4
Yoga on the Mezz w/ Monique Jackson, all-levels class thru Tue Aug 11
for beginners and veterans; bring your own mat;… Crawford
Brew Works, 8pm Wed Jul 15 Line Dancing Lesson, on Tuesdays; free; for information,
call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 8:30am
Yoga on the Mezz w/ Susan McLoone of Tue Aug 4 thru Tue Aug 11
KindredMinds, all-levels class for beginners and veterans;
bring your own mat;… Crawford Brew Works, 6pm Wed Jul Senior Technology Clinic, on Tuesdays; $5-7; for
15 information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 1pm Tue Aug 4 thru Tue Aug 11
Mind Control: How to Take Care of Your Mental Health
During the Pandemic, a Zoom presentation on how to Spiritual Devotions, on Tuesdays; free; for information, call
move forward mentally and… Davenport Public Library - 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 8am Tue Aug
Fairmount Street Branch, noon Thu Jul 16 4 thru Tue Aug 11

Virtual Event _ The Role of Genetics/Epigenetics in Bunco, on Wednesdays; $2-5; for information, call 563-386-
the Relationship Between Nutrition and Cognitive 7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Wed Aug 5 thru
Aging, join neuroscience researcher Mickeal Key for a Wed Aug 12
presentation that will… University of Illinois Extension -
Milan, noon Tue Jul 21 Cribbage, on Wednesdays; $2-5; for information, call 563-
386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Wed Aug 5
Virtual Event _ Move Your Way to a Better Day: How thru Wed Aug 12
Exercise Can Combat Stress, Anxiety, and Depression,
join kinesiology researcher Emily Erlenbach to learn how you Evening Bingo, on Wednesdays; $10 card pack minimum
can… University of Illinois Extension - Milan, noon Tue Jul 28 purchase; for information, call… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 6pm Wed Aug 5 thru Wed Aug 12
Virtual Event _ More Than a Gut Feeling: How Diet
Impacts Your Gut Microbiome and Health, join Leila TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), on Wednesdays;
Shinn, MS, RDN, to learn about the trillions… University of 11:30am weigh-in, noon meeting; $1; for information, call…
Illinois Extension - Milan, noon Tue Aug 4 CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 11:30am Wed Aug 5 thru
Wed Aug 12
Yoga on the Mezz w/ Monique Jackson, all-levels class
for beginners and veterans; bring your own mat;… Crawford T’ai Chi Ch’un, on Wednesdays; $24-36/6 weeks; for
Brew Works, 8pm Wed Aug 5 information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 10:25am Wed Aug 5 thru Wed Aug 12
Yoga on the Mezz w/ Susan McLoone of
KindredMinds, all-levels class for beginners and veterans; Reflexology Clinic, on Wed. & Thu.; for information, call
bring your own mat;… Crawford Brew Works, 6pm Wed Aug 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Wed
5 Aug 5 thru Thu Aug 13

Virtual Event _ Viral History: The Black Death, Spanish Zumba Gold, on Wednesdays at 9am & Thursdays at 9:30am;
Flu, and COVID-19, this presentation examines the history $3-5; for… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Wed Aug 5 thru
of the Black Death, Spanish… University of Illinois Extension - Thu Aug 13
Milan, noon Tue Aug 11
Genesis Foot Clinic, reservations required; for information,
call 563-320-3978… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), noon
Thu Aug 6

SENIORS Apple iPad Clinic, on Thursdays; $3-5; for information, call

563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 11am Thu
Aug 6 thru Thu Aug 13
Bridge, on Mondays & Fridays; $2-5; for information, call 563-
386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 12:30pm Mon Euchre, on Thursdays & Fridays; $2-5; for information, call
Aug 3 thru Mon Aug 10 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 12:45pm Thu
Aug 6 thru Thu Aug 13
Ceramics I, on Mondays & Fridays; $7-11; for information, call
563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9:30am Mon Line Dancing II, on Thursdays; $3-5; for information, call
Aug 3 thru Mon Aug 10 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 2:30pm Thu
Aug 6 thru Thu Aug 13
Genesis Blood Pressure Checks, on Mondays; for
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active New Horizons Band Practice, on Thursdays; $2-5; for
Seniors), 9am Mon Aug 3 thru Mon Aug 10 information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 12:30pm Thu Aug 6 thru Thu Aug 13
Shuffleboard, on Mondays; $2-5; for information, call 563-
386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 2:15pm Mon Aug Bingo, on Fridays; no admission fee, card costs are $0.25 &…
3 thru Mon Aug 10 CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 12:30pm Fri Aug 7

Ugly Quilts, on Mondays; volunteer group; no sewing CASI Book Club, $2-5; for information, call 563-386-7477…
experience necessary; free; for… CASI (Center for Active CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10am Fri Aug 7
Seniors), 8am Mon Aug 3 thru Mon Aug 10
Ceramics I & II, on Fridays; $7-11; for information, call 563-
Zumba Gold Toning, on Mondays; $3-5; for information, 386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Fri Aug 7
call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10:15am
Mon Aug 3 thru Mon Aug 10 Golden Tones Chorus Practice, on Fridays; $2-5; for
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Genesis Foot Clinic, on Mon. & Tue.; reservations required; Seniors), 9am Fri Aug 7
for information, call 563-320-3978… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 8am Mon Aug 3 thru Tue Aug 11 Senior Theatre: Second Avenue Players, on Fridays; $2-
5; for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Billiards, Mon.-Fri.; $2; for information, call 563-386-7477… Seniors), 10:30am Fri Aug 7
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 8am Mon Aug 3 thru Thu
Aug 13 Movie Matinee, $2-5; for information, call 563-386-7477…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Tue Aug 11
Low-Impact Exercise, Mon.-Fri.; $2-5; for information, call
563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Mon Grief Support Group, on the 2nd & 4th Wed. of the month;
Aug 3 thru Thu Aug 13 donations… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9:30am Wed
Aug 12
Red Hat Club Luncheon, locations vary monthly; for
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), noon Tue Aug 4
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 17
Virtual Teen DIY Paper Lanterns, learn how to make your Sunday Funday, free with $4-8 admission; for
very own hanging paper lantern,… Silvis Public Library, 5pm information, call 309-794-0991… Quad City Botanical
Tue Jul 21 Center, 1pm Sun Aug 2

Virtual Teen DIY Cosplay Series: Newspaper Wig, Getting Buggy With It Camp, Aug. 5 & 6, summer day
presented by the Davenport Public Library; join Miss Amber camp focusing on butterflies,… Nahant Marsh, 9am Wed
on… 4pm Tue Jul 21 Aug 5

Prairies and Fairies Camp, for grades 3-5; discover Quad City Botanical Center Drop-in Program, on
enchanting wild things and wildflowers as… Nahant Marsh, Thursdays; for kids entering K-4, but fun for all ages;…
9am Thu Jul 23 Quad City Botanical Center, 1pm Thu Aug 6

Virtual Rick’s Short Magic Show #2, register online and Teen Advisory Group, an opportunity for teens and
we’ll send you a private YouTube video link… Rock Island tweens to have input in… Moline Public Library, 3:30pm
Public Library - Downtown Library, Thu Jul 23 Thu Aug 6

Virtual Teen DIY Series: Kawaii LED Mini Notebook, Kindernature: Prairie Play, at 10:30am & 2pm; enjoy
presented by the Davenport Public Library; teens are invited a story and take your… Quad City Botanical Center, Tue
to join… 2pm Fri Jul 24 Aug 11

Virtual Lego Charades: Robot, create a robot with Ms.

ShoShanna, comment on the video… Silvis Public Library,
2pm Sat Jul 25

Eco Art Camp, thru July 31; artists ages 5-12 are invited to
June 16 Crossword Answers
a… Quad City Botanical Center, 9am Mon Jul 27

Critter Camp, for grades K-2; connect your child with nature
as they… Nahant Marsh, 1pm Tue Jul 28

Taste the Wild Camp, for grades 3-5; getting back to the
Mississippi Valley Fair @ Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds – August 4 thru 9 basics, kids will… Nahant Marsh, 9am Thu Jul 30

KIDS’ STUFF Virtual Escape the Ancient Tomb, another fun-packed Virtual Absolute Science Mega Levitator with
virtual escape room; this time you’re a skilled… Silvis Public Professor Toto, register online and we’ll send you a private
Library, 5pm Wed Jul 15 YouTube video link… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown
Virtual Children’s Book Talk, on Fridays, hosted by Miss Library, Thu Jul 30
Ranell and the Rock Island… Rock Island Public Library - Virtual Event: Big Picture In the House, on Wedensdays
Downtown Library, 10:30am thru Fri Jul 24 for grades 6-12; a new lesson and hands-on activity… Figge Virtual Trivia: Happee Birthdae Harry Potter, on the
Art Museum, 10:30am Wed Jul 15 thru Wed Aug 5 library’s Facebook page; help us celebrate Harry Potter’s…
Virtual Cupcake Wars: Photo Competition, thru July Rock Island Public Library - Downtown Library, 6pm Thu Jul
31; break out the cooking gear and frosting… Silvis Public Virtual Magician Rick Eugene Brammer, Silvis Public 30
Library, thru Fri Jul 31 Library is hosting a premier video of Magician… Silvis Public
Library, 6pm Wed Jul 15 Virtual Level Up! Gamers: Card Games, join us for some
Virtual Teen DIY Series: Origami Koala Bookmark, games to see who the best… Silvis Public Library, 4pm Fri
presented by the Davenport Public Library; teens are invited Virtual Take Write Now!: Pet Letter Kit, taking place Jul 31
to join… 2pm Fri Jul 10 all day; pick up your story booklet and… Rock Island Public
Library - Downtown Library, Wed Jul 15
Virtual Yoga Buddies, on Saturdays; join Ms. ShoShanna’s
Facebook Live/Watch party where she… Silvis Public Library, Virtual Tween Book Club, join us online to speak about
10am Sat Jul 11 thru Sat Jul 25 your favorite book; free;… Silvis Public Library, 5pm Wed
Jul 15
Kidstock: Session I, thru July 17; ages 8-18 take part in
workshops and… RME (River Music Experience), noon Mon Marsh Explorer Camp, for grades K-2; campers will be

Jul 13 running a-muck while exploring… Nahant Marsh, 9am Thu
Jul 16
Virtual Make Your Own Zine Event, for teens; we’ll
Virtual Absolute Science Fantastic Foam with
The Enduring Allure of the American West
provide the materials in a take and… Rock Island Public
Library - Downtown Library, 2pm Mon Jul 13 Professor Toto, register online and we’ll send you a private
YouTube video link… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown
Virtual Make a Hovercraft with Me, join Ms. ShoShanna’s Library, Thu Jul 16
Facebook Live/Watch party to make a hovercraft… Silvis
Public Library, 1pm Mon Jul 13 Virtual Big Screen Story, taking place all day; for ages 0-5;
pick up a… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown Library,
Virtual Take and Make Bead Snake, taking place all day; Thu Jul 16
explore your creativity with weekly take… Rock Island Public
Library - Downtown Library, Mon Jul 13 Virtual Family Storytime, on Thursdays; Ms. ShoShanna
will be hosting a Facebook Live… Silvis Public Library, 6pm
Virtual Take and Make Petite Picassos, taking place Thu Jul 16 thru Thu Jul 30
all day; for ages 0-5; use all of… Rock Island Public Library -
Downtown Library, Mon Jul 13 Virtual Level Up! Gamers: Jackbox Party, join us for
some games to see who the best… Silvis Public Library, 4pm
Take Home Ready, Set, Kindergarten, taking place all Fri Jul 17
day; for ages 5 & under; pick… Rock Island Public Library -
Downtown Library, Mon Jul 13 thru Mon Jul 27 Virtual Teen DIY Series: Recycled Book Bunting,
presented by the Davenport Public Library; teens are invited
Virtual Jolly Rancher Readers, on Mondays; meet online to join… 2pm Fri Jul 17
and talk about books, play games,… Silvis Public Library, 4pm
Mon Jul 13 thru Mon Jul 27 Virtual Full STEAM Ahead: Olympic Flame, join Ms.
ShoShanna’s Facebook Live/Watch party as she creates a…
Virtual Teen Book Talk, on Mondays, hosted by Miss Emily Silvis Public Library, 2pm Sat Jul 18
and the Rock Island… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown
Library, 1:30pm Mon Jul 13 thru Mon Jul 27 Kidstock: Session II, thru July 24; ages 8-18 take part in
workshops and… RME (River Music Experience), noon Mon
Music Fundamentals Virtual Boot Camp: Grades 7-12, Jul 20
on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays thru July 31; join
Ernesto… Quad City Symphony Orchestra, 2pm Mon Jul 13 Virtual Let’s Get Busy, join Ms. ShoShanna’s Facebook
Live/Watch party for preschool story time… Silvis Public
Kindernature: Sunflowers, at 10:30am & 2pm; enjoy a Library, 1pm Mon Jul 20 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 20, 2020
story and take your… Quad City Botanical Center, Tue Jul 14
Virtual Take and Make Colored Rice Flower, taking Contributing Sponsors:
Virtual Carle’s Creators, this event is part of a combined place all day; explore your creativity with weekly take… Rock
series; if you… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown Library, Island Public Library - Downtown Library, Mon Jul 20
Constance Bosson Runge | Carolyn Levine & Leonard Kallio Trust | Modern Woodmen
2pm Tue Jul 14
Virtual Event: Adulting for Teens, join us for this
Terry Evans, American, b. 1944, Bison at Maxwell Game Preserve, Roxbury, Kansas, December, 1981, Archival pigment
Virtual Con Tricks & Tips, presented by the Davenport interactive presentation where you’ll learn the… Rock Island print, 30 x 30 inches, Friends of Art Acquisition Fund, 2019.20.1, © Terry Evans, image courtesy of the artist
Public Library; teens are invited to… 4pm Tue Jul 14 Public Library - Downtown Library, 2pm Mon Jul 20 thru
Mon Jul 27
Virtual Toddler Tales, on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
Davenport, Iowa • 563.326.7804
hosted by Miss Ranell and the… Rock Island Public Library -
Downtown Library, 10:30am Tue Jul 14 thru Thu Jul 30
18 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

BUDGET BUSTER • JULY 14, 2020 Jun 16 Answers: Page 17

ACROSS 66. Sports event DOWN 54. Bridges

1. Spirit lamp 67. Certain player 1. Larger-than-life 55. Student in uniform
5. Pillow cover 68. Gather 2. Bandleader Puente 56. Two
9. _ acid 69. Houstonia, a plant 3. Vespiary 58. Came up
14. “Doll’s House” 71. Deliver a song 4. Hastiest anagram 59. Wrote, in a way
playwright 72. The sun (or the moon) 5. Nixie 60. Go already!
19. Artist _ Mondrian 75. Island bird 6. Of the underworld 61. Incite
20. Spotted cavy 76. Trademark 7. False shows 62. Subject, usually
21. Loads 77. Patterned fabric 8. Chinese chairman 63. Becker or Yeltsin
22. _ -Dame de Paris 78. Vigor 9. Mountain 64. Black
23. Start of a quip by 79. Roadrunner cousin 10. Hitchcock film of 1964 65. Hawaiian porch
Milton Berle: 3 wds. 80. Pickled side dish 11. Foolishness 69. Cries like an animal
25. Crowbars 81. Operates 12. Requisite 70. Blue and blue-sky
26. Ice cream soda 82. Minds 13. CIA forerunner 71. Cockscomb
27. Cliques 83. Part 4 of quip: 3 wds. 14. Provoke 73. Drive
28. “OK” signal 87. Items on a platter 15. Spanish dance 74. Top dog
29. Animal cries 89. Galley supplies 16. Portico 76. Raucous sound
30. Scintilla 90. Place of entry 17. Part of QED 77. Pius X, XI or XII
31. Kind of salt 91. Call to 18. Earns 78. Takes a direct route
34. Laugh 92. Show of respect 24. Wine quality 80. Walloped
35. Mendicants 95. Purpose 29. Harmful insect 81. Come together
38. Part 2 of quip: 3 wds. 96. Place north of Tunisia 31. Cremains 82. Juvenile heroine
43. Work by Michelangelo 100. Braid 32. Tight 84. Aretha _ Franklin
44. Therefore 101. _ Ababa 33. Flatscreens 85. Ignite
45. Joy 103. End of the 34. Sovereign 86. Salad plant
46. _ _ loss quip: 2 wds. 35. Vaulted area 87. Allegation
47. Settles 104. Feminine name 36. Discredited one 88. Vex
48. Do a host’s job 105. Cornet part 37. Madness 92. Zoomed
50. Runner in a race 106. Hounds 39. Eye 93. _ breve
52. Admit 107. Word in an 40. Pitch and turpen- 94. Disreputable place
53. Baseball stat. ultimatum tine, e.g.: 2 wds. 95. Dutch town
54. Skyrockets 108. Challenged 41. Prima ballerina 96. Bamboozle
55. Vinegar type 109. Ruler: Var. 42. Opens wide 97. “Death on the _”
56. Gown feature 110. Farm animals 44. Sun hat 98. Part of MIT: Abbr.
57. Country in 111. Hardens 48. Vine fruit 99. Times
“Gulliver’s Travels” 49. Pro _
59. Statuesque 101. Rd.
50. La Scala’s city 102. Sun. talk
60. Guzzles 51. Lazily
61. Part 3 of quip: 5 wds. 103. Work by Horace
52. Catfish genus
65. Loch _
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 19

Movie Reviews By Mike Schulz •

They Get the you know that you’ve landed on something

remarkably special. Because even disregard-
ing the show’s gorgeous lighting and Andy

Job Done Blankenbuehler’s fierce choreography and

all those incandescent tunes and lyrics, lord
almighty is Kahl’s accomplishment rich in
HAMILTON performance wonders.

It feels somewhat unfair to single out any
e may as well start with the of the production’s specific acting talents,
spittle. a feeling underscored by the beautifully
Unless you’ve been living in egalitarian curtain call and the end-credits
a sensory-deprivation chamber for the last sequence that gives all of the cast members
several months – and I suppose, in some – even those credited as “Ensemble” – their
respects, most of us have – you probably own individual title cards (alongside the
know that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer performers’ lovingly hand-drawn like-
Prize winner and Tony Award hog Hamilton nesses). But still, among those who also dis-
premiered on Disney+ this past Friday, more play unimpeachable vocals: Leslie Odom Jr.
than a year ahead of its initially scheduled Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. in Hamilton
as the conflicted, blithe-until-he’s not Burr;
debut. You likely know that the show traces comedy number introduced as “You’ll Be The stage show Hamilton isn’t without its Renée Elise Goldsberry as the sister-in-law
the earliest days of the USA with particular Back.” (Sample lyrics from Groff ’s third flaws. (The subject of slavery is bizarrely Angelica who will forever love Hamilton
emphasis on Alexander Hamilton’s life and pop-in as George: “All alone / watch them sidelined, and I tend to agree with Daveed from afar; Christopher Jackson as the stub-
career: his speedy ascent into George Wash- run / They will tear each other to pieces Diggs’ Jefferson when, after much time is born, paternal, understandably lionized
ington’s favor; his appointment as America’s / Jesus Christ this will be fun!”) Filmed spent on one of Hamilton’s personal trag- George Washington; Phillipa Soo as Eliza
first Treasury Secretary; his cabinet battles theatre always comes with specific limita- edies, he asks, “Can we get back to poli- Hamilton, the prototypical “long-suffering
with Thomas Jefferson; his death-by-duel at tions – primarily, as an audience, the losses tics?”). Kail’s Disney+ version isn’t without wife” whose quiet heartbreak affects me on
the hands of Aaron Burr. You no doubt also of immediacy and electricity powered by flaws, either. (Especially in Act I, the glid- perhaps a deeper level than anyone else’s.
know that Manuel’s hip-hop/pop musical being in the same physical space as those ing camera movements felt far busier than (I am zero-for-100 at not crying during her
sensation finds Black and Latino performers entertaining you. Yet one of filmed theatre’s necessary.) But as a record of filmed theatre Act II reminiscence about the orphanage, a
assuming the roles of our founding fathers greatest perks can be the employment of clo- – especially considering Miranda’s achieve- stat this movie didn’t alter in the least.) And,
– casting that’s far more than a stunt, as it seups, and whenever Groff sings, Kail tends ment is probably the greatest musical- of course, that mesmerizing force of musi-
effectively reminds us that every American, to keep the camera intensely close to the theatre offering of the last 20 years – this cal-theatre nature Daveed Diggs, whom
regardless of race, has an equal, inclusive actor’s face, allowing us to witness George’s Hamilton might have exactly zero peers. you’d be happy to have stay in character as
right to history. As the lyric goes: “Who every subtle emotional shift. It also lets us As a fi lm actor, Miranda, who plays the the heavily accented Marquis de Lafayette
lives, who dies, who tells your story?” Ham- witness stage performance as we’re not nec- title role, can be a lot to take; with his eager- if it wouldn’t mean losing him, in Act II,
ilton’s answer is: We all do. essarily meant to, and as social media has ness to please and overt expressiveness, he’s as the thunderously exciting, rap-battling,
Yet unless you watched Disney+’s cultural roundly decreed this past weekend, Jona- far more built for the stage. (Hamilton’s dis- mic-dropping Jefferson.
phenomenon this weekend among untold than Groff is a spitter. A massive spitter. In consolate sadness after the death of his son This is probably the moment in which I
millions of others (roughly half of whom his first number as George, the bubble of left me dry-eyed, which, given how many should mention that I don’t, at present, have
seemed to post praise for it on my Facebook drool that rests just off George’s lip is nearly times I’ve cried at the Hamilton recording, a Disney+ subscription – that some very
wall), you may not know that this movie as large as his powdered wig. I totally wasn’t expecting.) Yet his passion kind friends invited me to see Hamilton as
by the New York rendition’s Tony-winning Although Groff, as usual, sings like the and humor and quick-witted hip-hop facil- a special Independence Day weekend treat
director Thomas Kail isn’t technically a stage god he clearly is and is fantastically ity remain thoroughly inspiring over the this past Friday. But I might subscribe now,
movie at all. Rather, it’s a performance of funny besides, that healthy gob of saliva is a Disney+ version’s two hours and 40 minutes and the availability of Miranda’s and Kail’s
the Broadway show captured in the summer repellant sight – and I wouldn’t have traded – and when Lin-Manuel Miranda is actu- miracle of filmed theatre is reason enough.
of 2016 with its original staging and unim- it for the world. Silly hair, an unnatural ally one of the lesser on-screen participants, Jesus Christ is this thing fun.
provable cast intact. As such, and despite its complexion, a despot literally foaming at the
fluid camerawork and occasional overhead mouth to get his hateful messaging across
shots reminiscent of those employed for old … . It’s not like we’re all not used to this stuff
Esther Williams water ballets, this Hamil- by now. But while I experienced the feeling
ton isn’t a traditional fi lm so much as cap- at several points before Groff ’s first Hamil-
tured live theatre. Which means we’re not ton appearance, and at loads of points after,
spared the occasional sights of sweat, body what the intense closeups during “You’ll Be
mics, the orchestra’s conductor waving his Back” made me realize more than anything
baton, and spit. Lots and lots of spit. was that I f---ing miss live theatre.
Which brings us to Jonathan Groff. One I miss the spit. I miss the sweat. I miss
of the show’s few white performers, Groff seeing and hearing those microscopic
plays what has to be considered one of the changes in focus and inflection that you’d
whitest stage roles of all time: England’s think would get lost in a stage-production
King George III, who, here, sings three lyri- setting and yet, sometimes, magically don’t.
cally distinct variations on the tyrannical
20 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

Wail Watching See Monster

My roommate just found out her ex-fiancé Months of quarantine have made FaceTime
is terminally ill and is likely to pass away first dates the new thing. I’ve been chatting
soon. Though they had a weird relationship, with a few guys on dating apps, and some of
I can tell she’s taking it pretty hard. I really them have asked to schedule FaceTimes. Many
want to be supportive, but I honestly don’t of my friends have done it, but it still feels
know what to do or say around a grieving weird to me. Though my photos are right in
person. I’m worried about saying the wrong my dating profile, talking with someone over
thing, especially because I’m really uncom- video feels too revealing and not in a good
fortable with grief. I told her I am here for way. Should I try it anyway, or should I wait
her if she needs anything. What do you do until it’s safe to meet in person?
and say for a person who’s in such a terrible – Resting Shy Face
When people advise that you shouldn’t reveal
– Clueless too much on the first date, I think they’re talk-
When we’re around other people, espe- ing about your areolas.
cially other people who are upset, we tend to There’s a lot of important information you’re
get uncomfortable with silences and rush to missing when you’re communicating without
fill them with words. Unfortunately, not being seeing someone’s facial expressions. Zoologist
Confucius or the Dalai Lama, we reach into Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, who studied human
our memories and pull out whichever con- animals in addition to the kind with paws
and tails, explained emotional expressions
dolence clichés are closest to the top, such as
as “the grammar of social interaction.” Facial
“Soon he’ll be in a better place.” (Where? An
expressions (as well as body language) give us
a nuanced understanding of other people’s
Though we mere mortals tend to fail at
feelings and intentions in the way punctuation
profundities, we can do profoundly kind
marks shape how we understand a set of words.
acts. What people who are suffering need at a
(For example: “Want to eat, Grandma?” versus
time like this is compassion. Compassion gets
“Want to eat Grandma?”).
confused with empathy (which a number of In fact, people will often say one thing with
researchers define as “feeling with” a person). their words (such as “Really, I’m fine”), but to
However, compassion is more than a feeling. get the whole of what they’re expressing, you
It’s empathy with an action plan: the moti- need to add the “pictures”: the emotions they’re
vation to try to alleviate another person’s displaying. For example, social psychologist
suffering. Dacher Keltner, who researches emotional
There’s a temptation to be vague in offering expressiveness, observes that “when a colleague
help – “I’m here for you if you need anything” shows signs of anger – with tightened lips, fur-
– probably because it’s hard to know what rowed brow, and slightly raised upper eyelid – I
would help and also because you want to avoid learn that he or she is frustrated, is appraising
offering the “wrong” thing. But what really the current interaction as unfair, will likely act
count are your intentions. Consider that she antagonistically, and may feel a sense of righ-
has a lot of emotional weight on her now, and teous indignation.”
she probably doesn’t have her usual energy for Men, especially, have very visually driven
routine chores such as making dinner, picking sexuality, so if you won’t FaceTime, you’re prob-
up her prescription, or washing her car. If you ably at a disadvantage compared with women
step in and do these, let her know it’s about who will. Chances are your real fear is that a
giving her a little help while she’s struggling. guy won’t find you attractive. But if a guy’s not
It should mean a lot. that into your looks, a screen won’t change that.
You’re telling her she’s not alone, but in a Finding out where he stands as soon as possible
way that doesn’t take poetic eloquence or could keep you from getting attached to some-
attempts to cheer her up (because her sadness body you’ll ultimately have to pry yourself away
is uncomfortable for you). The reality is that from. On the the other hand, revealing more
80 percent of success in amateur grief counsel- of yourself will make the right guy more inter-
ing is knowing better than to put the “fun” in ested. And yes, there are people who even get
funeral. The other 20 percent is just showing married without seeing each other’s faces, but
up – with pizza and pot edibles. just in cultures where the marriage is condi-
tioned on one’s father giving the other’s father
14 goats, five oxen, and a 1967 Subaru.

Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica, CA 90405. E-mail,
visit @amyalkon on Twitter, and listen to Amy’s weekly radio show at Order
Amy Alkon’s new book Unf_-ology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2018).
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ARIES (March 21-April 19): “As beauti- CANCER (June 21-July 22): Cancerian coming weeks. I sense you’re close to summoning you already do. Be ingenious as you boost the gen-
ful as simplicity is, it can become a tradi- author Mary McCarthy provides you a burst of courage – a bigger supply of audacity erosity of spirit you bestow on your allies. Be
tion that stands in the way of exploration,” with a challenge you’ll be wise to relish than you’ve had access to in a while. I hope you’ll resourceful as you do this impeccable work in the
said singer Laura Nyro. This is practical during the rest of 2020. She writes, harness this raw power to fuel a daring feat that midst of a pandemic!
advice for you to heed in the coming weeks. “Everyone continues to be interested in the quest will expand your conception of what is possible.
According to my analysis, you’re scheduled to for the self, but what you feel when you’re older is AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18):
enjoy an extended engagement with rich, fertile that you really must make the self.” McCarthy SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): “One-half of knowing what you want is
complexity. The best teachings won’t be reducible implies that this epic reorientation isn’t likely until “It’s not always easy to tell the difference knowing what you must give up before
to a few basic lessons; rather, they’ll be rife with you’ve been on earth for at least four decades. But between thinking and looking out of the you get it,” wrote author Sydney Howard.
soulful nuances. The same is true about the splen- judging from the astrological omens, I think you’re window,” wrote poet Wallace Stevens. Now would be a perfect time to act on that excel-
did dilemmas that bring you stimulating amuse- ready for it now – no matter what your age is. To That’s a problem you won’t have to worry about lent advice. Is there any obstacle standing in the
ments: They can’t and shouldn’t be forced into drive home the point, I’ll say it in different words. anytime soon. The coming weeks will be a favor- way of your ability to achieve a beloved dream? Is
pigeonholes. As a general rule, anything that Your task isn’t to find yourself, but rather to create able phase for you to both think and gaze out the there a pretty good thing that’s distracting you
seems easy and smooth and straightforward will yourself. Don’t wait around passively for life to window – as well as to explore all the states in- from devoting yourself wholeheartedly to a really
probably not be useful. Your power will come from show you who you are. Show life who you are. between. In other words, you’ll have the right and great thing? I invite you to be a bit ruthless as you
what’s crooked, dense, and labyrinthine. the need to indulge in a leisurely series of dreamy clear the way to pursue your heart’s desire.
LEO (July 23-August 22): Some night ruminations and meandering fantasies and playful
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You may soon, I predict you’ll have an agitated explorations of your deepest depths and your high- PISCES (February 19-March 20):
think that playing heavy metal music and dream while you’re asleep: a nightmare est heights. Don’t rush the process. Allow yourself Author Ellen Goodman writes, “The
knitting with yarn don’t have much in that symbolizes an unresolved conflict to linger in the gray areas and the vast stretches of truth is that we can overhaul our sur-
common. And yet there is an annual con- you’re wrestling with in your waking life. Here’s a inner wildness. roundings, renovate our environment,
test in Joensuu, Finland where people with exper- possible example: A repulsive politician you dislike talk a new game, join a new club, far more easily
tise in needlework join heavy metal musicians on may threaten to break a toy you loved when you SAGITTARIUS (November 22-Decem- than we can change the way we respond emotion-
stage, plying their craft in rhythm to the beat. The were a kid. But surprise! There’ll be a happy ber 21): The coming weeks will be a ally. It is easier to change behavior than feelings
next Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship ending. A good monster will appear in your dream favorable time to undertake a transfor- about that behavior.” I think she’s correct in her
will be July 15-16, 2021. This year’s event was can- and fix the problem; in my example, the benevolent mative vision quest, even if the exigencies assessment. But I also suspect that you’re in a
celed due to the pandemic. If it had been staged, I beast will scare away the politician who’s about to of the pandemic require your quest to unfold pri- prime position to be an exception to the rule. In the
bet multiple Tauruses would have been among the break your beloved toy. Now here’s the great news: marily in your inner realms. The near future will coming weeks, you will have exceptional power to
top 10 competitors. Why? Because you Bulls are at In the days after your dream, you’ll solve the con- also bring you good fortune if you focus on creat- transform the way you feel – especially if those
the peak of your ability to combine things that flict you’ve been wrestling with in your waking life. ing more sacredness in your rhythm and if you feelings have previously been based on a misun-
aren’t often combined. You have the potential to make a focused effort to seek out songs, texts, derstanding of reality and especially if those feel-
excel at making unexpected connections, linking VIRGO (August 23-September 22): inspirations, natural places, and teachers that ings have been detrimental to your mental and
influences that haven’t been linked before, and “Love is the best school, but the tuition is infuse you with a reverence for life. I’m trying to physical health.
being successful at comparing apples and oranges. high and the homework can be painful,” help you to see, Sagittarius, that you’re in a phase
writes author Diane Ackerman. I’m when you can attract healing synchronicities into Homework: Is there a so-called weakness or liabil-
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In 1848, guessing that in recent months, her description has your world by deepening your sense of awe and ity you might be able to turn into an asset? Visit
Danish King Frederick VII agreed, under been partially true for you Virgos. From what I can communing with experiences that galvanize you
pressure from liberal agitators, to relin- tell, love has indeed been a rigorous school. And to feel worshipful.
quish some of his absolute power. There- the tuition has been rather high. But on the other
after, he shared his decision-making with a newly hand, the homework has been at least as pleasur- CAPRICORN (December 22-January New Column Published
formed parliament. He was pleased with this big able as it has been painful. I expect these trends to 19): “To love well is the task in all mean-
change because it lightened his workload. “That continue for the foreseeable future. What teach- ingful relationships, not just romantic Weekly at
was nice,” he remarked after signing the new con- ings about intimacy, communion, tenderness, and bonds.” The author and activist bell
stitution. “Now I can sleep in every morning.” I compassion would you like to study next? hooks wrote that. (She doesn’t capitalize her
recommend him to you as an inspirational role name.) In accordance with the highest astrological Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s
model in the coming weeks. What so-called LIBRA (September 23-October 22): “A potentials, I’m inviting you Capricorns to be EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES
advantages in your life are more boring or burden- single feat of daring can alter the whole inspired by her wisdom as you upgrade your & DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES
some than fun and interesting? Consider the pos- conception of what is possible,” wrote meaningful relationships during the next six The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at
sibility of shedding dubious “privileges” and status Libran novelist Graham Greene. His weeks. I think it’s in your self-interest to give them
symbols. words can serve as a stirring motto for you in the even more focus and respect and appreciation than
1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700
22 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

NEWS By Mike Schulz

The State of Things:

RIBCO and 2nd Ave Dance Club
Terry Tilka, owner of the Rock Island Brew- Indoor and Pavilion
ing Company (RIBCO) and 2nd Ave Dance Club
in Rock Island, discusses the venues’ operations Entertainment
during this period of social distancing. We spoke In the live-entertainment-venue world … .
on Thursday, July 2. I mean, there are no bands out touring, and I
would say over 90 percent of our acts are from
out of town. But they’re not out playing, and
Re-Opening RIBCO I don’t see them coming back for months yet.
And with the music industry, when you think Day by Day
about bands not playing, think about all the
We’re doing very limited hours. We’re doing Nobody’s going to try to book a tour and then I just feel sorry for these kids who are cooped
sound guys, all the crew guys, all the union guys
patio service a little bit, but we haven’t opened have dates cancel on them every time there’s up. A lot of them aren’t making money, and if
who are riggers – they’re not working. They’re
the kitchen yet. The cooks aren’t coming back – another outbreak. And who wants to play for they do get something, they go home and give it
not working at all. Road managers. Sound engi-
they’re making too much money on unemploy- a bar at 25-percent or 50-percent capacity? to their parents or their grandparents – it’s just a
neers. And some of these guys, I don’t know
ment. Between the federal and the state, why Because a lot of times, their deals are based on shame. And when you’re 18 or 20, you sort of feel
if they’re getting unemployment, because it
would they come back? Can you blame them? what the door does – that’s how they get paid. indestructible. “That happens to other people,
depends if they reported their income and what
But we opened up for a couple reasons. One, Nobody wants to perform for 25 people. not me,” you know what I mean? But they’re
they did and everything else. The guys that paid finding out.
we still have to maintain the building and So I don’t see that [live music] happening for their dues are probably getting unemployment, And as far as music venues go, you can try to
property and everything else, so there’s always months yet at RIBCO, and as far as 2nd Avenue but a lot of them aren’t getting anything. That’s run music lessons or whatever. But places like
little stuff and projects that have to be done. goes, we just haven’t reopened it. It’s better off
Second, there are three or four college kids who part of the industry, and we all know that. the Rust Belt and other venues that have done
to just keep it closed. A lot of people who do go
work here, and there are a couple people who out go out early, and adults are so used to being live music for a long time? I mean, I don’t know
didn’t qualify for unemployment. So we actu- at home so much the last three or four months The State of Things for who’s gonna recover and who’s gonna make it.
It’s gonna be brutal.
ally opened up three or four days a week – three that they’re not going out late at night. The only Bars and Restaurants We had a meeting with some city officials the
or four hours a day here, five or six hours there. ones going out late at night are the kids, and
We’ve had a couple groups come in and book A neighborhood tavern can re-open and other day, and I tried to explain to them: “You
some of those kids show up so late that it doesn’t
some parties, trying to be wonderful people it’ll slowly come back, and some of the other guys are trying to help out, which is great, but
pay the bills to have a DJ, a door guy, and even
and spend money locally, which was really bars will re-open and slowly come back. But you’re also trying to oversee and run things from
one bartender – it doesn’t make any sense. So
nice of them to help us out. But we basically nobody’s doing, in numbers, what they were the city’s perspective, and no two businesses
we haven’t even opened up Second Avenue, and
doing five and six months ago. The economy are the same.” Circa ‘21 is a dinner playhouse.
opened up for some of those kids so they can we don’t have any intention of opening it for at
was booming five or six months ago. And my RIBCO is a live-entertainment venue that books
make some money, because they’re all starving. least a month.
personal opinion is I just don’t see us coming mostly touring acts. You can’t compare me to
You know, they’re here cleaning, they’re And with the pavilion, by the time you set up
back from this for almost a full year – and I a Daiquiri Factory or Steve’s Old Time Tap –
scrubbing stuff, they’re painting, they’re tear- a PA, put up all the fences, and hire the crews to
think with 30, 35 percent of the bars and restau- everyone’s different and has different circum-
ing stuff apart in the kitchen to clean it, some work it, it’s the same thing: You can’t do enough
rants, they’re not going to survive. I don’t care stances. You can’t put everybody into the same
are doing a little bit of bartending. But as you business to pay the bills. You’re just burning group.
well know, even with a patio, you can’t do through money. That’s why nobody’s doing it. how much PPP money you get, it’s not gonna
A lot of places have actually done fairly well
enough to keep the lights on. The bills alone, That’s why the fair has canceled [grandstand cut it. So we’re gonna stick to our schedule with
with their carry-out service and limited hours.
per day, add up to way more than you’re ever acts], that’s why the Iowa State Fair canceled … being open a little bit here and there, and we’ll
I’ve also seen some friends of mine in the res-
gonna do in sales. . That’s why a lot of things are canceled. Finan- always post it on our social-media pages. But
taurant business who have just burned through
When you hear about businesses that have cially, it makes absolutely no sense. we’re basically doing that so, you know, the
everything they had saved for the last 20 years
opened up and re-closed and opened up and A lot of bands call every day. They want to people who work here can make that 40 or 50 just in being closed for three months. They have
re-closed – some of it is because of corona, but reschedule like everyone else. But with larger bucks in tips for groceries. no choice. But you’re also seeing places close, and
a lot of it is because they’re just not making acts, their agencies have basically said, “You’re Everyone is different. Like Kyle [owner of the I think we’re going to see more of it, to be honest.
any money. And you can’t keep paying people not going out.” The biggest booking agents, they Daiquiri Factory] next door. He’s got a beautiful That’ll play out over the next six to eight months.
and paying taxes when you’re not making any know that – they know nothing’s gonna happen deck outside off the side of his building, so his You can’t make money with 50-percent seating.
money. for a year. numbers are going to be better than some of the It’s killing restaurants.
others. It’s a beautiful deck, so why wouldn’t you And the biggest shocker is you talk about
sit there instead of sitting on the plaza? So a lot all the bad, but it’s amazing how many friends
of guys are doing well with patios. But fiscally, of mine say, “Wow, I’m not spending money
it’s just not good for any of us – and when Iowa going out anymore.” They’re finding out their
opens up weeks ahead of us [in Illinois], it’s not credit card bills are half of what they normally,
good. A lot of bartenders and servers from Illi- because they’re not buying that usual glass of
nois went over to Iowa when they opened up, wine. They’re like, “I saved a lot of money stay-
and I don’t know if they’re coming back. ing home.” I mean, I’ve cooked at home more
So it’s sad. But you know what? It’s gonna be in the last four months than I have in the last
interesting, because everyone’s in limbo. And five years. And I see a lot more driveway beers
the problem is if there’s a second wave like the going on with friends and neighbors. I mean, my
one that’s slowly popping up, and then a third neighbors are all doing it. You have 12 people in a
wave, it won’t make anything better or easier. huge circle sitting around in a driveway catching
I hear people say, “Oh, they’re going to create up. They’re all drinking at home.
something to cure it.” Well, they haven’t done
anything yet. Science takes time, and they still Follow venue updates at,
need to test and everything else. And everybody
thought this was going to be over in three or RockIslandBrewingCompany, and
four weeks. It’s not.
Know More, Do More • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 23


Hosting a live music event? Email
Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication

NOTE: All events listed are confirmed at time of publication. Please check with the venue ahead of arrival to ensure status of each event.

2020/07/10 (Fri)
(10) WEDNESDAY (15)
2020/07/15 (Wed) West 2nd St., Davenport IA
Starlette’s Web – Riverside Casino
Dave Ellis & Rich Fricke Acoustic Duo Jim Ryan (6:30pm) – The Faithful Pilot and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
(6pm) – Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Bar & Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, LeClaire Riverside IA
Grill, 1228 30th St., Rock Island IL IA Thank the SEALs After Ride Party –
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (5pm) – The Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood
WAKE Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth
Ave., Rock Island IL THURSDAY
2020/07/16 (Thu)
(16) Rd., Bettendorf IA

Jordan Danielsen (6pm) – Steventon’s,

1399 Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA
Dave Ellis (6pm) – Go Fish Marina Bar &
Grill, 411 River Dr., Princeton IA SUNDAY
2020/07/19 (Sun)
Madd Hoss Jackson – Riverside Casino David Rogers – Bishop Hill Creative Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (2pm) – Len
and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Commons, 309 N Bishop Hill St., Brown’s North Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore
Riverside IA Bishop Hill IL Dr., Moline IL
Molly Durnin – Hawkeye Tap Sports Ky & Ty Duo – Green Tree Brewery, 309
Bar N Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave.,
Davenport IA
N. Cody Rd., LeClaire IA
2020/07/21 (Tue)
The Night People – The Gypsy Highway
Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., FRIDAY
2020/07/17 (Fri)
(17) Polica – Wilsen – Codfish Hollow Barn,
5013 288th Ave., Maquoketa IA
Davenport IA Blues Rock-It – River House, 1510 River
South City Express – Rhythm City
Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077
Dr., Moline IL
Chuck Murphy – Hawkeye Tap Sports THURSDAY
2020/07/23 (Thu)
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Bar N Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Aledo
Troy Rangel & Friends – The Grape Life Davenport IA Central Park Bandshell, Hwy 17, Aledo Belladiva @ Rhythm City Casino Resort Rhythm Room – July 24
Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Elmore Funktastic Five – The Gypsy Highway IL
Ave., Davenport IA Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St.,
Davenport IA
Jeremy Pinnell – Bishop Hill Creative
Commons, 309 N Bishop Hill St., SUNDAY
2020/07/26 (Sun)
(26) Virtual Concerts: 49th Annual Bix
Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival TUESDAY
2020/08/04 (Tue)
2020/07/11 (Sat)
(11) Gray Wolf Band – Go Fish Marina Bar &
Grill, 411 River Dr., Princeton IA
Bishop Hill IL
Pat Jones (6pm) – Go Fish Marina Bar &
Danika & the Jeb (3pm) – The Tangled
Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd.,
– Downtown Davenport IA
Virtual Soul & Blues Festival –
Hap Hazard (4pm) – Corporate
Rock (7:30pm) – Mississippi Valley
Corporate Rock (6pm) – Go Fish Marina Heavy Metal Parking Lot (5pm) – Grill, 411 River Dr., Princeton IA Bettendorf IA Downtown Iowa City IA Fairgrounds Pavilion, 2815 W. Locust
Bar & Grill, 411 River Dr., Princeton IA WAKE Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth Jim Ryan (2pm) – Lewn Brown’s North St., Davenport IA
The Dunmore & Newman Group –
Green Tree Brewery, 309 N. Cody Rd.,
Ave., Rock Island IL
Jef Spradley (6pm) – Steventon’s, 1399 FRIDAY
2020/07/24 (Fri)
(24) Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore Dr., Moline IL
2020/08/01 (Sat)
(1) The Lovedogs – Mississippi Valley
Fairgrounds Farmer’s Tent, 2815 W.
LeClaire IA
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (noon) –
Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA
Lewis Knudsen – The Tangled Wood,
Belladiva – Rhythm City Casino Resort
Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., MONDAY
2020/07/27 (Mon)
(27) 5 of Hearts – The Gypsy Highway Bar &
Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
Locust St, Davenport IA
Tommy Picket (noon) – The Hot Rods (6
WAKE Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA Davenport IA Gray Wolf Band (6:30pm) – Stevens Bob Dorr & the Limestoners – Rhythm & 10pm) – The Diamonds (7 & 9pm)
Ave., Rock Island IL Push the Limit – Riverside Casino Blues Rock–It – Parkside Grill & Lounge, Square, , Moline IL City Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 – Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds Oldies
North of 40 – The Gypsy Highway Bar & and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, 2307 5th Ave, Moline IL Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Tent, 2815 Locust St., Davenport IA
Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
Pocket Change – Rhythm City Casino
Riverside IA
Starlette’s Web – Rhythm City Casino
Cody Road – The Gypsy Highway Bar &
Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA THURSDAY
2020/07/30 (Thu)
(30) Country Traditions – Riverside Casino
and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
Zach Zucher (1pm) – Doug Brundies
(6 & 10pm) – Mississippi Valley
Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Douglas & Tucker Duo – The Grape Life Bobby Ray Bunch (6pm) – Go Fish Marina Riverside IA Fairgrounds Shed, 2815 Locust St.,
Ave., Davenport IA Ave., Davenport IA Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Elmore Bar & Grill, 411 River Dr., Princeton IA Howl at the Moon – The Tangled Wood, Davenport IA
Project X – Len Brown’s North Shore Inn, Ave., Davenport IA 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA
700 N. Shore Dr., Moline IL
The Resistance Rap Chronicles (6pm) SATURDAY
2020/07/18 (Sat)
(18) Heavy Metal Parking Lot (5pm) –
WAKE Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth FRIDAY
2020/07/31 (Fri)
(31) Michael Conrad Jazz Ensemble – The
Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 WEDNESDAY
2020/08/05 (Wed)
– Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St., Iowa 50 Shades of Rock – The Tangled Wood, Ave., Rock Island IL 10 of Soul – Rhythm City Casino Resort Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Brad Morgan (1pm) – Doug Brundies
City IA 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA Lake & Lyndale – Riverside Casino Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Phyllis & the Sharks – Len Brown’s North (6 & 10pm) – Mississippi Valley
Russ Reyman Request Piano Bar – The Bad Medicine: Bon Jovi Tribute – and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Davenport IA Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore Dr., Moline IL Fairgrounds Shed, 2815 Locust St.,
Phoenix Restaurant & Martini Bar, 111 Ohnward Fine Arts Center, 1215 E Riverside IA Bob Dorr – Riverside Casino and Golf Russ Reyman Request Piano Bar – The Davenport IA
West 2nd St., Davenport IA Platt St., Maquoketa IA Lewis Knudsen (6pm) – Steventon’s, Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA Phoenix Restaurant & Martini Bar, 111 Casey Muessigmann – Mississippi Valley
Santana Tribute Band – The Tangled The Blackstones Acoustic Trio – The 1399 Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA Daniel Stratman (6pm) – Steventon’s, West 2nd St., Davenport IA Fairgrounds Farmer’s Tent, 2815 W.
Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Lojo Russo – The Tangled Wood, 3636 1399 Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA Virtual Concerts: 49th Annual Bix Locust St, Davenport IA
Bettendorf IA Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA Dirt Road Rockers – The Gypsy Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival DM Project (4pm) – Wild Oatz (7:30pm)
South City Express – Riverside Casino Bookie – TRiPENDiCULAR – Ginja Highway Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., – Downtown Davenport IA – Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
Riverside IA
– Village Theatre, 2113 E 11th St,
2020/07/25 (Sat)
(25) Davenport IA
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (5pm) – WAKE
Virtual Soul & Blues Festival –
Downtown Iowa City IA
Pavilion, 2815 W. Locust St., Davenport
Tony Hoeppner & Ron Wilson – The Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (6:30pm) – Belladiva – Riverside Casino and Golf Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth Ave., VoiceBox – Go Fish Marina Bar & Grill, 411 Tommy Picket (noon) – The Hot Rods (6
Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Tuggers Burger Bar & Ale House, 201 Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA Rock Island IL River Dr., Princeton IA & 10pm) – The Diamonds (7 & 9pm)
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA N. Main St., Port Byron IL Blues Rock–It – 11th Street Precinct, The Knockoff s – TnTs Roundhouse, 939 – Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds Oldies
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (noon) – 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA Chicago Ave., Savanna IL
2020/08/02 (Sun)
(2) Tent, 2815 Locust St., Davenport IA
2020/07/12 (Sun)
(12) WAKE Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth
Ave., Rock Island IL
Code 415 – Crabby’s Bar & Grill, 826 W.
1st Ave., Coal Valley IL
Project X – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N
Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (2pm) – Len
Code 415 (4pm) – Parkside Grill & Jason Carl & the Whole Damn Band Cody Road – Go Fish Marina Bar & Grill, IA Brown’s North Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore
Lounge, 2307 5th Ave, Moline IL (1pm) – The Gypsy Highway Bar & 411 River Dr., Princeton IA Ruby & Donovan – The Tangled Wood, Dr., Moline IL
Phyllis & One Shark (3pm) – Len Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA Danger Zone – The Gypsy Highway Bar 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA
Brown’s North Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore Push the Limit – Rhythm City Casino & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport
Dr., Moline IL Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore IA
Ron Tegeler Jazz Trio (5pm) – Flatted Ave., Davenport IA Dave Ellis & Rich Fricke Acoustic Duo
Fifth Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Russ Reyman Request Piano Bar – The (noon) – Tuggers Burger Bar & Ale
Bellevue IA Phoenix Restaurant & Martini Bar, 111 House, 201 N. Main St., Port Byron IL
Dinosaur Mob – Harley Corin’s, 1708
State St., Bettendorf IA
Frankie Joe & Kinfolk – Green Tree
Brewery, 309 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire IA
Freddy Allen 2&4 Swing Trio – The
Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (noon) –
WAKE Brewing Company, 2529 Fifth
Ave., Rock Island IL
The Knockoffs – Sergeant Major’s, 213
6th Ave. W., Andalusia IL
Lake & Lyndale – Rhythm City Casino
Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore
Ave., Davenport IA
Russ Reyman Request Piano Bar – The
Phoenix Restaurant & Martini Bar, 111
West 2nd St., Davenport IA
Soul Storm – The Tangled Wood, 3636
Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA

Chuck Murphy @ Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill – July 17

24 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 27 No. 975 • July 2020 Know More, Do More •

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