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Masthead – The magazine is Main Image - The image shows the audience what the

called ‘Billboard’ because it magazine inside is about which is good as it gives a clear
means charts in America which is view on what genre it is without having to read any of the
music related, however the ‘b’ is text. The genre is a pop. This is shown by the artists put on
covered. The masthead has a
the magazine; they have chosen Chris Brown as billboards
catchy title that is memorable.
The font is suitable for a model for this issue because he is an emerging, attractive
masthead as this is usually used young 16-year-old pop icon who has become a darling of
for large headlines and small young pop music fans. Many young women desire and
amount of text to make it idolize him and may see him as an ideal boyfriend
standout. The ‘o, a and d’ are therefore using a star with such high status could
filled in with light blue and yellow magnetize more readers and more profit, even if the
which are bright colour to catch
audience do not know the artist they can assume the
the readers eyes.
genre it would be on by looking at their dress code.
Mise – en-
Direct mode of scene - The
address –Most image shows
magazine covers the musician in
feature a person a vest, which
making direct eye gives him a
contact with the more casual
readers to achieve look. This fits in
intimacy. However
well with the
this is not the case
in this magazine, stereotype he is
as it breaks the portraying. He is
conventions of a also wearing
magazine cover. diamond chains
connotations of
wealth. The
artist is looking
away from the
reader in this
image; this
Website –By makes the
having a website the
audience can go on
it for more Colours
information and find scheme – The
out when the next colours he
magazine is wears are
published, this is colours that go
usually found on with the
most music anchorage text
magazines. The and sell lines
price is clearly not and don’t look
meant to appeal to
the audience as it is

Anchorage text – This magazine only has one Sell line –A range of
cover line breaking the conventions which I liked as it music topics are
is the image that is meant to be the most noticeable. mentioned about different
The cover line ‘THE KING OF POP?’ is appealing and artists from around the
obvious for readers to see and also is the largest text world. This might suggest
from all the text in the magazine. The cover line gives that the magazine is aimed
away what this magazine is about, informing the at fans that are serious
audience it is a music magazine as ‘THE KING OF about music as they want
POP?’ refers to music based things. It also tells the to be updated with things
reader what type of music it is, which is pop. The that are ‘HOT ON THE
explanatory line reads ‘R&B UPSTART SHARES HIS
This engages the audience because it makes you
want to look inside and find out his secrets this is
effective because it traps you into desiring the
magazine and paying for it.
Masthead – The word ‘Vibe’ is a word Main image – The cover features T.I. – a
used to describe the atmosphere of a stereotypical, black, male, Rap artist to which the
place; this has connotations of being audience is familiar with. However, by wearing a suit
current and keeping with the current and hat he maintains the perception of being superior.
vibe. The masthead is short and catchy The image gives the audience a clear idea about what
making it memorable. Its red font colour the genre is without having to read any of the text.
helps it stand out against the white The genre is rap. This has been shown by the artist
background. The font is bright and bold put on the magazine; they have chosen T.I. as Vibe’s
making it suitable for a masthead as it model for this issue because is an inspiration to some
is eye-catching. people and is a well-known rapper.

Barcode -
The bar code
Direct mode of is placed in
address - The the bottom
model is making right hand
direct eye contact corner of the
with the reader to splash,
achieve intimacy and ensuring that
to create a personal it is away from
relationship with the the main cover
reader so they line/cover
believe what he is lines, thus
saying, as he keeping the
says ‘Ain’t no such attention
thing as a secret towards the
snitch’. This also main features.
helps the readers Placed under
deduce what genre the bar code is
the magazine is as the website of
you refer to rappers the magazine,
which lets the
readers know
Colour schemes - where they
Some of the text is in can find out
red which could more about
emphasise the the magazine
danger involved in a and therefore
gangster lifestyle as broadening
red is the colour of the amount of
danger and is sharp information
and hits the readers they can
eye straight away. receive about
the magazine

Main image - The main image of T.I is large, covering a Cover lines - The main cover line is the largest
large percentage of the splash, and is shot straight on in a and therefore directs the reader’s eye straight to it.
close up, guaranteeing all facial expressions are clearly The cover line relates to the main image and also
seen. The strong eye-contact and narrow eyes make T.I includes the caption "The untold story behind the
look in power and, in turn make the audience feel deal", which urges the reader to take an interest in
intimidated. This connects well with the feel of the the magazine as the article is 'untold' and therefore
magazine and also T.I's image; a dominant male gives the idea that it is exclusive. The opposite
character throughout music. This pose also makes T.I look cover line titled "50 Cent, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Dr.
as though he is in control of himself, knows what he wants Dre, Jay-z and Biggie. 51 LOST ALBUMS" is a further
and as though he is confident with himself and also his contributing factor towards the reader wanting to
position in music. The black and white element of the buy the magazine. As 'VIBE' is aiming towards
picture adds to the classiness of not only the magazine people who are interested in the hip-hop and grime
but also the model, along with the clothing he is wearing. music, this gets their attention well by listing
The shirt and tie combination gives T.I a classy edge, artist’s key to the specific genre. As the cover line
which contrasts with the bad boy image that is partly also mentions 'lost albums' this makes the reader
associated with him. However, by adding casual glasses want to know more, as yet again the content is
this shows that he is not all work and that he is also exclusive because the albums have been 'lost' and
relaxed, connoting that T.I can be relatable despite his therefore no one has even seen or heard them
position in the music industry. before. This connotes that by buying the magazine