This great scarf can be made of virtually any (comfortable) fabric and work in any season!

I have one in every color and wear one every day, all day long. They don’t make you overheat and they manage to keep you comfortably toasty. The Infinite Cowl Scarf is the perfect accessory over any plain T-shirt or fancy dress. You can decorate your fabric with studs, broaches, sequins, whatever you like to dress them up and down. After the first scarf (which may be a bit tricky, just stick with it) you’ll be able to whip these up in 10 minutes. I made my mom and grandmom about 4 each in one sitting for Christmas presents. Materials: 1 yard of fabric, coordinating thread Tools: scissors, rotary cutter and mat (optional), ruler, sewing machine, pins Tip: If you are using a fabric like quilting cotton that may be stiff, your final product will be a standing circle. Just pre-wash the fabric and it will soften and lay nicer when you wear it.

1. Lay your 1 yard of fabric flat, in 1 layer. Cut a 25 inch square. If you want a longer drape you can cut a 28 inch square. Experiment with different measurements, but always make a square. You may need a large cutting space for this.

2. Fold the square diagonally and cut into 2 triangles.

3. Place the triangles right side together, matching 2 short sides so both points point downward. Sew across this side. I used a ½” seam allowance.

4. Press all seams open. It now looks like a parallelogram.

5. This is the tricky part. This will look and feel wrong but I promise it works out. You can pin it first and turn it into a tube like in the photo to make sure you’re not crazy. Pin the other 2 short sides together, right sides together, matching A with D and B with C. This folds the fabric into a funny triangular pocket. Sew across this side. Press seam allowance open.

6. Now you can shake it open and see that it’s a tube. Lay the tube flat with the points of the seams in the center. Line these points up as best you can. Cut across the TOP LAYER ONLY from point to point. See photo.

7. Now when you lay the fabric flat you can see it’s in 3 sections. You’ve just made a giant bias tape! This ensures that the fabric will lie nicely around your neck.

8. Fold the fabric in half, matching the long sides, right sides together. Sew along this side, leaving about 2” open. This is where you’ll turn everything right side out eventually. You can see how everything should look now in this photo of both sides of the tube.

9. Put your arm through the tube, still inside out. With your hand that’s through the tube, grab the end of the long seam. This is point A. With your other hand, grab the other end, opposite the seam, point B. See the photo for proper hand placement.

10. Pull your arm back through the tube, keeps hands in place as they are marking your match points. Twist the tube as you pull it right side out and stop pulling when A reaches B. This creates the infinite cowl part and twists the whole scarf. Pin and sew around the circle to close up the tube. (Isn’t this photo ominous?)

11. Pull everything right side out through the little 2” hole we left in the long seam. You can close this hole by hand stitching, but I just zigzag over it. I later cover the zigzag with my tag.

12. Ta-Da!

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