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M. Fahmeed Mukhtar


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11 October, 2010

. They have introduced the new concept of more than sports. Vision should be understandable and achievable. education and business programs. and make these Olympics to accessible every one.Q. that’s they will include culture. this vision is easily understandable and achievable. that leads to our success. For Example: The vision of London 2012 is (To use the power of games to inspire change). 1 What is vision? How does London 2012’s vision go beyond simply organizing the weeks of the Olympic and Paralympic games? A: Vision: Projects Peoples Vision Plans A vision is what an organization wants to achieve overall in future. Not only London. A vision is picture of future in which we should achieve our own set goals. United Kingdom will also received the benefits from Olympic and Paralympic.

Q. just like more than sports) These values are interrelated with each other Motivation Friendship Determination Values Respect Equality Excellence Courage .2 A: How do the values of London 2012 help to achieve its vision? The values of LOCOG is Inspiration Open Respectful Team Deliver Distinctive (to achieve their motivating vision) (fully accessible for everyone) (to treat everyone politely and respect this culture) (to work as a group and involve all stakeholders) (to make this event memorable) (different from others.

3 A: In what ways are the objectives set out for London 2012 ‘SMART’? To make this Olympic successfully LOCOG implement the term SMART. Evaluate ways in which local schools can become involved in activities that embrace the Olympic and Paralympic Values. to make sure that this event meets their requirements. cycling or on foot). The students from schools and colleges are involved in project design and development through GET SET website. social. A: They will provide young people from every school and college from the whole UK. . regularly to consults young people.Q. to provide the opportunity to involve in Olympic Games 2012. They choose and set teams. Q4. Measurable (their targets is to have 100% spectators. like to use public transport. like East London where most of sporting venues are being redeveloped to support this Olympic and Paralympic Games ) Realistic Time related (the all above shows objective are realistic) (they ensures to achieve their own objectives at time) The term SMART can helps LOCOG to convey its overall objective to maximize the financial. that can be very measurable) Agreed (the transport and infrastructure team involved in to achieve the objective. which means Specific (they have set transport strategy that is very specific. and environmental benefits of the Olympic Games.

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