Waterfall Card

1 ½ x A4 Stampin Up! Green Galore Card Stock 1x A4 Stampin Up! Melon Mambo Card Stock 1x A5 Stampin Up! Whisper White Card Stock Stampin Up! Old Olive Gregorian Ribbon Stampin Up! Fun and Fast Notes & Organic Grace Stamp Sets, Chocolate Chip Ink-Pad Stampin Up! Earth Elements Brads Ruler, Cutter, Scorer, Pencil Stampin Up! 1 3/8 Large Circle Punch

1. Cut A4 Green Galore Card Stock to 5 ½ x 8 ½ and fold in half so the height of the card is 5 ½ . Cut a left over piece of Green Galore to ¾ x 4 . Cut the Melon Mambo Card Stock to 4 x 5 ¼ . Cut a left over piece of Melon Mambo into four squares measuring 2 x 2 each. 2. Place the Green Galore strip (4 x ¾ ) 1 up from the bottom of the Melon Mambo Card (4 x 5 ¼ ). Punch 2 holes on either end with a pin/needle and push a brad through either one, securing the 2 pieces of card together. Glue the Melon Mambo piece with the green strip onto the card, leaving a small border of Green Galore around the edges.

Kirstie Waters New Zealand

3. Cut the A5 Whisper White Card into four squares each measuring 1 7/8 x 1 7/8 . Stamp an image onto each of the Whisper White squares (I have used Fun and Fast Notes and Organic Grace Stamp sets feel free to use whatever you have available). Then glue each white square onto a Melon Mambo 2 x 2 square. Glue them so each square shows a small border of Melon Mambo framing the stamped images.

4. Cut another piece of Green Galore card so that it measures 9 x 2 . Score this piece of card (longer side at top of cutter) at 2 , 2 ¾ , 3 ½ , 4 ¼ . 5. Slide the piece of Green Galore card made in Step 4 into the card, behind the tiny strip that the brads are holding in place (make sure the longest bit that ISN T scored is slid in). Fold the score lines towards you. 6. Glue each square of Melon Mambo + Stamped Image just below each score line, the very bottom square will be glued all over the bottom square (i.e. put tape all over the back of the bottom square). 7. At the bottom of the last square, stick a piece of tape to glue the last square to the bottom of the Green Galore Strip (the one held with brads) see image. This allows the card to have the waterfall effect .

8. Punch a small hole of Melon Mambo and glue on the end of the Green Galore Card (see above image) and hole punch a hole through both. Thread your ribbon through this to pull on. 9. With the 1 3/8 Circle Hole punch, punch a semi-circle on the bottom of the card.

Kirstie Waters New Zealand

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