First of all, I would like to praise and thank THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH, who gave me the strength and will to complete this task that would not have been possible otherwise. Secondly, I am greatly thankful to Karachi University who gave me opportunity to do this task to apply the concept that we had learned in our course of “RESEARCH REPORT WRITING”. This experience was quite inspiring and had a lot of learning. I would like to show my gratitude to my Project Research Teacher Madam Hina Ali , without her support it was impossible to work out for me and who guided me on every step and helped me to come up with the given task efficiently,.



To, Karachi University Dear Sir/Madam, As per the course research report writing, here is my report on “PIA PERCEPTION, PERFORMANCE, PROBLEMS”. In the preparation of the report, I have strictly followed all your instructions and requirements. This report includes Executive Summary, Introduction, Objectives, Hypothesis and Analysis of bus services. I am certain that this report will be immense help to enable you to know the percentage of people using buses for their travel and more information about the passenger’s perception about buses and especially for new green buses. It was nice of you to assign me this task of responsibility. Sincerely, SUNITA MBA IV



Pakistan International Airlines Corporation, more commonly known as PIA is the flag carrier airline of Pakistan, headquartered in Karachi. It is the 31st largest airline in Asia, operating scheduled services to 37 destinations worldwide, as well as 24 domestic destinations. Its main bases are Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi. The airline's secondary bases include Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta and Multan, from which it connects the metropolitan cities with the main bases, the Middle East and the Far East. The airline is owned by the Government of Pakistan (87%) and other shareholders (13%). It employed 18,043 people.


the Middle East.263 employees (at March 2007). the carrier survived to grow and prosper. as well as an extensive domestic network linking 24 destinations. Karachi. It is the 16th largest airline in Asia. The airline also has secondary bases. It was in this unusual circumstance that Pakistan International was formed in 1955. operating scheduled services to 73 destinations throughout Asia. Despite wars and economic trouble. the Middle East and the Far East. Islamabad/Rawalpindi. including Peshawar International Airport. Quetta International Airport and Multan International Airport. the Allama Iqbal International Airport. based in Karachi. SUNITA MBA IV Page 4 . Lahore and the Islamabad International Airport. Its main bases are Jinnah International Airport. Europe and North America. Pakistan International Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Pakistan. The airline is owned by the Government of Pakistan (87%) and other shareholders (13%). Faisalabad International Airport. It has 19.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS INTRODUCTION: When Pakistan was founded in 1947 it comprised two territories on either side of the expanse of India. from which it connects the metropolitan cities with the main bases.

PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS History of PIA in Pakistan After a short period of independence. In the first half of the year 1999. Pakistan decided in 1951 that it needed a national flag carrier airline. On 21 December 1961 PIA began to receive its own jet aircraft when it took delivery of the first of three Boeing 720-040B aircraft. PIA acquired five Boeing 747-367 aircraft SUNITA MBA IV Page 5 . In 1985 PIA became the first Asian operator of Boeing 737-300 aircraft. PIA received first of its six Airbus A310-308 aircraft on 25 June 1991 from Airbus Industry. Pakistan On 1 February 1955 the airline flew its first international service. between Karachi and London via Cairo. in April 1976. In 1963 PIA called off its New York service. and on 3 March 1980 the airline accepted its first Airbus A300B4-203 two-turbofan type.. but on 29 April 1964 became the first non-communist airline to operate a service to the Chinese city of Shanghai. the government of the country accordingly International established Airlines (PIA). a total of six Boeing 737-300s were ordered to replace ageing Boeing 720B aircraft. whose availability permitted the operator to enlarge its international route network.

In 2002 PIA signed an agreement with Boeing Company for the biggest aircraft deal in the history of PIA. PIA ordered new aircraft . PIA received its first ATR 42-500 in Toulouse. The airline accepted delivery of its first Boeing 777240ER aircraft at Boeing Field in Seattle. These new 48-seater ATR will replace PIA ageing fleet of Fokker F-27s on airlines domestic and regional route network. Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 are currently the mainstays of PIA medium. on 29 January. 2004. with feeder and local services provided by the Boeing 737-300 and ATR 42-500.and long-haul operations.8 wide-body aircraft from the Boeing 777 family for its long-haul flights. 2006. USA. 2005. On 2 November. The remaining six ATR 42-500s will be delivered to the airline between 2006 and 2007. as the flag carrier of a young and developing nation which has had an eventful history to date. The Airbus A310. France.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS (initially leased from Cathay Pacific) for its European and North American destinations. PIA signed an agreement with Avion de Transport Regional (ATR) of France to purchase seven brand new ATR 42-500 turbo prop aircraft. but it is a worthy ambassador for Pakistan and its people. SUNITA MBA IV Page 6 . After a dry spell of 10 years. Life has never been easy for PIA. On May 31. Its services and personnel have helped to make the country more widely known and her people better understood in a large part of the world.


It’s the only Business Class service that feels like First Class. A comfortable seat makes all the difference on a long flight. PIA's Business Class Seats elevate the concept of luxury to a new level, fully endorsing your decision to choose PIA Business Class Sit back and relax in our exclusive Business Class Lounges at the Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad airports. Our hospitable staff will ensure that you're well looked after during your stay with us at the airport Business Class passengers arriving at Airport will receive a warm welcome from PIA. Our representatives will walk you right through all the arrival formalities so that you don't have to stand in line or worry about clearance.

PIA’s economy class is also comfortable for passenger as Business class. Economy Class offer seats with a 32-inch pitch,

adjustable footrests and "winglet" headrests for improved neck comfort. The personal TV provides on-going entertainment including audio and video on-demand choices. Passengers enjoy the same caring service from our flight attendants, along with skillfully prepared meals and a wide range of in-flight entertainment options to choose from. Free newspapers are also provided to all Economy class passengers.

• Boeing-777 operating to middle east • Flight Barcelona • Linking Abu Dhabi and rahim yar khan • Flights from D.I.Khan to Peshawar and Islamabad • Early buy cheaper fly • Bradford- Islamabad Nov stop! Pak & Glasgow • Flight from Multan and D.G khan to Dubai • Lowest business class fare paksitan Dubai • Connecting Multan and Quetta, Islamabad with Chitral and Nawabshah with Hyderabad.


• Promoting web ticketing and SMS booking, Ticketing delivery at Door step

Flow Chart of Research Process:
1. Define the research problem.

2. Estimate the value of the information to be provided by the research. 3. Select the data collection methods.

4. Select the measurement techniques.

5. Select the sample.

6. Select the analytical approach. SUNITA MBA IV Page 9

It is recognized by travelers all over the country.000 passengers a month fly on PIA. BRAND RECOGNITION: PIA has high brand recall. PIA is a national airline. operating passenger and cargo services covering eighty-two domestic and foreign. Evaluate the ethics of the research 8. Around 150. with more than 800 daily flights.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS 7. SUNITA MBA IV Page 10 . making it one of the major operators in the domestic market in terms of passenger kilometers. Specify the time and financial cost SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGTHS: LEADING MARKET POSITION: PIA is one of Pakistan’s leading air carriers. PIA has earned the number one ranking in customer satisfaction.

Factors’ contributing consists of different series of Boeing and Airbus and an efficient.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS This strong market position gives the company a scale advantage and helps it strengthen its brand image. Having a strong network means that PIA can generate traffic feed for both its domestic and international Flights.to-point route structure. NETWORK PRESENCE: PIA enjoys a strong network in key domestic and international destinations. high-utilization and point. The company’s network includes three the major airports in Pakistan. PIA takes credit for introducing most new technologies to the Pakistani market. giving it an edge over competitors. Karachi. SUNITA MBA IV Page 11 . as well as major international airport such as Dubai International Airport. It has been first class Pakistani airline to use the latest technology. SUPERIOR OPERATING STRUCTURE: PIA has maintained its position as the low cost carrier. EFFECTIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY: PIA has successfully incorporated latest technology in all its systems. It was the second carrier in Pakistan to incorporate the cticketing system and the second in South Asia to introduce self check in systems at the Jinnah International Airport.

A steep rise in oil prices can seriously damage the long term viability of any airline. Recently many airlines around the world went bankrupt due to rising oil prices. RELIANCE ON OIL PRICES: PIA’s sustainability. OPPORTUNITIES: HAVING THE MAXIMUM ROUTE AND FLEET: SUNITA MBA IV Page 12 . growth and revenues directly depend on oil prices. The centralized system is one of the biggest obstacles of long term success of PIA. HIGH DEPENDENCE ON PASSENGER REVENUES: Passenger revenues accounted for 87 percent of the PIA’s total revenue in 2007. hard access to information. Cargo services allow airlines to generate additional revenues from existing passenger flights. In addition. RULES: The Basic flaw of this organization is its consolidation that is centralized system. PIA centralizes structure lead to barrel between different level of management. Airlines need to hedge against this risk by taking proper measures. The key policies. decreased motivation.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS WEAKNESSES: FORMULATION OF GOVT. cargo revenues are usually counter cyclical to passenger revenues and have lower demand elasticity than passenger business. which allows airlines to pass on fuel price hikes to customers. strategies and set of laws are designed by the upper management.

Inflation in Pakistan may see another raise in the short-term. A survey by International Aviation Authority showed that ticket price is the number one criterion for passengers when selecting a flight. 1965 resulting in 119 fatalities. GROWING DEMAND FOR LOW COST AIRLINES: The growing demand for air travel is driven by lower fares and consumer confidence.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS PIA is having the maximum route and fleet domestic and international destinations network in Pakistan as compared to its Competitors. well ahead of the availability of a non-stop service. . ACCIDENTS: There had been five accidents with PIA listed as below: o Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK 705 was a Boeing 720 – 040 B that crashed while descending to land on Runway 34 at Cairo International Airport on May 20. Route and fleet expansion will positively impact the company’s operations by increasing revenues. THREATS HIGH INTEREST RATES: The past few years have seen State Bank of Pakistan impose high as well as low interest rates to check inflation and the over heating of Pakistani economy. SUNITA MBA IV Page 13 .

1979. strong brand image and customer loyalty. PIA has started new low-fares subsidiary “PIA Express” to stop the Airblue market share growing to fast. which has improved their competitiveness. STRONG COMPETITION BY AIRBLUE: PIA is now competing against carriers such as Airblue and Shaheen Airline. PIA remains Airblue’s strongest competitor because of the huge market it has gained over time. The aim of the research is to: SUNITA MBA IV Page 14 . Moreover.We say objectives are benchmarks against which action can evaluate so in order to evaluate my business success I must need to set some objectives so the end of the research I can evaluate the worth of my research. All 156 aboard were killed.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS o Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK740 was a Boeing 707-340C that crashed after takeoff from Jeddah International Airport on November 26. major legacy airlines have been focusing on restructuring costs. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES For my research project I must need to set some objective as .

They usually use business class of PIA. SUNITA MBA IV Page 15 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Identify public perception about PIA performance  Their preferences and choice in selecting airline  Positive and negative image of PIA  Problems facing by PIA consumers TARGET AUDIENCE I need to classify my target audience to different category: • My first category would be business men who travel international and domestic due to their business matters. • The another category of target audience are holidays travelers who use airline on specific month like June or July or other and travel to different countries to meet their relatives or just pleasant trips.

My resources would be by Newspapers. These sources provided some very valuable data.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS • My third category would be pilgrimages who travel to Makkkah for HUJJ. For my research project I would like to go for secondary research regarding the information about PIA and its benefits. Magazines and internet to analyze the PIA services and facilities. • My last category would be general public who may travel once a year and more than that for any purpose. Reports. which enabled us to formulate and move ahead with this project SUNITA MBA IV Page 16 . market research depends on two types of data that are:- SECONDARY DATA Secondary Data is the data which is already been collected. DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES: Basically.

roadsides etc. For my research project I would like to go for personal survey method includes: • Personal interview • Questionnaire Most of the information would be gathered through close ended questionnaire because the compilation of personal interviews and open ended question is difficult as well as may reflect the accuracy of the research. the sample of 250 would be difficult to interview. universities campuses.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS PRIMARY DATA Information that is developed or gathered by the researcher specifically for research project at hand is known as primary research. Primary data can be gathered from personal/direct contact through interview on phone or/and random sample interviews in the shopping centers. easy and less time taken. Secondly due to time limitation. The nature of information would be easily obtained through questionnaire and for respondent point of view it would be convenient. SUNITA MBA IV Page 17 . pedestrians.

What information is required? From the view point of this research the required information was about the awareness of tomato juice in the consumer. Decision about questionnaire content: the major concerns with regard to this phase are weather the question is really needed. Preliminary decision: Before designing the questionnaire here question were kept in mind.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS I tried to design the questionnaire include multiple choice questions along with dichotomous questions. whether it is sufficient SUNITA MBA IV Page 18 . The respondent hardly required 8-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. special attention is given in designing the questionnaire and it involves the following main steps. ISSUES RELATED TO QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN The questionnaire was designed primarily keeping in view the research objectives and the hypotheses. as it was the main source of collecting information.

Population—all the elements. Decision about format. None of the question are loaded or leading in any way. For my research i have selected my target population which is divided into there classification • Business men • Holiday travelers • Pilgrimages SUNITA MBA IV Page 19 . all other questions have given a clear set of choices from which they may tick any one or more. units. question sequences and questionnaire layout: for this particular research report.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS to generate the required information and if the respondent can answer the question correctly The questions to that are ultimately included in the questionnaire were very simple and MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS and DICHOTOMOUS questions to ensure that respondent will not face difficulty. or individuals of interest to researchers for specific study Sample—a limited number of units chosen to represent the characteristics of a total population SAMPLING UNIT: who is to be served? Define the target population that will be sampled. it was decide that the questions should not be open ended except for few questions in which respondent were asked to give their suggestions. all efforts have been made to ensure that the language used is not ambiguous in any way and that the responds clearly understand what is being asked of them. Decision concerning question phrasing? Again. SAMPLING SAMPLE A segment of population selecting for marketing research to represent the population as whole.

Very small size may not produce data and very large small size will increase cost and time. I decide to take sample of 250 based on my own judgment and with my teacher suggestions. Sample size must be large enough to produce accurate data. SELECTION ERROR: “Variation between the representative sample and the sample obtaining by using a non probability sampling method. SAMPLING PROCEDURE: “ how should the responded is chosen?” I must decide my sampling procedure as I would like to go for probability sampling method or non.” My research may face constrain SUNITA MBA IV Page 20 .probability method. LIMITATION OF THE RESEARCH SAMPLING ERROR: “Variation between the representative sample and the sample obtaining by using a probability sampling method.” My research may face constrain of sampling error as I am selecting my target audience with probability method. Through this sampling method I may lose true respondent and select the wrong respondent.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS • General travelers SAMPLE SIZE: How many people should be served? For me it is very difficult question regarding selecting sample size.

My research may face non response error in the case of refusing to fill questionnaire or refuse to answer some part of the questionnaire. Data is classified in different classes on the basis of the opinions presented by the respondent. NONRESPONSE ERROR: “Variation between the selected sample and the sample that actually participates in the study”. SUNITA MBA IV Page 21 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS of selection error as I am selecting my target audience with non probability method. GRAPHICAL TOOL: Pie charts are used to give summarized view of the data. TECHNICAL APPENDIX Following techniques are used for representing research result: STATISTICAL TOOLS. Through this sampling method I may lose true respondent and select the wrong respondent. PERSONAL ANALYSIS AND OPENION: The factual data is also followed by written description of the chart and graphs and complete analysis of the data.


but after the 26/11 attacks. Before the Mumbai attacks. as it is running half-empty flights to India. PIA was operating 10 flights a week to India. SUNITA MBA IV Page 23 . PIA is operating six flights a week to Mumbai and New Delhi. the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has incurred heavy operational loss.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS ISSUES RELATED TO PIA KARACHI .With India tightening its visa norms specially for Pakistan citizens after the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Pictures of the Day: PIA plane crash Adil Najam A PIA Fokker plane crashed in Pakistan today killing all 45 people on board. According to a CNN report: Eye witnesses said the 27-year-old plane spiraled in the air as it plummeted to the ground on the outskirts of Multan.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Due to strict visa policy adapted by the Indian government after the Mumbai attacks. about three kilometers SUNITA MBA IV Page 24 .

according to Gulf Daily News. the crash is being blamed on technical sources.” said Mohammed Nadeem who lives near the crash site. “the passengers included two high court judges. PIA Ban on Beards: Leave My Facial Hair Alone! According to a news item in The News. Zia-ul-Haq had been killed in 1988. raising eyebrows on the fact that.except for French beards . A nearby power line also caught fire. two or three minutes after take-off from the eastern city of Lahore.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS (two miles) from the city’s airport. a university vice chancellor and two military brigadiers. the more likely cause is that these are really old–and often rickety–planes. there is an ominous history to planes flying out of Multan and blowing up in the sky–that is how Gen.on all male cabin crew: In a recent notification. Some are. and said now male SUNITA MBA IV Page 25 . therefore. There were no survivors … and a female flight attendant who was pulled alive from the plane’s wreckage died later in hospital. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is going to implement a ban on growing beards . Although.” However. at this point. PIA administration has announced to have reviewed its policy regarding beards. “There was a huge explosion after the plane hit the ground.

Whether this is or is not the most important constitutional violation of our age. in fact. the u lema are. Not surprisingly.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS cabin crew could not grow beards and they could only have French-cut beards. Panic inside PIA Passengers heaved a sigh of relief when their plane from Birmingham finally landed at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport here on Monday. right. SUNITA MBA IV Page 26 . calling the ban a violation of constitutional and fundamental human rights. as they had been pestered by a number of rats who traveled with them all the way from Birmingham to Islamabad. religious scholars and ulema condemned PIA for this.

PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Dozens of big rats were present in the Boeing-777 flight No PK-792 that started its journey from Birmingham and landed here at 6:30 am on Monday. According to schedule. Just imagine the headlines: PIA plane crashes. The change. was that the passengers left on flight No PK-368 and not the original PK-792. this flight. The big rats might have entered the plane while it was parked at the London Airport cargo centre. the operation to catch the rats failed and the passengers of flight PK-792 took off at 2:30 pm on Monday instead of 11:30 am. He told The News that the engineering staff of the airlines succeeded in trapping the rats after a hard struggle. could not be cleared of the rodents. he added. however. The passengers faced panic and disturbance due to the presence of the rats throughout the journey. However. May I come in Sir PIA Deputy Director Muhammad Latif admitted that big rats were present in the flight from Birmingham. Investigators determine that rats chewed up the cables. The PIA management sent more than 50 mousetraps for catching the rats through its flight PK-368 from Karachi. SUNITA MBA IV Page 27 . which had to leave for London at 11:30 am on Monday.

On July 21.PIA seems to be losing out on the passengers and cargo. 2009 After the dinner on this midnight flight. whose screams frightened all other passengers. According to details. were shocked to see rats roaming inside the plane during the flight.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS I am not an aeronautical engineer but I am assuming that the wiring has to meet some standards. One such rat jumped on a lady. as third such incident in the month of July has surfaced. It is important to note that rodents can nibble the wires that spread across the aircraft thereby threatening short-circuits. These rats have become a normal phenomenon for PIA. panic was created in PK 792 when well-fed rats were spotted during the flight. which threaten aircraft safety. the passengers on board PK 204. but has certainly become the favorite airline for RATS. Just not sure if those standards took rats into account :) Date: 25-07-09 12:13 Rats feel at home in PIA planes LAHORE . coming from Dubai to Lahore. SUNITA MBA IV Page 28 . I noticed a morsel of food laying in the middle of isle. As a result. since nothing has been done to secure these aircrafts of rodents. most of the passengers refused to consume food because of the rats that were jumping all around. These rats are suspected to enter the PIA aircrafts via catering equipment or luggage July 7th. an Airbus 310. sources in the airline disclosed. feeling more at home than the passengers who were frightened by their very presence.

I intended to make to the next passing flight attendant. closed his eyes. and shocked at seeing a cockroach on board a flight. waking up from his nap. The young man. and slammed it over the unsuspecting cockroach. as it was trying to move the piece of food to a safer location.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Contemplating to pick it up and throw it away. It was a cockroach. I raised awareness of the cockroach to a couple of Pakistani people around me. whose body. Then took off his shoe. so as to have more voices in the protest. felt safer sticking to the sole of his shoe after the assault. Not a Pakistani model. SUNITA MBA IV Page 29 . Aghast. and was back to sleep. “Where is the cockroach?” exclaimed a young man in Lahoree accent. I noticed someone was already there to take care of it. But a smallish oval and much more alert an intelligent looking. then put his shoe back on.

and that the government refrain from using their territories as a nuclear weapons testing site. The flight started its journey at Gwadar in Balochistan after originating in Turbat. Sindh. Pakistan. took control of the aircraft in midair and demanded the flight be diverted to New Delhi. 1998. and was flying to Pakistan's southern port city of Karachi. The hijackers.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS PIA Flight 554 is the flight number of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Fokker F27 that was hijacked on May 25. India. Before Pakistani commandos could storm the SUNITA MBA IV Page 30 . did not realise that the aircraft had actually landed in Hyderabad. After failed attempts of the plan to land in Indian territory. the plane was forced to retreat back into Pakistani airspace. The aircraft was carrying 24 passengers and 5 crew members. three students from Balochistan armed with TT-33 pistols. The hijackers. which is mostly controlled by the government of Pakistan. under the impression they had landed in the Rajistan state of India. They also demanded more access to resources for the Baloch people.

along with the pilots. One hijacker was killed and the other two were taken into custody PIA FLIGHT’S WINDSCREEN SMASHED LAHORE: A PIA Jeddah-bound flight had to return and land at Karachi airport after its windscreen smashed in the airspace of Bahrain on Friday. The reason of the incident had not been ascertained as yet. the entire episode ended. Geo News reported that flight PK-731 carrying 413 passengers took off from Karachi airport for Jeddah but had to return back from Bahrain after breaking its windscreen. when an army officer and a police officer who came as the negotiators. Dailytimes SUNITA MBA IV Page 31 . PIA MD Captain Ejaz Haroon told the channel that smashing of the windscreen did not cause any threat to the plane but it had to be called back as a precautionary measure. overpowered the hijackers. it said.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS plane.


was purchased economy seats from the company who paid for my ticket. I have family in Pakistan so managed to schedule some time to meet them too. Once seat. In the jump seats in front of me. they sat down two kids in their teens and when I questioned them as to why they were seated there (restricting me of the leg SUNITA MBA IV Page 33 . I was that the I got to my amazed to see flight was overcrowded.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Interview with Yasser Abbas Business man London to Karachi and although this was a business trip. pleased about had been next to the door (wide I was that. I specifically asked for a seat with leg room (which I was informed had been reserved) as I am 6ft 2 inches tall and when I checked in at the airport was informed that I given the seat emergency leg space area). I was not fussed as although this was a business trip lasting 2 weeks.

The flight was scheduled to take off at 20:00hrs and we managed to finally fly 90 minutes later. post 7/7. Security. as you can then imagine it was a disaster flight for me. SUNITA MBA IV Page 34 . regarding PIA flights from the UK has obviously been increased dramatically. Nearly all men on the flight were subjected to some form of questioning at the departures gate by customs officials. Interview with ALI Economy Plus. I as was 'Economy appalled and felt cheated.it was a standard economy seat. I was informed that they were the Pilot's very good friend's kids who had been squeezed onto the flight by the pilot (who was doing his friend a special favour). It delayed the departure by about 20 mins. My suspicions though about my economy plus seat were raised when I notice that the plane wasn't a 747 and there was clearly no upper deck where I had been assured that the economy plus seats were located. When I was shown to my seat I simply couldn't believe my eyes . A section of the economy seats at the front of the cabin had been curtained off and were designated Plus'. My seat was right next to the toilets. I was extremely irate.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS room). I decided to fly PIA because they had reduced their fares and it is a direct flight to Lahore which does make all the difference especially when you're expecting to arrive in temperatures of over 40c.

00 more than London-Karachi passengers but they travel in 747300 as compared to 747-200. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that some street-side halwa puri for breakfast awaited me once I left Lahore airport. London-Lahore passengers pay £100. digs into the side of your upper leg. These are emergency exit door seats and hence with miles of legroom. It was a long and uncomfortable 8 hours to Lahore. These seats have the Audio/Video controls on the side of the armrests. The in-flight entertainment didn't work either. This time I bought the tickets very early and was able to secure 91 A&B seats. The former has more seats on the upper deck than the latter and thus very small legroom. Further the L shaped AV plug. when in its socket. This makes the seats narrow. But I was still disappointed. Cabin staff was young. pleasant SUNITA MBA IV Page 35 . Intreview with M S Sheikh My wife and I travelled to Lahore P class.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS The cabin staff simply didn't understand what I was going on about and couldn't care less.

hot or cold towel. out and in flights.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS and courteous but the food was awful. We are now considering carrying our own food when we fly PIA. selected menu choices or complimentary amenity kit as promised by PIA “P” class blurb! ANALYSIS OF QUESTIONNAIRE SUNITA MBA IV Page 36 . water dripped from above on passengers at the time of landing. On both. There was no early baggage delivery.

While 10% of people travel every a week. FINDING: Out of our sample 250 we conclude that 30% of our target respondent travel once a year. CONCLUSION: At the end I concluded that of the people travel twice a year. SUNITA MBA IV Page 37 . While 20% of our sample travel every month.40% of our target respondent travel twice a year.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Q NO1: Q: NO1: How frequently you travel?  Once a year  Twice a year  Every month  Every week REASON: The idea behind this question was to get information that how frequently people travel? If our target respondent travels frequently then they can give more accurate information about PIA.

PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Q: NO2: How do you rate PIA PERFORMANCE? Reason: the reason behind this question is to get info. SUNITA MBA IV Page 38 . About PIA performance for the reason. I have given five options to respondent.


PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS CONCLUSION: At the end I concluded that people do not have very good image of PIA all classes as we get very low percentage of excellent and very good while most of the respondent just marked it as average. SUNITA MBA IV Page 40 .

SUNITA MBA IV Page 41 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS AIR PORT SERVICE: SERVICE CHECK-INSERVICE TRANSFER SERVICE BUSINESS CLASS LOUNGE REASON: The reason behind this question is to get information about the services which is provided to the traveler on airport. The respondent are given different phases of services and asked them to rate from excellent to poor.

Almost all respondent marked average rating to air port services of PIA. SUNITA MBA IV Page 42 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS CONCLUSION: In this phase I got almost the same sort of rating.

25% of the respondent said that the capacity of PIA is very narrow while 15% . CONCLUSION: From this I concluded that the people are not in the favor of the capacity of PIA only some are give their suggestion in a less a positive answer. SUNITA MBA IV Page 43 .10%.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Q NO 3: What about PIA aircraft? .marked it broad and huge and 50% marked it enough. FINDING: Out of 250 sample.1: Capacity     Very narrow Broad Very huge Enough REASON: The reason behind this question was to get information about the capacity provided by PIA to passenger.

SUNITA MBA IV Page 44 . CONCLUSION: So I concluded that most of the people were not in the entrust about the safety of PIA because the aircraft are mostly out dated.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS SAFETY:    Secure flight Cover all safety measure Very risky flight REASON: The reason of asking this question was to get information about the safety of PIA that the PIA is offering its passenger. 35% of the people believe that PIA has secure flight while 25% says it covers all safety measures while 40% find it risky flight. FINDING: As per our sample of 250.

Seats:    Very relaxing Relaxing Uncomfortable SUNITA MBA IV Page 45 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS COMPORT: REASON: The reason behind this question was that to know the opinion and suggestion of the respondent about the facility of PIA in regarding its seats and comport ability.

Blankets. Towels o o Available Not available CONCLUSION: Most of the respondents are not very much satisfied with PIA comfort facility.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Amenities. Pillows. SUNITA MBA IV Page 46 .

PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS ON BOARD CREW  es Y  No Cooperative Staff Well educated Well dresses And good Looking Responsible Responding to Passenger requests Cabin presence through flights Assisting Parents with children Staff Language Skills REASON: The reason of this question is to get the information about PIA onboard crew. FINDING SUNITA MBA IV Page 47 . Different phases of crew are asked and respondents are supposed to answer in yes or no option.

while 42% of the respondent said that they are well dressed and good looking. WELL DRESSED AND GOOD LOOKING:Out of our sample 250.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS COOPERATIVE STAFF:Out of our sample 250. SUNITA MBA IV Page 48 . WELL EDUCATED:Out of our sample says 250. 58% of the respondent said that they are not well dressed and good looking. 45% said PIA is well educated while 55% believe they are just educated not well educated. 60% of our respondent feel that PIA staff is not cooperate while 40% said that staff is co-operates.

SUNITA MBA IV Page 49 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS RESPONSIBLE:Out of our sample 250. 65% of the respondent said that they are irresponsible while 35% of the respondent ensure that they are responsible and friendly.



15%marked excellent. average and poor. MEAL:    Excellent Very good Average Poor REASON: . while 20%. CONCLUSION:At the end I concluded that most of the people give negative response about the meal of PIA. FINDING:Out of our sample 250. Four option are given to the respondents.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS CONCLUSION:At the end I concluded that most of the respondents are not very much satisfied with crew staff of PIA. 25% 40% marked very good.the idea behind the question was to get information about the meal that PIA offers its passengers. SUNITA MBA IV Page 52 . because the meal is not quality and according to the desire of the people.

The fare of PIA can be evaluated through this question. FINDING:- SUNITA MBA IV Page 53 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS FARE:    Very expensive Expensive Reasonable Very nominal REASON: The reason behind this is to get information about the fare of PIA.

FINDING:Out of our sample of 250. most of the respondent said that the availability of seats are very difficult due to large crowed at ticketing office and some of the respondent said that the availability of seats are easily available to its passengers. AVAILABILITY OF SEAT: Easily available  Available  Very difficult REASON: The reason behind this question was to get information about the availability of seats of PIA to passenger. CONCLUSION:At the end I concluded that the fare of PIA is not nominal and according to the reach of the people. 30% reasonable while 20 % nominal. 10expensive.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Out of our sample 250. while. mean very expensive. SUNITA MBA IV Page 54 . 40% OF respondent marked it very expensive.

FINDING:Out of our sample of 250. 50% of the respondents were said that the PIA aircraft takes delays very often specially from home ground. CONCLUSION:SUNITA MBA IV Page 55 . DELAY: Very rarely  Often  Very often REASON: The idea behind this question was to know that how much the air craft of PIA takes time while it travels toward its destination.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS CONCLUSION:At the end I concluded that the availability of seats at PIA office I very difficult and not easily available. while 35% in reaching its destination due to which often delay and 15% of the respondent said that the PIA aircraft delay very rarely.

ENTERTAINMENT Yes Movies Games Music Quran Magazine and news paper      No      SUNITA MBA IV Page 56 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS At the end. I concluded that most of the people have not good perception about PIA because it mostly reaches late to its destination.

During survey they discuss their personal experiences and they were not willing to travel next time. Q NO : Would you travel with PIA next time? REASON: The reason behind this question I to get the info that the respond will travel next time with PIA or not? FINDING: As per owe sample 250 around 70% of my sample rejected to travel with PIA next time.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS CONCLUSION: The results show that respondents are not very much satisfied with the entertainment facility of PIA. While 30% of samples were agree to travel as they just travel very risky. CONCLUSION: SUNITA MBA IV Page 57 .

PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS In the end I concluded that people are not willing to travel with PIA due to their personal experience traveling with PIA . FINDING: SUNITA MBA IV Page 58 . Q NO: Share your experience with traveling PIA?  Very pleasant  Pleasant  Unpleasant REASON: The reason of asking this question to get information that who my respondent share their experience with traveling PIA have give 3 opinion to respondent that they have very please on journey with PIA.

35% respond said their journey was pleasant while 10% said pleasant and 55% said unpleasant. CONCLUSION: At the end I concluded that majority of respondent ‘s journey was not pleasant with PIA. SUNITA MBA IV Page 59 .PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Out of sample of 250 most of respondent defined that their journey as implant due to numerous reason .

ground and onboard.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS CONCLUSION At the end conclusion that most of the people don’t like to travel with PIA especially in international flights while in domestic they trust PIA more than available competitors. SUNITA MBA IV Page 60 . The reason of this conclusion in PIA service. delays and unsafe aircraft.


PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS  Calculation of cost and time  Questionnaire TEST OF HYPOTHESIS 1.64) SUNITA MBA IV Page 62 .05 (value of Z at 0. To determine that the users of the PIA are greater than 40% at the significance level of 0.05 = 1.05 z-test Null Hypothesis H : P> 40% (PREFRENCE OF PIA is greater than 40%) Alternate Hypothesis H 1 : P<40% (PREFRENCES OF PIA is less than 40%) Level of sampling error allowed : α = 0.

Estimated standard error using the P specified in Null Hypothesis. of people would like to travel with PIA Observed value= No.4) σ σ = = 0.05 100-1 b.64)(0.05)=0.482 c. P(1-P) σ = n-1 0.4(1-0.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS a. of people surveyed 85 = 250 = RESULT: 0.34 SUNITA MBA IV Page 63 . Observed value No. Critical value : M+ Za * σx 0.4+(1.

PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS Since the critical value (0.05.48). It took only 15 days to distribute and collect back the questionnaire from the selected sample. TIME AND FINANCIAL COST The cost for making the research in filling and distributing the questionnaire was Rs. 800 SUNITA MBA IV Page 64 .34) is less than the observed value (0. 400 RS.600. Therefore. 600 RS 800 RS. so I will reject the Null Hypothesis and will raccept the Alternate Hypothesis. I can conclude that the preferences of PIA is less than 40% at the significance level of 0. QUESTIONNAIRES TRANSPORTATION COST PAPERS PRINTOUTS RS. The information collected from the questionnaire was worthy enough to calculate the preferences of the people of Karachi.

org/wiki/Pakistan_International_Airlines www.piac.com/news/2009/07/10/pakistan-international-airlinesreports-second-consecutive-operating-profit-in-1q2009/page1 SUNITA MBA IV Page 65 .com http://www.historyofpia.net/database/operator/airline.org/wiki/Pakistan_International_Airlines_destinations3 http://en.php?var=4931 http://www.com/EBchecked/topic/438805/Pakistan/23702/Transportation-andtelecommunications#ref=ref387351 http://aviation-safety.pk http://en.PIA PERCEPTION PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS TOTAL RS 2600 BIBLOGRAPHY www.google.com.airlinequality.com/Forum/pia.centreforaviation.htm http://www.wikipedia.com/ http://www.wikipedia.britannica.

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