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Telkom Cloud

Bandung, 4 Desember 2010

Customer Solution
Unit Enterprise Regional III
Komputasi Awan
Komputasi awan adalah gabungan pemanfaatan
teknologi komputer ('komputasi') dan pengembangan
berbasis Internet ('awan') - Wikipedia
Komputasi Awan
Software as a Service
• Complete abstraction outsourced from the organization
• Operating environment largely irrelevant fully functional applications provided e.g. Email,
Video Conference, CRM, ERP

Platform as a Service
• Abstraction of underlying hardware, software & application resources
• Operating System included e.g. Windows / .NET / J2EE


Infrastructure as a Service
• Abstraction of underlying hardware resources
• Virtual Platform on which required operating environment and application are deployed
• Including storage as a service offering

Without cloud computing With cloud computing

• Software
• Software • Storage
• Hardware
• Software • Hardware • Networking
• Storage
• Hardware • Networking
• Storage
• Networking
 Virtualized resources  Location
 Automated service independent
management  Rapid scalability
 Standardized services  Broadband Access
Foundational Elements
of Cloud Computing
Primary Technologies Other Technologies
• Virtualization • Autonomic Systems
• Grid technology • Web 2.0
• Service Oriented • Web application
Architectures frameworks
• Distributed Computing • Service Level
• Broadband Networks Agreements
• Browser as a platform
• Free and Open Source
What the say:

“Biggest Paradigm Shift in 20 years”

“Game Changers”
“Just On”
“Pay As You Go”
“Tremendous Cost Cutting”
As an end-consumer, believe it or not
you’ve been using Cloud for long times
Let’s Build
Huge Data Center

Capacity Planning

Disaster Plan

Server Crashes
Google Servers
1 Kontainer adalah 1 processing unit
(didalamnya ada 1160 server).
Pada 2007 ada 36 lokasi di seluruh dunia
dengan kapasitas 45.000 server dalam 45

Leave it the experts
who have a lot of money to spend to build
giant datacenters across the globe
Typical Scenarios

You You may also build software

directly on the provider’s platform and
(Business, Individual) pay them directly
In some cases,
you could redirect your data to the cloud

Migrate Data to the Cloud
In some cases,
you could redirect your data to the cloud

However, to take advantage fully,
migrate all or create new apps on the cloud



Keuntungan Cloud Computing
• Cost saving Cloud
On-Premise On-Premise Model memiliki Hidden Costs yang
“The cost to manage
Speed terkadang tidak disadari oleh User Computing
• Flexibility Model software is four times the
purchase price of the
• Temporary 13% Need 90%
software per year” (Timothy
• Optimizing financial structure
Software Licenses Subscription Fee
Chou, “The End of
HardwareCAPEX to OPEX Implementation
IT Personnel Training Software”)
End-User Personnel
Ongoing Infrastructure
• Focus (Productive)
Annual Maintenance
10% • Peace of Mind
• Scalability

• Updated (the latest version) • Speed

• Backup (production n disaster) • Flexibility (inc for Temporer)
• Mobile access • Availability
• Lack of internal IT expertise • More dependable (e.q: electricity)
• Data integrity
Cloud Computing Driver

Motivasi utama adopsi Cloud

Service adalah Efektifitas
Biaya dan
dalam pengembangan

Telkom hadir dengan Layanan Cloud dalam paket

Teknologi TelkomCloud
• Data Center : Gubeng Surabaya (Telkom Data Center)
• Jaringan : IIX 100 Mbps, Internasional 3 Mbps
• Hardware Server :
• HP Blade Server C7000 Telco Grade
• HP BL460 & BL680 (Dual Processor 4 Core & Quad
Processor 4 Core)
• Hitachi SAN Disk
Konfigurasi Colocation
• Exchange : 5.000 mailbox
• OCS : 100.000 user
• VPS : Depends on Package
Teknologi Telkom Cloud
Telkom VPS

Layanan dimana pelanggan memiliki server secara virtual, dan dapat

menginstal aplikasi, melakukan partisi, melakukan reboot selayaknya
dedicated server sesuai dengan kebutuhannya.

Virtual Private Servers bridge the gap between shared web hosting services and dedicated hosting
services, giving independence from other customers of the VPS service in software terms but at less
cost than a physical dedicated server. As a VPS runs its own copy of its operating system, customers
have super user-level access to that operating system instance, and can install almost any software
that runs on the OS.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V

With Hyper-V, it's easier than ever to take advantage of the cost
savings of
virtualization through Windows Server 2008 R2. Optimize your server
hardware investments by consolidating multiple server roles as
separate virtual machines running on a single physical machine,
efficiently run multiple different operating systems in parallel, on a
single server, and fully leverage the power of x64 computing.
Without Virtualization With Virtualization With Microsoft’s
Virtualization Solution

Virtual Applications
Any application on any computer on-demand
Applications installed to Infrastructure
Specific hardware and OS
Virtual Presentation
Interface bound to process Presentation layer separate from process Management
Operating System assigned
to specific hardware
Virtual Machine Licensing
OS can be assigned to any desktop or server

Storage assigned to specific

locations Virtual Storage Interoperability
Storage and backup over the network
Network assigned to specific
Virtual Network Support
Localizing dispersed resources

Access VPS via Browser
Access VPS via Browser
Access VPS via Remote Desktop
Telkom Collaboration

• Merupakan layanan
kolaborasi yang lengkap,
terintegrasi dengan multi
• Kolaborasi dengan
• Standard enterprise
dengan single id dan
• Paketisasi ssi preferensi
Menggunakan aplikasi terbaru, spt sharepoint 2010,
Core Function Software Capabilities

• Manage e-mail, calendar, tasks, and business contacts from one place
• Share calendar with anyone within or outside of your organization
• Access e-mail, calendar and contacts from virtually anywhere, at any time and on
• E-mail
• Microsoft Outlook any device
• Calendar
• Microsoft Exchange • Additional online tools for e-mail management, spam protection, encryption and
• Task Management
emergency access (May not be available through all hosting partners)
• Interoperation with other communication services such as Microsoft SharePoint,
Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Server.

• Share documents, team calendars, contacts and tasks through a single, cloud-
based location
• Document Sharing • Microsoft SharePoint
• Rich team collaboration and improved productivity
• Seamless interoperation with Outlook for calendars, contacts and tasks

• Microsoft Office
• See colleagues’ availability status and presence
• Instant Messaging • Instantly connect with colleagues
• Presence, Voice • Security enhanced, auditable internal company instant messaging
• Microsoft Office
• Manage e-mail, instant messaging (IM), and VoIP capabilities in one in-box
Reduce Costs

Reduce hardware, software, and personnel costs by

subscribing to Telkom Collaboration for a predictable
monthly fee.

Spend less time and money traveling to and from client

meetings and training events using the conferencing function
of Telkom Collaboration.

Save travel costs by enabling employees to share information

in real time with team members from multiple locations via a
live sharing session with Telkom Collaboration.

Improve Productivity and Stay Connected
Get real-time connectivity to your e-mail, calendar, contacts,
tasks, and other important information anytime from your
PC, via the Web, or using your any mobile devices.*

Manage e-mail and contact your team with one click using
instant messaging, a phone call or real-time video

Easily set up intranet portals and more secure, project-

specific workspaces to enable document sharing,
organization, and employee collaboration.

Simplify IT Management

Subscribe to software solutions without the need to install

and maintain software and hardware on-premises.

Telkom Collaboration provides professional IT management,

scheduled data backups, automatic upgrades, and 24x7 IT

Get a simple web-based panel to easily manage all of your

hosted IT services from one place.

Get Peace of Mind
Rely on a financially-backed service level agreement to
provide guaranteed uptime for your network.

Help protect your network from online threats with built-in

industry-leading multi-layered anti-spam, anti-phishing, and
antivirus defenses.

Store your data centrally online in best-in-class and security

enhanced datacenters for quick, easy, and efficient access in
or out of the office.

TelkomCollaboration Interface :
Microsoft Outlook
TelkomCollaboration Interface :
OCS Client Conference
TelkomCollaboration Interface :
OCS Client Conference video call
TelkomCollaboration Interface :
OCS Client Share Desktop
Please visit :
TelkomCollaboration (Packet)

Items Professional Business Basic

Mail 2 GB Mailbox with NO 200 MB Mailbox,
MAPI, POP3 & with POP3 & IMAP
IMAP4 support support
Free MS Outlook Free MS Outlook
2010 2010
Document Sharing YES NO NO
Messaging YES YES NO
Audio Video Call YES YES NO
Audio Video Conference YES YES NO
Desktop Sharing YES YES NO
File Transfer YES YES NO