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Known Businesses with Links to Steven Chase Brigham

Access Medical Group, P.C. Voorhees NJ 10/13/2003 Steven C.
Brigham content/uploads/2020/07/Access-Medical-Group.pdf
Advanced Professional Care, LLC Frederick MD 8/31/2007 Yolanda Baber
Advances Professional Services Voorhees NJ 1/1/2009 Steven Incorporated in Delaware
Brigham content/uploads/2020/07/Advanced-Professional-
Allentown Medical Services (non- Lehigh PA Active Non-profit company associated with
profit) former abortion facility content/uploads/2020/07/Allentown-Medical-
Allentown Medical Services Lehigh PA Active Former abortion facility.
(ficticious name) content/uploads/2020/07/Allentown-Medical-
Alpha Real Estate, LLC Phillipsburg NJ 8/8/1999 Steven Owned/Co-owned several other
Brigham businesses, such as the American Family content/uploads/2020/07/Alpha-Real-Estate-LLC-
Planning abortion facility in Pensacola, FL. NJ.pdf
American Family Planning, (DBA) Pensacola FL Integrity Active Pensacola abortion business; Nancy
Medical Care, Luke Dir/CEO; Co.s with interest: content/uploads/2020/07/American-Family-Planning-
LLC Chesapeake Free State Holdings & Abortion-License-App.pdf
Alpha Real Estate
American Health (?) Tom's River (?) NJ Mentioned in Brigham's Deposition Nothing found under this name in state business
American Health Services, LLC Voorhees NJ 12/6/2006 Steven
Brigham content/uploads/2020/07/American-Health-Services-
American Heath Care Services, P.C. Phillipsburg NJ 11/26/2000 Steven Active Company operating "American
Voorhees Brigham, then Women's Services" abortion content/uploads/2020/07/American-Healthcare-
Vikram Kaji, businesses that sold to Brigham Services-Change-of-Agent-NJ.pdf
then S. associate Richard Blum for $1.
(Richard Blum ) content/uploads/2019/08/Kaji-bill-of-sale1.pdf

American Medical Associates, P.C. Allentown PA 3/16/2000 Inactive Name changed to American Medical
Services. content/uploads/2020/07/American-Medical-
American Medical Services East Windsor NJ 10/26/2010 Win Mar Tun Active Prior name of American Medical
Associates, P.C. content/uploads/2020/07/American-Medical-Services-
American Medi-Mart East Windsor NJ 10/26/2010 Win Mar Tun Active DBA for American Medical Services
American Wellness Services, P.C. Cherry NJ 4/26/2002 Steven C.
Hill/Woodbridg Brigham content/uploads/2020/07/American-Wellness-
e/Voorhees Services-NJ-1.pdf

American Women's Services Voorhees NJ Trade Name Active Trade name for all of Brigham-
for Brigham associated abortion businesses in
clinics several states. Runs Central appt. line
for all clinics.
Associates in OB/GYN Care, LLC Silver Springs MD 2/22/2010 CSC-Lawyers Forfieted -3 associated clinics closed in 2019.
Incorporating -Brigham’s accountant, Nancy Luke, content/uploads/2020/07/MD-Associates-in-OB-GYN-
Service Co.; once served as CEO/CFO of Associates. Care-Articles-of-Org.pdf
Elizabeth A. -No evidence of Kim Walker
Truitt ownership.
Chesapeake Free State Holdings, Baltimore MD 8/24/2000 Nancy Luke Forfieted Same street address as Brigham's
Inc. Baltimore abortion facility. content/uploads/2020/07/Chesapeake-Free-State-
Corporation Service Company West Trenton NJ 5/21/2002 Bruce Winn Active Somehow formerly related to
Brigham's Rose Healthcare content/uploads/2020/07/Corporation-Service-
Corporation Trust Company West Trenton NJ Somehow formerly related to
Brigham's Rose Healthcare
DC Medical Offices Cherry Hill NJ 2/1/2017 Active Initial business entity behind Capital
Woodbridge Women's Services in Washington, DC content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_2305.jpg

Englewood Women's Services, LLC Voorhees NJ 7/29/2011 Judith Fitch Inactive Members: Alpha Real Estate,
(deceased); Chesapeake Free State Holdings content/uploads/2020/07/Englewood-Womens-
Nancy Luke Services-NJ-1.pdf
Fidelity Venture Services Elizabeth NJ 1/26/2015 Steven Provided management services to
Brigham, American Healthcare Services (aka content/uploads/2019/08/Kaji-ltr-to-RBlum-june-21-
Nancy Luke, American Women's Services) 2019-term-of-manage1.pdf
Vikram Kaji Management person was Brigham
Frederick Primary Care Frederick NJ Med Dir: Closed DBA for one of the Associates in
Mansour Panah; OB/GYN Care abortion clinics in financial-shell-game-horrific-patient-care-violations-
Admin: Melissa Maryland associated with Brigham’s revealed-in-brighams-default-6-5-million-judgement-
Hope Sachnovitz American Women’s Services. bankruptcy-docs/
Grace Medical, LLC Pleasantville NJ 6/22/2006 New agent not Brigham's clandestine late-term
specified abortion mill in Elkton, MD content/uploads/2020/07/Grace-Medical-NJ.pdf
Goodness, Inc. Phillipsburg NJ 7/24/1997 Steve Brigham Active Reinstated in 2009
Health Care Delivery Corporation Owner Nancy Luke is Brigham's accountant. Brigham Unable to find any registry.
Luke (signed in depo said this entity issued
paychecks) paychecks.
Integrity Family Health Philadelphia PA 2013 Med Dir: Eric Inactive In 2010, Brigham was banned from any
Yahav interest in abortion facilities in PA but nia-abortion-clinic-with-ties-to-brigham-ordered-to-
opened this clinic anyway in 2013. close/

Integrity Medical Care, LLC Voorhees NJ 4/7/2011 Nancy Luke Active Members: Alpha Real Estate,
then Sunovia Chesapeake Free State Holdings content/uploads/2020/07/Integrity-Medical-Care-FL-
Miller, then R. 2018-Nancy-Luke-Acct.pdf
Integrity Realty Holdings Paramus NJ 5/6/2002 Gene Cancelled
Menechino content/uploads/2020/07/Integrity-Realty-
Professional Medical Services, P.C. Virginia Beach VA 11/6/2000 Registered Active Sole owner of Virginia Women’s
City agent: Wellness abortion business. content/uploads/2020/07/VIRGINIA-SCC-Professional-
Christopher L. Professional Medical Services is owned Medical-Services.pdf
Graff; Mgr: R. 50% each by Quality Professional
Solutions, Inc. and U.S. Medical Care,
Business Mgr:
Inc. content/uploads/2014/06/Tidewater-HR-Virginia-
Melissa Womens-Wellness-Initial-LIC.pdf

Quality Professional Solutions, Inc. Supposedly a 50% owner of Unable for find any registry in NJ, DL, MD, VA, FL.
Professional Medical Services, which
owns Virginia Women’s Wellness.
Rose Health Services Company Conshohocken NJ 8/26/2008 Judith Fitch Active Fitch was Brigham's mother.
(deceased) content/uploads/2020/07/Rose-Health-Services.jpg
Tender Mercies Corporation Phillipsburg NJ 3/42/1997 Steven Dunbar
The Corporation Trust Company West Trenton NJ Active This seems to be a company that sets Unclear if this is a Brigham company or was just hired
up businesses. by him to set up businesses.

The Peaceful Corporation Phillipsburg NJ 5/8/1998 Steven

Brigham content/uploads/2020/07/ThePeacefulCorp-NJ.pdf
Union Health Group, LLC Washington DC 3/9/2017 Active Second business entity DBA Capital
Women’s Services in Washington, DC. content/uploads/2020/07/United-Health-Group-LLC-
Address is Brigham’s P.O Box at a UPS 1.jpg ;
Store in Cherry Hill, NJ content/uploads/2020/07/United-Heath-Group-Trade-
U.S. Medical Care, Inc. Boca Raton FL 4/23/2002 Original: Sasson Active Supposedly owns 50% of Professional
Moulavi, MD. Medical Services, PC, which owns DBA content/uploads/2020/07/US-Medical-Care-FL-
Current: George Virginia Women’s Wellness abortion Profile.pdf
Thomas business
Warren Medical Management Voorhees (and NJ 5/19/1994 Michelle Smith;
Toledo, OH) Judith Fitch content/uploads/2020/07/Warren-Medical-
(deceased) Management-NJ-Fitch.pdf

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