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Management Development Program for international Talents


„Team Learning“. A key feature of future top organizations will be to know how to tap into the motivation and learning potential on all levels of the organization.1 Management Development Program Objective Increased complexity and the dynamic changes in the environment in which organizations operate require that organizations in order to survive and sustain become learning organizations in a very specific way. With this program. The program is designed to drive and support the individual development of these talents along the following core disciplines: „Personal Mastery“. „Systems Thinking“. „Mental Models“. CONSULTING GMBH . the company offers a unique development opportunity to talented international managers who have been identified by the company‘s Talent Management Process. „Building shared Vision“.

Klett-Cotta.as a creative network . 4. to create a context for oneself that .2 Management Development Program The five Core Disciplines of a Learning Organization 1. Senge: Th Fifth Discipline: Art and Practice of learning Organisations. 1996) . Systems Thinking – Thinking in complex interconnections – Evaluating organizational challenges in terms of interdependencies und effecting cycles – and developing effective ways to design systems. in order to make optimal use of existing resources and capacities. 2. Above all. 3. to comprehend the strong interconnections between our thinking and our actions. Team Learning – Ability for effective communication. this means. Mental Models – The reflection on the „inner maps“ and the deeply ingrained assumptions that influence how we – understand the world and how we take action. Personal Mastery – Openness to ongoing individual development in order to be ready for the continuously changing – challenges in a learning organization. conflict solving and consensus building in work groups and teams.stimulates learning and growth. Building a shared Vision – Creating identification by building a shared ‚picture of the future‘ and translating it into a set of principles and guiding practices. 5. CONSULTING GMBH (Peter M.

3 Management Development Program Conceptual Translation of the 5 Core Disciplines Definition of Individual Development Goals (SDW)  In close relationship to the company guidelines Professional Leadership (Module 1: “Leadership & Personality”) Personality”  Creating identification with the company guiding principles for leadership  Developing a shared vision of the future Changes in the heads/minds (Module 1: “Leadership & Personality”) Personality”  Checking the „inner maps“  Updating one‘s beliefs and assumptions Team Learning (Module 2: “Team & Organization”) Organization”  Communication und Feedback culture  Making optimal use of resources und capacities Thinking & Acting in interrelated Systems (Module 2: “Team & Org.”  Interrelations and effecting cycles  Taking the consequences and effects of decisions into account Individual Development Creating a context Developing a creative Network CONSULTING GMBH .”) Org.

Career Planning Module 2: „Team & Organization“ (4 days) Focus: Simulation. Experiencing Project work Evaluation Meeting (1 day) Principles for Cooperation Guidelines CONSULTING GMBH .4 Management Development Program Design Leadership Profile Kick-Off Meeting (0.5 days) Development report Development Talks based on Development Report Superior/ Participant (2 hours) Module 1: „Leadership & Personality“ (5 days) Focus: Leadership Models and Instruments.5 days) and Self-Development Workshop ( 3.

0 days Location in a relevant.e.0 days 1 day Germany Location in a relevant. Eastern Europe. preparation of superiors for their development role Results in a Development Report Defining development goals CONSULTING GMBH .5 Management Development Program Design Overview Program Modules Kick-Off Meeting SelfDevelopment Workshop Development Talks Module 1: „Leadership & Personality“ Module 2: „Team & Organization“ EvaluEvaluation Meeting Participants Superior Candidate Trainer HR x x x x 0. ME. emerging int. market. (i. Asia). emerging int.5 days + x x x x x x x x x x x x X 3. USA) Development work along development goals (see content) Lessons learned Further steps Remarks Incl.5 days (local HR) Duration Location (tbd) 2 hours Home country 5. Development work along development goals (see content) 4. market. (i.e.

and motivational factors CONSULTING GMBH .Value-driven Leadership .Situational dialogues with employees .Hygiene.Leadership styles and models .Leadership Profile .6 Management Development Program Module 1: Focus Leadership & Personality (1)  Leadership in Transition .From Boss to Coach  Professional Leadership .HR Instruments  Leadership and Communication .Goal agreement and employee feedback  Leadership and Motivational Theory .Guidelines of leadership and cooperation .Performance Appraisal and Assessment of Potential .

7 Management Development Program Module 1: Focus Leadership & Personality (2)  Leading Change .and Career Planning .Career Anchor CONSULTING GMBH .Professional and private life .Self Management  Life.Leading in turbulent times  My Life time .Life-Planning .

Self-. Storming.Forming. Group. Cross-cultural Management .and Task orientation Decision making & Problem solving .International team dynamic The twelve Team Boosters .Leadership.8 Management Development Program Module 2: Focus Team & System (1)  Development Phases of (international) Teams . Performing .Reconciliation of dilemmas Building Trust and Relationships      CONSULTING GMBH .Building cross-cultural competence .Approaches and methods . climate etc. Norming.Leading international teams Cooperation & Competition . qualification.

9 Management Development Program Module 2: Focus Team & System (2)     Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting in complex systems – Simulation Managing Change and Complexity – Initiating change and transformation – Managing (international) projects Functional & Relationship Networks – Systems analysis – Stakeholder analysis Peer Consulting on actual cases – Coaching / Supervision CONSULTING GMBH .

5 FD) 3. Step: Module 1: „ Leadership & Personality“ (2 x 5 FD) 5. Step: Kick-Off Meeting (2 x 0.5 FD) 4. Step: Self-Development Workshop (2 x 3. Step: Planning & Organisation Meeting (2 x 0. Step: Module 2: „Team & Organization“ (2 x 4 FD) 6. Step: Evaluation-Meeting (2 x 1 FD) FD = Fee days (Preparation time needed will be calculated separately) CONSULTING GMBH .5 FD) 2.10 Management Development Program Fee Structure per Participant Group 1.

11 Management Development Program Methods  Theoretical input. Lecture  Individual and group work  Case studies / Role play with video feedback  Self-Assessment  Action Learning  Plenary discussions  Coaching  Collegial case work  Outdoor elements CONSULTING GMBH .

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