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 Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability. If a question does
not seem to apply to you move on to the next one.Information and data furnished by you will be
treated as strictly confidential and will be used for the purpose of this assignment study only.


  The following section pertains information about your personal details. Please pick
the right answer. If you require additional space to answer any questions, you may use additional
sheets of paper & attach them to the questionnaire.

  ":?? ??? 

"?    ! 

G? ^  

   !  a) £Private / £Public / £Family / £Partnership

b) £Manufacturing / £Service

c) Others (Please Specify)

#    ! 

  G:?? ???  ?

%  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
'(   &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

)* £Male £Female

 £Relow 29 £30-39 £40-49 £50-60 £Above 60

    £RRA £MRA £Post graduate £Other
£Single £Married
  c ,

Ä. What is the name of the ERP system that your company selected?

2. Who is your primary ERP software provider?

£ COMPIERE £ Web ERP Accounting £ OPEN CRM £ ERPyme £ Other

3. What is the type of your ERP system?

£ Open Source £ Closed Source

4. Check the ERP implications presently implemented by your firm.

£ Payroll/Receivables

£ General Ledger

£ Inventory

£ Forecasting

£ Personnel

£ Purchasing

£ Word Processing

£ Payables/Rilling

£ Sales Analysis

£ Cost Accounting

£ Rudgeting

£ Order Entry

£ Production Scheduling

£ Production Control
5. On average, how long did your company operate that ERP system?

£Relow 6 months

£7 months-Ä year

£Ä3 months- 2 years

£25 months -4 years

£4 years & no more

6. On average, how often do you use your campany¶s ERP system?

£Once a month £Once a week £2-5times a week £Ä-Ä0 times a day £All the time

7. How many personnel were actively involved in selecting the software? (Please roughly list out
their positions)

8. How long did your company take to make the buying decision?

9. Approximately, how much time did the implementation of the software (from training to go
live) actually take?

Ä0. Approximately, how much had your company paid for the software package including
training cost?

ÄÄ. What is your strategic decision in case of ERP implementation?

£Centralized £Decentralized

Ä2. Have you used consulting team for the implementation of ERP?

£Yes £No

Ä3. With ERP system, does manager have access to Activity Rased Test (ARC) information?
£Yes £No

Ä4. How many suppliers do you include in Supply Chain?

Ä5. What do you prefer?

£Single supplier £More than one supplier

Ä6. In order to be successful for Supply Chain Integration what kind of techniques do you prefer?

£Quantitative £Qualitative

I. Jury of Executive I. Time Series

II. Delphi II. Exponential Smoothing

III. Sales Force Composite III. Trend Analysis

IV. Consumer Survey

Ä7. What is the Transportation Mode in regard of SCM?

£Motor Carrier £Rail Carrier £Air Carrier £Water Carrier £Intermodal Transportation

Ä8. On what basis the Mode of Transportation is Chosen?

£Time Utility £Place Utility

Ä9. IPP (Invoice Presentation & Payment) is handled via ±

£EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentation & Payment) £Manual £Roth

20. In case of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which application provider do you

£IRM £SAP £VISTA Computer Services £Vantive £Saleslogix

2Ä. Does your company maintain Green Supply Chain Strategy?

£Yes £No
 A series of statements are listed below. We are interested in your opinion about
them. There are no right or wrong answers. Please indicate your agreement or disagreement by
putting tick (â) marks in the blank column corresponding to each

No. º  

Neither Agree nor

Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree

22. It took a long time to import data into the ERP system
23. It took a long time to be confident for the system to go
24. The software interface is not intuitive and very difficult
for non-computer literature people to use

25. Training facility was provided

26. Some modules bought were never utilised within the
27. A lot of bugs in the software
28. The software provider is not responsive to problems
occurred. Poor level of support
29. The system does not function to the expectation as the
software vendor promised
30. The system is difficult to maintain or upgrade

3Ä. There was great resistance by employees to the new

32. We didn't have a effective project management when
implementing the software
33. Overall, we are satisfied with this software
34. Overall, the software has improved our manufacturing
35. It took/ It's taking a lot of management time and effort to
compare and decide the appropriate software
36. It was easy to install the software
37. It is compatible with existing Hardware
38. It is compatible with existing Operation software
39. It is consistent with Interface and user-friendly operations
40. Stakeholders give positive feedback after ERP
4Ä. This system is unique than competitors

42. Automation & Customization are fundamental decisions

in ERP system design

 ......... .......