Title: Chapter 6 Duty Calls; but I’m not ready Author: GroovyGoddess Archive: Where I post it.

Category: AU Mirror Universe Rating: X Pairing: Storm Summary: just a little road-trip Warnings: Language Betas: Stigmartyr, Mom Disclaimer: Not making any money this is just me having fun and playing in the Mirror Universe.
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Duty Calls; but I’m not ready ‘Commander Storm, please respond. COMMANDER STORM! Please Respond!’ “Mmm.” I’m awake, but I don’t want to disturb Mac, he’s got me in a warm embrace, his one arm is under my neck, and the other is across my stomach, he’s loosely holding my tail. ‘This is Commander Storm, report.’ There’s only a few people in Psi Corp that has the same distance telepathy I have, so it’s work calling. ‘Commander. Good to hear from you, um you dropped off the grid.’ ‘Hello Leanna, I’m used to working off the grid. And I didn’t have any students, or security issues.’ ‘I didn’t mean to imply, Ma’am. The students have finally arrived, and uh. There is an issue. Artemis and Hera are both en route to Gol’dara, Ma’am.’ It takes some will power not to sit up at the mention that Hera herself is en route to Gol’dara. ‘Why? What has happened that I have NOT been informed of?’ ‘One of the student’s Ma’am. His parent’s are, uh, yeah. Sorry. They are diplomats. And they have asked to speak to Hera in person. Hence her coming here. They won’t go to Earth. And Artemis,’ I interrupt her, ‘Artemis is the Head of Psi Corp security, if Hera is en route than Artemis is providing her security herself. I understand that. It is not belittling my abilities. It’s her duty. As

for the parents, Diplomats?’ ‘In the loosest term Ma’am. They are from one of the Empire’s newly acquired planets, and the parents are in one of the higher castes, mostly because their son is a telepath.’ ‘Ah! I understand now. Thank you. I will be,’ ‘Sorry for interrupting you, Ma’am. However there is another uh, issue. There is a Major Reed that has been coming to the offices asking for you, Ma’am. He is rather insistent that he see you. And Ma’am, he has put another instructor into the local medical facility.’ ‘He WHAT?!’ ‘He put...’ ‘I heard you, has security been involved?’ ‘No, Ma’am. He is Major Reed.’ ‘Understood. I am on my way. Storm out.’ I shut the telepathic connection with Leanna. I sigh, and then ‘damn, I forgot to close our bridge.’ Hopefully Mac hasn’t picked any of this up, I don’t want to involve him in Psi Corp business yet, and I need to take care of the Major myself. ‘Yeah, because you did a good job of that last time, Bri.’ I sigh and then start to move very carefully and extricate myself from Mac’s embrace. I lean over and kiss him softly on his cheek. Fuzzy is curled up with his paws on Mac’s head, they look kind of cute, and I lean in and softly nuzzle Fuzzy. I’m sure I can work Angus’ transporter. I pull on my tee shirt, and leave the room. Walking down the corridors I can sense something, but it could just be me. I see the transporter alcove, and hm? There is a key pad. Well we are still bridged, so I will confess later, and I access Mac’s mind for the numbers and for the transporter controls. In for a penny...and all that. I enter the alcove and go to the transporter, entering the coordinates, and setting it for a delay. I then step onto the pad and wait for the familiar tingling sensation. I am transported right next to the Psi Corp office in Gol’dara, the city. ‘Dammit I forgot my badge. Oh well.’ I walk into the building, and there is an officer coming towards me and then I hear them. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Commander Storm, and you are?’ “Ma’am!” she smartly salutes me and then she takes in my attire. “Uh. We have some spare

uniforms and a badge for you, Ma’am.” “Thank you. I was on a mini-vaca.” I follow her as she turns and leads me towards the locker room. We enter and she moves to one of the lockers to retrieve me a uniform. “We just received some in your size, Ma’am. And I will go get you a badge with the proper rank. There is coffee in here as well, and some breakfast food, please help yourself, Ma’am.” I take the offered uniform, “Thank you. But first, there are showers correct? I want to wake up fully before I take my office and start dealing with the issue’s that have been presented to me.” I can smell the coffee, and of some fresh croissants. ‘Shower first, then coffee and food.’ “Of course, Ma’am. Through the doors there and um, your office has been changed for the moment.” I look to where she pointed, and then I look at her, “What do you mean my office has been changed for the moment?” “There was an altercation, and um your office is being repaired, Ma’am.” “Oh. Anything I need to be aware of?” “Two of the junior instructors are involved Ma’am, and their recent discussion, got over-heated. They are awaiting to speak to you as well, and accept their punishment.” “Involved, as in, romantically involved? And punishment? Ah, for causing my poor office to be a victim of their discussion. Understood. They can wait. Do we, have we put the parents up in a resort or...?” She starts to blush slightly, “Yes, Ma’am, they are involved romantically. My sister is one of them, and her temper gets the better of her impulsive behavior. And yes, they are waiting. And they can continue to wait.” She smirks slightly before continuing on, “The parents have been put up in a Psi Corp resort, Ma’am. It’s a side business, when it is being used by us, then it’s just for us. However we have also learned that it is financially lucrative to open it as a resort for those that can afford it.” Hm, “So can I afford it? Or can I order a room?” “Ma’am? You have a residence.” ‘Nice and big residence.’ “Yes, but I am having a rodent problem. I hope to have an exterminator shortly, but until then, I need some peace and quiet. So, I want a room, with a nice big bathtub, balcony, and room service.” I giggle softly. “Besides I am going to be responsible for disciplining your sister, it could go your way...”

“She deserves what she gets, Ma’am.” I can feel her frustration towards her sibling. “You will have a room by the end of the day as well, Ma’am. Anything else before I leave?” “No, thank you. Wait. What is your name?” “It’s Diana, Ma’am.” “It’s Briana, Diana. Now go do your job.” I smile at her before I start walking towards the showers. ‘Hera and Artemis en route...the Major...Instructor’s that act out their impulses, and oh yeah, I’m engaged. Oh...I need a girl’s night! Imara is supposed to be here. Before I deal with anything else, I’m sending her a message.’ *** I’ve spent the day reading the data on the students that are here; Sha’naa, young and impetuous-plenty of potential though. Matra-young and some training on her gift, Mitro, her twin brother however will be intriguing; is he truly gifted or just twin-linked. Nathan, Terran born and his father is a MACO, they have been avoiding this. Taylor, well isn’t this fascinating, he/she is intersexed and definitely a lot of potential. Sabreena, her race is unknown to me, seems a new territory of the Empire as well. Yet no problems with her parents, and she has just found out about her telepathy. This will be a good mix and it will also be a good test of my Instructor abilities. I wonder if Athena has had anything to do with this? And then our mysterious child, his folder is missing? That in itself is telling. However if Hera wants him added to the roster after her and Artemis’ meeting with his parents, then I will have it available to me. He will get no special treatment from me. None of these students will. If they want to learn how to live as a telepath, then they will learn the hard way. Well...okay not as hard as I did. I will never treat others the way the Denobulian’s treated me. Dr. Manny did a good job on me. I can still feel my body ache. However I’m still alive to complain about it. Speaking of complaining...McGee! That might spin a different light on how I feel about Mac. And truly...why do I feel this way...about him. *** I’ve arrived at the hotel before Imara. I can order room-service and have it arrive after she does. I need to talk with someone. Make that someone I can trust, and that will tell me the truth. *** Much later... Well that didn’t go as planned. Imara and I comforted each other. I removed her knowledge of the Empire’s security, and than I implanted security skills and communications knowledge for her new life. I promised to watch and help Liselle, her lover. And I said good-bye to my friend

and one-time lover. And now, as I left her sleeping, I am walking the street’s of Gol’dara. Wondering when my life got to be so complicated... I had a good job on Enterprise, and a lover. Well...therein lies half my problem. I treated him as a lover. Whereas I don’t truly know how he felt about me. And if truth be known, I was getting rather comfortable in my position. Not a good thing to do in the Empire. Comfort can equal complacency which can equal death. Major Reed, from the moment I saw him...I knew I was going to fall for him. I did what he asked of me. Even to the point of nearly losing my abilities permanently. And then he failed on his mission to that Universe. That was where I think the beginning of the end started. Or was it when Mac arrived on Enterprise? From the start he irritated me. His attitude! I can’t help the growl that has escaped from me. And yet, if someone were to ask me; who would I rather have watching my six in a combat zone, I would honestly answer, Mac. Malcolm who cheated on me, and I had to play along with the fact, that it shouldn't bother me. When it did! Malcolm who helped me, along with Charles to remove the implant that Black had installed near my brain. Malcolm who...who tore my heart out, with his talk of not knowing me. Mac who has always stood silent watch, done what I’ve asked-albeit in his own irritating way. Mac who is here and appears happy to be with me. Mac my fiance’. Dammit! I need some coffee and... “ARRRGH!” My brain feels overloaded, as if it’s going to explode. Coffee and then maybe a swim. I need to do something. Get myself under control. Get my thoughts under control. And then maybe...just maybe...my heart will be fine.