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Jason Kenney July 9th, 2020

Office of the Premier
307 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6

Via Email:

Dear Premier Kenney,

RE: Follow up from our letter dated June 21 , 2020 to your office and the subsequent

announcement made on Thursday, June 26 , 2020 regarding hail damage of June


13 2020.

People in Northeast Calgary are badly in need of your help after the devastating hailstorm on
June 13th, 2020. We ask that you make an urgent request to the Disaster Financial Assistance
Arrangements administered by the federal Public Safety Minister.

We are the people you encouraged as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. We accepted
your challenge as newcomers to Canada to work hard and help to make our chosen country
of Canada even greater than it is.

We are the small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed citizens who are hoping
to weather the economic downturn and COVID-19 pandemic. But the hailstorm has put many
of us on the verge of catastrophe.

Our savings are depleted, our credit lines are at their max and our families are coping under
enormous stress. Now we are faced with home repairs and there is no money to pay for
them. Some cannot afford to pay the deductibles and or depreciation from this storm of which
IBC have reported over $1.2b in damages and now with over 70,000 claims. This will lead to
many families living in damaged and / or unsafe housing. Unfortunately, the insurance
companies are not willing to help and are hiding behind the depreciation clauses and fine print
in their policies.

We welcomed your announcement on Thursday June 26th, 2020 for disaster relief but were
surprised and disappointed to see that it will help fewer than 2.5 % of affected residents.
While they are relieved, so many of the other 97.5 % wonder how they will get beyond
financial ruin.

We are asking you to re-evaluate your announcement and create a plan that will truly help.

We, the undersigned, representing 24 communities ask you Mr. Kenney:

1. Convene a round table - virtual or in person, with 3 to 4 people from this group, the
city councilors, the Mayor, your good self, along with MLA’s Sawney, Amery, Toor,
and Yaseen to develop a plan. A suggestion might be to devise an interest free loan
to help affected residents, to get through what some would say the “toughest time
of their lives”
2. Make the formal application to the federal government for Disaster Financial
Assistance Arrangements (a letter to Minister Bill Blair was sent on July 6 from this

group and your office was copied on it.)

3. Help us deal with the insurance companies who are not helping their clients and, in
some cases, covering only 20% of damages, expecting the residents to come up
with the balance. We also want to make sure that our premiums do not spike due
to this hailstorm.
The people of the affected area are looking to you for leadership and guidance at this
extremely critical time in their lives. Time is of the essence and we look forward to your
prompt reply.


Khalil Karbani
Ph: 403-999-0707


• Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre

• Applewood Park Community Association
• Batul Mukarum Islamic Centre
• Brentwood Community Association
• Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association
• Coral Springs Community Association
• Cornerbrook Community of NE Association
• Deen Strong
• Eastside City Church
• Fairview Community Association
• Focus on Seniors
• Hidden Valley Community Association
• Humanity Auxilium
• Martindale Community Association
• MCCF – Muslim Council of Calgary Foundation
• North of McKnight Communities Society
• Ogden House Seniors Citizens Club
• Saddle Ridge Community Association
• Shaganappi Community Association
• Skyview Community Association
• Skyview Ranch Homeowner’s Association
• Taradale Community Association
• Tuxedo Park Community Association
• WeCare Canada

cc: Hon Rajan Sawhney

MLA Devinder Toor
MLA Irfan Sabir
MLA Mickey Amery
MLA Muhammad Yaseen

Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Ward 5 Counselor, George Chahal

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