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52 North

LRP in a Post Collapse UK

52 North
The young boy stared out at the dark outline of the forest, the tops of the pine trees jutting up
against the moonlight like a distant range of mountains. He started out into the darkness, the silence
surrounding him as the adults all froze and waited, nervous hands sliding to weapons on belts or
checking the precious few rounds in the chamber of a gun. After a few moments people began to
move again, if they don’t come when the frenzied screaming stops then they don’t usually come at all.
The young boy looked up into the face of the oldest man in the village who was standing beside him,
a hand resting on his shoulder. “What makes them crazy?” he asked.
The old man smiled and knelt down, his joints creaking with the effort. He looked into the boy’s
eyes and grunted a laugh, “Something from the old world, long forgotten that was caused by the
actions of a few.”
“What do you mean?”
“They are afflicted with an illness from the world before the collapse, an illness that we can no
longer treat. There is no hope for them. It’s ironic really, we used to be the country that had the
fewest cases of it and now we’re overrun.” The old man laughed bitterly and shook his head. He
gently tapped the side of the young boy’s face, “Don’t worry, you’re safe in here.”
The young boy looked around at the fence, the men guarding it, the spears and wooden staves they
carried and the bits of scrap armour that adorned them. He turned back to the old man and asked;
“What was the world like when you were young? You were alive before the collapse, weren’t you?”
The old man nodded. “It was different but it wasn’t the paradise you youngsters seem to think it
was. There was war, famine, violence, all of these things, just as there is now. We had money and
the internet, a place where you could talk to people on the other side of the world and even buy
things on the other side of the world.”
The young boy snorted in derision, “You couldn’t talk to people on the other side of the world, that’s
The old man smiled, “You could, believe me.”
“What’s buying?”
“Buying is like barter only we used paper with words on it and the person selling it to you told you
how much of the paper he wanted and you either agreed or you didn’t get what he was selling most of
the time.”
“Why paper? It’s not very useful.”
“It was then. It was more than useful, it was powerful. The world revolved around it and that is
why the world devoured itself when the collapse happened. A man, called Keith James, released a
self perpetuating virus onto the internet. That’s like a sickness for these machines we had called
computers that did all of our hard thinking for us and told us how much our paper was worth.
Anyway, it infected a computer and then produced more copies of itself and they went off and
infected other computers. Within an hour the internet was overloaded and all the computers
connected to it turned off, even the special ones that governments had. The computers didn’t just
tell us how much our paper was worth but also they helped us speak to people far away, to control
things that we had grown too lazy to control and to help look after the sick. With them turned off
none of this could happen and since our society needed computers to tell us these things we were
lost, like a small child alone in the woods without a grown up to show them how to get home.”
“Sounds like it was scary.”
“It was, I wasn’t much older than you are now. The society we lived in collapsed under its own
weight and chaos reigned. It looked like the government would rally and bring order to chaos but
they were simply overwhelmed with the demand on their time and services. ”
“Wow!” The child’s eyes were wide with awe, “That’s a lot of people. How did the Lawkeepers
manage to keep them all safe?”

“Well”, said the old man, “They had a lot of them. They were called the Police and they were
allowed to arrest you and put you in a holding cell for ever if you’d been really bad, like if you killed
“But they must have put a lot of people in holding cells forever then.”
“No, back then, people didn’t kill as often, there wasn’t the need to. There was plenty of clean
water and food. Anyway, as I was saying, the government collapsed and the world went to hell very
quickly. The paper was useless and so people started to swap things for other things that they
wanted which is what led to the bartering we use now to get things. People were scared and alone
and so if someone who was stronger or who knew how to talk to people came along they rallied
round them, hoping they could save them or keep them alive, maybe even lead them to a better life.
Some people held onto crackpot ideas and
formed cults and sects, others flocked to safe
looking, fortified towns and hamlets, like ours.”
“Yeah but if someone wanted to take our town
from us, could they? Why would they do it?”
“We’re a good community kid, water and food
are available and we’re mostly safe from the Lost
and bandits around here. There’s Lawkeepers in
the town and the surrounding area so it would
be hard for someone to take it but you can see
why they’d want to.”
“Because it’s safe?”
“Yes, not much is these days.”
“Are things going to get better? Will it be like it
was when you were young?”
The old man stared out into the night and shook
his head, “I’ve heard that a group of people are
trying to form a government and are spreading the word but they’ve got a massive fight on their
hands. They’ll need to get rid of the bandits, the Lost, makes sure everyone toes the line and....”
The man stopped and shook his head again. “Sorry kid, I think it’s like this for some time to come.”
The child seemed to mull this over for a moment before speaking again. “Couldn’t the Mechanists
run things? They know how to make machines work and they keep us safe with the Chimera, surely
they’d be good at running things?”
The old man laughed, “Remnants of the military with delusions of grandeur running the country!
No thank you, we’d be reopening the tunnel and marching to France before you knew it!”
“What’s France?”
“You know the old man with the strange accent that comes here from time to time? The one that
says he has a boat?”
“Henry? Yes, he’s nice. He gave me toys and they worked and everything.”
“Henri, not Henry. He’s from France. He sails his boat from there and he comes here with things
to trade.”
“What, across the sea? That’s impossible, it’s too far away!”
“Not as far as you’d think and anyway, yes, that’s exactly what he does.”
The young boy looked doubtful for a moment but then, accepting what the old man had said, he
began to get excited as he thought about a whole new country somewhere that can only be reached
by boat.
“You see, us old folk are very resourceful.” The old man patted the young boy on the shoulder. “Off
to your parents with you, it’s late. “
“What time do you have?” asked the boy

“Nine thirty by my watch by the clock of crows in Raymond’s Rest.”
“Oh, that is late. Thanks for the stories Mister Roberts.” With that the young boy ran off towards
his home, always keeping to the light of the watch fires in the town square.

Welcome to 52 North, a game about post-collapse society in the UK. This guide is intended to give you a
feel for the game world and explain the system. This document is an ongoing project and as such will be
revised over time. The document version is listed at the front. A list of changes can be found in the
appendix at the back for ease of reference along with the dates of revision. A new version can be obtain
by e-mail from Gee at any time. If you would like a printed and spiral bound version this can also be

A (very) brief history of the world.

Some time in the early 21st Century a hacker called Keith James released a virus called Una Bomba onto
the internet. It was supposed to infect machines, replicate and spread. Once it had spread from the
host machine it caused it to enter an infinite loop of circular logic which made it crash and not reboot.
The idea was that the hacker was exposing the dangers of having everything connected throughout the
world and the ensuring that companies became better prepared, perhaps even employing him to
upgrade their security to avoid such threats.
Unfortunately it worked like a dream. Every single computer connected to the internet was infected
within hours and shut down. Stock markets, military communications, mobile phone networks, air
traffic guidance, banking systems, anything that used a computer ground to a halt. Within 24 hours
money wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Rioting, looting, all the horrible things that human
beings do in these situations rose to the fore and society teetered on the knife edge.
Governments tried to restore order but with police forces and the military having to operate without up
to date orders and information they were stretched, too stretched. Within a few weeks things had gone
from bad to worse and slowly society began to topple.
It didn’t take all that long for things to fall, dragged down by hubris and reliance on machines and
People in the UK found themselves cut off from the rest of the world barring sea travel across the
channel to France or risking walking the Channel Tunnel but the continent didn’t really fare any better it
seemed. The remnants of the police around Dover secured the Tunnel against incursions from the
continent and the Gendarmerie Nationale secured it on the French side, nobody was getting through in
either direction.
Some pressure groups took this as the opportunity to perform acts of sabotage against a weak system.
One such group broke into vivisection labs and released all of the animals into the wild. This included
animals that were diseased and sick, infected with Aids, Rabies and far worse. This caused a massive
surge in disease across the surviving population and wiped out swathes of people. Those that didn’t die

but became infected were culled quickly and their bodies burned by quick thinking groups but some of
them fled, fearful for their lives, making the situation even worse.
Within 2 years, half of the population was dead, 5% of it appeared to have gone feral and native and the
rest was clinging on in groups ranging in size from a handful to a small town full of people. People that
had experience distilling were able to make small amounts of fuel for vehicles if they could scavenge the
parts to convert them. The larger and bolder groups of bandits in the country seized these quickly to
make sure they had the edge over everyone but some of the remaining government groups did the
same, the odd police force managing to maintain a couple of working vans or cars. The military bases
became insular, relatively safe behind their fences and walls and armed to the teeth. When it became
clear that the government wasn’t going to be able to re-establish itself in any useful fashion the military
groups became independent. Some became no better than bandits, praying on the surrounding
countryside, others became like a police force, maintaining a semblance of order in the area around
their base and some retreated behind their barricades and rarely emerged.
Time has moved on and things have stabilised
in the country, insofar as they can following the
collapse of meaningful society. It has been
somewhere between 60 and 70 years since the
day that the virus destroyed the old world and
gave rise to the new one. There are some
areas of the Island that are no go areas. The
old nuclear power stations have not been taken
care of and the area surrounding them is toxic,
nothing lives for miles around them but some
young gang members use the areas as initiation grounds for coming of age ceremonies where they send
teenagers in to retrieve something and prove their manhood (and getting horrific radiation poisoning in
the process). It’s a wonder any of them actually survive.
Some of the woods and forests, especially near old zoo sites tend to be a bit risky to venture into as
you’re never quite sure what lives in them and a few of the big cities are derelict wastelands, run by
vicious gangs and psychopaths or prime hunting ground for the inevitable slave drivers that appeared
after the society toppled.
People get by, most hamlets and villages are fenced or walled and most folks are suspicious of strangers
until they’ve proved their not out to kill/thieve from or enslave them. The barter system is the only
recognised form or exchange and trade for goods or services and as a result the worth of things varies
from place to place but some things, sealed wet wipes, ammunition for firearms, clean water and food,
working batteries and fuel for vehicles or generators usually fetch a high price in most places.

The current state of affairs.

Think Fallout 3 without most of the mutants, Mad Max 1 or 2 (not 3, dear God NO, not 3), The Book of
Eli, The Postman (apart from the terrible, terrible ending) a future where technology is largely broken
but there are still working examples of most things though some are rarer than others, people survive
by bartering and there’s a decent excuse to wear spiky shoulder pads, hubcap chestplates and walk
around with a gun or a big, rusty knife.

Survival is a daily chore for a lot of people.
Medicine isn’t what it used to be, most folks
have to use herbs and poultices to stave off
infection. Clean water can be hard to find as
the nuclear power stations have bled toxic
waste into the water table and decent food
can be scarce.
Some people have taken to cannibalism as a
way to always make sure they can eat. This is
still viewed as a taboo practice at best and as a
total, utter vulgar loss of the right to call
yourself human to most. This doesn’t stop
people that are desperate of course. Since
most cannibals suffer from the shakes due to
the almost exclusive protein diet most of them
are easy enough to spot.
The year is roughly 2082 by the reckoning of
most. England has been without central
government for longer than a lot of people
have been alive. There are rumours that a
group of folks near the south of the country
have buried their differences and are
attempting to re-establish a central, governing body for the country. As there has been no mass recall
of the Lawkeepers to Central this seems to be just that, rumour.
Different parts of the country are run in different ways depending on how big the group is that controls
it currently. Some areas are off limits due to massive bandit attacks or toxic seepage. Others are
controlled tightly by large groups of ex-military groups for whatever reasons they have and since most
folks don’t bother stopping to ask them the mysteries remain.

The area that the game is centred around is a small town called 52 North which resides on the edge of a
forest somewhere is central England. It is a stable community and on a safe-ish and widely travelled
trade route along the centre of the country, being not far from one of the major old big roads that goes
from North to South. It is blessed by a natural spring that gives clean water straight from the local water
table and it appears to be uncontaminated by any of the ecological disasters that have gone on before.
Some of the nearby settlements of people trade regularly with 52 and they form a small group of co-
dependent settlements that seems to deter large bandit groups from trying to take the land and the
water. It has been tried in the past but the local Lawkeepers and a company of The Mechanists Sect
repelled the bandits with such merciless force that no-one has ever fancied trying again.
Several Zonewalkers make their trade in the area, often fulfilling requests of the locals for certain things
and they bring with them stories of the wider world, stories of hope, of restoration but also stories of
despair and increasing banditry and marauding gangs of the Lost.
The town is faring reasonably well and everyone that lives in it is mostly disease free and has enough to
eat and drink on a daily basis. As it is the larger of the townships in the immediate area it is usually the
one that annual celebrations are arranged at. Harvest, Xmas, Midsummer and Deepwinter are all
celebrated at the town and each nearby community sends at least a couple of people to represent them.
A good time is usually had by all and the local tavern/inn helps to put up somewhat drunken revellers
from the nearby towns.

The Guild of Fair Trade
The guild operates across the country, mostly in caravans and packs, bartering in settlements and towns
as they roam around. They usually have the nicest stuff to trade and frequently offer recharging and
rearming services for batteries and ammunition. All guild members are identified to the public by a red
armband with the guild symbol on it. Guild Masters, members that have proven their worth to the guild
and now run their own caravans, can confirm the authenticity of someone wearing a guild armband just
by talking to them. It is rumoured that there is a secret handshake that is only known to guild members
that identify them and help prevent fraudsters.
The guild is generally given sanctuary wherever it goes as it is a lifeline between isolated communities
and also in possession of useful goods. The presence of a guild caravan also affords some protection to
the community that shelters it as most folks won’t attack the guild for fear of ending up on their blacklist
of people or places not to trade with.
The guild can also be hired to take messages, missives or mail between communities.

The Mechanists
These somewhat militant folk are the ones responsible for creating the Chimera system that fits in most
current firearms. With the collapse came the inability to create complex machinery and a small military
outpost realised that they had plenty of ammo but the weapons to use it were failing. The soldiers and
techs designed and created the Chimera system, a series of gaskets, cams and self adjusting clockwork
that fits inside the barrel and chamber of most firearms. When the weapon is cocked the system latches
onto the round that enters the chamber and creates a serviceable but poor gas seal that means the
round will fire providing the barrel is big enough to throw it out of the other end. Of course accuracy is
horrible, range not much better and the thing is in constant need of adjustment and tightening but it’s
better than not having a weapon when you need one.
The creators of the system evolved into an autonomous military group that travels the land servicing
their invention and trading and bartering for the things that they need. Though anyone with decent
mechanical knowledge could probably make a Chimera the Mechanists will only service ones they make
themselves so few people bother trying.
As well as the Chimera the Mechanists fix broken machinery and barter heavily for written texts relating
to anything mechanical or discusses skirmish tactics. They are more or less welcomed everywhere but
some see them as slightly aloof and arrogant while others may perceive them as helping perpetuate a
cycle of violence. Whatever their outlook, most folks run into a group of them at some point and
inevitably have need for their services.
The Mechanists all bear a patch or banner with the Mechanist logo so are easily recognised. They
apparently have secret rituals and rites that ensure they can test if someone is genuinely a member of
their sect or not though whether this is true has never really been tested openly.

The Lawkeepers
People that choose to enforce the local laws are called Lawkeepers. They are a universal group of noble
folk that try and keep murder and rape at bay throughout the land. They have a headquarters in a

fortified stockade in what remains of London according to rumour and their orders are dispatched by
plain clothes runners who carry them up and down the country, relaying intelligence and wanted
posters as well as new order or laws from the Lawgiver, their revered master. Each Lawkeeper has a
badge of office that is bestowed upon them by the Lawgiver and they use this to both instil fear and
command respect as well as a means of identity between their own brotherhood.
Lawkeepers are a welcome sight in the land as they help protect
the weak, at least in theory, and will often exchange food and a
roof over their head for patrolling a town or village for a period
of time. There are stories of groups of corrupt, marauding
Lawkeepers in the Wild Places like in the hearts of dark forests
and the hills and mountains in what used to be Wales but these
stories are always told by the friend of a friend who knew
someone who survived and so are often taken with a pinch of
Some towns and villages use Lawkeepers much like a town
watch or guard that help maintain order permanently. These
folks tend to be locals that have sworn an oath to a roaming
group of Lawkeepers that has had a Sergeant among them for
only a man of rank can swear in new ones. Though they will
likely spend most of their time in that town there is always the
concern that they could be summoned away if a call is put out
for all Lawkeepers to gather to face some huge threat.

The Church
The religious and devout weathered the collapse through faith and hiding in Churches and other places.
Those that made it through believed that they were chosen by God to lead the flock that remained
through the dark days that lay ahead and into the light of the Kingdom of Heaven when the Rapture
came. The Church believe that the collapse was merely the beginning of the end of days and that the
Rapture is literally upon us. They are prophets of doom and heralds of sermons and depressing dogma.
The priests of the Church are Chosen and there are those
devout souls that devote themselves to ensuring that
they are able to go about their mission of preaching and
saving unhindered by guarding them, protecting them
and aiding them in whatever way they can as service to
one of the chosen Priests of the Church is a sure way into
the Kingdom of Heaven. The Priests are often seen with
their entourage of repentant sinners in the countryside,
bringing religion and salvation to those that need it. Of
course, anyone who says they don’t need the salvation
of the Church obviously has an even greater need of
The Aspirants, as the repentant are known, often see themselves as unworthy of the Church and the
Lord and self-flagellate to cleanse their spirit through pain. Some are delirious with the Word of the
Church, so much so that they recite their litany almost without knowing they are doing it, some that
have learnt to write scribble the litany onto paper and pin it to their clothes and bodies as a walking
prayer. For a good barter there are some who will scribe a prayer for you and wear it, reciting it for you
constantly, for a year and a day.

A lot of people try and give the roaming members of the Church a wide berth for they are a disturbing
people to most. Some of them are borderline insane from the perspective of a non-believer but they
are righteous and the work of the Church must be done, especially in the face of adversity.

This nickname is thrust upon anyone who makes a living by venturing out
into the wilds and the contaminated places of the country and trades
whatever they manage to scavenge. They are usually treated with some
mild suspicion as some people think them little more than armed thugs
and thieves. However, they often manage to get hold of little pieces of
working technology, reliable ammunition or decent, disease free game.
They tend to travel alone and trade between a regular group of
settlements, sometimes filling bespoke requests for certain items that
the trade caravans don’t have but the settlement needs. That said, it is
not unheard of for a Zonewalker to travel the length of the Country,
trading all over it and coming back with stories of what lies beyond the
borders of England.

The Lost
Not an organisation so much as an affliction. The Lost are people that have succumbed to madness and
disease. Some of them travel in packs, some travel alone but all of them inspire fear. They are the souls
that have been infected with whatever horrific, mutated diseases that have come to exist in the current
time. Most of them simply become sick and die but a small minority exhibit irrational and often violent
and murderous behaviour. Though it is a minority it is deemed safer to completely avoid or kill the Lost
when they are encountered on their own. When they are present in a pack however they are a very real
threat to life and limb. The howling madness that is a pack of Lost tends to go silent when it has found
something to prey upon for some reason. The silence lasts a moment or two before they begin the
howling and screaming again as they rush their target. This seems to be a universal pattern of behaviour
and at least lets a village or travelling group know that they are about to be attacked.
The Lost have no saving graces, they are wild, savage and disease ridden. They tear through people and
settlements, eating the fallen and violating the living until they are broken and dead and then
consuming them out of frustration.

Language has mostly remained the same other than a few colloquial sayings and phrases that are
explained here.
As there is no centralised time from atomic clocks anymore everyone has a slightly different idea of
what the current time is. It is customary for people to synch their working timepiece with a local one in
the area they mostly reside in, be this a clock in the town square or the watch of the town mayor. As a
result when asked for the time people respond with not just the time but they clarify that it is the time

according to them which in turn is synched with something else. So, a resident of 52 North would
usually say 9pm by saying “9 o’clock by my watch, by the clock in the North 52 Tavern.”
This helps people to set their timepiece to the local time. Most places are within an hour or so of each
other but you can get places that have a few hours difference.

System (v1.2)
Firstly, a word on combat. LRP safe melee weapons are to used for melee combat, that’s a
given, as is slow, non-contact, telegraphed blows for hand to hand fist fighting.
Ranged combat, such as bows must be phys repped using LRP safe arrows. Gun combat will be
phys repped by Nerf guns. Nerf guns? WTF?
Nerf guns eliminate the need for damage calls, they also remove the doubt as to whether you
were shot or not and since this is a post collapse society you are using either well out of date
ammo or hand reloads so the range will be compromised and some of them might not work.
This will be represented by the fact that the ref will load ALL Nerf guns at the start of the event
and some rounds may be
sabotaged to not fire. The ref
will supply all Nerf ammo.
Since it is unlikely that every
member of the player base will
have a firearm it shouldn’t be
an issue. If you don’t like the
idea of using a Nerf gun then
don’t have a firearm in game.
Firearms are rare enough
anyway so don’t expect the
event to be a gun fight as
you’ll probably be rather

Nerf ammo
All ammo for in game guns will be supplied by the ref. This is because some ammo may or may
not work. The ref will load your gun at the start of the event so you can’t see if you’re getting
good ammo or a few duds. Please honour the secrecy of what is loaded. You will know how
many rounds you have, just not if they’re all live or not. If you buy ammo then the person
selling it will give you a chit to take to the ref who will supply the actual physical darts. Again, if
possible, these will then be loaded into your gun secretly. If not then you will see what you are
getting, or you could stuff them in a pocket and take one out when you need it and pray.

Once a nerf dart is fired it is used up. Please do not collect darts from the ground and keep
them, please return them to the ref.

All arrows and crossbow bolts are to be LRP safe phys reps.

Damage and healing

Depending on what you elected to do with your points at character creation you will have
between 1 and 5 hits. Once you have taken your hits +1 you will fall over. You will then take a
bead out of your hit bag and it will denote what has happened to you in terms of wounds.

Everyone will have a “hit bag”. This will be a small pouch that contains 15 different coloured
beads. The beads denote different levels of wounds
The beads are coloured clear, green and dark red and they mean the following:

Clear – Winded. You are hurt and a bit winded but nothing is broken and the bleeding can be
staunched easily by a couple of minutes of fussing by someone with the first aid or other
medical skill. If you have first aid you can stabilise yourself easily enough. There are no lasting
effects from the wound.

Green – Injured. You have had the sense knocked out of you by the wound. You are dazed and
something may well be broken or you are bleeding heavily and cannot treat the wound yourself.
You need medical attention to stabilise you or your condition will worsen, begin counting slowly
back from 300. If you reach 300 before someone with the first aid skill or a medical skill gets to
you and starts to stabilise you then you progress to the wound status below and spend at least
10 minutes achy and in pain. If someone is stabilising you but is interrupted before they have
finished you must begin counting
again from where you left off.

Red – Mortal. You have received a

mortal wound and are in serious
trouble. You are unconscious and
dying. Begin counting slowly back
from 300. You can be stabilised by
someone with first aid but you need
surgical medical attention as well. If
you reach 300 before anyone arrives
with either first aid or a medical skill
you are dead. If someone with first
aid reaches you they can stabilise you
and you can stop counting providing
they continually work on you. If they stop, you carry on counting from where you left off until

they start again.. If someone is stabilising you but is interrupted before they have finished you
must begin counting again from where you left off. Once you are stable begin counting back
from 500. If you are not being treated by someone with a medical skill by the time you reach
zero then your wounds reopen and you have a count of 300 before you die. At this point you
must be treated by someone with the medical or surgical skill, first aid will do nothing. The start
of treatment stops your count providing the person doing the treatment continues to treat you
without interruption.

The length of time it takes to stabilise an injured person is explained in the skill descriptions.

Once you have become stable you drop to the wound above so if you are mortally wounded
and you are treated by someone with the medical or surgical skill you move to injured and so
regain consciousness but are quite woozy and in pain. Once this has happened it is up to you to
roleplay recovering until you can move around and carry on as normal. If you want to get better
quickly that’s fine, if you want to ham up being injured for hours, that’s also fine. 

The injury system is designed to allow for dramatic and angsty injury as you, the player, see fit,
whilst also having the very real threat of death hanging over you so you don’t just steam into
combat every 5 minutes while things bounce off you with no repercussions.

As mentioned earlier, everyone has 15 beads in the “hit bag”. If you have a body of 1 then you
are a pathetic weakling who snaps in a strong wind. This will be represented by the fact that
your 15 beads will likely be 2 or 3 clear ones, 3 or 4 green ones and the rest will be red. On the
other hand, burly types with a body of 5 will have 6 or 7 clear ones, 5 or 6 green ones and the
rest will be red so you are less likely to succumb to mortal wounds.

Once you have taken a bead out to see what has happened to you please put it back in the “hit
bag” for later.

The use of beads should make most combat self reffing should the ref be elsewhere.

All phys repped weapons, be they nerf guns, arrows, swords, sticks etc do LETHAL damage. You
can use a melee weapon to call SUBDUE should you so wish.

Hand to hand fighting does subdual damage. You can take as many subdual hits as you have
body regardless of whether you have taken any lethal damage or not. If you fall over because of
subdual damage exceeding your hits you do not take a wound bead out, you are considered to
be temporarily knocked senseless or briefly unconscious. If the person continues to hit you
once you fall over due to hits you do then start to take lethal damage for each blow. Once you
have reached your hits again it’s bead time.
If you are struck 20 times after getting a bead out then you automatically become mortally
wounded and start counting. Any damage received after this is irrelevant. 20 hits may seem
excessive but if you want to beat someone to death with your bear hands you have to work at it.


Armour is locational and allows you to ignore a certain amount of damage on a hit for point
basis. For example, 2 point armour allows you to ignore the first 2 hits of lethal damage you
take to that location. Subdual damage has no effect if applied against an armoured location.
Armour will be given points by the ref at the start of the event and will depend on the phys rep.
If you are wearing American football armour you will have more points than a leather top.
Once your armour has absorbed its value in hits the remaining damage for the combat scene is
applied directly to you and your body/wounds. A combat scene lasts until all of the fighting has
stopped. If in doubt, the ref will clarify when a combat scene has ended.
If you took enough hits on your armour to penetrate it there is a chance that it needs repairing
before being able to take any more hits. See the ref, the ref will have a bag of beads on him and
will place an odd number in his hand. He will then place his hands behind his back, move the
beads between them and then hold them out, asking you to pick a hand. If you pick the hand
with the most beads, your armour is fine. If you pick the hand with the least beads, you need to
repair your armour or get someone else to do it. See the skills list for details of how to do it.

Character Creation.

Everyone will get a small, laminated character sheet at the start of the game. This will be
roughly the size of a playing card and will contain all of your skills and stats data in a handy,
wipe clean form.

Everybody has 2 sets of stats, attributes and skills. Attributes are your natural abilities such as
your strength etc. Skills are things you have learned.
Everybody also gets a perk. This is a small tweak that gives you an ability or quirk in game.

Stats are rated from 1 to 5

At character creation your stats are all 1 and you have no skills and no perks. You have a pool of
5 points to spend on your three attributes.
You then have 10 skill points to spend.
You may then choose 1 perk.

Strength – Your physical strength, this dictates how capable you are of lifting heavy items and
can be used in direct contests with other people.
Body – This translates directly into how well you can handle pain and physical trauma. Each
point translates directly into 1 hit.
Aptitude – This is an abstract way of lumping intelligence, learning, manual dexterity and such
like into a catch all number for system effects like lock picking and such like.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you would like a certain skill that isn’t listed, e-mail me
and I’ll get back to you with a yes or no and if it’s a yes I’ll tell you how it works in-game. If it’s a
no then it’s a no, sorry. I will also assign a points cost to it.

First a note on combat skills. Everyone is able to pick up a basic, single handed melee weapon
and hit someone with it. This requires no in game skill. Skills that are listed here for specific
weapons mean that you must have that skill on your character sheet in order to use that
weapon. Without the skill you do NO damage. This is so people that wish to play combat
orientated characters have skills to set them apart from the regular folk of the game world.

2 Handed Weapons – (requires a Strength score of at least 2) allows you wield a 2 handed
weapon and cause damage. Staffs, halberds etc. – Costs 1 point

Bows – (requires an aptitude of at least 2) allows you to use bows and crossbows and cause
damage with them. – Costs 1 point

Firearms – (requires an aptitude of at least 2) allows you to use any firearm and cause damage
with it. Due to the added complexity of the Chimera system and the jury rigged and unreliable
nature of firearms in the game world you cannot use one without this skill. – Costs 3 points

Armourer – (requires an aptitude of at least 2) allows you to repair and create armour. It doesn’t
allow you to tinker with anything else, just armour. You can repair 1 point of armour by using
some tools and scraps of material/armour every 15 minutes. – Costs 2 points

First Aid – (requires an aptitude of at least 2) allows you to stabilise wounded people. In order
to do so you must phys rep the fact that you are giving them first aid and you must apply some
form of bandage, poultice or tourniquet for the skill to affect anyone who is injured or worse.
Stabilising someone takes at least 2 minutes of uninterrupted attention. If you are interrupted,
i.e. you stop treating the patient, then they restart their injury count. If you return to stabilising
them it still takes at least 2 minutes. You cannot stabilise a mortally wounded character but you
can work on them continuously to stall their countdown. As long as you continue to work on
them they get no worse. If you stop then they resume their count from where it last stopped.
You can hand over treatment to someone with the medicine skill so that they can stabilise them.
Costs 2 points

Medicine – (requires an aptitude of at least 3) allows you to create herbal poultices and
remedies and mix poisons. You can make basic herbal poultices at level 1 that can be used by
someone with first aid which reduces the time to stabilise someone by 60 seconds. Level 2
allows you to make poultices that can aid a medic or surgeon that reduces the time by 120
seconds. Level 3 allows you to make poisons. This skill also means that you have some limited
experience or skill with trauma, more so than someone trained in first aid. As such, you can treat
and stabilise a mortally wounded character. It takes at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted

attention to stabilise a mortally wounded character at level 1. The time reduces by 3 minutes
per level so at level 3 you it takes you 6 minutes to stabilise a mortally wounded character. If you
are interrupted, i.e. you stop treating the patient, then they restart their injury count. If you
return to stabilising them it still takes at least 15/12/9 minutes. You must phys rep the
treatment in some way. – Costs 2 points per level

Surgery – (requires an aptitude of at least 4 and Medicine of at least 2)allows you to treat
mortally wounded characters as per Medicine above but it only takes you 5 minutes. Again, this
must be phys repped and all other rules described under medicine apply (i.e. uninterrupted work
etc). – Costs 4 points

Lock picking – (requires an aptitude of at least 2) allows you to attempt to pick locks. You need
this skill to attempt to open any mechanical lock without the correct key. Can be purchased at
levels 1, 2 or 3. Lockable containers in the game will be phys repped with combination padlocks.
If you have lock picking you will get a sheet of possible combinations for the event. The higher
the skill level, the smaller number of combinations you will have and therefore the easier it will
be to find the correct one. – Costs 2 points per level

Tracking – means you are a skilled tracker. You can recognise animal tracks and are able to
track animals or people through the undergrowth and woods. – Costs 1 point

Forager – you know where to forage for food in the wilderness and know what is edible and
what isn’t. You need medicine at 1 to be able to forage for herbs that help with
healing/disease/poison etc – Costs 1 point

Literate – (requires an aptitude of at least 3) you can read and write. Without this skill you have
the reading and writing ability of a 4 year old so you can probably read simple 1 or 2 syllable
words if you concentrate and read aloud very slowly and scrawl big, scruffy letters but have no
comprehension of spelling or grammar. – Costs 2 points

Mechanic – (requires an aptitude of at least 3) you have been trained to fix mechanical devices.
You can repair broken mechanical items with access to the correct tools. You are also able to
jury rig temporary solutions together for mechanical problems. Any mechanical devices in game
will have sticker on them denoting the minimum level of mechanic needed to fix/repair or
tamper with the device. A mechanic skill of 1 also allows you to repair armour at a rate of 20
minutes per point. A skill of 2 allows you to repair Chimera systems. – Costs 3 points per level
to a max of 3

Ancient Technology – (requires an aptitude of at least 3, literacy and Mechanic of at least 1) you
have experience with ancient technology (computers and such things). You have a very basic
knowledge of how pre-collapse technology works and could probably use a computer terminal
after a lot of fudging about with it. – Costs 4 points


Perks are a small addition to your character that makes you a little different to most other
players in game system terms.

Hardy – You gain 1 additional hit but not an additional point of body.

Escape artist – You are able to slip out of bonds or cuffs after 2 minutes of squirming around.

Lucky - You gain 2 additional clear beads in your hit bag.

High pain threshold – you can choose to remain conscious regardless of the severity of your
wounds (unless you are dead of course).

It winged me– When you draw a bead for a wound you can choose to draw an extra one and
choose the lesser effect. If they are the same, hard luck. You may do this TWICE per day only.

Extra rounds – If you have a firearm you start each event with 2 extra rounds of ammo that are
both live.

Cast iron gut – you don’t get poisoned by dirty or irradiated water and food and can in fact
survive off them if needs be.

Starting kit.

Ask and ye shall possibly receive. Send me a list of your possessions when you create your
character. I don’t want everything you own but things that are pertinent to the game world, i.e.
weapons, surgical tools etc. If you have a bow then you have whatever arrows you can phys rep
that are LRP safe. If you have a firearm I will determine how many rounds of ammo you have
prior to each event. This will be done using some dice and adding them to a certain number so
it’s fairly random and without bias.

That’s about it for the world and system guide. Obviously there is a lot that is vague or not
spelled out as the people that play help shape the world and help the background evolve.

Please feel free to send ideas/backgrounds to me for characters and I will either say yes, fine or
tweak something or outright say no if it doesn’t fit.
The game will be centred around the town and the inhabitants of it and any events after the
playtest will also be set around the town so playing someone who lives in 52 North is fine. If
you want to hold a specific position in the town please let me know and I’ll let you know. Feel
free to be the town mayor if you want to be in charge. You don’t have to play a towns person at
all but I thought it best to mention that you can if you want to.

The actual event flyer will be done in a few months after I’ve written a plot but for now this
should be enough for you to decide if it sounds like something you want to play/crew on and to
give you flavour of what I see the game world as.