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Reflective Statement

Artifact: Cyberbullying Paper

Technology STANDARD 4 - Social, Ethical and Human Issues

The competent teacher will apply concepts and skills in making decisions concerning the
social, ethical, and human issues related to computing and technology. The competent
teacher will understand the changes in information technologies, their effects on workplace
and society, their potential to address lifelong learning and workplace needs, and the
consequences of misuse.

1. Fully state the standard in bold text. Then write a paragraph explaining your knowledge and
understanding of the standard—put the standard into your own words.

This standard states that I, as a teacher, will seek to understand the importance of using

computing and technology, and will understand the changes in technological development. As

technology becomes a growing importance in today’s society and my classroom, I will

understand the effects that it has on the workplace as well as society. I will understand that it has

the potential to address lifelong learning and workplace needs. While technology is a great asset

to our world as we know it, I will also have to understand the consequences of its misuse.

2. Explain how the artifact you chose demonstrates your understanding and application of the

The artifact that I chose is a research paper that I wrote about the consequences of the misuse of

technology. This paper is about cyberbullying which is a new form of bullying that is used over

the internet or cellular devices. After researching this topic, I was able to better understand how

technology can be manipulated from being a builder of knowledge to a destroyer of self esteem

in students’ lives. This paper is a demonstration of my understanding and application of the

standard, because it is an example of the ways that I searched to understand the downside of

using technology in the classroom and workplace. As a result of this research conducted and

compiled, I am now able to better understand the pros and cons of technology.
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3. A If the artifact has been used in your practice, reflect on how your teaching will change in
the future to further meet the standard.
B If the artifact has not been used in your practice, i.e., a class assignment, reflect upon how
your teaching will be impacted by the assignment.

This artifact has not been used in my practice, however, as a result of completing this

assignment, my use of technology in my future classroom will be heavily monitored, and there

will be consistent communication with the students as well as their guardians about the

importance of internet safety. There will be a no tolerance policy about cyberbullying and

bullying of any kind. This artifact has opened my eyes to the many different avenues that using

technology can take—both positive and negative. This assignment has made me more aware and

better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that technology can offer, but to also be

cautious about the ways it can be misused and taken advantage of.

4. Conclude with a paragraph discussing how you are more prepared to Teach and Learn in a
Diverse Society as a result of satisfactorily meeting the standard.

I feel more prepared to teach and learn in a diverse society as a result of meeting this standard

because I must learn the ways that my students function and the ways that they will both use and

abuse technology. This has made me a more aware teacher, and a teacher that is prepared to

invoke consequences that the students deserve as a result of using technology in an inappropriate

way. In order to use technology in the classroom effectively, I must know the ways that each of

my diverse students works, and I must be careful to keep a close eye on each of them

individually when using technology.