114 Ways to Say You Love Them
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#1 – Give them their R&R and Perform the House Chores Once a Month

Express your undying love and affection not just in words but in action as well. Let them feel that you appreciate and value their efforts by giving them time for rest and recreation at least once a month. Despite your heavy work load, you must take some time off from your busy schedule and be ready to roll-up your sleeves to attend to the house chores.
#2 – Don’t Just Support Them, Join Them in Their Hobby

Add a new meaning and exciting dimension to your relationship by showing your support and interest in their hobbies.
#3 – Say “I Love You” in Ten Different Languages

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or extraordinary reason before you will say “I Love You” to them. Surprise them and express your love and affection for them in ten different languages. You can start with this tentative list – Arabic – Ana Behibak (for him)/Ana Behibek (for her) Basque – Asko maite zaitut Bosnian – volim te Cantonese – Ngo oi ney Danish – Jeg elsker dig French – Je t’aime Hawaii – Aloha wau ia ‘oe Italian – Ti amo Japanese – Kimi o ai shiteru Swedish – Jag a Iskar dig
#4 – Create your Love Pit Stop and Ask Them to Join You

Have a special place where you can cuddle and enjoy indispose moments with your spouse. Use this special spot as your “cushion fort” or “love couch.”
#5 – Hang a “Just Married – xx Years” sign on your car during your Wedding Anniversary

Show them that you have all the reasons to celebrate every milestone of your marriage. Hang that sign on your car and tell the world that you are the luckiest person alive for you have them as your lifetime spouse.
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#6 – Make your personalized “Love Cookies” a la Fortune Cookie

Bake and serve your spouse with your own version of “love cookies.” Here are some of your probable love messages that you can put inside your “love cookies.’ “It’s difficult for me to fall asleep when I am with you for being awake is better than my dreams.” “Some say that Love is undefined madness. If it is so, then I would like it to become permanent for that is what I feel for you.” “The greatest thing about me is YOU.” “To the world, you may be just one person; but for me, you are the world.” “I could come up with a long list of words to express my love for you, but this time let me express my undying love with the constant beat of my heart.”
#7 – Make a Love Mark in Your Lawn

Mow the phrase “I LOVE YOU” in your lawn or draw heart figures in your garden using fertilizer.
#8 – Find different ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Be different and come up with out of the box ideas to celebrate this milestone in your marriage. You can celebrate every month or you may plan a week-long celebration of your wedding anniversary.
#9 – Take it a Step Further, express your love through sign language

Get a crash course on the basic sign language and express your undying love and affection for them without uttering a single word.
#10 – Make your own “Love” Time Capsule

For those who have just tied the knot, it is a good to create a “Love” time capsule. Record the highlights of your first year as a married couple. Include some special messages you have for each other. You can go through your collection during special occasion or just about anytime you feel the need for an inspiration.
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#11 – Do your Book Reading together

You can snuggle up and read your favorite book with your spouse. You can do this by taking turns reading the book aloud.
#12 – Serve your spouse with breakfast in Bed

Start the day ahead of your spouse and surprise them by serving breakfast in bed. Be romantic and creative by preparing heart-shaped pancakes using cookie cutters. You can also come up with heart-shaped toast with a pair of scissors. A surprise gift tucked under the plate can be a perfect clincher for your romantic treat.
#13 – Become a Romantic Novelist

Write a romantic novel, short story or comic that is based on your relationship with the necessary element of fantasy, adventure and passion . . . . . Present your masterpiece as your spouse’s birthday gift.
#14 – Reminisce the good times you spent with your spouse

Rummage through your personal collection of letters and photos and bring back those great moments and high points of your relationship. It is nice to revisit those unforgettable experiences such as the first time that you met or your first kiss.
#15 – Express your love online

Create a website or blog-site that is exclusively about your spouse. Declare to the whole world your undying love and commitment to them.
#16 – Color your love nest RED

Cover your bedroom with rose petals and heart-shaped red-colored cutouts.
#17 – Say it in Written Words

When you are not able to talk to your spouse in a church assembly or while you are driving, surprise them by flashing the palm of your hand with the “I LOVE YOU” message scribbled on it.
#18 – 30 Days of Love
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Start the day by sharing with your spouse the reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Do this for 30 days non-stop.
#19 – Fill the Air with Love

Fill 15 balloons with love notes in each one declaring how much you adore your spouse. Scatter the balloons in various parts of your home and tape a safety pin and a note that says – “Pop me and brighten your day.”
#20 – Become your Spouse’s Genie and Give them 3 Wishes

Start the day with a big KISS and a tight HUG and tell them how lucky you for having them in your life. Tell your spouse to make a list of 3 wishes and fulfill them.
#21 – Let your Spouse to take a pick

Discuss with your spouse and come with 52 activities that you want to experience together. Write each of these activities on separate pieces of paper. Fold and put them inside a jar. Let your spouse to pick one each week and surprise them. This will surely make their day.
#22 – Stick ‘em Up

Create your own “love stickers.” Put them in as many items as possible. Tie a red ribbon on these to make them stand out. You can attach your love stickers on boxed breakfast cereals, household supplies, bathroom toiletries, canned goods, etc.
#23 – Take them to an indoor picnic

Add variety to your romantic jaunt. Set up an indoor picnic. Roll out a blanket on the floor and indulge on favorite food stuff of your spouse or partner.
#24 – Hug and Kiss to start the Day

Start the day by hugging and kissing your spouse for at least 3 minutes. Tell them you want to start each day right.
#25 – Do it with a Rose outside of the window

Before she wakes up, put a rose with a short love poem outside of the window. Call your spouse and tell her to look outside of the window. Your spouse will be pleasantly surprised with this romantic act.
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#26 – Say it With a Lipstick

Write “Je T’aime” or “Mon Amour” on the bathroom mirror using red lipstick.
#27 – Play a Love Puzzle

Select a simple puzzle. At the back of the puzzle pieces, write a short love note. Send your spouse one piece each until you complete the entire puzzle.
#28 – Let Your Spouse Follow your Heart

Cut several pieces of red colored paper into shapes of small hearts. Connect them and use them to guide your spouse to your surprise gift to them which is attached at the other end of the “paper trail.”
#29 – Wake them up with a Special Technique

Kiss your spouse lightly on the eyelids and whisper on their ear how much you love them.
#30 – Hit those Love Notes

Spend a romantic evening in a different way. Hold the hand of your spouse and lay in front of your fireplace. Let your spouse listen to the beat of your heart while you sing their favorite love song.
#31 – Celebrate their birthday with candles and hearts

Show your spouse how much you adore and love them by celebrating their birthday in a different way. Do the following before your spouse arrives home. Cut out colored cardboard's into hearts shapes. The number of heart-shaped cutouts must correspond to the age of your spouse. Arrange them to form a large heart figure. Place scented candles on each of the heart-shaped cutouts. Play soft music and turn off all lights. Attached a short note on the front porch telling them how much you love and adore them.
#32 – 30 Love Messages in 30 Days

As a run-up activity, post a short love message each day for 30 days before your wedding anniversary. Add spice to this romantic act, by placing these love notes in different places. You can tuck one inside their wallet or under their plate during breakfast. Surprise your spouse and be creative.
#33 – Sing a Love Song
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Become a romantic crooner. Rewrite the lyrics of your favorite love song. Serenade them with your own version of your favorite love song. Don’t worry if you may not be able to hit all notes. The romantic gesture itself is enough to melt their hearts.
#34 – Leave your Spouse with Enough Kisses

If you are expecting your spouse to be at home ahead of you leave this short message for them on the bedroom door – “I wanted to leave you with my kisses this morning” and scatter Hershey kisses on the table and floor.
#35 – Be a Romantic Babysitter to your Spouse

Become a babysitter to your spouse at least once a week. Give them a full-body massage. Of course, you must also bathe, clothe and feed them. In short, indulge them and attend to their whims round the clock.
#36 – Be a Heartless Romantic

The next time you go out with your spouse, wear a shirt emblazoned with the following messages: Front – “I am a Heartless Romantic” Back – “My Husband/Wife has got my heart”
#37 – Have a Dinner Cruise with your Spouse

The next time you have a dinner date with spouse, do it on a cruise ship. Make early reservations and take your spouse to a romantic dinner on a lake with the sunset as backdrop.
#38 – Be Magical in your Expression of Love

Use the bathroom as your love medium. Create a colorful artwork on the bathroom mirror and tiles with washable magic markers of different colors to express your undying love and devotion to your spouse.
#39 – Drive Around with no Definite Destination

Let it all hang out at times. Take your spouse on a leisure ride on your car with no established destination. Make several stops in between and fulfill whatever
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your spouse desires. Every time you fulfill a wish or finish a task, tell that you are doing it because you love and adore them.
#40 – Ask your Spouse to Make a Wish List

Ask your spouse to make a list of 30 wishes. Write them down in separate pieces of paper. Fold and put them inside a jar. Let your spouse pick one at the start of the day. Give yourself 24 hours to complete the wish.
#41 – Let your Spouse Feel your Words of Endearment

Tell your spouse to close their eyes. Start this love exercise with their hands. Hold their hands and whisper a love phrase and see if your spouse can guess it. Follow the procedure as you move on to other parts of their body. Every time they give the right answer, kiss them on that part of their body.
#42 – Go to a Concert

Secretly buy 2 tickets to the favorite concert of your spouse. Put the tickets in a place where they will surely find them. Enclose a short note with the concert tickets. A suggested message is “Let us watch the concert together and make our own music afterwords.”
#43 – Give your Spouse a Heart Attack

Select a place in your home which will go through a “love” makeover. You can cover the place with heart-shaped papers and balloons. “Paint” that spot in red. Do the makeover while your spouse is away. Surprise them with your own version of “heart attack.”
#44 – Give them a Love Scrapbook

Create a “Love Scrapbook” which you will give to your spouse on your anniversary. Make it a truly labor of love. Include in the compilation a list of dates and milestones of your relationship and providing brief description of each of these memorable and special moments in your relationship. Include quotes and poems about your spouse and your relationship. Do this over time and make sure that it remains secret.
#45 – Surprise them with a Kiss

Give your spouse a kiss when least expected. You can do this like when your
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spouse is busy discussing or talking about something trivial. Just lean over and give your spouse a romantic “I-love-you-with-all-my-heart” kiss.
#46 – Fill Your Kitchen with Lots of Love

Help your spouse in preparing dinner. The exercise will bring you closer to each other while reinforcing the feeling that you are a team in everything. Don’t forget to have some wine and romantic music to make the experience more exciting and interesting for you and your spouse.
#47 – Run a Bubble Bath for your Spouse

You will surely score points in your relationship if you give your spouse a soothing bubble bath. Wash their hair and give them a full body massage. This romantic approach is ideal after a hectic day from work.
#48 – Say It with a Crystal Full of Rose

Present her a crystal of eleven roses with a heart-shaped mirror attached to a stick. Tell your spouse that they have to look at the mirror for the 12th rose. Your spouse will surely love this romantic spin.
#49 – Love Gift via FedEx

Surprise your spouse with a small but meaningful gift in a large box. Send it to them via FedEx with this short message – “Because my love for you can’t wait any longer.”
#50 – Say it through a Screen saver

If your spouse tends to spend a lot of their time in front of the computer, then you can perhaps use their desktop PC or laptop as your medium in expressing your love and devotion for them. Use the screen saver in delivering unique and interesting love messages. Here are some interesting love messages you can use: “Any time not spent with you is time wasted.” “I know what love is, it is YOU.” “My love for you is my favorite refreshment.” “Don’t compare my love for you to a car, for it doesn’t know how to stop.”
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“It took me a few minutes to learn how madly I am in love with you. It will take a lifetime to know the reasons why.” “I am afraid the police are going to arrest you for you have stolen my heart.” “If someone writes the story of my life, you will surely be the climax.”
#51 – Serve your spouse with an “I LOVE U” Toast

Serve your spouse a “LOVE” toast for breakfast by embossing the words “I LOVE U.”
#52 – Create a Love Journal

Start a separate journal where you can share your thoughts and sentiments about your spouse and your marriage. Keep this a secret from them and present it as an anniversary gift.
#53 – Make a Love Trail for them to follow

Give your spouse the reason to smile after a busy and hectic day. Make a trail of Hershey Kisses that starts from the front door and ends in the bedroom. Attach a short note on the front door with the message – “Follow this LOVE trail to find the real KISS.”
#54 – Share LOVE with Simple Gifts from a Dollar-Store

Take your spouse to the local dollar-store and, with a $10-budget each, select and buy gift items which you will wrap with newspaper. Have a picnic in your backyard and exchange gifts. The experience will remind you of your dates during the initial stages of your relationship.
#55 – Give your Spouse a LOVE Massage

Learn the proper way of giving a massage. Let your spouse know that you are doing this. Light some scented candles and, while playing a soothing music, spend at least an hour on giving your spouse a relaxing LOVE massage.
#56 – Express it with Sticky Love Notes

Write messages of endearment and notes of love on sticky notes and place these notes on the insides of your spouse’s clothes. This is one unique way of
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letting your spouse know how much you adore and love them.
#57 – Shower Together

Experience a sensual shower with your spouse. It is sexy and a great way to save on your utility bill.
#58 – Leave a Love Note in your Spouse’s Wallet

Surprise your spouse by inserting a love message between the dollar bills in their wallet.
#59 – Let Them Figure you Out

While cuddling in-front of the fireplace or on the couch, ask your spouse to pick one number from 1 to 50 then reward them with kisses of the same number on different parts of their body.
#60 – Say it with a 4-leaf clover

Send a four-leaf clover to your spouse with the following love note – “I knew I am the luckiest person alive the moment I met you.”
#61 – Let them “see” your love

Place sticky notes with brief love messages in the following items: • Under the pillow • Under the plate • In their jewelry box • On their perfume or cologne • Between the pages of their favorite book • In their laptop • In their take-out box
#62 – Travel back in time with your spouse

Celebrate your anniversary in the same place you spent your honeymoon – same hotel and same hotel room. Make the appropriate arrangement of the details of your reservation with the hotel manager and you will surely get special accommodation. However, it is important that you make your reservations as early as possible.
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#63 – Express your Love and Devotion with a trail of clothes

Leave a trail of your clothes from the front door up to your bedroom. Increase the level of anticipation and interest by placing a rose with this message – “Follow the trail and check my clothes for clues to a great gift.” Wait for them on the bathtub.
#64 – Make a “How do I Love Thee” List

Make a list of words that will describe your feeling for your spouse. Your list may include the following words – adore, revere, admire, esteem, treasure, desire, cherish and idolize.
#65 – Make a “What I Love of Thee” List

Make a list of words that will describe what you love most of your spouse. Your list may include the following words – angelic, beautiful, sublime, divine, alluring, gorgeous, stunning, bewitching, charming, fabulous, marvelous, elegant, etc.
#66 – Declare your Love at YouTube

Make a video on your declaration of unending love and devotion to your spouse and post it at YouTube. Send them an email with the following message – “Please view important video at YouTube. Please click <link>.”
#67 – Let your Spouse feel the warmth of your love

Wake up early on cold mornings and warm up the car of your spouse. Place a cuddly stuffed bear on the passenger seat with the following message – “I just want you to feel the warmth of my love.”
#68 – Send them a “Tulip” Message

Send your spouse tulips while they are at work with this interesting love message – “Be home early – I got two-lips eagerly waiting for you.”
#69 – Tell your spouse you are winner

On your wedding anniversary, include a lottery ticket to the gift you will give your spouse to celebrate the occasion. Attach a note that reads – “I won the lottery jackpot the moment I met you.”
#70 – Let them feel they are special
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Surprise your spouse by sending them a dozen of roses – 11 red ones and 1 white rose. Attach this love note – “You are like a white rose among a bunch of red roses – a great soul, my treasure, who stands out from the rest.”
#71 – Use the bathtub as your love medium

This is a perfect way to greet your spouse when they get home after a hectic day at the office. Fill tub with warm water and sprinkle it with rose petals. Light a scented candle and play a soothing music. Your spouse will definitely appreciate this romantic and kind gesture.
#72 – Learn the art of blindside love attack

Do something that is least expected of you. Blindfold your spouse and take them to a place where you have already prepared candles, sparkling drinks, strawberries, blanket and a red rose. As soon as you arrive at your destination, take off the blindfold and read them a love poem. Love sparks will surely fly if you adopt this technique.
#73 – Let your Spouse feel the warmth of your love – PART II

Put the bath towel in the hot dryer for several minutes while your spouse is taking their shower. Greet them with a “toasty” bath towel as soon as they get out of the shower.
#74 – Gift them with a top selling romance novel

Buy a top selling romance novel for your spouse. Insert a note saying – “The novel may be a hit to others, but for me, our love story is simply the best.”
#75 – Say it with a fish in a fish bowl

Surprise your spouse with a fish in a fish bowl with a love note that says – “Out of all the fishes in the sea, I know I have the best one for I have you.”
#76 – Say it with your body

Write interesting and unique messages of endearment and love on your body using body paint.
#77 – Use the writing on the wall (mirror)

While you spouse is taking a shower, write “I LUV U” with the condensation on the bathroom mirror.
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#78 – Give your spouse a soothing shoulder or foot massage

Your spouse would truly appreciate if you can give them a soothing shoulder, back or foot massage. It is one perfect way of expressing your love for them. Learn the proper technique of relieving their tired body of the aches and pains, and you won’t surely find the need to say anything for them to feel your love for them.
#79 – Prepare a special “LOVE” meal

Instead of ordering take outs on Friday nights, why not take on the kitchen and whip up a special meal for your spouse? For a change, cook something unique. You can even give it a special name. Light some scented candles and play a soothing music. The surprise treat will definitely make their day.
#80 – Publish it

Place an ad in the classified section and list down the 10 most important reasons why you love your spouse. Wrap the newspaper in a bow and attach a short note indicating which page the ad is printed.
#81 – Give them a free night out with friends

One way to show that you truly love your spouse is by giving them some free time they can spend with their friends. And while they are out, volunteer to attend to the house chores.
#82 – Quit smoking, adopt a healthy lifestyle

Make a major and life-changing decision that will prove that you care for your spouse. Find the best technique which can help you kick the habit of smoking. If your spouse has long been asking you to stop smoking, then the best way to convince them that you truly love them is to listen to their request.
#83 – Say it with roses, lots of it

If you want to make the eyes of your spouse glow, order a bouquet of roses of different colors and place each in different places in your home. Attach a small note to explain the significance of each of the colored roses.
#84 – Make a 365-day love journal

A day immediately following your wedding anniversary, begin writing on your
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love journal. Document trivial and significant experiences and events you share with your spouse. Do this each day for next 365 days and present this as your special gift to them on your next wedding anniversary.
#85 – Sing a love song over the phone

Call your spouse during coffee break and sing their favorite love song or read to them a love poem.
#85 – Express your love to them through your in-laws

Call your in-laws and tell them how lucky you are to have met your spouse.
#86 – Send them a classic romantic letter by mail

Compose a classic romantic love letter and send it to your spouse by snail-mail.
#87 – Give them a tree instead

Break tradition. Instead of the usual bouquet of roses you give them on special occasions, surprise them with a tree which you can plant in your garden. It will last longer the roses and you will have the opportunity to help each other in caring and watching it grow.
#88 – Invite your spouse to play the love alphabet game

It would be great if you let your hair down at times and enjoy each other’s company. Engage your spouse to play an alphabet game with a romantic twist. Alternately and starting with letter “A” you or your spouse will have plant a kiss to that part of the body that starts with that letter. Continue with each of the letters until you reach letter “Z.”
#89 – Add a touch of class and elegance

Surprise your spouse by giving them a ride on a stretch limo for the night. You can simply cuddle at the back and spend the evening driving around the city.
#90 – Record your love message

Leave a series of love messages or love poems in their voice-mail or answering machine.
#91 – Express your love in message boards
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Do something that is least expected of you. If you want to be unique in expressing your love for your spouse, perhaps you might seriously consider posting love messages in message boards or forums. Look for message boards or forums where you can start a thread declaring your undying love and devotion to your spouse.
#92 – Recycle your old collection and mementos

Collect your old love letters, pictures and other mementos. Look for an interesting keepsake box which you can turn into and use as your love box. If possible, put appropriate dividers so that you can properly organize the items. Make it a daily ritual to go through your treasures during special occasions such as your wedding anniversary, Valentines Day, etc.
#93 – Learn the art of spontaneity

Do something that is not expected of you. Go on a midnight stroll with your spouse. Sing a love song or dance in the rain. Sometimes new experiences can signal the start of new beginnings in your relationship with your spouse.
#94 – Go on a pamper mode

If there is a day spa near your place, take your spouse and relax together with skin improving facial treats and massage galore.
#95 – Fulfill your dream adventure

Endeavor to fulfill your dream vacation or activity. You may opt to do something which neither of you have ever tried before. You may go water-rafting, bungee jumping, snowboarding or other adventure that is out of the ordinary.
#96 – Go on a tropical cruise

If you feel that snuggling up seems not exciting enough for your spouse, you may perhaps take them on a cruise to the Caribbean or other tropical destination.
#97 – Trip around the globe Together with your spouse, pick out your 12 most romantic cities and use them

as theme for your monthly dates. For one day each month, treat your spouse using one of the twelve cities as the main theme. For instance, you can decorate
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your room with pictures of the city and other items that are identified to it. You may also lavish them with the luxuries that are associated with the selected cities like a bath using oils from the Orient or Swedish massage.
#98 – Cuddle during a starry night

Cuddle with your spouse next to crackling bonfire while roasting marshmallows or chat under the stars. While you are at it, you may also go on a romantic moonlit walk with your spouse. The romantic experience can be mind-boggling.
#99 – Treat them to a romantic afternoon break

Take your spouse to a place that is far from the hustle and bustle of their daily routine. Bring along a blanket and cuddle the entire afternoon. You can also wait for the moon to rise from behind the mountain. Take this opportunity to express your love for them.
#100 -- A love gesture a day

Don’t let a day pass without letting your spouse feel that they are always in your heart and mind. Simple gestures, loving touches and short notes should be the norm of your daily routine. Don’t forget to add variety in your expressions of love so that they don’t become predictable.
#101 – A dedicated love, a dedicated hold

Let your spouse fall asleep in your arms and wake up knowing that you held them all night long. This means that it doesn’t necessarily have to go beyond tender cuddling.
#102 – Love touch as alternative to a thousand words

Use a combination of tender touch, proper tone of voice, generous smile and charming facial expression to relay your message of love and devotion. Instead of uttering 100 words to express your feelings, it is enough that you pull their nose.
#103 – Learn to say “with all my heart” instead of plain “yes”

Put more emotions in the way you interact with your spouse. Instead of just saying “yes” to them, it would be more dramatic if you respond with a loving phrase such as “with all my heart.”
#104 – Be generous in giving compliment to your spouse
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Be perceptive and appreciative of even the simple gestures of your spouse. Give compliment when one is deemed necessary. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard. You must always be sincere when giving compliment to your spouse.
#105 – Lend your physical presence

Make sure that you lend your physical presence if and when it is needed by your spouse. Let them feel that you will take the opportunity to spend more time with them.
#106 – Deliver on your promises

Walk the talk. Make sure that you deliver on your promises. The only way you can reinforce and give substance to whatever expression of love you make to your spouse is by delivering on your promises. If you commit to pick her up by 5:00 pm, then by all means you must not break your promise.
#107 – Play the “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE” game

Engage your spouse in an exciting game called “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE.” You and your spouse will take turns in completing the sentence. At your turn, you will be given 5 seconds to come up with a complete sentence. The winner of each round gets a love coupon. This activity is both entertaining and revealing. It is also a great way of expressing your feeling for them in different ways.
#108 – Be your spouse’s best friend

Get to know your spouse better. Know their likes and dislikes. It is important that you know the reasons why you have to do something for your spouse. This means that you must be prepared to make sacrifices and go the extra mile to fulfill the wishes of your spouse.
#109 – Devise a love code with your spouse

You may not always be in the best place to express your love to your spouse. How can you express your love and send messages of endearment when attending mass or assembly? You can devise your own set of love codes so that you can express your love to your spouse anytime, anywhere.
#110 – Color it

You can inject fun into your intimate moments by letting it all hang out and act as
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if you are young kids all over again. Spend your late afternoon in your backyard. Spread out a blanket, lie on your stomach and start working on a coloring book. The experience can be both fun-filled and soothing. You can make this a regular activity and create a scrapbook of all your “artworks.”
#111 – Go for Handcrafted Love

Give your spouse a gift that is truly a labor of love. Surprise them with such gift not for any special occasion. Give such gift to them because you love them.
#112 – Squeeze their hands

You don’t have to say “I love you” to your spouse every time you want to express your feelings for them. You can simply press their hands 3 times to let them feel that you are deeply in love with them.
#113 – Say it through simple things

You don’t have to be grand or sophisticated in your expression of love to your spouse. Those simple gestures and things can give you the same results. What is important is that your spouse should see or feel your sincerity in your actions and gestures.
#114 – Make your spouse feel special

Do something special in order to express your love for your spouse. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter what you will do as long as you are able to make your spouse feel special. If you are able to make them feel good by doing something that is considered ordinary or trivial, then by all means go for it. Just remember to be different. Inject some fun and excitement in what you do and you will never go wrong. Before You close this up, I like to give you10 Reasons Why You Have to Read “Happily Married! A Myth? Or… !” Can couples realistically hope for a perfect marriage? “Happily Married!” provides the perfect opportunity for married couples to discover the secret of a successful marriage. It is a must-read for those who want to find the real meaning and essence of their relationship with their spouse. Here are the top 10 reasons why you have to read “Happily Married!”
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1. You will be taken on a journey back in time so that you can reconnect with the past and rediscover the reasons why you decided to make this lifetime commitment with your spouse. 2.You will be able to develop your personal road map to avoid or manage potential conflict areas in your marriage. The e Book l presents a clear and comprehensive framework for you to learn the types and sources of conflicts. In this way, you will better understand the reasons how and why marriage fails. 3. You will learn and understand the real blocks to ideal marriage and formulate your ideal married life plan. “Happily Married!” will guide you through the process of identifying the real blocks to a successful marriage. 4.You will learn to apply your own marital conflict management and resolution template in your personal issues and concerns with your spouse. 5. The e Book presents appropriate and practical responses to critical issues affecting your marriage based on the source and type of conflict. 6. The e Book offers couples with a list of practical solutions and tips in resolving marital problems. 7. You will develop the framework of understanding of how communication affects marriage. The e Book offers essential guide in nurturing and strengthening your marriage through effective communication. 8. “Happily Married!” provides the opportunity for you and your spouse to master the art of listening. It defines the critical elements of effective communication and goes beyond the aspect of expression of thought and feelings. The e Book also outlines the importance of listening and defines the critical variables that you must take into account to become an effective listener. 9. You will master the technique of keeping the “fire burning” by drawing strength and inspiration from the fabulous and positive experiences that you share with your spouse. 10. You will be able to give your marriage the much needed boost and define the real meaning and purpose of your existence. “Happily Married!” will help you formulate a collaborative arrangement with your spouse as you go through the six sections of learning, not as two separate individuals, but as a couple who shares a common goal.

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Again, there is no secret formula and we can always be happily married. So, keep your ring and do not tie another string. Celebrate your marriage and be Always Happily Married! Thank you! Norman Csarni
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Again, there is no secret formula and we can always be happily married.
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