Rockabilly is a genre of music that is developing a cult following, especially h ere in London.

Taking on musical aspects of country, rock and punk rock, rockabi lly lends itself to a sound that is reminiscent of older icons like Elvis Pressl ey and Johnny Cash, but also similar to present-day musicians like The Reverend Horton Heat (or Jim Heath, his birth name). Rockabilly remains somewhat off the radar. There are parallels between the swing -style beat and images of Cadillacs driving up to a mom and pop diner. You can s ee waitresses wearing roller skates, delivering milkshakes and hamburgers, and s porting pretty hair and red lacquered nails. Paul Pengelly (vocals), Gary Kruiper (lead guitar and vocals), Darrel Lascelles (bass), Paul McGrath (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Spider Costello (drums, vocals ) of the Vanishers team up for a delightful but short rockabilly album titled Ch ristmas Wish At The End Of The Bar. Ginger St. James, a pleasant and sweet sound ing vocalist, lends her sass to the album with much sincerity. As her website st ates, her performance origins trace back to the burlesque circuit â first as a membe r of Toronto's Les Coquettes, then as the prime mover of her own troupe, the Ste eltown Sirens. She gives the album, which is already quite good, an extra "oomph " to get it square in the ear of the listener. If you check out The Vanishers on Youtube, you'll see that this siren can act just as well as she sings. John and Amber, show hosts at 94.9 CHRW at UWO called this band "Ontario's next big thing." And arguably they are: their album is "throat punching country rock" that is energetic and fun. A small criticism would be to add more songs to the short one-song Christmas album. Perhaps some rockabilly carols. Or some more son gs with a Christmas twist. Regardless, the band has a finelytuned cohesiveness a nd it is obvious that they have fun. Their older albums, The Biggest Hand (relea sed in 2009) and Hagersville Dance Party (released spring of 2010), are better c hoices that showcase the band's talent.

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