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uhaíux *^***tj y \ Corp« and Gen.

Miles'» division of tbe Second, tbe final

result of which was tbe
rñUM aeros«
pushing b«ct of the
the White Oak Hoed, tadelt oc on pat low
In my dispatch of last night 1 placed the line of th*
rontintwu« Fightfng Friday,
on Ftfth Corps across the Boydton and Quaker Koada, and
below their Jnuction. I abuuld. have located it cuttiug
Saturday and Sunday. tbe Boydton Plank-road perhaps a quarter of a m ile abov«
the Junction.
With the extended line we now hold west of Uatehera
Rue, it is Impossible to personally inspect every portion
THE ORIGINAL PLAN SUCCESSFULLY CARRI^u OUT Vo1-XXIV.N°- 7,485. NEW-YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 3. 1865. PRICE FOUR CENTS. of it, eren when tbe mtbomless mud interpose« no nb"
stacles to locomotion. Tbi« error, althongh an «nia«
-?- portant one, it is desirable to correct before entérine;
The Kite Korki were barricaded by the enemy
.* MEUrtKttDAV'N BATI I.K. twi boors. After midnight It slackened, but wa» re I with dry pine twigs and bas a firm look, but you so« upon the details of to-day's operation».
neved at intervale until «Tayllght. _ | lose all confidence in nppearance», and, if a philosophe rUJ'AKAlI"N8 FOB AX ADVANCE OF WARBEN*
Sheridan Sweeping Down from "
carried Diven's Dlviidon of Cavalry.
This part of the enemy seem to be now tryir From Our Special Cnrretpondrnt.
UdlnndHj'. Baltic I.iai of <'««nailie». a Jiuly yesterday morning
nport explanatory of the
tho city wni refreshed with !
liefere, which waa to the effect that the enemy had
burly of the night resign yourself to your fate and tru»t to your Lotte f
your extrlcution. Here you come up to a gun drown 1
the West I work aiouK the Whit« Uak road, tojoiu the main turn DrtrsjMrt Ninth Armt(.< m I attmpted to burst through Gen. Gordon's lines, but tea horse», who, whipped mercilessly by their drirer
March 30, lite J hai been seven timen repulacd with the mont terrible arc plunging along, now In and now out of the mud< of which rested on tbe Boydton Road, aleftshort
At daybreak tbis morning Griffin's Division, the left
in front of Cirant, while Sheridan and Warrei At 4 p. m. yesterday the enemy was seen to canage. Tbe assault was represented to have been above tbe Qnaker Road, moved by the flank down
miüe on a portion of Gen. Gordon's linos lmmedintelv depth«, toward tho front, and . abort distance behind
pressing them a« closely as possible. A. LiKCOi be massing troops In front of «has par» of -ur sjáa SmM in T-ont 01 fan .«Saturday'» battle. Our loss waa said tö can «on is seen «ink tip to the hubs In mud, and defyir the Boydton Road to the Butler House, where it wa«
Hr Captares Tlirtc Blades of Infantry, Several F.Pwix M. Siaston, Secretary of War. by the Firat Division, Ninth Coips. Tbia led »Jen. WÜ- bo-Wi the eurt,,T'. Ul|, COmpUtod by the thousand. tbe efforts of the animal« to extricate it. A little fn and A
messed behind the command« of General« Crawford?
coi to strengthen that point, and to put bis picket« on y re», for an advance opon thoenemy, covering tbe
ther on mid an ambulance 1» discovered in the «ame pr
Batteries, and a \la#on Train. THIBD I)I8i'AT<'H. the alert. At 10:15 a rocket shot up from (he Rebel Till RpsDAY'M BATTLE'. dicament. with men with their shoulder» to the wbee White Oek Rond.

War IWartmext. April2.6 a. lines, and at once a heavy tiro was opened from their I The object of the adraxce was the possession of
»ainly endeavoring to »bout the hone» forward. road, which, diverging from the Boydton Rood several
Mnjor-Gtn. Dix: A dispatch jnst rccc batteries on the right and lift of it"' I>oint monaood, A
TkB KiRairmfsl of Ttnrsda; -The Hita, CoHDCaOT B0ADS mile« north of its junction with the Quaker Road, runt
from Gen. Grant's Adjutant-General at City TMnl little later this wus follow»«! by a heavy musketry al ion.Oar I,.¦¦o». arc now of tho gienteit Importance, and are beit
Iftwsj to Half Past Four P. Ul. from the iioara»! line of their defenses, dlstnnS about 175 JJixjRS. AitsiY or «,g Potomac i
con.itri.cied by large detail» from every brigad tho Soathside Railroad.
westward to the Claiborne Road, leading northwest tu
on Sunday. nounccs tho tiiun)]ihant nieces» of eur arms affer |
yards from our line. For romp time this fiiewaskep; Ihursday, Alaren 'uj_^, m. Í rapidly until our rear is tl.oioughly corduroyed an advance i
day» hard fiubting, during which the forces on It \lgor- fcitwithstauding a heavy rain-storm, "Uii!n OUR ADYAK'-E RESISTED.
op with vigor, and our batteries replied to as
until late this afternoon, of court«, impossible. At atxrat 8 O'clock this morning;, tb« I>rvf«i»n of Gen.'
sides exhibited unsurpassed Valor. oualy. while tbe Seeond and Third Hrign<>» of the Hi .et ti last night and continued
vlaloo lay quietly ready to meet any attack. Then the tho irmy has to day advanced about two miles, »ad the A« I close this letter tbe yAU>T of rain drop« remlm Ayre«.
".he wbatheb aqajiv. «npported by those of Crawford and Orifflo. be«»
"City Tom, Vs., April 3-5 30 a. their advance upon tl.o enemy, which was imuie*
a 1 iíü Corps: hn» reached the Loydt iwu plank-road, near me that the gan
PETERSBURG COMPLETELY HEMMED IN. "A dispatt h from Gen. Grant states (hat Gen. H enemy showed ouUide of their defense» the
«trong column, a« if to make an attack upon Hattcry 11 it* Jinctiou with the White Oaks.
head of expectation, in
weather to-morrow ia doomed to d¡«.appointment. I I diately
whit h I ir,<i»iK«.i of fii resisted by the Rebel skirmishers, who wert)
dan. connnunding cavalry and in fun try, has ear lorced Ills is the place where the Second Corps bad an slowly pushed back, however, to within e mile of tbej
and tho line alxuit H, but the tire of our urtlllery dose a list of caauoJüet tut be Firit Divition of the Fif White Oak road.
everything before him. lie captured thru biigad the column to get bustil> undercover again. The firing engagement with the enemy last Autum», in which it
Corps, In the tmgagcnumt ou the left yciterday. A REPITSI.
Oar Line! Exit ml from the Appomattoi above iM/cnfry, a ni,'ii, liai», and tinral batttritê of arti was kept up some time longer upou cur defense» lie- »nil red sererely. t. o. a. At this Juncture the «uemy, gathering all his «vuilutJ»
tween Battery 11 andEoit .Steadman nnd D».'h ceased Tie ground gained day to coit na bat few men, tbo a»
The prisoner« captured will amount to several thorn < ¦.onliirs. force, and with bis ostial yell, charged ocr advancing
to the Appomattoi below the citv. "T. 8. LOWER
ut l:loa. m. Kelela making but very slight resistance.
Tt*tH Il ri« Oen Chamberlain, Ktnt Brinde, t'.l.jhtly columns, wbicb, wavering for «time, finally gave way
This section of cur line is that which wns carried It M Hatctur'a Kun, which is only u short
earthworks ereoted,
( l»si
H U Hi« k«:», 19«
Kin««, nm
P«., let! «rs»
before tbe impetuous assault, retiring slowly toward il a
Edwin M Staxton, Secre-fary of War. the enemy on the Bttl Instant, and which they were furter on, the enemy have strong ( ..pi S O Il is «ni, 185 N v. li-a Boydton Plank road, and bailing only when they ar¬
FOCllTH DISI'ATTH. forced to relinquish after a short struggle def-nded with heavy guns, and here they will no doubt C»|st IWisUm 191 1'«. head rived at the brow of a hill, where, supported by Grif«
t pt S It'.-kley. I9H 1'« head
Gallant Conduct of the Various Corps. Washington, April ¡i.12.30 p. '1 ne object of the enemy in Ikes attack apicara to have ma e a stand to oppose our further
1- «>n» this i "int the new line extend» east to the
advauce. (' »i t K Bob», 56 P» «h.lomen
Lirai vv
flu's Division, winch bad just reached that ]«'int, they
tieen to feel the strength of our kne *t the point men J n-r.. :, ma n y, um took shelter in the temporary breastworks constructed?
.. ?- Moj.-dm. Dix: The PlttM»*, in tho i
tioned, and to draw nil troops from our left, by an at¬ A rast ron g Mill, the .'Second Corps holding the right of l.i...t Milter, i'J»Ps,sidn
Lteot !.. «-.«r H. f.-, IM N Y, >.
Lieu« (ieorre Ctrttls, 1 Mirh le,«
by tbem last night. Several ineffectualthem, attempts wer«
joined talcgna, f:lvrs the 1 ¡to.-1 news from the froi tack, if the peJstt wits found to be weak, or by a show of tb lap« »»Ilion. then made by tbe enemy te dislodge our tiercel
12,000 Prisoners and 50 Pieces ToE. M. StaNT.'.v. Sjc. cj War: f Hack in cuse the line was fout.d strong. The latter
seems to be the most likely, for they made a show of tie prUmers taken wa» 123, with eight cotntn'ssioned
Ii the engagement of yesterday, tho nnmlx-r
of Meut Jejoaa Btf«, IB l'a,
Lteot J J It««-.!' r Ah .un«'« I.riion. from, isver«
LteotÇJ Rretor, IBM Y, iMan
rl.rat «nd htrk
musketry fire, aided by Batteries D and H of the 1st
New York Artillery meanwhile pouring death aud de«
of Artillery Captured ! Clfi Foist, April 2-11 a. attack which they would not have done if any mil etfoi t They belonged to Bnthrod Johnson's Division, and 1 lent l'aller»,il. T Mlrh. htvond Cm p. killed
Ltsat K F I' i-iVr 185 N Y »¡»oulJer
«truction into their rank».
Dupat« '.i- are froqr.ently coming in. All is goioi wa« meant, as ou the SOtt iustuut, when their attack we* a part of tb» force that made tho attack upon II .M Dama, In Mich, n h il. t The firing on either »ide p. mi subeided into heavy
our Pre,» K».,.,« «

finely Gens l\,rke, Wright and Ord's linos me was quiet and sudden. Urea last S.itnidaj. tWgl K- n, O 198 Pa. «high
N-u( W } Je«enou U l«"i 1'«. tlihth skirmishing, and the rapid interchange of solid «l.ok
All the firing being done in the dur», the |. m va» Tho Itel els made a demonstration at several point* on S-i»« H.,-1. H Wii, n K 1*5 N V, le« and arm. .«¦««re and shell lasted until 1 o'cio. k thi« «iternoee,
tending from tbe A;<pomnttox to Hatcher's Kan. 1 «v.all ou our side and could not bate been great on that (bold Hm bist night, for the purpoue evidently of hs i S igt Ml...
»Vrai Joba l uni I, IM N y, n,,,!. t«-v«r«
our troops in the meantime retaining possession of their
A Fort with Its Entire Garrison Taken. have all broken iRronpb the enemy's Intrvnched I of the lUbels. Only fifty-one m-n were hit on our aide, rtalnlng whetI er tho works were held lu force. Tfey ."¦>«.t II.
¦! .:«. K.
Fui.«. « M.cli, l»«...l

N Y. head
original line.
Betfl n; W N\ -rt««. H, 1*1 P« head
the only officer of rank killed being Major Hrowu, ink >l<l not gain anything, however, «xuepltng the iniuiiua
taking some forts, puns sud prisoners. hVrgi Hftttj llaaay. K i*> i'«, «un TBR EVXMY ASTONISHED IT OES. MILES.
Sheridnn, wni, his own cavalry, the Fifth Corps, Nii Hampshire \ ..', ,i,o r«. thn that the Une was strong enough to defend it**if. Pe«»! K\ Y r- .m ,,¦ 17« Pa, «¡Ut-, ellgt.t At this hour the Division of Gc 11. Miles, which
*.«»> Banal 1WN V. le«
On the side of tbe I*.. t,. bj the leej may net have et> i'hU explains the firing hi ard at City point on Sri«« M VV llatalas. ira N Y. aho.i'der
to tb« left of tbe Boydton plank-road to)
m ARIS EVERYWHERE \ l( TURKI! S ! part of the Second, is coming in from the west ou reeded in men, tln-ir force haling been only at one Vtdnesday alfM and early on Thursday morning ( o:p W Bir.. IKi N Y. hand l'oru D.MLittirop D.lheNY f<*
close tb« inten id made by tbe v. .thtLtawal 0/ Grrfto 111
enemy's flank, «..J Wngkt aluaJy
.. uariug up
tune f.-orn under loi.r.
Corp A Iletwl. Irr. 1!,.»'« tu. Tors H
Nothing hot jet be. n ¿«reived bor» aa4o the opvr»- Corp II Ijron 18.*, S Y. Lip Corp YV'Chieheatrr.lM N Y.hi tbe morning, was ordered to strike tl.e enemy in frone ll.-i-v U> NV i.-a-i
fijiitli$iJt miltoad. A. Li.NCOL Duiing the attack (reelet f' gnnDlhe IklH Dit letM Itaaoaf tbe Ci.vulrv. but they will, It la not doabo-d, < 1» Wl.r*.tuii.i¡,u«r«,a.kte l or p H Rakel, loi N Y, bip
;¦ J Ni» bolii 1. .A '¦ I i-ad (ors J Koul, 18» N Y. srm
of Warren on hi« left fiauk. while tbe fifth Corpa again)
The Very I.aiest. Kirrii uist'ATcn. of Ike Nil,tïi CctM was held in liii*", reedy to suppoil lite a good account of tbemaelvi s. K :¦».. 11 IMN! t,-. .« Crp T. Il Baibour.lHi.NY lut assayed to obtain possession of the White Oak Road h%
Wax r»r.i ARTurNt. WastsJBMiaL the Rigbteen)>, had it been neces«nry. The men of the I 4 battle la expected to-morrow for the pr»sf«"s«1on of Corn T Malthrw.l. IBPaJar« Cero E B Hender. 1991'»,tbro
I. II M n ¦¦¦il'., ihirh ( ry r, y,,: i laRNV, rj advancing simultaneously. The second advance ofl
Wan DrrAKTMnn Washington. April 1.11 p. n> Apr da.11 a. m. hatter Mattel in a cool aMMat, and would kftlere j tie Sooth Sid" lUilrnad. und Judging fr< m the conn c. rp 1 ( lut«« M, i'« Pa tt.«|h ( ou l D c.,:,n. ii.l«P«.b<.w« Warren was led by Gen. Chamberlain'« Bi lirado of
«ill 1 rp Robt K.,¦»«. B, ItssPe. t.( (orp E ( TI»on.ivl'.8Pa.«h M.
Uajvr.fitH. JorjN A. Dix, Stu-Yotk: The fol¬ The followinir tohgrm from the Preside puued tl.e «uemy with great lo*a had they closed on lene« »nd high spirits of the oflieer» and nun,there ( r,. M Lawter.UB ."«Y '..t (orp A IWt, O, 19» Pa, bti Griffin's Division, and that of Mile» on the right moved
our line of d« Staat *. te»goct!ic»uit. Cvto J Mrtitirr II !«WP«>ii,-k Jn.rpb Engst, 19« P«. bul in erhtUn in tbe following <>idei freni right to left.
lowing telegrams frota the President report the '. it»d at ht o clock Ulis morning, gives the latojt n The etspe taken kj QCti. Wilcoi to saeet tie danger At* A4rsarr of Our I.rll Wing an Thor«. t.ip
?.. 1 rpl Matokrs.IISNY.tbii> Hn.iy M PMi.i... IM N Y, fo,
Fir»t Brigade, Col. Scott of the Slat New.York com«.
condition of affair» at 4J o'clock tbi» afternoon. J H, .r<la:i.l.lUNV.(i'>in M«ri..ii Waile.K.ltóNY, *h:d,
ligenoe from the front, where a fuiiuus battle w«re very prudent, and hi» ordi rs »¦ re well issued by
.lair- Tk« lío« sor Fall« Barb to hi. Corpl
l rp J la..bry, t.i'.-iM 'ii. J (¡riftYth A. 135N Y, back mending; Irish Brigade. CoL Nugent, 6'Jth New-York«
Kltviv M. tCASmSf, &C. of War. his A. A. A. General, Itrevet Major W. V. Euhsrd», a»;/||.H I9" P» lbl«b fhiiKWl,«!,«} K. lK.1NY.ari hei Third Brigade, Gen. Medill; Fourth Brigade, Gen.'
raging with continued success to the Union .irn»i. I.loe of Work» Across lb« Ito'dlon ( p NSiCImnai H IBSNY.Iej ».h«iKWl,'ii.>!i,K,I.!5NY
< .l|llH,«/<la«-r H, l«aPa, )><-». l'srrv Lyea, H,IHN Y, bip At 1 o'clock, ss befor« mentioned. Warren et
NY. bieaat Ramsey,
t 1TV PiIxt. Va.. April 2-2 p. m. young and promising otficer. Aiiork
HlMll Stamtom, Seereta»y of Wa
1 send herewith a ll«t of the few rs.«n\)tlea in the Plonk-roost, nod Awoiia oo Michael II.,»». K. le:- t S. ilaVa Kitd Priitlry.
NY. Corps ogaiu moved forward upon the «nemy, who stub¬
" Htn. El.TClM M. fcTAVlON. ¿'irrtary tt War Tbos -h.rnUn. r Isa fa K* k Her, M 135 srui
Cnv l'oiXT, Va.. April 2~*:30 a. s Fir»t Dit li-ion. the only or.e under fire. Diowiddir < .uri-llaosr la» Our Pooaoe.
J Ma» 11 bat B.4 NV *r hiidltmb Hein, uy. IM NY, arm bornly held bis ground for some time, when the r&piaf
At 1045 ». it. Gen. Graut telegraph» aa follow»: ¦ too- «or Troop« Six ni It o frota»
fiar Cl.ri« l.ay.l, r. Il, I »H Pa lee« .->«i>.iel l.ttlor, lf» Ta. hand and the loud cheer that followed,
"lion KIWIS M. SlAMoX, S<rr<tart of War, list or casl'altie* is TTir. rlSjiT SKtHiCai,JBCT L-ul« K.«v ri. lia T«, «i ¡a .I.;» .11 P Kiiur, 1(5 NY. tni(> volleys from the right,
'.Everything ha» been carried from tbe left ol "
Last night Gen. Grant Mlgnflsli that Gen. S!
obit», on m -'/TH. Mootbside Itoilrond Rocooaoiaaaarr J». il». Ja*. I'. :j¡ l'a. m -r A H Asl crut!. IM NY, thlih told of the successful issue of Milea's attack on thtj
Il ,-s l'a. breast lu» 1H lfa«ers. IMNY.fooi
the NmU» Corp». The Sixth Corps alone cap- ldan. with his entity und the Fifth Ctffá had c
UitUi by JlcrritC« Cn vrtlrf la lar Dirrriion oí j Ji.Tt.,..,»«« i.« M P«wter,A,IBNI ««¦ »i» l«*«e D"n<sn. 19N Ps. knee Rebel flank a« be rolled up tie enemy's lino now broken,
Mi) N I Blown ||J. SWH Ellweoa V Uai.irl Wrh.ur. 1» N 11 V ta« Haatlialar Hoilroad TkeOKsadi | Jeka»balte, » ha ny.»1ioiMS»i...i o Dv-.rifh.i<wp«,«hou' rcuted, and foiling back inoontiueutly, followed 'or
lured moi» than l|MI prisoner». The Seeoud ami tnrexl t .roe brigades of infantry, a train of v agon« i sTeaaaai
14 N 1 11 A
I«odiog to If Voond Well «.oorded A Ki«.l \*ji-, L IB l'a Y,taïga
Abart J«.:».K IBM
Wa 0 «-aud» IB P». wrist
t'.ISf,|-r. I'-T» !,/¦ ,« Warren, who was soon in possession of tho covet*!
Tweuty-fourth Corp« captured fort.«, gun», ami severa", batteries, the prisoner» amounting to «ev< Lb-ut f>l Mctlsujh, IS N U J orai.i. D. I* l»,
V \V (},., u, \*u V. un Un«« Hola «loros aa Tharoslay.Tar .Maren H ii.ari. A. i.:» ¡s, ir» ' n»« ». Vacoaal 105 N Y, SXI
W H W ;.!.-«- 190 Pa. ankle
White Oak Road, which we now retain.
enemy, bi;t I tauuot tell the thousand. (. t M. DsvMt, WN.U I »I K». I.MN1 11 A It «ad« la a Bod CoaAltloa DiBrotev I'. <'ii I« i; M lir»J W «»ill^-r«, 18.1 NY, private»
prisoners from tbe ictut
RaAis K teUaai T PkilMt, ft, M M 1 II A
Of Op« r minx Toe .««atare of Ik» ('.¦».
rr ..
tirara U GirrQ,IK5Nl.bnd K. A Kiit». IW Ps »rm I rode over the battle-fields this afternoon anal
number». "This morning, Gen. Grant, having orderte an M 1 »»a, h .:' Mi t A Mcl>u'.».l. t.. U .S il \ V\ <> BU M*. IMI P«. «na r J Hrrnn, IM NY, rlbwsr
discovered on every hand traces of a sanguinary conflict.
A S» Ith. A, JT M ... H J t...» r. 1« S II V P «¦»iibd» WNY.taf J H Mierb! 19B P», arui
tack along the whole lino, telegraphs as follows; E la N il V .rr. Huge pines Were lopped off hero and there, and m
We losing aronnd the works of the
are tow t il < Oallaa I il M...
A I M ..«¦. K SI V...
J S m. ...

| 1 K.u..|t. Il S III From Oui Ppi 1»1 FoftoiaMooiSj

.1 Mood, la» N Y, arm
1. I Inch, 18.1 N Y. ». .p
A H« «b !.¦« Pa tnn
A l'eu»*. V* Pa kn«a
line immediately «Lvelopirg Petersburg. All
'Both Wii»:!.t and Parke are through the »mm Il I' I -M--. i .1 UuKrn II. S Mi. l, li'ftl GhiYmi.t bi x, li»nr--!s> Night, Marchof, IMS. I Mn-r«n IM Ps, Ur.4 N M orn,»kn. 19b P«. n.o.tb every direction the tree« were splintered and «c«rr«di
w.-|».,irr H letPea« W|i,r,.(;,>iH|,', :, I. ho.berrr 1 * Pa. liai i I. Kat,a», 198 Ps. ami by solid shot, »hell, and cnlleta. The ground wae thai .
lines. The lattle now rages furiously. Gen. Kherid loom» MSftAM BAIS. H W IV,ut l«5 N Y. bnort H Il« N Y. arm
look» remarkably well. I l.avr liot yet hoard from aillât, the li Eaaosos, la» N Y arm J h»»lil«ao. «A» N V. hand over which Mile« swept down in echelon upon the)
with his cavalry, the Fifth Corpa, and Mil»»'» Divis A'ei Urlati.ri.s. A, «6 N. Y. Vh.. Kl'lr-r A 4« 'i T. H«»«m nflt-r IfMtaf BJ diratlcb ImI night J I» «livi-y 1H6 N Y. bead enemy's flau'», and Rebel dead in all positions a'.t#su<J
«Sheridan. Bis headquarter» have been in<rVed up Svh. f.i: aker, l spitai Ill Saar» cicada whlek In, *T»-reu#t tbe sky during the dsy be i
1 N Hauprt. ins N Y. laud
T Mtr/for, 1K N V. na: d
of the Second Corps, which was sent to him this mo IJi/lio \
» .¦ < -¦
».-i N Y, brad
l- H .'»linstrrl IM N Y, bip the accuracy of our Are.
to Banks' Bouse, tear tLi Ibjdton roud, about l'rxiri' u
R., L, 1 Muh. S S. Nsil«, H.ruri C, IMJ kl ¦>- k»n dun-tsrgitg their aiineou» I .nl'-ii. continuing al 1 Kln(, ltt.1 N V srm
J H trsir, i«« Pa. fie* FIGHTING OX OlkttR POINTS OF OCR LOT»,
ing, is now sweeping down from the w««t.' (r«a«aW. o>wsation utitll to-night A» I write lh« M Ju«ln. 1*51>5N N1. Y.siuiI»
S II» on, ls.i N Y, bip
J Wtee, IM N Y. »raa
three miles «ou'l.-v« .; lvcsburg.
"All now look» highly favorable. lai Tl. T. U.l.h, I), «S N i. I.i M. » I M,.' -M matt Without ; 01 Smith, * »H ."«. 19« Pa. bead While all thht was going on, heavy skirmishing wat
M,, a. Sí tvra J v,. :,, :.... a. «a N f. iUi»ag«¡ln »ai-kli« fn<m an unclouded »ky. and we have
'A. LlSCOLK '«ien. <>id i» engaged, but I have riot y«t heard I
H|l h. Jot>rs. I. Cri. t H. M- -r 1! '"" tbe agreeable a**uran«e of a Aim> duy t<>-morr«w. And PM lui'rr,
J l.vae«. lit l'.v g -I10..I, Its W Martin. 198 l'a hip
1MN Y, fnot N Wilbrf. ISSN i.b..l taking place on oar line ai far a« Hatcher's Ron. Under
fECf>5D I)!SP.\T<H. H. lite n, Il «fi N. V. i.. »««.i-.
i. A 4« N Y.
lose» much of its J .M»r»h. 155 P« rtnasrb EUaha P Ct»»by, K 1.» NY. t eovar of a «trvsgsL.imiebuae, Turnai's Diviaioe tru¬
K -ii.t in -his front. A l.i: f ui..\ U. i ,..r..!.. K. >i l'a.
,. M C. Ti»«i. ». a. .. i.i »en thia litdl» atiou ot fair
» walker M 1 Kertburih, Ik» N Y. .1» Ck W BrUrrrr H 1«M |'t. an ing tbe afternoon adianccd several hundred yarda,
Him. P. nd. H. i. u.,.. baaaU Krtty, K, «wUhla, u»ual «Jgaificooio whea we rrnenitxr the unacs-ounov (' J h. ter. IW N Y. kbr« Albtoo learbln.'ll, lui NY. fa*
Cnr Poor, Va., April 2.b.M p. H «1« «>r»ba-.i. B, i Au. r'.. .tiongry intrenching, aid with it» sharpahooteret
m. 1>m .Ihr,, i «iihi«.
i.r. T. M., y. I'. «HH.I-.. l.k/aru», I Ai 1'«, «bull
Knirw «r Ihr .¡»«.«ti**. Atbrri l'-wl.. i. Tl.« Wit.u», K. I Miru.« U M» sntii s iu ti. (.ti ni s iLdulgcd by lu the r'.etmn!» iu this H
W H Wlutr I, 1* N Y. thir silenced tbe guns of several batteries in it« front. Tb»
¡Ion. tama If. KTAλTOK. S'-rr(t<iry oj Wim j Cafta, Km.-., Il, 1 M.-n S S. W,,.. K.Tlna, K, I M.cli 8. .-. Utitude.
U I Siorr, kB M «L r«
Mutin T,*r,rr 1.185, NY hi|
At 1:30 p. m. to-dny Gen. Grant telegraphed as
Bpeolsl Dispatch to lie N. V. Tribun«-. O. O. <l.s|.ii.«t, B. M Mi. I. T \ lOrl II tOktkk i» AHV.IMI
Jas I ..-..¦. 19« I'».-».»«
l) l',,nt 14 P.. »lui M ni Kl Uy ¡,. IM Pt, bind brigade« of Gen». DeTrobriand and McAllister of lio
WáíHIKctox, April S. 1WS5. JbliB, il, »Ml. h /ebuloti Patg, l> >v»l.. h. (S La.-li. IW P*. 1rs (lies Mortiescn. « 185 N Y, t Third Division of the Second Corp« were likewieej

waa made this aaoralng along our whole left nr operating I M U«r- r, 198 p.. Mp J U Ke! »y. H. 18» N Y. th ÍI and
THE ORIGINAL FLAK. ¦a.k. i »rrtsnu. wmg. tu«. ..«.,. nay after indulging in sonic W J l'otier. 1»5 N H, »b 1 U Watr.wrtstrt K.iaS N Y,art: heavily engaged in skirmishing during the day,
We are now up and have a continuous line of ful sharpsi.f>otii,r, ,. Mg m,,n work, .,.,... th(. Oc» Ki -(Il I>. IM S Y, «h Muni« H».ini-1.«i ti.ll>< 1 succeeded in assuming an advanced line.
The plan '
of the recent moTcmeut, as ¦¦»»¦ t>«eU lJi»M«»i to Tlir N Y .pit. J II i... »» K. l:-« IV..« U«.. 1. Mi.irr. lût) Ps, baca| OUR CAJ8CALTT1»
troop», and in a few hours will be intrenched from Wasiiim.ion. Ak.tll i \*C'.. IWiydton i'!»nkro»«i. Our movement has <ir«- t.,~>.i ¡^, i', «i". Jolutll l'ike K. t«l P«. band l'.f-r >t»,»:A. O. 19e P.. le|
tbe Appornattox below Petersburg t« the river
stood bere, »eem» to bate been about a» followe: She: lions a} hla lin««, and dlecuTercd the fact that be «i.ll 1 I... Hi«..«, Harkasan.
M. im p,, killed Ja« Hum. H, 18 P«. »rm
n.ior» ua, Jno Pa«ot, H. ISH Pa abdomei will probably reach Mate* 2.UX). of which the Fifth
dar. was to lead tbe way with bis very heavy caval TA« kuhmond H h\g ol Kridey cont.iius thu laalntain«. will» a U,M front, bl* old earthworks cover Jahn J »'-r.!
< hil«lieji. g,
jafvKi Mako« Uutb H. 198 Pa. arm Corpa is believed to fettt »usUiued the loss of nearly
H. Iju V V. lien«! C Ar..uM. O. «a» N V. .».i.h
above. The whole capture» Staet the army t-tarted

force, making a ptctty wide detour to tbe south ai ¡following: i¡.g tbe SotiCtide llailroad. Our advance was prrhnpe K Utattej, 0, VA t N »W. C, IM N Y, bead «..halt
cut will not amount to Im than K',000 men, Sirr.IllDAN » oI'tRATIONa. most hotly bBMbM opposite Oen. Flrrey'a divimon M BLtwtbeo.U, IMN Y 11.14b t»II Maeer. A. l»4 nd, Among the dead I. Major Charla»«v. Mills, Adjutant
we»t, cutting t!.e Soutbside, and reaching over to { fu««Ntsiseer«? Mtfrtn seyi Ikel at au early hour ou
and noitl» «>f tb« intersection of tho Vuugbn road with A I l.Jen, K, IB N Y, ari»
H Sliportuun, U, II») P«. f roin A M
Hau incud, t,
lUtt, H M N Y, le«
Y, to Cea. Humphreys, coufjandtng the Second Corpa,
.nd probably, fifty piece» of artillery. 1 do not t.f
Danville Railroad. He wns to be strongly supported 1 ¡ Wedrefduy inortimi.'* hrary ft>r<-»> in« .tiemy. con who was su m k by a vowud shot and instantly killed,
of cavalry, lufantry and nrtillfry. aui.poaeal ta be Hatcher** Jti.u. where the enemy used oonslderuble ar¬ .1,'PU AiTt,ood, H. ItO T V, «1 ... Il M K l'.r, b. 198 P V trote
know the nun.her of men and gun«, accurately,
slating J
tbe moreable poitlon» of the Army of the Potomac ai headed by M avelry h).cridan," tuadr a SaMat «round tillery, »h I: if us I.-it litt.e damage, however. A battery J«, A, IS5
li teaPVab« ildei YV Kaopés. N, I8H
N Y, brree» J Trumsbote. N. IMI' V. hatid L.'sr tbe Junction
P V. thith of the Boydton and Quaker road«.
I» our liio . and ad/anml tewtrl Ike Boydiown plmk- waa like« l-e unmasked bevnnd Dabney's Mill, in front I Hnehl N «. P V, lin.h B rtearch. N. 19« P V. elbow CaCTIKE OF O4.0R8.
Lowevcr. of the .Tames, which were to push over toward the atol firelock, truel; tin» N Billet. N. I» P
road, and. between
7 e
'"ine «ti niii'-a beyoftd Dlnwlddie Cearl ef Smyth s brigade of the Second Corps,
and several IIH In.wiln«. N, I* P V head
J l'assaUll, H iH)JÏ,:.| H J Ivrs, B. 18» N Y. thoulder Major Glenn of tbe tikjtb lv-iimylvanla has the honor
«' A
portion of Foster e Division, Twenty-fourth and turn Lee s right flank, while the line in front ii.,n«e Towwrd 11 o'eltH'k W« IIIKbirrtaOd this in >¦ shot* thrown at our advane». Il D Greea, V, 1*1 N 1 bead B («or-lua. V IM N Y hind of cspluriig with his own band«, during theengage-
was in the vicinity of Ike < otJrtTlouse, our temí .klr A J «'...»n. Il I-'/ N Y. tef O W Brooks. B, 189 N Y. btod 1 ment of the Fifth Corp« to-day, ene stand of Rebel
Corp*. mad« a most gallant charge this afternoon Petersburg was »till to bo held, and if possible to be u mishing with their eltakee, A KtV-OXNOIeSANCI j ( ." t I>, m P Y. .a T lUiberr«. L, I9t P V, Und
keerlry White Oak GroT» this morning by Mar MfM)i.rkrr,K,lMNY,t«s«i«!yW.i.oW.|sri.O,t>aP*Vài.d color», belonging to Uurral'« brigade of Piekett s di.
.nd capmrcd a very hr.portâr.t fort from the enemy, vatjeed. I.u»t week n w»a sefetSelIkeiIkeeeeety
»«« .!. ii.onatratiiig laerarl ltur
had reached wu» made to
found tob« VV H Pt«let.oi».< I9t l'a V, r« Ç V Wcrtly.K, IM S Y. tim vision. Gen. Miles also displayed at hi« headqaarteri «

with its entire garrison. IT» "1 U Ksg. [tkeCeertBoaae, »id

gea» M ilia. It la believed ttiat Ike deatinatlon ef this
ritt's Division of Cavalry, and the enemy
different avenue» approaehmg the Soath- d
f Scot«. Ü, IB Pa V, bead
0 C Perd il IM N Y «nd. »..m J Mb. ne;,. 1, 198 Pa V, le«
M Trais, B. IW Pa V. bead
tbis afternoon, a Kebel color taken by ¡.is division.
fore« is the Soutliinle Itiolrnud Wktek (irant wishes t<> guarding tlir Lark K, 198 Pa V. teg t'. A oral!.-. A. 19« Pa V, arm OEK. GRANT OR THE FIELD.
«'All seea&eTwell with ui, »aid everything is aniel Judging from tbe latent dispatches the whole ph I dcttroy. ami tlieredy cot BtTOcej.'a e. rn-:.-in e alums eide Kallruud. It U rar K. Its» Pa V. hand W U s».ndt. M. 19« Pa V, aim
land diminish his supplies, «h^ Si leeell «ttftg i sr OIK CASCALTtr.« »ti M..rp. r, K 18» Pa V hand K P Bradrr. Il, 19« P» V, arui Gen. Grant wa« on the line frequently, and during the
Just tow. ^ A. Li.ncolk, ' seems to have been successful, including tbe cutting Bad IS» Ps V. th.Hild.-r
H freier, |l I'M \ t V, Un«!,a dir move! bis headquarters Dauby
the tond It i» thought the eusle body of cftteJij the skiruiUh today have been few, »nd wilt not A refft,,,
J A. I«5 N Y. head A (i, to Mills, near our
the Sontbside Kailroad, the turning of Lee's right, ui struck out tiirough the eaejatir, in the eUreetiee <>f thu In to more than 10 or W at the highest ..- 1) H .d.ra, P. IM N Y. ...U
I, »tl M. P. I»5 N Y. Ir«
J »¦»«««, N, 18« Ps Y, ktnd Uno of battle.
Prtiiwi Ofttrial DUpalrke«. the carrying of a portion of the Kebel worka in froi railroad. I Ms, liowever. is not positively known. probably foot up J PWtiiiwrtebt.K.lMNY.trni B Sn.r, N, r*8 l'a Y.leg RICHMOND MM OF ,¦ taaJl rVTi
The «Twaaeekse state» that ou Wedi.eadnv afternoon tímate. B Wrtc.t. f. IKi N Y. band W Bkret;. D. 19« Ps V, Ira
Wa^heîcton, Saturday. April I, 18C.". of Petersburg. Gen. Aiideiaon, commau ling mir eitrcme right, demon ora PRISENT Ulf» f Miter. <." i Art. foot B YVaitr, B, 198 Pa Y, lirai Through the courtesy of a general «flioer I wie
. trated ugninst the «nemy'a works in his front for the »ame aa yeatrrday. The J m «1, 198 Pa Y. thealder I' YVood. R. 191 Pa Y thoutdrr
enabled to peruse t Richmond Ditptek of yesterday, la
Major¦-«,>«. Dix.- The following telegram in But two linca of po?>y arc believed bere to be no purpose of ascertaining his strength «t that point, and, In gañera) direction Is the U Pol.on. H. IHN i head YV Pirre«, D, IM N Y, arm
this afternoon has be« if possible, their Intention». In pending operations our «hole n.»»vi .'»» i.t thus far cannot, perhaps, bo mor« com- Il Harten«. I. 1H5 N Y, .1. .U A J Neff. E. IM N Y I....J its war news column it reports the advance of Tboeaaa'a
¦elation to the military operations now going ou at the led to Lee. Unless the fighting forces met with a vigomus reaiatanie. I he object of preheiiiively explalued than by saying that our left or JM l)I» Al.-. «I r .» P V, il, m C II m.. K, ii. I8.1 N Y, hand
Army at Bishal. under Langiey. II acknowledge« thai
the demonetiatlon gained, thiif fell back, the'» movable wing baa executed what U known In military J a Htokes. Il I '5 N Y, «ru» O M llatidaen K. IM N Y, Irg the recent battis lu North Carolina was fought with but
t-.. («rt, A, IM N Y, ...le M ShaScr. I, 198 P V, t. k
(root was received tils morning. Nothing later has uioie disastrous to him than it now known, he ce
not BatWHafs Eat« iu the afteimxin, however, the 18.. N Y. ab'dr II D lir.-rn K, 188 Y, head one wing of Sherman's Army, and states that after the
udrancii.g and skirnilsliiog witli our evolutions as a n^Af ichul with the pivot of the wheel Thot Prrl. II,D. 1K» N Y, tide B York. H, 185 N Y. Í....I
J Wllron
reached this Department probably »till retreat toward Danville; failing this, I enemy cnu,meticed Horn« severe riç-bimg muy havn oriutrrd ing line reiting near tbe Vaughn road at th» point A I.r.k«. K, \'.m p V, »h'.lr J Eróla, L, 198 P V. «uin battle our column retired to Goldsborough and John.
Edwin M. Rt avion, Sec-'y. of War. has no lesort except to make the moit de»|*ratedefani foues. Mi antir: e let us all keep cool, wait results, and trust in » 11 re it croise* Hatcher'* Run. We now h»v» postas J B VYhitner. r, 1 MI, h, hip (, t I» v«/td.wonh.f.l9HPV «high
185 N Y. le«» »ton's to Raleigh. It says nothing with reference
1 R Whlstol» K, loi» N V, fl.aJ lli«b«a«rt, B,19«
"CittPoiot, Va., March H, Hfl ijStfN ra. possible, while Johnston's forcea are hurried up on Ui (lod. for
(¡en. Let and the gallantry of our biave troop«
Meeeee, «ion of the Hoydton Plank-road, several mile» aorth of Nvv Hook K. «.. SV, tide J l»<...i.tlljr. B., P Y (¡...t, Grant's last movement.
*tfvn. Edwin B. St an ion, «tontera of w*r Weldon Railroad to reéuforce him. From Tkt Srntinrl : fiuoí, A.
Ltuwlddle Court-House, and five and a half or aix from J l uiinii.sliaii. II. 4 t' H A, les J Brennaii. I, IM N Y, »lutn'ch
91 P V, band W Heti». N IW P V srm
"At 12:30 p. m. to-day Gen. Grant telegraphed 1 his is believed to be possible, and herein militar llKADQI AKTEHh, MarchWar '10, lefiTi. the Southsld» Railroad. From the point wher» .».* I »ft H l.tusliiie. H, 14. P V. htn.1 H Un «.!. ,1, P., 185 N Y, «I. ir Reports, apparently well authenticated, come in that
í7t». J. ('.. lIiiKCKiNKilM.i. «acrsaarf «/ («en.
cut» th» Boydton Plonk our line ex»<.». w*t\j
«"«* Daniel Kennrtj, E.18» N Y Ire J Potherty, B, 156 P V, Ma»
follows: meu to night conceive to be our only dangen, Gordon reports that th« enemy, at II p. in. yesterday, Ja». Connor, 1, 19« P V, cheekW Plleiifltt I IM P V. hetd Sheridan bas this afternoon tuet with asevere repulse 1
thick forests U Mtseitle, I, IM N Y. «IbowO W «.'.,1,.n«. K, IM P V. trm .nd been forced to fail back through Diewlddle Court!
advanced iigalnat a pon Ion ñt kit line, d< fended bv ward, almost the entire di.tanc» tbrough
Be «a
'There has been moth hard fighting this morning. wir t' HUMORS. flr«> of artil of pine saplings, across Hatcher's Run to our original O8 Htibirt, H J. !..,.(. n. M, 19» P V, l«|\V H Blahop. 1. IM N Y, ab n
Gee I/ewls, but was repulsed. The with E IM N Y, tbi«ii «I VY Bogrr, t). la P V, htnd House, leaving niary of bis wooeded in possession of
Ilrig. contloued several houra oonsid reader
*Jh« «Demy drove onr left from near Saboey's IIousc Wild stories are flying through the street» tonight 1er y and morlars line and with It for^ng au »btuae angle. If the HO»»(rnhlrn,U,lM P V. tlbowWm Royle. K. 155 P V, writ! tbe enemy. Heavy and continuous firing has been,
érable m lu itr. No damage on our lines reported. he will And no diffi Il Mb btel.O. 19818»P NV, i,lrthdr YV ('svans«h. I, 1 '5 N Y, thl'r
back well toward the Boydton plauk Mad. We are to the effect that the War Department and Gen. Grau K k. En a ill conault an ordinary war map I) Htn.lKim, C, Y, Jat H O011. L, IM N Y.abd'n heard in that direction thi« afternoon, and It Is not
asflBj -m i.ii>»n. In comprehending the prcieut situation of affair» R P YV.Ibnr, (1. 1.5 NY, tbloa J YY'Ite. K, 18» N Y tloina.-li impossible that tho cavalry has been engaged by tb«
sow about to tftke tbe of?«usive at that point. aud 1 hop« expect to have poeae»«ion of Kicbtnond to-morrov At orlli.ial dispatch from Otes '."« last night states culty our left. From Putereburg. running »outhwest
to U B Babl, II. Il» P V, kuee J YVolf, A, IM P Y. knre
Court on M Ui.ii.a, ii IMN Y.kue« t) Kuhn. L, 11« P Y. d.s.-k
will more then recover the lost ground.* morning; but. although auch »result Is quite poisible that Ikete was sklrmisMug near Pinwidilie
House yesterday, without decisive result. LUnwlddle Court-House, he will discover th» Boydton J Maitb, 0. IM P V, aile C Hkkley. I, IM N Y. haod A CORBWrOKDENT WOtNDID.
"Later he telegraphed aga.n, M follow»: there is no inch expectation of it In walllnformei aStOktl HloM 1-, ll...Mil K.j. I'lai* fad, and also another leading from th» first mi roLtx)wiNo ta a lut op woondeo in thb I regret to report tbe wouuding ,of tbe veteras eorre»
circles. The War Department has had all it« flak The cili was much excited justerdiy by ai counts of mentioned ptoM »outhward, gradually diverging from LI H PIOHT soudent E. A. Paul, of Tht Netr- York Times, in the car.
"'Oar troops, after being «riveu back to the ikiyd- «great battle on Wednesday night near«ttscked t>«ici»uurg. th«
Boydton Plnnk, cruising Hatchet'» Run torera, W Martin, K, lai Me.John Biawn. K. ?0Mr head
fool Peter Dupery, £, ItJ Mat», airy engagement to day near Dinwiddl« Court House
bsd Oor
too plauk road, turned and dro\«th« «nemy in tura out this aflei noon, in honor of our ooutinaed saccetf. The account» ».»»....» *l'c ¦uemy M J.,t. Wtlker.n. Ml M« ftea btsd Tbe wound, although not severe, we will Tenture lu
don a line» with force» heatily massed and were re miles to the eut and passing »South of Dlnwlddle Court. Si« Prtnk Stttion, M, tl Mltt.J U Alley M, 32 Mttt. te»
.ad took tbe Whit« Oak road, which we now have. pi'.srd wifi irrrat slaughter i'u five assaults. Our oo House Thi» i» known a» the Vaughn road, between baek Abner Smouie, 91 Ps. ba.-k say. from our kuowlcdge of Mr. Paul« martial proclivi-
Gem. «"Jrnau's Promise. temporary, 7'*« Prttrtburtr M.i¡rrtn¡ «as completely (llnlkrr A. 91 Pa, f.« I allot Roten, X, UJ M Y, talt, was received on th« front line of the trooper» ¡a
This gives o« the ground occupied by ti.e enemy this and faniiful which aud Mm Itoydton Plank our now line extends four David
SpKlsl Dispatch to The N. V. Tribune. takel m, and pnbliihel n glowing account Dtvld Taylor K. U Mua le} H brtd
Coburn, E, 20 Me. hlp whose achievements he tako« inch commendable pride,
soorning. 1 will send yol a K' bel flag captured by our about th« Yankees tkaMtaf up to our breast u o. Us, and or five mile» north of Dinwiddie Court House. The J T Dwyer. I), I28 N Y, fool YV
WAsHtxoioK, Sunday, AprHU, 1815. being fairlj " Sewed down' by th« fire oí our troop», (¿nakeror Military road leave» tbe Boydton Plank S C II it.-iri P. 3.A Man lef VV M Dent'J. K. l'iN N Y t.»-k . G.
troops in driving the enemy Lit». These bave been theafautrbter ternli; unj tbeVankees "dismayed. Henry Pltchard, J'IMaaiaimPred L'Imrr, K, \ii Y. let
Mrs. Lincoln retumfd from the Army thit Ac, altaougii being it was coufuiscd the night wasaodaik running dim tly »uuth until It »trikei the Vaughn-road' Pltok McDoaald, E, 2JMt, S;t l i.»t V. 189 N f,
hini aencjMUn ahrll b7 striker Délai I« ef Friday's Operation*.
four flags captarrd to-day.' V that a man could not be seeu at adulan..'« of twent) South of and near the junction of the BoyJton and t'orpI.IK'htttiull JIMttMh'JrSrii
"Jodgirjgby thetwopoicti from which Gen. Grant morning, leaving tbe PretidcDt there, howarer, feet. The truth of the matter, ru w« l»arn«d ou rester Quaker road» the left of oar line rests.
tbat-kt dsy evening, was that there was indeed a grand ex¬ M ( E, 148 P», heel J Noyrt.
11 D Jm.i J] Mil*, fact Special Dlsssteh to Th« N. Y. Tribune.
B. 141 N Y, tun J Washmotok, April 2, lUO.
ent»r ltichmond, at Gen. Orant ha» promtied TUB MOD AND RMS E T J.'im.n. U. 18» N Y J (hoiilthtr. D. 31 Mttt, btad
senda the
telegraphs. 1 iufer that Le moved Lis headquarters about i.isll do eo within tbe next forty-eight hour«. hibition
one hurt.
ol fireworks, but no battle, and scarcely any
tngetl.i-r have conaplred to render the day a« unpleasant J P Kord E 155 Pa, atea
bowli an 1 hint J garría, L 3i Mai» Iduia
J II Ocairleh. P 18 Mlah thlib
Another Tbidcki corre¿jx>ndent
.oe sjsjh »im« he «Ml the fcr.t ol tht two ditpatcbes. -?- .
The troops holding Gordon's line, taking advantage and disagrcoablc as it well could be, and to imitate T KWriibl, P 20 Me hrad
J Cttawi, D, U N Y hlp H bira, A, il Mai« «htli;
J Dan tv O, lit Pa. hted following-
"A LtVCOL«." of tbe lerkness. were «trengtlioiiiug their cKerauidi Mark « A IX THE Fi»! D VVUB TBS TwtNTÏ -VGl'RTH I
Washing ton llenas. friit «od abatis iu frout ot their wotks The Yankees Tapiey and be jolly under prêtent olreomttanoe», Mill,!! trm tr.d tg
Bteksr. P, 33 MaïaJ HibbtrJ, 0H il)i)HY.
H Las*«««.
Mu« lia. tas ARMY Corps, March 31, leó3. >
«fcCOKD »tIPAiOII. Tribune. opposite, beat ii:g the nuise and supposing (iordon waa would be »un.ething very far removed from the region Cari D, N J Simth, Col 189 S 1, hcid From » . m today until dark th« Second Division of
%psVW D'.'pitch to The N. Y. after them, agalu opened a heavy fir« of art'I- In pursuit of information the writer
T jl, 01 Y, Vj
Wah 1'i.rARTitFsr. Washivotou, D.C.. \ Wabuimtox, April 2, 1W9. coming which was repltçd to oq onj M&, Ihe Iwo picket-1 ii*! P"neibil¡ty. -«t>-^, tbs Twenty fourth Corps wuh thi« army, were engaged
April 1.U o'clock p. m. > HOSPITAL STORKS.
tin. » also opened a noisv musketiy E which was kept viiited Mveral points »long our llue lb!» morning, and
iniDAYaCATTLE« with th« enemy in front of that part of onr lines lately
To Major-Gtn. Dix : The following dispatch of all sorte np for sever.,1 Lour«. A very few men were wounded I* compelled to announce hi* endeavor* to rsaoh eerUtn .
held by the Second Corps. Tbe enemy in oar front was
Larga supplies hospital
of stores ou our side. The enemy probsnly suffered no more.
The explosion ot artillerv in the ilience of the night
other point» at fiuitleat and abortive en account of the Detall« «f Friday-» Fighting. round te be their Third Corps nnder Hill, and the
from the President, received to night, shows that tbe go down to City Point to-morrow morning. was distinctly heaid e»en h this clt> and the belief Iu dspthofmud. Now your
horn goc* wallowing through Üpoelal Dltittch te Tb« 11. Y. Ttltur.« diviiion engaged, that of Hest'j
«toperate struggle between fur force« and the erjemy 1 he Medical Department la also sending down a force an important engagement w*îll At first ûnfreiîal. ~
. miniature aea of white, tenaciou» mud, withdrawing
WA'Uih ,ion. April t, 1165. The ground held up to last evening by tbe pickets o undecided, although the advantage appear« of extra eurgeooe. Passengers by laat evening** train from Petersburg hla foot
considerable firing on our right yesterday. It moment after. A gentle ' application of the whip or with aloud "cluck* only to »Ink deep a Th« following accoaat of Friday'» fighting tbi« force was won by tb« Second Divls.oa. Twenty.
to It on our «Id«:
TUB WOCUDBD. report bad «skirmish with huJatt been received frota oneoftbe V. Y. SMCBJ fourth Corps, which at oac« threw up a strong lin« o|
was also re]>oited that «Mir cav.ilry
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