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Nexus Films is a Limited Liability Company established for the purpose of developing and
producing feature motion pictures for distribution worldwide. Founded in 1992 and incorporated
in 1998, NEXUS Films, Inc., referred to as NEXUS, is an independent film company engaged in
the development and production of motion picture films for theatrical release. NEXUS has
produced films and video projects at cost-effective prices, including music videos, television
commercials, shorts, documentaries and the feature-length motion pictures, “Fifth Ward”
(1999), “Thug Life” (2000), “Diamonds of the Bantus”(2002), "The Dirty Third II: Home Sweet
Home" aka Survival of the Illest (2002), “My Big Phat Hip Hop Family”(2005),” Treasure in
tha Hood”(2005), “Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story”(2005), “Hurricane Katrina and the
Project named Desire” aka “Waters Rising” (2007), “Mike Jones: American Dream” (2007)
and “A Gangland Love Story” (2010). See attachment.

NEXUS' goals are to make films that will raise awareness in the African-American community
as well as entertain and exploit that awareness to a mass ethnic population.

Through the Fifth Ward Young Filmmaker's Project, an organization created by Greg Carter in
1991, Carter has instructed over fifty underprivileged inner-city youths in the art and craft of
filmmaking. The growth and intentions of NEXUS are related and linked to the community.

In July of 1999, Greg Carter formed NEXUS Entertainment, a multi-media entertainment

corporation. Under this new structure, NEXUS Entertainment now acts as the parent company
for the two subsidiaries, NEXUS Pictures and Playaz Circle Entertainment. NEXUS Pictures
now assumes the former role of NEXUS Films to develop and produce feature films. Playaz
Circle Entertainment was formed to license and release soundtracks for the feature films
produced by NEXUS Pictures. In June of 2000, a new division called NEXUS Interactive
Media was created to develop and license interactive gaming software based on films produced
by NEXUS Pictures.

The plans for NEXUS in the next year and a half includes the completion of the current film
projects, “Monica/Lapdance”, “The Blackman’s Guide To Understanding Blackwomen”, and
“Open All Nite”, and the completion of one or more additional films which are also in


“A Gangland Love Story” - Feature-length motion picture. Action - The coddled baby sister
(Julia) of a African-American crime lord and the nephew (Romano) of a rivaled leader in a
Latino organization fall in love and runaway together in a customized 1964 Chevy low rider.
Only later do they discover that the customized wheels and tires. (Elbows and Vogues) on their
getaway car is packed with 20 million dollars in drugs, which sets off a cross-country chase
involving both crime lords, the Russian Mafia. A fresh spin on William Shakespeare’s Romeo
& Juliet
"Monica/Lap Dance" - Drama - Monica’s pursuit of her life-long ambition of becoming an
actress and modern jazz dancer and an actress lead her to New York where she auditioned for
numerous ballet troupes, but was always turned away. Monica knew that it was her body-type.
She is not built like a ballerina. Things aren’t much better for Terrance, Monica’s new fiancé, a
struggling screenwriter who is also trying to find his way in show business. Under Monica’s
insistence, the two decide to return to Texas to plan their next move and care for Monica’s ailing
father. Left to pay her father’s medical bills, mortgage payments on the house and their own
living expenses the young couples savings are soon depleted. Months after their return her
father succumbs to the cancer. Fanatic about getting to Los Angeles and following their dreams,
yet financially strapped, Monica convinces Terrance to make the quick money they need she’ll
dance at Treasures, a popular strip club in town. Terrance reluctantly agrees, but can their
relationship withstand the seductions and temptations of the club.

"The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding Black Women" - Feature-length motion picture

under development. Drama/Comedy- From a black Blackman’s point of view, the film
chronicles the problems that exist in black relationships by following the interwoven stories of
three family-related couples. Inserted throughout the film are several "interview snippets" where
black women speak frankly into the camera on various controversial subjects. Interview topics
include, "Mr. Right", "Those _____Black Men", and "Ain't nothin' going on but the rent." Film
will be similar to a "black" When Harry Met Sally (i.e., a black Blackman’s response to Waiting
to Exhale).

“Open All Nite” or “Ghetto Fabulous” - Urban Action - Feature-length motion picture. This is
the story of underworld courier MARY JONES (LisaRaye), aka Fabulous. A young, beautiful
no-nonsense black woman who, for three years, has made a nice living working the gang-ridden
streets at night, a neutral player in the world of drugs, money, death and worse. Having no
political affiliation allows her to move freely through the various neighborhoods, however, on
this night, things are different. A routine delivery of a black canvas bag from Hugo the Huge, a
fat black man who controls pornography and prostitution, to Virus, leader of the Skinheads,
starts a chain of events that even she can't control. As more cash is added to the bag from her ex-
lover, Carlos Padrone of Little Mexico, on to Wu Chan, boss of Chinatown, her fears are
screwed tighter. Convinced she is only making a payoff, she comes face to face with Senator
Roger Stillwell, only to witness his assassination and become its prime suspect. With only her
wits, Uncle Roy, and her mysterious mentor Eleganta (Pam Grier) to guide her, she fights to
prove her innocence while trying to stay alive. The film is filled with twists, turns, subplots,
crooked cops, violent deaths, lies and deception. “Ghetto Fabulous” reflects the promise of
the American Dream in the gleaming, mirrored surface of spilled blood.

"New Double Six" - Drama/Action - The year is 1976. Henry Davis is living a double life.
Club owner, husband and father of three by day and a mysterious, yet icy, underworld hit man
named "Cool Daddy" by night. As fate would have it, when his sons dabble in the crime
business and rob a drug dealer, “Cool Daddy” is dispatched. After a chaotic gun battle, Henry
triumphs, only to discover he has killed his children. Devastated, Henry quits, vowing never to
hold another gun. Now, twenty years later, Henry has assimilated completely into middle-class
life. With a new wife and family, he is still haunted, but tries to forget the shadows of his past
life. However, when his seventeen-year old daughter falls in love with a young, vicious drug
dealer, Henry must find the courage to transform once more into "Cool Daddy" to save her life.

"Hannibal of Carthage" - DocuDrama - Feature-length motion picture under development.

Follows the heroic exploits of Hannibal and his soldiers as he begins his campaign to conquer
the Roman Empire and its inability to stop him. The film also tells of the two women he loved
and the betrayal by the very king he served, which finally led to his death.

" Game Face" – Action/Drama - An NFL ‘superstar’ is forced to enter the sleazy underbelly of
the Sport’s Agenting industry, or risk losing it all, when a debilitating injury removes him from
the game.

"The Church House" - Drama - The disillusioned pastor of a large black congregation begins
having an affair with a young, attractive new member, only later to discover that the woman was
also seeing his son. Addicted to each other, they woefully continue their affair. After the son
proposes marriage, the two decide to call it off after one last rendezvous, which is accidentally
discovered by the son. Shortly after catching them, the distraught son gets in a car crash and
dies. The affair becomes public and the pastor loses all, including the woman, but triumphs in
the end after renewing his faith.

"The Redemption of Betsy Ross" - Sci-Fi/Action/Drama - In a not-so-distant future, a small

comet crashes into the Earth, causing political and economic anarchy. A heroic figure, whom the
masses call the Father, rises to power after helping end the food riots and rebuilding the
infrastructure through radical, new technological advances. This sets up the formation of a
"revelations" type one-world government (i.e., one religion, one language, one currency). Now
the government's popular, but feared leader, the Father, who was initially considered the planet's
benevolent savior, declares that anyone operating outside of the new order will be punished by
death. Betsy Ross is a new foot soldier in the Earth Police Force (EPF). After several raids on
the illegal temples of the resistance and seeing the brutality of the system that she serves, she
begins to question her purpose in this new apocalyptic society. She joins the resistance to bring
down the government and its leader.

"Woodfair Chronicles" - Suspense/Action - After the random and brutal murder of a well-
liked and politically connected figure and his family, the mayor strikes a deal with an
underworld kingpin to find the rogue gang of murderers. Seth, an imprisoned hit man, is
released to infiltrate and destroy the WFP, Woodfair Posse, an extremely violent and sadistic
gang of teenagers who committed the crime. The WFP videotapes all their crimes, which they
coin as the "Woodfair Chronicles".

“Dorm Scare” – Horror Comedy - Ten co-eds participating in what they believe to be a
psychology experiment at a isolated research facility in the desert find themselves at the mercy
of a killer. The question is who’s the killer, the nerd, the jock, the brain, the geek etc…


The Fifth Ward Volume I soundtrack, which was first licensed to Fishbowl Records and
exclusively distributed by Southwest Wholesale, debuted on BILLBOARD'S Top 100 R&B/Hip
Hop Albums chart with such artists as JUVENILE, featuring BG & Bun B of UGK, and LIL'
TROY featuring Mass 187.

The Fifth Ward Volume II soundtrack was licensed to and created by Playaz Circle
Entertainment. The title track was performed by Nuwine and features tracks by Endo, South
Park Mexican, and Monea. Also in current release from Playaz Circle Entertainment is the
“Fifth Ward” Deluxe Limited Edition Double CD soundtrack, which includes Volume I and the
newly produced Volume II. The double CD and Volume II are exclusively distributed through
Southwest Wholesale. For a combine gross of just over $1,000,000.

Playaz Circle Entertainment received a $20,000 licensing fee from Activate Entertainment,
which is distributed through KOCH Music, for the distribution rights to the “Thug Life”
soundtrack. The “Thug Life” soundtrack featured the following artists: Canibus, Tupac’s
former group The Outlawz, Jayo Fealony, Vital Castro, Warren G and Kurupt, Compton’s Most
Wanted, Crucial Conflict, Ital Joe featuring Snoop Dogg, Grave Diggaz, Lady of Rage, South
Park Mexican and more. The soundtrack was be released in the spring of this 2001 to coincide
with the premiere of the Thug Life flash-animated series on Urban Entertainment’s website, and
the Movie.

Playaz Circle Entertainment/Nexus Entertainment is currently in negotiations with Sony Music,

Warner Brothers and Activate Entertainment for the soundtrack rights to “The Blackman’s
Guide To Understanding Blackwomen”, the movie. Playaz Circle will retain the rights to use
music from the soundtrack in the film.


This new venture will initially focus on developing documentary and reality programming under
the creative direction of writer, director, producer Greg Carter. Nexus plans to conceive, pitch,
and sell, and when necessary produce the pilot, for up to three reality television concepts per
quarter. Producing the show from beginning to end, Nexus will set up the locations, hire the
crew and the cast for the concept. Then edit and deliver it as a finished television show for a
network or customer.

Development Slate (2011 )

• Five Stars
• Katrina Project
• Michael Vick: Giving Back

Management Team

The core of NEXUS management’s nucleus is the Founder, President and CEO, Mr. Greg
Carter, John Sherman, Jr., VP of Production for NEXUS Pictures, and Shawn McElveen, VP of
Soundtrack Development and Licensing for Playaz Circle Entertainment. Executive Assistant,
Junie Hoang, will handle administrative duties for NEXUS Interactive Media under the
supervision of Greg Carter. The team is completed by a support group of industry professionals
who have successful entrepreneurial experience and in-depth expertise in the entertainment
industry. All of the above-mentioned companies, NEXUS Pictures, Playaz Circle Entertainment,
and NEXUS Interactive Media are all wholly owned subsidiaries of NEXUS Entertainment.
Legal affairs for NEXUS are handled by Attorney Jalene Mack, Esq. Ron Williams, V.P. of
Operations, Melissa Blades along with Greg Carter is responsible for investor relations and
business development. Producer, Melissa Blades, along with Mr. Carter will handle day to day
activities as related to film production.


Greg Carter, President/CEO Nexus Entertainment

Greg is a native of Houston, Texas and a graduate of Texas A&M University. After studying
under Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Charles Gordone, he went on to earn a Master's Degree
in Fine Arts in Filmmaking Studies at Rice University.
His first independent feature "Fifth Ward", which he wrote, produced, edited, and
directed, was shot on 35mm. It was the Best Feature Winner at the 1997 New Orleans Black
Film Festival and picked up awards for Best Director and Feature at the 1998 30th Parallel Film
Festival in Austin. "Fifth Ward" was also officially selected into the 1998 SXSW Film Festival
in Austin. The movie was acquired by York/Maverick Entertainment and released nationwide in
March of 2000 to Blockbuster and Hollywood Videos and later ran on BET Action PPV. It
aired on Black Starz Encore via Urban Entertainment. Greg's sophomore studio film, "Thug
Life", was financed and distributed by York/Maverick Entertainment. It had a limited theatrical
run followed by a national release to video in March of 2001. “Thug Life” premiered on
Showtime Extreme during the month of April 2002. On “Diamonds from the Bantus”, Greg’s
third feature project which wrapped production in March 2002, he served as co-writer and
producer. The cast featured Michael and Janet Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, and Todd Bridges,
star of the hit television series “Diff’rent Strokes”.
Greg has been featured in the following national publications: THE HOLLYWOOD
MAGAZINE, along with other regional and local magazines and newspapers, such as TEXAS
His body of work includes numerous shorts and music videos. In January of 2002 he
completed the 35mm short "The Martini Shot", which he wrote and directed. Greg's first music
video "Smile" won the Best Music Video award at the 1992 Access Houston Cable Excellence
Awards. He recently completed shooting his eighth and ninth music videos, "Ring the Alarm"
for Universal Records' recording artist The Warden and “Tuyo” for EMI Latin’s recording group
Grupo Kache, respectively.
In February of 2002, Greg inked a deal with Michael Jenkinson of Urban Entertainment
to write and produce the first interactive role-playing, Flash-animated web series. Based upon
and named after his second feature “Thug Life”, ten episodes are scheduled to appear on Urban’s
website beginning January of 2003.
When his schedule permits, Greg enjoys teaching filmmaking. He founded the Fifth
Ward Young Filmmaker's Project in 1992. Through the program, Greg instructed over a
hundred youths from 1992 to 1996. In 1995, Houston Mayor Bob Lanier and Council Member
Michael Yarbrough awarded him citations for his service, involvement, and contribution to the
Fifth Ward community. In association with Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP), he
recently taught a filmmaking class at Project Row Houses for underprivileged youths to give
them the opportunity to learn the craft and art of storytelling through film.
Greg served as producer and director on “Survival of the Illest”, his fourth feature, which
wrapped production on August the 5th of 2002. The film was released via Lion's Gate/Artisan
Entertainment in the summer of 2004. The movie is based on the story that Greg co-wrote with
Wreckshop Records’ CEO Derrick “D-Reck” Dixon. The film features Def Jam South’s multi-
platinum recording artist Scarface, E-40, Lil’ Troy, BET Comic View legend Reynaldo Rey,
rapper Big Moe, and other members of the Wreckshop Records’ family.
Mr. Carter served as Executive Producer on the feature film “Hustletown Mobbin’” and the
Latin hip-hop documentary, “What’s Really”, which featured rap recording artists Fat Joe, Baby
Beesch, Kid Frost, and others. “What’s Really” was released in June of 2003 via Simmons-
Lathan Media. “Hustletown Mobbin’” features Sony/Columbia’s platinum recording artist Lil’
Flip as well as South Park Mexican and Lil’ Troy. Greg also served as Associate Producer on
the Maverick Entertainment/Sleeping Giant feature film, “Diggin’ for Dollars”. Both features,
“Diggin’ for Dollars” and “Hustletown Mobbin’” were released by Maverick Entertainment in
the summer of 2003.
On the Break-Away Films’ romantic comedy, “My Big Phat Hip Hop Family”, Greg
served as the film’s co-writer, co-producer and director. Production wrapped in the fall of 2003
in Miami, Florida. He served as director/producer on “Treasure N Tha ‘Hood”, which wrapped
in New Orleans in February of 2004 and was released by Warner Home Video on June 28th
Greg’s next feature, the drama “Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story”, wrapped
production in June of 2004 and starred David Ramsey and Charles Durning. The movie
premiered at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, February of 2005. “Resurrection”
won the Gold Remi Award for best feature at the 2005 Worldfest Houston International film
Greg’s sixth feature, the drama “Hurricane Katina and the project named Desire”, wrapped
production December 2005. Greg served as the film’s co-writer, producer and director.
“Katrina” premiered at the Urban World Film Festival in New York City, June of 2006 and
most recently won Best Docu-drama at the San Diego Black Film Festival in February of 2007.
It also won the Gold Remi for Best Docu-drama at Worldfest Houston International Film
Festival in April 2007. The movie was acquired by Maverick Entertainment and released on
DVD nationwide in May of 2007.
Greg recently served in the capacity of producer and co-director on the Warner Brother’s
feature “American Dream”. Based on the ascent of the multi-platinum artist Mike Jones,
American Dream stays true to its name as it dictates the story of an idealistic, aspiring rapper
growing up in the formidable streets of Houston. Despite the challenges of growing up in the
rough streets of Houston, Mike’s determination and dedication leads him from a guy flipping
burgers to the discovery of a new path in life through his music. Greg also produced to feature
length documentaries
Greg was presented the Independent Sprit Award and inducted into the Texas Filmmakers
Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the 2006 Spindletop Film Festival at Lamar University in
Beaumont, Texas. Other inductees included writer Bill Witliff and actress Irma P. Hall. Greg
also screened two feature length documentaries he produced in 2006, “Borderline Houston: The
Hand We’ve Been Dealt” and “Gus and Rose: Reflections of the Big Easy and Hurricane
Katrina” in 2007.
Mr. Carter recently had released, “A Gangland Love Story”, a black/latino themed retelling of
William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”. The film stars A.J. Lamas as “Romano”, Reagan
Gomez as “Julia”, as well as veterans actors Carlos Cervantes and Gary Sturgis. Greg wrote,
produced and directed the movie which filmed in Houston and San Antonio last fall. Described
as “True Romance” meets “Westside Story”, the movie also stars Texas stalwarts Lew Temple,
Brandon Smith and Junie Hoang.
Greg is currently in post with Dysfunctional Friends his 17th feature which stars Meagan Good,
Terrell Owens, Stacy Dash and Tatyana Ali in which Greg served in the capacity of producer.
Up next for Greg is serving as producer/director on, Monica’s Lapdance, a romantic drama
slated to shoot this spring for DT Productions in Los Angeles; ”, “Open All Night” and “The
Black Blackman’s Guide to Understanding Black Women”, which are slated to begin pre-
production by the end of the year.
Greg signed with the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) in the December of 2009 and is
represented by David Boxerbaum. Greg’s manager is Peter Miller of PMA Literary & Film
Management, Inc
Melissa Blades Producer, Nexus Entertainment

Melissa is a Texas native and a Texas Tech graduate. Soon after her completion of college,
Melissa started National Casting in Albuquerque, NM. There she developed a long relationship
with Pecos Films and it’s award winning team of Bryan Bateman and Michael Merriman casting
music videos for top country acts like Brooks and Dunn and Diamond Rio. From casting, she
branched out to producing and was instrumental in creation of the documentary “Sooner Magic”
for BladeWalker Films and special event programming for various cable networks. Melissa has
now produced several films is branching out producing 2 new reality shows for 2010.

John Sherman, Production & Development, Nexus Entertainment

John began his career in cinema as a production assistant on many music videos for RAP A LOT
records in the early 90’s. Following that period he began working with Greg Carter on numerous
music videos and short film’s. John also worked as a 1st ac, 1st and on numerous local indie films
in the mid 90’s. I worked as a P.A., camera assistant driver and extra on the motion picture
Jason’s Lyric. Since that time John has served as a Co-Producer and Production Manager
worked on 5Th Ward, Thug Life, The Dirty Third & Dirty Third II: Home Sweet Home, The
Charmer, and Diamonds of the Bantu.
Duties as VP of production and development place John in a central position to shepherd the
cinematic process from its inception through delivery. These duties begin with a thorough
reading of the script and analyzing the complexities involved in the production of the piece.
Each project has it’s own unique set of issues that must be worked out and adjusted too. John’s
major duties include the generation of the script breakdown, production board, location analysis
(grouping multiple locations into one is always a goal too save time and money) and the days out
of days. Following this step the process of locating the best crew possible begins, with crew
chemistry being an import aspect of this process. Once that goal has been obtained the next duty
is finding the best rates possible for the various components required too begin production,
camera gear, grip and electric, catering, insurance, sag rates rules and regulations, editing, film
stock, film development, set communication, honey wagons and motor homes. Once production
has started John’s focus shifts to one of being a “problem solver” in the event a problem should
pop up, this entails quick thinking intertwined with the ability too “keep the team cohesive” and
moving forward. The cinematic process is a difficult one but it’s one that I love and always do
my best to achieve the finest product possible.

Attorney Jalene Mack, Esq., Legal Affairs, Nexus Entertainment

In looking at African-American women emerging as leaders to the national forefront, Attorney

Jalene M. Mack will not be overlooked. Mack has successfully integrated the demanding roles
of wife/mother, business owner and community organizer by keeping the focus on her
long-term goal to "make a positive difference."
Born on January 10, 1968 in Kansas City, MO, Mack was raised from the age of seven in the
City of New Orleans where Mack's sense of family was established and nurtured through
collective community celebration. Now based in Houston, TX, Mack is "the force" behind
many of Texas' new, widely popular cultural events and literature: The Original Houston
Crawfish Festival, The Original Beaumont Crawfish Festival, Louisiana/Texas Zydeco
Extravaganza and Clipper's Crawfish Festival: and the novels, "Pecan Candy and
Huck-a-bucks", "Sweeter Than Candy" and "fhree Times Sweeter: Home, Family and Love" by
Rhodesia Jackson. Super-dynamic and energetic, you have to wear running shoes to keep pace
with Mack who starts her day at 6 o'clock to have breakfast with her husband Architect Jermayn
Mack and to attend to their -year old daughter Sydney Elise Mack. Operating her own practice,
The Law Office of Jalene M. Mack, Mack provides clients with competent service, affordable
fees and quick response in such matters as Real Estate Transactions, Personal Injury/Auto
Accident, Entertainment, Contract Disputes/Negotiations, Child Support/Custody, Divorces and
Small Business. Her clientele list reads like an all-star line up: Former Houston Rockets star
guard Kenny Smith and his wife Dawn; Former Comets' two-time, champion forward Yolanda
Moore; Former host of Soul Train Mystro Clark; Former football Great Broderick Thomas and
Tennessee Titan Steve Jackson; and a professional host of doctors, entertainers, business leaders
and other individuals.
Destined to be either a political reporter or a politician, Mack majored in Political Science and
minored in Mass Communications -- receiving her Bachelor of Art's degree from Xavier
University of New Orleans in 1990, She received her Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall
School of Law at Texas Southern University in May, 1993 and was admitted to the bar
thereafter. Since, Mack has built a solid career record and an outstanding professional
reputation: Booker T. Morris, III & Associates, P.C., Houston, TX (1993-1998); Chicago Title
Insurance Co. - Escrow Officer (1996-1998); Gulf Coast Legal Foundation, Law Clerk (1992);
and acquired ample experience as an intern with the Dept. of Justice U.S. Trustee's Office and
the now New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial. She is listed among Who's Who In America's
Colleges & Universities and has received academic honors such as dean's list merit and The
James M. Douglas - Board of Advocates awards. Mack has been involved in various capacities
with Brentwood Baptist Church, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Houston's Lawyers
Association, The National Bar Association, political fund-raisers for candidates such as the
current Councilmen-at-Large Carroll Robinson, speaking to teen mothers about child support
and paternity, conducting legal seminars, Motivational Speaker, Former Radio Talk Show Host,
Style Magazine's Legal Columnist, and producing film projects as well as acting roles.

Shawn J. McElveen, VP of Soundtrack Development and Licensing for Playaz Circle

Entertainment. With over twenty years experience in the music business, Mr McElveen has
produced and managed more then twenty groups. He recently ran Picture Paradise productions.