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Supervisor is the person who lead a team of people to achieve targets and
goals set by the organization

 Please describe what do you do to the company, your

manager, and your staff beside your job description
 Please describe your strength and weakness as a
 Please describe what your challenge and handicap as a

Peran kerja supervisor berada di level tengah, yaitu di antara para atasan
pembuat kebijakan dan di antara para staf pelaksana rutinitas
di lapangan. Dengan fungsi kerja yang berada di antara itu,
maka tugas utama supervisor adalah melakukan supervisi
terhadap para staf pelaksanan rutinitas aktivitas bisnis
perusahaan sehari-hari.

Supervisor adalah level kepemimpinan yang tidak boleh membuat

kebijakan yang bersifat strategis, tapi hanya menerjemahkan
dan meneruskan kebijakan strategis atasannya kepada para
bawahan untuk dikerjakan secara efektif dan produktif.

Oleh karena itu, seorang supervisor harus memiliki kompetensi

berkualitas tinggi yang mencakup keterampilan membangun
relasi di antara atasan dan bawahan; keterampilan terhadap
fungsi dan peran kerja agar mampu bekerja secara optimal,
kreatif, efektif, berkualitas, produktif, efisien, bersinergi, dan
cerdas melakukan supervisi terhadap bawahan; keterampilan
kecerdasan emosional dan mind set positif.

Having professional ethics means

 Considering appearances when making decisions about
what to do
 Striving to do your best as a supervisor
 Publicly supporting your organization’s decisions

To build good working relationships,

 Respect and listen to employees
 Help set goals
 Involve employees in decisions
 Communicate frequently
 Delegate responsibility effectively
 Find the right balance between being “one of the gang”
and being the person in charge
 Relate to everyone on the work team equally well
 Be fair, compassionate, and predictable.

“In organizations, real power and energy is generated through

relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities
to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles,
and positions”.”

Questions for the supervisor to help measure the strength of a workplace

 Do I know what is expected of me?

 Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?
 In the last seven days, have I received recognition or
praise for doing good work?
 Does my supervisor, or someone else, care about me as a
 Is there someone who encourages my development?
 Do my opinions seem to count?
 In the last six months, has someone talked to me about
my progress?

The purpose of goals

 To serve as a target
 To state exactly what must be done, who must do it, and
when it must be completed
 To foster trust throughout a work group or organization
 To provide a means for measuring progress
 To help set priorities

Good planning can

 Help you stay on top of things
 Give you time to do those things you must do and want
to do
 Help produce better results
Reduce stress

For supervisors, planning means determining

 What needs to be done

 The order of the tasks
 When the work must be completed
 What support will be needed to complete it
 Who will do the work
 What the expected quality of the results will be.

Planning also means

 Scheduling your time and the time of your employees

 Scheduling the use of equipment, materials, and any
other resources needed to get the job done.

Five steps for planning work

1. State goals
2. Streamline the work
3. List objectives, tasks, and activities
4. Schedule resources
5. Check on progress

Goal statements should be SMART

 Specific
 Measurable
 Attainable
 Results based
 Time bound

To check on progress, ask

 Are we on schedule?
 Is the work being done correctly?
 Are the quality and service level as expected?
 Can we improve on our processes for next time?
 Could any part of the operation be improved by teaching
new skills?

Supervisor pasti mengetahui bahwa tanpa kualitas kompetensi

staf yang sesuai dengan karakter pekerjaan akan sulit untuk
mencapai sebuah keunggulan dalam menghasilkan kualitas
output kerja terbaik. Pada dasarnya, peran supervisor tidak
harus terbatas sebagai koordinator atau pimpinan unit kerja
saja. Supervisor harus lebih berani untuk menjadikan dirinya
sebagai seorang pelatih yang profesional terhadap semua staf
yang membantunya di unit kerja. Sebagai seorang pelatih atau
coach, supervisor harus bisa menjadi teladan dan pembimbing
yang andal bagi semua stafnya dalam menyelesaikan semua
proses kerja sesuai dengan spesifikasi kualitas yang
diharapkan dalam waktu yang sesingkat - singkatnya.

Functions of Supervisors and other managers

Becoming a Supervisor

 An employee with a superior grasp of the technical skills

needed to perform well in the department.
 A person with the most seniority. (of skill and capability)
 An employee with good work habits and leadership skills.
 Recent college graduates. (not a must)