“ GauDaan” A Small Sized Dairy Farm Project. Introduction : Dairy farming,a safe business in Gujarat.

As it is common knowledge,the Dairy products business (Milk,Ghee etc) is an all year constant and continous in demand product business,depending on quality control and production. It is eco-friendly and does not cause environmental pollution as compared to other industries. Requirement of skilled labour is relatively less. Dairy product market is active round the year. Minimum investment on inventory. (No need to to stock raw materials in huge quantities.) Entire establishment can be shifted to a new location (if need arises e.g. Fire, Floods etc.) One can insure animals. Less energy requirement. Biogas plant fed with cow dung can supply maximum energy to meet farms day to day requirement. Decomposed slurry of such plant can also be effectively used as organic manure. The GUADAAN Dairy Farm project is proposed with similar knowledge and target so as to start a small/medium sized Dairy Farm with a vision to produce and market quality and premium level dairy products all year. Location : The Guadaan Dairy Farm project is proposed at Vastral,Ahmedabad. The site is just on the outskirts of the city with plenty of clean air,easy road access and open space to establish and expand as required in time. The available land is 3000yards app. Which is more than sufficient with emphasis on the Dairy Farm infrastructure and other support systems like Shades,Office space,Water tank, Farming etc.The initial projection is for 20 Animals (10 cows 10 buffaloes). Infrastructure and Manpower requirements The space required per animal is planned 50 sq.ft in shed and 100sq.ft open space. (The figures are on an approximate basis as affordable) Room area : One room for keeping implements. One room for milk storage Office room of suitable size. Water tank capable of storing minimum 3000 liters Bore well with capacity to fill water tank in 1 hr with Pump etc Total land requirement for a unit of 20 animals can be sited as 1000 yards. There should be space for expansion space requirement for 100 animals in future. For 20 animals initially, we plan arrangements for getting an assured supply of 300 kgs. of Lucerne and 500 kgs. of maize fodder per day. However, in long run, as the strength of the farm will

go up to 100 animals, It is advisable thatwe should go for with irrigation facility to cultivate green fodder for the animals. (One acre of green fodder cultivation for every five animals is required as a thumb rule.). By making fodder's like Lucerne or Berseem available for the animals inhouse we can reduce cost on feeding concentrate feed. In house Staff : The basic labourers for 20 animals would 4 persons on a monthly salary. A Production manager andone Marketing co ordinator. The approximate monthly salary would b Addional Staff on suggestion : Farming co ordinatiors,transport and security men. The GUADAAN Dairy Farms is proposed as a CoOperative unit under the umbrella of the Shri Ugamdasji Kabirpanth Seva Trust,Vastral,Ahmedabad.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS : a) Location, Land and Land Development : i) Location details of the project ii) Total Area of land and its cost iii) Site map iv) Particulars of land development, fencing, gates, etc. b) Civil Structures : Rooms,office space Detailed cost estimates along with measurements of vaious civil structure - Sheds - Store room - Milk room - Quarters, etc. Equipment/Plant and Machinery : (On Basic requirement) i) Chaff cutter

ii) Silo pit iii) Milking machine iv) Feed grinder and mixer v) Milking pails/milk cans vi) Biogas plant vii) Bulk coolers viii)Equipment for manufacture of products ix) Truck/van Housing : (For onsite labour staff and helpers )

Animals : i) Proposed species ii) Proposed breed iii) Source of purchase iv) Place of purchase v) Distance (kms.) vi) Cost of animal (Rs.) f) Production parameters : i) Order of lactation ii) Milk yield (ltrs. per day) iii) Lactation days iv) Dry days v) Conception rate

vi) Mortality(%) - Adults - Young stock Fodder cultivation expenses iv) Requirement and costs : Quantity required (kg./day)

Cost(Rs. / Kg) Lactation Dry Period Young Stock Green Fodder Dry Fodder Concentrates

vi) Expenditure per animal/year j) Veterinary Aid : Types of facilities available vi) If own arrangements are made a) Employed a veterinary doctor Periodicity of visit c) Amount paid/visit (Rs.)

vii)Expenditure per animal per year (Rs.) k) Electricity : i) Source ii) Approval from SEB iii) Connected load iv) Problems of power failure v) Arrangements for generator l) Water : i) Source Abvailability of sufficient quantity for drinking, cleaning/fodder production

Marketing of milk : i) Source of sales ii) Place of disposal iii) Distance (km.) iv) Price realised - (Rs. per liter of milk) v) Basis of payment vi) Periodicity of payment n) Marketing of other products : i) Animal - age - place of sale - price expected ii) Manure - Qty./animal Price/unit (Rs.)

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