Rules of our 425 Front 6 are completely independent from the back 5. So be as creative as you want up front.

We use a numbering system tagging the 2 DT's. 31 is the base. Ends are always in a 6 or 5 depending if there is a TE or not. DT's can be in a 31,13,11,22,40,30,33,00. First number goes to the strong side (our Stud End's side). Back 5 will be independent. Robber is base call with Blue and Solo as the adjustments. Special is the add on later in the year. We also play Cover 1, 2, 3, 4-sink, and 0. All out of a shell look and these are called from the sideline. Alignment rules: 1. 2. 3. 4. 3. SS is always to the wide side or the strong side if MOF. 3x3 off TE, Apex at 3 of no TE WS Apex @ 7 2x1 is automatic "Robber" Corner/FS play Blue, Corner/WS play 3, SS has Flat/Wheel back out 2x2 is automatic "Blue" Corners and FS/WS Blue. SS has Flat/Wheel back out 3x1 is automatic "Solo" All trips formations we will play M/M with one of the corners.

We install Solo first then we install Special once the kids get Solo down pat Solo coverage: Trips Corner/FS = Blue on #1/#2 SS = Flat/Wheel if #3 releases out WS = #3 vertical or “find work” if he releases out or blocks Back corner = M/M Special coverage: Trips Corner = M/M #1 FS/SS = Blue on #2/#3 WS/back corner = Cover 2 The way it works is real easy: Read the formation and make the call: 2x1 2x1 2x1 2x2 2x2 3x1 3x1 no matter what the alignment is “Robber” to 2x2 checks "Blue" to 3x1 checks “Solo” no matter what the alignments is "Blue" motion to 3x1 is “Solo” is “Solo” to 2x2 checks to "Blue" and no one has to move which is nice!!!

1x1 = 3-backs = “Power” basically Cover 0, SS/WS off the edge to first back, FS plays the Middle/tailback.

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